A House Divided 2

Chris Gardner

July 30, 2017

And we don't let.

A house divided a house divided and talked about how we're talking about about sin and our relationship with sin. And so we talked about that last week discussed how it's not sins that we're discussing but it's actual sin. There's a big difference. The sins are the outward sins. And a lot of us have grown up in a in an environment where everybody wants to talk about our outward things but he's talking about an inward sin talking about sin and the sin nature. And so we started out and if you have your hand out it says our relationship to Christ is with us says first. And the whole basis of this chapter is going to be based upon the first few verses that we find in Romans Chapter 6 and he makes an analogy.

He just here's the deal. It's just like baptism baptism really matters baptism really matters baptism isn't something that just kids do. Baptism matters and how does it matter. Baptism is this thing where we say hey I identify with Christ and all of my friends to know that I identify with Christ. And so we talked about that. And one of the illustrations that I used last week was it would be like getting married not getting baptized like getting married and saying to your wife hey we're going get married at the courthouse don't tell anybody like don't put it on Facebook don't tell anybody and hey don't wear a ring either. Please don't tell anybody that we're married. That be kind of you know if you if you're able to keep a marriage like that I have no idea how you pull it off because your wife would be like Are you crazy. When you get married it's best to be a celebration and that's what baptism is. We talked about that. And Paul is going to say just like baptism.

That's how important it is just like baptism is what's going to happen in the life of the believer Romans Chapter 6 so we talked last week about our relationship to Christ. I'm sorry. I've got a cold so if I'm coughing you'll hopefully understand all that this week. Right. Number two we're going to talk about we talked about our relationship with Christ what our relationship is like. And then after that we go to number two. And that part's not filled out. We find the result of death the result of death. What is the result of death in our life. No one talk about death here for a second that's a fun thing to start with isn't it. Well you are talking about a day we're talking about death death. Romans

Chapter 6 and we're going to start in verse 6 and 7 and look at what the Bible says V-6 knowing this that our old man is crucified with him that the body of sin might be destroyed that henceforth we should not serve sin for he that is dead is freed from sin. He said Here is the result of death. He says you know what if if you are saved you have been you have died with Christ. And he says he is dead to sin is freed from sin. This is where is going to start getting really good in this chapter. It's a really fun part here in this chapter. You can see here's the deal as great as people. We consider death to be final. Don't

we live on like the natural inclination is death is final we look at it we tend to consider death as a completely and not only is it final but we tend to consider it as completely negative not like somebody dies. It's

like oh wow. And we consider it completely negative but we're going to find the scriptures that that's not it at all. But what we find here is that death is the gateway to life. Death is the gateway to life. You know you you all of a sudden you want to live in a whole different way and you find the book of Galatians chapter 2 and verse 20 as well the Galatians that are two into verse 20 he says. I am crucified with Christ nevertheless I live yet not I but Christ in me but Christ live within me the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God who loved me and gave Himself for me. What he's saying is this. Our old man before Christ what our old man was was our old man. That was the one that was bound by sin.

You know why you sin if you don't know Christ you don't sin. But if you don't know Christ you don't sin because you're a bad person.

You sin because you're a sinner.

It's like saying why in the world do you cry if you're a baby because a baby is supposed to cry. Like that's what they're supposed to do. We are sinners because we are sinners. Guess what we do. We sin. That's our expertise and to we know Christ born to find this morning that man when you know Jesus all of that changes our old man before Christ is crucified destroyed because of that. From here on out here's what it says. There's no reason for you to serve sin. There's no reason for you to serve sin. We were crucified and it will end with him in order that our sinful nature might be stripped of its power. What he's saying is this. You have died to sin. And so it no longer has power over you.

In case you're wondering that's a pretty and credit promise there.

Your sin no longer has power over you if you know Jesus as your Savior if you have placed your faith and your trust in him.

If you are a believer in Christ sinned and have power over you anymore.

If I move from Georgia Alabama God forbid I should say that I did. If I were to move from Georgia to Alabama you know what the the law of Georgia the Georgia State Police won't pull me over for speeding in Alabama because they have no power over me in Alabama and Alabama what the Bible teaches is if you believe in Christ what's happened is sin has no power over you anymore. In our day and age we like thinking and talking about our freedom don't we like we don't we love talking about our freedom and even in church you talk about talking about our freedom in Christ. Let's all about our freedom in Christ. What you're going to find here in this passage something quite different. We tend to think that anything at all that we do is fine as long as it's something we enjoy.

Have you ever noticed how that goes down. Hey Chris so what do you think the Bible teaches about this. Well I'm going to tell you what the Bible teaches about it because I did but I feel good about it is another day and age we live in work.

What were the characteristics for a matter of fact. The only thing that you can tell people the only thing that you're allowed to judge in on Facebook is on judging like Have you ever noticed that somebody said something. Somebody will answer back in the go you're judging me. Oh so are you not judging me because I'm judging him. I mean is it not funny the way it is the only thing that you can talk about judging. You know why because we all have this perception and this idea of whatever we want to do we're cool to do that whatever we want to do. How do we know if it's sin or not. Because I like it if it's not seen in my mind and I don't like it don't have some idea of the day and they go. I

cannot stand Christian rap music. It's a sin. It's wicked. I was like oh. So Christian Rap music is a sin because you don't like it and they go yeah I guess you got a point there because it is another just like we don't love calling sin those things that we don't like. And have you ever noticed it's way easier to see sands through a window than it is a season and a mirror. Have you ever noticed that like if you want to know what you need to do to get right or you get somebody to tell you exactly what you need to do to go right. You're right because they know exactly what needs to happen but they never look at themselves in the mirror and say OK these are things that I need to change. The only power that I have to change anybody is in the mirror not in the window but we sit here and look at.

He says we tend to think that anything we do is fine as long as we enjoy it. They read Romans 6 one a little bit different. What shall we say then shall we continue and send the Grace-Marie about God forbid. Romans Chapter 6 the first one. Here's the way we like to read it though. What shall we say. Should we not be able to do whatever we desire. After all grace abounds over all our sins.

We like to twist that scripture.

We like to change it around because everything's OK. Is it OK for you to. And you fill in the blank and while it's not OK for him it is OK for him and it all comes down to this. It comes under what you like not what the Bible says.

Romans Chapter 6 verse 5 and 6 over 6 and 7. The sad thing is that many think that they find their justification. Remember what justification is justification to say and just as if you had never sinned. They think they found that justification for doing whatever they want to in the Scriptures. But here's the truth OK. Fill in the blank there. Any justification. Salvation. Anything that makes you just before God. Any justification that does not lead to sanctification. Say Chris is a really big word and sanctification. It means to become holy.

If you are saved you ought to live a life that is leading towards holiness and guess what that means you are always in a state of growth. You

are always in a state of growth you never arrive if justification that does not lead to sanctification which is holiness or a change in our daily walk is a sham and any sanctification the outward action is not founded on justification is an exercise in legalism and doesn't deserve the name of Christianity. Here's the deal. What we have become in churches many times if we become professional fruit inspectors. Have

we not like hey is there fruit. Is there fruit or fruit. I mean look at the fruit live.

Look at the fruit the fruit what's going on with the fruit. What you don't understand is this. The fruit is not what brings fruit.

Justification is the tree the fruit comes from you being justified. You are saved. You are a believer and if you are a believer what happens is this there will be fruit and a lot of times you spend so much time looking at the fruit that we never look at the core issue the core issues ourselves. We are justified. We have died to sin through Christ Jesus and our life because of that has changed. Number

three. Number three the result of resurrection the result of resurrection. Should we have fruit. Absolutely but fruit only happens because of what's happening inside of us. Romans

Chapter 6 verse 8 through 10. The Bible says. Now if we be dead with Christ you believe that we shall also live with him knowing that Christ being raised from the dead dieth no more death hath no more dominion over him. For

in that he died he died under sin once but that he liveth he live with him to God. He's what he's really saying.

You know what your life is different you're living under God. Do you not realize before you got saved that you lived into one person and one person alone.

You live to yourself.

Well I feel this while I feel that while I feel the other we lived with a four letter word dictating all our life we lived on our feelings dictating every part of our life. I don't feel this will I don't feel that but that's not at all what happens. Well see here's what happens. We as Christians no longer live in to ourselves. Now we live on the hills so guess what that means. It changes every single thing about myself.

I'm no longer the same person but because of what Jesus has done in me. If this is true then we will live with him too. You see death and burial is not the end of the story the story.

The beautiful thing about the Scriptures is that death and burial is not the end of the story and that's how he talks about baptism you were dead you are risen again. It talks about the resurrection and God's plan. God's plan burial is followed by resurrection. He

says just like in baptism you die to yourself you're dying and you're dying with Christ.

And then you are resurrecting for a brand new life your life is different and baptism isn't for salvation. Baptism is showing those around you that my life has now different. Just like Jesus where death had no control or dominion over him in the same way. Now sin has no dominion over us like sin has zero power over us. I'm not sure about that. Don't worry you will get to the next point. There's a lot to go over there. Do you understand how powerful of a statement that is.

Because of that everything changed.

Sin has no power over me. When I decide to serve sin is because I had decided to serve sin not because sin has power over me before Jesus. Just what sin had power over you and it used you just like a like a like a puppet. Me like Pinocchio you sitting there on streams and the shit moving you around and doing whatever it wants to to you and your slave and you have no option but when you become a Christian. All of that is broken and now if you stand you do not sin because it has power over you. You now sin because you decide to sin.

Now that's not fun. That's not a fun doctrine is it because we like to blame it on Satan.

We like to blame it on the things that surround us and we like to blame it on our environment. Don't don't don't we have. Why don't we have so many things that we can blame Arsenal for a matter of fact in your marriage when you find this what happens you get in a fight and you finish your fight and you go. I'm so sorry I yelled at you and then we followed with this word what. But what does that word mean.

Just ignore everything that I said before that word because I'm just about to get you the real reason behind what you wrote really happened here. I'm so sorry I got to you but when you say that it just really irritates me. No no no what you're saying with that is this. Just forget the whole part and just start from after the button here what you say I'm just mad at you because of what you said to me and you get the exact same result. Isn't

it funny how we like blaming everything but ourselves is not funny in our marriage. It's always my wife's fault. It's never my fault if she would just listen to me instead of going on and doing her own thing would be fine. And

if you talk to Ondrea with some truth serum in her she'd be like if my husband lived better I'd be OK. The kids the kids don't hear you calling them. Have you ever noticed that they don't hear you calling them. What's funny is this you can say to them Let's go to the store and get candy and you can do it like this baby I think I striking candy and all of a sudden you got all four of my kids are dressed up got their shoes on ready to go because they hear it very easily. It is not funny the way we always dismiss messed up.

We're going to find in the Bible when you sin you do not sin because it has power over you.

You do not sin because it has power over you what you sin is sin because you have decided to sin.

You've broken the chains of slavery to sin and here's what we end up doing we end up doing as you go back and we go. David I was freed from you but would you put the change back on again because I'd love to serve you still.

And when you think of slavery you think of that idea you're like who in the world never do that.

You know who would do that. Take a selfie and you have a picture the one that does that because we give ourselves to sin. If you are a believer in Christ sin has zero power over you. Zero.

And when sin comes into your life and when you decide to sin is all based on a decision that you have decided you decided to sin.

God's plan is followed by the resurrection just like Jesus where death has no control over him. In the same way sin has zero control over us. Zero. No control over us at all. Do you understand how powerful of a statement that is. It's a powerful statement. You think about this.

You do realize that you've got to live with that truth when you go home today and you fight and you yell and you act like an idiot and you saying don't blame it on Satan or sin don't blame it on somebody else.

We've given our lives over to our dominion as soon as Jesus was raised from the dead showing God's amazing power. We are raised in an entirely different way of walking.

We're different. We used to serve sin but now we serve God.

We used to serve sin but now we serve God like your life used to be dictated by the sin you wanted to follow but now you don't do that.

Now you serve God and you know what when you raise your children you raise your children because you are serving God not because you are serving your children.

Can I just tell you that many of you guys many of us have made idols out of our children and we serve our children but we're not supposed to serve our children we're supposed to serve God by raising our children in the correct way.

We've made our kids idols in our lives. We've made our marriage idols in our life. We made our houses air idols. There are so many idols in our life but we have to understand is this. We no longer serve sin. We no longer serve ourselves. We

now serve God. We now serve God.

I'm going to bring honor and glory to God. I serve God with my life. I don't serve sin anymore. It used to work like this. Why did you go out and do that stupid thing and the answer if you were to tell the truth would be this because I wanted to this morning I had committed to bring. GEOFF

HUTCHISON a camera for him to look at. I got here help clean up the church a little bit.

We're sitting there listening to the singing and I go oh no I forgot my camera. So I pulled out of the parking lot. It's funny. I hate it like this happened less than an hour and a half ago pulled out of the parking lot. There's a red Toyota with idiot. I mean with a guy driving it and I'm talking about. I was already in the other lane going like this. And he thought I pulled out too quickly in front of him. I'm

telling you all kinds of thoughts went through my mind about how stupid that guy was sent and had dominion over me.

I gave myself up to those thoughts. I went to the thoughts office and I said let me think in a way that I shouldn't think in a way that is not loving is not kind is not caring for a matter of fact. I was hoping he'd bring the guy in front of him while he's holding his horn and I honked my horn back at him when I go. What's your problem. I was mad at that guy how all that happened and he could still see me. He was that far away from me. But he looked I'm going toward it made me so mad.

Chris this little itty bitty tiny Why would that make you so mad. Because see I live a life of giving myself over to something that no longer should be serving.

We used to serve soon but now we serve God. We used to live to sin but now we live into God. Now we live unto God. Everything about our life has now changed the life of a believers to be as different from before they were saved as life is from death.

So how different Should my life be now that I know Jesus. It should be just as different as life is from death.

That's how different our life should be today. It should be as different as life is from death.

That cruel master can no longer exercise any power over sin or any power over him that master that used to make us do stuff now has no power over us. Because here's the deal the cross and death was sins. Final Move. I love this the cross and death was sins final move. And thank you for filling it in slowly there Brendan.

I love this part here. Have you played chess with somebody as you're playing them. You got to go and you put that one move and you go check.

And that feeling of pride and power comes up and you like because I'm the man that's the reason check and that's exactly what sin is done to sin and death. Was

that was that was Seward's final move that was the enemy the cross and death of sins final move.

The resurrection was God's checkmate. That's what happened.

All of a sudden check we got you used the cross. You died. It's all over with. And up from the grave he arose it's his own nobody. Checkmate. Game's over.

I am God alone. I am God alone. The game's over. Here's the deal for us as Christians.

Sin has been forever defeated. And I say this. That should impact Monday through Monday.

It should only change every day of the week that ends in day in our lives like this only days as you change. The other days your fancy changes like you are. Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday. Life should be different because now we don't serve sin. If you are a believer in Christ you are no longer a slave to sin and no longer serving sin. Now

you are serving God and so you know what you don't look at other people the way you used to look at them. Unless you decide to. I literally decided to think about how big of an idiot the guy was that was driving that car out there. I should've never done that would it not have been awesome but the guy would have stopped his car and I stopped my car and gotten out says hey I'm the pastor of this church over here won't you come and join us.

We have no reason to serve sin anymore.

When you serve sin when you decide to act in a way that doesn't bring glory to God can I tell you what that is. That is you deciding that you want to serve sin again. As you deciding that you want to search and again say before on your Christ my life was different now it has the Bible here's what the Bible says.

Sin no longer has any dominion and never says it doesn't have influence.

But here's the difference. And here's what happens. What happens is this. Jacob come here for a second. What happens is this. I don't know how much longer I can do this but this is my son Jacob. He's a measly little 14 year old that used to be able to take down easily and now I just don't feel that it's right anymore to fight much with my children. I

just throw on those things the Holy Spirit has convicted me by. I can still take him for the next 13 minutes or maybe I don't know. But here's what happened since they say hey you know you try to live your life for the better. Oh lord help me.

OK. So you can try and get loose and all of a sudden you're saved.

And when you say sin has lost its grip on you but you know it just happened with the Christian the Christian goes I'm free and he walks back this way. Why

in the world we don't live to sin any more we now God. You are now free and being free we go we go. So free from sin. I am not all stone. This is awesome what God's done to me. God is freed from sin. It's is not amazing. And then we go. Hey buddy what's up.

Here. We can be partners in that we're. Can I tell you that your sin looks different than my sin. The way you live looks different to the way I live. But we all had the same promise. We have been freed from the dominion of sin.

We've not been freed from its influence. But let me tell you. Thank you but I appreciate it. But can I tell you the sad part when you decide to look at somebody in this church and think that you're better than them. What you've done is this person let's just talk a little bit because I like your influence in my life when you think you've got it all together and nobody else does.

You're just walking over to a seat and saying please could you please influence my life when you're living a life that doesn't bring glory to God what you're doing is you're begging Santa to influence your life when you're free from it. How dumb could we be to go back to the influence of sin.

But we live going back to the influence of sin when it truly has no more dominion over us.

It has no dominion over us.

From wife when you talk to your husband in a way that is not loving and kind and respectful to your husband what you're doing is saying hey I still like Santa a lot. Husband when you talk to your wife in a way that is not loving and caring and fathers when you talk to your children in a way what you're doing and say hey let sin still influence my life because here's the deal.

Kids what you don't understand is this. Your

parents have as much problem with sin as you do you a lot of times parents were trying to like we got together we ain't got it together. We still live with the influence of sin in our lives.

But what we have the promise of today is this you don't have the dominion of sin in your life to change everything about the way that you live your life. You

ought to be going you know what. I'm so mad right now to go hide.

You don't have to lean over me anymore I'm not gonna do that. I will walk over here and I'm going to sad and live a life that is as if I were living unto God.

Are able to be a fly on the wall in your house this week.

What I say. Not me because I'm the pastors because I'm the guy talking. What I say Oh no doubt about it man those people live under God. But I found the fruit in your life is nothing more than living on the sin that you've been freed from. Now I like asking that question to you but can I just tell you that as I was preparing this morning to look at what I'm going to preach about I thought about at least 15 things this week when I was living in the sin of my life and I wish I could blame sin. And I wish I could blame Satan. And I wish I could blame the temptations. And I wish I could blame my anger because we loved it and we love to label our sin stupid things.

You understand my personality you know don't blame your personality blame yourself because he loves my person not because I'm a Type A personality and I want to get where I'm going and that idiot gets him. I'd love to say that it was my personality but now it's my fault because I've decided to live in sin.

Thank you. This week on everyday citizens day to ask yourself are you living in a way that will bring glory to God living under God. Or are you living on yourself. When you talk bad about that other person that you know are you living in a sin. Are you living under God when you don't love your neighbor that plays music to 2 a.m. in the morning and you're sleeping in the living room on a queen size bed mattress because your air conditioner has been shot in your house for four weeks now. I was living under scene in ways you cannot even explain. I can't even explain to you. I told my wife I said I have enough speakers in this house to blow them out of the water with Jesus Loves Me This I know and that's what I'm going to do. I

was so mad at them. They were playing their music. I was like I can put all of my speakers together in one. Let me just tell you it will take me about five clicks of a mouse and I'm going to show them who's the audio boss in this neighborhood. Now.

The question was I living into sin and self or was I living on to God when you're not living on TV.

And the question for you today is this. Look back at your past week just so that you'll realize that we do struggle with living under God. I beg you to think about it this week. Evaluate each evening and say Have a listen to God today. What's funny to me is this. Americans have less time today than we've had in forever. It's amazing we should have the same 24 hours. We don't have time to do anything. Have you noticed that. Don't read our Bibles much anymore. Don't spend much time in prayer but we are caught up on Netflix.

Of course you understand I don't have time to go and tell other people about Jesus but do we really want to go there. Because if we can look at the amount of time spent on the the time vortex called Pinterest we know you've got plenty of times not the problem.

Priorities are the problem and the question is this this week are you going to live in to God or are you going to live under sin. Can I beg you River Church might be known as a place where there's a group of people that live unto God with every fiber of their being where people matter more than schedule's matter where others matter more than you can I beg you that would be that place. This

week that doesn't live in a sin. But listen to God say Chris how do I do that. You

literally decide that you're not going to give yourself over to soon anymore.

You say you don't have dominion over me and because of that I will not obey what you tell me to obey. There I thank you for your word. I'm so looking forward to getting into the next part of this passage here where we talk about how the result of the relationship with. You know I asked if you might help me this week that my life might be lived in a way that I bring honor and glory to you. I thank you for your word. Thank you for your people here today. I thank you for a group of people that truly desire to follow you. Can I ask you to date in order to convict each and every one of us that are in here that if we are in you we are truly new creatures. Old things are passed away and yes all things have become new. Thank you for your word Jesus Name I pray you become a slave to this.

I'm a slave to this I'm a slave to this. I've gotten used to being a slave to this.

And that's exactly what superdense what you have to understand is this we are dead to sin. We don't have to follow the sins anymore. And you're going to it is something that makes us laugh because you look at that bully you're like how dumb could that ball be. What's

funny is this this little kid will take that rope off in the middle of the field and all of us and then the ball comes out and I'm talking about you look at and they're like there's no way these balls are go at it boom and they hit each other and they're there on the ground they're going after each other. And the way you know who wins is one of the bolts chokes tails and runs. And as soon as he runs. The funny thing is the boy walks over past the ball puts a little shoestring around McGinn and walks them off.

That ball could take the car that the kid drove into the ball fight and with his horns flip it three times and not even think twice about it.

But he's 100 percent sure that he's tied down by a shoestring.

You are a believer in Christ and that has changed everything. Stop living as if that sin is bigger than you are. Because it's not.

Well Chris you don't understand my family. You don't understand my upbringing. You don't understand my environment. You don't understand what I have to deal with. You don't understand how poor I am. You understand how rich I am. You don't understand how much stress I have.

No you don't understand Jesus because you understand Jesus you understand that you are no longer a slave.

That you're no longer a slave to that scene. And when you do I want you to just think of yourself and how strong you are because you're being led around by a seven year old with a shoe string with one flick of the neck you change everything.

But you've decided to obey that what you used to be a slave to finish up the day trying to put some perspective on what we see in the passage.

The idea of responded positively to imitation should strike us as insanely morbid when we choose to sin. It's like digging up a corpse to hang out with it.

So what do you do today or when hang on my friend. I thought he was that. Oh yeah he. I dug him up put him out. Bridge hung out and talked for a while.

That kind of crazy wouldn't it. That's exactly what we're doing. Generally being dead to sin means that our entire perspective has changed.

After going through this passage we know that we are no longer slaves to sin. The sad thing is that when we had the sin we are nothing but volunteers in his service. At that point just consider what that means. You're saying to soon let me know what to do because I volunteered to become your slave. You've literally gone to sin. You said please tell me my list of things to do because I want to serve you. How

dare we do that.

And that is the sad that we will not give ourselves the sense service but it is said we will present ourselves to our God daily for whatever he wants. Romans 12 1 says I beseech you therefore brother by the mercy of God that you present your body's a living sacrifice holy and acceptable under God which is your reasonable service. What he say is this.

I want you to go to God and I want you to say God I'm here for duty. Do you want me to do it I'm here to do it. But here's what we do. Hey Santa I'm here for duty What do I do. You

present yourself as a living sacrifice. The question of who serves on the most important question to everyone I ask. What we serve soon but we serve ourselves. We serve our family or we will. Or will we live a life that serves our God.

Our inclination is to serve anything other than God and will even dress it up to make it look nice. We'll say stuff like I'm you know. I just love my family. There's nothing more important in my family. Well that's wrong. There's nothing more important than my God and My God makes my family have more meaning than it could ever have if I were to serve my me. My family first.

We'll find ourselves getting busy and Saker same preoccupied with anything but him.

Here's a slide that will finish up with you so you can see it here. When we allow Sindarin our bodies are we be a slave to serving sin. CACI here's what you've got to do. You've got to come in you've got to say hey Lord here's my soul mind and heart. He said you said Lord so that means I'm no no because whoever you serve that who that's who your Lord is. So whoever you're serving that's who your Lord is and for many of you your lord is dead but you're still serving you.

We present ourselves a body as instruments of God's righteousness. We go back to obeying sins desires it means that we are allowing it to reign in our bodies. So

the question for you this week is this how are you going to serve wives can I tell you that many of your husbands have done things that don't deserve forgiveness. But when you don't dessert when you don't forgive you're serving sin husbands. Can I say that your wives have done things that don't deserve forgiveness. Guess what. We don't desert when we don't forgive. We are serving sin you know what.

Attitude everything about us that enmity that you have that hatred that you have that dislike that you have or that love that you have one for another who you want to serve.

This week let's leave today in purpose to ask that question each and every day of this week. Can I ask you to wake up in the morning and say Lord show me today who I'm serving. And show me how I can serve you better. What occupies your mind more than anything else. Congratulations. You just found your master who are you going to serve. I thank you for your word nor does it go through your word and I see so many things in my life that I would be embarrassed to tell others that I serve. Helped me this week to wake up and say who my serving. Help me to do all that I can to serve you because Truly you are the only one that deserves to be served. Thank you for all that you've done. Thank you for your word. Help us to go home different. Help us look at sin and different life. Help us understand that we are no longer servants of that which you have conquered. Jesus Name I pray.

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