A House Divided 3

Chris Gardner

August 13, 2017

Ask page of the handout now and so the last page of the handout room point number four above we're talking about a house divided and we're talking about the sinful nature and the stuff going on in our lives and we talk about our relationship with Christ and what that changes our relationship with Christ and what that changes that we talked about the result of the death the sin has died. Now remember that does not mean that sins have died. Sin has died. And so there's a big difference between those two because if sins had died we would all be perfect and walking around with halos. But all you have to do is be around a person for about five seconds to know that there's no halos misrepresented here. Nobody's holy Nobody's perfect nobody's just in their actions. There are sins that we deal with on a daily basis and then the result of the resurrection.

And number four. And when we finish up with this today and hopefully finish the whole passage today we're looking at a number four so let's go ahead there and dive into Romans Chapter 6 we found the result of his of this relationship the result of this relationship and some of the Romans Chapter Six. We're going start in verse 11 through verse 14 Romans Chapter 6 verse 11 through 14. Likewise recking he also your to be dead indeed into sin but alive and to God through Jesus Christ our Lord let's not sin therefore reign in your moral body that you should obey the law obey it and the lust thereof. Neither you'll do your members as instruments of righteousness understand but Yode yourselves and to God as those that are alive from the dead and your members as instruments of righteousness under God for sin shall not have dominion over you for you over you.

For ye are not under the law but under grace. So we come to this passage here and here's what we find because of that we must. The Bible says we've got to look at verse. Verse 11 it says like wise what.

How many out there like Likewise reckon the job of a Christian is to say OK I reckon this to be so he says because of that we must reckon and reckon means as Christians want to act as if this were true. I cannot tell you that it's one thing for stuff to be true it's another one for us to act as if it was true. Just want you to reckon they we are dead to sin. In other words you're dead to sin. Now it's time to start acting like it. You're dead to sin. Now it's time to start acting like you're dead to sin. You're dead to sin and alive to God because of Jesus. Jesus says change your life. You are dead to see in this word this translator reckon. Here is 41 times in the New Testament 41 times you find this word reckon in the New Testament.

19 of those times you find them in the book of Romans. It's a very important concept something very important for you to understand. To know that it's true and to reckon it as true are two totally separate things. For example this chair Do I believe this chair will support me if I sit down on sure but to reckon it to be so what would I do.

I would sit down on it. But see here's what we do. We look at Romans Chapter 16 we say the Bible says we are dead to sin. And so we go. I really believe I'm dead to Santa. I really do. Amen brother. That's awesome I like that. And then in that actually we don't we don't reckon it to be true nature because of that sin dominates our life span dominates our life sins that we deal with dominate our life and the reason they dominate our life is because we don't reckon it to be true. And so he says here in Romans Chapter Six Likewise I reckon you also yourselves to be dead ends soon. You need to know and you need to act as if this is truth. You need to act as if it is truth. You don't need to just know it. You need to act on it.

You need to act on it. Does words translate and so 19 guys. I'm just going to say as if this is true. It's the same word that's translated as Count reken impute in the book of Romans in chapter four that we've gone over. It means to put into one's account and means to put into one's account. It comes down to this believing that what God says in His Word is really true not just for others but in our lives as well.

Now I hope you read that really well. It comes down to this believing that what God says in His Word is really true. Not just for others but in our lives as well.

As a pastor can I tell you that I've counseled people many many many many many many times and thought Chris you need to think about that.

Like I've told them all you need to do this you need to think about this you need to change this and I'm not like them. They're probably not the only ones that need to hear this. Like I probably need to deal with the same stuff as I'm counseling with people. Here's what he's saying. He said you know what. The truth of the Word of God is not true for John Moore but not true for Justin Trotter. The truth of the Word of God is not true for Jeff hetch but not true for Jack Walter. The truth of the Word of God is truth no matter what. And we need to live as if it was true. Not in other people's lives not through our eyes. For

other people what we need to live as if it was truth in our lives. Have you ever noticed how it's so easy to decide what everybody else needs to do. While we don't know while we don't do what we know we need to do. Have

you ever noticed that. Have you ever noticed that you have the answer to everybody else's life. Probably nobody else in here us like you've never discussed with everybody how everything else needs to change. I know that nobody in this church has ever said what Chris needs to do is nobody's ever said that at their house. I know that as a pastor of the church I have never said.

Well what we need to revert is have you ever noticed a change in the way is almost just token because it's not even real because the we is not we it's them is not we know the way it is he is really saying we've got to reckon it to be true. We've got to reckon to be true we've got to act on what we already know needs to be done.

Our lives look a lot like our football seasons to where we sit on a couch and understand why that God is getting paid 10 million dollars a year.

What he needs to do because he's just an idiot and if they'd bring you on the team you'd just make everything right.

Have you ever watched a football football game with anybody that thinks they know anything about football.

You do understand why you're on the couch and they're not right but you do get that right. I agree. Look at news flash you're not on the sidelines telling them what to do because you're not good enough. Honestly you're not on the football field tell them what to do because you know nobody's ever heard of you. Like they don't even know you're watching it while you're chewing on your Doritos and telling the coach how stupid he is.

But is that not our Christian life as well. We just sit on the sidelines of life and tell everybody what they're supposed to do. We know exactly if just in Toronto we're just to ask me I tell them how to fix everything in his life. But the truth the matter is if you're to ask Justin trotter he can tell you everything that I need to do to fix everything in my life because you know we're the easiest place to be is in football season.

It's on a couch. That's the easiest place to be. I don't know why that player didn't.

Don't talk with your mouthful son. Go ahead. I don't know why he didn't take a run harder. I don't know why he didn't give it. Really. Come on. Give me a break. You know why you're not out there we all know why you're not out there you might not know you're not undiscovered talent. We wouldn't put you on a team and you become the national next national champion because you are the greatest head coach that ever walked the face of it. None. That's not the way it works. And by the way don't ever watch a football game with me because I'm an expert at it.

I'm an expert at it.

What I'm saying is this is not a Christian life as well. We all know what somebody else needs to do. It's so easy to look through the window at problems and look in the mirror. It's excesses. Is it not. Oh why is everything going good. Oh and let me just tell you. I don't want be I don't want to be proud or anything but you know when I them blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah why does everything I said to them millions of times they need to.

Is that not the story of our lives. We've got to understand that it's not just for them it's for us the truth of the Word of God is for us. Now now here's something very important. Paul doesn't say feel as if you're dead to sin.

Did you get that Paul never said Phil as if you're dead to sin.

He didn't say that. You know why. Because we're never going to feel like we're dead to sin.

And honestly we can't live a life based on our feelings our two year olds have taught us that they love living their life based on their feelings and we've got to go wake up. That's not happening. You're not doing that. They call them terrible twos. You know when the two years old they're just I'm not impossible. You know other impossible because they just live the way they feel they need to live.

We don't live according to our feelings. Paul never says Phil as if you did a sin. I hope you get that that's important. Paul never just feel as if you're dead to sin. He doesn't even say this he doesn't say understand fully that you're dead to sin.

He didn't say Phil like you didn't understand. You're dead to sin. He says likewise. Help me out the next word. Reckon Jesus I don't God's word and claim it to be true in your life. So for example here's a good example for you. If Brendan Bryant were to give me a check for a million dollars what would my reaction be to that. Bryant Brian give me a check. Hey Chris you've checked for me in dollars you know what I would think that was all the coolest things ever. You know it's just that's it. We say something like that so cute but nobody to fight with me to take it to the bank.

Nobody find me to take to the bank. I would never believe he currently has that in his account. If he does I will say this. I'll probably keep the check for when he becomes a millionaire. You know and then I might go to check it later on down and I catch it later on down the road but nobody's going to take a check from Brendan Bryant for a million dollars and say OK let's go to the bank and check cashing man rather than go to to Fiji and hang out and have a good weekend that nobody's going to do that because we all know that that's a check that can't be cashed in. Honestly that's exactly the way we treat the word of God.

We don't reckon to be so what God says is so.

This is the way we tend to treat the word of God we say stuff like man that God says to me that God says to me here's our problem. Stop it.

Go to the bank and cash. Because when God writes a check it's 100 percent available funds. You don't have to worry about and what he said is this you are dead to sin. So because of that. Likewise reckon you're going to act as if it was true and when you act as if it was true is going to change your life because guess what sins are going to come in your life and they're going to say well hey you need to do this you've always been a slave to me. You're 40 years old for 40 years. You've struggled with the exact same thing. You're a slave to me. Here it is. Take it again.

And Paul says you look at the sand that's headed toward your way and you reckon and you say listen I do not have to obey you. I do not have to do what you say to do because I am now a child of God and I am dead to sin and you have no more ownership of me.

The biggest problem with us as Christians are we decided we will not cash the check. God Almighty is written. We will not cash the check. The God Almighty has written reckoning is acting on what God says as if it is fact. Reckoning is acting on what God says as if it is fact. Insane saying I'm going to act as if what God says is true because guess what it is. Now here's some things that are very encouraging to look at. God never commands us to become dead to sin.

He never says. Well William if you'll just become that decision he didn't say that at all. He says Will you. You are dead to sin. And there's a difference there. You are dead to sin.

And then he says this. Now act on it. Yield to it. Act on it. Yield to this truth. Either this is a very good way of explaining it.

On September the 22nd of 1862 Abraham Lincoln issued a proclamation in which he said all persons held as slaves within any state or designated part of a state. The people were of shall be then they shall then be in rebellion against the United States shall be then this forward and forever free.

What a statement what a statement.

Boogity Washington was nine when the emancipation reached his plantation in Virginia. In his autobiography up from slavery Here's what he says the most distinct thing that on our call in connection with the scene was some man who seemed to be a stranger. A United States officer Arzu made a little speech and then read aloud a rather long paper. The Emancipation Proclamation. I think I do the reading we are told that we were all free and could go when and where we please. My mother who is standing by my side leaned over kissed her children while tears of joy ran down her cheeks. She explained to us what it all meant that this was the day for which she had been so long praying but fearing that she would never live to see but the practicality of this immense separation took a very long time to become or call reality across the board being free and paper and being free and life are different issues.

Being free on paper and being free and life were different issues. You can read in many books how how while some are officially free that little change for them practically gives them water. The legal emancipation presented slaves with the opportunity to live as free men and women turning their legal status into actual experience would call require an internal transformation of our entire country. Our country had to change. Many who found freedom too daunting chose the uncomfortable familiarity of slavery instead.

Thanks Abraham Lincoln. Now what was that to do. Master and I went back to work just like it was any other day because in their mind it was no doubt slavery was an atrocity but it can be hard to escape even when the shackles are off.

It can be hard to escape slavery even in the shackles are off. We all know deep down the cost of freedom and sacrifice either ours or someone else's. Wow this sounds crazy the truth is that is the exact same place we find ourselves living as Christians because Romans Chapter 6 is your emancipation proclamation. It's saying you are free from sin.

But living that out my friend is going to take some internal transformation in your life. The

truth about death is that a death separates death the sin removes those that believe from the control of sin. Because of that. Don't hear what he says. Don't let sin reign in our day to day walk. You did look at these verses again. Likewise reckon you have also to be dead indeed into sin but alive to God through Jesus Christ our Lord. Next verse look at verse 12 it says was it first two words.

Let not his Hey it's not just about reckoning. Now you got to let not therefore sin therefore reign in your more. If you let sin read it's because you. Helped me out. There you go it's because you won't let it. Well sin is reigning in your life and you know what is reigning in your life because you let it is not because it has power over you anymore. You cannot blame your circumstances anymore. You cannot blame what's around you anymore. You cannot say Well I've always had a problem with this because if you are a child of Christ you are dead to sin. Let not sin right in your life.

And you know what. That runs the gamut of everything you could ever imagine. Some people that are sitting there and they can't beat alcohol for nothing in their life and what they don't understand is if you're a believer in Christ you are dead to that sin. Now let it not rain in your life. Some of it's anger some of us anger some of us it's that type a person that wants to get everything done and they don't have the attitude they sure they don't do the things that they should and here's what he said. You cannot blame your nature for this you have got to decide because I have freed you from sin but now it's time to reckon it to be true.

And now let's not.

Don't let that happen in your life. Let not therefore sin rain your body that it should be that you should obey the laws of. And then he says neither you do your members instruments of unrighteousness into sin but you'll do yourself on the gotcha. You've got to reckon. Absolutely

but besides reckoning you've got to now yield your life to God. You realize that the word let there tells us that if sin is reigning in our lives it's because we've decided to let it. And that's not a fun statement to make because I would like to blame my daddy's genes for it.

And I would like to blame my circumstances for it and I would like to blame other people for it. Have you ever noticed when your kids are fighting it's never their fight fault that they got in a fight it was the other person's fault.

But Daddy they kids are so their son. So weird like that aren't they.

Except for the evil adult version does the exact same thing. So why do you act like that. Why did you talk like that. Why did you not love your brother why did you not. Oh. Oh well you have to understand will they know they do it. Let not sin reign in your life. You can't blame anybody else. It is ours to take because we've been freed from sin. It's

time to live as if that was true. The scripture does not state that sin dies to the believer is the believer that has died to sin. Don't yield like the sign yourself to be an instrument to the unrighteousness of sin. What

he said is this. Stop yielding.

Stop yielding to the sins and he says instead yield which is going to yield yourself to your god when sin calls on us we must stop reporting for duty.

See it's call on you so many times that you immediately call for duty and it doesn't matter. The most natural thing in the path of least resistance for you is to sin. You know why because you have lived a life of sin and we've gotten so used to it we don't understand is this. When said Winston says. But you don't. You're not supposed to go up and go. Yes sir. That's not what you're supposed to do at all. You're supposed to go and say you don't reign over me anymore I have no desire to follow you I will not yield I will not let you reign in my life and ráby yours you're going to look different than mine.

But we both feel the same in different areas.

Your GM has shown me different to mine and said it's going to be different than mine. We all deal with different things. Had you ever noticed it's so easy to look at things and think that you've got everything together when you don't.

Because you keep letting CNN reign in your life when when you serve in the service you're used to presenting yourself to do stuff you do what you're told when you're told but only every time. I had a friend once tell me that it was the most confusing days of his life was the day he left service because he no longer had to answer to his captain.

But every time he heard his voice he joked he became a Ranger instructor by as high as you could become. He became a Ranger instructor and the funny thing was this. He said My captain was there and every time I heard him say anything I was like oh I got a job and he goes away and I don't I don't have to jump anymore. Is that not the truth with us. Is that not a trick with us.

The captain of our life has been seen but we are now dead. The sand but we still jump every time it says our name. That's the kind of thing we do with these people that no longer have to service.

When he says don't let him in he says neither Don't let this either happen to you. But you don't yield yourself to soon. They didn't stop there at all. It's so easy to be negative and say stop this. But see here's the problem. A lot of times we try and take over sin in our life the sins that so easily beset us. We try and deal with them and what we don't understand is you cannot take something out of your life without placing it something else in it. Because you take something out of your life no matter what it is. You know what you find.

You've found a find a gaping hole you find a gaping hole in your life and you're like whoa what do I do. No I just quit this. You don't just quit. You've also got to replace it with something and here's what he says. Yield not to see. But now I want you to yield.

Menow wants you to yield to God. Don't let it don't let. But it says also decide to give yourself to him. There's

no middle ground there's no neutral position between serving our God and serving soon you're serving one or the other in your life to obey the cravings of sin is to be alive to sin. When you cry when you obey the cravings it's being alive to sin but not to obey them and to die to sin and as if live as if reckon it to be so.

Why. Because sin this way will not have power over you. Remember you are not under the law but under grace. There is a saying that says that absence makes the heart grow fonder many times and looking back on our past sins we tend to live by the saying. The problem is that we tend to forget the consequences but we remember the pill of our sins. Have you ever heard those people that love talking about their testimony of who they used to be and they talk about all the great stuff. We romanticize those things and the sad thing is we've decided to romanticize those things that enslaved us before we romanticize. We've always got to see to live a life that identifies with Jesus. Remember that while we were still his enemies he redeemed us. He gave us hope. The thought of going back is crazy but daily we've got to remember this death is forever with no option of return.

And this is how Paul wants us to view our old sinful life as well. That's who I used to be. But that is not who I am no longer can I say that listening to Christian sometimes talk it sounds as if they wish they could be who they used to be.

Oh let me just tell you back in the old days when I didn't know Jews are a minute man. Their life sounds like the funniest life ever. But I gave my life to Jesus and now life stinks.

I've never heard anybody say that except for that basically what they're saying.

We talked about Latt a couple of weeks ago. Cheap grace though to contrast with this cheap grace as three possibilities. The moralist will fill that soon is a human problem with human solutions a moral issue is going to feel like hey it's a human problem with human solutions. Just pull yourself together by your bootstraps. Have you ever heard that. Don't you worry about it you take care of it. The legal SS try and conquer soon to read through legislation. There are rules that you need to obey.

If we made this against the rules then that's going to make everything better. I don't know of anybody that's ever learned this. All parents that were that were parenting their kids moved out. How

many of you learned that making rules for the house is not what fixes or behaviors my oldest is 14 I'm learning that my second 13. I'm learning that my third is 10 and I'm learning that it was if I put this rule in and they're going to do right no if I put this roll in they're going to learn to break the rule.

You know why.

Because that's who we are we are master rule breakers.

Paul teaches that sin can only be handled by having a relationship with Christ. The absolute only way to deal with sin is through a relationship of Christ. We're not a performance based relationship. We don't do more and feel better. We fall in love with Jesus and as that happened it changes everything about the way we live. We fall in love with Jesus. We must in this passage three words.

We must know reken and then the old you got to know the truth. Knowledge

matters. But you're going to know the truth for one reason so that you can reckon it to be so and since you reckon it to be so. Now you can you hold your life and live your life according to what you know to be true.

You know you reckon you yield.

We have to know the word but it doesn't stop there. You have to reckon appropriate it make it there make it yours own the truth. Live like it's true. Then you've got a. Every day every hour every minute of the day we've got to yield our bodies as a living sacrifice give our bodies a living sacrifice.

These three steps help us to conquer the false reign of sin in our lives. It's a daily attitude in the way we walk is the way we are growing grace that will change the way that we operate. Every time we find a new spiritual truth this is what we have to do with it.

We have to know that truth after we know that truth we've got to reckon that truth we've got to act as if that truth or were true we've got to believe it. To the degree we're willing to act upon it so we have to know after we know we have to reckon and then act or we reckon we have to learn to yield to that truth.

You have to learn to yield to that truth.

We must be in the word with him getting to know Jesus more and more no matter how you decide to walk daily both walks require submission to someone or something.

Well Chris you understand I'm addicted to this one when you you're addicted to it what you're saying is I submit my life to that work.

It doesn't matter who you are you're submitting to something you're submitting to anger you're submitting to bitterness you're submitting to love your submitting to charity. You decide what you are submitting to. But

both of them are acts of submission. You can submit to the spirit or you can submit to the world. Can you understand how powerful of a passage this really is.

Can you see out the truth that we find in here has the potential to help us live in a way that brings him glory and will help us to live in a way that we can look at the guy in the mirror with more ease.

Can I ask you this week to give yourself to something. But how about giving yourself to something that is not dead because you are dead to sin.

The Puritans used to say God does not take away our ability to sin. He gives us the power not too soon. How about us trying to live as if this were true. Hey can I ask you to think daily on this truth as soon has demit no dominion over you. Can

I ask you to do this as you were tempted to go back into your old ways as you are tempted to live in a way that is given to stuff that doesn't matter. Can I ask you to sit there and go. I am not a you I am not a slave of you anymore. I am dead to you because of that I will not yield to what you want me to yield to. I am going to yield to Christ.

Let's leave you today empowered by the truth that he has freed us from those things that we pretend we are still slaves to. He has freed us from those things that we were written. We are still slaves too. I've got a couple of slides here in Peru.

They have bought They're fighting bulls and they're different than American fighting bulls. Can you put one the slides of Verla that you see are as you can tell these are like pretty massive amazing muscular animals. It's funny because these balls they're not these things are gargantuan and they are strong in ways that most people can understand when these whales are born they're born from that time the very time they're low now this is not the kind of ball that you go out and you stick a sword into it and kill it. That's not what happens with these at all. This is not the Mexican or the Spanish style of bullfights. These bullfights they do. They get two balls on the field to decide who the man of the field is. And so the boss fight with each other they lock horns. They go at each other.

I'm talking about. You can hear it you're sitting up in the stands and you can hear them as they lock horns and you're like oh my goodness I'm glad I'm not in between those two bowls. These things are powerful in ways you cannot even understand. And the problem with these walls is they know they're powerful.

But what's funny is this what's funny is this when these walls are born as soon as they're born because they know the pedigree they know where they come from as soon as they're born they take and they wrap a little bit of twine around their neck and watch as they move around and a little kid holds them back with twine. Before long the ball is this size.

And you can watch a seven to 10 year old boy walk him around with a shoestring.

You know why. Because he learned that he's a slave to that little bit. It was twine for one change to a shoestring it's literally I've watched seven year old boys with that ball right there with a look in his eye like I would kill you as soon as look at you. And I've watched him with a shoestring take time to teach you string together wrapped around his neck like a lasso like it was a big old rope that a cowboy use and he'd walk them around. And for that he's holding the thing up like this right here and and the board just following him around like oh cool not a problem. I'm a slave to this. I'm a slave to this I'm a slave to this. I've gotten used to being a slave to this.

And that's exactly what Sundance what you have to understand is this we are dead to sin. We

don't have to follow the sins anymore. And you're going to it is something that makes us laugh because you look at that bully you're like how dumb could that ball be. What's

funny is this this little kid will take that rope off in the middle of the field and all of us and then the ball comes out and I'm talking about you look at and they're like there's no way these balls are go at it boom and they hit each other and they're there on the ground they're going after each other. And the way you know who wins is one of the bolts chokes tails and runs. And as soon as he runs. The funny thing is the boy walks over pats the ball puts a little shoestring around McGinn and walks them off.

That ball could take the car that the kid drove into the ball fight and with his horns flip it three times and not even think twice about it. But he's 100 percent sure that he's tied down by a shoestring. You are a believer in Christ and that has changed everything. Stop living as if that sin is bigger than you are. Because it's not.

Well Chris you don't understand my family. You don't understand my upbringing. You don't understand my environment. You don't understand what I have to deal with. You don't understand how poor I am. You understand how rich I am. You don't understand how much stress I have.

No you don't understand Jesus because you understand Jesus you understand that you are no longer a slave.

That you're no longer a slave to that scene. And when you do I want you to just think of yourself and how strong you are because you're being led around by a seven year old with a shoe string with one flick of the neck you change everything.

But you've decided to obey that what you used to be a slave to finish up the day trying to put some perspective on what we see in the passage. The

idea of responded positively to imitation should strike us as insanely morbid when we choose to sin. It's like digging up a corpse to hang out with it.

So what do you do they all or when hang on my friend. I thought he was that. Oh yeah he has I dug him up put him out. Ridge hung out and talked for a while.

That kind of crazy wouldn't it. That's exactly what we're doing generally being dead to sin means that our entire perspective has changed.

After going through this passage we know that we are no longer slaves to sin. The sad thing is that when we had the sin we are nothing but volunteers in his service. At that point just consider what that means. You're saying to soon let me know what to do because I volunteered to become your slave. You've literally gone to sin. You said please tell me my list of things to do because I want to serve you. How

dare we do that.

And that is the sad that we will not give ourselves the sense service but it is said we will present ourselves to our God daily for whatever he wants. Romans 12 says I beseech you therefore brother by the mercy of God that you present your body's a living sacrifice holy and acceptable under God which is your reasonable service. What

he say is this. I want you to go to God and I want you to say God I'm here for duty. Do you want me to do it I'm here to do it.

But here's what we do. Hey Santa I'm here for duty What do I do. You

present yourself as a living sacrifice. The question of who serves on the most important question to everyone I ask. What we serve soon but we serve ourselves. We serve our family or we will.

Or will we live a life that serves our God. Our inclination is to serve anything other than God and will even dress it up to make it look nice. We'll say stuff like I'm you know. I just love my family. There's nothing more important in my family. Well that's wrong. There's nothing more important than my God and My God makes my family have more meaning than it could ever have if I were to serve my meat.

My family first will find ourselves getting busy and Saker same preoccupied of anything but him.

Here's a slide that will finish up with you so you can see it here. Well we allow send around our bodies are we be a slave to serving sin. Because see here's what you've got to do. You've got to come in you've got to say hey Lord here's my soul mind and heart. He said you said Lord that means I'm no no because whoever you serve that who that's who your Lord is. So whoever you're serving that's who your Lord is and for many of you your lord is dead but you're still serving you.

We present ourselves a body as instruments of God's righteousness.

We go back to obeying sins desires it means that we are allowing it to reign in our bodies.

So the question for you this week is this how are you going to serve.

Wives can I tell you that many of your husbands have done things that don't deserve forgiveness.

But when you don't dessert when you don't forgive you're serving sin. Husbands can I say that your wives have done things that don't deserve forgiveness. Guess what. We don't desert when we don't forgive. We are serving sin you know what. Attitude everything about us that enmity that you have that hatred that you have that dislike that you have or that love that you have one for another who you want to serve this week. Let's leave today in purpose to ask that question each and every day of this week. Can I ask you to wake up in the morning and say Lord show me today who I'm serving and show me how I can serve you better. What occupies your mind more than anything else. Congratulations. You just found your master who are you going to serve. I thank you for your word nor does it go through your word and I see so many things in my life that I would be embarrassed to tell others that I serve.

Help me this week to wake up and say who my serving how me to do all that I can to serve you because truly you are the only one that deserves to be served. Thank you for all that you've done. Thank you for your word. Help us to go home different. Help us a look at sin and different life. Help us understand that we are no longer servants of that which you have conquered. Jesus Name I pray.

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