A House Divided

Chris Gardner

July 23, 2017

And Shapter Romans Chapter 6 and we're going to Rona just dive into in my opinion one of the most amazing passages in scripture today the romans is full of those Romans is just full of incredible passages that really really help us as we grow. Good to have you guys visiting with us this morning as well. Romans Chapter 5 and 6 is all going to be hitting this morning. But before we do that let's pray.

Darryl I come to you and all of your word this morning and I really wish there was a way to just place a microphone to the page because the truth of the matter is so powerful what you have to say. I ask you to date it or that you would help this vessel not to be one that disturbs the message. I have nothing fancy to say I have nothing good to say but Lord the power of your word that we hold in our hands. I ask you that you would just help us to. Stand and all of this morning and learn from it and help it to apply to our lives on a daily basis. I thank you for your word. Thank you for this church. I thank you for people who really want to be a part of a church that preaches the word and I just ask you if you would help us to grow in you in Jesus Name I pray he man.

Romans Chapter 5 and 6 will be starting in 6 but will finish 2 part of Chapter 5 to do that. Last week was a historical event because I finished my entire message in one week which I don't think I've done that since the start of the book of Romans and it was all because Ryan and Tina and Jack and Barbara were out there back there Ryan and scener back as well. So they're over in Arizona over there for a funeral but I just finished all of it last week. This week I can promise that that's not going to happen. This passage as I was looking over my message I was like there's no way to cover all of this ground and the Book of Romans. If you don't have a if you don't have a hand out raise your hand on Jacob will get you one.

Or if you need a pen just have a handful of pans as I need a pen a pen as well so raise your hand you've got one up to people need pans and three four or five. Just get a handful of pens and get a handful of them handouts too. OK wrong go to Romans chapter 6 so you know I don't know if you ever heard this before.

But I know what I need to do. I just don't know why I can't seem to do it. Haven't you ever thought that before. LOL I like is it not the truth in our lives. Like I know what I'm supposed to do. If we did what we knew we were supposed to do a lot like our lives would be so much better with it would they not be so much better and so if we don't we're supposed to do that that's the kind of thing I hear all the time as I'm counseling the sideling working with people just hanging around with Christian friends. I wish that was the only way that I knew about this though. I wish it was just because of counseling or discipling But there's this other do that I really have a hard time with. I see him in the mirror every morning that has the same issue.

I know what I'm supposed to do. You know we wouldn't have to have diet's if we did it like nobody eats at Dunkin Donuts. Thinking that this is going to be healthy for us. If you do please give me some of your theology because I need it so that I can use that to eat more Dunkin Donuts and call it a good thing when you know we live in a day and age where we know or what we're supposed to do but we just have a hard time doing it.

We deal with sin on a daily basis. We deal with sin and on a daily basis in our lives every single day we deal with sin.

The book of Romans teaches us to make a major shift though in our view of sin. Can see the way we look at sin. Currently the way we look at sin currently is not a Biblical view of sin and what we want to see is that because if you know Jesus the way you look at sin totally changes it totally changes.

Romans 6. They want to see today as the central piece and what our view of sin salvation and sanctification should be. Romans Chapter 6 is going to tell us this is how you need to view sin.

This is how you need to be view. Sanctification holiness. And this is not how you need to view salvation it is going to share that with us in the book of Romans in chapter 6. Now if you remember from last week. Let's look at the last couple of verses in the book of Romans Chapter 5. Romans Chapter 5. This is where he ended up last week Romans Chapter 5. And man this is a powerful powerful statement and Romans Chapter 5 and all start in verse 20. The Bible says Romans Chapter 5 in verse 20. Moreover the law entered.

The law was there for us the law. We knew the law of the Old Testament the rules that were made there. And the reason that ended it was so that the offense would abound.

In other words when you pair your children you tell them not to do stuff the first time is different than when you tell them not to do stuff the fiftieth time the first time. It's a mistake. It's something that happens on the 50th time it's rebellion. He just this is what we're doing we're bringing the law in and so that's in will abound. You

want to know exactly what's going on and what soon is that the offense may abound. But this last part of this verse talk about packing a powerful powerful punch is what it says but where sin abounded.

Sins a big deal.

An abundance of sin where sin abounded where there's a lot of sin. I love this. And you'll find this in chapter 5.

Quite a few times the Bible says Grace did much more abound in other words greater grace is greater than for all you math nerds out there. And Becky's not here the only week that I would say something that she would enjoy. The math teacher here is grace is greater than your sin.

Man what a powerful powerful statement. And so what were were centered around Grace. Much more abound. Incredible statement what a powerful thought. But think for a moment what that can lead you to no matter what sin I do what's the promise. Grace is greater will great. Why don't I go out and just send them because I'm Johannis.

God's going to forgive me of everything no matter what I do sin of grace much more about that. And you see it and you think well that's just dumb theology. Who would ever do that well let me just do this for you this morning. I'm going to give somebody my credit card and I'm going to tell you. You can charge whatever you want to on my credit card and don't even worry about it because I'll pay for it. What was and everybody shouldn't like. The good news is there's not much space left on this thing like you. You might get three Coca-Colas but imagine. OK there's a twenty five thousand dollar limit on this card and I have nothing charged on it. And here's the ability to go out and charge what ever you want. Don't you worry about it. Everything that you buy don't even look at the price tag. I'm paying for it.

Can you tell me what the result of that would be. Ever have any idea what you'd buy if I had a$25000 credit limit. Or you could just go out and purchase you make money. What would you buy it. Would you buy. You buy what he buy videogames$25000 or other videogames. What do you mean by Brendan.

Well he's going buy Lamborghini with twenty five thousand if he can pull that off. You need to talk to him afterwards because that's a business right there. It is not funny because the kids will speak up but we all know what would happen if I give his credit card out don't we. If you really believe that what I said about this credit card was true you would go out and you would rack up all the debt you could because it's not debt really is not debt really is it because you only had to pay for it. And so that's exactly what Paul says in Romans Chapter 5 and verse 20 where sin abounded.

What happened. Grace paid for it.

So Chris are you saying that I can leave here and do absolutely anything that I want to do and be forgiven of it.

And the answer is absolutely win it be nice if we left church like this this morning.

Let's just leave it there. Let you stop there. OK we'll leave Chris. CHRIS You always stop your lessons you've already filled in one blank. Let's just stop it there. Give us a week of doing whatever we want and then we'll come to Romans 6 next week. But that's not what is going on here. What he says is this. He's so mad. So he's just a no matter what I do I'll be forgiven. Then why not just love live my life and enjoy my life.

However I want to right now. Why even worry about how I live my life. Why should I even care why should I even care.

No Paul knows this is just some day we might think about but he also knows that the Roman Church might fall into this same mentality. The Roman Church might also fall into this same mentality because the possibility he begins the next part of his letter trying to explain to us what our relationship with Sunis.

What our relationship with Sam the cross and the resurrection that is going to talk about this week. This week. I'm talking about this this week from this passage. But this one is don't say here's what your relationship with sin is supposed to be. Here's what it's supposed to be. There's one thing that I want you to make sure notice here as we read through the book of Romans Chapter 6. And that's this. In this passage Paul will talk about sin and OK.

The same place. And I want to say it slowly so you might just think about it for a little bit. Paul

is going to talk about sin not sins. Do you get that.

Paul is going to talk about sin not sins. Chris why does that matter what the word is that all about. We don't talk about sin not sins. He speaks in singular not plural. He's focusing not on various sins that people commit because here's what here's what legalism loves to do. Legalism loves to point out what they love to point out. They don't love to point out sin. They love to point out sins they love to look at and say this is the wrong thing to do. They always love looking at the outside. Legalism loves talking about season so because of that they build a system where God will be pleased with them.

If you just stop doing stuff and you've never been a part of a church or have a founding member of the part of a church like that you know for Jesus to love you. You've got to make sure you wear a tie to church. I'm in trouble. I don't want to go to church in a long time. You know for Jesus to love you got to sing the right kind of music for Jesus to love you. You've

got to they love pointing out sins and some of the sins they talk about are actually probably really good but they love talking about sins but they forget to talk about sin because here's the deal sins is an outward issue.

It's like looking at your wife and saying Could you just pretend to love me like I don't mind who you chat with while I'm gone from half or when I walk in the house you look at me you get some big smile on your face and say baby i love you so much.

On the outside you're going to look like you love me but on the inside don't worry about it that's legalism because legalism loves falling in love with telling people what sins are wrong.

I grew up in a family where that was a big deal like TV was a sin.

One of them said you couldn't be paying a teacher to show him one point. My dad thought that he should be watching TV so he grabbed his TV and he put it in the closet. Would bring it out for 5 o'clock news so he could stay up to date because that was before Internet but he had heard that that was one of the sins he had to have to take care of.

How you dress how you walk how you talk everything about it. But that's not possible. Talk about here. What Paul is going to talk about as your relationship to sin not sins. He's going to deal with the inside not with the outside. He spoke should not on various sins that people commit instead of focusing on the underlying fact or principle.

About the power of sin. The truth is that we find here a truth no matter what the sins are that we deal with daily. Can I just say this. The sense that Seth deals with are not the same sins I deal with the sins that Robbie deals with not same sins that I deal with.

Our sins are different our sin is not that our sin is not any different and on and Paul's going to hell.

This idea of what sin is. I do not know me passages in the scripture that have more potential to impact our lives and change our daily walk than the passage around to look at today since verses sin. What's funny is this. This is where I'm probably going to offend some people and that's fine because my job is not to appease people.

You know it's the saddest thing about us in here. As we're cool with our sand's we're just not cool with the other person's sins.

Have you ever noticed that. I can't believe he would do that. Really I can't believe she would do that. We

fall in love but our sins are OK and they're even there they're palatable our sins are not that big of a deal. It's something I've got to deal with but it's our sins or something we don't care about. Our attitudes aren't that big of a deal the way we treat our spouse. It's not that big of a deal the way we handle our money isn't that big of a deal but man the way Nick.

Now that's a big deal.

It funny the way you look at stuff like that that's what you do with sin versus sins isn't it. He goes our sins. He says that's not what I'm talking about. I want to talk about our sin. You know what we fall in love with the people in our church a lot more when we find out that all of us are sinners.

And since we are sinners whether it's your breed of sin or my breed of sin it doesn't really matter. It's still sin and we can love each other that way we can love we can take the highest personal economical skill in our church with the lowest personal and economical scale in our church. And they love each other because they understand this we have different sands that we prefer.

But we are all sinners because isn't it amazing how your sins not a big deal but everybody else's is. Have you ever noticed that. No that's just me. It's probably not y'all at all. But me I deal with that big time.

I deal with that big time because I can just tell you what sins are bad the sins that are bad are not the ones I see in the mirror. The one the sins that are bad are the ones I see out the window.

When I look at the when I go that person they really need help. David Schreier he needs some serious help.

But I pretend that me that I'm good and Paul is not going to do with sins here.

Paul's going to do a sin. So let's open our Bibles the book of Romans Chapter 6 and talk about this and hopefully people will come back next week because you know what a great way to come to church one talk about sin today.

Isn't that awesome. Talk about sin the first thing we see in the first five verses is our relationship with Christ in death and resurrection our relationship with Christ and death and resurrection. And so we're going to go through the verse first five verses of the book of Romans. Oh we have been listening to messages from other preachers that are really good preachers that are preached to the book of Romans and just to see what I can learn as I'm going through it. And one of the guys I'm listening to said I went through the book of Romans and it took me eight years.

To get through the book of Romans so just in case you're wondering I'm way ahead of schedule here at River Church where we're at right now.

Romans Chapter 6 verse 1 we're going to find first is our relationship our relationship to Christ our relationship to Christ. Because the Bible says what shall we say then. Shall we continue in sin.

The grace may abound how Jesus died as a result of Romans Chapter 5 in verse 20 that were sent about his grace. Much more abounds. And because of that because of that. Romans 6. Now here's something that we have to deal with. Well what most people don't know about the Bible is the Bible was written with these big numbers here.

Also was it written with these little numbers here.

This was a letter and so a lot of times when you look at a chapter you think oh there's an idea a change coming in here and so you forget about what's going on before but that's not at all what's happening Romans 6. Romans Chapter 5. It's by saying this no matter what you do no matter what sin you have grace much more.


Also let's end the chapter there. No it's not a chapter. These are just things. I'm glad we have these by the way because Can you imagine saying on about the seventh page of your book of Romans you're going to find that it's kind of hard to find things that way. So I'm very glad we have these numbers. But a lot of times these numbers make us think that things have changed. Chapter Five in verse 20 he says this no matter what sin you do. Don't worry about it.

What's going to happen. My grace abounds more. My grace abounds even more. Man let's close the book of Romans and stop there and go home and party. That's not at all what's happening. This

is a letter now coming into the next sentence the next paragraph he talks about he says this. Romans Chapter 6 verse 1 help me with the first few words of the first into that question mark coming out there what shall we say then. Let's do that again.

What shall we say then. OK. He says when your sin abounds Grace much more bounce. And

then you ask the question What shall we say then. What I do with that truth. That's a big truth to deal with. What shall we say then. And then he says this. Should I just continue in San that Grace would abound. Is that the idea. After what I just told you in Romans Chapter 5 in verse 20. As a result the Romans Chapter 5 in verse 20. Grace abounding in because of that he says What shall we say then. Should we just continue in sin. So the grace can abound. You know maybe he hears. If you historically read what was going on in the Church of Rome. There were some people that would say stuff like this. I'm going to send a whole bunch. So I can really show the power of the grace of God. It is that not an awesome job.

Like hey what is your job. I'm I want to send a bunch so that I can show how powerful God's grace is. He goes What shall we say when are we going to continue its integration abound. Is that what we're going to do. The question could be coming from those that were asking that question.

By the way I dealt with that as a kid because I would sit in church and they would bring people in to talk about their them about their testimony. One of the things that I hate more than anything else because people come in and they say let me say how bad I was that was cool I was bad to the bone I was the man I was the man I got to say. Let's go to home. What for 30 minutes it took about how horrible they were and then they spent 13 seconds saying I got saved and Jesus changed me to go home.

And I would sit there and think what the preacher's kid looked like nothing bad that I've done looks bad in comparison. That dude maybe I need to do bad stuff so that then I can talk about a court because everybody to a cool testimony don't we. And I know that sounds childish and it absolutely is but I really did think that as a kid who goes in Roman jurisdiction first when he says What shall we say then how we continue in sin that Grace should have found that's what we should do. This seems like a fair and reasonable questions really. But brace for impact. OK. Because you're about to hear Paul's answer. Romans Chapter 6 and verse 2 is going to answer Paul's question. What shall we say then. Shall we continue in sin. The grace should abound.

Verse to read it with the very first two words have it Rena's for me. It says Help me out. God forbid.

OK now if you had an emoji Bible this would be God forbid not worldwide.

God forbid if you had an emoji Bible this would be all caps. Tons of exclamation points and an angry face before and after it. Paul is saying this he goes like this he gets his letter goes kind of goes What shall we say then.

Shall we continue in sin. The great abound. God forbid. He's

raising his voice now. He's all upset that the question might even arise. He

goes how dare we even think that we would continue in sin.

The grace may abound he says How dare we. God forbid. How dare we that our sin did the sin live any longer there in Dietrich Bonhoeffer which was a theologian from times past refers to view. For to this view of grace he refers to it as a as cheap grace he refers to this cheap grace cheap grace according to him says this. I've been forgiven and I will go on being forgiven whatever I do so because of that I can do whatever I wish.

That's what he said.

He calls that cheap grace and let me just tell you if you go looking for churches in America you can find cheap grace on every corner.

Because they don't like talking about sin at all. They actually don't even like talking about the Bible at all. His cheap grace.

God forbid that we live in a lifestyle of cheap grace no question about whether we should stop sinning or not.

That's a crazy question. How would you even ask that question.

I think the slide coming up shows and explains a lot of the truth that we live in as Christians. These verses say that we're dead soon but this slide tells a lot about our reality pullouts lot of if you don't mind that next slide coming up. I love this slide right here. It's a dead man challenged challenges eviction and it continues living in sin.

Like a dead man challenging eviction that makes no sense at all. He continues living in sin even though there's no reason that he should. Paul says God forbid how shall we that are dead to sin live any longer.

How in the world can you even fathom continuing living in sin.

How shall we that are dead to sin live any longer there. And what did he say that we were doing. What did he say.

We were dead to him there were dead to sin. Now now that sounds cool and all that. But by the way he never says we're dead to sins. He says we're dead to the power of sin of our life and we're going to discuss this we're dead to sin. Don't we know that we're baptized in him were also baptized into his death. In the same way that Jesus has been raised from death. We are raised for a new walk.

We are raised to walk in a new way. David Schleifer today is not the David Schwimmer from five years ago hopefully. And if it is it's been cheap grace that God has given you and you ought to be ashamed of it. Justin Higginbotham 20 years ago you were. How long even save now.

Today would be a good day to have today be a good day to fix that just saying if Justin Higginbotham from 15 years ago. Looks like the Justin Higginbotham today. Then guess what. It's been cheap grace and it ought to shame you. That

has been cheap grace and you've treated grace so cheaply. God forbid that we live that way. We were resurrected with him as well. MARTIN Lloyd-Jones and I love this he spoke of an analogy that really explains the struggle that Christians deal with. Then

can you put that next slide up there please there Brendan. He spoke of two in his book of two British films two British gardens that were out there. They would have looked kind of like this.

That's kind of what they're talking about and he says he just to consider the two fields that are enclosed by these high rock walls. And here's what he says every person begins life in one of those walls. Every person according to Romans chapter 5 every person is born in. How many out is born in sin. We're

all sinners we're born in one of those in one of those walls he says every person there he says. We start in a field that is ruled by Satan and by sin we have absolutely no chance of scaling the walls and escaping this build on our own. There is no way we can ever escape this field of sin and our own it's impossible. You're not strong enough.

You do not have the will to you not even have the desire to because you enjoy living in sin but God in His grace God and His Grace reaches down and takes us out of that Satan dominated field and sets us down in the field right next to it. Salvation. We are now a child of the King. This village is ruled by Christ by His righteousness a decisive change in our position has just taken place. We're in a whole new relationship to sin. The problem is that how many of you are saved but still deal with sins on a daily basis and you have been here just me like we are do we not deal with sins of the Daily Beast you say won the world and did the sin. Why do I deal with sins and here's the answer. The problem is that you can still hear the enemy calling over the walls and you're so used to obeying that enemy that you still continue to many times out of habit.

We obey his voice although what we need to understand is this. There is no reason to obey the enemy because you are now a child of the King of Kings.

You're now in a different place. It's not that we deal with is it is not what we deal with almost daily in our own lives. Romans Chapter 6 3 and 5. He shifts into how we are baptized into Christ. Look at what the Bible says in verse 3 3 5. The Bible says no not most verse third verse 3 says no not that so many of us that are baptized into Jesus Christ were baptized into His death therefore we are buried with him by baptism into death like as Christ was raised up by the dead by the glory of the Father. Even so we also should walk in newness. Of life. For we have been planted together in the likeness of his death. We shall also be in the likeness of his resurrection. Verse 3 3 5 he says baptism is something something that really matters. Baptism is something that really matters. It has a reason it has a purpose. Baptism is an ordinance. Baptism is an ordinance to the church and its purpose is to identify ourselves with Jesus.

We get baptized this way. I am now a child of the King and I am not ashamed of it at all. I

want all of my friends I want all of my family I want all those around me to know that I am a child of the King not being baptized or not getting baptized is like telling your wife that you want to get married at the courthouse and then saying hey I love you and all but please open your reference to our marriage on Facebook.

You talk about the fasces divorce and the history of mankind. Like can you not imagine that they would go to the courthouse to get married were sent in before the judge. OK we're were married now high five. Give me a guess on this. We put your phone down please get anybody on Facebook or made. At that point would be the first slap you got as a married man.

You cannot even fathom that idea. Oh by the way I don't want the pound wearing a ring on my finger either. Can you imagine the but I don't have a ring. I lost my quit just which is it's just it's even funnier but I'm sitting here like to hold the paper like this it covers my ring finger up but.

Hey the positive thing baby is this I do love you. That's a baptism is manches I'm saying I identify with Christ and I want everybody to know that I identify with you. I identify with his death his burial and his resurrection through baptism. We're saying hey I have no shame in the fact that I'm a follower of Christ.

Now I know it has been really nice to finish the introduction part to where I said how you can stand and Grace much more bounds. But I want you to hear the emphasis of Paul in this passage.

We all deal with sins. And guess what. The beauty of the word of God teaches us this. Your sins will be forgiven by the grace of God. His Grace much more abounds.

So what should we say or do we just continue sinning so that his grace abounds you know why how dare you even think that way.

As Paul says our relationship to Christ our relationship to crime shows us this our life is now different. Next week we're going to cover the next point is the result of his death the result of death and what death means. Here's

the deal. Can I ask you to leave here today saying this. I as a believer in Christ will not practice cheap grace because cheap you know it's only worth what you pay for. What they tell you you get what you pay for. Have you ever heard that quote. You do realize that the one that paid for your salvation paid with the blood of His only son on the cross of Calvary. How dare you make that Grace cheap.

It's not cheap. What shall we say. Should we just continue sending. So Grace can get bigger.

Absolutely not. God forbid. How shall we that are dead to sin live any longer. There in no can I beg you this week to think about this. How are you living your life in a way that pretends that his Grace doesn't really matter.

Like I'm I'm serious I'm not. It shouldn't just be talking I want you to think for a second. How are you living your life in a way that makes his grace seem cheap. Shame on us. You know how you make his grace seem cheap because you live in the sin that he paid the price for already.

I know you pay for this sin but I'm going to go back to the sin that nailed you to the cross. How crazy of a thought that is.

How crazy of a process in our mind how shall we that are dead isn't any longer there and can I beg you to go home this week and just beg God to show you areas in your life where you pretend that his Grace doesn't matter.

Parents that's that's me too. The way you choose the way you treat your children.

Does it pretend that Grace was cheap. Kiddoes Andrew Brendan Simeon Hanna Ivan the way you treat your brothers and sisters does it pretend Grace was cheap.

The way we treat each other in this room does it treat the Almighty the beautiful the amazing grace of our God. Does it treat it as if it was something that doesn't really matter. Husbands and wives must not live our lives in a way that we pretend that the grace of Almighty God was cheap because it cost.

The Creator the life of his son.

And that's not cheap or I come to you just humbled before your word of my life and I beg you Lord that you would help me to understand that your grace is so amazing and your forgiveness is so unmerited and your forgiveness is something that just boggles my mind. But truthfully Lord I beg you to forgive me because I treat your grace as if it were cheap. So many times Lord helped me to treat the people that I work with in a way that mirrors your grace. Help me to forgive others in a way that shows you've forgiven me that I thank you for your word and I saw you today that you might help your word to penetrate our lives and might help us to change. Jesus Name I pray.

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