A Problem With The Heart

Chris Gardner

March 26, 2017

And excited about this passage excited about getting into it and I hope it can help you as you grow in your walk as well. By Romans is one of the most.

Most amazing books in the Bible. It's one of the most complete books in the Bible and it's actually been said that if you were to take every other book of the Bible and get rid of it keep the book of Romans you would have every doctrine that the church believes in that book alone. I imagine that like Galatians you don't get everything in Galatians Galatians talks about legalism and you don't get first to say cretin's or about crazy crazy church that finally matures a little bit but you don't get everything all you get is with the book of Romans it's literally they say every doctrine that the church believes can be found in the book of Romans. It

is an amazing book but it's also a pretty complex book.

Like a lot of time my preacher friends I'm like hey yeah I'm doing the book of Romans. They're like what in the world possessed you to do that book in the book of Romans has a lot of twists and turns and it's a it's a it's a fun book and it's been an interesting study.

But then again when you finish preaching a book a week like nothing seems like a challenge anymore and so now the Book of Romans wrote finished the book of Romans Chapter 2 today and the Book of Romans we've been talking about gentiles in chapter one and how Gentiles are wicked vile before God. They need his help.

They need his they need his redemption they need him to save them.

Then you go to Romans chapter two we're at today and he looks at them and he says hey you religious crowd you Jews you need me too. You're just as bad off as the people that don't know anything about me.

So he goes in there and the book of Romans Chapter Two said they will be finishing that starting in Romans Chapter 2 and verse 17 Roman Church or two in verse 17.

So if you got papers there you wait to fill them out. Hopefully you can take these home and just remember stuff going on. I actually have had a few pictures of guys going hey I'm putting all these in a file folder and it means a lot of people get care about what they're getting when it comes to this. Think about what you're getting and then I want you to think. You write stuff on the paper right stuff in your bible and remember it because it will help you grow.

It seems that the new hobby of today is claiming you're a Christian it seems like a new hobby today is to claim that you're a Christian. Not very hard but you can claim you're a christian claiming Christianity is a lot cheaper than actually living a Christian life. One of my favorite Web sites on the Internet is a Web site called Babyland.

That is amazing. And I said and I said Should I even talk about that the church and then I go back and I see that only everybody in our church body has shared something with the Bible. We're cool with it but the Bablon these are my absolute favorite. So if you fill in the first line it is claiming you're christian claiming Christians a lot cheaper but not long ago the satire Web site Babyland be what I love about Babylon be as Babylon be is a Web site that literally it's like they've been sitting in church their whole life and they know like they've been reading our Armel like they know exactly what's going on.

And so did they then they came out with this on their blog and said Look at this right here this is one of my favorite ones that have come up yet. Retractable Christian fish decal now available. You know that means you could get that fish decal on the back of your car but you drive like you just got out of somewhere else.

Yeah that's out. But hey you can push that he just disappears and he can drive anywhere you want to. You don't have to be claiming to be a Christian. No that's satire. And of course we would never do that. Hopefully we wouldn't be laughing if we don't understand the truth that the right lies behind this.

Here's the deal here's what you're going to find in Rome interpretated.

It is so much easier to claim Christianity than it is to live Christianity. It's so much easier to claim Christianity. We call ourselves a Christian nation. We live in the Bible Belt.

We love Christian Christian values but made it's so much easier to claim there is a limit.

Besides the fact is one of my favorite Web sites. It is a sad sad truth. Our generation claims Christianity way more than we practice Christianity. Would you agree with that. We claim Christianity way more than we practice Christianity and we do. By the way we look at that and I hear people especially the people with gray in their beards.

You know people like me we always go where you need to be like that.

But did you see what I find in the book of Romans Chapter 2 you're dealing with the same exact theme that we're dealing with in 2000.

Seventeen people who claim to be godly people who claim to be holy they're not living as if they were going to talk to them about the signs and he's going to show them this as God's people the way they're going to live.

So you know again what you want to find is this the Jews love the law the Jews love the idea of circumcision the Jews that Jews love this idea of the whole year and more separated than others.

OK. But here is the question. Which

do you prefer an unfaithful spouse and proudly words your reading wedding man or a spouse that guards your shared intimacy with his or her life but doesn't wear a ring.

Which of those do you prefer. Because see we all know that a ring. And I don't have a ring on today that wasn't on purpose. I lost my ring and I'm going to get another one at some point because I got to beat people off just looking at that guy single my all I got to this great. God. While I have the wrong time all all the time but hey you don't have I don't have a ring on right now but here's the deal. A ring is not what marriage is about.

Would you agree with that. Arena is not what a marriage is about. A ring is nothing but a sign or a representation of what your marriage is about.

We know that the reading state we know what it stands for and we know that it's supposed to be an outward symbol of exactly what's going on in somebody's heart.

But can I tell you that many a man and many a woman have had no problem stepping out on their marriage while wearing a wedding band.

Just a representation is just a sign for the outside to know. And here's the deal. What you need to understand is this this whole law business was nothing but a sign as well. It was nothing but an outward thing as well for the Jews. The ring is in no way the most important part of marriage as people go through this part of the book of Romans. Many can get offended because this almost seems anti-Jew as Paul's going through the book of Romans in chapter two.

But remember who's writing this book.

This guy is like mega Jew.

This guy's done everything he supposed to do. One of the things that people made fun of me about when I was and I used to teach conferences. They

said You're the most anti-missionary missionary we know of because missionaries don't work the way they should. Missionaries

don't do what they're supposed to do and I'm kind of like the guy that calls everybody out on it. They loved it because I was a missionary. They called missionaries out for not doing what missionaries were supposed to do and people were like hey he's a missionary. You can say that stuff.

Well that's true Paul is Paul's a Jew and he's going to call these people out.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Because remember who's writing the passage in Philippians chapter 3 in verse 5 he said circumcised the eighth day of the stock of the Israel of the tribe of Benjamin a Hebrew of the Hebrews as touching the Jew that the law of heresy like this is my pedigree man and I am the man when it comes to being a Jew and he's going to write this part.

ROMANS Scheckter to the Galatians after 114 says and profited in the Jews religion above mean minea my equals in my own nation being more exceedingly Juhl zealous of the traditions of my father she said listen if you don't talk about anybody that Ford followed the law to the letter of the law that's me that's me.

As a result of this he even persecuted the church Gless you are one in verse 13 first Corinthians 15 in verse 9 Philippines chapter 3 and verse 6 he persecuted the church. Now this right here is not some god that just overlooked the law and said oh the law doesn't really matter.

This is Paul writing this and saying listen there's a problem here. This is a man that has lived according to the law as much as humanly possible.

And found it wanting.

This is a man that lived according to law but actually lived according to the law. He said guess what the law is not enough. The law is not enough.

As we travel to this passage what we discover is that the religious person is the hardest person to reach with the gospel.

The religious person is the hardest person to reach with the gospel because the truth of the matter is probably 90 percent of the people that have a fish on the back of their car don't know Jesus but that fish on the back of their car makes them think they do know Jesus and Paul is going to say listen the hardest people to reach are religious people reaching them.

But the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There's there's no one too bad for Jesus Christ to save it. Growing up in Peru working in Peru ministering in Peru the question I always had to answer was this. Am I too bad for Jesus to save.

You don't understand. I'm a drunk. You don't understand. I'm a drug addict. You don't understand. I'm a prostitute. You don't understand. I am a. I come to America. Nobody asked that question any more. And the sad thing is nobody asked any questions. The question that should be asked is this.

Am I too good for Jesus to save him. The truth is you probably are too good for Jesus to say because you do not realize that you are a sinner and Paul is going to talk to the Jews in that fashion and say you think you're too good.

But I'm going to walk away showing you you are not too good.

You are actually that good you thought you had is really bad and you need Jesus. There is no one too bad for Jesus Christ to say. But there are millions who think they're too good. I love Robert MT said and it's in your paper there. No one is quite so blind.

As those who are confident that they can see no one is quite so blind as those who are confident they can see they just know man I've got it going on. I know what's going on here. So here's what we have going dive into Romans chapter 2 verse 17 and we're going to find the first thing we find is issues of overconfidence issues of overconfidence. They're

just way too confident in who they are.

And just like what Rachel said about the young girl in the Dominican Republic exactly what's going on or you say oh yeah I'm saying my parents are Christians I'm a Christian. I grew up in church. I'm a good person.

And then all of a sense she goes No I've never made that choice to accept Christ but they had overconfidence in the fact that they grew up in church. They

had over comfort in the fact that they were circumcised on the eighth day that overconfidence that they were all of this is a Roman ship for two or 17 through 20 starts us off showing us the attitude the Jewish people have. Look at the attitude the first 20 or 17 I'm sorry behold they are called a Jew and man you rest in the wall. You

rest in the law and you make it easy. God is something you love bragging about. He does you make is that boasting God you love bragging about God.

Next verse the Bible says and no is it you know his will and you prove the things that are more excellent. You are instructed out of all men you know all that stuff. Next verse and aren't confident and doubt that s'elp are. Hey you're so good that you think that you can guide the blind people that's who you are. You know that you are God of the blind and not only you are God of the blind you're also a light to those that are in darkness. Oh yea for you. You think you're so awesome. Next verse and instructor of the foolish you take all those people who just aren't smart enough and you just instruct them. You're a teacher of babes in Christ. Don't you want to have a parade for how great you are. But that's exactly what Paul saying to him which has the form of Knology what you have is something that looks like you know a lot of the truth and that all he says listen this is who you are.

This is your attitude the way you approach everything as you think they you done been there done that and have a T-shirt to prove it.

He's going to say Oh hold your horses buddy that's not quite what it looks like. The Jews love to brag about their racial and religious privileges. Paul knows how Jews will respond. You know how he knows how Jews are going to respond because he is one like he knows how Jews going to respond because it still irks him in the same way and he has that always and constantly remind himself of the grace of Christ is what brought him to where he was and not the things that he did. He imagines the Jews did the Jews protesting something like this. Paul you cannot dare treat us like we're one of the Gentiles. How dare you do that. You see we have the advantage of the Hebrew birth but we also have the advantage of the Hebrew Bible. How

dare you think we're one of them. I do not like that guy.

Don't we all tend to struggle with that. You know I think I'm a bad husband until I find a husband that's worse than I am.

And then I'm not a bad husband.

You know I think he goes here's the deal. See what the advantage you have these advantages. We know his will and we know his word.

We have a finer sense of value than these normal Gentile folks out there.

They prided themselves as being able to look on the Gentiles and they used to talk about them as blind people that talk about them as people that were in the dark. They were fools they were babes in the streets and he kept on saying those words here. They thought of themselves as teachers and they had pride and look down on the ignorance of others. They were not near as fortunate as themselves. The alternate rendering of the word foolish. If you would want to get that word foolish in a different way to put it in your modern day vernacular in 2017 the word foolish in this passage literally means stupid. You are able to teach even the stupid people like that's literally what it means. If you look at the definition of that word they look down on their gentile neighbors because of their ignorance or even the simplest principles of things that were so clear to the most illiterate Hebrew and the law of God. It's almost like saying this.

The question you're asking is so easy my five year old can answer it.

That's the way the Jews felt about Gentiles. But see here's the problem with the Jews. They seem to miss the amazing weight that came with these privileges. They seemed to miss the amazing weight that came with these privileges. Verse

21 3:24 the Bible says Thou therefore which teaches and other teaches not thyself.

We don't have any problems with that do we. Do we have any parents in the room. Have you ever had a problem with telling your kids to do stuff and then you're like you know we actually even have quotes that say stuff like this do what I say not what I do that work.

I wish you did because you did not have perfect kids problem. Biggest problem my kids had is they're like me. That's their biggest problem. So he says you want to teach somebody else what you want even teach yourself. You preach that a man shouldn't still get what you do.

You don't steal and you go you still. You say that a man should commit adultery but you commit adultery. You you hate idols but yet you do the exact same thing.

Do you make that a boast your bragging about how big you are because of the law. But you know what. You're breaking the law and you're dishonoring God.

The name of this right here should if you have a Bible please open it to this verse. Pull

out a pin and underline this part for the name of God.

Is Blackfield among the Gentiles thru you we bring that to modern day verbiage.

So you can understand what he's saying. You want to know why the Gentiles blaspheming your God they blaspheme your god because of you.

Ouch. Because a man I'd love to say that's just a Jewish issue.

But how many people blaspheme our God. You know the number one thing you hear why people don't want to go to church because the church is full of help me out see if everybody can do at the same time as the church for love.

How did you know. You know the sad thing about it is it is full of it.

And Paul look to the Jews and he said this ain't nothing new buddy. The people the God that you say you love the blasphemous name and you want to know what makes them blaspheme His name or make some blasphemous name I don't even know where to look.

You give me a mirror if you don't know why they blaspheme God they're blaspheming God because of you.

You have a Christian sign on your little business card to show that you're a Christian but you who do everybody you can over blaspheming God because of you.

You have a fish on the back of your truck but you use that truck to do stuff that is un-Godly they blast Feme your god because of you. What a crazy statement that Paul makes. Not

me. Don't get mad at me sir Paul says not me.

Next. Anyone can become a dad. Honestly it's not that difficult to become a dad. But being a father is a lifetime investment. It's like when do I get rid of the burden for children. And the answer is the day that they say Chris Gardner has passed away it's easy to become a dad. It's easy to become a dad. It's a whole other thing to become a father.

And what they're saying is this you have the law.

But there's a weight that comes of being and having the law and it's time to use that weight and understand that weight because it matters there's a weight that comes of being a father and pulser there's a weight that comes with having all the privileges that you say you have that comes of the weight. The Jews consider them to be God's exclusive favorites what they miss is the whole reality is what. That's

what obligated them to live right. That shouldn't make them live right.

You see they had they had disobeyed the very law that they preached to the Gentiles. They disobeyed the very law that they preached to the Gentiles. And Paul uses this paragraph to make a big contrast.

He says having the law and doing them are two separate things. I used the illustration last week and ventured out to use it again.

But as Jacob go take the garbage down and kids while I'm gone clean the house take the garbage down and I come back in garbage taking down how Saint clean I go What happened.

Dad as soon as you said it we understood the importance of what you said. And we sat around in a circle and we talked about what does it mean to you when Daddy says take the garbage down and Hannah had a different perception on that.

And you know Joshua thought that you might have really meant that there's garbage in our lives that we need to get rid of and that that's that that's were that I would do what you were talking about. When you say clean the house we thought you know what the House is probably representative of our lives and how we need to clean out our lives and make sure that we have the right attitudes and Daddy we sat around and we ask for forgiveness and hugged each other and cried on each other's necks and Tony you know how sorry we were for having a bad attitude with each other that we even put it in a plaque and nailed it to the wall and look over here is this not all some it says take the garbage down I mean up.

Chris Gardner and I even put the date in the time you said it.

And that sold a laughable isn't it.

Pollocks of the Jews and he says that's exactly what you've done.

By the way that's what we do to I'm not we know we've memorized the biblical principles. We know them in 17 different versions of the Bible and we know them in Greek and Hebrew and Aramaic. We can quote them forwards and backwards and in between and we know that they have connections and nobody else has ever seen before. Give you two dollars to go out on a parade and tell you how great you are.

Or maybe it's time to just do what we know we're supposed to do. There's a difference between knowing something and doing something. And Paul tells the Jews you know very well. Question is what are you doing with it. He has three different examples. He talks about stilling talks about adultery talks about robbing temples.

And I can just imagine some Jews sitting there going I've never done that but you'd have to go back to Matthew chapter 5 where Jesus is on the Sermon on the Mount and says listen it's not just about what you do it's about the way that you operate it's about your FIL it's about the way you think it's about the desire to do stuff.

And I can judge that as easily as I can judge the other the Jewish people had a religion of outward action not inward attitude. The Jewish people had a religion of outward action and not inward attitude and that's still a problem in our day and age.

On the outside man they looked the part. Every Sunday they were at their local congregation and they were singing and raising their hand to talk about how great God is how great sway you to these kind of like awesome they love Jesus but they didn't never had it all.

Well they said they believed in still a problem. They

because here's the deal. Religion

emphasizes outward behavior and has these exact same shortfalls.

If you've ever been to church before you know that when you walk into a church they hand you a handbook with 73 things to do. And 70 five things not to do. Have

you ever felt that when you walk into a church you can't do this and you can't do this oh no you can't do that oh you can't listen to this or you can't go here you can't do that you can't do this you can't do that. That's the preachers job is to tell you what you can and can't do. Have any of you ever been to a church like that and you have you ever heard of a church for that. Yes you can do this can't do this can't do this. And the preacher gets to tell you everything about what you can and can't do just the preachers job the bridge job is to be a party and go you can have that attitude you can't look that way you can you get scrubbed. You can't vote for this person you can't do this. That's

the pastor's job almost. Sad but true.

He said about then the same thing that Jesus said about the Pharisees in Matthew Chapter 23 where Paul was saying to them was that the very law that the Jews claim to obey only indicted them.

In other words you're guilty you didn't die did them.

When it comes down to what he's telling them is this they are an oxymoron they're an oxymoron got us out of here so you can say I'd keep an indicted there for a little while because I know most you don't know how to spell indicted. I always you with a C. I checked it three times before I put it on the sheet just because I had a problem here. He says you're an oxymoron.

You know you know God's will. You don't teach yourself. You

say you can guide the blind but you still you're a light in the darkness but you commit adultery you instruct fools but you Rob temples. You teach and mature but you dishonor God.

You're an oxymoron. That's who you are. You're an oxymoron.

Well we must understand is it God judges the entirety of our lives not just the good stuff. Not judges the entirety of our lives. It doesn't matter how many good things we do or believe that we do or the rest of our lives tell another story. The issue of this hypocrisy is that instead of drawing them to God like a beacon it turned them away. Here's what the Jews are supposed to do. The Jews are said to be like a lighthouse and everybody was supposed to look and go man. I want some of that god.

But instead it was like that magnet when the when when they're. And they just push each other apart because literally people that watch the Jews go. I want something with something to do with God but to do with their God.

That's horrible. This hypocrisy is not just bad. That's what we've got to understand it's not just something that's bad. Because here's the deal. God cannot be fooled.

We claim to live righteous lives and even do righteous things but that cannot offset our simple behavior which is also true.

Ignoring our sin is not just wrong. Ignoring our sin is a form of blasphemy ignoring our sin is a form of blasphemy.

Look at the next slide to show you about blasphemy. It's not bad.

It's not just that you can't live up to what you want to live up to.

It is literally blasphemy.

Paul clauses of these verses with some pretty strong words and verse 24 he says for the name of God is blasphemed among the Gentiles. Through

you as it is written those words can you not imagine being a Jew listening to him say that.

It's like telling is like telling a sports fan they'd be fans of your sport team of your team except for you're such a jerk. Nobody ever wanted to be a part of your fan your team except for it's way worse. This is about eternity and this is about God and they go you're turning away because of that.

These stinging words should hurt and it literally shouldn't make the Jews hanging their heads. The potential of what is being said about us should make us hang our heads as well. What a scathing difficult horrific statement is being said he says the God that you say you love and follow is blasphemed.

Because of you what a powerful hurt when you read it kind of statement.

If we claim to be one of God's people our life must reflect what God is like. We do not live up to what we claim to be we dishonor God's name. We discourage other believers we give people a reason to speak evil of God because here's the deal. Genuine

confidence in God. Here's what it yields. Your humility not arrogance genuine confidence in God yields humility and not confidence. But

if you were to look at the Jews they had man they just knew so much they walked around and they were like hey when you say hey to me you don't call me Chris you call me Pastor. God no. That's what you call me like that's the kind of people they were. You don't call me Chris. We're not buddies we're not pals. I'm your pastor. You better remember that I'm your passion on. That's what happens in a lot of religious places and what happens here. He says Listen. Genuine

confidence in God and never yields arrogance yields humility yields humility. The world is sickened by false spirituality but I'll gladly respond to the example of simple genuine faith in Christ.

This pride can so easily invade the reality of our church and our life as well. The problem was that its meaning had been disregarded it was me it was as meaningless as a wedding band on the finger of an adulterer.

Would it not even make you mad for your spouse to still be wearing your ring when you know what he's doing behind your back. Would that not be like irritating to your seat on it. And that's exactly what had happened with the Jews.

You say all about God but you've done nothing but go against the God you say you believe in. Because you have to understand even today moralism is the biggest religion in our world.

It's the religion that those that compare themselves to others. Who knows that they are more decent than others. As as a missionary in Peru I used to hate living in Peru for one reason because no matter how overweight you are you're extremely fat. In

Peru I loved flying into America because I felt fat until I landed in America.

And then all of a sudden I'm like No these are my people. Thank you Jesus this is awesome. Like. The fat people in Peru they look like Seth Austin. It's sickening. You know I don't feel so fat when I'm around people that are a little bit and you know your gift to deny them you know.

And here's where he says he says you know what you like comparing yourselves. We're close at this point with this idea. Faith does not express itself in action. It's counterfeit.

You know how you can know whether or not you're making people blaspheme God because of your mouth because of your actions and because of the way you act. Here's the way you can know it. You can know it because you know a lot but you do absolutely nothing with what you know.

Welcome to the club of those that teach people to blaspheme God and just know you're the reason they blaspheme God.

I'm the reason that they blaspheme God.

Number two I'm telling you guys I'm waiting to get a Romans 3:23 next week I finish all the way through verse 20. We're going to smaller pieces at that point because then it's about righteousness and it's about forgiveness and all that. These first chapters are scathing difficult passages as they're talking about us. Number

two is the false security.

If anybody had religion it was the Jews OK for circumcision barely profited if thou keep the law. But at the hour be a breaker of the law that circumcision is made over its uncircumcision. He says you know what it's not that big of a deal to be circumcised if you're breaking the law. Therefore if uncircumcision the righteousness of the law. Thou shalt not the uncircumcision be counted for circumcision. He says here's the deal. If somebody's just obeying me it means more way more than circumcision does and it shall not uncircumcision which is by nature if it fulfilled the law. Judge The Who by the letter uncircumcision death. Transgress the law. If anyone says religion it was the Jews they bragged about being circumcised.

They had a ritual without redemption.

They had a ritual without redemption. They had works without worship. They had a form of service but without the fear of God what good is a physical right.

If there is no obedience to God's Word. Let me show you how beautiful my ring is. Justin is not awesome. You know I don't really I don't really stay faithful to my life but I have an awesome waiting room.

That's what the Jews are doing. Like nobody would ever do that. Well the Jews are doing it. Well Pauline it says that then Arcand circumcise gentile that obeys his word is better off than a Jew who wouldn't obey. And then he drops the bomb he says here's the deal I'm going to it Gentiles judge the Jews.

No but don't do that threw them for a loop like they couldn't even understand. Christians face the same kind of battle today with maintaining the outward respectable facade of attending church reading the Bible doing charitable works in the community. Here's what you've got to understand.

Doing these good things can be sin.

Doing these things can be wrong because here's the deal.

Much of Christianity today is representative of a treadmill. You know what a treadmill is that you've got all your clothes hanging on to the house.

You know that it is. It's funny because some of the guys started laughing they're like No I'm not laughing at that one that's going to get me in trouble. Answer is they do. Who recruit religion Christianity. A lot of it is nothing but a treadmill every day determined Christians climb onto the religious demands of their leaders and they start running. Ultimately religious leaders need to do this. There's not need to do this and this and that they just start running. God never intended for us to keep the law and obey him so that we can look respectable to people that was never what he did that was never the intentions of it.

That was never at all what he wanted. Instead he wants our hearts to change and for that change to be seen through our behavior. We can say no to myself time and time. No don't do this no don't do this no don't do this and what you won't find out is you can never obey the yesses or the nose. It's a treadmill. You know the one horrible thing about a treadmill is you run five miles and don't move an inch.

Or you walk a half a mile more like me and you still don't move an inch.

He wants our hearts to change him for that change. We seem to our behaviors not the our behavior that counts is the inward change that many selves manifests itself and the outward change but this is always the story of religion. The story of religion is this.

All pain no gain.

It's all pain no gain. The saddest part about this reality is that it places the focus on what we can do. It places the focus on what we can do. Circumcision is something that can be accomplished by man.

I can do better. I can follow more. I can read more. I can not go to that. I can do more of this. I don't have to do this. I don't have to do that. We have this long long list. And here's the deal. Truly this is Christianity without Christ and that's not Christianity.

Because the focus is never on what we can do.

Because I'm never going to be good enough focus just on him and what he does. Our focus must always be on what Christ alone can do. No amount of running on the religious treadmill will separate you from your sin nor will it bring us any closer to our God. Anything less is phoney dishonors God and leads unbelievers to blaspheme Him.

Paul's taking us down a path because he wants as much as he can for us to understand that we need the message of the Gospel.

If you're going through the book of Romans you know you need the gospel.

There's no way for any of it to happen outside of the grace of Almighty God.

You're never going to be good enough. Many of us audience and not have seen a need for the gospel because they are currently happy and confident in where they were. He hadn't done yet. He's even one de-construct more. He states without a doubt there's a difference between knowing and doing. Let's be careful that we don't just know but we truly do. We need to do. Here's give you a lot of knowing versus doing and you got it in your paper as well.

Here's what we do with the the law we tend to know what we're trying to do but guess what we do we just obey. But when we give our hearts to Christ and we have our hearts given to him. I don't sit at home thinking that I wish I could cheat on my wife.

You know why.

Because I love her like I really she.

She's my favorite person in this whole room. She's my favorite person in this whole world. I

don't sit around thinking I don't sit around thinking oh well you know what it would be really nice if I could. Because here's the deal when God gets your heart your actions follow. You say I love Jesus and I'll answer you that you can decide whether you love Jesus or not by doing this. Look at your time and see how it's invested in Jesus.

No you're a liar.

If your time is not invested in Jesus. No I do love Jesus. No you don't.

When I say I love something I will know it because I can look at my time and see it is getting on even thinner waters here. When you spend more at McDonald's every month then you do give to the church. Allah. Be careful because you what happens with your heart. There's there's this there's this nerve. They go straight from your heart but your wallet there's this nerve that goes straight from your heart to your watch. There's

this nerve that goes straight from your heart to the way you act around people that are around you. You know you it's funny because we don't remember when you were dating I was 18 and 19 years old on that Ondrea And I'm telling you what I may not eat but at Vajra teddybear like literally there's like oh this is our sixth month and it you know back then when you celebrated month anniversaries you remember that we're in 21 years now.

So it's like we don't even do this whole month thing anymore. I told Seth on the greatest days in the world is when all your kids are above the age of three because nobody cares how many months they are. It's like Hell no. 3 you get away with that at that point but then there's oh he's 14 months 13 days you know this is a it's a weird way that we do stuff.

But he you know what when I was dating my wife man I tell you what I was hungry. I wanted to eat but I had. It's our month the bursary. So we got to go get a month. The first three present and I promise you I would look in the weirdest places. I'm trying my hands are all in my car and you know the nasty but it was like maybe I can find enough to get her something because she never told me I had to.

My wife has never once said you need to do this but see what happens when your heart's there.

So it just seems to follow. And the problem with much of our Christianity we've been what we've walked into the church and they've given us a list of do's and don'ts and we don't understand why we hate our life and I would just tell you there's a lot of do's and don'ts you do when we give your heart to Christ.

But it comes from truly loving him know where was run I won't go to number three I think we're done for. We'll stop at number today but anything less is phony. In it you blaspheme God Paul is taking us down the path because he wants us to understand our need. He states with out it out there's no difference. There's a big difference between knowing and doing. Here's the deal. And we'll stop with filling this one in and I'll print for next week. The

last part of this one it's a very dangerous possibility to trusting Christianity rather than Christ. It's a very dangerous possibility to trust in Christianity. More than we trust in Christ because that's exactly what the Jews have done. They trusted Christianity. And when I say this can I just beg you to understand something. I understand this when you give your heart to him.

Everything else follows. You can sit at home all day long yelling at each other yelling at yourself saying I've got to stop this I got to do this I've got to stop this I got to do this I got to stop this guy to do this. Surgey came over here from ministry training in another place and he's like Man I want to talk about Bible. He wanted to get to the depths of the Bible and I said Now I don't want to but man you're crazy literally crazy. I said here's what I want surgey. I said you don't love Jesus if I can teach you to love Jesus everything else will fall into place. The most beautiful thing in the world that's happened over the last six months from working with surgery and spending time with them as I've watched him fall in love with Jesus. And when you fall in love with Jesus everything else just seems to kind of arrange itself and you're sitting at home one this do this don't do this I can do this I can do this and please understand fall in love with.

If you don't know and today's the day to know and today's the day to give your life to Christ follow him with all that you have your heart I thank you for your work.

I ask you to know that you would help us to truly live a life that follows you. Help us your Lord as we give ourselves to you that we might fall fall seriously and truly in love with you.

We might give everything that we have on the altar of our praise. Might there be no higher than you if I thank you that you have saved. I thank you that no matter how wicked I was that you gave your life for me and I beg you that you might help me to live in a way that reflects the love of you and me. Use my brain.

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