Adopted and Free

Chris Gardner

February 11, 2018

Chapter eight now, and I'm excited to dive into this passage today. I'm Romans chapter eight from verse 12 or 17. If you don't have a handout, raise your hand that Jacob's got one there for ya. Got Quiet a few this morning. Romans Chapter Eight, and uh, we're going to find this morning is an amazing passage and I don't know how many times I can repeat that about Romans eight. Romans eight. Most people call it the great eight because it's just an amazing chapter of the Bible. So if you feel like are going slow through it, I'm glad because if there's any passage of the Bible you want to go slow through. It's Romans chapter eight. So Romans Chapter Eight, we're going to see today is this. We're going to understand is this, we are children of God and because we're children of God, our life is different.

If you're a child of God, your life is different. Now we could stop that there and have a major misunderstanding because when we say our life is different, it's almost like going to work. When you work at chick-filet, you can't say you're welcome. I'll know if Yada, Yada, Yada. I mean, you probably can say you're welcome, but if you ever go, you're gonna think that you're not even allowed to say the words. You're welcome. You have to say, help me out. My pleasure. And so now my kids get a kick out of going to chick filet and literally counting how many my pleasures that can get before they get out. So they'll say something on purpose and they're just sitting there to go one, two, three. And they'll walk around, they'll go, I got 17 of them today. And so you, it's part of who chick-filet is.

You're supposed to say, my pleasure. If chick-filet that's what you say. And if you talk to down the phone, you'll find that it actually bleeds into the normal life as well. My pleasure. Just something that always says if you're working at chick filet and that's cool. These are like protocols to work at places and so you can, you know, that over here, Ryan, to talk to Apple Geek speak and uh, and so, so it's just part of who we are. We have a way that we act when we're at work and if we're not careful with the first part of that sentence with what I said will totally misunderstand what the about what we are, children of God and because of that our life is different, but when I say that, if you're not careful, you will walk away thinking that this is like your job at my job.

I'm supposed to do this well now as a Christian I'm supposed to do and it's this list of 75 things that you can do and air that you should do in 750 things that you can't do. Our life is different, but our life is different. Not because of a list of rules, but look at the the. There'll not be on your paper, not only as our life different, but our mindset is different. Our mindset is different. The way we see stuff is different. The way we see stuff is different. You say, Chris, how in the world can you see stuff different? If it's all the same reality, all you have to do is watch a football game to know what that's like because if you watch a football game and you're a Georgia fan, you're going to say that Alabama got away with stuff they weren't supposed to get away with, and if you're an Alabama fan, you're going to say, suck it up.

The always mess up. They mess up on our side too. We see things differently. We have different mindsets, whoever we are dictate to her mindset, and so what we're going to talk about today is this, we are God's children, but being God's children makes not only our lives be different, but our mindset be different. We look through glasses, we looked through things differently. We are not looking at things like everybody else wanted me to go, no, no. I am a follower of Christ. It's a follower of Christ. I see things through the Lens of the Gospel and that's what we're going to talk about in Romans Chapter Eight. Everything about us is different than the rest of the world. The truth that we see over all over this chapter, is it true that the Holy Spirit lives in us? We've been talking about since that since the beginning of Romans chapter eight, the beginning of Romans eight, the Holy Spirit lives in us. Our life is different. Now, Romans chapter eight here is still entering the question that Paul asked, enrollment [inaudible]. Romans six, verse one, here's what the Bible says. Romans chapter six and verse one, the Bible says, what shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin? That Grace May abound,

and so Romans Chapter Eight is going to answer that question. What shall we say then? If we know we're going to be forgiven, why not just do it anyway? And Paul goes on enrollment and say, God forbid, how shall we either a dead to sin live in the longer they're in, but he's answering Romans chapter six still all the way through. Romans chapter eight in verse 12 through 17. The answer is absolutely not. Romans six, verse one, what shall we say? Then, what are we going to say? Are we just going to continue sending? Because grace is going to forgive us anyway. That's literally what that verse says. Are we going to continue doing wrong because we know that we're going to do whatever we want to do and God's going to forgive us. And then verse two says, God forbid, every Emoji in the world to make those words stand out. He goes, no way would we ever, ever, ever continue to sin just because we'd be forgiven. If you have, if any of you guys have a dog, you know, it's amazing what you can do to a dog. And the dog still come back to you.

You know, th, there's a great book out there called the cat and dog theology. And it basically states this, there are people that serve God as dogs and their people that started out as cat's the cat, looks at life like this in case you're wondering, I'm not a cat lover. Um, now I think cat is awesome and it goes well with Rice. I mean, so I'm just kidding. I'm just kidding. So, so I'm not a cat lover. I'm not a cat lover. I'm not a cat hater about have eaten cat before so it can talk to y'all. You basically states it says, the cat says, you feed me, you love me, you take care of me. I'm must be God.


The dog says, feed me. You love me. You take care of me. You must be God. The cat's like, you're here to serve. I'm here to serve you. I love dogs. I don't like that too much, but the difference is she the question is this just because a dog would forgive you? Then they say, I saw in that book and it's like if you were to put a dog in the trunk and leave him in the trunk for two days and then open it, the document was, hey, you're here. Good to see you. I suffered. I didn't enjoy it at all. But then the question is this, would you do that? Just because you know the doll would forgive you for that?

Absolutely not. What kind of a person would do that? And we simplify it. Speaking of our pets, and the sad thing is we understand our pets so much better than we understand our God because Paul asked the exact same question. He says, what are we going to do? Are we just going to continue sinning because we know that our God will forgive us? He said, oh, no, absolutely not. Absolutely not. An enrollment seven and eight, explain how this truth is played out in our day to day life. Many people call Romans chapter eight. The Grade Eight is a chapter that towers in this letter that was written to the Roman church and this chapter, we start to mine the truths of God's word. We start to mine the truths of God's word here, Roman chapter. It's amazing. The way we approach the scriptures really dictates a lot of what we get out of it. The way we approach the scriptures dictates a lot of what we get out of it and what I mean by that, many people in many churches specializing, raking over scriptures,

but there's a big difference in raking in mining. You know what you get when your rake leaves. You know what you get when your mind, it's a whole different gamut of things you can get when you mine and here's what we're gonna find. They're one of the many people meet your. Just specialize in raking over the scriptures. There needed to continue to rate because it's a job that's required all the time. They go to scriptures and open a document or sit down with a blank piece of paper to figure out what they want to say and to say, without asking me any questions about what God says in the passage, then I'm going to go to the scriptures and did you say, Chris, how do I choose a church? Your church can? Can I tell you that the way that people choose church is like choosing a gym because all the fat people go there in case you're wondering, that's probably not the best way to choose a gym. It's like going to the doctor and finding out how much it costs for him to do that specialized brain surgery on you and then comparing costs and going, well, it's cheaper to do it down the road at this other place. He doesn't have a college degree cheaper. That's the way most people

choose churches. The number one thing you need to find in a church. This church has to preach what God says, not what the guy says

because everybody has opinions, but the scriptures are true and we've gotten to say not what we want to say. Most people starting to preach like this. They go, here's a piece of paper. You know what? I've heard Pam's been talking bad about Vicky behind her back. This is an illustration by the way, I'm not. I'm not telling Vicky, what are you said about her? This is not me telling you how loudly. That's not me doing that at all. I've heard that. Vicky, I, I've heard that pam was talking about about [inaudible]. I've heard that. Vicky's talking about it, about Debbie and I've heard that Debbie's talking about about Michelle, because I'm going to talk today about the bar, about what the Bible Says About Gossiping, and I sent him, I said, don't gossip because the Bible says don't gossip and that's cool, but that's not at all what the scriptures were intended for the scriptures. God has a message in the scriptures, in my job is not to come up with my message. My job is to say, let me preach the message that God speaks in his word, that the first thing you've got to look for in a church, the first thing you got on the furniture it is, is the person preaching the scripture is not his own opinion. The problem of the raking leaves only get leaves.

They go to the scripts there, open the document to sit down with a blank piece of paper to figure out what they want to say, and instead of asking, they never even asked, what was God saying here through the Apostle Paul? This is a dangerous scriptures. You know why? Because the scripture is going to ask answer questions that was never meant to answer and you don't love this and the scriptures are going to answer questions it was never meant to answer, and by the way, all you have to do is hang around long enough to see this crazy pattern happening. For example, genesis chapter 13, verse nine, the Bible says, it is not, is not the whole land before thee separate ourselves. I pray thee from me for if that will take the left hand and I will go to the right or if thou depart to the right hand and I will go to the left. Jesus. 13 chapter, chapter 13, verse nine is not teaching. You can go places with your friends. Here's what's happening. Every time they go, hey, you're going to go over here and I'm going to go over here, and because of the land, here's what it is, and people will approach and go, see, here's what the Bible teaches you. You can follow God together. You've got to do it on your own.

What did you get that from there, but, but that's what happens with the scriptures is Ephesians four, 26 doesn't teach us eat to be angry. OK, here's what the Bible says, be ye angry, comma, and you could just stop there. That just became the favorite verse verses some people in this room here be angry. Oh, I love it. Be Anxious. Even the Bible says that I'm supposed to be angry, but I wouldn't say you're supposed to be angry. You don't dissect the Bible to approve your lifestyle. That's not what we do is just be angry and sin not let not the sun go down upon your wrath. While these examples are comical at best, we've got to understand that studying the scriptures matters. We must stop raking the scripts for truth and we must start mining the scriptures to understand what God is saying to his people in Rome, as well as what he's saying to his people and Atlanta, I hope and pray that the approach of River Church has an approach of loving the scriptures. I don't. I've been in thousands of churches across America and preached in thousands of churches across America and cannot tell you that the pastors are worshiped,

they are worshiped, and most of the churches around America, I don't want that to be our church. There's one and one alone that deserves worship. His name is Jesus. We take the word and we take it seriously. Would their approach their river trips and for loving the scriptures in mining the scriptures to see how they apply to our daily walk with Christ. Let's take God's word seriously. Let's get started today. Looking at the truth of what the spirit of God does in our lives, but here's. Here's what I want you to do though, is you sit there and listen. I want you to look at the Bible and say, is that really what the Bible says in questioning? See if I'm telling you the truth or not. That's your job. Your job is not a passive listener. You're job is to listen and and go. Is that really what the scripture is saying? Romans Chapter Eight, verse 11 is where we're going to start today. We find the number one his dwelling. We find his dwelling.


I'm at 66 now, so I'm doing great. Now. Romans Chapter Eight, verse 11. The Bible has been at the spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you. He that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies by his spirit that dwells in you. He says this, the spirit of God that has raised Jesus from the dead and he dwells in you as well. The Bible says He. What does he do? He dwells. What is the word? Dwelling. He lives there. The Holy Spirit lives in us. What an amazing truth we find in this passage what an amazing truth we find in this passage, the same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead dwells in us.

He lives in us. What an amazing truth. That's a pretty powerful statement that Paul makes here. words under God's inspiration. He lives in us and he abides with us. This should only change everything about the way I approach my life. This should change everything about the way that I approach my life. He lives inside of he dwells in me. I can no longer live for myself. I'm no longer an egotistical liver. I don't live thinking what would make me happy. My life has been changed. I can no longer live for myself because now he lives in me a good marriage. A good marriage is a compromise between two individuals because guess what? Before I got married, I lived however I wanted to live, and now I'm married and I live. However she wants me to. I mean I'm. I love it. It's a combined life.

It's not as a compromise of me saying, hey, Andrea, I don't live the life I want to live now in the person that lives their life the way they want to live their life. Now, guess what? That's what you call a marriage heading towards a brick wall and the brick wall winds. There's no way. It's a compromise that me saying, no, I do not live the way I want to live anymore. OK? Th this. Let me just confess my, my desires here to you. I love motorcycles, like love motorcycles, and I've got plenty of scars to prove it. OK? I live in Peru. I would jump on a [inaudible] motorcycle and buzz around town. I would jump stuff. I would go through stuff you were never supposed to go through a love. Love, love me. A motorcycle. There's one problem. My wife hates motorcycles. I'm talking about hate motorcycles.

So she even asked. She's like, so did that motorcycle come on a special that they sell the casket with it? Like my, my, my wife hates motorcycles. Guests, I guess. How many motorcycles? Island now? Zero. You know why? Because it's. I don't live on my own anymore. I don't do what I want to do anymore. We live together and I'm happy and I'm excited about being married and I'm excited about life. But here's what happens is as a Christian, you now have the Holy Spirit living inside of you. You're not the same. You are a new creation. He lives in us. He abides with us. And this. How much of my life changed on June the seventh of 1996 when I married Andrea faith plant. Is that not funny? Her last name was planting. She married Gardner. He might just, just saying, you know, a plant doesn't amount to much unless there's a gardener tending to it.

That's all I can say, something, um, the, the, the, the um, and I'm sleeping in the dog house tonight, or the cat house. That'd be worth you coming here. Here's the deal. How much of my life has changed since I got married? How much, how much of my life has changed since I got married? Only about a hundred percent. Everything is different today. And here's what we don't understand as Christians, we come to church on Sundays and we call that our duty and we leave a. sure. I believe you ought to be in church. I believe you gotta be faithful to church. I believe you to be here whenever you can be here. I believe you ought to be here, but can I just tell you something? The saddest part about it is we opened the door, we turn on our Christian and we walk out. We turned off our Christianity and we all of a sudden become the same guy that we were before we knew Christ. That's not possible because the holy spirit and is now living inside of me that impacts my Monday and Tuesday and it only impacts every day that ends in the word day, Monday, Tuesday, all the way through it, and I said that somebody, oh, I'm going to do it. Yeah, all of them. It impacts everything about who I am. I can no longer live for myself because now he lives in me. The idea that Jesus lives in me is not some nursery rhyme that we teach kids.

It's sad because as kids we understand it and then we become adults. When we put our rational mind. When you're going, oh my gosh, there's no, no, Jesus lives in me. He lives in those that have placed his faith in him through the Holy Spirit. Jesus actually said it was more convenient for him to leave us with the Holy Spirit than it was for him to stay. One of my favorite verses, I used to teach a class on the study of the Holy Spirit. It's pneumatology study, just assault that taught this class on pneumatology and and, and my favorite verse was John Chapter 16 and Verse Seven, and why? Because here's the reason why, because people would always say, man, can you imagine what would have been like to be walking with Jesus and to be talking with Jesus? Well, according to the book of John, do you have something better than that? John Chapter 16 and Verse Seven. Look what the Bible says. John Chapter 16, verse seven. Nevertheless, I tell you the truth is expedient. That word expedient, convenient, better off for you. That I go away. Jesus talking is that, you know what is better off for you if I leave

now, can you imagine this? He saying this to the disciples who have hung with him for three years until the disciples for these three years, I've had not had one single original idea about where they were going. Then wake up in the morning and you'd say, Hey, so where are we going to? You're saying Peter looks at John and he goes, Hey John, where are we going today? And they go on where we always go, where's that would Jesus, no matter where we're going with Jesus, what are we eating today? Jesus. He is the center of everything about them and all of a sudden he rocks their role because he looks at him and he says, listen, it's better off for you if I leave. What is better off for you if I leave? Because my don't go away. The company's not going to come to you, but if I leave, I'm going to send the comforter to you. The Holy Spirit living inside of us is better than Jesus. Sitting at the lunch table with you,

he says, it's convenient. This is the best thing that you can have. Two pretty strong burst with pretty strong implications is the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit. Now, according to Romans chapter eight, lives inside of those that have trusted in Christ Jesus. What a gigantic statement. What a game changer for our daily walk. You can ask what would Jesus do? But the truth of the matter is you have the Holy Spirit living inside of you and you can ask him exactly what you should do because of that, the spirit in us and that changes things is. Look at Romans Chapter Eight, verse 12, to see how it changes things. You have to understand the holy spirit living inside of us. Changing things are life is different, and in most churches you find two churches, people that don't talk at all about the Holy Spirit are people that talk only about the Holy Spirit. And those people are like you.

The people that talk about the Holy Spirit all the time, you're going to find the, the Holy Spirit doing a lot of stuff that didn't do holy and then two spirit at all. But then they talk about the Holy Spirit all the time that Obama talks about the Holy Spirit. We talk about the Holy Spirit and here's what the Bible says about the Holy Spirit. He lives inside of me. My life is different because he lives inside of me. He has come into my life way more than Andrea. Gardner has way more than my children have way more than anything else in my life. The Holy Spirit lives inside of me and that changes everything. I wish you could solidify that idea in you. If you have trusted in Christ, the Holy Spirit lives dwells inside of you. Once you know that truth, it changes everything. The second thing we see is my debt. Look at Romans Chapter Eight, verse 12 and verse 13. Romans Chapter Eight, verse 12 and verse 13, the very first word of verse 12, help me out. What's the very first word were therefore, what's it saying? Therefore for incense, the Holy Spirit lives inside of you. Therefore, because of that, since the Holy Spirit lives inside of you, without the Holy Spirit living inside of you, you could just kill that whole verse, but since the Holy Spirit lives inside of you, therefore, brethren, we are out. We are debtors.

We don't like talking about the national debt, but there's another debt that we definitely don't like talking about. The Bible says, we are debtors. We are debtors not to the flesh, to live after the flesh. We don't owe the flesh anything. We don't own what we want to do at verse 13. Therefore, brothers, we are debtors not to the flesh, to live after the flesh. Verse 13, verse 13 says, for V, for if we live, if you live after the flesh, you shall die. How many people are going to die? Everyone, you're going to live after the flesh. You're going to die just everybody else does, but if you, if you through the spirit, do mortify the deeds of the body, you shall live. Let me say this. The funny thing about the way we view Christianity is review it as a peaceful thing. This Christianity thing, that word mortify doesn't mean what you think.

The word modify means that more mortify means kill it, destroy it, kill it, get rid of it. Mortify the deeds of the body. Our job as Christians is a job of engagement, not disengagement. See, here's the sad thing about the way we view Christianity. You come into church on Sunday, you'll listen to a guy I talked to you about the Bible. You're like, hey, that was cool with the Bible said loud. Let's go eat and have a good day and have a good week. We'll come back next week and let them talk to us again. No, that's not where it stops. It is a I. It is a actual engagement with you saying me went through the power of the Holy Spirit and my job is to kill the deeds of the flesh.

Didn't even think about it when I put up there today, but if you go check out my facebook posts out from today, I took a picture of Robbie as he's looking with Keegan over baseball, fits into sitting there talking and I put it would have scared me to death one day that Keegan might follows daddy's footsteps, but watching what the Gospel does with somebody, it's amazing to see and I'm excited about what it's going to happen with Keegan now and then a little inside joke with Robbie because I said this is now his new home away from home. This is the church has now become his new home away from home. This is what happens. There's a mortification. Robbie is not who we used to be. Is that a fair statement? Rami, you told me, he told me today. He goes, you know what I?

He says, I never thought I would say the things that I'm seeing today, his life is changed, is being changed because he's more unifying the deeds of the flesh and that's the job of all of us is we're not supposed to be the same anymore. We are different now. Our lives have been changed in our lives. I'm not only been changed, but our lives are continually changing. We are different today. Pay Attention. He says, these verses are not for everyone. She says, therefore, because of all that I've previously stated, he said, since everything that's I said before, reading this passage is for those that are believers in Christ to grab a hold of and think they own it because you do own what these scriptures say because of these trues about the Holy Spirit. All of us who are believers, if you're a believer, you're also a debtor. If you're a believer, you're also a debtor. The truth is that we all live like debtors anyway, so how's this different? Here's what I need you to understand about debt. Debt is an obligation, is it not? That is an obligation. Can I you that when you owe stuff, they don't expect you to conveniently pay when you feel like it. Have y'all ever dealt with that before? They uh, well know it's a debt. You know what that is? It's an obligation. If you don't pay the debt that you have, they'll take your stuff away. It's Kinda crazy. You know why? Because that's an obligation. That is not a suggestion. We are as Christians debtors, you've got to understand that we as Christians are debtors. We live like debtors and that way that we think we deserve anything we want. We live as in America. We live as if we were in debt to ourselves

in America. We live as if we were in debt to ourselves. Why did you do that? Because I'm wanting to. Why did you not do that? Because I didn't want to. Why did you get that? Because I wanted it. Could you afford it? Nope. Nope. I ask that question. We don't even think about that. We think we're dentists to ourselves, so we all live like debtors, but we live like debtors to the wrong person. We're not debtors to our desires were not debtors to what we want. We are debtors because we are saying we are debtors. We live as if we're in debt to ourselves. The result of this is that we become consumers. We've become consumers. We're always looking out for number one. We live like debtors in thinking that when we respond to people in a way that's hurtful to them, that they had that coming to them anyway.

We look at church as if the church is supposed to make me feel good, we call it the way he even read our bibles is what the Bible says to make me feel good or debtors. We live like dentist to ourselves, our desires and our willms. Paul says, we're debtors but not to the flesh to live after the flesh. He says, sure, you're a debtor, and everybody goes, well, of course I'm a dinner, but he goes, Whoa, stop. You're not just a debtor. You're dead or not to. You think you are. We W, we even hear it in our vernacular every day. Well, just because you know, you kind of owe it to yourself.

Have you not heard that kind of stuff were you owe it to yourself to take good care of yourself and to make sure that you're happy and you're in your happy place and you know, take care of number one, you'll even hear you. I hear you. When you watch TV. Reality shows are the worst because there is scripted as anything out there, but reality shows or the funniest thing ever because you'll hear him, oh well, you know you have to make yourself happy before you can make other people happy and where they're teaching is this idea of it's all about me. We all, we live with ourselves. Paul says, are debtors, but we're not dead. They're just like everybody else's. The debtor. We're not going to live like everybody else's. Everybody else lives. We are. We are not debtors to the one that we currently serve. We must make sure that we know who we are in debt too. We must make sure that we know who we are in debt to. Did you know that if I owe chase, uh, chase bank money, if I send that money to the Bank of America, it does no good for my debt. You can actually get in trouble doing that. Well, I paid my bill every month. So really what you wrote it out to the wrong bank. You didn't really pay the bill wrote down to the wrong bank. Well, well but, but, but they, the cash Malka, it doesn't matter to cash your check. You sent to the wrong person.

And can I just tell you that in our church and in our lives or writing out checks to the wrong person and then asking while we're not living a life that brings honoring Laurie to God, he says we're not dead to the flesh to live after. This is what makes our lifestyle. This is what makes us live the way we do. We live after a moral code, our way to live our lives. What are you living after? Are you living after the flesh? Are you writing your checks to the flesh? And then expecting to live after the spirit are you? He says, if we live after the flesh, we will die. But if we live mortifying the things of the body, then you're going to live he. So here's the deal. You can live if you kill the things of the flesh. If you kill the things of the flesh, there's a call and you're on this path to be who you are.

OK? Now please write this down. There's a, there's A. There's a call here in this passage on your paper to be who you are. You have to be who you are. Now, what does that matter what? Let me let me explain this. We are not what we do. We are who we are. We have to be who we are, who are we? We are children of Christ and we are supposed to reflect in our inner being who we are. We have the Holy Spirit living within us, so that's live as if that is true through his power. This is something that can never be accomplished. Relying on ourselves, our own strength. We cannot do that. And our own strength, our obligation is to the Holy Spirit, not to the flesh. Where are you writing your text too? That is to the Holy Spirit, not ourselves. It was the spirit who convicted us and showed us our need for the savior. It was the spirit that imparted saving faith that was the spirit that implanted a new nature inside of us. It's a spirit that witnesses daily, that we are children of God. What a great debt we owe to the Holy Spirit.

And the problem is that America is full of spiritually bankrupt. People who have never paid that debt one single time. Sadly, our churches are full of the exact same thing. Christ loved us so much that he died for us. The spirit loves us so much that he lives in us. I hope you got that. Jesus loved us so much that he died for us and we want to talk about that all the time and we need to talk about that all the time, but it goes even farther because the holy spirit loves us so much that not that he did, he only die for us, but he now lives in us. He did not pay my debt once he everyday walks with me. Can you imagine that? He walks with you daily. He deals with our carnality, with our selfishness daily. He's grieved by our sin, but he loves us and remains in us as the will of God.

Second Corinthians Chapter One, verse 22 says, who has also Silva thing, given the earnest of the spirit in our hearts, what an amazing promise we find. We do not have to worry about this sill being broken. We are not strong enough to do that. No matter how strong we think we are, the Holy Spirit has changed our lives. The Holy Spirit has made a difference and who we are today, we are debtors. The question is, what are you going to do with that debt? Hey, here's the question I'll ask you today. What did you do to pay that debt last Monday? Did you live in a way that showed that you were paying that debt back? What about Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday? Is Your life different now? Because the holy spirit is living inside of you? If it's not, it's time to start paying that debt back by modifying the members of when you say, I'm not going to live the way that a person that doesn't know Christ would live, you know, it's funny to me. There's no matter who you are. If you step outside of your situation, you can see the problem. If you step outside of it. I love doing this. When I'm counseling people, I sit down with him. I'm trying to get them to talk and if I can get up to the top for a little while and then I'll ask them this question, so don't ever counsel with me because you probably won't like it. Here's the question I like to ask you, so if you're counseling a person that was dealing with your situation right now, what would you tell them? And it's funny because if you can get them to answer it, they're only right a hundred percent of the time.

They know exactly what needs to be done is not a might not. How should I say? So if you were dealing with this, how do you think you would explain to somebody that they need to. What do they need to change to make things run? They'll go, well, you know, if I were saying it before, so it's a little bit different in my situation, but if I saw this, but I would say he is one, two, three. I'm like, well, you know what? You sound like the best counselor in the world. Let's write that stuff down. That's some great stuff. Why don't you take this home and work on that mortify the members of your flesh. We are debtors. Let's live as if we were the debtors that we truly are. Let's live in the joy of the Holy Spirit knowing that he and I will accomplish what we can accomplish as we follow Christ. I thank you for your word. I think.

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