Adopted and Free 2

Chris Gardner

February 18, 2018

Romans chapter eight, I mean, what an amazing passage of the scripture that we get to study. I, I love our approach to the Bible here. I love the. I love that. We go to the Bible and we say, what's the next thing God says to us, because a lot of churches sit down on the passenger, sit in a room and they'd go, what kind of problems are we dealing with in the church and how can we really tell Vicki what she needs to hear? I don't use names normally, but they'll usually spiritualized the whole lot and be like, what do the people of our church? And they don't say the name, they don't say nothing or say the name Bret or John or, or Justin or. But, but the truth of the matter is, it comes down to that I love the way we do scriptures.

We just go and talk about the next passage and what we're dealing with because God has a message for his church. And last time I checked, he knows what this church needs way more than any pastor, especially way more than me. And so, uh, we're going to go to Romans chapter eight this morning and it's been fun so far and today I don't think it will be an exception to that rule. Romans Chapter Eight, this Pi, this, uh, we started last week and we talked about his dwelling in Romans 8:11, how he lives inside of us. And then we talked about my debt. He says in verse 12, Hey, remember one thing, you are a debtor, you are a debtor. Your debt is not paid. You are a debtor. So now let's go to Romans. Chapter Eight will read 11 through four through 13 to start.

The Bible says, but if the spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you, he that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies by his spirit that dwells in you. Therefore, brethren, we are debtors not to the flesh, to live after the flesh, for if you live after the flesh, you're going to die, but you lived through the spirit. Do mortify the deeds of the body. You shall, Ye shall live. So we get up to verse 13 there, today is going to be fun. Today's going to be very practical, and today it's just going to be very interesting. I believe when we go over the next verse of scripture. The third thing we see here today is our delight. Our delight is there is so much to delight in. In Romans Chapter Eight, there is so much of the line, and remember Romans Chapter Seven, we felt this heavy, heavy burden, almost like am I ever going to be able to get out from underneath this burden?

And Romans one through seven, you're sitting there going, man, the reality of sin, the reality of man and how lost we are without Christ. And you're sitting there, Romans one through seven and you deal with that. And enrollments, Chapter Eight, there is now therefore no condemnation. And it is an amazing journey that are Romans chapter eight. So we get to Romans chapter eight and we're talk. There's so much we can delight in, like, who couldn't delight in the fact that there's no condemnation. You're just weird. If you can delight in the fact that there's no condemnation. Um, we, my dad was driving just the other day and was driving through a turning lane to get farther ahead because he had to be at church for a meeting and he got pulled over by the cops and they said, sir, do you know how he pulled you over?

My Dad looked at him. He laughed and said, Yep, I know exactly why you pulled me over. And he said, well good. He said, why don't I put you over? My Dad told him, he says, you got a license registration place. So my dad license, registration, the cops are taking all of his information down and of course she's going to be late to this meeting, which my dad hates being late to any meeting. I don't know where I got it, but evidently I got something from him when it comes to that. So he writing it down and then the guy comes back and he's just. So what do you do for a living? He's Swan Pastor. Oh, where do your pastor? I'm vision about the church. He said, that's how for read and write. Oh yeah, that's Alpharetta. He's sitting there chatting. Cop comes back and hands on my piece of paper and over the front of it it says, warning.

That's a pretty good feeling. Like you know you're in trouble and when it says warning and you're like, Whoa, thank you lord and thank you cop me and you are best friends. Now I've got a warning. I didn't get a ticket and that Romans chapter eight, we come to this and man, it's just an amazing relief for us for those who believe in Christ, man. It's just an incredible passage in the whole passage is talking about how to live in the spirit. It's talking about how to delight into spiritual number three, our delight. We can delight in so many things that we're going to find that in these next verses our relationship with the Holy Spirit as one of the most amazing truths that have the potential to change our lives.

If you were going to say, Chris, tell me the three things in the scripture that have more potential of changing our lives than anything else in the top three probably in the top. One would be the holy spirit now lives inside of you and can lead you to do what God tells you to do through the scriptures. It's an amazing tree we can do like in that our relationship with the Holy Spirit is one of the most amazing truths and we see that all through Romans chapter eight. Letter a there on your own, your page trying to open up a clock because this was not working and I figure you guys are wanting me to finish at some point decently on time. So, so is the first thing we're going to see is this. What we find about the Holy Spirit is his leading is true.


His leading is true. Not now. You know, all of us are led by someone or by something and we decide what that leading is. For example, you decide who leads you buy the you. I could go on your history, on your Internet browsing and know who leads you.

Matter of fact, so divided in our country that you can listen to. You can watch CNN and I'll know exactly what you believe because you watch CNN or you can watch and maybe we people that watch Fox News or no, that's right, you tell him, but if you watch Fox News, I know exactly what you're going to say to you or led by Fox News. You're led by CNN. You're led by fake news. You're living somewhere. What I'm saying is we can all are led by somewhere about something and we all have perspective, but one of the biggest choices we have to make is who we're going to allow to lead us. Who are we going to allow us? They say to tell, to tell you that they say to tell people that if they can tell you who their five closest friends are, that that'll tell you exactly where you will be in five years that she's going to lead you.

That's just going to guide you. That's just going to control you. That's fine, but here's what we know about the leading of the Holy Spirit. Here's the question, could I ever lead you wrong? And the answer is absolutely no doubt about it. If you've been in church long, you know that preacher's even have a tendency of leading people wrong. So the question is not whether I can lead you wrong. The question is, who could you have in your life that does not, cannot, will not approve it? Any circumstances lead you wrong, and that's not Chris Gardner and that's not South Austin. And that's not Erin Farley. And that's not just some trotter and that's not bill Bryant. And that's not John Moore. There's only one that cannot, will not lead you wrong. And that is the Holy Spirit because the holy spirit always follows scripture. He always points us to scripture. So he's leading is true and this matters.

By the way, I'm going to, I'll probably ruffle some feathers today. Uh, just just so prepare, brace for impact. It's going to be fun and you might not like what I have to say, but I believe I can back it all up with scripture. And I believe to the point, you're going to have to be like, I don't like it, but what it says is true, we'll give her is 14 with me real quick is leading is true for as many as our next door to as many as are what led by the spirit of God. They are the sons of God. If you are led by the spirit of God, you are the son of God. Wouldn't it be really cool if we just knew if you were being led by looking at you, that'd be really cool. Wouldn't. That'd make life a lot easier. Now we have a dog at my house. This little tiny dog does dogs. I like small dogs, a Doberman Pinscher and you know that's the. That's the kind of dog I have. I like big old dogs like mustard dogs though. The smallest dog I've had in the last 20 years as a rottweiler. And so like, I like big dogs. I like muscular dogs. Dogs that kind of like on the place. That's my kind of dog. I love it. When you take dog for a walk, what you find is this, there are two ways to walk a dog. Either you walk your dog or your dog walks you, you go, I'm going to walk my dog, and the truth of the matter is you ain't no more walking that dog than nothing because when that dog decided to stop, you're stopping and when that dog to go, you're going, he, he's leading you. You are not leading it.

Can you say, what does this have to do with the message? Or, here's what. Here's the deal. The Bible says, you can know whether you are a child of God by whether you being led by the spirit. Now I'm, I'm a pretty big authoritarian. When my dogs, my dogs don't tell me what to do, I'll tell them what to do and they have two choices. Obey or don't eat. Like I said, you say, Chris, that's cruel. Nope. I get a very obedient dogs like that, so I'll take my dog out for a walk. Don't walk so me and I'll even do this on purpose. I'll just walk and he's walking right there next to me and I stop. He stops. He sits and stares at me like, are we going to go anywhere? That's the kind of dog and I want. That's the kind of walking that I want to do with my dog. My dog doesn't walk me. I'll walk my dog. Now here, here's the question and here's where the parallel hits big time and will show you what that has to do with Christianity. I do not know of anything that is more maligned and more twisted than the Holy Spirit's leading and the will of God and American churches, so this is where you're going to get bracing for impact and you're not going to like it probably, but I think you'll see it in the scripture. The Bible, his leading is true. You can know that you're a child of God because you are led by the spirit. You are not leading the spirit. The spirit is leading you. Christians that live with a careless in difference to the spirit or an open defiance of the spirit of God. Is that the best living contradiction or at worst, a spiritual imposter? Let me say this. It would be very easy if we were to look at you and you were to say, well, I think the I think the will of God for my life is and be able to know whether it was really God talking to you or not, but did you know that about 99 point nine percent of the time we can know whether it's god talking to you or not because it goes against the scriptures, so if it goes against the scriptures, it wasn't the Holy Spirit talking to you. The sad thing about having about being led by the spirit has now become permission to do anything that we want. Here's here's a question for you to understand, and you can write this down next to your notes. If the Holy Spirit leads you to convenience and not sacrifice, it's probably not the Holy Spirit. Well, Chris, you don't understand how convenient would be filled with the holy spirit. Told me to know. He doesn't lead us to convenience. He leads us to sacrifice. You know? Of course you don't understand this whole thing about being led by the spirit where you become permission to do anything we want to do that would be serving the spirit of slavery, even though we call it the Holy Spirit, we'd say things like, I think it's the will of God for my life as a pastor. When you say that there's about a 99 percent chance that I go whatever inside of my head. Now of course I'm going to smile and nod because I had to be a pastoral Chris. I prayed about it and I think that it's the will of God. The will of God is like that poker player that always keeps three aces underneath the sleeve. He goes, I think it's the will of God, and so what's a pastor supposed to say? Oh, so you don't agree with God and it funny how we do that. That's our trump card. We love playing that card of it being the will of God. It's a lie. Usually he's not leading from God at all. Many times those things that we call the will of God directly contradict the word of God. If the will of God for your life that you say is the will of God for your life contradicts the word of God, then here's what I say, garbage. It's not the will of God for example. Well, Chris, I just think that it's the will of God for me to attend church less. I hear it all the time. Well, I've got to keep a priority on my family so I'm going to attend church less than I was attending before. I prayed about it and I really think that's the right thing to do. So Hebrews 11 has nothing to do with. So God is just a bipolar schizophrenia then, right?

Because God says that he wants us to gather together as brothers and he says, even so more like we're supposed to want to be together. We're supposed to be Chris. I'm just prayed and I think I've got some crazy stories. I can tell you about the will of God. I could pull out a 10 page document where a man is cheating on his wife with another woman and they explained to me in this play, in these papers how this was the will of God because when he got married to her, they weren't even saved and so there was a reason to believe that God never will allow saved the unsaved people to come together and show because that was never approved by God, for them to be doing it did for them to be together so he'd not even cheating on his wife. He just got another woman and when I say to that is, that's garbage. That's garbage. You can't do. You realize that? Saying that now for the people that know me, you'll get a kick out of this. If you don't know me, you probably won't get it, but that wouldn't be like this. Hey, I talked to Chris Gardener and he said that I should get a windows pc. If you ever hear that, know that something has flown, has flooded my body and changed every single thing about every cell of my being. If somebody tells you or the other option is they are lying, they're lying to your kids. When they start, they don't lie. Well, I remember about nine or 10 years ago, Jacob telling me that mom told him that she didn't want him to clean. How many moms in here would ever say to your child, please don't clean your room. How many has ever said that in the history of motherhood? I don't know that those words have ever been uttered from my mother, but Jacob came to me one day and he goes, I said, Jake, go clean your room. He says, no, mom told me not to.

I said, do you want me to verify this? Because if I verify this and you're lying to me, you're going to get a spanking because I'll just clean it because I know you're the boss. Anyway, garbage. We both know that that was not what he was just. Here's what the Bible says. We can know that you're a child of God because you're being led by the spirit of God. How do we know if you're being led by the spirit of God because your life lines up with this more and more every single day. That's how we know you're being led by the spirit and you can call it being led by the spirit. You do anything else you want, but you better know that the scriptures tell us and we need to be careful in how we approach it with people before that. Just know that God's leading him into the arms of another woman when they're married

and on the outside you look at it and you're like, there's no way that that happens, but they're sure that God told them too, that they're so good at twisting scripture that they can even find some verses they think can apply to them and their decision and here's what's neat and something to think about. Is this. Is it hot in here? So just me. Oh, it's hot in here. Can somebody turn the AC on? I think the heat's still on. I don't know if y'all know this or not, but it looks like winter is over. It's like Georgia has gone. Thank you Veronica. Because if you weren't doing that, I'm just sitting here, I'm sitting here sweating like a stuck pig going, OK, I guess it's just me. But um, here's the deal. We got to be very careful and understand that the leading of the Holy Spirit matters. And here's the recent matters. Do you know how Jesus led his life? He lived his life by the leading of the Holy Spirit,

Chris, the Holy Spirit told me to not be around my kids more so not influence my kid's lives anymore. What? That could have been something, but it wasn't the Holy Spirit telling you that there's no way the holy spirit would ever say that to you. And Luke chapter four, in verse 14, it says, and Jesus returned in the power of the spirit into Galilee and there went out a fame of him through all the region abroad to be lead. He returned in the power of the spirit into Galilee to be led by the spirit is to come under the control of the spirit and to be alert in his prompting.

I used to like really trained dogs, not like I do now, but like really, really trained dogs to pretty high levels of where they could teach them to track people, to obey people and then bite people. I love that sport. That's a. it's a sport that you learned to do and I loved it. I taught my dog to do those three things and one of the coolest things you'll ever see how we should do it in dog shows. They would have dog shares and they'd call me up. Hey Chris, could you put a show on for how you should train a dog? One of the most amazing things you'll ever see, there's a dog that is trained to the extent that a five year old can walk next to him and command him dog go base. So I had this rottweiler [inaudible] pounds of solid muscle. We're talking about not one single ounce of fat on that dog. It was muscle. This dog was athletic and I had a five year old kid that in the middle of a dog show to walk around and he would just go like this, that are going to be laying down, and he'd go and do that right there, and he started walking. The dog was coming and start walking right next to him

and then he'd stop and then there's. The funny thing was the dog's head was higher than the kids had so that Bob back and forth as they were walking, it was amazing. It was so much power under the authority of a five year old had a little tiny squeaky voice still, and then you'd stop and you'd see the dog. When we pop down, don't even stand up and I'm talking when he's walking, you can literally see the contour of all the muscles in his back leg. He's walking. He had muscles about like me being an adult form, something like that. It was amazing because he was being led by a five year old. You know what? When you're led by the Holy Spirit of God, you learn to live under the control of the spirit of God. You learn to live under the control of the spirit of God. He is in control of your life. I love what Paul says here in verse 14, for as many years led of the spirit of God, they are the children of God. He says they're led. Now, by the way, if you like, underline in your Bible, you ought to underline the word lead, but y'all don't know the word before that. What's the word? Before the word lead there in Romans Chapter Eight, verse 14,

they are lead. I love that because he doesn't say they were lead. He didn't say they will be led. Do you know when we're led by the spirit? We are led by the spirit right now and in 10 minutes we are to be led by the spirit. Then 10 years we're going to be led by the spirit and you're going to grow in your Christian life and the growth in your Christian life. Does it become. That's not combo because you read more books or because you hear better preaching your gross cons because you're in the word of God and you're learning to be led by the spirit and as you're being led by the spirit, you become more and more like you're saved. You're every single day showing you look, 10 years down the road, people go, that's not the same guy I met before. It's almost like he's being led by another. Well, guess what? Congratulations. He is being led by the spirit of God. The amazing thing about this promises that it's a constant truth. It's a constant truth. This mini, this passage in many times you use a press proof texts to support the notion that believers must have received, received either verbal or non-verbal messages from the Holy Spirit, but that's not at all what he saying here. I was teaching at all. We're not some robot receiving commands that a dictator would give. That's not who we are. What we need to understand about the holy spirit is this there on your paper, the Holy Spirit is a gift, not a dictator. He's a gift, not a dictator. See the job of a pastor and a preacher and a person that speaks the word of God is this his goal and his job is to say, hey guys, let's live led by the spirit more. I grew up in churches where they would literally preach to you and say stuff like this. If you don't give 10 percent of your income and the local church, let me tell you what's going to happen. God is going to take 10 percent and he'll take it out on the hospital with your kid who would take it out. The Holy Spirit is never one to make you live in fear. You're supposed to be led by the Holy Spirit. That's the reason I try my hardest not to be the guy giving you my preferences all the time when I preach,

I don't want to tell you what I prefer because if I did, we would check out at the door there and Justin tranter couldn't come in because it uses an android. Like what? In the world? The only. The android is the worst thing to thing. One step above an android as a dumb phone. If you've got a dumb phone, we can take it OK, but but not on Ryan Moore, he can't come in because he hasn't my preferences, they don't matter and no, it's never about phones is never about technology, but the truth of the matter is many churches do nothing more and nothing less than preaching the preferences what they think, where they want the Bible to say, not what the Bible actually says. The Holy Spirit is a gift, not a dictator. My goal as a pastor is to look at you and say, Jamie, would that be what the Holy Spirit would lead you to do? Not. That ought to be something to think about and then waiting because the holy spirit will lead you to live a life that looks more and more like him every single day. The Bible teaches in Ephesians chapter four and verse 30 that they says in grief, not the spirit of I've got and not the spirit of God, whereby you are until the day of redemption. The Bible teaches and we can actually grieve the Holy Spirit, and if you're married, you know all about that. Could you say something, do something or don't say something that you should've said and you're like, oh, I guess I just messed up and I didn't. How many of you have ever as a man, I know women never do this, but how many of you as men have ever said something and the words not even totally out of your mouth, getting your let her know. I'll bring them back. Bring it back. Please know this is going to cause problems. As soon as you say it, you grieve your relationship and the Holy Spirit says, you know what? You can grieve your relationship with me too. This verse is a promise in a practical means of assurance. Those who actively follow the spirit will have unmistakable evidence that he's leading. We find that in Galatians chapter five and I'm sitting here debating whether to just stop here because this is the next part really matters. We're going to stop here, won't talk a little bit about this and then we'll come back to this next week. Do you know how you can know whether you are being led by the spirit or not? If you are doing those things that only the spirit of God would tell you to do, because the natural thing for us to do is what the Bible says here in Galatians chapter five. In galatians chapter five, it talks about idolatry, witchcraft, hatred. Does anybody in here ever deal with hatred? Anybody ever do it with hatred? Anybody ever deal with bitterness? Anybody could ever tell stories about how somebody else did you wrong. Anybody can anybody in. Here's what just me. You know what the natural thing for us to do with that, as to maul over it and let us let it dominate who we are, but that's us. That comes from the flesh. The Holy Spirit brings forgiveness. So Chris, you don't know what they did to me. Now I don't know what they did. You do 10. Can I just tell you? It's probably horrible, but the Holy Spirit, if you learn to be led by the Holy Spirit, you learn to forgive people of what they've done. Now, that doesn't mean pretending that nothing ever happened and there are situations in which, how do I recommend you never even go around that person again or whatever, but what I'm telling you is this, you must be very, very careful and being led by the spirit because the truth of the matter is we use the spirit as an ace and underneath our sleeve, we don't really talk about being led by the spirit because we don't even know what it means to be led by the spirit. I don't know if this has ever happened in your house, but words something like this. I'm just telling you what I feel. Has that ever happened in your house? It's never happened in my hospital. I've read books that talk about that and so did you know. I think that's just the way I feel. I. Let me just say this. When you say that what you're saying is this, I'm being led by my feelings. I'm not being led by the spirit. Will you just don't understand my reality? No, no. You're being led by your reality. You're not being led by the


Here's what you need to know about the Holy Spirit in his leading, his leading is true. You can take it to the bank and you don't have to worry at all about what he says for you to do. You know what happens to the majority of us? We war against what the Holy Spirit tells us to do and we shouldn't be worrying against the flesh and that's what Paul is talking about. He says, go ahead and kill those things in your life, and when he says, kill those things in your life, can I just tell you that killing those things in your life is not easy. It's not easy to kill those things in your life. It's not easy at all, but you've got to kill. Killing [inaudible] in your life is being led by the spirit, the spirit, as he's leading, he's leading you towards holiness. He's leading you towards dedication. He's not leading you towards convenience. He's not leading you towards comfort. He's not leading you towards all of those things. He's leading you to a relationship with him that truly matters and a can only be done by being led

on the spirit.

You can ask my wife about me and show now exactly what I think or what I feel about something. Only about 99 percent of the time. You can ask me about my wife and I can tell you exactly what my wife will fill about nine point nine percent of the time. Just kidding, kind of. Maybe I just want to do. I have permission to a little bit higher than that. You know,

being led by the spirit.

You develop a relationship with the Holy Spirit. You listen to the Holy Spirit, you dive into the scriptures and you read the word of God and as you do that, you're growing and you're changing and you're being led and what used to take him, we yelling at you to do. All of a sudden you don't have to listen to him yelling, cause all of a sudden he just sitting there whispering and you knew exactly what he wants out of your life and it's one of the most beautiful things ever. But it'll only happen when we choose to be led by the spirit. Now, here's what tends to happen when I say that people are sitting there thinking, oh, I don't feel led by the spirit. Ever. Don't ever feel led by the spirit. The Holy Spirit ever tells me what to do. I think you'd be surprised if you were to ask the Holy Spirit to lead you what would happen? Number one, and number two, you can't hear the spirit speaking to you. It's like trying to say [inaudible]. The fish is not working right now.


Did y'all know that [inaudible] the fish. The radio station is not working. Now you know how I know because I don't hear it, but we actually have to turn the radio on

to hear whether it's working or not. There has to be a relationship with God, but once there's a relationship with God, here's the problem. You've grieved the spirit of God very likely because you've lived a life where you said, Holy Spirit, I know that you tell me to do these things, but my answer is no. I'm not going to listen to what you tell me to do, and he's like, well, I'm not some dictator where I'm going to sit there and twist your arm. I'm not going to make you do it. That's not my goal in life at all. My goal for you is that you desire to follow me. You desire to follow me so you want to listen to me that you want to do what I tell you to do it, and when that happens is the most beautiful thing you'll ever happen in your life, but it only happens when you're lifting to what he says. So Chris, what are different? Grieved the Holy Spirit. You pray and you say, Holy Spirit, forgive me for having grieved. You begin to see here's the deal in the middle of the night and you turn your computer on and you look at stuff that is disgusting in the world that we live in and then you go, I don't know why the Holy Spirit's not speaking to me. What do you mean? How can you not understand? How many times speaking to you're sitting in your life and your respond to the authorities that God has placed in your life and you respond to them as if they were ponds in your hand.

You're doing what the Bible says not to do time and time again. You say, Chris, I don't hear from the Holy Spirit. Let me tell you the number one way to hear from the Holy Spirit. It goes like this. Take this right here. Don't get a phone. Get a Bible. Get some pages in your hand. Open it up and say, God, speak to me through your word because he still speaks today. He still speaks today and we can't sit there and go, I don't know why my wife doesn't love me. I've got three lovers on the side and she saw all these letters that I'm sending to them. I just don't know why she didn't have a relationship with me and I asked her to forgive me and she won't forgive me. I'd be the craziest person ever to think that way or not. I'd be the craziest person. Everything that way we have to be led by the spirit and being led by the spirit as a relationship and relationships, Jamie, that matter. How we deal with each other matters. It doesn't matter what I think. It doesn't matter what I want and what we do in our life matters. That's what can happen this week because see, it's easy to sit there and think that person is listening to it because they really need that. Do you know who needs it more than anybody else in this room? Today is the guy standing behind this pulpit right here. I'm the one that needs it. I'm the one that needs to be led more and more daily by the Holy Spirit of God.


so let me ask you today, are you being led by him next week and get into extreme practical side of what it means to being led by the Holy Spirit, but it's time that we say, Holy Spirit me to do because here's the deal. It's. It's funny to me because I get to counsel people often. You know, we get a couple of counseling sessions and endoscopic. We get to know each other a little bit, third or fourth counseling in this, so Chris, what should I do? Oh, you should do this, this, and this. Here's what the Bible says. Here's what you need to do. We'll get together for next counseling session. I'll say, did you do this, this or this? And they go, nope, what should I do now?

Chris literally had and literally had a couple that were wanting to separate because the husband was a jerk. I know y'all can't imagine a husband being a jerk, but the husband was just a jerk, so I'm not saying you've got to stop, stop yelling at your wife. Sit next to her and talking about how many times do you go to your wife as to how many times you were yelling at this week. He said, oh, once and the look on his face was like once. Oh my goodness. He's a failure at math too. And so I looked at her and I said, so how many times did he yell at you should go? She goes at least 15 times and said, let's just take it somewhere in the middle. And make it seven. Giving him the benefit of the doubt. She's OK, I'll take seven. I said, let's count every time you yell at your wife this week.

Can I encourage you, when you start to wanting to stop it and literally decide that you're not going to be doing these things, you can't live this way. We got together the next week, so that's the only thing I want you to work on the next week. And I said, Oh, I'm so how'd it go this week? When? Good. Do you write down how you yell at Your Wife? Nope. But it got better. We got better. Oh really? How much better? And again, I only yelled at three times. The lady took a notebook out of her purse and she goes, what would you call this one? Yelling at me. Yeah. What'd you call this one? Yelling at me. She had 22 times. She had been yelled at that week. Did you know that after three or four weeks of doing this, I looked at him and I said, listen, go find somebody else. I can't help you because it didn't matter what I say and how I'm trying to help you. You're not listening to it. You're not listening to it.

The job of the Holy Spirit is to lead you, but guess what? He's not going to lead you when you look at him repeatedly and saying, no, I'm not doing what you're telling me to do. I'm not doing what you're telling me to do. Can I encourage you, Christians, here's some beg you to think about this week, this month and this year, do not say the will of God and do not say the Holy Spirit told me to, unless you really know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he did, and this is what that'll sound like. The Holy Spirit really convicted me, that I need to be witnessing more to the people around my house. Did you know that people never tell me that about the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit tells him to go to church with us

at that done. Send alarms, alarm signs off in your mind there should. There's something wrong with your mind. The Holy Spirit has told me that I need to be volunteering more in the church. I need to help out with the nursery and I needed to help out with, I need to be more. I need to be more faithful in what God has called me to do. Amanda, the, the, the, the will of God for my life. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt as this. But did you know that the only 99 point nine percent of the times, it's the exact opposite of that.

Can I encourage you, don't use that word. The will of God. Don't use the Holy Spirit told me to do that unless it would actually be something to the Holy Spirit would say Justin Trudeau and I had been talking about him getting an iphone. We have and I'm hoping and praying that he does it and I want to try and try and help him grow in his walk with Christ like that. Um, but, but, but if Justin tranter comes to you and says, Chris and I have been talking about i-phones, you go, well, of course you have. Is that not the normal reaction? When of course you have? Can I encourage you to understand that when the Holy Spirit leads you to do something and you say, this is the will of God for my life, that it ought to be apparent to all those around us, that it is true to the will of God. It's truly the Holy Spirit speaking to you, but that can only happen if we truly listen to the holy spirit and are led by the Holy Spirit and are growing and are being led by him.

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