Adopted And Free 4

Chris Gardner

March 4, 2018

Romans Chapter Eight, Romans Chapter Eight, just just when you speak of loving the word of God, that these papers that you have right here, each of them tend to take me about 60 hours of work to get them. I there's no such website as, hey, get the. Give me a lesson to hand out for people about what the scripture say. I love the word of God. I love the word of God, but I love the God of the word more than I love the word of God, and the only way to know the god of the word though is through the word of God. That's the reason the word of God. Truly Madison adopted and free. So we've talked about so far. This is supposed to be Romans eight, 12 through 17, and we've been talking about what it means to have the holy spirit dwelling inside of us.

What it means to have the holy spirit dwelling inside of us, and if in case you are wondering, I could preach for three hours this morning, as long as justin gets to hold his baby like that. That's pretty cool. In case you're wondering, so, um, he's just sitting there just like, Hey, I'm here with Daddy. Everything's cool. So, so we talk about his dwelling. The Holy Spirit lives inside of us. In verse 11 and Verse Twelve and 13, we talk about my debt. Because of that, I have a debt. He lives inside of me. I live with a debt on me for the Gospel, Jesus Christ. Number three, we find our delight. And what does our delight in Aren't aligned is in this. When the Holy Spirit leads us, there's one thing we can know where the Holy Spirit leads us his leading. It's true. You don't have to worry about, hey, here's the deal.

You got to worry about fake news. When you go to certain websites, you got to worry about fake news. When you turn on certain channels of TV, you've got to worry about fake stuff all the time. You're, there's one place where you don't have to worry about it. The Holy Spirit speaks to us through the word of God. There's nothing fake. The word of God matters, his leading. It's true. We don't have to worry as we are led by the spirit of God, we are growing and the gospel of Jesus Christ so we have his leading is true. Then number two or the second point underneath that, and I've got to get down in my notes because these notes that are supposed to be one week he's ended up lasting me three months according to the Jack. And so, um, the second thing we find is this, we find his love tested.

Um, I don't know of another verse that I've studied in the book of Romans that has impacted my life, my prayer life in my view on life as much as Romans eight, 15. And so I hope we can go through this and as you study through it with me, you can look at it and understand what God is saying here and you can just to fall more in love with God as you read it. Romans chapter eight and Verse 15. Let's start there and read that verse. Romans chapter eight and Verse 15. The Bible says, for we have not received a spirit of bondage again to fear. By the way, you have to understand as we're reading this verse is this, we're talking about the spirit of bondage, OK, he's talking about how we feel about life. He says, we've not received a spirit of bondage again to fear, but you've received a spirit of what adoption, what an amazing thought we ever see the spirit of adoption and whereby we cry Abba, father, so his love is tested, and so let's go through what we mean by this.

Love is tested. It says, God says, you have not received the spirit of bondage again. In other words, you don't have to. We all lived. If you know Jesus Christ as your personal savior, you lived in bondage previous to knowing Christ. You were in bondage and no matter how free you felt, you lived in bondage and he says, here's the deal. What you need to understand is you've not received that spirit of bondage again. No, can I say this if we're not careful, our church can become a place where it feels like the spirit of bondage is there as well, and he said, did you not receive that spirit? You're not moving. There's a danger of falling back into serving the same spirit we used to serve. How many of you would agree with me this morning? That habits are a pain. Is that not a fair statement?

How many of you have ever tried to change the way you eat? Oh, I'm gonna. Eat Kale all day now. That's the only started getting from here on. Now. When were you allowed to kill? I'm going to get very, very healthy and if you're gonna, do that for a whole 24 hours and then the next evening you're going to bed and there's nutty buddies in the Pantry, and guess what's going to happen? You're going to eat nutty buddies. You know how I know you're going to eat many buddies. I'm preaching to you and I'm telling you, I know how wicked and involve our because guess who else does that? My wife does that as well and so that's the problem. That's when she doesn't even like that stuff. And buddies remind at the house, and I can tell you exactly how many are in the box right now, and if they disappear too quickly, we have a jury [inaudible] up in our house to where I deal with the children who ate mine.

Anybody's OK habits, kind of a pain. And then here's what happens to you when you're saved. Everything changes. But the problem that you have is this. We have become so used to doing the same things. We've become so used to doing the same things that we ended up going back to exactly and living exactly like we were. That isn't who we receive though the Bible says you did not receive that spirit. You received a whole different spirit. One, here's the two spirit to makes a differentiation of one of the spirits is you're going to serve me. You're a slave to me. You do what I say to do. David and the other one says, Hey, you're my son. In case you're wondering, there's polar opposite. More opposite than that. Can you imagine? I have. My house has a few things that needed to be fixed in the house that I'm renting now.

Can you imagine that? The owner of the House since the worker over and he goes to fix this gigantic hole that has been left in the room and the ceiling of my house. I've got this whole with so in the selling of my house right underneath my shower and sometimes it's really good because you're eating cereal and when you're eating cereal in somebody showering upstairs, you actually get a refill on the liquid and it gets. This is pretty awesome. It's. Yeah, it works out great. We're sitting there. We're in this house. Can you imagine? They sent a worker over to my house. OK, this guy's not my slave. He's not my servant, but he walks in. Can you imagine? I come in from an appointment, just got through a disciple. Shit. Bill Brighton are hanging out and we're just talking about talking about life. I'll come back home. I walk in and there sits this dude in my recliner with a diet Dr Pepper in his hand.

Did you [inaudible] OK? No. Now, let me just say when I said that you may not have been able to appreciate what happened, my daughter goes, because we all know how bad that would be. We don't expect that out of. We don't expect that out of workers. That's not what you expect and here's what he says. There's two spirits. There's a spirit of fear to be who you used to be and then there's another spirit and that spirit is the spirit of adoption. So yesterday bill an hour out and we were. My Mom and dad have a new house and we were helping them hang all the TVS in their house. They only had to install atvs.

Thank you. Whoever said that, thank you. Cause I was like, what in the world? So we installed eight and one of them has this special mount over the fireplace that you pull down the. The TV comes in front of the fire. I'm gonna just really cool and awesome and it was the most amazing thing ever. As long as I didn't have to install it with bill, then it becomes, oh my goodness, I can't believe my parents are so crazy, and so we're. We're seeing they're doing that. When I walked in to install stuff there, my mom has candy around the house. I did not think twice about grabbing something. I went to the refrigerator, open the refrigerator and see what's there. This is my Mama's house. What are you talking about? I'm a child. There is different. The spirit that is there when that happens, so here's what we have to get a.

here's what he said. You need to understand the spirit is come inside of UNC. We live in a world where we think that the church's job is for somebody to hammer all day long Jamie and say, you're wasting your bio, your wicked, your bio. You're horrible, and what we don't understand this, this. That's not the story spirit that he gave us. The spirit he gave us was this, you're now my son, and that changes everything. The spirit of adoption, it changes everything. This idea of adoption is a legal proceeding that creates a parent child relationship between people that are not related by blood. And you know, if you've been here for awhile, you know, that my wife and I, we couldn't have kids for eight years and the coolest thing that ever happened to us, not equal listing Andrew, but you know, like one of the coolest things that ever happened to us was on July the 26, 13 years ago were able to adopt Jacob and, and, and see my blood doesn't flow through jackets, veins.

My blood doesn't flow through Hannah's veins. But, but, but here's one thing that does happen. As funny as this. My, my kids were in Peru and going to school and they had some friends make fun of them. And My, one of my children, one of the oldest children that I have is fairly witty. Um, and, and, and he can be pretty convincing and you know, all that good stuff. And that's good sometimes. And then other times it's not. And um, but, but he's sitting there and they're making fun of him because he's adopted. But he came down to me one day and he goes to head, they're making fun on me because I'm adopted and I said, here's the deal done and here's the deal sign, which here you need to understand this. All these other kids, their parents don't get to choose who they got. They just had to get whatever they had coming at him. And so they just got whatever they got. But guess what? We chose you.

Two days later, I get a phone call from the principal, Mr Varga. Oh, don't want to. We're going to talk to you for a little bit about like, um, a OK, I'm coming into the office. He goes, I need you to please do me a favor. And I said, what's that? He said, your kids have got to stop talking about being adopted. I said, what are you talking about? They were making fun of him and my kids are coming home, all hurt because of it. He goes, no, now all the kids are going to their parents and saying, mom, why didn't you just take whatever you got? We weren't ever chosen. You just got whatever you got, and they were like, literally, I had to deal with that because here's your chance to understand the spirit of adoption is amazing, but because here's. See, this is. I chose to love my son.

I was chose to love my daughter and there's nothing more powerful in the world than what God is saying right here in the US. He says, listen, I want you to understand you don't have the same spirit that you had before. The spirit now is a spirit that sits next to you and says, son, you're loved. You're adopted. Sure mine, and that's pretty amazing. This relationship and titles, the person to all the privileges that belong to a natural child. You know how many privileges Jacob has that Andrew doesn't, or that Andrew has it. They have the same privilege. Although Jacob and Hannah do tell them all the time because the day we adopted them, the judge said, you do understand that you can't get rid of these kids under any circumstances, and I will have my kids every once in a while ago. Andrew, you know your dad could adopt you out, but he can't even adopt us out. It's over with. It's a spirit of adoption, the spirit of adoption, the relationship and titles, this person to all the privileges that belong to a natural child. And did you know that my kids have never thought that they're not my kids.

You know why? Because we chose to adopt my children and if we're not careful, here's what we take the Bible as the Gospel as and here's what we take all of that as we take it as this is God's job is to sit down next to you and go, why don't you do that? What's your problem? Don't do that. Don't do this. This is my son does that. So that's the way we take the Gospel is the Gospel is this thing where we had to sit there and feel guilty all day long, but what? You don't understand this, that's the opposite of the Gospel. The Gospel says this, the Gospel sits down next to someone that was not. Your son says, Jacob, buddy, I love you and there's nothing in the world that would ever change for you because you are my son, and what happens? You'll hear kids saying stuff like, well, gardeners don't do stuff like that. He wasn't a gardener. He became a gardener, but he knows that gardeners don't do stuff like that. You said, Christina, you're saying we can live any way we won't do. No, we won't want to because we're children of the king of kings and we want to live like a child of the king. We're adopted into this family and there's nothing, nothing like it. We don't have the spirit of fear, the spirit of adoption, and we want to live like gardeners where you want to live like Christians because that's who our father is. The amazing thing about adoption Bible Times is that if a parent were to break the adoption agreement, they can face a fine or and and, and the risk of losing their entire estate. They would go before the government and the government and go, you lose everything you have in your destitute now because you failed in this adoption thing. Do you know how many chances are that God in heaven is going to fail at his adopting of me and you into his family? Zero. Exactly. Zero. He's given us the spirit. A child, the adoption agreement would lose his or her freedom and had to spend the rest of their life in jail because this adoption thing mattered a lot. I find it interesting that we weren't given the spirit of. I find it interesting that we were given the spirit of adoption. Now, now that I hope you take this and I hope you'll think about this a little bit as I talk about it, he didn't just give us adoption. He gave us the help me out. What do you give us? The spirit of adoption, and this is why that matters, because see, adoption wasn't especially in Bible Times, adoption wasn't only meant for fathers and children. It wasn't meant for just fathers and children. In Bible days, you could adopt others as your brother. You could adopt to others as your son

you kicked the adoption was not just a dad to a son. The adoption went all around and and see. That's what church is supposed to be. That's the church is supposed to be. We've adopted each other and guess what? When does anybody have that family member? They don't really like, don't. Not Somebody might be watching on the camera, so I'm mad, but does anybody like that family member, but they're still family, aren't they? In Bible Times you could adopt and here's the deal. People love making, especially the new breed of, of Christians. Love making fun of the idea when somebody calls somebody out to brother and yeah, I get it. It's become kind of cliché and whatever you want to call it, but see David, you are my brother because I chose to adopt you as my brother. That's my job because I have chosen to adopt you as my brother and and that's what it is.

See Justin, you're my brother because you matter to me and hey, and I've decided that you matter to me and I think you've decided that I matter to you and there's that relationship and that's what it's all about because we've chosen. We were given not only adoption, but we were given the spirit of adoption. We have chosen to make more people come into our group. We have chosen to make other people truly matter to us. That's the spirit of adoption. He gave us the spirit of adoption. This says so much about Christians in their relationships, even though this passage is speaking of the father and his adopting us. Yesterday I had the privilege of hanging out with bill for


way too long. I picked him up at his house for at 6:00 AM. I hate that am version of 6:00 PM version. I love it, but I am version is like not. I don't like it too much. I woke up at 4:45. We gotta go be hung out for 14 hours. We worked like dogs the entire time. We got everything done and. But you know what? It was awesome. It was like hanging out with my brother.


it really was. It was like hanging out with my brother. You know why? Because the spirit of adoption has made us brothers in a way that we would have never been outside of the Gospel because see, Bill and I wouldn't have been brothers and we probably wouldn't have ever had that relationship. There's no know what bonds us. What bonds us is that spirit because bill decided I matter to him and I decided that bill matters to me and all of a sudden the spirit


just so much about our relationships, even though it's talking about God, the father and his adopting of us

honestly pray that the relationships this church can prove that we have still have the same spirit of adoption operating in us, that we still have today the same spirit of adoption operating and I says, well, I pray that our church body, we're going to find friends and family that are even closer than our blood family. We have a relationship because of the gospel of Jesus Christ in our day. Many people think of adoption as a position that's inferior to born child and the family, but there's nothing further from the truth. And the first century adoption was a means of putting the one that was not, that was not naturally born into a position of great status and privilege. They had status and privilege they would've never had outside of the Gospel. We are and we are able to call on. And I love this, his what? He says, you're able to call on or to cry to the father. And here's what he says, you're going to call on him as what does it call them there helped me out was Abba father. You're calling on his Abba father. The funny thing is this, the Bible was translated from Hebrew. Greek. Hebrew is the Old Testament Greek, New Testament. There's this other language that some parts of it are from. It's Aramaic and this word ob was not Greek and Hebrew. And the funny thing is they never even translated it

into Greek.

They never even translated it into English. When you say Aba, funny yesterday I was talking to bill about what was going to preach about the day and he said, what did you just say? He said, you call all your father. He's, I don't know what. That's not what I was saying. Thank you for twisting my words there, Bill. I appreciate it, but he. Here's what he says. That word Abo was so meaningful. It was so meaningful. They said, we're just gonna. Leave it as is because that's like taking this pet peeve. Name, this name of something that really matters that name matter, so we're going to keep it in, and that was why it was such a shock to the disciples when they heard it.

I'm like, no, we're keeping it. There was an aromatic did turn that's named. You'd feel privileged to call your father and some people say it's like the word daddy or dad, but it's even way more than that. I would say the best indicator of the intimacy of this name was that we only find this name used one time in the Bible outside of Romans Chapter Eight. You find it one time in the Bible outside of Romans Chapter Eight. You find it in the book of Mark Chapter 14 in verse 36 in Mark Chapter 14 and verse 36. Before you go there, let me explain to you what's going on as you're going there, what we find in mark chapter 14, Jesus, as he's in the garden of disseminate,


that's arguably one of the most difficult times in the life of Jesus. Here's what happens. He's sitting out and he's groaning in pain and grown in the agony of what's just about to happen to him, and I want you to read this verse. By the way, this is also where he sweats, drips of blood. I don't know that you can get any more anguish than what you have packed into this versus here's what happens. He says, and he said, Jesus speaking, can you imagine the disciples trying to listen in as he's speaking and you hear these words and he said,

Abba, father,

all things are possible under the takeaway, this Cup from me. Nevertheless, not what I will, but what now?


probably the most amazing intimate time where you hear Jesus speaking to his father as he's pleading with him. If there's any other way, and he uses that word,


We all have nicknames for the people we love. Don't we?

Don't we all have nicknames for the people we love and there's some nicknames that you don't have the right to use with other people because you don't have that relationship. Your husband and a wife and a wife and a husband had a child and their son and their father, and there's these. There's these nicknames that show, listen, I know you and I love you and the only person we ever here. We're using these words that we find in Romans. Chapter eight is Jesus, and then Paul is pinning these words by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, and he says, here's what I want you to understand as Christians read it with me. Verse Fifteen, Romans Chapter Eight and Verse 15, for you have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear, but you received the spirit of adoption whereby we cry. He says, you now have permission to come all other the same thing that the son of God when he spoke to him. That's what you're able to call him now. This is how close you are. You now going to call him your

our father.

You now get to call him

your father.

It's a time of agony. Just was crying it out, using the same name for his father that this verse says that I can use now with my mother, my father.


Through the miracle of regeneration, we'd been brought into the closest intimacy

with our father.

There's no intimacy any closer than the intimacy we get to enjoy as children of God and always remember when you hear a spirit whispering into your ear about bondage, it's not the spirit of adoption that pleads that you cry out.

Aba, father, Abba, father,

this kind of intimacy that Jesus has itself enjoyed with God. We to recognize that our authority of calling God our father goes back to Jesus Christ. In Matthew Chapter six and verse nine, he said, after this manage manner, therefore pray. What does it say? Hey, help me out with uh, W, W, W, all of us know this prayer. It says that after this manner, prairie what our father, which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day. He says, I want you to understand when you pray, I want you to pray and I want you to use these words,

our father, now,

not our friend, not our cousin, not our facebook follower, not a twitter follower, but our father, which art in heaven today we take the riot of calling God our father for granted, but we need to understand how new and startling this must have been. Exactly. You don't is that sacred? Have a name you don't even pronounce the name of God, but look at what's happening here. Don't even pronounce the name of God, and then in Romans Chapter Eight, he looks and he says, David, no matter what happens in your life, I want you to understand you have the spirit of adoption and you can look and you can call him the same name that God Almighty in the flesh spoke to his father when he said,

Abba father

usually translated your or your hallway. So to protect that, we do not know even today how it was pronounced. God was considered to be to transcend it, to be directly addressed, and his name was considered too holy. To be on human lips, the distance between God and man continued to grow wider. All of this is totally overturned by Jesus. Every time that is recorded in the scriptures where he prayed, he called him father that now let me just say this, the Bible teaches us in Romans chapter eight, that God is not the father of everyone.

God is not the father of everyone. Six, 27, verse 46 where God has turned his back on him because he's representing the end of the entire world and that's when he cries out and had about an hour, about the ninth hour, Jesus cried with allowance, voice, loud voice saying, Eli, Eli, Lama Sabachthani this just to say, my God, my God, why Hast Thou forsaken me? That's the only time you find in the scriptures. This prayer was under from Jesus's lips at the moment in which he was made sin for us and in which the relationship he had with his father was temporarily broken. Every other time Jesus boldly assumed a relationship to God that was considered to be irreverent to the pharisees that were around him, was even blast furnace by his contemporaries. Jesus has shown us that this same relationship can be enjoyed by the ones that believe in him.

If you believe in Jesus today, your life is and you're allowed and you're encouraged to have the same cry that cries out and says, Abba, father, Jesus has shown us that this same relationship can be enjoyed by all of those that believe in him, but the passage goes even farther because he he used that word Abba. Mark was so struck by this title that you would call God with that, that even he, as he was riding in Greek, he would put it in a whole nother language that was there to a Jewish mind, to prayer addressing God. His daddy would not have only been improper. It would've been irreverent to the highest degree. The contrast, we see enrollments. Eight, 15 is a contrast between two spirits, the spirit of slavery and the spirit of adoption.

Martin Lloyd Jones said Aba was a word lists by a child. Let us notice the word cry. I love what he says. He says, you do not just call out to him. You cry unto him. Have a father. You cry. Abba, father. It's a very strong word and clearly the apostle has used it quite delivery and deliberately. It means allowed to cry. That expresses deep emotion. When what then does it imply? Obviously that implies a real knowledge of God. God's no longer to us a distance. God, our God is no longer a distant God. He's not merely a god in whom we believe in intellectual theologically, theoretically, doctrinally, only all of this stuff. The idea of walking in the door and as soon as you walk in the door, have for munch can, screaming daddy and running at you and that all they got like Ryan, you're going to have to keep having kids because they get to this age where they know, here's, here's. Yeah, no, no, no, no, no, don't go there. There's nothing quite like it. There's nothing quite like it. You opened the door and as soon as you open the door, they scream your name and they'd come running at you, and that's the idea of what you find. In Romans Chapter Eight, you get to call out to him

Abba, Father Aba. Father Paul

reinforces that we no longer serve a master that dictates our life because see, God has purchased us. The payment was his son's death, and while he had every right to own us as slaves, God had every right to own slaves. He bore. He tore the bill of cell into shreds and they're like, whoa, this is weird. I don't know. We've, we've chosen to celebrate, so every year, the biggest day of our year, bigger than Christmas Eve is July the 20 sixth. We get together and my kids named it back when they're acute. I mean back in, you know, not, not long ago, Jacob and Hannah named it, they called it happy day, happy day. And that's our day. We celebrate happy day every July the 20 sixth. But did you know that if we had not told them that they were adopted, that they can go to the courthouse, but they can't find anything about anything in their path except for one thing that I'm their dad and that's her mom over there. You can't even find it. You know what their birth certificate says? Their birth certificate says Chris Gardner and Andrea Gardner had children. You can't even find. The fact that you were adopted is that close of a thing.

Payment was God sons, death. While he had every right to own slaves. He didn't own slaves. He decided to adopt us. He's not merely a kinder, gentler master. He's Araba.

I don't know that anything has impacted my prayer life as much as this verse because ever since studying it, I, I'm, I'm a weird guy. I enjoy studying the scriptures to the degree that no matter how far ahead I am, I'm always studying for the next first so I could preach right now probably for the next six weeks and I'm ready. Like at the drop of a hat. I could start and preach the next message. And so I've been. But man, that's, I probably wrote this message three months ago when I go to bed every night. I have just laying there and going, Aba, thanks for taking care of me today. Thanks for opening doors for me today. Thank you for. And I wake up in the morning and I go, I have a father. You know, it's a whole different relationship when you realize who he truly is, you do realize that I get to use the same words as Jesus himself speaking to God and we're able to. And I love that word. We're able to do

cry, have a father. There's nothing quite like that.

Has life ever got you to the point where you don't know where to go anymore?

Well, he told you, you cry out to dad and you say, Aha, I need help. You would find as a child was in, was in a dangerous place. He was in water. He was drowning, whatever, what you would've heard in Aramaic because as a cry out in the Gaba and the Aba comes and Aba helps. And he says, I want you to cry out to the king of kings. And the Lord of Lords, and not only in this reverential tones of how great thou art, even though he is amazing and I want you to be able to cry out and I want you to go

father a father. He's not merely a kinder, gentler master. He's now our Aba, our father intimacy with the Almighty, creator of the universe.

I can't even say those words without feeling smaller than I already am.

Intimacy was the creator of the universe. What it what an awesome thought. We have an obligation though, not as slaves, repaying a debt, but it's sons.

I love taking my kids aside and I do this all the time and they all, they all know that, that I do it with more than just one of them. . I have four of them and I'll take them on. I'll tack on my side. And the only one I don't do this way or this hand is the only one that gets 100 percent the truth. I look at my hand and I go, you're my absolute favorite girl in the entire world. But see, that's Aba. That's what a father does, is he looks at his kids, he says, your mom, absolute favorite child in the world, and I'm a poor representation of God is the father to my kids. I'm sure you do. Realize that your father in heaven looks at you. Jamian's has. Hey, one of my favorite kids in the entire world, king of kings, and if that doesn't make you want to see you're a good good father, you must not know him because he's such a good father to us. Have an obligation and our obligation is not as slaves with someone cracking a whip over our back. We now have the obligation, a genuine stake in our father's estate. I was kidding with my mom yesterday. We've got a real funny relationship. I love my parents to death. And uh, I said, well, she said, mom, I've got to keep my place up. There's going to be mine one day.

He's our father.

The obligation doesn't come as orders from the big house whispered secretly from spirit to spirit, but it comes as an invitation to a contributing member of the family.

I had somebody come to our house the other day in Hana calls me and she goes, dad, there's somebody at the house and it's nasty right now. I was like, well, really quickly as you go, do you know why she cared? I didn't tell her the house wasn't clean and her definition of nasty is like my wife's desk finishing number year. There's three pieces of dust on the floor, like my wife's Weirdo when it comes to that, but you know what? She takes an interest in these things because all of a sudden it's not just mom and dad's house, it's her house, and we tried to understand is that the relationship? We have a duty, no doubt about it toward God. It comes as children. Slaves if we do good is not for his sake alone, but for ours, for everyone else in God's household. So because of that we get to cry out

Abba. Father,

I'm going to read the verse one more time and I want you to think about it as we read it and then we'll close for you. Have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear. That's not the spirit you were any of. You know what I mean by that? Now, let me just say something that does not take away the fact that there's a discipline from God, but God, I honestly thought that God was in heaven Pro d, playing out a divine inspired whack-a-mole game. You pumped your head if you're supposed to smack. That's not at all the spirit that he has. The spirit that he has is that intimate moment when he looks into your eyes and says, you're one of my absolutely favorite kids in the entire world, to which you respond.

That's my hobby. That's my father. Didn't want to thank you for your word.

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