Adopted And Free 5

Chris Gardner

March 11, 2018

After eight and today hopefully will cover two versus, um, we've been talking about being adopted last week and uh, th, that was a, an awesome time, uh, talking about how, what it means to be adopted by God. And so we talked about that. And then today we get to the, the, there on your handout, we had his dwelling. Holy Spirit lives inside of us. My debt. I am a debtor. I do not get to live life the way I want to live life. I do not let it live life based on my convenience. If you don't have a handout, raise your hand. Jacob will get them to you. Always forget that part until Jacob was walking around. But if you hold your hand up, we'll get you that. We have. We have a debt by which we live. We do not live like other people live. We have a debt that we must pay.

We are debtors. We don't get to live like everybody else lives. We just don't get the privilege of doing that. Number three, we find our delight aren't. Delight is in the fact that we know that when the Holy Spirit leads us, we don't have to worry about where he's leading us. We don't have to worry about where he's leading his because his leading, his true, his leading is true, and then we talked to last week about his love tested. He looks at us and he says, you're now my adopted children and you're able to cry out Abba, father. And so we got to that point. Today we're going to start in verse 16, and what we'll find in verse 16 is what we find in the Christian who's my longing for truth. I should long for truth. I should want the truth of the Gospel, my longing for truth, and to Romans Chapter Eight and verse 16.

The Bible says, the spirit itself, beareth witness with our spirit that we are children of God. The spirit itself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God. The biggest problem I have is a Christian and even as a man is that I tend to believe my own lies. He, anybody else in here can attest to that. I believe my own lies is that the problem isn't with all the liars that surrounded me, the biggest problems with a liar that I look at in the mirror every morning because the truth is I lie to myself all the time and we had this hard thing of dealing with that reality. You know, here's the deal. I know I'm not good enough. I know I'm not good enough. OK, I know that I don't deserve what I have, but see, Paul tells us in Romans Chapter Eight, here's what he says there on your paper.

Paul tells us here that we are, that the Holy Spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God. One of the jobs of the Holy Spirit is to look at you and say, you are my child. You are my child. The same powerful spirit that rose Jesus from death has a very important job. His job is to say, you are a child of God. Would you be willing to admit that sometime this month you've not acted like you were a child of God? Were there any of you? Be Willing to admit that I'm putting both of my hands up in the air, you know, would you be willing to admit you reacted in a way that would not be what a child of God should do? Would you be willing to say that? But, but, but the job of the Holy Spirit is to say, you are a child of God.

How do we know when he's bearing witness with us? That's one of the big questions we got to ask. How do you know when the Holy Spirit is bearing witness with you? When? How do you know that that's even happening? So we want to talk about that. This is one of the job of the Holy Spirit as he leads us through life. His job is to bear witness, to communicate with our spirit that we're children. And the big question arise from that is this, how in the world do we know that he's bearing witness with us? How do we know that he's telling us we are his children? If any of you married, if in you have married and for any amount of time at all, you'll know that your wife communicating to you doesn't mean you are listening. Can I get an amen from the ladies there? La La, like has that ever happened before and I would never venture to say that it's the opposite that US men communicate sometimes and the wife is not listening.

It's just part of marriage. You communicate, but just because you get a communication you think you're communicating doesn't mean the other part is listening to what's going on. We've even learned, and men have especially mastered this art of nodding and pretending like we understand your wife sitting. Then she'd go, I tell you, I just felt you're sitting there going fillings, fillings, fillings now. Yes, yes, yes. It fell. Yeah, some old man out. Yeah. You're just nodding up and down and smiling at the right time and you even learn to grunt. That's um, yeah. Uh Huh. Yeah, and that's kind of the way we did. But communicating doesn't necessarily mean we're listening. They didn't show. A lot of people will be like, I know that I'm not saved because the holy spirit isn't telling me I'm saved, but the truth of the matter is, you may have the wife, husband complex going on. He's talking. You've just not learn to listen at all to him. I understand what he says he did. Later on, when you're in your marriage, your wife will say, but I told you that.

Of course you did. Yeah, so of course you did because you totally forgot. She said that the Holy Spirit is always doing his side of the job in communicating with us that we are as children, but we fell many times because we don't listen to what he's saying. When we were listening to the Holy Spirit, things change in the way we view the world. We get. When the Holy Spirit is communicating with you, you get excited about the weirdest stuff. OK? Do you realize how weird it is to have a book as old as this book that you hold in your hands and to enjoy what it says?

That's kind of strange, like do you not know that Harry Potter is a really good book and you can read that and that's just, do you not know that you can watch netflix and nurse him some thrilling shows on Netflix? Why in the world would we enjoy this old book? As you look at it, why would we get excited about somebody telling us about the truth of the scriptures? Why would we even care to the Holy Spirit's communicating with us and telling us through the scriptures we enjoy the weirdest things. We enjoy the weirdest things. CanNot just say this, Justin timberlake's music sounds better than most Christians music. OK, why do we enjoy Christian music? It's not that it sounds better. You said it communicates to the soul of the situation. You're sitting there singing about a risen savior and that's something that that timberlake can't sing about.

That's something that even though the sound isn't what it's supposed to be necessarily, even though it's not as great as whatever, there's something different about music that communicates with our spirit, the spirit of God communicating with our spirit and you'll seeing and you're listening to the music and you're going, man, what a powerful truth, and it matters to us. OK, I thought I was saying something wrong because Justin and Britain back there smiling and snickering, and then I see him looking down on the floor, the baby, and so now I know it wasn't me necessarily. I'm sitting there going, what in the world am I saying? That's weird, but it wasn't at all. So we get excited about things that seem strange. We liked music that necessarily isn't up to the standard of what world of music would be like. Oh, we love when we learned his word.

We love when he learned his word. W W, we write things down and think, man, God is so good and the Gospel is so amazing. When we gather around the scriptures, the Holy Spirit communicates with our spirit that we are children of God. We find is that the holy spirit is not, is not only instrumental in making us godchildren God's children, but the Holy Spirit is instrumental in vital and understanding this, he makes us aware that we are as children. The Holy Spirit's job is to say, you are the child of God. The Holy Spirit speaks to us and whispers. You are my precious child. This isn't a one time thing. The Holy Spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God. Not that we were, not that we will be, but it's a constant reminder from the Holy Spirit that we are his children. He speaks to us. He speaks to us through his word.

He speaks to us through his word. Now, can I tell you that one of the saddest things about Christianity today is we've forgotten to spend time in his word will spend time in a book. We want to spend time in his word will listen to preaching even, but we won't spend time in his word. He speaks through his word. We think a book is going to shed a light on God and dauntless. There's some great books out there, but when a book has more power than the book, there's problems in our life. There's problems in our life when we decide to change our view of Christ based out of any, anything besides this book, there's problems with that. If you decided to change things in your spiritual walk with God, then make sure and know that it is the book, the Bible, and the spirit of God.

This leading you to do what you're doing. D, we're going to fly through it today. D, his lavish treasure, verse 17. We're gonna. Look at verse 17 and read that real quick. The Bible says, Verse Sixteen, the Spirit himself bears witness with our spirit that we are treating them God, and if children also heirs, heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ and joint heirs with Christ. I'm sorry, I was doing that by memory and I forgot where I was at home by Christ. And so it'd be that we suffer with him that we may be also glorified together when you have his lavish treasure. I uh, had the privilege not long ago if taking Hannah out on a prolonged date about a year and a year and three months ago, she had no idea where we're going, but I called her up and I said, hey babe, pack an overnight bag and be ready.

I'm going to pick you up and we're going to do something for a couple of days that, what are we going to do? A doesn't matter. I forgot she's a girl. So it does matter. But then they like what closed while were one way, you know, my dad worried, where are we going? What are you doing? I didn't tell her where we were going and what we're doing. I told her what kind of clothes to wear just because women are weird that way. You know guys, you always wear the same thing. It's not a big deal. You can leave, but women aren't like that. So I'm telling her at the age of ripe old age of 12, exactly what to wear for our little pro long date. We're going out for a couple of days and didn't tell her where we were going. I had to, I had to borrow a [inaudible] car because I didn't know that my car was going to make the drive and I because I had an old, old, old car and wasn't totally sure whether my car was going to make it or not and then it was so fun getting handed in the car with me.

I had a lot of fun as we started our drive to New York, I drove up to New York with my daughter and she had no idea where we were going. She says that. How long were you driving? I said a long time. She had no idea how long it was going to be. She kept her. She's a dad, so where are we going? I said, sorry babe. I, I can't tell you, but you'll know and when we get there and here's what I promise you, it'll be worth does drive. But Dad, where we going? Don't worry about it babe, but I promise you it'll be worth the drive, not sure, but I promise you it's going to be worth the drive. How's that? And she said, she's a how's is going to be worth the drive. And I said, maybe just wait. Here's what I promise you. It will be worth the drive. Romans chapter eight and verse 17 gives us this idea. Romans chapter eight says, if your children, then you're also heirs, heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ, if showed me that we suffer with him, that will be also glorified together. Do you really understand how big of a versus

w, w he says, Hey, here's the deal. You're my child. The Holy Spirit bears witness that you're my child. But if you're his child, you're also his heir.

No, I don't know if you can even imagine this, but you're the heir of the king of kings, the Lord of Lords. You're his. You are heirs of God. What a crazy thought. She'd. God puts his truth in here and when he puts his truth in here, this true to supposed to make us want to dance like not right now, but like literally you're looking at. You're going, are you serious? This is insane. I am an heir of God. That's how big of a statement that he's making here. We're an heir of God. What a crazy thought and he puts his truth and here to still a rate us as we look at it and go, I am a son of God, but that means that I am also an heir of God. And then he says, we're not only heirs, we are joint heirs with Christ. We are joint heirs with Christ. What an unbelievable inheritance. No matter what I am the son of God. I don't risk being fired. What can I tell you that today I thought I cleaned up the pulpit issue because my son left. My son left a green and orange gun on the pulpit and he left a necklace wrapped around it. So I grabbed a necklace and I grabbed the gun and I thought I'd taken care of it. Vince, slug terra cards fall off, all around the pulpit. Guess how much of a risk Joshua is at for being fired?

Zero. I might fire him. I mean, I'm, I'm going to get home to him and be like, dude, you can't do that and please don't use that as the place to leave all your junk when you're done, but you know how much risk Joshua runs or being fired the interest. Zero. Do you know the Bible says you're his child and his child. You have zero risk of being fired. By the way, it's not the only time in the scriptures that you find the idea of being an heir is titus chapter three, verse seven. It says that being justified by His grace, we should be made errors according to the hope of eternal life. In galatians chapter four, in verse seven, it says, wherefore that aren't no more a servant but a son, and if a son then an heir of God through Christ. What an amazing truth that we are, heirs of God we have as an errand inheritance.

That means we have an incredible future. We share in the sufferings and disarray was sharing the sufferings because here's what we know we're going to in this life. Life is not going to be all rosy. Cheeky, awesome. All the time we're going to suffer in this life. God doesn't use his authority to be selfish here, but he says, in your suffering, you need to know you're my child and his discipline. He loves us. Not only that, but we find that we have is family likeness, Christ faced rejection because of who he was, his family. It will suffer in the same ways as they live for him and speak for him. Our families are going to deal with the same things. We will suffer for the cause of Christ. We see suffering and persecution differently today though are suffering. We don't view it the same way that the world sees it.

First Peter [inaudible] says, but rejoice in so much of you are partakers of Christ's sufferings, that when his glory shall be revealed, you may be glad also with exceeding joy. We look at suffering different than people. Do you have any men suffer as a Christian? Let him not be ashamed, but let him glorify God on his behalf in your sufferings. We're supposed to glorify God because here's the deal. We're privileged because we'd be like, it'd be more like him. The one of the biggest problems with facebook is facebook is nothing more than a venting place for all your suffering. How horrible of a life I have, man. Life is so difficult for me. Life is so difficult for me, but we can't lose sight of this. We are heirs of God. I want you to imagine for a second you meet the guy on [inaudible] who's trying to make his way to Birmingham and he's broken down in his truck,

broken down this truck, old beat up truck on the side of the road. You pull over to the side of the road and ask you if you can help him change his tire because it's tire's messed up of thankfulness comes over his face as you get out of the car and he goes on and on about how everything is going so bad for him and how hard his life really is. Have you ever been around people like that? All my life is hard. My life is difficult. I don't know what to do. My life is difficult. Did you grow up in the home of an amazing single mother, but she struggled to put daily food on the table? Imagine that you have not just struggling to put food on the table, a lug nut stuck and so you're stuck as well as you're trying to get everything loose.

You're hanging out with him and all you hear the whole time is bickering and complaining about how bad his life is and you're feeling sorry for him, but all he seems to do here is complaining, complaining of something. We can only take so much and you're sitting there thinking, man, I'm at my daily limit of complaining today, maybe my weekly limit of complaining, maybe my yearly or even a lifetime because I've never heard somebody complain this much. He starts this crazy, crazy story and you asked him. He said, hey, can let it show. Trying to change the subject. You say, so what are you doing? Where are you going? Why are you going to Birmingham? And he starts with this crazy, crazy story. And he says, well, I got a call from a lawyer yesterday. Really? Well, what about that call? And he said, well, I asked a lot of questions and I ended up finding out that my dad, my birth father was the CEO of a fortune 500 company and the lawyer tells me that he left me $500,000,000 and all I've got to do is go in and sign for it and I become an automatic millionaire.

Don't you think that would make you look at this complaining differently when you grab him by the shoulders and go, you moron. I would crawl to Birmingham if I had to and not complain. How in the world are you complaining about this? You've got a flat tire and the Lug nut stuck. I carried you to the gas station. I bought you a snack. Your life is so difficult and didn't you spring the news that you literally have half a billion dollars waiting on you. As soon as you sign a piece of paper sounds way too much like us, doesn't it

[inaudible] we spend our life complaining, but we are the heirs of God and joint heirs with Jesus Christ. And that changes everything. How big of a deal as my headache is not near as big of a deal as I want to make it because guess what? I'm an heir of God. How big of a deal is it that things aren't going the way I want them to go? It's not near a big of a deal. I am an heir of God. Do you understand? I am an heir of God and my complaining looks different. You know why it looks different. The world looks on and they say he complains as if you were not an heir of God

and then we wonder why they want to have nothing to do with our God and maybe it has to do with the fact that we don't live as if we were the heirs of God Almighty and joint heirs with Jesus Christ. Now I'll finish the story with Hannah. We drove up to New York and drove out 14 hours and the absolute worst weather I've ever traveled in. I'll say travel because most people that know me know I don't drive much. My wife drives for me and now that my son's 15, he's. That's his job. Until he leaves the house and then my daughter's 15 and then my son's 15 and then I asked the reason you have for kids if you have a lot of kids you don't have to drive. Once the first one hits 15 you're good. And so I don't drive a lot but I've traveled a lot.

Man, this is the worst weather ever. I'm talking about driving 30 miles an hour and you couldn't see the hood of the car. It was nasty, but we drove 14 hours in. My daughter looks over at me in the middle of the trip and she's Kinda like, are you sure it's going to be worth this? I'm like, yeah, it's going to be worth it. And what she didn't know was that she been searching for pictures on the Internet and my whole family had and she was showing her brothers and sisters saving stuff and all of my family had really wanted a dog,

like all of them on a dog and we'd been here in the states and I thought I might make it back to Peru and saw. I was like, if I'm making it back to Peru, I don't need a dog. I can get dogs in Peru. If I can get dogs and I guess I could get him in Georgia too, but I drove all the way to New York and that's a whole different story for a whole different day, but we drove up there and the look on her face when she saw that we were getting a dog was priceless and I looked over and I said a Hannah was it? Was it worth the drive she gets? It was worth the drive.

Can I tell you this? We have to understand is that we live are hell right now. We are children of God. We are heirs of God. Do you understand what that means? Do you understand the power of those words and can I just promise you as a Christian, I promise you it will be worth the drive alive doesn't line up the way you want it to. Things that aren't near as cool as you expected them to be. You never dreamed you would be financially where you're at right now. You never dreamed that in your health. You'd be where you're at right now. He never dreamed that your life would be messed up like it is right now, but let me promise you something. It will be worth the drive because we are heirs of God.

We are joint heirs with Jesus. There are joint heirs with Jesus, which is way too simplistic, but I can tell you this Christian, it will be worth the drive. Let's not sound like the guy drove broke down on the side of [inaudible] complaining day and night. That's the realized one thing. It will be worth the drive because we are heirs of God and co-heirs with Jesus are joint heirs with Jesus Christ. The interesting thing about this passage is that Paul doesn't give us a list of imperative verbs. Now, if you're a child, you know exactly what an imperative verb is because your parents use them all the time. When we say stuff like stop bat and the Bible is full of them, to the Bible tells us things that we should do and things that we should not do, but Romans chapter eight, up to where we're at, there's very few imperative verbs.

There's very few very imperative verbs. He, truth of the matter is, there's not any at all. He's not telling us in this passage what to do. The truth is that we have one job in this passage and that job as this we are to be led by the spirit of God. If we do that, then everything else falls into place, will not need to be asking ourselves what the will of God for our lives is because we are debtors and because of that, we've decided to be led by the spirit being led by the spirit. Just always remember, we can do nothing in and of ourselves because here's what we know. The spirit is going to work on our behalf as we follow his leading. So the question arises, what is our obligation? After reading this passage? The answer is pretty straight forward. You know what you're supposed to do after reading this passage, nothing, nothing you ask. You don't have to pray. You don't have to get up at 4:00 AM to have this special quiet time with God. You don't have to have these family devotions to make sure that you're in tune with what God tells you to do. You don't have to give away all your money or shower everyday or obey the 10 commandments or wear dark clothing or eat organic foods or do a pile of good deeds to become more spiritual. No, you know what? You have to do nothing. Nothing.

If you have the spirit within you, you are as spiritual as you're ever going to be an imperative but found in Paul's description of a spirit filled life and does this quit trying so hard to be spiritual,

quit trying so hard to be led by the spirit of God, but that doesn't mean that you try to be spiritual. That means you are spiritual because the spirit of God is in you. Stop all of that. Instead, let the spirit of God be spiritual. When that makes sense to you. Can Be sure that you're setting your mind on the things of the spirit. You are starting to understand grace. Until then, you will not be ready to accept Paul's teaching. In the second half of this letter to the Romans. Are we truly leading a life that is led by the spirit? Let me ask you this. Do we even ask the spirit of God to guide us anymore? Are we even open to him when he is guiding us? You say, what am I supposed to do in this passage? If I were to tell you what you're supposed to do, it goes like this. Bask in the glory of being a child of God. Do you know what happens when you bask in the glory of being a child of God? You live more like you were a child of God. You live more like you were a child of God and my house. You'll hear often one of my kids being wimpy, not wanting to do something and another kid might say something like, Hey, gardeners don't do that.

That's part of the DNA of being a gardener. Don't wimp out of stuff. You do stuff. Something needs to be done. You do it. Stop wimping. Stop giving all kinds of excuses. Just do it. It's kind of a part of part of the DNA I try and teach my kids to have. We just don't give excuses. Just do it has to be done. Gardeners don't do that. To Bask in the glory of being a child of God and here's what will happen. You'll wake up in the morning, you'll go, I'm not doing that. Pretty simple because Christians don't do that. Followers of Christ, don't do that. Disciples of God. Don't do that because of that. That's the reason I am where I'm at today made. This would be a week that changes all of that for you and for me. Can I ask you today to simply say, God, thank you for making me your child. Thank you for saying that. I can call you Aba. Father, thank you for adopting me into your family may that dictates so much of our lives. If we are led by the spirit of God and we live like who we say we truly are, let's pray.

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