Born On Third

Chris Gardner

April 9, 2017

Five weeks it's been rough. Like it's been really really rough. The passage is rough telling us how not great we are. And so that's what it's been all about. Well today is the last part of that. And so we're going to talk today about born on 3rd he hit a triple. Born On third thought it thought he hit a triple. We're talking about the Jews the Gentiles.

Everybody who they think they are but they're not at all who they think they are. And so it's been a rough ride. It's been a rough journey so far. And I promise you it will get better. Next

week is probably one of the most one of the greatest passages in the scriptures as Romans Chapter 3 starting in verse 21. And that's what Easter is going to be about. And it talks about how in Jesus Christ everything has changed. So let's go to Romans chapter three and we'll go through a Chapter Verse 1 through 20 today. And here's what I can promise you we will be finishing the message today because I don't want to keep doing this on Easter so each has got to be a good message so I hope you pack a lunch today. And I'm just kidding. It shouldn't be that bad. But if you have a hand who doesn't have a handout. Raise your hand we'll have Jacob pass them out. We'll have them on that back table every week so you can pick one up on your way in.

But he's going to have those handouts if you do a discipleship. If you spend the time of discipleship with people if you spend time in a small group study we have a questions and then questions back in the back just for you to think through the things that you can go through as well. So Jacob fasten those out. Just keep your hand up until you get one. Romans Chapter three and so the very first line I'm going to say actually for you to fill in the blank.

So I'm just going to try and ramble on for a little bit.

Most people think that's what I do when you want hate but Romans Chapter 3 Romans chapter 3 and one go from verse 1 through verse 20 today. So perception is reality. And so they say perception is reality. What how people perceive stuff that is reality. And so you know starting to one of the greatest stories of all times on the greatest short stories was written by Hans Christian Andersen and the story was a story called The Emperor Has No Clothes. And have you ever heard of that the emperor has no clothes and so one of his best short stories.

You know I don't have a Cliff Notes version but I want to give you the Chris note version today and go over it real quick. The Emperor Has No Clothes and so a certain Emperor was very fond of his appearance. He loved clothes ok like he loved clothes and so he was he was all all about it and in certain guys these clever philosophers came to him and they said we're going to make some clothes for you.

These are actually con men. They said we're going to we're going to weave you a very rare and a very expensive garment. He was like OK that's awesome. So he was very receptive to the idea. But his favorite part about the promise they made him was the garment was going to be invisible to everyone except for the wives and the pure in heart.

So we'll make this garment that is just invisible nobody can see it unless they're wise and pure in heart. So man these con men they went off and he was delighted that he commissioned them to make his new clothes it up very very high price. The con men sat before the empty looms and pretended to be weaving or just sitting there going off and what we're doing you know in the Emperor's curiosity got him and so he sent the chief minister down to see how things were going how you going down to check out see how this garment is going well.

The chief minister went down and he didn't see anything mainly because there was nothing there but he didn't want to be.

He didn't want to be thought of as someone that was not smart not wise. And so he said you know what he didn't get anything but he didn't want to be thought of and wider and pure in heart so he returned with a report about how fabulous of a job they're doing making this new garment for the employer. I just saw him after some time the Weavers ask for more money. We need more money for this garment that we're not made for this garment that we're making That's for more money. They were seen second chief minister and he returned with an even more enthusiastic support man.

This is going awesome. The garment is amazing. The Embra decided to go into sales to go check it out. He saw nothing but he knew that if he didn't see anything that was because he was not wise so he was thinner and he goes I don't want to appear to be stupid. So you know what. This is the most excellent and beautiful clothing I have ever seen. He tells everybody how beautiful it is. And then he even gave the Weavers medals for how great of a job they were doing weaving together this beautiful beautiful garment on the day of the Grand Parade.

The con men came together and dressed the Emperor in his name yes.

They dressed him in his nakedness and then they skipped town while he skipped town. The

Emperor paraded through the dirty president paraded through and around all of these people all not around like as in his birthday suit with this little suit that didn't exist on top of it. He's you know parading around in these beautiful clothes and everybody didn't want to seem to be fools. So they just played along with it. The absurd parade continued until just a few minutes later.

This child said the emperor has no clothes.

The Emperor Has No Clothes. The child made an innocent honest remark because he didn't know any better. Uber has no clothes. Oh get in. As we approach the third chapter of Romans we must keep in mind that he's going to describe the condition of the Jews that Paul has been addressing in much the same way. But let's see what they thought was since they were Jews they were saved. Special privilege before God. The Jews were sure that they were clothed in righteousness but they didn't understand that the only righteousness they had on was the exact same clothing that this emperor had on which is nothing at all. Paul liked this little boy is going to strip away the layers of their illusion. That's what Paul is going to do. In Romans Chapter Three he's going to strip away the layers of their illusion.

They have this fall that they're here. And Paul goes OK this is my last chance for I'm going to really hit him hard. And I want to explain to you that you are nothing like what you think that you are. Paul is going to go back and forth asking questions and then answering them these questions in and of themselves show how they really don't even want to answer the questions. When I ask them what can see us human beings. Are we not. Don't we have a crazy innate ability to equate to make dumb questions as long as it makes the conversation go in another direction. I don't know if you remember this is kids your dad should be getting on to you.

I know some of you were like as holy as holy games or God. That never happened to you. You probably had to get on your dad but that wasn't me at all. That

wasn't me at all. And so you're sitting there and your dad is talking to you. You're feeling awkward. You're feeling weird. You're sitting there driving down the road your dad talking to you and you're in the car. You'd think he might be nice but he's on the verge of that spot where you don't know whether he's finished or whether he's going to nail you again for another 15 minutes and so you do everything that you can going that that grass is really green over there isn't it.

I guess humans have an innate ability to do that kind of thing. We have an innate ability to do that kind of thing. We see that we're going to see this in this chapter we also shortened John Chapter 4 in verse 20 where the woman at the Well here's what happens and she goes she asks a question that had nothing to do with what Jesus is talking to or about. She says Our Fathers worshiped in this mountain. And you say that Jerusalem is the place for me to worship. When she felt the truth coming too close to home she raised in a relevant issue as to which of the two places did God preferred for worship. That's not at all what they were talking about which he says which is God prefer for worship. What is the role of worship just kind of crazy the way does it.

But that's the way she asked him because he she didn't mind the discussion on the general topic of religion. That didn't bother at all. Yeah we can talk about religion all day all night. Not a problem as long as the search light did not come near to her own soul. Are we that way. Aren't the Jews that way. Aren't the Gentiles that way. It's not the entire human race that way. We don't mind talking about stuff. It's wrong. It's not my stuff. No we don't mind talking about things as long as it's not talking about my things. We're going to watch here as Paul and Paul the Jew debates with Paul the Christian. So it's literally going to be Paul the Jew who is like as Jew as you can be. And then Paul the Christian they're debating with each other in this passage and you're going to watch as they grow through this.

So he's sitting here and he's he's debating with himself. We're going to show them. Do we want to show the people what their true standing before God will show me that you're standing before God is. And here's the deal.

What people must understand is this is there's no righteousness on him at all.

You're not some holy person without Christ you are not someone that is sitting there going to go to heaven because of his works and that's what Paul was going to say. He looks at the Jews and he goes Hey Jews who have no clothes.

Hey gentiles you have no clothes and while you parade around thinking everything's great. Wake

up. You have. No clothes.

By the way if there's anything that is the story of America that's it because we walk like Christians. We talk like Christians. We even get mad because people put Merry Christmas instead of Merry Christmas.

We don't like happy holidays we like Merry Christmas. We do. Is it not fun. We choose these things to fight about and we think that those things make us Christian. Hey you can find out Christmas versus X-mas all day long.

But if you don't know Jesus you have no clothes you have no clothes.

So number one I want to find a privilege my boy when you want to find their privileges. Romans Chapter three verse one and verse two.

Here's what Paul says Paul says So what advantage is that you have there. What advantages did you have then or what is that. Are you saying that there's nothing to profit of the fact that we have been a people separated to God through circumcision for this many years. What advantage have you what profit is there of circumcision.

In much every way because that is to the Olympic Committee. The oracles of God.

So you start out with a question but you start out with a question that basically says he's irritated with the case that Paul laid out Paul's laid out the case that hey there's nothing that a Jew has is going to bring him closer to God. They're very irritated with that. In Romans Chapter 2 he starts Romans Chapter Three out Romans chapter one that really bothered them because Romans chapter 1 was pointed to Gentiles. Isn't that the way it happens with us too. We love it when we hear a message that we think that Justin needs to hear everybody it just and love it we love it when we hear a message that way you need to hear that.

Aaron needs to hear that Jessica is here for the Japanese here. We love those kind of messages but when it hits home we don't really like it that much. Romans Chapter 1 The Jews were like high five. This is awesome. Great. You tell them how it is and then Romans chapter two hits and they go.

OK no more high fives here. They really like homage to the mountain man Romans 1 2 man Romans who got them fired up. And here's what they say he. So I guess what you're saying is that there's no advantage at all to being a Jew.

Is that what you're saying Paul that there's no advantage to being a Jew. All right. Are you saying that circumcision means nothing at all. Is

that what you're really saying. Romans just roll them up. Most amazing yet the most complex books of the Bible as far as they ask this question.

So are you saying that there is no advantage to being a Jew if we're sitting in that classroom when he asked that we've already gone to Romans 1 and 2 and the reason he like I'll answer that. I'll answer that. I know because I've just read Romans 1 the Romans two were sitting there in the back of the classroom just hoping he calls on us because we never get questions right but we'll get this one right. Mr. Zimmerman with what advantage is there in there and we're waiting anxiously awaiting for him to call on us because we know we've got this one. We know we understand Romans Chapter 2. He points to us he just say OK you answer that question for me. And this say of course there's no benefit to being a Jew.

There's no benefit at all. Romans Chapter Two we get that grim smirk on our face as in under-manned. You see how I answer that question. You see I own that there's no advantage to being a Jew. We've got that question right no doubt about it. And then Paul throws a bucket of ice water on us.

He goes on there is a lot a lot of advantage to being a Jew.

Our egos hungry for approval. We don't get it because how many of you have ever answered the preacher question that he asked in church only with the wrong one. Feels weird. Well that's what they did with Paul. Paul goes to there's no advantage to being a Jew.

No no no no no no no no.

And he goes WAY WAY YOU. It's Paul into the exact opposite he says much every way. There's a big advantage to being a Jew. There are so many reasons that you have an advantage of being a Jew.

And he taught us in Romans 2 that Jews need a savior as well we've got to not forgive. ROMANS 116 where he said that the Gospel went to the Jew first. So there is an advantage to being a Jew. For I'm not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the power of God and the salvation of everyone to believe me to the Jew first and also to the Greek. Then he goes on to explain. He says let me tell you how much every way makes sense he says chiefly mainly primarily.

Most importantly they the Jews were given the oracles of God. Now the question is what in the world is an oracle. What he's saying is this.

The Jews have a big advantage they have a big advantage in it. They see the word of God. They received the Word of God. And let me just tell you the Word of God makes it happy and advantage to be a Jew.

Sly did show the next lot if you don't mind he says what's the Jewish advantage. And he acts like he's going to give a bunch of them but he only gives one. You know why.

Because that one's big enough. You

know what you get to talk about Jews. There is an advantage because guess what you in your hands in your in your in your synagogue when you gather together you gathered around the word of God.

Do you understand how big of an advantage that truly is.

Yes there's an advantage to being a Jew. The gentiles didn't have that. You had the word of God. Nothing much no nothing else can much we said needs to be said. You were given the word of God from here on out. Paul

was going to quote from the Old Testament just to prove his point. And if you read Romans three you don't get this unless you've read your Bible through five thousand times and know it by memory. So most of us probably didn't get this just by looking at it but what you're going to find he's going to prove to them the advantage because he's going to start saying here's the advantage to being a Jew.

You've got the word of God. And then as it follows during these next few verses he quotes the Old Testament there word the word of God to them 14 times in the following verses because that's what the Word of God matter to them to people to be what what Paul for to preach the Word of God. That's what he preached. He used the Old Testament to show the New Testament. He's speaking of the whole Old Testament quoting from him to prove that point.

But see here's the problem you have. And I hope this one scare you just a little bit. Here's the problem. Jews say having the Word of God didn't change them much.

Just because they had the word of God didn't mean it changed that much I'm I'm not sure about your house but if I were to tell you the amount of Bibles that I have sitting around my house it probably scared. And I'm kind of an electronic kind of dude but I still got plenty of Bibles all around.

These people had the word of God but it didn't change.

That was a problem.

They had the word of God that didn't change them much. Sad to say but I believe the same thing could be said today of us as well.

I've got to work. I want to ask you if you've got the word. We're asking if it's doing something in it it's changing.

Because guess what if the Word of God enters here but doesn't enter there. You've got problems and you need to stop studying the word God. Study the Word of God need to be secondary on your list of things to do first thing on your need to be I need to know what I need to know so that I can do because knowing the scripture does nothing.

If we don't know the Scriptures and that tied you to our feet and do what we know the Scriptures say we need to do. Here's what he said. He says this.

You have the word of God. But the scary part is you don't do anything that you can do anything with it.

And that's a problem with being given the Word of God. Do you realize the responsibility that it leaves you with the fact that you have the Word of God. You understand the responsibility that it leaves you with. You

were given the oracles of God you understand it you are giving the oracles of God and you don't even read it.

Before I got married my wife. I was in Peru she was in the States before email.

My dad actually had email on a dial up which you can imagine that my dad was like hey you ought to write you you can write and get in the States because her dad has asthma of my email. Sure. And that's all I want to do only use your e-mail to write my girlfriend. That sounds like the greatest combination ever. You're a brilliant man dad. I'm back in the day. You didn't have more than one computer in the house your iPad or iPhone. So my wife would write me letters. Can you imagine how offensive it would be if I came back to it because I flew back from Peru. My wife had written me every single day that I was in Peru. I wrote my wife every single day that I was in Peru and we were sitting and we were sending letters back and forth every day we would get letters more Holligan.

Can you imagine me getting off of the airplane my wife was waiting for me at the door because this was before TSA went crazy. She was waiting for me the doors. I walked out. Can you imagine me having an envelope and sent here here's all those letters she opens it and never even opened them and read them.

In case you're wondering she would probably not be my wife today if I had done that.

In your hands you have the oracles of God but it's changed all of the Jews and said yes there is an advantage definitely an advantage to being a Jew. The

biggest advantage is this word you got the word You've been given the word of God. Now the question is this what have you done with it.

What have you done for a guy.

Sure I've got the word of God. But the question is if you have it because it is to get it go to lineswoman go to Amazon. Honestly you can buy Bibles Kroger you can buy them everywhere in this country you can buy a Bible act or Bible or Bible at your Bible.

I was in public school the other day and there's three different Bibles that you can buy different qualities of Bibles that you can buy at a public site pick up your son to buy groceries and pick up a Bible on the way out. The Bible is everywhere and you've got on. But the question is does the Bible have you.

Does the Bible have you do. That's the question and Paul said when he says listen the biggest advantage to being a Jew is you've got the word which I can tell you as Americans that one of the biggest advantages you have is you have the Word of God. Never forget.

Humble. Getting his first Bible from my dad back in the day before cellphones and all that. And my dad told me that if you'll be faithful to church for three months I'll buy you a Bible. Know my dad bought him a Bible imitation leather nothing fancy. You know it was fancier than the hardback Bibles but Bibles weren't that cheap.

I still remember because I used to hang out with those guys. They were my age and we go hang out after church. I still remember watching as you walk down the street and he hugged his Bible he put it close to his chest and he was walking on the road smelling it. He was walking on the road just embracing the fact that he had the Scriptures but the respect we showed of the Bible is hey I'll pick it back up on Sunday and still be there.

The biggest advantage to being a Jew is this God's word and that's a big deal.

You got word number two you find their protest. This is where you go. Thank you Jesus. The next point I doubt you're much better. Sorry. I wish you did. Number two the protests crawl What if some did not believe. I love what he says here your child their unbelief make the faith of God without effect.

For God forbid let God be true but every man a liar as it is written that that might be that it might be justified in saying it might just overcome when they are judged but if our and righteousness come into righteousness of God what shall we say is God unrighteous to take and take vengeance vengeance. I speak as a man. God forbid. For then how shall God judge the world for the truth of God. More abounded through my life to His glory. Why am I also judge just as a sinner and not rather as we cylinder's be reported and some affirm that we say let us do evil that good may come whose damnation is just like what in the world where ever will get to it. So here's the second question that Paul thought they would ask. Second of course he thought they would ask is this. Does the fact that some people do not believe in God doesn't change anything since.

Have you ever heard.

I don't believe there is God. What did you do or does that make God not exist because they don't believe that there's a God.

It was in Peru in Young is now pastor here in the States.

Pastor with Latin-Americans in drama three years and Ronald to with an atheist atheist atheist came in I looked at him one day and I said Dude here's the deal. I have a sister that lives in the States. Do

you believe me or not.

He said well I said Do you really think the fact that you don't believe changes anything. I

say guess what. Whether you like it or not I got to see you lose nothing and that's it. You can be an atheist as long as you want to do it. Want to be an atheist. But guess what you will give a carrot to the God you don't believe in.

He's like who wouldn't want that one when you say I was a pastor and preachers and all that kind of stuff over here in Norcross Georgia doesn't make God a liar just because you don't believe in him.

Does it make God a liar. Here give you that are the are the are the promises of God nullified Jesus. What do you think that just because you don't believe. Oh you don't believe. I guess I can't exist anymore. That's what Paul says. Whom is God intimidated by those that do not believe in you.

Is that is God intimidated by those who don't believe in what you don't believe in me what I do now is that is that is God in heaven wringing his hands going Oh no I got people that don't believe in me. No what do I do.

Because I know how God feels are God's not intimidated or frightened by the beliefs of those that don't trust him or don't believe in him. He's not intimidated in the least. Honestly whether you like it or not he's God. We expect that God. And this is the big point. I hope you get this we expect and want God to fulfill his promises to us. We want God to fulfill his promises to us don't we. Man God promises I want him to fulfill that promise. But what you're going to find in this passage is this.

He's also promised to judge did you get that god fulfill your promises. I

don't know why I you so from the way I do with all the stuff God fulfill your promises that you get in the mind of God. But you rely on me to fulfill my promises because of promises and when judgment is I will judge.

Yet I don't take the good promises with that the way Americans do this I would take all the good promises without the bad please. You know we like Christianity Allah King you get it your way. You

know like hey I'll take this give you a little bit of promises of good stuff and just ignore the bad stuff and look at what I do on Sunday forget the Monday through Saturday part and I think Christianity my way.

That's just not the way life works. And that's also not the way our God works when it comes down to God's true and never man is every man is. A liar. We don't like that do we. The good news is it's not. Oh actually it is. Every man is a liar. God's true every man is a liar.

God's perfectly reliable. We can depend on him to carry out to the letter every single promise that he's made. Let's see the problem with us is that our world worships at the shrine of public opinion. Is

that not true. You know the only thing that you're not able to do you judge not except for or against everybody else is judging and you're judging when you say Judge you know it's funny how people do that is when we were all we worship at the shrine of public opinion. Public opinion though. Sad to say is not what we're judged by. I want to ask you to help me out this morning. Guys I want ask all of you if you would to close your eyes everybody and just close your eyes. You open them back and I say open them up that you all awesome OK.

Right close your eyes. I want everybody to put their hand in the right hand and in the sky. If you don't mind and I will everybody close eyes please and you're not going to change once I'll tell you on everybody to point north please point north. Whatever you think of it if you have no idea just try and do something OK. Not everybody look up and see where everything where everybody is pointing said often has no earthly idea. He still point you out. Just Justin Higginbotham is bad that way. JOHN MOORE Is this way more Magan and one on your like on this. And you knew I was going to use this illustration and take it out on your iPhone.

Here's the deal is it. That's the way it did.

The problem is everybody's opinion is different. Like if I say go north. I have no idea where I'm going. If I follow your directions what's right and what's wrong. Can I just tell you that everybody would do the exact same thing with it right and what's wrong. This is right this is wrong. The other board says no that's right that's wrong. It all shifts. It all changes. Nobody

knows which way north is except for I do it in my iPhone the properties in NE that way. And Aaron Farley had it right because he was looking at. I was like if there's anybody in the room that's going make fun of me for saying away's north is not. Can you verify that I even know how to read a compass please and so help me out. And nor is that what you know.

That's exactly what happens when you look around and you see that everybody differs in what they think North is. Now can I ask a question.

Is it right to fill in the mind and have of your own to say yes. How

are you going to say no. The other half all that mathematicians like there's no half left but the other part of you still say I don't care.

Isn't it kind of depends what's right and what's wrong.

Paul says listen what you have is the word of God and it tells you what's right and what's wrong. Now is time we have to ask ourselves if we truly trust ourselves with what's right and wrong.

Because if John Murchison's up for what's right and wrong guess what he's going to go in that way. The person swearing he's going north.

And sets going to flying into heaven like Superman. Along with the Morgan and with Andre Johnson my collarbone is just crazy. Nope. Can you really trust yourself right and wrong. No

you can't. What is your opinion on it doesn't matter.

Or what do you think about it doesn't really matter we have the Scriptures and that's what tells the next set of ideas and reasonings and Paul you it sounds extremely twisted. If it's true Masin we see the faithfulness of God.

Here's what I say then shit I just seen because if I said it shows how great he is only a 3 year old could come up with that logic.

Like it's just because I see and it shows how good and worshipful and graceful God is I might as well just sin in. Isn't that true Paul said those who reason this way they deserve the damnation they have coming to them.

They deserve it.

They deserve the damnation they have coming to them into the book of Romans we have now come to a conclusion of God's case against the human race. The heathen. The hypocrite and the Hebrew have each in turn been brought before the judge and each time the judge's gavel dropped a drop. With this word you're guilty then you're guilty. You're guilty gentille you're guilty before a Holy God. Now

these next few verses humanity at large is brought before God. To here he goes I talk to the Gentiles. Talk to them. You don't want to talk to you all together want you to hear the final thing. Number

three Their position is their position their position.

Some did something to notice closely that the repetition of the words you're going to find in these verses you're going to find the words No. No one. None. All all through this thing. It's not fun is it to be part of it all. Unless the all is a good thing but it usually isn't. There's no doubt that is making the case that there's no such thing as a person that is found guilty before God the first you see that all are under seen in verse 9 18.

All are under sin not some of them not a few of them all are under soon. What then are we better than they. No and no why for we had before proved both Jews and Gentiles that they are. How many. All. And the next word under sin. Yes you had the law but the law doesn't lead you to issue your salvation. It lead you to knowing and understanding that you're a sinner. You see the law is not a checklist we keep saying that the people mess up with the law. They do the old testament. The law is not a checklist you keep It's a benchmark that we all fell.

It's not a checklist you keep It's a benchmark we all fail. Are you going to obey 100 percent of the law. The

answer is no. Is there ever been anyone that has obeyed one can presume that all not human not one of them are human and nothing else. Jesus is the only one that obeyed the law to its full extent.

No one did and here's what we mess up. He is not a checklist. Do this do this do this do this because with all my checklist I don't check off everything every day.

Most of the time but it's a benchmark. And guess what. You're never going to reach that benchmark.

I guess I want you to imagine three people that try swimming from Hawaii to Japan.

OK anybody in here a former swimmer and swimmer so they will put him out there brain and swim or put them out there. Try this out. Oh one can't swim at all. These

three guys can't swim at all. And he gets out past the level of being able to walk and he beat his feet on hitting the ground all of a sudden he's dead he's dead.

It's over with him from a white van. The next one is a weak swimmer. OK. He makes it 60 to 100 feet before he drowns. And then the third is the world champion swimmer and he swims for a long long time. He's

going to he's 30 miles in and he's struggling he's like Man this is some rough stuff here. He's 40 miles out and it's like I don't know how much more I can do this. He gets 50 miles out and guess what he drowns.

The question is this is he more drowned than the other ones are drowning.

That's exactly what's going on with us with the law.

It don't matter who you turn in on no matter how great you are you're never going to reach the benchmark. And we're in the same way the religious person that they trust in morality while a pagan indulgence in duality but neither comes close to a righteous heart. They are equally lost. They're equally condemned to parish to parish. There is a Russian poet his name to move on to we're going.

There you go. I met my friend here. I thought he could help me but he's about useless.

Is it. He caught it. Hurry when Here's what he said. He

said I don't know what the heart of a bad man is like but I do know what the heart of a good man is like. And it's terror.

No justice. There's no law. You obey. Before God we just went over how the Jews and Gentiles are all understand. It's interesting how Paul chose this word.

He said they are interesting. He didn't say insane.

He said I understand and this is Speaking of the oppression from sin to slavery from sin. The way he phrased it is very important. People do not just commit sin they are under sin. This truly is the problem that humans are under sin. They are prisoners of sin. Why is this point important. Mainly because of our understanding of a problem dictates the answer to the problem. We don't just sin. We are sinners. We are under sin. Marxists believe in the basic human problem is an equal distribution of wealth. Their solution is to exert state control over the economy. So there will be no more rich and poor. Many great philosophers in history have been convinced that the basic problem is that they are ignorant. Their solution is knowledge. Teach people they'll be made into better people and the problems will disappear. Even today many politicians think that this is our big problem. Paul in the Bible's analysis is quite different. People by nature are addicted to sin.

People by nature are addicted to sin they're in prison too and they're unable to free themselves about anything they can do so because of this God did not see this a teacher or a politician. He sends a liberator to free us from our sin. That's a big difference.

One who has the power to free us from our sins. Teaching is a very good thing but we've got to understand that it can never be by itself the ultimate solution to any one person's problems or the problems of the world. When we really see people as understand all around us in our neighborhoods that the store is helpless captives of sin. What better motivated to help them find a true liberator who alone can rescue them. The church is not the answer to your neighbor's problem. Jesus says Jesus is the answer the only one that can liberate from sin.

Only Jesus Christ can break through the walls of sin that imprison human beings. Starting Romans 3 10 through 11 we find the charges and the verdict as it is written.

And this is a verse that we probably know as it is written. Help me out. There is. None righteous and just in case you didn't understand the none. No not one. Verse 11. There is none that understand if there is none that seek it after God there is no one that is righteous no not one no one understands no one seeking God. What does a sad reality as we read. Exactly how we live all about our slavery to sin. We have to understand is this that there is no not one. And here Paul quoting from Psalm 14 the verse three. One of the most graphic illustrations of this reality comes from the days of the judges. No not one judge 17:6 the Bible says in those days there was no king in Israel but every man did that which is right in his own minds. Something to notice in this passage is that they weren't doing wrong. See if you look at the judges that weren't doing wrong they just decided that they would do what they deemed to be right.

There's also the danger of our day and age we love thinking that we alone are the judges and we decide what is right and wrong. They didn't do what was wrong. I hope you get that. The book of Judges is one of the darkest times in Israel's history but it got that dark not because people did wrong but because people did write in their own eyes.

They do write in their own lines. So you people just do what they do. No that's not at all the case they get why that was in their own minds. The most startling point of this is that every man doing what he thought was right. Produced one of the darkest arrows in Israel's history. Many think that their behavior is right in their own eyes. Preaches that actually preach and the Bible says are called crazy people talk about and they're like well you're just too dogmatic you're just too strong when you say stuff and they talk about them not me. Other things like that. But let me just say this if you have a pastor or a leader that is not as dogmatic as the Bible is then when the Bible is dogmatic then guess what. There's a lot of danger in that guy and he's part of an entertainment club not part of a church no matter what the sign on the television sets.

It's not my job to be nice to you. It's my job to preach the Word of God and some time you're going to walk out of here thinking man that comforted me more than anything else. The Word of God is amazing and sometimes you're going to walk out feeling like somebody just hammered you on top of the head of a sledgehammer.

But you need to understand it's the Word of God. It's our job to preach the Word of God. He might be preaching the gospel of judges but he's not preaching the gospel of Christ.

God does not mean by human standards he tries them by his own standards of absolute perfection. And the sad thing is Romans 3 12 to 14 doesn't get any nice Romans 3 of the 14 they're all by the way they're all together becoming profitable. There's nothing to do with good no not one. Your throat is an open liquor. He's already said this to everybody. Don't we love this your tropes and open spruiker their tongues. They have used it to see the point is no as the push of serpents under their lips whose mouth is full of cursing and bitterness their throats like a tomb. That's nice on the outside but inside it's nasty they're liars when they speak to you. Be careful because it's just like a snake. He's talking to you when you don't understand there's poison. I know what he has to say.

They curse all the time they're bitter and they Romans 350 great team that get nicer either and their feet are swift to shed blood as you read that you're like that can't be talking about me. Destruction and misery are in their ways in the way of peace have they not known there's no fear before of God before their eyes. Their feet are really quick to to hurt even kill the other people in your life. That's never me.

I wouldn't never do that. But if you read Matthew 5 21 or 22 Jesus told us in the Sermon of the Mount that our thoughts are equally as fair game for God to judge as our actions are.

And all of a sudden how many of us in here are guilty of murder and every single one of us will have to raise our hands because I just really wish that that God was coming to him and thinking about what would that would turn our heads. We're like OK I guess me too. The very first sin that we find after Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden is exactly that scene. Cain kills Abel man's first sin separated him from God and the second sin separated him from man. Cain's religion was too refined to slay a lamb but it was to revive to murder a man.

Their ways are nothing but destruction and misery. What a sad and what a saddened expression of Jews and Gentiles alike. Doesn't it all sound like the survival of the fittest like you've been told. It sounds like a survival of the weakest. It sounds like Romans 3:17 says. And a way of peace. They have not known all of these things are stated about human kind but it leads to this peace was the ultimate hope of the engines you so embedded in whom that instead of saying hello and goodbye when they met a friend along the way that would say Shalom which means peace. Peace can only be known one way for the Jew and for the Gentile alike.

Jesus is the Prince of Peace. There is no fear of God before their eyes. What a bleak reality that we arrive at here in Romans 3:18. There is no fear of God before their eyes. We are all understand we are slaves to it. No one fears God. Man has decided to start a mutiny against his creator of the third letter B there is they're all under the law and we're just about done.

They're all under the law. Now we know that what we know we know that what things soever the law say it set them to they're under the law that every mouth may be stopped and all the world may become guilty before God. That's the reason the law existed so that you can know that you are guilty.

Guilty as charged.

We're all under the law so we could make it become guilty before God.

What a powerful yet dreadful statement we are guilty before God. We are not God's buddy. We are not God's friend. He is not our business partner. He is not our copilot. Outside of our relationship with his son we are found guilty and nothing but guilty.

If it weren't for Jesus or nothing. What a sad reality we're all in sin and we're all guilty. Let her see her all under pressure. Romans chapter 3 verse 20 says this. Therefore by the deeds of the law there shall no flesh be justified in sight. For by the law is the knowledge of sin.

The law shown every is as shown every one of the world that we are sinners. And the sad part is that we know we are sinners. We now have that knowledge. I've

seen them do the works of the law. Look at this right here. The next slide coming up here. The works of the law. It talks about the Mrs.. Blaine is justified by the works of the law. The

Jews know the gentiles know. Everyone knows. None of the above. Absolutely no one is justified by the law.

I really don't know about you but I am very glad we're wrapping up Romans 3:22 today.

I know that sometimes sitting in the chairs you don't feel the urgency or the pressure of the passage as much as I do about it all day every day before I come to preach to you but let me just tell you it's almost like this dark cloud above you as you're sitting there steady and you should tell you about how guilty and how violent how wicked human beings are.

I'm glad to be out of this part.

I wish you could understand the. It's a drain on all of us as we think about our guilt before God. If we were honest we would admit that we all know are guilty to ourselves to our spouse to even our children as well. Our guilt halts us as you realize how we could do better how we could be better how we can have a better attitude. Let me close though with the next word in the next verse and open that verse with me. If you don't mind and we're just going to look at it we are all guilty before God. We are all under sin. We're all guilty because of the law. This is not some verdict handed down by a pastor in Acworth. This is a verdict of God given to us through the Scriptures. And no matter how difficult it is with them to live with it the next word in Romans 3:21 is a great encouragement.

OK. And hey. All of this is true. But starting next week you we get one of the most encouraging words of all time. I wish you could sit with me in my office as I'm studying through this and I get to this passage and literally lock the door because I'm crying like a little girl.

Just think about this for say you're wicked. You're vile. There's nothing in your brain. Take God and in Romans 3 all the way from Romans 1 18 to Romans chapter 3 in verse 20. It feels like they just keep on throwing something else on your back on your back.

Curious about how bad you are can you just about how bad humankind is. And then you get home it's 3:21 Romney's 3:21 says.

But now what an amazing thought. You know what that word means don't you when somebody goes. He's a great guy but what is that word but mean. No not really get rid of God because I'm trying to change everything I'm saying. So what you're going to find is this. We are guilty we are vile before God and Hell. But now everything changes but now everything changes it's a really big word.

All of this is true. But so I beg you to be here next week as we talk about the title of the message but now. But now and talking about how everything changed because of Jesus. Can I beg you to invite your friends next week. Invite your friends to hear about the freedom that only Jesus can give in the book of Romans 3. When I come to you I thank you for your work. I don't know that there's ever been a heavier group of passages that had a steady throne that have really just burdens me.

Romans chapter one verse 18 Romans 320. Thank you so much. He's a liberator and I thank you so much that I'm no longer understand. I thank you so much that I've been reading. My life. Has been changed. I thank you for all that you've done as you do my help us today leaving here saying thank you for. But now things are changing in Jesus name Operation.

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