Broken Promises 2

Chris Gardner

October 29, 2017

You Romans chapter.

In Romans Chapter 7 and talking about broken promises.

I love love love preaching through the Bible. I love preaching verses going one verse to the next verse. There's no agenda that a pastor can have he can't stand up and say well let me tell you what I want to tell you because you need it. He had to stand up and say this is what the word God said. The funny thing is it's almost like God had something to say to the church and it's almost like God has something to say. It's almost like something that we can take what God says and it is so vital to our lives today. So we talked last week through point number one. We're talking about broken promises. And so number one we talked about what the last purpose was. You don't have a law as our teacher shows us what's wrong. Then we go and this is going to be a really short one today and then we go number two if you if you're if you're filling out it might not have a handout.

If you don't have a hand out we'll have one to you there if I got one. Doesn't happen here.

We're out of here. I've got one right here. I got it. OK. They go they go. OK. So I'll start printing more. Sorry about that.

You gave her one it's her fault. Let's get her in trouble. Let's do that. Thank you. Anybody need one. Romans Chapter Seven. Number two. Number two the second they were looking at is the last plea the last plea. So look at the last plea and so let's talk about what that means for a second. The last plaintiffs look at verse 8. Romans Chapter 7 verse 8 through 10. And before we do that let's pray.

Lord I come before you asking you that. Then your word would speak powerfully to us your Lord the job of a pastor is to love you and then love his people and love his word and help his people to grow in His Word to love you even more. You're right I asked you that you might help this word today to help us fall in love with you. That might help us to grow. That might help us to to to to fall more in love with you today. Thank you. For these people thank you for the privilege of being the pastor and I ask you to. You might just hope your words will be exactly what you say. Yes. Sharper than any two edged sword to prove that this morning system operate.

Amen to Romans chapter 7 verse 8 through 10. The Bible says verse 8. It should have been sent taking occasioned by the commandment Ralton me all manner of concupiscence for without the law sin was dead.

Fry was alive without the all once but when the commandment came sin revived and I died he said verse 10 and the commandment which you were ordained to live I found to be under death the last plea and so we find here.

But because of this sin to be opportunity and brought out things in me look in verse eight again.

But in the next few words will the same state. But then taking occasion taking occasion is a really cool fall and you ought to underline it and be understand what it means. This

has been taking occasion by the commandment it wrought in me. All men are concupiscence for without the law.

Is that what he said is this it took occasion to see what sin did is sin did it was it seized the opportunity and seized the opportunity. So

what it says is this. It says it took occasion in other words it seized the opportunity to do what it did look like it took advantage of what was going on here. It seized the opportunity with no law. It's kind of hard to say what what sin and what is not sin. If you don't have law how do you decide what sin is because then it comes down to your personal preferences. What is sin and what is not sin is going to be up to each and every individual of each and every culture to decide what sin really is. So

for example in Peru South America. It's crazy because a man is supposed to have a young lover when he turns about 45 years old.

That's just like a cultural thing it's to do that because you've got to prove that you haven't lost it and so you're supposed to have enough money and enough clout and enough charisma to have a lover on the side of your wife. That is what you're supposed to do. And by the way that's not right. But the only thing that tells us that that's not right is the Scriptures because culturally it's normal it's normal to do the things Quarterly's not normal to do those things according to the Word of God to be good to each one each and every individual and 6:45 sin really is.

And can you imagine how scary of a thought that is.

Can you imagine how scary of a thought that is. Because

here's the deal. It isn't culture that tells you what sin is. Our God tells us what sin is.

Through the Scriptures. Here's the deal. Some people say the book called deflate gate or something that just called deflate gate. But like Bill Belichick in Chief better than anybody he's awesome at cheating. But how do we know it's cheating. There's only one way to know that he's cheating and there's only one cheating and only way you can or that is cheating. There's

a rulebook. If there wasn't a rule book then it would all be opened up do whatever you want to do with it. But that's not at all what happened.

There is a rule book you can't do that. So that is cheating. So you are sanctioned because of that and here's what the Bible says the Bible says The Lord shows us teaches us what cience Good to see. I would think that certain things aren't soon. You would think worse than you would think things are seen that are not sin. He said know the Word of God teaches us that when there is no standard for what sin is then we have the freedom to decide on our own.

By the way if you have a Facebook account you're going to see that this is exactly what America believes today. That's exactly what Acworth believes today. That's exactly what Kennesaw believes today that's exactly what your zip code believes today.

Whatever I think is wrong is wrong. And whatever. I don't think it's wrong. Is it wrong. Impoverishes Now that's not the idea. The law is what teaches you what is right and what is wrong. Without all this dad and knowing this it's hilarious.

I love it. I was like yes. What was funny one day I actually said in the middle of the church service I said something that sounded like Hey Siri and like seven phones went off in a congregation it was like it was the most hilarious thing ever. And so it's a sin and knowing what it is according to scripture what it did is this it produced all manner of covenant. Look at verse 8 there again it says but in it took occasion a commandment and it wrong in me. All men are concupiscence. This is a run me all manner of sin. But here's the deal.

Without the law since dead without the law sin is dead. It is kind of like when you buy or borrow a unique car. Has that ever happened to you.

A friend of mine let me borrow one time it was some kind of a toy Yoda and it was orange. I'm talking about one of those. The only kind of orange that only said Austin would drive like I'm dying.

It was like this crazy art and I was like nobody in the world drives an orange car. This is insane. I can't believe I got a drollest everybody is going to be staring at me. And as I drive down the road guess what I find. All of a sudden I thought every orange car that's out there and there's a lot more orange cars than you would think that there are orange cars. There's a lot more insane people out there than you'd ever thought were out there.

What happens when you borrow that unique car and then you all of a sudden you realize that it is that car everywhere. We bought our Nissan Quest with seven miles on it. It was awesome. The only not the only car that ever bought at a car dealership knew. And I was like I don't think I've ever seen any of these on the road.

And then you start driving home and they're absolutely everywhere.

A friend of mine right now let me borrow a Buick Enclave. It's a luxury car. Oh my goodness I've never been in anything as nice in all of my life. It has seat airconditioners like how cool is that. Like you push a button and all of a sudden you stay cool. Or see what is. It's crazy. But all of a sudden as I'm driving it I'm like I mean there's a lot more there than I thought there was.

What do you say to this.

It raises up those things to where you can know that sin is sin sin found a way to pervert the law and turn it into a temptation. Kind of like the forbidden fruit.

I figured out how to turn it into a temptation kind of like the forbidden fruit. Let me show you what I mean here. It kind of reminds me of Genesis 3:6 where God says that they can eat of any tree of the Garden of Eden. You know that story right.

The Garden of Eden just a chapter three goddess and you can eat a tree in the Garden of Eden.

And then he says one thing after that. What was that.

Except one what he said except one guess what happened. Fixated on that one. Fixated on that one just 360 when the woman saw the tree was good for what did she was there. No other trees around were good for food. Of course there were. But I went up a bit but I haven't tried that tree. It was pleasant to the eyes. Do you think that all the other trees were ugly. No. But but I'm fixated on that tree and a tree to be desired to make one wife.

She took the fruit thereof and did eat and gave also to her husband with her. And he did eat. Guess which one they decided was the most desirable one.

Tade the one that was said you can't have it. But by the way I love the most about this card that said put down. I walked in my house and saw it on my table before seeing the card. Tell me not to touch. Oh good job.

Is another way we are. It's another way you age.

That's the reason I'm always brought in so you can understand what's wrong something in our human nature wants to rebel when a law is given something in our nature to rebel when a law is given. Have you ever seen a wet paint Do not touch sign. You know Hokke And no if you saw the sign or not because I can look at your finger and see if there's any paint on it or not.

Normally you see the little sign like I was in Washington D.C. and we were two years ago my wife and I there was a wet paint Do not touch. And

the funny thing was about 80 percent of the people walking away from the Wetpaint thing were doing this is the way we are humans believers that try and live by our rules and regulations find their legalistic system only makes them want an even more. They live with this idea of if I tell myself not to do something I'll stop doing it. Did you know that there's no way to stop doing something by saying not to do it because you don't mean not to eat donuts I got to nudge donut. I'm not gonna eat donuts. Blueberry don't have to play.

That's not the way to stop the wedding. Stop doing something is not to say Thou shalt not. That's not the way to start. Look at Romans 7 before it teaches us that the way to solve something is not looking at what NOT to do. The deal is not to fall in love with the law because the law is going to do nothing but trip you and hurt you. There's only one thing you can do and that's fall in love with Jesus. And when you fall in love with Jesus and those things that are the law you end up doing them because you love Jesus not because you were told what to do and what not to do.

Legalism doesn't make us more spiritual I hope you understand this right here in that paper. Legalism doesn't make us more spiritual It makes us more sinful.

Legalism doesn't make us more spiritual It makes us more sinful.

When you look at the last mission because here's the deal. What's funny to me is this in Atlanta it's set in Minneapolis by the way within the speed limit. Science says 70 miles an hour. Guess what happens if you're going 70 miles an hour. Everybody like almost rear ending you because when we see the 70 mile per hour zone you know we do. We're like oh sure I can go a little bit above that.

Look at it here in legalism does not make it more spiritual. It makes us more sinful. Why.

Because the law arouses sin in our nature and around us and in our nature before the law came there was freedom from our kind of accusing conscience. It was a false peace but that peace is brought because of our ignorance. Here's the deal. We never even thought it was a bad thing to do stuff.

I got to say and what about the church's pastor. When I was very young he was sitting there and he got saved us. We had this gigantic church building and had about but this was the size of where everybody sat. We had a lot smaller chairs and everybody was sitting together and I was in the middle of preaching and he raised his hand and he said can you just shut up and tell me how to be saved.

Sure why not. Everybody dismissed you know I took him up front told him how to be saved. He came back to me three weeks later and he said I want to know I'm mad you know. What did you do to me.

I was like What do you mean what did I do to you. He said I can't have fun doing the same stuff that I used to have fun doing. It's like something inside of me telling me it's not right. What did you do to me. You got the longest finger in the world when you're preaching it feels like you've got your finger right in my face and I don't appreciate it. You need to stop that nonsense.

Let's talk here for a second. You know what's going on. It's called the Holy Spirit.

And welcome to a whole new reality. Welcome to a whole new reality. Before the call came we were free because we are ignorant.

Please Like I didn't think it used to be a big deal to be sleeping with any woman I wanted to sleep with. And he said all of a sudden now it seems like I don't know I just can't do it. It is a way of life. Welcome to having the Holy Spirit living inside. I used to think it was bad for me to go out and change and to go get. Did you go drink so much that I got fat. That was bad and all of a sudden everything changed. I'm

like yes everything's changed now.

Holy Spirit so that means Saturday before the law came there was freedom but it was it looked like freedom but it was ignorance. The law allows sin in our lives to rebuild themselves. Why didn't we see the speed limit. We always go above it. Proverbs 917 teaches us a little bit about ourselves when it comes to this proverb chapter and verse 17 the Bible says.

But you put this up your place proper Chapter 9 or 7 that team the Bible says stolen waters are sweet a Swede and read it in secret see all gluten free people this is your thing right here and breading new secret plan. He's here.

When you hide out you do stuff. It's sweet. You get away with something it feels awesome when you're doing it. You're able to you're able to get one over on the man you're only able to get one over on the establishment. This is it.

He says that's exactly what it feels like he said he's all US. The law shows us who we really are. If you look at your paper there that first picture what you see might desire. All of a sudden the law comes in and when the law comes in it don't look like desire anymore. Now it looks like envy. And he accuses us of the law in bringing sin into line. Here's the key thing to remember about the all it doesn't reward us for keeping it coming. Now I hope you get this the law doesn't reward you for keeping its command. It only punishes us for breaking. That's the job of the law. The job of the law to punish us for breaking the law.

How many times just think about have you been my wife. I promise you my wife is like like like driving Miss Daisy. I'm home. If you want somebody always drop the speed limit. If

you tell my wife follow me she's like no just give me the address and just because she's my wife's like hands she's a she is awesome. She's like the best driver ever when it comes. Just always going the exact speed limit. Do you know how you know my wife's going to turn because every time she can do the thing the turning signal is crazy. But you know whenever she is like the perfect perfect perfect driver. Not once have we been pulled over by an officer that said we need you to report to the station immediately so that you can be rewarded for driving in an orderly fashion and stopping at each stop sign just like you're supposed to.

She she never had that happen to her imagine that. It's been closed in 20 years and she got a ticket and the last ticket I made her get it because I thought it was speed not pay the ticket. Don't worry about it. As the last time she got a ticket. Now she decided she will not listen to me when I say speed. It

doesn't matter what happens if it gets bad and we're late and I'm like pull over in the rest area. Now pull over and she goes no I'm like yes pull over. I get in and then I get to take ticket is me. I haven't gotten a ticket either because I have a father loves me a lot.

Twenty years for kind of ticket we've never been pulled over and said Did you go to the police station so we can reward you for being a great driver.

You know why that didn't happen.

You understand why that didn't happen because that's not the job of the law. The laws are there for that. That's not what is there for isn't the function of the law to do that is the function of the law to expose can doom and punish the law breaker. It's the job of the law to expose condemn and punish the law breaker.

The sin is serious in the eyes of our God. It carries a death penalty. See sin does not carry. Only to be slapped in the wrist and tell you how bad you are no sin carry the death penalty.

And it carried eternal punishment with it.

Using the law as a lens through which the children evaluate our actions we realize that law isn't the problem.

Sin there's a problem.

The laws of the problem since the problem did you know that if you always do what you're supposed to do it's pretty amazing how the law never gets. Never saw it. It's awesome. I sit in the passenger seat and I don't remember the last time the last of this.

Now when I was in the driver's seat a whole different story.

The problem soon is the problem this legal land is what helps us to see what's always been there a bring sin to life and we've got a slide here that slide in your in your paper there it brings to light. You know what sin is now. And then we come to Romans 7 9 and 10. We cannot live in ignorant bliss anymore.

We are now accountable. You can't really get in trouble for things you didn't know you weren't supposed to do. But all of a sudden with a law you now know and you have you can't live in ignorant bliss anymore we're now accountable because here's the deal. The law doesn't discourage sin seem to cultivate it even more. And then we come to verse 9 and 10 for hours alive live without the law once but when the commandment came sin revived and I died. And a commandment which is ordained to life are found to be unto death. Here's what he said once I realized what the law said about me. I knew I was dead. Picture what the verse says about love at all it was ordained to live. The law was given to me for what. For life. But what was supposed to be given to me for life.

For me it was unto death. That's what happened with the law. A broken promise of what the law was meant to be a broken promise not because of the fault of the law but because of my own broken through sin city.

See here's the deal. Before I had kids and knew I was going to be a perfect dad. Anybody else in here at all they're not going to be great that no man can be the luckiest kids ever to have me as a dad and then all of a sudden I go to bed at 9 I go. Who in the world was the dad that acted that way.

Have anybody else. Or just judgers me.

Isn't it crazy how I'm going to be the perfect husband and only problem with that plan if you get married. This only problem and once you get married you're like I'm not the perfect husband I'm not near as good as I thought I was going to be.

That's exactly what happened to him. It's the law's not broken. In the brokenness of my sin causes me to realize where I am. But isn't that the way that sin always does what it promises to be fun. It would be better to live our lives cheating that way.

Cheat the system just a little bit you know a little cheating do a little stealing and it promises you that life is going to be oh so much better.

Just have fun enjoy life. There's one thing I can promise you I can promise you that this promise will be broken. It seems to be so much sweeter.

But don't worry those things have a way of coming back and bite you in the butt. Don't worry about it. It's going to happen.

Life will not be better by breaking all but you might just have to go through it to understand that truth because of how hard headed we are.

Why are we all are hard headed.

Don't we all think we know a little bit better. The law brought death and even the idea of that goes against the grain of who we are. Think

about it like this for a second. Imagine a hot tempered soldier ready to get in a fight and punch a fellow soldier in the barracks. She's a soldier he punches a fellow soldier in the barracks. The punishment for something like this might be a few days detention. Is that a fair assessment. A few days detention you shouldn't have done that that was dumb but you think about this for a second. If you were to hit a sergeant things would be a little bit different when the pay goes on he hits a sergeant he's like in a few days he's getting closer to three months three weeks. If he had a pension obviously too close to three months but then just think what would happen if you were to try to punch the president of the United States of America. Just think about what would happen. He would be executed on the spot by a bodyguard.

He'd be executed on the spot by a bodyguard. And each of these cases the act would be the exact same only he punch someone. But as the dignity and rank of the person that was assaulted increases so does the seriousness of the offense. So does the seriousness of the offense.

What we've come to what we have to come to grips with it is that all sin in our lives is not your sin is not against your wife your son is not against your child your son is not against your. Your sin is not against your husband. Your sin is against God.

And you think of anything. It's not that big of a deal it's not that big of a deal of it was against your wife or frequently against your husband but you're sinning against God. And let me just tell you. Nobody would even barely talk about the fact that some idiot tried to hit the president of the United States of America. He got shot. They'd be like of course he got shot. How dare he even think that he could do that.

See our problem is we think that our sins against ourselves.

We think that our sins against each other we need to have sinned against Justin or justice sinned against me we think that Bill has sinned against. Jack and Jessica sinned against Tina. That's exactly what we think that harm our mentality. But what we have to understand is this sin is not an offense against you or against me. Sin

is an offense against god almighty and all of a sudden we look at it we go of course I deserve death. I just sinned against the creator of the universe.

This is something very important for us remember Psalm 51 for David in the psalm says against the.

And the only have I seen look at it there again see. And the only have I seen and done this evil and I that might be just about enough speak and be clear when judging.

He goes on of us and against us and I didn't yell at my kids. I didn't yell at my husband I didn't yell at my wife I didn't mistreat people. That's not what I did. What I have to understand is when I did not represent my God the Father with my children I'm not sinning against my children I am sinning against my children. But even more I'm sinning against my God.

And then all of a sudden it feels different the weight of the sin that we set aside as if what we don't you know that's just who I am and how I am. No that's not how you are. You are sinning against God.

One of our biggest desires in the world is that we can be in charge of the world around us and of our lives when it comes down to it. Here's

the truth of who we are. We desire to be sovereign. We want to be sovereign. We want to be God.

The problem with the law is that every law that God lays down is an infringement on our absolute sovereignty.

God don't tell me what I can't do. When you tell me what I can't do what you're saying. No no don't you dare do that.

I want to be God. He reminds us that we're not God that keeps us from being able to live our lives as we wish. And that's exactly the approach that was used with Eve in Genesis chapter 3 verse formed by look at whatever three four and five and it's going to seem very appealing to you as well to eat of that tree that you were told not to eat of. And the serpent said to his woman you Szasz you ye shall not surely die. You're not going to die for God doesn't know that the day you eat there that's when your eyes are going to be open and you're going to be as God and you want to know good and evil. There's not going to be anybody telling you what to do. It's going to be all some. Don't you remember when you were a child you thought that everything would get better as soon as you were live on your own.

I asked her to think and I promise you the day that I leave my house I going to fill my house with candy or fill my house with a coat that I'm going to eat that for breakfast and somebody else thinking that's what you're doing. But it's not MY HOUSE OF CANDY. But it was coke.

I don't have a cotton candy machine. And my life is going to be awesome. No way. Don't tell me what to do because I will finally be the man and what we don't understand is that longing to be the man.

It's the same longing that Satan used against Eve and Eve ate of the tree when that went down.

Guess what you want to find out as you move out of the house you're not near is in charge of your life. You thought you were. And now you get married and you know that you're really not in charge of your life that you are and then you have kids and the like. I used to have a life I don't even know I have a life anymore.

That's along you of all of us. That's the essence of our sins as well.

Is that the essence of every law I've ever seen law is going to stir this up and what we have to understand. That's the job of the law. We want to start there this morning so Jack can be happy and then it will do number three and the conclusion next week. What an amazing passage of the Scriptures we find here. This is the job of the law. This is what the law does to us. Can I encourage you today to stop looking in the law for your answers.

Don't touch wet paint. You can put as many of those in your house as you want to and it's not going to fix your wife. So I'm going to pick your husband. It's not going to fix your kids is not going fix any of them because guess what. As soon as you put wet paint don't touch you can get. I can guarantee you that's when you want to have fingerprints all over the wall.

What rules or do you know what's going to do it. You know to help us to grow you know get us out of a rut obscene that we're you've been trying to be for so long. Stop

looking at the law. Stop putting rules in your life because guess what. Every Batman you know we've all had diet's we have all had science but guess what you do with a diet you follow the diet you follow that follow that I know when you're like OK I've had enough of this diet and then you become fat again laws are not going to fix us.

It's going to fix us and just replace our love and our trust in the only one that has the power to help us overcome those problems in our life.

So I want to be a better mom. Let me tell you how to be a better mom. Looking to Jesus.

I want to be a better dad looking. There's no book it's going to fix it. I can give me tons of books on how to be a better mom how to be a better dad and you going to fix it.

What's going to fix it is just looking to Jesus. And as you look on here your life starts becoming more and more like you are.

Thank you for your work. I thank you for that. Thank you. It's convicting. Thank you. That

helps me to grow in my life. Lord help me to look and he's helped me to look under your finish work of redemption in my life.

Thank you for your word Mattieu everything we do to honor angels in Jesus name I pray.

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