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Chris Gardner

May 7, 2017

Finish it if you have to hand out. This has been we've been going over this quite a bit. The book of Romans is just an amazing book. You get to Romans chapter three verse chapter one and two and first part of Chapter Three is a really rough passage. It's like hey you think you're a sinner. You're wrong you're wicked. You're vile and you read that. You're like oh my goodness are they ever going to say anything good. And in Romans Chapter Three and verse 21 you can do this right here he says. Verse 21 will read over it if you're if you're looking at this you can just follow as I'm walking through it. And then we have the last page right here on the back is we're will be filling up today. So you come to Romans chapter 3 verse 21 and here's what he says. Roman Church 3 Verse 21 he says but now you're Wickett your vile. All these things you're a sinner before God and then he goes to verse 21.

But now the righteousness of God without the law is manifested being witnessed by the law and the prophets.

Is this anything new. I've talked about it way back in the first pages of your Bible. This is what's going to happen that talked about it in the law and the prophets even the righteousness of God. You can have even the righteousness of God. You were wicked but now you can have the righteousness of God which is by faith in Jesus Christ. What you do for this righteousness is not about who you are not about how amazing you are the righteousness of God comes through faith in Jesus Christ and all and upon all them that believe because there's no difference.

He says there is no such thing as a Jew and a Gentile any more before God. That's not what's going on now. It's all the same. Before God you are you are you can be justified. Verse 23 for all if soon and come short of the glory of God.

And it's amazing we love to use this passage to show everybody that they're a sinner.

But that passage is actually saying yea you are a sinner but that's cool because all have sinned but all can also be justified in the first before you can be justified because of what Christ has done in soberest 24 being justified freely by His grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus.

What an amazing verse being just to find that next words pretty awesome. How

are we justified for it.

My wife is. My wife is probably the most cautious driver you'll ever be around. She's the kind of woman that when she drives. It's like it tended to.

You know we're supposed to be religious with pretending tendency like this my wife and my wife. If you tell her to see you like hey we are in a hurry. Sure if she goes two miles an hour over it's like it's like a statement for my wife to do that. My

wife the other day was driving and all of a sudden passed the school bus right before the stop sign finished opening up.

We are now justified before the law but it was not really.

It's the biggest racket ever the way to do it. It's like here's the deal if you pay these three hundred dollars.

Yeah you heard me right. Three hundred dollars if you pay the$300 We'll pretend this never happened. Nothing goes on your insurance nothing goes on your own your driving record nothing happens at all nobody will know about it. If you want you can contest in court.

But if you can test in court and lose you get a reckless driving points on your record so it's six points on your record.

We got justified before the court.

Not that we got justified before the law but we didn't get it justified free men enough not to be justified before God. It wasn't$300 to get by the way. I can't complain. We've been married now for 20 years and I've gotten Makow. We've got two tickets in 20 years. We're doing pretty good.

Knock on wood we're leaving tomorrow to go to Myrtle Beach. Not not not not try to push her labor but we were justified before them. But here's the deal. According the Bible the only way to be justified before God because of your sin is death and separation from God and Hell.

Ok what a woman. I don't want to pay that price. When is it you're justified. Freely by his grace. And he says here's how through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus. Jesus alone does this.

Now we get the verse 25 verse is pretty cool and I hope you guys enjoy it so on the last page we talked about being a part. The only way to be justified is now apart from the law. Number two it's available and that's where we're at right now. Now the last part right here I want you to see where we start talking about this big word. Look at verse 25 whom God had set for us to be gay.

I would say read it with me but this one of them words are like oh my goodness. Like did they do that. Were they sitting there competing with how many syllables I could put in a word propitiation. OK what in the world is that about. Who's in the who's used the word propitiation in the last three weeks. In your common day vocabulary. So we we don't get the word propitiation but easier he says. God sent forth to be a propitiation through faith in his blood.

Whatever's going to happen to us is going to happen by what by faith in his blood whatever propitiation is that happens because we believe in his blood.

OK but my faith in his blood is in propitiation through faith in his blood to declare his righteousness for the remission of sins that are past of the forbearance of God. That's a mouthful. OK that's a mouthful so let's go to verse 25. And we're going to walk through what we're talking about here in verse 25 propitiation our way in your notes. I've

tried to put these little yellow things that tell you where there's an important word so you can refer back to it later. These are big words that you find in the book of Romans and their awesome awesome words to help you understand who God is. Propitiation

is the payment of our debt. Propitiation is the payment of our debt. The sacrifice of Christ that allows God's justice to be satisfied. Let's do that again. It's the payment of our debt and the payment of our debt the sacrifice of Christ that allows God's justice to be satisfied.

Usually saying he can now look with kindness and grace upon a lost world before when he sees a lost world. He looks at them and he goes this is horrible but that's not what he does now here's something about this word. Interesting about the word propitiation the Greek word our Bible wasn't written in English.

I don't know if you knew that or not. Like it wasn't written English the Greek word that they translate this word propitiation is a very very interesting word. And if you've been around me for long I've been here at this church now for five years or so and in five years this is probably the first time I'm ever going to do this. But this was just too cool to pass up and so angry at the bottom of the butt of the original language of the Bible was written in the New Testament. Here's what you find the Greek word translated here to the English word propitiation is this word and he is going to put it up here for us for us to see if the word he'll Austereo.

OK in case you may want to speak Greek at some point. That's a that's what is a. And what you find is this theory on most Greek words when you look them up in the Bible you'll find 73 different places that it's found in your bible this word is only finally found two times in the Bible.

And you can use it to kind of define what does word propitiation mean. So the word provision is he'll just carry on. And here's what you find. You find it in two places. The other occurrence of the word explains what propitiation is.

Very well once we understand what it's about the symbolism we want to see it's going to ritually show the fact that a broken law stood between God and His children.

There was no way they could be together because of this broken law through the shedding of blood which is over 25 the place of judgment the place of judgment became a place of mercy and reconciliation the place of judgment.

All of a sudden isn't in a place of judgment anymore. All of a sudden it's a place of mercy. The other place that we found this word is in the book of Hebrews don't you look at it with me real quick. This is really really cool. And if you haven't much time in the Bible and you've been in church for quite a bit you're going to get this you'll be like oh well this is cool. OK.

Hebrews Chapter 9 and verse 5 we find this word Steria on propitiation or there's one other way you can translate it over the cherubims of glory shadowing the mercy seat.

That's the exact same word as the word Austereo.

That's the same word as the word propitiation. Propitiation is basically the mercy seat you're like ok cool the word propitiation is the big word but what in the world is a mercy seat.

Like I don't have any idea what that is if you're not in church I want to try and give you an update on what the mercy seat is but it says the glory shattering the mercy seat of which we can now who cannot now speak particularly propitiation to Romans 325 is translated mercy in Hebrews 9 25 the only two times that this Greek word is found.

But that's exactly what propitiation really is. It's pictured very clearly in the story of the day of atonement for the Jews. And it's found in Leviticus Chapter 16 is that the people of Israel had to come with two goats to sacrifice on the special day that to to go to sacrifice in the special day one goat was killed and his blood was taken to the holy of holies and it was sprinkled on the mercy seat.

This was the golden cover on the ark that covered the stone tablets of the law. So

this emergency had the the the commandments of God and then there were these turbans it was called a mercy seat. There

was a lot. And this gives you an idea of what the Mercy Seat kind of look like right there and you can see it also in your hand.

Is that the Holy of Holies.

Is this place where God showed His presence.

It was where God showed His presence in Leviticus 16 and verse 2 he says the Lord said in Moses speak in the air and that brother that he come not at all times into the holy place within the veil before the mercy seat he says which is upon the ark did he die. Did he die. Not for I will appear in the cloud and the mercy seat when he says this. I'm going to come down. You're

going to have a holy holy holy place. We're going to walk in and this place is. The most sacred person of Israel only walks in and there is going to come down on a cloud. I'm going to sit on top of the Mercy Seat but that mercy seat back up again I'm going to place. I'm going to sit on top of the mercy seat and he said I want this. That's a mercy seat. I'm

going to put my presence there if I have that boss is the law inside that box is the law. And guess what. Here's what you find happening here.

He would stand on it and in the blood was sprinkled between the seat and the Savior because see here what happens when God is on this mercy seat and he looked down at the Ten Commandments and he looks at him and he goes every single one of you in here is wicked and vile because you've broken that commandment. But see here's what had to happen. The priest had to come in and you have to sprinkle the blood seven times on the mercy seat. By the way he just got through telling us the only way you can have propitiation is by faith in his blood. You see when when God is together with his law and he looks at us he looks at us and he says you deserve hell. He comes down and he's all that works you see and there's blood in between.

God the Father and between the commandments all of a sudden instead of it being a place of judgment now it's a place of. Mercy. He says you want to know what propitiation is. That's what propitiation Jesus taking his blood and making you and me acceptable before God.

Leviticus 16 Verse 14 he said he shall take the blood of the bullet and sprinkle it with his finger on the mercy you see eastward and before the Murchu see Charlie sprinkle of the blood with his finger seven times the law. Well we've been seeing in the first chapters of the book of Romans shows how sinful we really are.

And guess what. Late

last week we had a just making sure who's in the room last week who had a very good showing of what this was all about. So last week no kids ever do this. Brenda threw a rock and hit one of the kids in the head with it.

You know why. I saw the kid they got hit. He comes over. He's crying and I'm like oh no.

Josh what do I know. No other person and no other parent would ever do that. Don't worry when your kids get older you will especially if you have more than one. Oh no. What did Joshua do or was it an entry. Yeah that's what I'm thinking. And then all of a sudden they said it was not granted it.

Robert Bennett thank you Jesus. So we're sitting there and all of a sudden Bill tell Brant and he says Brendon Bennett Benny do not throw rocks anymore. You

cannot throw rocks anymore in some buildings are there about 20 feet between Britain. Just look at me. You throw a rock at me and I saw your name. So we're sitting there and all of a sudden we hear and guess who it was.

It was Bennett and he was throwing a rock and the thump was not a person. Thank God.

And then all of a sudden been standing there and if you see it on our public Facebook page I put the picture up. You

see Bill heads towards big bill heads towards Bennett and the look on Bennett's faces. Oh no problem. I've taken thousands of photos in my life.

Probably one of my favorite photos I ever took a walk in I was like grab the camera what good is going to get out of it because you see Bill's arm and his bills got these veins rippling out of his arms right here like the Incredible Hulk.

And he has this look on his.

What is the saddest look ever.

And that's exactly us before our God because our Soon we know what we deserve. We know what we deserve. We know what we deserve. But he says guess what my faith in his blood. You can now have propitiation.

It's like the mercy seat. You got faith in his blood and when he comes to you to judge you he doesn't see you. He

sees the blood. You say that's pretty cool. Can I just say that's a pretty cool thing there.

The job of the high priest was to go in to sprinkle the blood of the goat on top of the Mercy Seat. The blood showed this when God came down on the mercy seat. What he saw was this. There's blood. So sin has been paid for.

I'm coming down this mercy seat. And when I say what I will miss mercy seat. There are the commandments and that is that allows me to judge and he comes down and he sees the blood and he goes ok.

Never mind there's blood the blood has been shed on the mercy seat. All is forgiven. God would not see his people through their sin. God would see people through the blood of this god who got to see people through the blood.

Then the priest would take the other good. I told you there were two goats here take this other goat and he would confess the sins of the people. The goat was taken to the wilderness to be set free of the one that carried our sins away. Guess what we don't have to deal with the guilt of our sins anymore.

Our God hates our sins the way you say you understand who I was.

No you don't understand the sacrifice that was made for us as you place our faith in him. Psalm One of the three verse 12 the Bible says as far as the east is from the West so far have you removed our transgressions from us.

You don't understand it.

You know I love the fact he never said North and South because if you go to the north you walk north or you fly north or you drive north or whatever you do you get on a boat to go north what happens is you go north north or north and keep going in the same direction you hit the spot where you're going south.

All of a sudden he's down. I need you to understand that I've separated your sins from you as far as the east is from the way how far east do you have to go to you're not going east anymore. It's impossible.

You go around the globe. Time and time and time and time again and there is never an end to it and you say guess what. Take one would take your soon and take you and you get on that way for about an airplane and then when you get on that eastward bound airplane and guess what they're never going to see each other again.

That's what your sons are before me now because of your faith in the blood of Jesus and his propitiation his mercy seat and your life. That's what he's talking about when we sin. There's two ways you can pay for your sins. You can pay for your sin with your own blood. You pay your sin with your own blood. Well guess what. You deserve death and eternal death and damnation. Or we can trust in the blood of the perfect Son of God who paid the debt for your sin.

The Holy of Holies was a private place. Very few would see. But now Jesus on the cross was displayed publicly for everybody to see through his mercy seat.

He can now be merciful to those who really deserve judgment.

My wife told me with this ticket that she got oh no no I didn't I promise you went all the way out. There's a big problem with that guess what they do now. This stop sign coming out. She's right. I

know I went all the way out the lights just turned on I'm sure I'm sure by now I really am you know I don't drink. OK OK let me.

And then she go on to pay the ticket that says if you would like to contest the ticket feel free to watch the video first.

The propitiation for our sins. You know what. It's been publicly displayed. Pay your price. Your son deserves this but that's not what you get through this mercy seat.

He can now be merciful to those who used to deserve judgment we got no mercy on the ticket. No mercy at all on the ticket. You know what. As a Christian when I place my faith and trust in Christ I have mercy. You say you're crazy. Chapter 5 verse 21 the Bible says this Christ is our mercy. Christ is our mercy.

Look at it real quick with me. It's Chapter Five or and one for you has made him to be for to be sin for us who you know assumed that we might be made the righteousness of God and it made him to be our sin.

Then he goes when he says through the faith in his blood the cost of our sin the cost for him to be the propitiation for our sin is not just speaking of the death of Christ. We talk about the blood and we think of the blood the death of Christ. That's not what I was talking about at all. Jesus didn't simply have to bleed.

He had to die because he was a carpenter.

Just imagine me sitting there doing carpentry and start to get a splinter in his finger and start bleeding that didn't know he had to die. He had to be buried had to resurrect from the dead because the penalty the God imposes on sin according to Romans chapter 3 is what.

Death. And here's the deal.

God can't just go oh I did. How many of your parents have said I promise you this is the last time I'm telling you this. And if your parents ever said that every parent had to admit that it wasn't the last time he said it.

I promise you this is the last time I would tell you this time because you're going to say three four five thousand times after that to try and get them to obey you.

God doesn't do that God says. Sin requires death.

So you can die or you can trust in the blood of Jesus who died for you.

This is how serious God takes in sin and we're like oh it's not that big of a deal but this is how serious God takes in. Where do we find the fullest expression of the love of God. You know where you find it you find it in the cross.

The fullest expression of God's love is found in the cross.

Where do you find the most awful manifestation of the wrath of God in the Bible.

You we find the most awful manifestation of the wrath of God in the Bible.

You also find it in the cross his love but also is right in the cross he pours out His wrath on his own son because sin requires death.

And Jesus took our sin. This one shows that God judges sin. It also shows that we serve a loving merciful God. The

blood shows that salvation was free was given freely. It's anything but cheap. It's anything but cheap. It's free to us but it cost him his son. First

Peter chapter 1 verse 18 19 tells about his blood. Look at it real quick with me. The Bible says as much as you know that you are not redeemed with corruptible things you weren't redeemed. You are set free. We talked about it last week by corrupt to all things such as silver and gold.

Nobody went up to the slave market at all pay this much gold or silver that's not what happened. Your Bain conversation was received by the tradition of your father. But you want to know what happened.

It was done by the precious blood of Christ. That's how he paid for your redemption.

As of a lamb without blemish and without spot the truth is at the cross the cost of Calvary goes way behind beyond our comprehension.

The biggest option let object lesson about is blood can be seen in Exodus 12 where the Passover there is a place that place the blood on the doorsteps for one main reason because there was no going to be no trampling on the blood that she wanted on the doorpost he didn't want on the floor.

Nobody is going to step on the blood of him with her precious blood. There was precious blood.

My grandmother passed away not long ago and we were in her house two days ago and it's amazing the small little things that nobody really cared about before. Now

everybody wants to be here because they belong to grandma and he said no you need to understand this is. This isn't my blood. This is my precious blood.

The cross is a public declaration that God is righteous in his way that he deals with sin and soon has been handled the curls. The Cross does not represent a compromise between God's wrath and his love.

It doesn't satisfy things halfway across the wrath and the love of God both demonstrated on the cross you find the wrath of God and you also find the love of God demonstrated the cross as a demonstration of both of these things. He finishes off the verse by saying basically that this is the last of all sacrifices. No

more sacrifice is needed because the sacrifice has now been made. This

is the last of the sacrifice and he had forgiveness remission of the sins of the past. Verse

26 he declined to say to declare I say at this time his righteousness that he might be just and the justifier of him which you believe in Jesus. You

wouldn't know how to become just you become just by believing.

We live in a day and age where when you walk into a church they hand you a man you are like three pait you seen a book on how to use it and women on the mean on Facebook you know it's like this Dieudonne he's got this book that is this tall and he's got to open a page thousand three hundred thirty. Like like like you common to most churches it feels that way. Of course my wife and I have to have that. We understand each other we've always understood each other perfectly. It's an epiphany for me. But we all know we are on top of it. But he it. He said you know what you can to most churches that but he can't understand you know how you become Christ.

You can't just by believing in Jesus Christ by believing in Jesus Christ.

He says he is just because of the sacrifice for sin.

He's the one that makes those that believe just love that who makes who just hate Here's what we think is Christians.

What if I do this if I give more if I go more if I do more more if I listen to less of this if I listen to more of this then all of a sudden I'll be just you never made yourself just your justification came only from Jesus.

He may do just he can't make you more just he made you 100 percent just right. Just reconcile because he is the propitiation for your sins.

I am only justified in here. Here's what we have to understand the only way to be justified isn't through our acts but through our faith and belief and on the Gospel as a revolutionary concept says this by faith alone Ephesians Chapter 2 Verse 8.

Because the Bible says for by grace are you saved.

And that not of yourselves. It is a gift of God. You're justified by Chris you understand. I go to church every day.

Chris you understand I've been baptized 17 times. Chris you understand I'm the best person ever that.

Chris you understand how much money you give your audience and how much time I give you on this and how cool the guy I am you don't say I'm a great dad I'm a great person I'm a great mom I'm a great See.

You freedom. It by Grace you're saved through that out of your shell. It's a gift of God. Number three you're accepted. Wrapping it up now you're accepted. I love this part of the verse here.

Here's what God wants to show you. God wants to show you this. There is absolutely nothing you can brag about because we do not live in a world of braggers. And I love Brian Regan.

Me monstre if you get it if you get a chance to look it up on YouTube. Brian Regan them with me Monch and he talks about you sit down at a table and you sit and you say you tell a story and he says you really to me me me me. Let

me take out my stories and my stories are better than the next I want you to hear about once you get bigger and better stories.

It's not the human experience.

No I had a wisdom tooth pulled. No I had to pull the art form in time and also worked on my arm that I'd broken into. You know what I was doing that because you only have to go through them the way we live our lives.

We want to have a better story you want to have the upper hand.

And here's what the Bible says in Romans chapter 3 verse 27 and 28. So where's the boasting. Where's the boasting.

So how are you going to bring about this. What you do to become just I believe become just you can brag about that too much. But the same thing. I

got the upper hand. Nobody about seeing them he says. Here's what happened with Bosi boasting is excluded like I threw it out. It doesn't exist anymore you can brag it all.

The boasting is excluded by what law. Of works. Nay

by the law of faith we cannot brag because guess what. The one thing that brought you to Christ is the same thing that brings everybody to the feet of crisis. It makes everybody just and that is believe in him you say Chris. Well I'm being a preacher's son my entire life. You know what I've never said a word that I should say and I obeyed my parents 100 percent perfect all my life. Who

cares if you believed Chris you understand I'm a criminal.

I know you don't understand. You believe you if you believe that you have been changed. You

have been made just that if that's not amazing I don't know what is there we conclude that a man is justified. How does you justify my faith.

Without the deeds of the evil there's a good reason that you cannot earn your salvation if you could earn it. Then there would be plenty of space to brag.

If you check to verse 89 I read the first part of verse 9 isn't salvation by faith and then it basically repeat what it says here. He says he saved your faith not yourself with the gift of God not a verse not have worked lest any man should lest any man should you carry your kids six flags.

You've got Brendan You've got Jacob you got Joseph you've got Ivan.

And do you want to go too. So we'll have Andrew in the car too. I would think to name him too just because when I got to work in the car we get the Six Flags and he's like Joseph looking over on TV and saying Do you know what it took for me to get to six months yeah kind of the same thing it took for me you know why don't we brag about that. You

know I don't brag about it because there's nothing to brag about God says there is nothing to brag about about who you are because you are nothing but a sinner saved by the grace of God. And no we're not going to Six Flags today.

No. No one will be able to brag. People can't brag on something that they won't receive with no effort on their own justification by faith makes them makes there'd be absolutely no room for boasting at all. Ghatal totally eliminates pride from us because there is no way we can reach our own salvation.

He eliminates that because there is no way it's impossible. You say Chris I don't care how great. It doesn't matter how great you are. You cannot reach your own salvation. It

only comes by believing in him. He also eliminates preferences here.

He may say there is only one differentiated between those that are saved and those that are not saved and that differentiator is faith in Christ faith in Christ I love this next slide. Coming

up I'll put it on the back of your hand out there to where you can see it it says. So

is it. So where's the boasting. I screwed it. No more bragging about what kind of laws are worse. He says no. There's only one. All that matters. And that's the law of faith.

Can you imagine a heaven full of people would earn their right to be their talk about hell.

That would be here. Can you imagine you sitting in and you're like whoa.

I'm going to be like a political dinner where every supporter had to pay a thousand dollars a plate to be there. You know before they dress up to go they got to dress up just right. You know they had the right name. Granted they got to have rights you have right. And the news all of braggadocios showing off about how great I am. Imagine if heaven was that. But it's not what heaven is is the more time more time more time multimillionaire walking in and he walks in and he says so how are you here. Bothy and the beggar spent his life on the streets that did not have a home. He walks in and sits right there next to him. And guess what he says.

How are you here. Buffy.

You take the guy out it is 99 percent of us live in jail and you say he got saved you say. How long were you here. I'm

here by faith and you take the preacher's kid and says Hi I'm here I'm here by nothing but they imagine the arrogance that they would be in heaven if it weren't for them. Imagine the boasting heaven wouldn't be having it all because of God's grace. This

cannot happen. There will be no bragging at all because we were all justified by faith and by faith in Christ alone.

Receiving something you could never earn and do not deserve is always grounds for when you receive something you didn't deserve that you had no way of getting on your own. It always makes you humble. Not arrogance gratitude not boasting is the language of the reading gratitude not boasting. That's the language of the riddy verse 29 to verse 31 and we're wrapping it up.

He's is he the god of the Jews only. There's been this whole big separation between Jews and Jesus. Is he just the God of the Jews. Is he not God to the Gentiles also. Yes he is god of the Gentiles also seeing it as one God which are justify the circumcision by faith and uncircumcision through faith. Do we then make void the law through faith. He says no no we establish the law. He is just part of the passage by saying only when we place our trust in Jesus can we fulfill the things that the law required. The law isn't something that Jews can do for God. The law is for both Jews and Gentiles. And it can only be done through Jesus.

So there are other. Here's a couple of things to fill out justification is a miracle. Justification is a miracle. You have been justified and that's a miracle because guess what.

I don't know you well enough to know why you don't deserve to be justified. Let's just say that you know yourself enough to know that you don't deserve to be justified.

It's a miracle that through faith and faith alone. Second thing is justification is the grace of God.

If you've not received his amazing righteousness through faith in the sacrifice.

Today's the day by your faith today your faith and hope because guess what. I don't care what you do from here on out. You'll never be good enough to deserve salvation. Place your faith in him. If you've already made that decision today it might be the time to tell others about this amazing miracle called justification. How about this week taking down and thanking God for what he's done for you. Have you ever noticed how we tend to think we've arrived does that ever happen to you guys you understood who I am. You understood the word.

You know we get cocky we get arrogant we ignore stuff that doesn't ever have anybody else. Oh why we want to talk about humans and how good I am. You are saying how good your dog has been.

You can bet you this week. Thank you for justifying him one who did not deserve to be justified. And that came not from what we did but from faith and faith alone. You know I think you were wrong. Chapter 3.

I thank you for the truth that we see there I ask it my help us to grow in our walk with you to be thankful. Or I come to you just asking your forgiveness because. So many times I.

Think you like I should have for you. Thank you for justifying me and making me just as if I had never said. I should bring nothing but gratitude and humility on my part and I ask you to forgive me for not being as brave as I should for what you've done for me. I thank you from.

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