By One Man

Chris Gardner

July 16, 2017

Children ends with what whatever horrendous sanctuary with the nursery soon and we'll let them do their thing. I hear that sounds good. Romans Chapter 5 Romans Chapter 5. You're a funny man David ferryman's Chapter 5. And now what a what an amazing journey through the book of Romans. As I'm studying it I know how slow I'm going through it. It feels like everybody's going to end up saying oh I became a member of the church in Romans 7. You know I think that was going to end up happening. My what an amazing book as we go through the book of Romans. No other letter has ever impacted the world as much as this letter that Paul wrote to the Roman church and so we're going to Romans chapter five this morning and start in verse 12 where we left off before and the passage we're going to make that we're going to see today is a very important passage to help us understand the history of mankind.

You don't understand the history of mankind. This is where you're going to understand the history of mankind and the history of salvation how God saved his people. And so you find the history of mankind in the history of salvation. Here we're going to see original sin and where it started. Where did all this sin stuff start where you know that we deal with or did all that start with you. More importantly though we're going to see the righteousness that that's imputed righteousness that we talked about this word repeatedly it's a righteousness that's given to us it's a chant that we've cast into our account. The righteousness has been imputed it's been given and has been placed upon us. And so many people want to read this passage and think it's all about sin.

But let me just say this this passage is not about soon. This passage is not all about sin because with that you're missing the main point of the passage today. We're going to go and knock on the door of Adam. Hey Adam what's up and try to get a grasp on how sink into the world. But then what this passage is about is not about Adam. This passage is about Jesus and the the second man the second Adam which is Christ and we're going to talk about him today. Many people come to this passage and they think immediately of original sin Adam sin that he that he he fell into sin. But what we have to understand is that it's not. His focus is not on sin. The focus of this patch passage is on righteousness and life that can only come through Jesus.

So we're going to start in Romans chapter five and look at our history of sin. We're going to find here. Romans Chapter 5 or 12 traversed 14 will find number one. Humanity's ruin humanity's ruin. OK. Roman Church 5 in verse 12 and 13 The Bible says wherefore's by one man sin entered in the world and death by sin and so death passed upon all men for all of sin all have sinned. For until the last until the law sin and the world was in the world but sin is not imputed where there is no law. So we start off with humanity's ruin and what happened with the human kind. And so we're going to find is this sin entered according to this passage how did sin in her and entered by one man by one man Senator out into the world.

Talk about theology that's going to last through the ages. Here's what Paul did when he talks and he talks about how all Romans chapter 1. He gives his little intro that he talks about his debt to the world and then he goes into Chapter to the last part of chapter 1 and chapter 2 in chapter 3 and basically says all of your sinners not one of you not two of you not some of you not even most of you not. Ninety nine percent of you. You are all sinners and have no justification of your own.

And he goes to chapter four in chapter four he says in case you're wondering. Abraham was saved.

By faith kind of like worse.

No kind of like like we are saved today by faith. And he says we go all way back in history we go to Abraham. Talk about a passage that they did through all the ages. Here's what he does. He hits Abraham in chapter four. Not only Abraham but then he hits their Premier League. He hits David and he says Guess how David was saved was also saved by faith and then he comes in Chapter 5 and he says OK just in case you're wondering about time lines we're going to start with the very first man and we're going to talk about how sin came into the world.

Romans chapter for human sacrifice. He goes all the way to Adam.

Thanks and thanks to Adam sin entered into the world thanks to Adam sin entered into the world.

Now something to notice if you look at the history of sin is how we find the first sinner in the Bible. But even before before Eve was Lucifer.

But after Lucifer and mankind the very first sinner was not Adam.

But we find in this passage it says by one man.

That's kind of interesting isn't it. He says by one man. But it wasn't really the man it was the woman that sinned and the man that went after him. He says by one man Senator into the world. So something to notice there is that Adam wasn't the first one to sin. But when Paul is discussing sin Here's what he says sin entered into the world by one man. First Paul messed up in his theology. This Paul not really understand what happened here. What's going on with Paul and not at all that's not at all what happened here's what happened. And even Eve was the one that initially listened and obeyed the voice of the enemy. Absolutely no doubt about it.

But here's the deal. In this you find and it's just going to be a little jab for you man in here. OK. Here's what you find.

It's interesting how God expects men of the House to lead the home and the direction it's going to go.

So when Paul says who sent Furse he doesn't go to Eve because her shoulder shouldn't have to carry that birth barrier. Her shoulders are not the ones who have to carry it because there's a man that should be leading the home. There's a man that should be loving his wife to be loving his family and it's not the job of our wives to do that. He says by one man Senator into the world by Adam.

That there's no doubt a privilege to be able to lead your home. But can I tell you that it's a responsibility that can impact generations later. Men lead your home. That doesn't mean you stand up and get you know these are the rules of my house. No that's not at all what it is is leading loving kind and in protecting and taking care of. But

here's what Paul's is by one man sin in the world because this is what he expected. And here's what you find. Adam had a responsibility to lead his home. Now can I say this. It's easy for us as man to like to blame everything on our wives.

And I mean say this.

I've never been a wife but I bet it's easy for your wives to blame everything on your men.

But when it comes down to it the person that God looks to in your home to lead your home and to give account for your home is not your wife man man up. He

says the first man that sin by one man sin in the world. That's a privilege. Man it's a responsibility like you can't even understand. First Timothy Chapter 2 Verse 14 said says this about the this equation and Adam was not deceived. And Adam was not deceived but the woman being deceived. Wasn't the transgression. I don't want it deceived Adam wasn't tricked into taking of the fruit it was Eve was tricked into taking of the fruit. That's not at all what happened. Adam took the fruit. Now by one man sin entered into the world Adam made a decision to follow her leadership Adam made a decision to follow her leadership.

Can I just tell you that in our day and age the same kind of thing we tend to do isn't it's it's almost a matter of fact just watch the sitcoms on TV and you want to find out how useless men are.

You know men on TV. It used to be little house on the prairie where Charles Ingels goes out and does something and comes back home and says I'm a took care of my family and now it's you know now it's King of Queens you know that lays on the counter Cheetos on his head on his on his chest eating them all day. That's who it is nowadays. Honestly TV and the psychology of TV teaches us about our culture and that's who we are.

Men don't leave their homes anymore by one man. Sin entered into the world. That was Adam.

He had to bear the brunt of that responsibility and can I tell you mean you want to talk about. Well I don't understand how my what your lead verse in Peru we talked for a long time once about marriage and he said when a man is not happy with where his wife is here's what happens he says like the gardener yelling at the tree because the tree is not the way it should be.

But you're the one that tended that garden. You're the one that made that there men lead your home. Ladies if you have the privilege of having a man in your home that will lead it. Thank God for it follows leadership. Adam made a decision to follow leadership instead of teaching her and leading her to follow what God said. He decided I'll just follow her leadership. It's easier to get in. I know none of y'all I've ever felt that way before but I have. You know when you and your wife are going out you're like OK I give up just like here at the White Flag or whatever just to do whatever whatever you want to do. Adam does the exact same thing. Sin entered into the world. By one man. Sin and into the world by one man. Adam did not bring death into the world.

Everybody thinks had him brought death in the world but he didn't bring death into the world. He brought sin in the world and the Bible teaches that sin brings death. Death is what went away went from Adam to humanity but death went through the vehicle of sin. The key to all of this. All of us and all of humanity is this we are all sinners we are all sinners. So

you've got to slather on your thing if that's there for these guys to see here.

Here's what happened sin death and then the law brought forth death. We'll talk about that a little bit later. The question that naturally arises then is whether those between Adam and Moses were under sin or not.

Because what happened was the law the law made the sins worthy of death in the United. In

our mind is what happened but here's what we find out. The answer to that something we've already seen in Romans Chapter 2 if you remember in Romans Chapter 2 he tells the Jews that you guys are sinners. OK. Romans Chapter 2 Verse 12 to 15. He listed the Jews and he said You guys are sinners. But then he goes to the Gentiles or he gives the Gentiles interpret to the Gentiles what he says is this. You didn't have the law but you knew you didn't fulfill your own promises to yourself.

You know what was going on there. ROMANS Two 12 or 15 for as many as have sinned without the law shall also perish without the law and as many as have sinned and the law shall be judged by the law.

You didn't have the law but you don't have to be judged by the law. You can be judged by the mere.

How many of us keep up our own promises to ourselves. How many have you ever broken a promise to yourself. No. Nobody in here I'm sure. But let me just tell you me I've broken plenty of promises to myself I'll never do that again. You know we all say that until next Tuesday and then it happens again.

We're sitting there and here's what he says his first mini send without the law they're going to perish without the law for not the heroes of the law are just before God but the doers of the law shall be justified for when the Gentiles which have not the law they don't have them all Gentiles who don't have the law but they do by nature the things that are contained in the law.

These having not the law there the law to themselves. They don't have the law but they don't even need the law. The law is a higher standard.

They can look at themselves and know they are sinners. Would you not agree that we know the same thing. We know we're sinners.

Which would show the work of the law written in our hearts their conscience also bearing witness in their thoughts. In

the mean while accusing or else excusing one another he told the Gentiles that they didn't have the law but that they would be judged by what they knew was right and what they decided not to do. So you just decided to not do it right what was right. If you guys have to confess that same thing which decided to not do.

What we knew was right in the same way those that were before the law of Moses may not have had the law but told them specifically what sin was and still knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that they were not even falling they knew was right. You know we wouldn't have Jenny Craig and weight watchers if we all need to do what was right would we what like do we not know that Dunkin Donuts is not going to help us look like the GQ cover of a magazine do we not know that. And Pam brings the scene in every Sunday morning is where the churches money.

And so it's funny about it.

We all know we all have a standard for ourselves and we are sinners we're sinners and he but he says by one man that's humanity's ruin. They had they had new year's resolutions as well by one. Every person that is a child of Adam has now been born into sin. And honestly that's a hard pill to swallow isn't it. It's a hard pill to swallow. That we've been born in the sand because I hold all of them this morning just the cutest baby in the world. Thank god she looks like her mom and not like her daddy. I'm not like she just cutest baby in the world.


And you may not know within the first two weeks that you have a child care center. But let me just tell you. Give

it some time and if you don't know it by the age of 2 you are about to find out that these kids are sinners and know and just didn't just him. Morgan did not go out and say let me teach my kids. No we were born in sin by one man by Adam.

We are all sinners. The good news is that this is only for those that are his sons and daughters. The only people that are born into sin are the sons and daughters of Adam. That's it. So if you're not a son or daughter of Adam you get sad to say all of you there all of us are there. That's all us and you look at it and you think man that doesn't sound fair does it.

Doesn't sound fair. It amazing how we want fairness until we don't need fairness. You know when the cop pulls you over on the side of the road you've got hope he gives me a warning. And that I hope he gives me a warning. We all know the reason you hope he gives you a warning is because he's a nice guy not because you want fairness but it's funny in that we love to scream. That's not fair. All the time he says by one man sin it in the water out of Adam is a child of sin. You are born in sin. That sounds fair at all. And we don't like to swallow that pill. Don't like it at all. We never liked the fairness thing. We never like things not being fair especially when being fair would benefit us.

And then we love things not being fair we're not being fair but if it's us in that funny way we look and we go God how dare you do this. How dare Adam we have sin and that that make all of us people willing to see and that's just not fair not fair at all. But

be very careful with playing the farecard because you're about to find out in Romans Chapter Five that there's another one and that one's not fair either. Because because of whom you are justified because of that one you are justified because of Jesus.

You're a son of God one man making all of us deal with the payment for sin. Sounds crazy. But be careful coming to that conclusion though as you read on the other and then read on because another thing that isn't fair is the other one that this passage is going to tell us about some time like being unfair really stinks. But you're about to see what you do you're about to see that we don't get what we deserve which is also unfair because according to scriptures we deserve we are born into sin.

We were born representing that thing that cannot be in the presence of God. That's who we are.

All of a sudden you're going to find that being unfair is not near It's not fun on the Adam side man. The fact that we are saved by the grace of God. Romans 5:14 speaks of the type of type of Christ that we find in Genesis at creation.

Nevertheless death reigned from Adam to Moses even over them that are not sinned at the similitude of Adam's transgressions. You didn't send the same way Adam did. You didn't send the same way Adam did. Here's the figure of him and that was OK. He says But here's the deal. Adam is nothing but a figure of the one that's about to come and is animate a figure the one that's coming death reigned from Adam to Moses still even for those that didn't sin exactly like Adam did.

But death is a result of sin. And so it continued to rain.

Then he wraps up the verse saying that he Adam was the figure Adam was the figure he was the type of him that was going to come he was just like the one that was going to come in and that Adam and what he did impacted everyone and in the one that's going to come later is going to bring righteousness to those that do not deserve it either.

Adam came from the earth but the last Adam Christ came from heaven. First Corinthians chapter 15 and verse 47 says the first man is of the earth. Talking about Adam erthly the second man is the Lord from heaven the first Adam was king of the old creation.

Genesis chapter 1 verse 26 27. The Bible says And God said Let Us make man in OUR image. When we're talking about creating man we're going to create man in our image after our likeness and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the fowl of the air and over the cattle and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps upon the earth.

So God created man in his own image and the image of God created he him he him. Male and female created him. He them the last Adam is the queen over the new creation.

Second currently Chapter 5 in verse 17 the Bible says before any man be in Christ he is a new creature. What an amazing thought.

You are a sinner until you are in Christ and in Christ you are a new creature. Old things are passed away. Behold all things are become new.

The first Adam was tested in a perfect garden and disobeyed God while the last Adam was tested in a terrible wilderness and obeyed God in the Garden of Gethsemane the disobedience of the first Adam brought sin condemnation and death upon the human race. But the obedience of the last Adam brought righteousness salvation and life to all who believe.

Through the first Adam death and sin reigned in this world but through the last Adam Grace reigns and because of that you're going to find later in this chapter. Christians can now reign in life. Number one you find humanity's ruin. Number two you find humanity's rescue humanity's rescue. Verse 15 through 19 he starts in verse 15 saying not only the offense but also the free gift of God works this way. The free gift of God. I love that word free. It's a free gift of God. It's not something we deserved. It's not our wages. The wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. It's not something we deserve.

It's not like we got you got you won the lottery when you got me.

You won the lottery win. No no no you didn't. It was a free gift to a lonely sinner.

That's what happened to humanity's rescue but not as the offense. So also is the free gift forever after the offense of one. Many be dead much more. The grace of God and the gift by grace which is about one man Jesus Christ hath abounded and the mini defense of one.

And here's what he says when you're dead.

The offensive on many are dead but here I love these words right here he says by the good he says but that is it. Verse 15. For if through the offense of one Meneer be dead. Look at those next two words. Verse 15 verse 15. There were in verse 15 he says but not of defense or Also the frigate. Though the offense of one many be dead. Those next two words are really cool.

Much more much more. The grace of God and the gift by grace which is about the one man Jesus Christ has abounded to many defense of one and many are dead. And that says much more. The grace of God did Grace greater than sign Adam the grace of God is greater than Adam. What amazing words are to be found here in these verse. Yes there's bad news. Adam brought death. But now there's the rest of the story as good old Paul Harvey used to say and now here's the rest of the story. Just like one man brought the trespasses one man also brought the gift of grace. When we respond in faith it's a gift of God as we respond in faith. So next see the slot on the gift. I think you have it in your hand out there.

But look at that the next time slot coming up about the gift you've got that ready the gift. Here's what he said. It's a sin came through this. All of a sudden grace is given to us and it is nothing more than a gift. It's nothing more than you don't deserve this but it's a gift. Much more the gift of God and the gift by grace. Much more much more much more than what Adam did. Oh and by the way that's also through one man.

Don't play the farecard too quickly because it's not fair either that you sit in here this morning and that you have placed your faith in Christ. It's not at all. It's crazy the thought of not being fair but all of a sudden it's not fair on this on this side either. And that he was also bound to many Romans 5 16 to 17 shows us that the way sin came into the world in the way justification salvation came.

They're different. They're different. ROMANS 5:16 3:17 the Bible says it not and not as it was about one sin and so is the gift for the judgment was by one to condemnation but the free gift is of many offenses and objectification.

For by one man's offense. Death reigned by one much more they which receive abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness shall reign and life by one.

Jesus Christ much more.

And Jesus is. And in these words right here you ought to underline in your Bible. The Bible says right here look at the last part.

And as I was preparing this I called John I called Seth called Aaron and I was like I want to feel like Joel Olstein with this like like do I really want to say it but hey the Scripture says it look at what it says in the last part it says the abundance of grace and the gift of the righteousness reign in life and how are you going to reign in life like what it says you're going to reign in life by one the way you can reign in life as by Jesus Christ.

You're not going to reign in life because you've got it all together you want to reign in life. The gospel has so permeated your being that you can reign in life and you can reign in your job and you can reign.

You can be the king of your life by one Jesus Christ. He says once and that was the cause and judgment was brought by one to condemnation. But the free gift is all about a lot of sin that brings us justification. Because of one man's sin death reigned. Because of Adam death reigned which means death was the king. It rained.

OK but Adam not only introduced sin into the world but this allowed death to literally rule the world. What

ruled the world was death because of sin. Death ruled the world. Nothing can break free from its grip.

Nothing can break free from its grip and if you're an American we have a saying we like to say there's two things everyone's going to have to deal with. What are they. Death and taxes. I don't mind death that much I don't like taxes at all though and so death and taxes is we've got to deal with his death.

Nothing can break free from his grip. But in his beautiful words again much more again those that received the abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness. Here's what it says. They will reign in life by one as well. Jesus Christ they are going to reign in life by one Jesus Christ. One man brought the condemnation of sin. The other one brought a gift one brought to condemnation the other one brought a gift. Pay attention to what he says. Because of this gift of righteousness.

It doesn't say we might reign in life. It doesn't say we could arrange in life it says we shall reign and live by one.

I hope he get it and what it implies and what it means. John Tin-Tin tells of the exact same thing he says that cometh not but is still to kill and to destroy. I am come that they might have life and then they might have it.

What kind of life are they going to have. Not abundant more abundantly. They want to have life more abundantly you can reign in life because of one which is Jesus Christ some of our lives and even our Facebook looks like life is just too much and we can't even look at your Facebook feed.

Life. Oh man my love is so difficult I can even.

And let me just tell you you can't rain it doesn't feel like you're raining on life all the time. He says that you shall reign and love he gave us this gift abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness and we're going to reign in life not because of how powerful we are or what we are or who we know that's not where our reigning in life comes from.

That's not how our grip on life happens our grip on life doesn't happen because of who we know it doesn't happen because of how much money we have. It doesn't happen because of what things we can pull off our rain and life happens because of Jesus and the Gospel permeating every part of our life because of that we can reign in life even when it doesn't feel like you're reigning in life. You can reign in life when everything's raining on your parade. You can rain and life because of one Jesus Christ. Because the gospel has made a difference. You do what you call reigning in life you call reigning in life when everything DeMars your life and you look at it you go. This makes no sense at all but you go. I know who I have believed and I am persuaded that he is able. The problem with it's not raining in life is we look at the mirror instead of looking at the cross. The

problem with us not reigning in life is because we look at anything except for the only one that can help us to reign in life. Some of our lives look anything like anything but exactly what he says here. He gave us his gift. We're going to reign in life because of one the Gospel not only saves us but the Gospel continuously saves us. Day in and day out of our life our life is different because of the Gospel of Christ no matter what we go through we reign in life knowing that we know the King of Kings we write in life because we know that we know the King of Kings. How much trouble can you really get into when you know the King of Kings Hey Daddy I've got a problem. That's a pretty powerful phone call to make. It's funny because we make a lot of phone calls but very rarely think about knowing the King of Queens.

He says you on reign in life by one. Jesus Christ. We all know people that think they haven't made in life. We hear him talk about what it takes to be successful like them. We all think we all think if we were to have the money that those on Shark Tank have.

We'd be we make it what's funny to me is this. I love listening to young people say well you know what I want to do in life I want to make a lot of money and then counsel people how to do great business.

That's not the way it works. It's like if you were given 50 billion dollars to be in your bank account you would not be any better adviser of business than you would be today when you got$50 in your bank account and offered the 50 cents you got in your pocket somebody don't have to reach into your pocket don't you. You're not going to it would make no difference having 50 billion dollars in your account. How much better you would be because of it. I'm sure you would enjoy it. I'm sure you'd enjoy the money there but the money's always going to bring in success. You're reigning in life does not happen because of how thick your wallet is.

We all think if we would have the money of those in Shark Tank that we'd make great investors just say no. But now I could tell her how tell that young man how to run his life.

Look in the mirror. You're that young man it's easy to tell the guy that doesn't have money.

It's funny because I hear him Norma. I just know that I would be I'd be just like the prophet on TV I'd walk in I fix all these businesses. No you wouldn't. Because if you would you'd be doing that.

We think we ran in life because of those things we sincerely believe. They were given a leg up in life that we would be great at everything as well. Not just financially but in every aspect of life. Welcome to the leg up club this morning. Don't we all feel that way.

You've been given a leg up but you need to understand that your leg up that you've been given is way bigger than any amount of money that could ever be put into your account. It's better than any Rolodex. If any of you remember those and if not is better than any iPhone contact that you could have to somebody that you could call it's way better you're in the leg up condo or you're in the leg up club today because you have Jesus Christ and the gospel makes a difference and makes a difference.

Not a life without problems but a life where you know that you want to succeed in life or death. And because of that because of the fact that you've been declared righteous and you've been declared righteous and that makes you part of a leg up club. So can I encourage you to leave today that you know know that you've been promised and asking you to live as if what the Gospel says is true. It's time that having the salvation that Jesus alone gives us makes us walk in a way where we know that we reign in life and not only in death.

What scares me the most about listening to Christians is this. They all talk about how when they die and go to heaven or you do. Why did it look like you live in hell.

You're not supposed to rain and death you're supposed to rain in life. People must look at you and be like what in the world does that can't have. I want some of that.

But we look in all it is his own Let me tell you how my life is moved only this if only this if only this in your vocabulary. If only You're supposed to reign in life.

You're supposed to own life and you're not supposed to own life because you know how to own life. You're supposed to own life because the King of Kings died on the cross of Calvary and was resurrected and the Gospel changes absolutely everything. Our life is different. Romans 5 18 19. Ok I'm off to Joel Osteen kick now. Romans 5. 18:3 19 Romans 5 18 19 makes the comparison one more time between Adam and Christ as about as low and therefore as by the offense of one judgment came upon all man to condemnation. Even so by the righteousness of one the free gift came upon all men and to justification of life. For as by one man's disobedience many were made sinners so by the obedience of one shall Many be made righteous.

One you were made a sinner. But if you are a believer and have placed her faith in Christ today one made you a sinner but one has now made you righteous. What are you today. No I'm not a sinner I'm righteous I'm righteous because of what Christ has done on the cross of Calvary by one man sin judgment came to all our kingdom but the same way righteousness of one the free gift came upon men for salvation. The gift to all men is what it says. You sir are not only received. If we accept them and open them it so just imagine this you get this package in the mail. You leave it to this had you never opened it. But if you open to you to realize that you got to check in there for five million dollars. How good that$5000000 do a gift is not only given a gift it's also received.

So all who receive this gift have justification. How do we receive you believe who Christ Jesus. Because of that the Bible says many are made righteous. Number three we're going to break a record today. I think we're actually going to finish the next number three humanity's reign. Moreover the law entered that the offense might abound but when and where sin abounded Grace did much more about. In case you're wondering this verse is amazing that a as rained into death. Even

so might grace strength or righteousness and eternal life. But Jesus Christ our Lord. These last two verses found in Romans Chapter 5 are amazing and of such relief to anyone who has been a Christian for any amount of time.

Law came in and because of that all the things abounded. We now know what sin is and it's even bigger than we thought it was. Sin makes you deserve hell.

But we're sin abounded. Grace once again did much more about.

I love the greater than symbol that's found all through this passage much more much more and much more these last two verses found in Romans. Just amazing. They were all macerator fiver amazing now we're in about Grace and much more bound. Read this in a commentary and I just thought it was really good. There's a scene in the most appalling demonstration the rejection of Jesus as Messiah. When they cried crucify him Crucify Him. When the leaders of the Jews said let this blood be on us and on our children sin overflowed the banks of what we could ever imagine. This is the story of the children of Adam while this sin was abounding Grace abounded much more.

The very axen added You just said that nailed him to the cross were being dealt with in grace by his willingness to be crucified the cross and it's horrendous. Reality is a demonstration of over whelming Grace. You deal with times with your children or with other people or people hate you and you know what you have to decide. You hate me all you want but I'm going to love you more than you hate me and guess what's going to happen. I don't even know what's going to happen but I'm going to continue to love you more and that's exactly what Jesus did. He

died on the cross of Calvary the cross and its horrendous reality is a demonstration of over whelming Grace. I hope you understand that word overwhelming like you cannot even understand or grasp or comprehend sin at its blackest moment on Calvary was touched by grace at its most golden hour when the soldiers hammered in the Nelse sin was abounding. But when Jesus said Father. Forgive them. Grace was abounding.

Much more think about the sin as the nail was nailed into the hands of our Savior. And as that was happening Grace abounded much more. One of the thieves who insulted him engaged in sin that sent him to the cross but lived long enough to hear super abounding Grace say today you'll be with me in paradise.

What a privilege to live in this truth. Paul felt as if he was the chief of sinners but his Grace did abound even more. How long did you have to be saved until you messed up you remember when you got saved. I'm never going to say it again. Yeah we all know the rest of that story.

How long did it. How long were you saved before you were sinning again as if it was the most natural thing in the world and that which nailed our Savior to the cross we continue as if it wasn't a big deal.

We didn't receive forgiveness for what we have done and thank God for that. He did not give us forgiveness he gave us justification.

That's a big difference. Justification is so different than forgiveness. Yes he forgave our sins but forgiving of our sins means that we are justified. We live knowing that when sin abounds in our life. Grace does much more abound the grace of God has no know has no end.

Sam Duke it was a simple man had a great desire to do something for the Lord so he made his practice to cut out pictures from cards and magazines to paste on the picture appropriate verses and poems. This is before Instagram which is now what we're doing digitally and then to give the simple gifts to those who felt they would be blessed by them one day Sam came across a picture of Niagara Falls. But for a long time he could find no poem no verse that was appropriate for the picture. Then he heard Iris Sankey sing a film and he knew that that was the poem he had been looking for. Sankey's him went like this right here in R-S.C. traveled with Deo moody one of the great evangelists of our days. Have you. He says have you on the Lord believed. Still there's more to follow of His grace.

Have you received. Still there's more to follow. Oh the grace the father shows still there's more to follow. Freely he gives his grace bestows. Still there's more to follow. More and more and more and more there's always more to follow. I

needed his grace for salvation but there's still more of his grace to follow. A matchless boundless love. Still there's more to follow. Underneath this picture of Niagara Falls Sam wrote these lines and titled The picture there's still more to follow.

And if you're a Christian and you know what it's like to be saved you know of the grace of Almighty God and how it changed everything. But as you live your life and things happen in your life and you decide to sin and you decide to go against your god what you need to understand is there still much more grace. Well better illustration could there be of the abundant supply of God's grace where sin abounded Grace did much more abound. Verse 21 the Bible says sin reigned. You remember when that was true in your life. I don't know if you guys remember that or not but sin reigned. We're not talking about your sin and sin reigned. There's a difference there right. Sin rained like it was the master of your life but now Grace reigns that I love that. Soon reigned that E.D. you know what that means and you know that that's past tense yes used to rain but I'm a follower of Christ as a follower of Christ.

Now there is something Ranie my life but it's not seen anymore.

Now what range my life is that Grace reigns not past sins through the righteousness and to eternal life. Jesus Christ our Lord our Lord our king the one we serve because Grace reigns so sure enough we're going to finish. There are two atoms in this world one brought condemnation. And the other brought a gift.

The old testament is the book of the generations of Adam according to Malaka origins is 5 1 through 2 and ends look at Genesis 1 through two. This is the book of the generations of Adam in the day that God created man the likeness of God made he him. Male and female created He them and blessed them and called their name Adam in the day when they were created. The Old Testament the book of the generation of Adam.

And it ends with this word. Think about the Old Testament how it ends Malikai chapter 4 in verse 6 and he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children. The heart of the children to their fathers lest I come and curse the weather as I come and smite the earth with a curse.

Old Testament ends with a curse. The New Testament is the Book of the generation of Jesus Christ as we find it. Matthew Chapter 1 and ends with this look Matthew 1 1 says the Book of the generation of Jesus Christ as the New Testament the son of David the son of Abraham. Revelation Chapter 22 in verse 13. In verse 3 it ends with this idea and there shall be no more curse that's not going to be New Yorkers. But the throne of God and the lamb shall be in it and his servants shall serve him the paradise of Genesis that Adam last is restored in Revelation to the cross of Christ.

You get to choose which one you want to rule your life because you are what you need to understand something is ruling your life right now and it is either the rule of sin is the rule of God's grace. You cannot help being an Adam because you got that with your birth certificate. You can't help that but you can help staying in item. A new birth that will put you in Christ. And this is why I said this in John chapter 3 in verse 7. Marvel

not that I said it to you. You must be born again.

We choose to reject the gifts that only Christ can give and live as if we are born. Will you accept the gift of grace that only he can give. If you're saved today can I ask if you're living as if that's true. Are you going back to the sin that used to run your life and here's what we do with the sin. I used to be raised by fornication in my life.

I used to be raised by drugs in my life. I used to be a little rain but lying in my life and all of a sudden I'm free of that because I had been free through the grace of God but here's what we do we go back to sin and we say could you please put the handcuffs back on because I enjoyed serving you and it's our choice to do that.

It's our choice to do that.

We have decided to give the reins back to that which enslaved of us for so long and that which nailed our Savior to the cross of Calvary.

Are you living in a way that showing your true mastery is. It's a simple question. Are you reigning in life.

I can only believe in Christ. Let's own life as we live for today. We own life not because of our talents or of our thoughts of our grandiose ness not because of our experience but because of a gift of grace from the one and only that can ever do this. Jesus Christ.

If you think you're great it might be time to look at the truth and realize that it is not you that has ever been great. You aren't great you weren't great. You will not be great. The reigning in life does not come from us. It comes from him but more often than not.

I find that what Hans Christian doesn't tend to be this feeling of greatness. But instead it tends to be feelings of inferiority can I encourage you today to know that your weakness is where God loves to show a strength. God loves a weak vessel and can I just tell you the last four months of my life I felt like the weakest vessel in the world. Can I just say this one of the best places you can be because only God can take a weak vessel and do amazing things with that. Can I encourage you to day that know that your weakness is where God loves to show his strength. He said this couple of years back when I was preaching to this through the books of the Bible our God loves flexing. You know like the gym when guys go workout it's funny because if you ever get to the gym there are guys that look like me that stand in front of a mirror and go like dude this lump might be cool but that looks like not cool.

So probably not a good day to be doing that. Our God loves flexing as he loves flexing our God loves to show that it's not us. He loves looking and going. Yup that was me. Yep I took that weak vessel. And you know the biggest problem with all of us Bayfront of all of us is Paul when he says that God did not use many. We all think that we're one of those few and that not many part. Oh we're so smart you're not smart you're stupid. I'm stupid. We serve a good God. That's who we serve. And he loves flexing and take it. And if you're smart. Guess what. He just can't flex with you just do your own flexing because of how awesome you are.

You're not near as smart as you think you are. You're not near as good as you think you are. You don't know who's What do you think it is.

Well we have a God in heaven and because of that we can reign in life. He loves flexing and showing his power to vessels that do things that are way beyond our reach our inferiority complex seemed to come from looking at the mirror instead of looking at an empty tomb. Our inferiority complex seems to come because we look at the mirror and we think i can never do that and nobody ever asked you to is too big for you. It's always going to be too big for you. But it's not for that the Almighty that looked at Jacob and I were talking yesterday about how the curse of sin and what it was going to do and it was going to bruise the hill.

But it was going to crush his head and we were talking about that and how Satan was having a party at the death of Christ thinking man I just won the battle and then all of a sudden he just three days that oh no you didn't buddy up from the grave. He arose and he said you are not more powerful than I am and let me just tell you you can't seem inferior when you're looking at an empty tomb.

There's no inferiority to be found in an empty tomb. My father beat death. My father beat death.

We look in the mirror we see him Fioretti we look at an empty tomb and we realize that we serve a great God. It's impossible to feel inferior to anything or anyone or you realize that the one that death could not hold now lives in us. And here's the deal.

He's represented to the world around you through us. What that means is at your job. The resurrected one will show off through you no matter where you are and my for it now the choice is yours. And when I put these two words appear you're going to be like well of course I'll choose that one. But in our day to day we choose the other one and the words are. Can you put the next one out there for me. We

get to choose guilt or grace you get to choose guilt or grace which one where you choose gold cigarette or Grace says in as in place your trust in him today. As Christians we have to choose whether we want to live in the truth of the grace that we know or we're going to allow Satan to pressure us into living in a guilt that does not belong to us.

If you're living in guilt you're living as if you're paying again for what you just paid. Imagine this for a second.

Many of us in our lives have hit crazy hard times. Things happen something that happened that didn't go the way it was supposed to. And mom or dad came along and belge out that that's ever have any of you guys before you maybe remember as a teenager I had a wreck. You know I was like oh what am I going to know who's going call me mom and dad bailed me out. Mom and Dad helped me. Can you imagine how offensive it would be to go mom dad I'm sorry I got to get overtime this week because I have had the wreck of.

That's offensive isn't it.

But we have decided to become slaves.

To the sin that Jesus has already paid for. And we're trying to pay a debt that can never be paid by us.

Can only be paid by Jesus Christ by one chance in the world and by one man. That might sound unfair but let me just tell you that unfairness abounds because by one man also Grace is bestowed upon us and we are justified. Children of God. I thank you for your word and I ask you that you might help us to live. As if you truly reign in our lives. Now dead or take my life and forgive me for so many times. Focusing on those things that don't really matter. Lord forgive me for not living as if I reigned and life was only given by you and through you. I ask you that you might be honored and glorified in my life in Jesus Name I pray you man.

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