Faith of Our Father 2

Chris Gardner

June 4, 2017

Chapter 4 anybody not have a hand out you and I have you guys are awesome. That

was Marcus and Jeff took care of that before. So we're trying to our Roman chigger for Hopefully Bill to wrap up at least part of this. I don't think we'll get through the whole thing but hopefully we'll get part of it. And you can try to figure out a set that swaddling up preaching till 3:00 p.m. or something you know. But it just Grumman's Charitra forward do we want to put one through for day to day the first page of your notes.

We talked about the father of faith and if you remember Paul here is talking to the Jews and he's telling the Jews all that was going on he says hey you can't have works and believe there's no way to do that.

Young give her a round of applause as soon as she walks in. I'll be awesome. Andre Johnson is about to walk in and they go. Day. To.

Day. Get up.

So we're talking about who we're talking about. We're talking about Jews and whether Jews can or cannot be saved by works. And so Paul decides to take like the ace out from underneath his sleeve and he says here's the deal.

If there's one person you look up to as being the guy that has done it worked to Abraham and he said well let me just we'll walk through the father of faith and walk through what the Bible says about the father our faith and so we did Romans 4 1 through 4. Let's just read that again before we dive into the next verses.

The Bible says what shall we say then that Abraham our father is pertaining to the flesh is found in other words in his flesh. What did Abraham found find his. Because if Abraham was justified by our virtue he has something to brag about. He has something to glory about but he can't grant before God. Verse 3 it says for what say the scriptures. Abraham. Help me out with that. Abraham believed God that was the key to Abraham Abraham believed God Abraham believed God. Verse 3 and it was counted on to him for righteousness. So how did Abraham become righteous. Abraham believed not that Abraham worked. Not that Abraham became this great person it is always done right. Abraham simply believed verse 4. Not to him that work is the reward not reckon of grace but of dead. He says here's the deal. If he would have been saved because of his works then guess what. That's really just a debt.

Nobody goes crazy about getting paid for the work they did. Hey you won't get paid$10 an hour with me you work 40 hours you get a$400 check. I'm sorry a$200 check book after taxes and all the other stuff but you so you get a$400 check nobody jumping up and down and saying oh you're so great. Now this is exactly what. We agreed on. That's what I deserve. And Abraham did so much cool stuff and Abraham was was the father of the Jews.

But he says if you want to know how Abraham was counted as righteous it's not because of what he did is because he believed. By the way that's all the way in Genesis Chapter 15.

So that's a pretty good place to start when you're talking about how a person can be saved. So then we're going to come to a point number two. In your paper there on the second page and if ever want to talk from there starting in verse 5 of Romans chapter 4 and so point number two that you find there number one is the father of faith. The

second thing you find is the forgiveness of faith the forgiveness of faith. Look at verse 5 The Bible says Romans Chapter 4 verse 5 but to him that work hath not but believeth on Him that justifies the ungodly his faith is accounted for righteousness. Let me do this in modern day vernacular. Here's what he says. A person doesn't do any works but he believes in the person that can make him righteous. His faith is what makes him righteous is not his works. Nobody

does. There is no marriage of works with faith that makes us saved. There is no marriage of faith and works and makes the saved. What a powerful statement is made here in this verse.

The one that doesn't work by the way he uses funny to me he doesn't say he doesn't say the one that works a certain way. He said the one that doesn't work at all he's the one that doesn't work but instead believes in him that justifies then Gamling his faith is kind of his righteousness his faith this God His righteousness.

What matters is faith in him.

What matters is faith in him.

OK it's not faith in your works it's faith in him. It's faith in him. And see even Christians we get it messed up all the time because we sit there and think that if we work a certain way or we do a certain list of things that we're awesome before God. But it's not that it's your faith in him. He isn't making a statement that it isn't important to work. By

the way he's not saying it's not important to do right. That's not what he's saying.

He's making a statement that trusting or believing or having faith in your works simply doesn't work.

Having faith in your works doesn't work you cannot be saved by having faith in your works. Here Paul is referring to the last chapter as well in Romans Chapter 3 that would just look down verse 28 the Bible says.

Therefore we conclude that a man is justified by faith and then he says verse 28 without the deeds of the law. How is a person has a person saved without the deeds of the law they're justified by faith. Thank you man. And you all can all think later. We're not here really like so. Hey even Abraham wasn't saved by anything other than faith.

Not now is it really 11 or 7 or gee. OK he is like 10 55 and he made 11 or 7 like get done quickly to day nine.

Even Abraham wasn't saved by anything other than faith. That's all it took to be saved and then he switches focus. Now now here's the thing. What we have to understand is this. Our children are children because they do right.

Exactly as anybody has gone through the terrible twos knows exactly what I'm talking about. And for some of the terrible twos for some moments the terrible threes are some of the terrible six months you never know when it's going to be but your kids are not your kids because they act right.

But we tend to think that God is not a father like us.

God is not like us. God likes us only because of what we do and we are justified by our works and that's not at all true. You are a child of God because you've placed your faith in Him.

Nothing more nothing less and can I just tell you that parenting is one of the greatest joys in the world and it's also one of the most painful things in the world. There

will be times when you're sitting there like work in the world. How can this be. How can someone act this way. I thought they were older than this I thought. And then other times you just they're going mad. I'm

the luckiest guy in the world. Look at me you don't love your children because of. What they do. You love your children because they are your. Children. It's that simple and he says hey this is what's going on. Verse 6 and 7. He switches gears here in verse 6 and seven now. Now remember he's telling us now all the way back to Genesis that Abraham was saved by faith.

And in it there's somebody else by the way in the Bible. The Jews will look up to. It would be who we are the tribe of David we are the tribe we have the David matters. David is the man David is the beloved king and so in verse 6 he says OK I took Abraham out and showed you how Abraham was saved by faith not by works. Now let's talk about David.

Now let's talk about David a little bit because see here's the deal. DAVID The Bible says even as David also described the blessedness of the man and to whom God imputed righteousness without works. OK here's verse 6 he says. David described the blessedness of a man David described how how a person was blessed because God imputed righteousness without works.

This week my my vehicle broke down my.

I've got a brand new car. It's awesome. It's a 2000 Nissan Pathfinder it's brand new to me and so I call it a brand new car. It was my grandmother's car has 120000 miles in on it. Nothing in it's wrong.

My grandmama was fairly wealthy and would pull up to the Nissan dealership and they'd say you need$3000 of work done on this and she'd say go for it. Feel free to do so. So you drive it you feel like you're. I mean it's a beautiful car but it messed up this week. And David Schreier didn't have all the equipment to look at everything but he spent about 12 hours at my house looking and he goes let's not let's just take it over and take it to Scott's place which is Christian automotive over here. He should just take it over there. Christian brothers and would just get them to do it there and so I was like Oh great.

I don't know. The one thing that I love the most about my buddy David Schlyter is his cost.

Because I get the special pastor discount which is exactly he charges me zero dollars and zero cents to do my car.

So Poland Christian automotives they're going take care of it.

And they did awesome did a great job and I didn't pay for it because someone imputed payment to my account.

Some of the guys in the church heard and they're like hey we're going to take care of it. And they took care of the cost of fixing my vehicle. It wasn't bad it was. It wasn't near as bad as we thought it could be but they ended up paying to get the vehicle fixed and man that it meant so much to me that it was. But but here's what happened.

I got a receipt today that says pay paid on it. Psychology. Oh hey here's the paperwork for your truck and you give me your receipt.

I didn't pay nothing.

And that's exactly what's happening here. Here's what he says in her 60s as David described the blessedness of the man who God imputed righteousness to him. In other words he says it's paid for. You are now righteous and you're righteous. How

are you righteous. The last part of that verse says without works it's not about how you work it is not about what you did. Same blessid are they whose iniquities are forgiven and whose suits are covered. He says OK. We talked about Abraham. Abraham was saved by Help me out. How would you say by faith David his righteousness is imputed to him given to him as if he had paid when he didn't pay. Which is exactly what happened to me this week. He said he imputed to him this right here. Even David describes how blessed a man is that has had righteousness imputed to him without works.

Casy I could have walked up to pay for the bill for my car and they have been like you can't pay for that sort of pay for that was imputed to my account.

And this is what Paul wasn't satisfied with proving his point from only the great patriarch So he called in another old testament heavyweight like this guy is another heavyweight. This is David and he says also David was saved in a certain way. Everybody thinks that David will say because he killed Goliath or because he wrote beautiful music and you know the top 100 guys always get saved I guess or whatever that he does now.

David and do that. David was saved for one reason and one reason alone because of his faith and righteousness is not something he earned. Righteousness was imputed given placed on his account. I'm driving my vehicle or way away from my house this morning thinking I'm driving this car as if I had paid for it and I did. It. Did you know it even drives nicer when you don't pay for it. It's awesome. It was imputed to me and here's what happens. Talk about David. And here's what he's talking about by the way in the Old Testament you find the same thing in PS. when he's referring to is this verse in the Book of Psalms Psalm 32 verse 1 and 2 says this blessid is he whose transgression is forgiven his debts forgiven.

Whose sin is covered.

Blessed is the man to whom the Lord imputed not iniquity and whose spirit there is no guile.

How blessed are those whose sins are forgiven those whose sins have been covered David removes all doubt that there's any way that he can be called a righteous outside of one thing.

And that's outside of grace. There's no way he could have been imputed as out of grace and David as the king.

The Jews looked to as the most important and even their national hero.

He says hey your father Abraham cool he was saved by faith. O the greatest king of all times. The did you always do. He was also saved by.

Faith has nothing to do with anything else.

Also Abraham and David both knew of the power of forgiveness and grace both knew of the power of forgiveness and of grace.

The amazing truth of faith in Him and Him alone and not the works that they had done. Romans Chapter 4 in verse says this Blessitt is the man to whom the Lord will not impute sin.

The opposite of the thing to have in me of my vehicle this week would have been William Johnson takes his car to get it fixed and get the transmission replaced. This didn't happen by the way but just he got the transmission replaced cost him twenty five hundred dollars to replace the transmission. Don't know if that's in the ballpark but let's pretend it is.

And William Johnson calls and says Hey Chris said you just don't put that on his account.

In case you're wondering that's never doable OK like let's not at all please never try. But history says you don't have to worry about it he says because God did not impute their sin upon them.

Does that mean he didn't sin. No. Does that mean that my car wasn't messed up. Absolutely not my car was messed up.

I needed to pay for that car but I'd pay for that car and that's exactly what happened to you. So listen you have been given righteousness. Number three the family of faith. The family of faith. And we're all wrap up without hitting. Number four today look at the family of faith Roman church for verse 9 and 10 says this come at this blessedness and upon the circumcision only or person or upon the circumcision. Also

he's had his blessing come before circumcision or does it come because of circumcision because we know that Abraham was the father of the earth. Those that were circumcised for we say that faith was reckoned to Abraham for watching how well how was it then reckoned. Was it in circumcision and circumcision. Non circumcision but circumcision. Here's

what he says. All of you Jewish guys that are listening to this and you're reading this text here. You know one thing about Abraham. Abraham was counted as righteous way before circumcision even happened.

Way before the time way before circumcision happened. Speaking of Black The question is when did you receive this righteousness. He was known as the father of circumcision since God gave this sounda and own an end to his descendants. Paul makes reference to Genesis Chapter 15 and verse 6 where we find that he was counted as righteous. Look at by the way people love taking in pretending that the New Testament in the Bible matters in the Old Testament. Doesn't you realize that there is no New Testament without Old Testament right. You can't have one without the other. Paul is not what Paul is teaching here he's grabbing scriptures from the Old Testament to prove that what he's saying is right. The book you hold in your hands is not one God in the Old Testament one God the New Testament. This is the word of our Living God and it matters from cover to cover and matters from page one all the way to the very end of.

Here's what he says he's going to quote. Genesis

Chapter 15 in verse 6 for you look at Genesis Chapter 15 and verse 6 years of the Bible says talking about Abraham and he said and he asked me out. What did he say. And he believed in the Lord. And he counted it to him for righteousness.

I know but what about all those things that Abraham did. He is we like to take the thought of Abraham or David and we like to think about this long list of great things that were him because he Abraham left his family and was sent out and he went out and just obey God and he did it Abraham you know Abraham let lot choose for and we want to go through all this list of all these great things that Abraham didn't so we got all these pages. Look

here man he did all of this and he did all this he did all of this and he did all this. ABRAHAMS awesome in it. And then and then God goes through Paul and even in Genesis 15:6 he goes oh yeah all that list of stuff that Abraham did.

It was yeah it was awesome and I was like the greatest list I've ever seen is stuff that Abraham did.


He believed and we live in a day and age in America to where we think that what we do is going to marry heaven and what you have to understand is this it takes believing in Jesus Christ faith in him nothing else nothing else. So he says he believed and was counted as righteousness by the way. If you read the commentaries and you read people that study the Book of Genesis a lot they'll tell you that this passage in Genesis Chapter 15 was 14 to 29 years before being given circumcision.

So he looks at the Jews and he says. So when was Abraham counted as righteous. Was

it because of what he did. Was

it because circumcision wasn't because of all of this stuff and he goes no no no. We all know that was 14 to 29 years before there is no way it was because the circumcision is the only logical answer is that the righteousness that was given to him before not after circumcision. And Paul says think about it guys. He was counted as righteous because his belief was not a result of his works at all. He was not a result of his works at all. Paul is trying his hardest to show them that the wall of division has been taken down between the Jew and the Gentiles. And there's no thing no such thing as a Jew and a Gentile. Now there are those that believe and those that don't believe there are two families in the world. Does it place their faith in Christ and those that have not. There's no Jew no gentile anymore. There's no red and yellow black and white.

It is faith in Christ not having faith in Christ. Those are the two families and there are two very distinct families as nothing to do with your works.

The implication for the church are extremely far reaching. Because here's the deal the church is called to be a countercultural institution. The church is called to be a countercultural institution. OK.

And we're going to talk about this a little bit because you know one of my biggest pet peeves about it about our church's that they tend to be made up of the same group of people in the same bracket of income and the same. We we like the same kind of music. We go to watch the same kind of movies if we look at our Netflix history we'll be watching the same kind of things.

It's not at all countercultural you know who we match up with we match up with those people that look and sound exactly like us but that's not what the church is called to be the church is called to be a counter cultural institution. It's called To be a place where you're going to look across the aisle and go that dude's weird but he's a believer.

And that makes his family that means that you look across the other way and that other guy that everybody thinks is weird. He looks across he goes Man that was weird.

But by the way have you ever been to a fan who who has not been to a family reunion and doesn't have that weird uncle is that only my family doing. They're still family and that's exactly what the church should be. There's no longer a Jew and a Gentile there's no longer separation there's no longer segregation of who is the haves and the have nots. Now it is those that believe the church is called to be a countercultural institution. The association of race national background economic status has no relevance at all. I beg God for the day that you walk into this church and there are Spanish people singing in Spanish or you're singing in English.

And it frustrates you because you can't think straight when you're singing one of the coolest churches I've ever been to in Kansas City you walk in there and it says you walk in they got this really big desk out front and you walk up to the desk and you go Korean and the light goes on to indicate you goes oh cool and she hands out head pieces for each of the people for Korean and. And you go. They do it. Oh you almost manual and they go in to get the Spanish and they put them out there. And

I was sitting there in the Guiseley music and he's thinking how great is our God being with me how great he was Spanish people singing together and they popped up in Spanish and the English people. They didn't even know what to say and the Spanish people were saying oh one get on the. As the old black one it was amazing in Korean. And that's what a church should be it should be a counter-cultural experience.

But most of our churches look like anything but that look like anything but that you know what you should have the guy that is like the coolest guy ever.

That has never done anything wrong.

Hardly like. So what kind of scenes did you commit. I stole a cookie once when mamma told me I couldn't like you should have that guy sitting next to a criminal that has got I'm talking about his past is so horrible.

Usually happens next to that guy. Go on. We are both now believers. We're both now believers should be a countercultural institution. The association of race national background economic status etc. has no relevance at all. The Church of God. This is what a church is supposed to look like. But churches very rarely look like this. Our churches tend to reflect our tendency to worship with people that are just like us.

Our churches tend to reflect our tendency to worship with people who are just like us one of the major purposes of the church is to force us out of our comfort zone to force us out of our comfort zone to know I'm not comfortable with that.

That's not I don't like that. I'm not sure that I can deal with that. Well guess what. We're

both believers and because of that we're going to deal with it because we're both part of the family of God. That's the way we deal with it. When the major purpose of the church is to force it out of our comfort zone so that we can benefit from associating with people who are like us in their faith but different from us in absolutely every other way.

Absolutely every other way. We to have people in the church that wear skinny jeans. Imagine that and we all have people in the church that wear flannel shirts.

We ought to have the hunter next to the Metro guy. We have to have that. I don't know that I can handle the whole male romper thing that's going around. But besides that I think I can handle just about anything but it's all about our faith. It's not about who but see our churches our church River Church we tend to be a church that is nothing more than we're basically the same.

We like the same stuff.

We hanging around in the same places or church should be anything but that it should be counter-cultural. Breaking down this barrier that separates the Jew from the gentile Christ shows that he wants to build a church that is anything but uniform.

He wants to build a church that is anything but uniform or he cannot say this. My background when you would walk into church is I promise you every single woman looked like they bought the exact same potato sack. Like.

I'm not like like like they were they dressed like twins you walked in. Every single woman saying this same hairdos same we walk into our church and we have our own little vocabulary.

Church would be so different.

It's not about uniformity at all. It's about getting pushed outside of you. You're

like what Chris I don't like it when people come to my country I don't learn my language well.

Welcome to being a church. Nobody asked you what you like.

Jesus kind of gets the rule there. And he basically says we're supposed to worship God. Right a you don't understand. No. No. Nobody is taking a poll as to what our church should look like and we need to understand that we should be a countercultural institution we should be a group that is different and we love people like nobody else loves people and we care for people like nobody else cares for people. Romans

4 11 through 12 the Bible says he received the sign of circumcision. The funny thing is it's still 11 or seven appear. I look at it like oh wow I'm almost done. When you received this. I was looking at like man towns. Time flies when you're having fun. Blasphemous think right now.

OK. OK you see the sign of circumcision the Silv of unrighteous of the faith which he had which he had yet being uncircumcised that he might be the father of all them that believe that they'd be not circumcised that righteousness might be imputed to them also. He

says guess what righteousness was given to Abraham. But it's also going to be given to those that believe in Christ the Father circumcision to them that are not of the circumcision only but who also walk in the steps of that faith of our father Abraham which he had been yet and. He received the seal of circumcision after not before. And it was a symbol of his faith. It was not the content of his faith it was the seal of his faith. It was an outward sign of inward things because of this he can be the father of all of them that believe whether they are Jews or not. Those that believe they can have righteousness imputed to them as well. Secrest right to be circumcised to to to have righteous to impute to me no because it was never about circumcision it was about belief faith in Christ.

He can be their father to those that are not even circumcised at all. The family of faith extends way beyond those that are circumcised. ROMANS 330 says the exact same thing from the last chapter it says seeing if they're seeing it as one God which would justify the circumcision by faith and uncircumcision through faith. Those that are the family can be known because they walk in the steps of faith of our father Abraham. We know you invented because you walk like he did the faith that he had when he was still uncircumcised for the promise that he should be there. Air

of the world was not Abraham or to see the law but through the righteousness of faith for they which are the law of the heirs faith is made void in the promise made of none. Because the law work is wrath for there is no law there is no transgression. He said here's the deal the law is this because of that you know what's wrong. Paul says the promise that he was going to be the heir of the world is what was told to him. It's a big statement because in the mind of the Jews he was their air and their air alone. But Paul says that he was gone now going to be the heir of the world.

Jews and really like hearing that.

He's not just your heir. He's my ears. Well this was given to him not to the law but through faith that he was made to be there and the air through the law. Then there's no need for faith in the promise it won't even be in effect the law.

The Bible teaches us works wrath it shows us that we are sinners and without it we can't even know it since Indians have a slab up.

You come up here to show you the the the here's what happens sin.

When it hits the law turns into wrath the wrath of God it turns into the wrath of God. This is the law doing exactly what the law was meant to do. ROMANS

4:16 says Therefore it is. Therefore it is a faith that it might be of grace to the end of the promise might be sure to all the see not to the only which is the law but to do that also which is the faith of Abraham who is the father of us all. It

is a faith and so Grace is the driver of everything. Faith is helplessness reaching out and total dependence on God. See that's exactly what faith is.

Faith is saying I know exactly who I am and what I am. I can only trust in God for my salvation. Only way that it is something for anyone and everyone does it matter whether you go to Africa or Asia it doesn't matter whether you go to Europe or to South America or to Canada or to the United States of America it doesn't matter guess what the same thing is required of all.

It's only faith to those who believe in Christ. Abraham is our father too. The doctrine of faith alone offends our natural sensibilities. It offends our natural sensibilities. We

don't like that because we naturally think justification ought to be good to the good those that are trying to do their best. Those are the people that should be saved. He

is no the people that are saying Have faith. We

definitely don't think naturally that the ungodly need it or deserve it. We understand how Abraham was justified by faith but not the wicked.

The truth is that we are all ungodly and we are all wicked. You're always kid no one is truly good enough. Grace

has a power that the law never had grace reaches down to the lowest of sinners which happens to be me.

It reaches down to the lowest of the low. Grace has a power that the law never had because the law brought forth the wrath of God.

We do earn his promise we receive it. What do we receive rest completely on what God has done. The only way to rest is what God has done because guess what.

How many of you would have to admit that you were really good for a week. And then you were really bad for a week. You know at January the 1st of January the 8th. You

know time out like oh I'm a pervert this year I'm going to lose all my weight and I'm going to be a great husband a great daddy and I'm never going to do that again.

And then seven days later we look at your life and your life is in you know what. That's not the way you're judged you're not judged by your works you're judged on one thing and one thing alone whether you have faith in Christ and Paul look to the Jews and say Is this your father Abraham was saved.

By faith your King David was saved and he was also saved by faith.

2017 if you're saved you're also saved by faith in the grace of our Almighty God. You we come to you thanking you for what your death burial and resurrection brought forth. Thank you Jesus for letting us place our faith in you. Thank you for all that you've done and I ask you this morning that you might help us to walk away thanking you for the ability to be saved by faith and faith alone. I thank you for your word and I ask them to help us as we walk in Jesus Name I pray Amen.

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