Faith of Our Father 3

Chris Gardner

June 11, 2017

We talk about the father of faith talks about Abraham. Then last week we covered the forgiveness of faith. It only comes from the forgiveness that your faith is what forgives you not your worth. Nothing of the sort. We also talked about the family of faith and then today we're going to have I think some to be a really fun day talking about faith. Number four we have the factors of faith the factors of faith and so we're really encouraging. Janae wanted that to me then she goes hey let me show you something. And she pulled out every handout from the Book of Romans that she has together. I really appreciate that. I know you don't believe this but this stuff doesn't just hop on a page you know like it takes and I don't go to sermons handouts dot com to get these either like these or like take a lot of work and it's really exciting when somebody is holding on to them and hopefully to help you in the future.

Romans chapter four and we're going to start in verse 17. We're going to cover eight verses today starting in verse 17. Romans for starting verse 17. So the Bible says in verse 17 as it is written I've made the father of many nations. Now a lot of times we divorce ourself from the text as we're reading it not noticing how big of a deal this is because the person he's talking to is Abraham and he's saying I'm going to make you a father really of many nations. Are

you crazy like that. Even that the thought of what's being said here. What's crazy to him when he says I want to make you a father of many nations before him whom he believed even God who quickened with the dead. And all of those things which be not as though they were. And if there's a definition of faith history says he says is it age going on like your other nations before him whom he believed what he believed in God who quickened with the dead. He said I know you're like dead right now but if there's one person that can overcome death is Jesus. And he said God is he can and he can quicken the dead. He calls all those things which be not as if they were. In other words God doesn't necessarily work according to what you think proof is. You look at you like there's absolutely no way this is going to happen. There's absolutely no way this is going to happen. But it requires faith.

So some of you guys are in Peru with us last year about a year ago today and the song bleater and Omega we got to play the guitar is named Justin. And Justin is went to his parents house and said I believe the Lord is leading me to go ahead and be in full time ministry I want to be a pastor of a church and I want to study to do that. And they said well good there's the door. You can leave with a shirt on your back and never come back.

My clothes and the clothes my guitar. No guitar. You can have either.

So he literally goes knocks on David's door and says My family says I don't exist anymore basically. And you look at them you're like man that's just a crazy thought. You know my dad was excited when I told him I was going to be a pastor when I was going to be a person that was giving my life to be in the ministry full time and to be at my desk I mean that is awesome. That's not what he's dealing with but proof for him right now looks like life is just going to be horrible. But the good thing is he doesn't serve a God that goes by the proof of the outside and when everything looks like. And that's exactly what you've seen Abraham's life as well. Abraham goes on and he says he made him a father of many nations. Verse 18 read that with me the Bible says who against hope. Talking about Abraham haters who against hope believed in hope against hope believed in hope. Here's what he says. He

says the thought of what was going on was impossible but God is a god that doesn't deal with the proof in the pudding. But not only that Abraham wasn't a person that just looked at it and said OK this is life he goes no it looks like nothing's going to happen. I'm still going to do it.

God called me to do. He says he gives hope. He believes in hope that he might become the father. Many nations according to that which are spoken so shall I see be. This is a very powerful statement about faith. Very powerful statement of faith. The principle of faith is explained to us in a very clear and concise way. Here's the deal. Faith is simply there when you and your hand out of your for lend it out faith is simply taking God at His word and allowing God to be God and any and every situation. Here's the deal. It simply say and I believe that what God says is true. I tell you that some of the stuff that God tells us is insanity.

Like if you want to live the way to live you've got to die. Do we that didn't make sense.

The Bible also talks about giving it just when you give. I want to give back to you bigger and better than you. But by the way I'll depend on my God's bank account over my bank account any day. I don't know about you guys but his bank account I don't care what the amount of money you have in there is just a little bit of asphalt for him. Quite like I've got two million dollars in the bank really well that's just asphalt for God. You've got to know whether you believe God and His Word and on that's what faith is all about is simply saying I believe what God says is true.

Period end of science and the proof is in when I add up many many times it's not going to look right but he says simply taking him at his word allowing God in any and every situation. So Chris should I do this what the Bible say. Well that's do what the Bible says not because it makes sense to us and it certainly immediately but because we can trust God and we can trust his word. He believed in hope against hope. It's what the Bible says. The verse captures the tension between proof and faith.

It captures the tension between proof and faith.

There's a big tension between truth and faith. Believing in God and in the proof of what's going on. There was no way that he could have normal to do become a father of anything. There was ZERO hope that you would ever become a father. Zero not one person not 5 percent not 10 percent. There's zero percent chance that he'll ever be a father because of how old he is.

Abraham was 100 years old when god given the promise cannot tell you this.

I'm 42 years old and the thought of me maybe being able to have a kid petrifies me a 42 I cannot even imagine 100 years old and even if you don't have any kids yet but don't worry about it. You're going to be the father of many nations when you look at and you just can't believe that.

Exactly because see that's what faith is. That

makes no sense to me. Well it doesn't have to make sense to you. That's what faith is. His initial response was anything but belief. When God says how you're going to be the father of many nations. I wish I could tell you that Abraham was like hey Hi5 God that's awesome but that's not at all what he did. He laughed because it was totally against any logic that he could have in his mind. All you have to do what kind of a doctor do you have to be to be told that you can't have kids at 100 like how much studies do you need. How much. How many years of college do you need to look at a 100 year old and say you're too old for this. Like in case you're wondering surgery's about your Been hitting the head a bunch of times.

I bet you could tell him. There's no way that you'll ever be a father it's impossible. I've never been to a I've never been. I'm not I'm not a doctor never not even play one on TV but I can guarantee this. I don't even need this nursing education for this.

It doesn't take anything to know that it's impossible. Love says he had faith. He believed that hope against hope.

Genesis 17 17 tells us what happened when Abraham goes through this and here's what the Bible says. Abraham fell upon his face.

And read up. What does he say what he did.

Of course he did. Like you're going to have.

Fun you ever heard.

He laughed and he said in his heart shall a child be born into him that is a hundred years old. Like really do you realize that we're not even double digits anymore like I'm in triple digits and Schadt and Sarah is 90 years old and she's going to bear a child that's crazy.

By the way here's the one thing I love about this. Paul never claimed that Abraham's faith was perfect and he never claimed that he didn't have any doubts. His point is that Abraham despite some very human doubts always comes back in the end. Having faith in the promises of God. When it comes down to it he had faith in the promises of God. That's what it comes down to. That's what faith is all about. He's

a perfect example of one that walked by faith and not by sight as the Bible says and second Corinthians chapter 5 and 7 he says for we walk by faith and not by sight.

We walk by faith and not by sight here for the next thing on your handout. He had to choose between evidence of what was possible and the promise of God. He had to choose between the evidence of what was possible and the promise of God. Which one are you going to believe. And by the way that's still our struggle today. Give and it shall be.

Help me out what does this have given it shall be given unto thee. That is good. You did good and shall be. You're like that makes no sense at all. By the way there are secular books out there now that have nothing to do with Christianity that tell you this.

Giver's get more use of the secular books came.

But you've got to look at it and here's your life. Your life is deciding whether you're going to believe the evidence that's in front of you or whether you want to have faith in the promises of God. Let me say this. That's been a struggle for me here.

River Church.

The church hasn't grown as quick as I was hoping it would grow. We're in a good place. I'm thankful for where we're at but it's not grown as quick as I was hoping it would grow but you've got to decide. Chris are you going to have faith in the promises of God that he builds his church or not.

What are you going to do with it.

So see it's not just the struggle that you all deal with because the unseen you're going. CHRIS It wouldn't be easier would it be better what should we do differently. How should we change things. Or am I going to have faith in the promises of God. Am I going to continue to sideling people. I'm I'm going to continue spending time with people that I want to continue growing people and then watch what God does or am I going to go out. Because here's the deal I can put skinny jeans on and pay a consultant to find out exactly what we need to make sure that this church does awesome. If we do the right marketing campaign.

But I'm not going to trust God and I don't have faith in what God says about the church or am I going to trust in what the evidence looks like around me. Here's

what he says. He says you know what I have to choose between the evidence and the promise of God. Faith is a matter of the heart and faith can be defined by three basic things. Faith can be defined by three basic things. Here they are. Faith is knowing that reality is greater than how we feel or how things appear.

Faith is greater than the knowing that the really the great reality is greater than how we feel or how things appear.

How many of you in here have to deal with your feelings often your body you do your feelings often.

How many of you wake up in the morning you look in the mirror and go. My wife only knew who she was married to because I'm not near as put together as I try and pretend I am. Nobody ever done that for how many of you look in the mirror and go you know what. Here's the deal. Faith is knowing that reality is greater than how we feel. One of the greatest lessons in adulthood is this.

We don't follow our feelings can I tell you that sometimes I thoroughly love every minute of I said sometimes and every minute to just wait. I

love every minute of parenting my children sometimes and then other times it's like are you serious you all can fight about whether this wall here is purple or green and it's not either one of them but talking about it is that really when it comes down to it and guess what I found out it doesn't even end at 14 and 13 it just keeps going you know. Sometimes I sometimes I feel like the most privileged man in the world and sometimes I feel privileged enough to say go to your room lock yourself and knock and I'll let you out at 18. You know I like to see a parent understands. You don't go by your feelings because if we went by our feelings things. And guess what your wife doesn't go by her feelings because if she did she get rid of you. And guess what ladies. I know it's easy to say this but your husband to get rid of you too.

We don't go by our feelings. We

have to understand that the reality is greater than how we feel or how things appear.

And if you want to know one of the number one steps that an adult takes in becoming an adult is this we don't live life by our feelings we don't live life by our feelings. And here's the funny thing. We understand that in the secular world because how many of you wake up on Monday going I can't wait to get to work.

And let me just say this. I love what I do. But I'll have to do is look at Facebook to know that most people don't. You know what a person does that hate working on Mondays.

They go to work and then they thank god it's Friday and they talk about hump day. So I think when me all the way through half of the week I'm I'm not awesome.

We don't follow our feelings.

That's part of being an adult is saying this.

I do not follow my feelings. We have to understand that reality is greater than how we feel or how things appear. Faith begins with a kind of death to your self-trust. Faith begins with a kind of death to yourself. Trust and that's part of dying to yourself. I

can't trust myself anymore. I am not the secret to every. I do not have the answer to everybody's problems. I do not know what to do. I do not have all the answers. Faith is knowing that reality is greater than how we feel or how things appear. Number

two faith is focusing on facts about God. Faith is focusing on facts about God.

Here's the deal. Faith isn't the absence of thinking.

It's the insistence to act out based on the truth of God instead of the truth that I have in my mind.

Here's the deal. How many of you have ever worried before in your life. How many of you are worried. How many of you would have to admit that it's never as bad as you thought it was going to be is that not fair. Oh no but it just happens like you have done. You have already created a butterfly effect where the whole world implodes and you're the only one that survived.

You're going to die 10 years later of starvation like you've already created that reality in your mind of what's going to happen and you worry and you worry and you worry and you worry when it comes down to it. Ya

had a headache and I missed the pain in a man lie but not near as bad as what I worried.

I love telling people when they're worrying about us. Here's what I want you to do. I want you to write out on a piece of paper every single thing that you think could and might happen and I've had people give me five typed pages of what's going to happen because of what they're worried about and I say No I'm keeping it. And I love going back to one month later and saying hey could you read this please. And it's funny because don't laugh like you cannot even imagine. When they read about how weird and crazy the worry that they went through was something that never happened quite like that.

Well they might take me to jail.

Isn't it funny the way we worry. But what's even funnier is this we decide to trust that worry in our minds over the truth of the word of God. Guess how many times has written stuff out has not happened just like he said it would happen.

Goose egg zero when he says it's going to happen. Guess what happens.

We go to it and we go Well I'm worried too I can't trust God on this and we decide to follow our worry instead of following our God.

Faith is focusing on the facts about our God.

Are things going on in my life or things that are going on in my life a struggle to overcome.

For the one whom the stars in the sky is it really that hard for God to fix it.

Is it really that hard. Is God not still in control. I hated it when my dad said it to me some of the most difficult times of my life were about nine years ago 10 years ago and I remember my dad saying something over the phone. He was 5000 miles away and he better be glad he was 5000 miles away because I was ready to go to his house and just shown that I was stronger than him now for what he said. He said you know what son I'm glad you're worrying about it because I know God in heaven is like chewing his fingernails off because of this.

And I look back on it and I go you know what God's Word didn't fail.

But my feelings did and my feelings always will. There's only 100 percent chance your feelings are going to fail but your faith in your god. All nine number three faith is trusting the word of God. Faith is trusting the word of God. OK. Believing God is different than trusting his word.

OK you can believe God he she everybody believes in God or most people believe in God but very few of us really trust his word. I just don't know that I believe that you know this or not.

But nobody asked you for your popular opinion and vote on whether God is right or not. Nobody

asked you.

Faith is trusting the word of God. As a Christian we have to decide at what point in our lives are we going to actually believe what it says and not just have this we all love singing to God and singing about God and worshipping him.

But very few of us truly know what it's like to say I trust the word of God. I trust the word of God and it's a daily struggle. It's a daily struggle I'm actually going to trust the word of God or not. Faith

is taking God at His word and there's nothing else to go on there's nothing else to go on. Is that not the same struggle that we go through every single day.

Is yackety adjusted just right out of his house in Peru. Only have a shirt on his back didn't have his guitar he plays guitar. Church and a Bonomo guitar. The church people in prayer are rallying around him. They went and bought him so close and they went and bought him some stuff. You know what. I cannot wait for him 10 years down the road to be telling the story of what happened in his life with tears streaming down his face.

What are you going to say is this the faithfulness of my God is real. And let me walk you through that because we all know he's going to tell that story later on. But we have to choose what are we going to do in our lives or are we truly going to trust him. We have to decide whether we're want to believe our God this word or whether we're going to believe our circumstances.

Abraham decided to hope against all hope he didn't allow the tangible evidence that seemed to point another direction move his belief in his god because his God was able and he knew as God was able to continue his God was able.

He did what God said he was going to become a father.

Crazy. And then you know it would be funny enough to he stopped there but he didn't even stop there. You're going to be a father of many nations really like you know how your kids will tell your story and they're exaggerating it so much that you know that what they're saying is not true. But you listen to them and like they have created this astronomical story to try and prove this one little point because they're trying to get out of something they shouldn't be in.

You know we never do that. Only kids do that right.

They should if they didn't listen to that. That's exactly it it sounds like with God. God says hey you're going to have kids.

You can be the father of many nations insanity according to what was spoken as what he said in that verse he said he's going to be a father of many nations according to what was spoken. Abraham will you believe the spoken word of God Himself or what appears to be true by looking around. That's the question. Faith is unreasonable. This is a powerful quote statement right here. Fill this in. Faith is unreasonable. Only if we have an outlook that denies God's ability to intervene see faith is unreasonable. Only if we have an outlook that denies God's ability to intervene.

Nine months ago we had a family drop in the church here. Our church is not doing well financially. I'm sitting there freaking out family dropped in the church and dropped a 30$800. Am I wrong is that the right number thirty eight. That should probably be like nope it's 37 22 not 37.

Well I'm saying they're freaking out going OK where we have found that she was going to happen in that church. Hey are we going to be OK. God drops into church. Never met him before don't know anything about him.

Drawerful 37 38 entered on a chicken and the offering plate because see God said he was going to build his church he's going to take care of his church. And

sometimes it feels that they're going to have no idea how it's going to happen. And against all hope is what happened with Abraham because there's no way this is true. Faith is only unreasonable if we have an outlook that denies God's ability to intervene. One of the reasons that God delayed so much time in seeing my son was to make sure that all their natural strength and ability to decline and then disappear.

How much ability does Abraham have to have a son at this point in his life. Zero. There's no ability. And that's the way God wanted it. You know why.

So that when God does it when you look back you don't say well let me tell you how smart I am. Let me say how strong I am. Let me show you how great I am. That's not at all what happened Abraham and I look back and let's say you have a son and Abraham looked at him with a smile on his face and said I can tell you I have a son I have a God in heaven.

That how I have a son and that's what faith requires. God loves to work in ways that cannot be explained any other way as far as reproduction is concerned he's dead. As Christians we don't know that he can intervene. Here's the deal. As Christians we do not know that he can intervene. We must expect him to intervene. So how big is your god.

How big is my God. Do we truly expect him to intervene now days. Do you truly expect him to do what only he can do from a commonsense standpoint there's no possibility he's going to have a child. Faith goes beyond human abilities. Abraham relied simply and completely on the all sufficient power of our God.

On way too many churches there should be a site there ought to be a sign one that says Our God is really small because we talk about the greatness of our God but we don't believe it at all because in our daily interactions in our conversations and what we believe we honestly believe we serve a very small god in a way that we. And that ought to shame us.

Please let's not claim to worship the almighty while living as if our God was truly not able.

Oh god you're so awesome you created the world but I don't believe you can help me through anything that I'm going through.

I don't claim to worship the almighty. When we act like he's anything but. Look at verse 19 or 21. In Romans Chapter 4 it says him being not we can faith being that we can faith he considered is not not not his own body.

He said he didn't consider his own body that is now what he wrote I will Abraham is a different day and age you know better than that. No no. Abraham did not consider his own body that was now as dead when he was about a hundred years old. Neither

yet the deadness of Sarah's room were 20. He staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief but was strong in faith giving glory to God. He was strong in faith giving glory to God and being fully persuaded that what he had promised he was able to perform. See here's the deal in church. If you grew up in church you're a grown up seeing something like he's able he's able.

I know he's able I know my Lord is able to carry me through but we live as it when we become adults. We will walking into the big church and all of a sudden he's not able to do anything.

Abraham goes I know that he is able being not we can faith. That's probably my favorite part of those verses because when I read Abraham's story I realized that he was weak in faith. Hey you have a kid and he laughs. How would you define weakness. Who don't we have a great God that looks and forgives our past in the same way.

It's so encouraging to see what the Bible says about their faith as I read history I see multiple examples of messy faith. How many of you can tell me that one time where you knew that God was going to take care of what was going on in your life and you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt and you were willing to stand up on the top of a mountain is screaming out to everybody.

And then comes tomorrow.

It's a messy faith. Our faith is messy as well. One day you will be strong and doing the right and loving God and serving Jesus single women. This is awesome. And then the next day. But you know what.

I love how you start in being not weak in faith. What an amazing statement God did.

Look at their faults and their growth. He looked at their destination. We see them wavering a lot along the way. But the Lord looks instead on the fact that they trusted him no matter what stood in their way. Here's the evidence Abraham was looking at. His body was now dead. He's not not knocking on heaven's door like that's where Abraham is at. OK. Not only did we have. He had the evidence of reality and truth on his side to not believe God but his wife's womb was dead also.

Look at this slide right here. Coming up here said so here's the deal. Every emotion they're going to be the father of many nations over there on the right hand side on the left hand side is like he's dead.

Like there's no way that God is ever going to do this. And see that's where he has to look and he has to do it now. Wish I wish I could dive into the mind of every single person that's in here today so that we can replace these things because we were not talking about you being the father of many nations that and we're not talking about you almost dead by that that's not your reality right now that's not my reality right now. But

see we have that exact same choice.

Are we going to trust what on the outside looks to be true or are we going to trust what God says in his word.

He was strong in faith and he believed not only do you believe that God did believe God but he gave him glory the God that Abraham believed is the God that gives life to the dead and creates from nothing the God that says that I can and I will and I am able as the same God said Let there be light and that sun bouncing off of those windshields over there and hit me in the eye every time I look over there.

Still to this day that that that's what happened when God said a few words but we don't trust him we don't trust him.

The God of Abraham believed as the God that gives life to the dead and he creates from absolutely nothing.

God created life in the dead womb of Sarah and that is what changed everything for Abraham. He was fully persuaded. He knew that what he promised he was able to do. He knew that what God has promised God is able to do. And guess what. That'll change your life as well.

Because here's the deal. You and your power are not going to get anywhere. You're not going to be near as good or near as cool as anything that you think you're going to be. But we have a God that is able to do. And when you believe in the ability of our God it changes the way that you approach life. The key for us as Christians is the ability to keep believing day in and day out that the ultimate reality is not what we see around us but the ultimate reality is what we cannot see and that's faith.

Then there's some promises that if I were to make them to my wife she would have a hard time believing you. OK.

So I go to the house and be like hey honey don't worry I'm going to bet I'm going to build you a set of cabinets for your kitchen. Are you all laughing.

Like some of you Oliver. It may seem we were tools or something so he's going to cheat he's going to be sitting there going to be sitting there with a smile on her face because she's sweet to me. Is she going to be like OK. It only ends as you like. Lord please help me not to. Are you able to cut off the electricity to work. Does it work. Please don't let him get into that. My wife wouldn't really believe that I was able. Now I can make promises all day long but she's not going to believe that I'm able to do that because that's just out of my wheel house.

Abraham knew that God's promises looked felt and smelled and sounded off a wall but he knew that God could.

And since God can he can now trust his God. Now if I promised my wife doesn't want to set up a great networking system an audio system in our house that's going to be run in us in a spectacular You might want can be like for one thing about Chris she's is going do it because that's something Chris is able to do.

I'm not able but God Almighty says I'm.

And here's our struggle can we go back to that slot. Our struggle is sitting here going we don't really believe it. If we believed it and all of a sudden we'd be looking at it going I don't have to look at my tombstone I've got to look at the promises of God because if there's one thing I know about my God is my God is able.

My God is able.

I'm not able. I'm not good enough I'm not able. I'm not smart enough I'm not good looking enough. There's no way that I can do that and God says Good. That's what I love doing with you. I

love taking you down to where you understand that you are not able to do it because then throughout that you get is given to God and God alone because you understand that it was God that gave it to you in the first place.

This is not the same thing we struggle with everyday can God. And the answer is yes God can. God can he can God. Yes God can. Once we understand this truth then it changes the way that we pray. It changes the way that we work. It changes the way that we live. Abraham simply believe that God was able to do what he said he would do. That's all Abraham believed. He simply able to do whatever he says he's going to do. We were never called to ask whether we have faith and whether we have faith enough or whether we can rely enough. The question is this is Jesus Christ great enough and gracious enough for me to rely on you. That's the question for us today.

Is he great enough is he gracious enough for me to rely on man can know that his feet are on the rock not by filling for his feet but by filling for the rock like if you've ever been out.

I'm not a great swimmer. Year round doesn't help much when you try and swim. I'm really not a great swimmer. Didn't grow up hardly at all. I'm not. But but you know I was out in the ocean in the Pacific Ocean and I'm out there swimming. And

guess what you shouldn't and you're like oh you're not falling for your feet because you know your feet are there.

You know what you're feeling for your film for the ground and when you feel the ground this sense of relief comes over you like I felt the ground I walked towards the what I want to walk and walk at you when you feel like everything's OK.

A lot of times we want our feelings to be right but your feelings aren't what's right. The rock is what's right. Our God is us right. And when we know that he can. It changes the way we approach life. Here's the deal. We must never have faith in our faith. We can only have faith our God we can't have faith in our faith.

We can only have faith in our God. Verse 42 verse 22 the Bible says and therefore it was imputed to him for righteousness. Disbelief was imputed to him for righteousness. Now it was written for his sake alone. Verse 23 for 35 that it was imputed to him but for it wasn't just written about Abraham he says this isn't just for Abraham to understand this but for us also to whom it shall be imputed if we believe in him that raised up Jesus from the dead he said. This story in just about Abraham this story is about us two who was delivered for our offenses and raised again for our justification. Paul continued 4:23 saying that this was not written about just Abraham. This is his reality but it is for us as well. Our responsibility is to believe in him that raised Jesus from the dead. We have to place our faith and our trust in Christ alone my hope is found.

That's where our faith has to be placed. And the sad thing for many of us is our faith is placed on the guy we look at in the mirror in the morning and then you wonder why you flop all 10 and then you wonder why you can't do what you expect to be able to do and you wonder why you can't be faithful to God the way you want to be.

You know why because you're looking in the mirror or looking for the solution and the solutions are not found in the mirror. The solution is found in that our God can and will our responsibility is to believe in him. He

was delivered for our offenses he was raised for us to be justified. So the question for you today is this raid to wrap up question for you today is this how do you put your faith in. What are you putting your faith faith in. A

lot of you put your faith in the future that you've planned out on paper or the amount of money you have in your bank or what your retirement is going to look like lottery you put your faith.

Are you really ready to rest your faith upon something so liquid. Are you really willing to put your faith on something so so dumb or you put your faith in your faith maybe or you put your faith in your works. Maybe you put your faith in your church. Maybe you put your faith in your family or you put your faith in Jesus and his finished work on the cross of Calvary. That's the only thing that can save the question for you today is this. Have you placed your faith in who have you place your faith in Christ.

If not let me just tell you this. Can I just say this. The message today is not to just believe the God and Heaven will make everything happen for you that's not at all the message you've got to place your faith in Jesus Christ as your personal savior first. If you haven't done that today's the day not tomorrow not the next day today. Place

your faith in Christ alone. That comparison in contrast can be seen in this chapter we have we we have salvation by trying in salvation by trusting. There's two different ways to be saved by trying. But the problem is you can try and try and try and guess what you will never attain or you can trust in Christ alone. What Abraham found and what David found is the same thing that Paul found and that we must find salvation is by faith. Everybody believes that but it's not just about it's not just faith but it's faith alone it's faith alone not faith in some magical mixture of your works or your attendance the church it's faith alone.

The question for those that profess to know Christ this morning's a little bit different.

Here's the big question for you. So can you explain to me how big your God really is.

Let's talk about going into a court of law and proving what you say about how big your God is in the way that you walk your daily life. Do we truly believe in the greatness of our God. Or do we need to put on the outside of our own house from anyone else we have we shall serve the Lord and we buy that and we think man or is awesome mom and me or my house or want to serve Jesus and that's great.

I'm glad you do that. But the question is if I were to look at your Monday through Saturday would it say that you're serving Jesus.

If our look at your calendar would say that you're serving Jesus and your checkbook would say that you're serving Jesus. So exactly what proof are you going to bring to the table how big is your god. How big is your god. Just how does your life show that you truly believe in trust in him and your daily walk with him. Do you serve a big God. Do your feet walk in a way that can prove that you truly believe in a big God. Take steps of faith that I want to scare you to death. But the question is do you truly believe that you have a God or do you just believe you have the right plan or do you just believe you have a magnificent mind or do you just believe that you are able or do you truly believe that your God is able. You know I come to you. Thank you for your word. Thank you for Abraham dear Lord and how through him we see so many truths. I ask you would.

You would be magnified by the message today and to know that you might help me that I might live a life that shows that I truly do serve a big God. My schedule that my giving my the way that I am the way that I walk might show that I'm only trusting you for all that we do in Jesus name I pray.

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