Faith of Our Father

Chris Gardner

May 21, 2017

For Faith of Our Father and we're going to walk through this chapter and hopefully be able to help you some as you dive into Romans Chapter Four. So Paul told us in the book of Romans so far Paul has told us about the future of those without Christ. And he's done it repeatedly. And if you remember we started off in Romans 1 2 and 3 Romans 1 Paul says this is who I am. Romans 1. The last party says hey guess what you Gentiles are bad and the Jews are sitting there going yeah you're bad. And then he goes chapter three goes road Jews guess what you're also bad. And they're like OK we're bad too and then you come to Romans chapter four and Romans Chapter Four is kind of a crux Romans for us where Paul is coming into this gigantic thought and explaining to the Jews and this is kind of like the last nail in the coffin for these Jews that he's explaining about what's going on with the gospel the Bible says that we must be saved by faith and it's a woman secretary and we get to verse 21.

That was an amazing passage but now as we talked about that he's spoken from the perspective of a gentile a Jew and then he limped everybody together and Romans Chapter Three as well. Paul speaks to us of the importance of believing in the blood. We've got to believe in the blood. His death his burial the resurrection of Christ. And then he broached the subject of belief and then in chapter four he's going to use this whole section to talk about faith. So what is faith and who has faith and what is faith all about. That you find a Roman Church to for now. Now remember who you're who he's talking to here. OK. So the Jews are still reeling. They're still taken back after hearing Paul talk about the uselessness of trying to measure up.

To what God expects about what you do. OK. They like their They're still sitting there going I can't believe this. I'm kind of dumbfounded. He says that everything that we do will not bring us closer to God by the way religion is nothing more than a group of people trying to do stuff for God to please him. But guess what. It never will happen. You're never going to please God by your actions. And that's the reason we don't care about religion. We care about a relationship with Christ not about a religion. And so he's sitting there and he's talking about this and these Jews are sitting there and he's listening to them and they're listening to him and so in case you have any question in their mind. Paul is going to do this. He's going to debunk the theory that one of their greatest heroes was saved by the way he worked.

Ok so like if there's anybody that has gotten saved by working this is the guy that got saved by works this is the guy guy I say by works in their mind. There's one guy. Head and shoulders above them all. That has worked his way to God being pleased with him. And so he was going to show them here's this. A lot of people love taking the Bible and saying there's two parts of the Bible. You have this you have this new testament part and this really matters. You know this New Testament part really matters and a lot of people I think are the oldest was not that big of a deal. Or you'll hear people say well God in the Old Testament was mean and God in the New Testament is love and all of that. We're going to say that's garbage because the God of the Old Testament is the God of the New Testament.

He's not some bipolar God that changed in the New Testament from what he was in the Old Testament which you're on the scene Romans Chapter Four is this we're going to go back in the Old Testament. The question is how far are that go back in the New Testament to figure out what God has planned has been from that point. So how far back in the Old Testament do we have to go. All we have to do is go back and we'll you how far this is Old Testament the New Testament to go back to we're going to be referencing today. You have to do is go back oh wait never mind I'll just do it this way. If you go back to right here and that's it is going to be referencing and what he's saying is this and not some bipolar God that has changed.

I'm not some bipolar God that's changed. I didn't wake up one morning and go Well that didn't work. I guess I've got to change now. That's not at all happened. So you find that you're going to find here in Romans for the righteousness of God and the gospel is not some new last ditch effort to redeem people.

This isn't some last ditch effort that God pours off to redeem people. That's not at all what's happening here God's like. OK.

Genesis didn't work. Exodus didn't work. Leviticus didn't work numbers didn't work. Deuteronomy didn't work. Joshua Judges ruled for every person. King first Chronicles of the master job's on Robert definitely something that your MLM takes. Did you know that your only means of digital might get them back as it were. I guess that Grammatica.

We have speed drills need to do pretty good at it. None of those worked. And so then we come to Matthew and everything changes. That's how it all happened. This is not some bipolar guy who is switched. I've not changed. This is not what's happening. This is not some last ditch effort to go. OK they missed everything else up let's just go and do this whole redeeming thing and we're going through Jesus.

That's what happened. The story of the Bible and that's not me saying that this is what God says.

So this is his plan and it can be seen in the law and the prophets as well. In Romans 3:21 Here's what he said Romans to you when he said. But now the righteousness of God is that the laws manifested being witnessed by verse 21 being witnessed by the law.

And the prophets. This is not you want to know what the New Testament is about but you can know because the witness for the New Testament is found in the law.

And in the prophets the Old Testament is telling you the exact same story.

Paul uses Romans Chapter 4 through Romans Chapter 8 to explain how God's great plan of salvation was in complete harmony with the Old Testament. It was in complete harmony with the Old Testament complete harmony with the Old Testament. Paul is going to do this by talking about Abraham and David he's going be talking about Abraham and David after all with Abraham. We're talking about the one that God referred to.

As his friend like. Think about that for a second.

He refers to him as his friend. Look at Isaiah Chapter 41 and verse 8. Isaiah checker 41 in verse 8. The Bible says thou Israel aren't my servant Jacob whom I have chosen. The seed of Abraham. And then he says the seed of Abraham and Isaiah 41 ate the seed of Abraham. My

the seed of Abraham My friend Abraham is considered to be the father of the Jews and in their mind and in their mind.

He's the father of the Jews the father of them all. And David is their premier. King David is their premier King. I want you to watch and pay attention as we watch the master genius stroke of God through Paul's writing showing the Jews what really does matter what really does matter. We don't have any of the slides at all. OK so I'm just going skip the parts that talk about slide the three times asking. So here here's what he says. He's going to pull this he's going to say you want to talk about the father of the Jews. This is the father of the Jews. And I want to talk straight about the father of the Jews here Paul is going to show how critical faith is in the life of the believer what really matters. His faith in Him. Paul

will teach us that righteousness is really a five letter word and you spell it F A I T H we've grown up in church we've grown up around Christian people we've run a report on who make us think that righteousness is spelled with a to do and a to don't list which is no no if you want to know what righteousness really is the way you know it is this. Just

spell it with the word faith. Faith is righteousness. Faith

in Christ is righteousness so let's look at the father of faith. Number one if you fill in the notes there the father of faith Romans Chapter 4 verse 1 through 4 the father of faith. OK we saw last week that the word justified me or not last week. Two weeks ago we saw the word justify means the word justify means. This

just as if I had never sinned. Now that's pretty cool isn't it. Growing up as a kid it would have been awesome if there was a justify button before my father my dad because I would do stupid stuff and I would apologize.

But there's a problem and you're forgiven. And I only remember it until they get married.

That's not at all God. Gonna go listen to this when I save you. You are justified when I look at you. I look at you just as if you had never ever send. I look at you and I look at you just as if you had never seen.

In this passage you're going to see three different words that I'll play off of this one word and I'll have that same basic meaning.

The words are reken impute and count and they all mean to put to one's account. So I have a bank account to put to one's account. If you decide to put money into my bank account you just gave me money that I didn't deserve. It has been imputed placed in counted into my account and that's what the word impute means. Justification means righteousness imputed put to our account. And this gives us a right standing before God. So here's the deal. God hates sin.

There's only one problem with that we sin no no. I'm sorry we don't sin. We are sinners like literally every day.

You all probably don't live everyday it's probably like every week for you guys there might be something creep up you did that you shouldn't have done or something that you looked at that you shouldn't looked at or some attitude that you had that you shouldn't have had or some way that you didn't respond to your family the way that you should. But I have problems with that.

I bet you do too. We're sinners got Haixun. So God says I justify you and make it to where it's just as if you had never sinned. When

I look at you I look at you as if you were. That's amazing.

That's amazing. Justification means being put on our account. It gives us the idea that Paul spoke of in the book of Philemon in verse 18. But Kopelman verse 18 I love this. Paul speaking about this slave called ownness amiss. Oh NESA misses taking in the book of Philemon.

He's probably taken and stolen stuff and run which is probably taken stuff stolen stuff and he's run. He belongs to his owner but he walks away as if he doesn't owe him anything. He runs he he has done everything wrong and all of a sudden he meets up with this dude named Paul.

In case you're wondering when you meet up with Paul life's going to be different. So they meet up with Paul and Paul tells him about Jesus and Paul is disciples of human Paul is growing him and he looks at it and I see miss one day and he says NSM as you know it.

Is time that you go back to your owner what you do know what the penalty by the way for going back to my owner is don't you like he's allowed to kill me like literally allowed to kill me.

This is not you know you go. And here's what he says. Look for Leeman chapter or verse 18 Philemon's verse 18 by the way if you want to read the whole book of the Bible is a good one to read it's an awesome book looking for Leeman verse 18. He says he's talking to his friend who had he had also won to Christ and also had a relationship with him and he says hey I did it he's done something wrong to you.

If he's done something wrong to you verse 18. Or if he owes you anything.

Just don't put on my account. You know all that stuff you owe me you know I invested in your life. You

know how I loved you. You know how was a part of your life.

So I just want you to take in anything that NSM US owes you. Put it on his account and that's exactly what happened when we got saved. This is the idea of imputation. Paul says on this image no longer has a debt. Put that debt to me. Can you imagine. NSM going and knocking on the door. Can you imagine the fear of that but then sends him this letter and he looks at the letter and everything changes because he goes I do owe Paul a lot.

I owe Paul so much and Paul says the way you owe me. Guess what. Just go and put it on my account. He says forgive him and that's exactly what imputation is. These verses show clear proof the principle of justification by faith apart from works of any kind was also the principle.

That worked in the Old Testament. This isn't some new doctrine. Paul's teaching they thought he might be crazy because he's teaching these new doctrines and he goes on teaching a new doctrine at all if you don't understand this doctrine you go all the way back to Genesis and you see it. The

Jews consider Abraham to be the greatest patriarch of the Jewish nation.

He was the primary example in their mind of justification by works like Abraham was almost perfect for just be like Abraham everything will be OK. That's what the nation built.

The claim that God justifies people based on their faith seems to run against their idea of Abraham but Paul is going to show that all of that is a farce. All of that's a farce. Look at Romans chapter four in verse 1 with me. Romans chapter 4 and verse 1 look at what the Bible says in verse 1. He looks at them and he says hey what shall we say then. I would say that Abraham our father as pertains to the flesh has found what are we going to say that Abraham got because of something he did in his own power. What are we going to say that Abraham found because of something that he did in his own power. That's the question Paul says. So what did Abraham our father find in all the works that he did in the flesh. But by the way that's a pretty big question.

That's a pretty big question for the people that thought that no one ever achieved as much as Abraham did. That's a really big question. Romans Chapter 4 verse to look at what he says he says for if Abraham are justified by works he has something to glory about.

If he were justified by works you'd have some of the glory about he has something to brag about. Is that what we're talking about here.

If you remember chapter three we said the exact same thing. Let's brag a little bit. So David what did you do. Oh you don't understand. I put the signs out outside the church of all we can say because of that. I'm a good I'm a good dude. No you understand. I came before body else did surgery. Oh I love music. Oh I enjoy what you do. I play the piano. Oh I love them. Oh yeah. I prepared the message oh I was there every time the door was open.

And he says you know what. Not even Abraham can brag about what he did before God not even Abraham can brag about what he did before God. Verse 2 he says for Abraham are justified by works. He has the glory but not before God. In the second verse Paul makes reference to Romans chapter three in verse 27 that he had just laid out there. He had just laid out because here's what he said in Romans 3:27 if you remember Romans 3:27 says whereas the boasting in his words the boasting then is it excluded. But what was it it's going to work in. How in the world can you brag that this is not some political dinner where everybody sits down and discusses how awesome they are. I love reading preachers resumes that they send out to churches as they go.

It's funny it's like Chris Gardner is the and you read it and you think that Jesus didn't do much he just walked on water man this preacher. Now he's the man. Like you read it. You go to conferences like this dude let me tell you how great he is. He's done this he's done this and he's done this. He's done this he's done this.

And honestly you read it if you're an attending you're looking at Indigo honer on a list of this guy because this guy's done more his his bio is way longer than this other guy's bio that other guy's bio is pretty pathetic. It's a boasting competition that's our life isn't it. We tend to boast with what we drive. We tend to boast with the way we talk. We tend to boast in the way that we live within the Bush. Is that not the way we do stuff. He goes. Now let me ask you about salvation. Let's talk about bragging about your salvation. He said in Romans Chapter Three There's no bracken and worth boasting there's no boasting because you've done what did you do to get to heaven placed my faith in Christ.

You served over on the mission Bill Jacob tall be someone you guys know whom you came here to preach for us a few times. He was in China got arrested in China booted out of the country had to go to another country. Man you talk about a guy that has really been through the stuff that's written. No no you know.

Jacob Tabio in heaven. I place my faith in Christ.

Do you know why every single one of us if we go to heaven we will not go because of who we are because of what we've done. We will go because we had placed our faith in Christ and that alone and there's absolutely nothing you can brag about.

Nothing to brag about. Nothing to brag about at all. There's no way that even Abraham can boast. There's no way that even Abraham can boast not even Abraham can boast. Well of Abraham could boast. I guess I be quiet then. Exactly. There's nothing to boast about.

He may be able to glory in it to those that are watching by the outside because they think that he's done so much but a boast before God. Honestly God's really the only one that counts and he says you can't boast before God.

There's no boasting you can do before God at all for what you've done just no boasting boasting he is an illegitimate arrogance. If you're filling your papers there's that boasting is an illegitimate arrogance that contradicts the gospel message. Let me say that again. Boasting is an illegitimate arrogance that contradicts the gospel message.

If you brag you're being arrogant and when you're being arrogant you're contradicting the gospel message because there's only one way to answer about the gospel and that's this way with your head down and saying I trusted an all mighty good and loving father.

That's all that I did. Justification now. Now this is really important. I hope you you get this justification isn't something that we feel OK. Do you get that justification is it something we feel. We may not feel forgiven. But we are we may not feel forgiven but we are.

It's not about what you feel. Justification has nothing to do with the way we see ourselves. Justification is not looking in the mirror or. You know what. That's one handsome dude I'm looking out there in the mirror and you know what. I'm forgiven. I'm

saved I'm free. Not at all what it is. It doesn't matter how you look at yourself because justification has nothing to do with the way you look at yourself. It has to do with the way that the judge looks at you and the judge looks at you and he says he's in.

Just justified this by the way we see ourselves. This is the way that God sees us.

You know Chris I don't feel saved.

Yeah. I don't feel alive.

And you look at me you're like how could you not live your life. It doesn't matter how I feel whether I feel alive or not I guess what I'm alive. I mean justify how God sees us. The though is truly what matters way more than we even see ourselves. You

know what happens as a Christian and we grow in the knowledge and in the understanding that what we do and what we're we are in life is not based upon our identity is based upon who God says that we are. So Chris and I don't feel forgiven. Great. Are you forgiven. Have you asked God to forgive you and if you have. Guess what. Whether you feel forgiven or not you are. And the truth is your journey is a journey of little of saying God. I agree with what you say that I am not with what I say that I am. Justified.

How God sees us is what truly matters.

When we were convinced that God sees us that way that soon we have assurance of our justification that we have been filling in the blanks. Their assurance of our justification. And here's the deal. We have nothing to brag about. Or as the pastor of this church this is going to really encourage probably discourage I don't feel justified every day of the week and I'm your pastor. I don't fill every day of the week as if I'm but it doesn't matter what I feel what matters is what God says that I am.

I love this right here this is a quote I found in one of the books I was reading it said if we brag about our faith. It's like a drowning man bragging about the fact that he made it possible for the lifeguard to save him.

And I Dad awesome. If it weren't for me that lifeguard can save me. Probably not a smart thing to say. Probably not a smart thing to say.

Here's what he said. There's nothing at all to brag about. There's you know what happens when you're pulled into the lifeboat after you're drowning you're thankful you don't sit up go well let me just let you know.

If it weren't for me raise my head he would have never been able to say it. That didn't even cross your mind.

You're just glad that you're now safe. Romans Chapter 4 in verse 3 look at what it says.

And says for what saith the Scriptures Abraham Abraham.

How many how short Abraham what is supposed to say Abraham's sacrifice. Abraham did Abraham had altars. Abraham that's what it's meant to say in it.

No no it says Abraham believe God and it.

What is there. It is the belief and that belief was counted to him.

For righteousness Here's what he says. He believed God and that belief is what God took and he said that believers placed upon your life and it's counted you as righteousness. What

does the Bible say. Abraham believed God. His life is a testimony of believing God.

He was caught out of his homeland. He believed and he left in Genesis Chapter 12. He was told to sacrifice his son and he believed his belief was counted as righteousness. That word counted. It's an accounting term. It was placed in his account as righteousness.

What did he do to be righteous. He simply asked me out what do you do. He believed he believed.

So this is not some game change that God does old testament. One thing you just listed thing Gaga is known all the way from the Book of Genesis. It's

always been about your belief Romans 4:4 look at what the Bible says. Not to him that workups is therefore not reckoned of grace but of debt that we do. We do a Chris Gardner version for you here when he says this. Not if. If a person works.

When you get paid that's not grace that Paul says hey if somebody works and get what they deserve that's not grace it's debt. So it is if I work a job and I'm told Chris you're gonna get paid$15 an hour and I work 10 hours and the guy walks up to me and hands me$150.

Am I going to be jumping up and down and clapping you and say I just won the lottery.

No you don't. I'm proud. I'll probably do I'll probably do this. We'll try. Oh thank you.

We don't even really mean that because truthfully when we get the money we deserve that money. Like this is not some I'm not some charity case I worked I got it Paula saying that if Abraham was saved by his works in combination of his works than he did not experience grace at all because you can't mix the two.

Grayson works or not put together in some magical mixture so that we can be saved.

So Chris how many works have you done to be saved and the answer is absolutely zero because if I said one single word then I'm probably not even saved.

Because it doesn't mix. It's not some magical mixture that happened it's all by grace and by grace alone. We'll stop there. Point number one today because Point number two is a little bit long. We may get to that point number two but 19 and 1930s they came up with this stuff called cake mix.

And cake mix it comes in a box and you put some stuff in it and all of a sudden you're a baker. That's the most amazing thing ever. And that's the American way. 1930s they came up with this stuff and it was flopping. They couldn't sell enough of it. It was dying. There was no such thing as a matter of fact if they kept doing what they were doing I would have been telling you today about this historical thing called a cake mix that no cake mix wouldn't words that they weren't getting it or it wasn't working.

So for 20 years they tried to get this cake mix to try to get this game where nobody wanted to buy it because all you had to do was take it home put a little water in it bake it and you were done bacon.

They couldn't get it to so they brought in a psychologist and said Why will people not buy cake mix. And the psychologist said this.

A woman in the home wants to feel like she cooked a meal not that she just put a box into an oven and made it happen. And so what they did was this magical thing he said would take the egg out of the cake mix. And so they took in the 1950s they took the egg out of the cake mix so that the wife at home could put fresh eggs into the cake mix and still today we use cake mix it took off after they took the other had to take the egg out so that the woman could fill like they had cooked cooked.

This cake mix.

You got to go back and read about it is amazing. I've read about it this week just preparing for the stir here. Just

amazing. But see that's kind of like us as Christians in.

We want to think we put enough into salvation to deserve salvation.

Well let me put the eggs in there. At least now guess what you did for salvation. Nothing.

You behaved.

And you don't brag about believin you don't talk about how great you were because you raised your hand. That's not at all what you do. There's nothing there's not even eggs for you to break and put into the mixture of faith and grace alone.

Salvation is by grace alone. There's nothing else there. You know what we want.

It's funny because I've kind of broken away from a group that would tell me a list of everything that I had to do and that could and couldn't do all that good stuff. But we almost like it that people give us a list of 17 things that we need to do to really be saved don't we. Doesn't it make it easier that way. As somebody says to me Well if you'll do this it'll all be OK. That's not all happened. And so you start in Romans chapter four and here's what he says in Romans Chapter Four. The great patriarch Abraham he believes God what does he do now can I just tell you that there is a lot of things that you could talk about that Abraham had done but there's only one thing that Paul talks about and that's what he believed.

He believed we come before an amazing loving heavenly Father and the only thing that we brought and the only thing that we can bring that will bring joy to him. It is our belief in who and when we do. He looks at us and he says congratulations you believe on me.

And now you are justified just as if you had never seen.

Now can I tell you this if I were to stand before the judge with my friends they could tell the judge all the stuff that I've done wrong and God looks at me and he goes I know everything.

And what he did with one thing he believed and now is just as if he had never seen.

So he looks at the Jews and he says Jews you think you've got everything under control don't you. You think everything is cool. You think everything is awesome because Abraham was this good Mr. Goody Two Shoes. He says No Abraham what Mr. Goody two shoes at all. Abraham was known for one thing all the way back in the book of Genesis. Abraham was known because he.

Said Chris I don't know what I can bring God. Well the question is this. Have you believed if you believed all you do now is you are thankful for what he did for you.

If you watch these documentary documentaries that you've seen over the years you'll watch and somebody will say well he saved my son.

He's a policeman and he saved my son and you look at him and 20 years later maybe 10 days to get a relationship. You know why they got a relationship. What does he owe the policeman. He was absolutely nothing except for a son. There's a thankfulness that is brought from that that makes us desire to do we would never done if it weren't for the fact that we believed on our Savior. I thank you for your word.

I thank you for Romans Chapter 4. I thank you for the Faith of Our Father and Laura. Thank you for justifying me because even when I don't feel justified. I know that you're the one that has said that I'm justified. Thank you for saving me. Thank you for changing my life. I you do or that you might help me to grow up. And the knowledge of you know that we might just I might just live a life of thanksgiving for what you've done for me in Jesus name prayed.

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