Groaning For Glory 2

Chris Gardner

March 25, 2018

The Bible talks about groaning and what the Bible says about that. We're not the only ones dealing with this and see what we love to do when we suffer, as we love to pretend that we're the only ones

like, hey, if you've ever been around somebody, we always love pretending that we are the only one that suffers that way. A person has their first child and they. They look at parents that had four kids, five kids, six kids, and they'd go. Life is so difficult with one child, but they. But of course their reality is different than everybody else's reality. Have you ever noticed that? That's, that's a human tendency to do that. Then you have to and then you have three and then you have four and you're been hope. Some of you might have five and six and seven, but hey, I'm at four and that's where I'm stopping right now and I think crystal and Ryan are stopping at 3:00 AM. She said on facebook the other day, I'm feeling a a little nauseous or no. Let me look at some stuff that had to do with babies and I literally said already seriously, and she did not curse at me on the facebook, but I knew that behind those words were like, don't you dare.

That three isn't enough, so, so, so, but isn't it funny how we all want to suffer and talk about how our suffering is different? Is that not funny how we do that? We are different than everybody else. Nobody else deals with suffering the way that we do this, but one of the things that Paul wants us to do here is he wants us to understand and put our suffering in a global context. He wants to put our suffering in a global context. The scariest part about this truth that we enjoy isolating herself and thinking to what we go through. It's so much worse than what anybody else deals with

and when we go through so much worse than what anybody else deals with, but see, here's what we learned from the scriptures. All of history has grown. We're not the first people to deal with this suffering ordeal. We're not going to be the last people that deal with this suffering thing and I was thinking this week how to illustrate that and I thought there's really only one person I can use to illustrate this and it happens to be the guy talking because I'm the one that knows me best. You know how many times I think that my life is difficult because of diabetes.

Like I try and brush it off like it's not a big deal, but there are many times I'm sitting there going, man, wife just thinks as a diabetic you can never forget you have it. It's always there with you. And, and, and, and like right now, say I use this as an illustration so I could look down and see my blood glucose right now is 161 and I've gotten to know this before I stand up and preach after I finished, I might have to eat something. It's just a pain in the neck beyond compare and man, do I love complaining in my head about how difficult life is with diabetes? Nobody else like that in here is there that we like complaining in our head about how difficult life is, and then I started thinking, so I wonder what diabetes would have been like if you were born in 1921 with diabetes in 1921 is the year that they first discovered insulin.

OK, 19, 21. When you were given the diagnosis of diabetes. Now you do understand 1921 is less than a hundred years ago, less than a hundred years ago that it's cut. They discovered diabetes before that if you had the strict diet, you never ever cheated. You did the best that you could and you live the perfect life that the doctors told you to live your life expectancy at best would be three to four years and all of a sudden my diabetes doesn't seem so bad. Gutsy. I've had diabetes now for 28 and honestly it doesn't really stop me much, but. But W, W, what we'll find here in this passage is that suffering is not something new that happened. By the way, if I was born in Nineteen, 21 without insulin, it would've been horrible. They started playing with insulin in 1922. There were a total of seven people that were treated with insulin in 1922, one, two, three, four, five, six total amount of people that were treated with diabetes, with insulin in 1922 less than my grandmother on both sides would have been during that day and age and all of a sudden it changes my perspective of suffering.

It changes my perspective on suffering. Yeah. It's kind of a pain in the neck. Check your blood sugar and it's kind of in Peru. They used to make fun of me. They used to call me Robo cop because I would have like all kinds of stuff plugged into my body. I've got CGM over here and a needle plugged in on. It's plugged in here right now and they used to make fun of me because I had to carry this big ole bag of stuff with me everywhere I went to plug into more stuff and to inject myself with more than they used to call me. Robo cop everywhere I went and it was just the funniest thing to them to do that and man, I wanted to think about how bad life was, but when you look historically at where you at, it changes your view of suffering quite a bit, quite a bit.

You know, back in the old days there was a storm and all of a sudden your family couldn't eat hardly that year, wiped out your crops and your going and now now are suffering amounts to. They don't have our name brand of organic oranges at the store and there's nothing wrong with that, but the funny thing is our view of suffering has got to change. We can see historically suffering was way different and Paul is teaching us, here's this. You're not the first people to deal with suffering and guess what? You're not going to be the last people to deal with suffering either. Your life is not going to be perfect. Your life is not going to be Hunky Dory. Everything is not going to go great and you can save up for retirement and have as much money into bank as you want. But guess what, there are some things that money just won't fix. When I was 14 years old, 13 years old, however, if I was 14 I got diabetes and I'm in Peru that to check our blood, they would. You would go to the doctor and they would stick a needle in your arm, pull the blood out, and you could get the results of your blood glucose one week later.

Now for anybody that understands blood glucose, my blood sugar right now is 61 and it'll probably be 95 by the time I finished preaching. So if you tell me one week from today what my sugar west today that's about is, that's the definition of useless. That's what we were going to have to do. And Man, I was 14 years old and I know you can't imagine this, but a 14 year old that had a bad attitude about life because he had diabetes. Because I was Mr active. Nobody stopped me. I did sports every time that I could. I was so excited about life and then all of a sudden I found myself plopped on a couch watching tv all day. But I couldn't even see the screen because of blood of because of the sugar blowing up in front of my retina and my dad's like, something's wrong with this kid. Ended up sending me back to the states statement. I wanted to talk about how bad life was and I will never forget my dad getting me in a truck and saying, Hey Chris, go for a ride.

OK, OK. See anything but whatever. You know, me and my bad attitude, I know none of y'all have ever had a bad attitude at 14 or even today about whatever. I got in the car and my dad's driving around and he takes me outside of the Catholic church where the. There's a guy that sits in, in a little handmade platform area attached into a tricycle thing or their family would bring them up there every day and he's got a cannon and he's beaten on a can and he's thinking he doesn't have fingers, he doesn't have legs. And my dad looks at me, he says, do you really want to talk about how bad diabetes is? Thanks for the compassion that, yeah, you're awesome. And we, we drove by and there was a guy in the area that literally walked on his elbows because he was born without any of his arms and his legs didn't work, so he, he put shoes on his elbows and would literally do this to walk over. And he goes, Christie, you really want to. Because see what happens is this, when you contextualize suffering, suffering doesn't look near as bad as you thought it looked when you were all alone and whining all the time.

By the way, I'm not talking about you. I'm talking about me here. What suffering looks different. When you see other people that suffer worse than you do, and Paul's going to go into this Jesus, this suffering. All creation suffers. And here's the reason. All creation suffers. If you want to know where suffering comes from, here's the answer to the perennial question. Sin Evil.

Sin Is evil. That's where suffering comes from. It's so to think, especially as a young person, how much fun, sadness, but sin is evil and sin is fun. Absolutely. There's nothing as fun as sin for a season, for a season, but that's what he's dealing with. The consequences of sin are horrible, and Paul taught us early in the book that even death came because of sanding enrollment. Chapter Five, we're going all have to watch some of our most precious friends and families deal with the ultimate fruit of sin because see, all of us have put people in the ground and watched them as they pass away, and that's the ultimate price. Soon claims when people. The biggest lesson that we have to understand about suffering though in verse 18 and verse 19 is this, we suffer, but we suffer in hope. Our suffering is not in vain.

We suffer and hope we know that something better is coming. Not a might not, uh, maybe we know something better is coming. Well, we can do is we can set up a life. We're suffering without hope. Makes the suffering impossible. But when we understand what suffering is all about, we suffer with hope. The question we've got to make sure and be ready to answers or whether we're still going to trust God through our suffering, because see, it's easy to love God when everything's going great. Have you ever noticed that? Oh man, everything's great. Everything's Hunky Dory high five God, good job. Way to go. Everything's awesome, but then life happens and the question is, will you trust your God through the suffering? So let's start today. Romans chapter eight and verse 19. The Bible says, for the earnings, let's start with verse 18, just for the fun of it, because we saw that last week, and if you have your Bible, underline here for our reckon that the sufferings of this present time, their sufferings, but their sufferings and their sufferings of when this present time, this isn't the suffering that's going to be forever.

It's at this present time are not worthy to be compared. They cannot be compared at all. They're not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in this verse 19, for the earnest expectation of the creature waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God. You're like, OK, I just clocked out. What's that all about? What? We're going to talk about it. Romans eight, 19, Paul starts off this passage talking about the grown of the creature and what he's talking about here is creation itself groans, but it also groans and hope there's this. Have you ever noticed how messed up our world is? Have you ever noticed how volcanoes go off everywhere and have you noticed how storms are everywhere and you have you heard this? How messed up our world truly is. He starts off talking about this grown of creation, but, but if you look at creation in genesis, genesis chapter one and verse 31, when God finished creating the earth, here's what he said.

He said, verse Thirty One and God saw everything that he had made, and behold it was not. Can I just say that? Creation doesn't look near as very good today. As it looked, he says, any finished creation, everything was very good evening and the morning were the sixth day when he finished creation. It was good. It was paradise. Until sin came into the world. When sin came into the world, the curse on mankind came in and also the curse on this earth came sin on your paper there. Sin brought a shift according to depaul where he says that creation now is groaning. Creation now is groaning. Yesterday I met my wife, has an uncle that, uh, has had to be put in assisted living and he lives here, Columbus, Georgia. They're about to foreclose on this house and since they're about to foreclose on his house, he has a truck in there and he's like, I've got to have my truck and it's a stick shift.

Does anybody know how to drive a stick shift? And I'm like, Oh yeah, somebody does. They grew up in Peru or that's all they drive. So yeah, I kind of know how to drive. So he drove over to Buford picked however, Lawrenceville picked up his truck and I drove down history. His truck is like a 1994 Toyota Tacoma, something like that, and pristine condition for the age and it's only got 98,000 miles, but I'm driving and it's groaning. Newer cars don't grown like that was there. Some belts loose and things aren't working quite right, and we find that we got it down to Columbus, thank God and didn't break down. That was awesome, but it was grown in. Here's what the Bible teaches us about creation. Creation is groaning in that same way. He's man in the world feels like it's falling apart. Guess why? Because it is because sin came into the world and when sin came into the world, there's this groaning that creation itself fills creation itself, fills in the world of today.

There's suffering and death. There's pain, all of this as a result of the sin of Adam and it isn't the fault of creation and that's what these verses here are saying. It's not creation's fault at all that, but this groaning is not useless because Paul compares it to a woman is giving birth. One day the child will be delivered, and here's what it says there. Look at verse 19 again for the next two verses. The next two words for the help me out there. See if you don't have bipolar. He hadn't called. Oh Ah. They caught up for the thing build. That's what we want to do it. Every time somebody goes, man, I need to bring my Bible for the what? Earnest expectation. Like they're sitting there waiting as a kid. Your grandparents are coming to the house back before, find my friends and cell phones.

Do you remember that? My grandmother was late to everything and who won't be there at 1:00, so we kids were sitting there at 1245 because they spoiled us rotten and we loved him to death, not because they spoiled us rotten. We loved him to death, but they did sponsor or sitting there next to the window watching what are they coming and that's the earnest expectation. That's what the Bible says. It's happening with earth itself. Earth is waiting or expecting. It's an eager awaiting it, saying that creation is on his tiptoes, waiting like a person craning his neck to see what's coming. It's waiting for the day that sin has gone and the sons of God or hear Romans eight verse 22 to 22 verse 22. Here's what the Bible says, for the creature creation was made subject to vanity, not willingly like Indian vote to have sin cast on it and be dealing with what it's dealing with, but by reason of him who subjected the same, but he did that in what and hope he did that and hope because the creature itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption until the glorious liberty of the children of God, for we know that the whole creation, growneth and travaileth in pain together until now, there's a groaning that's happening here, but that groaning, we miss the idea of the groaning.

The idea of the groaning that we find in Romans chapter eight has to do with one thing and one thing only. We are groaning in hope with an earnest expectation. We're waiting for something that is better. Adam's disobedience brought these problems. Creation didn't choose to have those problems brought on it now only, and then not only were Adam and eve impacted by their decisions, but all of creation was also impacted by their decisions. All of creation was impacted by their decisions. So now what happens? Now, creation groans, creation groans. Do you have that slide up there, bill? I don't know if I put it up there and not. Did I do? Oh yes. OK. It's groaning for freedom at Saint. Can I please be free and the earth will be free, but the earth will not be free today. Their earth will not be free to take.

The earth will be free, but it's groaning right now expecting something greater. There's hope. There's anticipation of something different. We are appointed as the stewards of this world that has been given to us. By God. You do realize that you are a steward and you're supposed to deal with a world wisely. You're supposed to deal with the world wisely. Instead of whining about our condition, we need to always be considering an anticipating the glory that lies ahead. My sisters and my brother and I. We hated sitting at the front of Tower Ridge road in Cartersville, Georgia, waiting for my grandparents to drive from Roosevelt. And it was so funny because they would call and they would say, hey, we're leaving here in a minute,

and you never knew what the definition of that minute was. Like with my Grand Mama, my grandma used to say, all I have to do is put my face on and my, my family would always joke, she'll be here tomorrow. Like there's no way to even know. We would sit there and man it was painful sitting there, but we didn't. We, there's nowhere we would rather be than sitting next to the window looking out for grandma to come. And we would ask mom and dad, mom, dad, how long does it take for grandma to get here? My mom wants pulled out of atlas. She just now I know what she was doing. She knew exactly how long it took. She was just trying to kill time because she knew her mama was late to everything. Oh well it's going to take going from Roswell to Cartersville than we were expecting. And we were waiting. And that's exactly what's happening with the earth. And what the Bible teaches us is this. There's hope the earth will be different. There's a groaning and that groanings for the earth and the earth will be different than it is today. Why? Because we're going to see the sons of God. The glory of God is going to overtake it all.

Number two, write this down and then we'll quit cause definitely don't have time to finish. Number two. Number two, we found a Christians grown. The Christian also deals with a Groan. You see, even if you've been sold a Christianity that comes without suffering, then you've been sold anything but Christianity. If you've been reading the. Oh well, let me say if you're a Christian, you shouldn't feel hogwash. If you're a Christian, you shouldn't deal with no, stop it. We are dealing with this creation. We're dealing with fallen sin nature and because of that Christians as well, you know what are the one of the largest and biggest issues that we as Christians deal with is we try to grow comfortable in the world in which we should groan. Oh well, I remember I would be more comfortable if. Well, great. That's never what we were called to do. We weren't calling to make ourselves comfortable. We were called to be in a world in which we grown, in which we yearn. Here's the problem. If you're living so great today that the party that comes tomorrow doesn't excite you, then you've missed the purpose of life.

You're sitting there going, well man, I don't know if I want to go to heaven. You know a great life now. Then you miss the whole idea and you don't have a view of what heaven is really liking. What you're going to find here in Romans Chapter Eight, verse Twenty Three through 25 is this, not only is there a grown that is brought about in creation, but there's a grown that the Christian should have. Where are they long to be in a world? It is without sin. Were they long to be in the presence of their savior? Groaning should happen to make that happen.

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