Groaning for Glory 3

Chris Gardner

April 15, 2018

[inaudible], it's going to be a pretty big deal trying to get moved in. Um, so be praying for that as rob, if you're with us, we left off the last time we were here, um, discussing groaning for glory and what that meant, groaning for glory and how the Bible talks about how creation is groaning for Gloria desires to be set free from sin because sin is, uh, has, has made the earth even suffer. And so we still how creation itself is groaning for the day that it's going to be redeemed. We live in a world that's passing by and it also long for the day when sin has no influence over it at all. Now let's get into the next verse and we're going to see here something a little bit different. Just go to Romans Chapter Eight, verse Twenty Three Through Verse Twenty Five. Romans Chapter Eight, verse Twenty Three Through Twenty Five. And remember we started with creation and creation, groaning, and then it comes to this and he's going to talk about number two on your paper.

The Christians grown, the Christians grown in other. There's a groaning going on in creation going, man, I need to be set free, but that's not the only place we find that. See, each and every one of our lives longs for freedom as well. We long for a change as well. We live in a world that is written with sin as well. We know what it's like to wake up in the morning and and and understand that our bodies don't feel like they used to fill. We know what it's like to see the sin nature in the world, and so the Christian has grown. Also. It's groaning. The Christian is groaning. The Bible says Verse Twenty Three Through Verse Twenty Five, look at Romans Chapter Eight, verse Twenty Three through 25. We find a Christians grown. The Bible says verse 23, and not only they but ourselves. Also, creation is not the only one that has this longing book.

We do two which had the first fruits of the spirit. The difference with us is we have the Holy Spirit as the first gift to us. Even we ourselves. He says, Groan within ourselves, and you're a young person here today and you're like, I don't quite understand that. Don't worry when you wake up in the morning and you'll begin to Groan soon. OK, like you're rolling over. You won't be getting out of bed and you're going to go, man, my feet don't feel good. My head doesn't feel good. Ma. This, this, this body that we have, we groan within ourselves, waiting for the adoption, the redemption of our body. We're waiting for our body to be changed. We're waiting for it to be changed or there's 24 for we are saved by hope, but hope that is seen is not hope for what a man can. Why does he yet hope for? He says, we are hoping for this. We are longing for this. And, and Vicky told me today her definition of hope and what was that? Vicky?

Having ongoing positive expectation. Hope is not something we see. How hope is not something we see. Hope is something we, we, we hope for that which is going to happen in verse 25. The Bible says, but if we hope for what we see, not then do we have pe, then do we with patients waiting for it? So he come here in verse 23 to 25 and we find this creation is not the only thing longing for freedom. Creation is not the only thing that's groaning. We are to the difference with us that are Christians is that we have, according to the scriptures in verse 24, we have a down payment. You know what a down-payment means, don't ya? It means that's the beginning of you have the Holy Spirit living inside of you. We have something that gives us an idea of how great this future glory is going to be.

We have the Holy Spirit living inside of us. Romans chapter eight has told us time and time again the amazing things that it means to have the holy spirit living in us. It told us time and time again about that. He's the one that leads us. The Holy Spirit does. He's the one that testifies to us that we are his children and his glorious is all that sounds. And Romans Chapter Eight, as we studied it, I've had quite a few people say, man, Romans eight is amazing. This is really rocked my world studying Romans chapter eight, but what you need to understand about everything that you've heard about Romans chapter eight and the truth of the Gospel there is this. It's only a down payment.

What's going to come? This whole idea of being adopted and Christ being able to call him Abba, father, the idea enrollments eight, one of there not being any condemnation man, that is all amazing, but don't worry, that's only a down payment. It gets better and we long for the day when it gets better, he's our e, it's our earnest money. He is our hope. He is the first fruit. He's the first yield of a crop and the season he is the. I grew up, my grandparents were living in Adairsville, Georgia on the little s, little 80 acres of land up there in Adairsville, Georgia. And we used to plant watermelons, used to plant watermelons. And I still remember as a kid going out and looking at the watermelons and going that Paul, is it ready? Isn't ready [inaudible], and he goes, no sun, not quite ready and newer, nothing quite as sweet as the day that he goes, hey, kids, come here.

We're all running around the house making this house feel like it was going to fall apart because we were gardeners after all and we just knew how to really be rambunctious and he said, kids coming here. We came in and he would go, guys, I think it's time, man. We would get so excited. We got the first watermelon. We would go out and we was like this big ritual of who got to cut the watermelon and who got to carry it in, and then we ate the first that the Holy Spirit has nothing but that. He's just a very beginning of what our future looks like. We're eagerly awaiting the completion of everything that began with us being his adopted children and weight that we awaited and according to this passage, we await for it in hope. We will wait for it and hope we'll wait for it. An expectation we away when we await for it. We desire it not only our souls, but also our bodies will be redeemed, not only our souls, but also our bodies will be redeemed. The Bible teaches us that our souls have been redeemed. Our souls have been saved. We are children of God. That's what it means to be redeemed, but soon our bodies will be redeemed.

That's anybody else dealt with allergies this season. Is it not horrible? You know why you deal with allergies because you don't have a redeemed body yet they do. Any of you know what it's like to have a headache? Well, guess what? That's only because we don't have a redeemed body yet he says, don't worry, you're getting a redeemed. Not only your soul is going to be redeemed, but your body will be retaining. We're waiting on this and we're waiting on this and hope are temporary. Suffering is going to give way to eternal glory. Well, we must understand as we discussed the adoption of children is that God is using our time now for our adaptation to become more and more like him. When God saves us, we are his children. He goes, as a child, I want you to learn to act more and more like me.

I want you to live more and more like me. I want you to forgive more and more like me. I want you to love others more. We are adapting into his image now. Now can I tell you that out of all of my kids, probably the kid that's most like me is Jacob. You know why? Cause he's had more time to adapt to being like his dad gets what's going to happen with Andrew. He'll become the same thing. Poor Fella, but he will become the same thing we adapt. Handled this morning, sitting there playing piano with her mom, wind the water. She'd be playing piano. That makes no sense at all except for us because she's adapting into more and more time with. They become more and more like us, but it's funny because now claire, you can see in Clare if there's anybody that clearly explains it in this church is Berkeley, the, the beauty queen. When she walks in like I'm talking about, she's all. She did. She's just, she's just exactly like her parents. She's, she's beautiful and she's, Oh, she, she had a few weeks ago I sat down with and I was like, Hey, can you just tell me about your outfit? She goes, well, I chose this and I chose this, and I said, Morgan, did she really choose her clothes? She goes, Oh yeah, she really chose her clothes. Why in the world would basically be like that? Well, it makes all the sense in the world. You know why? Because she's like her parents. Here's the deal. We have to understand is this,

when God saves us, he saves us so that we can become more and more like him every day. Did you know that if you look the same today and you act the same today as you did 10 years ago, then the gospel is not really working in your life.

I've been saved for a long time. I've been doing this for a long time. I've been no. You don't understand when the Gospel, when you are saved by the gospel of Jesus Christ, it changes you. It molds you and makes you into his image and you become more and more like him. So Vicki, this morning I was preaching at me and I walked out the door. Um, I wish I was kidding when she really was preaching at me this morning because I'm a pretty hard headed person and when I decide something I remember it and I'm, I, I'm hard to live with a I, y'all can't imagine that, but I'm kind of hard to live with my wife. So by about 19 years ago we were in Peru and I heard the missionary wives talking downstairs about how wimpy men were when they got sick. Oh, there's your sister lives. Always ask for help. But I didn't do nothing. They're used to when I'm getting sick, I don't do that. When I'm getting sick I'll do what I gotta do. That's how women do it, you know, you know how y'all women do this is previous to the facebook age, you know, where everybody was sending out memes and about that. But, so the laser sitting there going at it now mountain, my wife came upstairs and I said, I heard what she said. I will never again asked for anything when I'm sick.

In 19 years, I've not asked her one single thing when I'm sick, when I'm, when I'm not sick. Now she will serve me hand and foot and cheese, but if I'm sick, she knows I'm sick and I'm like, nope. Get out of here. I'm not asking for anything. I don't want you to call me a wimp. Nineteen years ago, I'm confessing my sin, and so today Vicky says, well, you know what, you need to tell him. Andrea is this. I'm not the same person I used to be 19 years ago. Is that not a true statement for us as Christians?

We are not the same today that we were before. We are not the same today. There we're. We've learned to love better. We've learned to be better husbands. We've learned to be better dads. We've learned to be brother better brothers. We've learned to be better sons. We've learned to forgive people. We've learned because, because here's the deal. The Gospel isn't something that happens in you. Check it off the list. The Gospel is something that happens in your life daily and your daily transformed more and more into his image, so you're adapting your adapting to what God says. Imagine a very cultured man adopting a young boy from the country. Imagine what that would look like. He has to adapt as much as he has to be adopted at adapting it as much as almost as important as being adopted because he's got to adapting to that lifestyle. Our adoption is incomplete and partial until we were finally made into his image and our body as well.

Our time in this role is a time to adapt to his truth. We grow in him and regrow in His grace. We grow in him and we grow in His grace. This is the date that the battle with our sinful flesh will finally end. How many of us would have to admit that we don't do what we know we need to do? Which would you admit to that like, like honestly, people wanting to study the depths of the scriptures while walking in the anything but depths of life, just like, oh, I want understand the depths of scripture. Well, if you want to understand the depths of scripture, how about learning to stop doing that, that you already know to stop doing that would be bigger than the depths of scripture necessarily. It's the day our Bo, our body, and our soul. Our flesh will finally in this battle that we have as believers who should be groaning and anticipation, and I hope you get this line here because this is a powerful line.

If you think about it as believers, we should be groaning and anticipation, not grumbling about our suffering that we have to deal with right now so we should be groaning, but that groaning that we have is a growing of anticipation is not grumbling about our suffering. When we choose to grumble about are suffering more than we glory, then we glory in anticipation. We lose sight of the Gospel and we lose sight of its power. We should have an intense yearning for the day. We will be like him. On June seventh of 1996, I was a 20 year old skinny pimple faced, written young dude standing in the front of a small church building with [inaudible] pastures all gather together along with other friend people that traveled from all over the country for this special day that I was going to be getting married and I was anticipating being married so much I want to say.

And, and it wasn't a cardinal anticipation I wanted to. I wanted to have this life with this other person named Andrea. I was standing up there and as she walked down the aisle there, I literally started bawling like a little girl and thank God we didn't have cell phones back then and we didn't know. We had them up there in big briefcases. Y'all remember those, but nobody was doing selfies back then. Were recording stuff in the middle. And so we have one recording that's under locking key in a safe deposit box in the Bahamas somewhere. I'm just kidding. But, but, but I, I was sitting up there. I was longing for the day that I was able to be married to. Andrea was one of the most special days in my life. I'm sitting there in my best man. All of a sudden now I've preached to 3000 people already, like I'm not afraid of crowds at 20 years old, and so I'm sending up there and literally my best man put his hand on my back because it looked like I was going to pass out like I lost all the color in my face and she was the most beautiful woman in the world.

Walking down the aisles slowly towards me and I was like, man, what an anticipation for the fact that we're going to be buried. That's the anticipation that we should have the groaning in our bodies, that we will be. We will be. We live in a day and age. We're sickness is something we deal with on a daily basis. Joy has a sister right now that's dealing with her kidneys shutting down. Pam is having radiation treatments that she just got through. Finishing. Seth is a walking billboard for all of this. This is just our bodies. We deal with stuff daily. I have diabetes, others have Crohn's disease, kids are born with cleft lips and palates. We could all tell stories of other people that we know that are also dealing with problems as well. People have to deal with migraines all the time and if you live in Georgia, you probably had to deal with this crazy pollen count in that we've had and what we have to understand is this, we ought to long for the day we all the grown for the day.

We all anticipate the day that not only are sold as redeemed, that our body is also redeemed. We're groaning and desiring a better day. Here's a graphic. You got it there in your pay on your page. I think you get it. Can you put that next graphic? [inaudible] you're sitting here, but you're longing for the day when you are made whole, we long for those days. We hope for those days, hope that rest upon the promises of God, a hope that rest upon the promises of God. Can I say that? You must be very careful who and what you hope in A. I think most of us have lived or going around the block enough times to know that just because somebody says something doesn't mean it's going to happen. Is that. Is that a fair statement? Yeah. We all know that just because somebody says, Hey, I'll pay you back on that. You know? That means that means they're going to be your best buddy up until that date and then you're not gonna. Be able to find them with the FBI for that day. That's what that means. Don't you worry about it? Hey, I promise you I probably gotta be because. Because here's the deal. There's a big problem with promises. The person that makes the promises. The problem.

I don't know if you've ever said this to your significant other, to your child or your child to you. I promise I'll never do that again. Have you ever said that? How many of you felt that? How many of you didn't do what you promised you? Oh, I'll never do that again. Oh, nevermind it until next Tuesday. Then I did it again. Here's what I have to understand. Our hope is built on the promise of God. Now, guess how many times God lies the book of Hebrews Chapter Six, as he never lies. The book of Deuteronomy says, he never lies. It's impossible for God to lie and he says, you can hope and you can place your hope on this. I promise you can place your hope on this promise. We can. We can trust that what we hope for because we know that is based upon God and his promises.

I want you to notice attention in this passage. The tension in this passage is this. We have a creation that groans, but we'll see glory. We have an earth that doesn't have the problems that sin brought in it. We have a tension, the groaning of the Christian that's waiting for the adoption process to be over with and our bodies to be redeemed as well. Because here's the deal. We are waiting on something we cannot see. I will have the perfect body one day. I can guarantee you it won't be until I die or until I go home with Jesus. I promise you won't be before then, but I will have the perfect body. Some of us are going to be transformed to such a degree that will not even be noticed who we are. It probably OK, but, but, but, but here's the deal. We long for that day.

We cannot see it. We cannot hear it. We cannot taste it. We have to simply hope we place our hope in the promises of God. Number three, the spirits grown. Go to verse 26 and verse 27, and I think I got time to finish this, and if not, I hope you packed a lunch. OK? Verse Twenty Six in verse 27, Romans Chapter Eight, verse Twenty Six in verse 27 says, likewise, the spirit also help with us in our infirmities, for we know not what we should pray for as we ought, but the spirit itself make intercession for us with groanings that cannot be uttered. He says, creation groans, God's creature. God, the Christians grown, but we're gonna. Find here the spirit also groans. What kind of a is that? But here's what he says, the spirit is going to help us when we pray. Do you realize how big of a deal that is?

How many of you have confronted something in your life that was such a big situation? You honestly didn't even know how to pray for it? Has that ever happened to you? Like this is too big for me to even know how to pray about it? I don't even know. Most of the time I can give God a list of what he's supposed to do. OK God. Here's your to do list and Chris Gardener, his life because I know what needs to happen, but there are times when stuff happens in our lives and we're sitting there speechless, like there's nothing. There's nothing but silence. We don't know what to do, and here's what the Bible says. The spirit comes alongside us through that verse 27, and he that searches the hearts north. What is the mind of the spirit? Because he makes intercession for the saints according to the will of God. He's. Here's the deal. Here's what the Holy Spirit does. Paul shows us that while we endure this suffering and hope we have the privilege of praying in the spirit,

we have the privilege of praying in the spirit. How many of you have ever felt hopeless when it comes to prayer? I just don't even know what to pray. I don't know what to say. I don't know how to ask God. I don't even know what I come to God and literally all I do when I go before God, it's just bawl my eyes out because I don't know what else to say. I don't have any answers. I don't have any suggestions. Even for what I can do with this. I don't have any answers. Maybe too much of our praying is that the flesh. It tends to be a long, beautiful and holy prayer that honestly glorifies us more than it glorifies him. That's the way most prayer is. We love praying these deep theological prayers, but there are towns in life hits us and just slapped across the face and we're like, what do we do now? What do we do now to? Can I just say this? When our prayers not within our pray, pray our prayers glorify us more than they glorify God. They nauseated our God,

get sick to his stomach going what in the world? That's not what prayer's all about. The Holy Spirit is our helper. He helps us by joining with us and bearing our burdens. This is one of the most beautiful things ever. Usually the holy spirit does. He literally goes and says, David, what's. What's your problem? How heavy burden. Let me carry it with Alyssa. Let's pray together about this. You're not alone in this. I'm with you, and I want you to understand that that burden that you're carrying, that weight that you have on top of you, that you feel like there's no way. I want you to understand that, that th, that I am the king of kings and Lord of Lords. I said, let there be light. I said that this entire earth, it's nothing like an Ottoman for me. I put my feet out on it. That's what the book of Psalm says about it, and that's how big I am, and I know you're burdened. Seem big, but they're not that big because I can help you carry him to the Holy Spirit says, let me come alongside you and make that burden more bearable. Can I just say that some of us have felt some of that and the kind of friends we have.

You had a friend that when things are just, I'm talking about when life and reality come together and they make an atomic bomb happened in your life and you've got that one. He didn't even do anything for you. You just talked to him. He cares about what you say. He listens to you. The Holy Spirit says, don't you worry about it. I am going to help you through the situation. We. Here's the deal. What we have to understand is this, we need this. We need to help with the Holy Spirit. Do you know why we need it? Because of our weakness? The strongest person in this room is not near as strong as they'd try and pretend to be. I promise you, you think that the person that you've got these two or three people, you're like, oh, well that person's very strong. If you only knew you did you know the strongest man in the world is nothing but a small, insignificant, nothing that is weak and we you're not meant to carry your burdens alone. That's what's beautiful about a church. A church is supposed to be a family where we gather together and we go, you haven't burden. Let me help you because we're representing the Holy Spirit and with the Holy Spirit does with us as well because the Holy Spirit says, I help you in your weakness. You know the reason some of us don't understand that is because we simply will never admit that we're weak,

will never admit that we're weak, but can I tell you, let me let me. You want the poster child for week. He happens to wear a mike and stand in front of this church. Most every Sunday. I'm the poster child for a week and week and I have no answers and I don't know what's going on and I holy spirit says, listen to them. When those burdens on you like that, you need to understand that I'm there to help you and your weakness show that. Next slide, if you would there, please use the next. Is there another slide in there, but Paul shows us here that the most spiritual prayer as we pray, the Holy Spirit says, listen, you don't know how to pray for God to God. I love. I love translating for people. Yeah. They would go to Peru or any other place in South America. People would actually pay sometimes for me to travel with them to other countries in South America because I do pretty good at translating, but what I loved was he was getting with that guy that goes, I'm pretty good in Spanish. I took two years in high school, Eh, awesome. Didn't you probably don't even need me and I, and I've actually had people go, I'm not sure I might need you a little bit, but you can, you don't need. And they send it from their own. That's really what it's like. It's the funniest thing ever. And then they go, oh Chris, it was probably better for you to help me, and then I help them. Do you know how much of a chance there is that they're going to get things right when they're wanting to teach a congregation without me being there?

There's about zero percent chance that they're going to do well at it. When I stand up there I am the one that enables them to communicate without me. They don't have the ability to communicate, so they'll sit there and they'll go, the Bible says, not gonna love you. He said that we are sinners because I love this and I'm sitting there going back and forth and they're going, man, this is awesome. What I said really helped the congregation and you're right what you said to help the congregation, but it only helped the congregation because there was a vehicle in which it was and the Holy Spirit says, when you don't feel that she can get through to [inaudible]. When you get down on your knees and you starting to pray, but instead of praying, all you're doing is crying. He goes, don't worry about it, son. I want to take that, that you feel right now and I'm going to translate it and I'm going to take it to God himself and he's going to hear the prayer that you shouldn't be praying. Pick the most amazing thing ever. Paul shows that there's the most spiritual prayer. Could be a wordless grown that comes from the heart. I don't know about you, but that encourages me. I don't have to have all the right words. I don't have to sound fancy. My God loves raw prayer. These conferences on how to pray, that drive me crazy.

Well, the printer, there's a 17 step thing that you do and if you do these 17 steps, so it was a magical key that makes God. Do you know that God loves the. What is the magic formula for benefit to talk to Becky? There's probably not one or the punch his head on her shoulder probably helps.


There's nothing. He's the son. He's her son. That she loves him. She cares for him. She wants to hear from him that God loves all prayer. God loves it. When you, when you pray and just tell her you know what you're feeling, that makes much of him and little of us, we don't have anything magical to say. There are times in life where we're to pray for something and we don't even have the right answer for and I was praying about how to explain this and this is the best thing that came to my mind. Paul in the Bible, there were times when in times of danger, they said, hey, we're going to stone Paul. Paul goes, go for it. There are other times when they said, hey, find that Paul dude and he gets in a basket and goes over a wall,

but there wasn't even really an answer, so, so which one is right? When you're under persecution, should you run or should you stand? Really, there's no way to even explain that because there's no right answer or wrong answer. Do you had to deal? Have the Holy Spirit. He was lower than a basket of our wall on one occasion, but he stays. How's the person know when to choose the right one? The truth is there's no cut and dry answer. Now, this will give you some perspective on, I believe when we first moved to Peru, it was a pretty crazy time. It was during one of the most tumultuous times in the history of Peru. Other missionaries were moving out as we were moving in. You talk about something that will scare you. You're 14 years old landing in Peru, and they go, oh, there used to be a 14 year old boy.

Their family decided to leave because Peru is too dangerous. We just moved in. What's the deal with that? But [inaudible], are you serious? Nothing wrong with. There was nothing wrong with either decision. Nobody's saying they did wrong. We did right, but the Holy Spirit helps us discern and takes our petitions to God when we're asking him these things. When we moved to Peru was it was in the heyday of a group called the Shining Path, and if you want something to do on a Sunday afternoon, just don't do it before you want to take a nap because you will seriously have problems. Look up the Shining Path if you've ever heard. If you've never heard of him to go home and read about them and I promise you as anything but boring, one Nobel Peace Prize winning Peruvian author whose name was [inaudible], she also wrote and said that the Shining Path was the isis of South America and they were in Peru, was there, what's their place and that all the horrible stories you hear today about the Middle East are things that we would read about every day, but we didn't read on the Internet. They were in our local newspapers every single day when I was 14, 15 years old and improve while we Peru. It's a very dangerous time to be improved. We were both definitely not in the most dangerous area of the country, but we were robbed or attempted to be robbed 55 times in the first three years we were in Peru.

That sounds fun. Doesn't. It was literally once every three, four days and just so happened to me today. I lost my wallet. Hey guys, I happened to me today. They stole. That literally was just. That was just the norm for where we lived there. Our first neighbor was a high ranking official in the Peruvian army and had men that aren't with submachine guns sitting outside his house. Twenty four, seven around the clock. Guardian. Actually we moved. We actually moved. We had another neighbor that literally had a bomb place that has garage door and it went off while we were at church.

That's in a preacher. Stands up and says, see, you should've been the church, had a bomb go off in front of his house. We arrived at our house. Every window in our house was head exploded. We had no windows left in our house. The shrapnel from the windows took and when it exploded then exploded, but it goes like this, boom into. We had a window that was stuck into concrete like that deep into concrete because it had just become this weapon that was. That was the day and age we lived in. We went to sleep that night and just like every other night because it was just another night that was kind of who were we were at. I've gone for hours telling you about these kinds of stories and my dad really felt we needed to stay there and the God would take care of us if we really felt we needed to stay there and got to take care of us. The Holy Spirit guides us when we really don't even know what the answers should be that we're praying for.

He's the one that guides us. Through that time. We saw God do some amazing things in the country, saw people place their trust in him and looking back, it's evident that God used that time to build a gigantic ministry in Peru while everybody else was leaving, we stayed there. We love the people, but let me just tell you that was not that my dad was braver than the night sky that said, the Holy Spirit bears witness with his spirit and they stayed there in Peru. He's glorified. God is glorified when we're at our wits end when we have nothing left, but a trust his care for us when we can only follow his way because we have no preconceived idea about what needs to happen next. We tend to pray telling God exactly what the steps are. Don't we? Don't we have like this to do list for God, God, if you'll just do this and this and this.

When we pray, we come to him and complete surrender, realizing that he alone is God. We've seen in this passage the groaning of creation that going groaning of the Christian. Those are a little easier to understand because the last one we see as we see the groaning of the comforter, all of a sudden the Holy Spirit's now groaning. The thought did the Holy Spirit of companies us and are groaning isn't amazing, thought. It's an amazing thought. We do not suffer alone. If you are a child of God and you're suffering, let me be clear with you and state this unequivocally. You do not suffer alone and even though your husband is really bad about listening to you, you do not suffer alone. Your wife is not really good about you. Do not suffer alone. Your kid doesn't. You do not suffer alone. The word teaching us that we have an advocate with the father in heaven, Jesus Christ.

It says in First John Chapter two, verse one, not only that we have an advocate in our hearts as well who can lay bare before the eye of God are the deepest needs of our soul. You know when I say that, you sit, there you go. I just don't understand how God knows so much better than I do what I need. How many of you have had kids and you have to fight with him to sleep, but you know what they need? Don't Cha. What do they need? They need to sleep, but they don't understand it, so they're sitting there, they're struggling, they're fighting. You're cuddling with him. You're going, hey, just go to sleep. It will be OK. You don't know what you need. You don't know what you want, you have no idea, but as soon as you close your eyes and go to sleep, life is going to get better for you.

You're going to wake up, you're going to feel better. I promise you. I know better than you what you need and God and Heaven says this, the Holy Spirit of sitting there next to you and he says, I know better than you do, Debbie, what you need and I'm going to take care of you and you can struggle and you can cry and you can wind and you can complain, but let me explain to you, I know better than you do what you need, and he groans with us and he takes her home our burdens, and he bears our burdens to God. The Holy Spirit doesn't give armchair advice. Love that. Holy Spirit doesn't give armchair advice. He rolls up his sleeves and he helps us in our weaknesses. The Holy Spirit is praying for things that we don't even know how to pray for. The Holy Spirit goes farther and praise wiser than we ever could when want to give up and I seem to have lost all hope and joy.

That's when he prays for me. The Holy Spirit never gets to know from God and he's praying for you. He may not be praying for exactly what you want, but he knows even better than you do. This is not an indictment on God's part for the saints. Actually His mercy telling us that he's going to care for us and our time when we need an answer, when we needed direction, that's what he's going to do, and that's part of what God says in Romans Chapter Eight, verse 15 where he says, I want you to cry out to me a father, because after all, father doesn't know. Best are father does know best. The weaker we are, the stronger his support. For us, praying and crying out to God is on the best things that can happen to us. Times like these are times when you cry out in recognition of the fact that we're not big enough.

We don't have all the answers to all of our problems, even though we thought we did prayers and active humility prayers than active humility and many times when people ask me why they find it so hard to spend time in prayer, they're never happy with my answer. Prayer is an act in humility and the biggest problem and the reason we don't like praying is because we have anything but humility were full of pride. Prayer and pride are against each other and usually a person that doesn't have much of a prayer. Life tends to be extremely proud. You think you have the answer, but everybody around you knows you don't. Prayer says, I'm dependent upon you. God, I'm desperate in a way that only you can provide. The Holy Spirit helps us in our need and in our prayer life. He cannot tell you this. That's what happens in our preaching as well.

When a person who stands before you to say, this is what the word of God says, those what's funny, the funniest thing that happens is this. Those messages that I've finished and I'm like, well, that message did nothing. That was a total waste of time. People should've stayed in their house in bed because it was raining and it felt really cozy and the bed this morning, they should have stayed at home instead of coming to church. What in the world is like? I'll think that many, many Sundays, I'll think many Sundays I'll pour my heart out, but unlike that did nothing for anybody. You know what happens? What happens is this, there's this beautiful thing in the word of God and know what happens is this, all I have to do is deliver the word of God and as I deliver the word of God, the Holy Spirit says, Hey, let me fix what Chris did and all of a sudden they hit. I'll get text messages and I'll get emails and I'll get phone calls. People go, man, that one rocked my world and I'm like, awesome.

I evidently didn't show up for that one because I have no idea how that one is the Holy Spirit. My weakness shows his strength, shows the strength of the word of God, shows the strength of his spirit. Have you ever tried praying for a friend and been at a total loss? I spent quite bit of time praying for Pam this week and I'm like, how in the world do I pray for Pam and going through radiation? That doesn't sound fun at all. Like that's not on my bucket list, Pam, in case you're wondering like, I don't want to do that in any way, form or fashion, but I'm sitting there, nor do I pray and what we have to understand this. This doesn't even really matter if you have the magical words to pray because the Holy Spirit bears witness with your spirit and he bears witness with the king of kings. He's there for us. He works in. She works through our weakness. All of this growing groaning that we find in this passage beyond a shadow of a doubt that whatever hurts or pains our body goes through, it's fine because we know that there's an intuit and that's what hope is all about. We can deal with as much suffering as we have to deal with. Do you know why?

Because don't worry. It'll be over soon. It'll be over soon. I was, I got pretty good grades in school, not because I was, I was not the nerdy kid that wanted to study. I was the kid that said I can handle it. I just, but, but the way I did it was this, uh, I had this hope and this anticipation and expectation that there was this thing coming called summertime

for a matter of fact, when my parents homeschooled me one year, I told that I said, so I can do this at any speed. I want to do it. He said, you have to do everyday, you have to do your lessons. OK. But then after that you can do anything you want to. And I finished the entire math course in one week. Like I was done with it in one week because I know taking tests, it's like, OK dad, I'm done the math. He's OK, not a problem. So I had to do everything but math and data. Just the next week I finished English. Like I was done with school and like six weeks I was so excited because there's school was a pain for me. I never really enjoyed it. I made good grades, but I didn't really love it or anything my wife did. That's another issue there. She's got problems. I did not enjoy it, but there was one thing I did school because I hoped I expected. I anticipated that there was this thing called summer. There was right around the corner, was right around the corner. Can I tell you this? No matter what you're going through, I understand this.

It's temporary. You do understand that your life is nothing but a handful of water in your hand in comparison to all the oceans in the world.

It's a finite amount of things that you deal with. It understands the understand. This creation itself is groaning for redemption, wants to be free from sin. Our bodies are groaning for redemption the day I tell you one of the most exciting things for me to think about and I almost come up, but coming back to Costco, when I think about it as this, my father in law, I've never seen him walk. I've never seen him walk. He's going, well, I can't wait until the day his body's redeemed and needs back to walking again. Can I tell you this? I can't wait until the day that I don't have to deal with this stupid insulin on my body that I have to deal with 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Last night, every time I turned over was wrapping around. I felt like like octopus all around and I hate that stupid thing. I can't wait to get rid of it. Don't worry. It's only temporary. It's only temporary, and you deal with these issues to understand that it's only temporary, and next week we're on and dive into some of the most amazing verses in the Bible. In Romans Chapter Eight, verse Twenty Eight, Creation Groans not on the creation, groans with Christian groans. Then we have the Holy Spirit himself that grows with us and for us, and what an amazing promise story.

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