Groaning For Glory 4

Chris Gardner

April 22, 2018

If we do that, then you rip it out of its context because Romans eight, 28, can you put that verse up there for me? Brendan, please. If you. Almost everybody that calls themselves a Christian knows this verse by heart it says, and we know. Help me out. We know what all things work together for good. If you ever go to a funeral, people are going to quote this verse. If you have problems in your family, people are going to quote this verse. If you have traveled on problems with your kids, if you're not going to quote this first, if you had problems financially, people are going to quote this verse and it's an awesome verse and but it's ripped out of context of what's going on in the passage as we use it so freely and so we want to talk about that. This morning we discussed the whole suffering, groaning and hoping, and now let's go ahead and get the one, the sweetest passages in the scriptures.

Romans, Chapter Eight is beloved by many, if not all Christians in the world. My father in law wrote me this morning and he said, keep preaching, son. That's my favorite verse in the Bible is Romans Eight, 28 through 30 in my father in law, lives in a wheelchair now and was a carpenter and fell off the scaffold and busted his neck up and because of that, he's literally stuck to a wheelchair the rest of his life. Romans Eight, 28 brings comfort as you're sitting there going, I know that all of that, even that it's going to work together for good. It's an amazing promise, but if we split it from the previous verses, then we missed the context in which this promise is true. People do the same thing with Philippians chapter four and verse 13. It says, I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. That verse is a lie ripped out of its context.

It's ally ripped out of his contests because I can quote that verse 72 times before getting on the court and playing basketball is justin trotter and guess what it. I've quoted it before I played basketball with Justin trotter. There was one time that I almost beat him. I was like 17 points of beating him like it was awesome. It was amazing and there was no, but what I'm saying is ripping a verse out of its context, it loses its true meaning because what it's saying is this is not saying I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me means that I can do all things he's talking about in the context because what I'm saying by that is this, David Ray, don't go to the Atlanta Hawks and try out quoting Philippians four, 13 and thinking it's going to happen.

That would be all things, but it's not all things in the context. The context of Romans eight. Think about what it's saying here. Romans Chapter Eight and Verse Twenty Eight. It's in the context of this earth suffering of us suffering and groaning for the freedom from sin. Because of that, we're leaving this amazing passage at the conclusion of this message because when we talked about how the Christian grown, so we talked about how creation groans and we talked about how the spirit groans within us and then the conclusion of that idea is Romans chapter eight and verse Twenty Eight. The conclusion of the fact that when things don't go well, when we're suffering, when we're groaning and yearning for transformation, that's when Romans Eight, 28 comes up. If I were to grab a hammer this morning and hit my hand as hard as I could, I wouldn't say, well, this is going to work together for good.

For those that love God. That's not what it is. The context. I would probably prefer to do that with my children. You know, like Jake, put your hand up here. Let's do this fruit that Romans eight, 28 is because a lot easier that way, but Romans Eight, 28 is not about everything he's saying. As you journeying for the freedom from sin, as you're joining for the hat, as you're longing for that, you need to understand what's going to happen. Everything that happens in your life is going to bring God. Glory, yearning for transformation. Romans Chapter Eight, 20. It comes in. If we separate Romans Eight, 28 from its context, we're separated from its true meaning. Philippians chapter four, verse 13 has to do with people giving to the mission of God and knowing how to live with a lot of money and knowing how to live with a little bit of money, and then Paul says, I can do all things.

All those things. I can do them through Christ which strengthens me. I can live with a lot I can live with a little as long as the mission of dod is doing what God has purpose for me to be a part of his mission, the things are going to go bad. That's what we have to understand. Things are going to go bad. Romans Chapter Eight, verse 28 through 30. Romans Chapter Eight, verse 28 through 30. Let's look at verse 28. It says, and we know by the way, this isn't something that we think, this isn't something that we think might be true. It says, and we want that word know, beyond a shadow of a doubt. We know that all things work together for good, not some things, not every, uh, every once in awhile things, but everything. All things work together for good to them that love God.

By the way, you're yearning for your freedom from sin. You are one that loves God. That's the context. And to them who are called according to his purpose. Verse Twenty Nine says, Verse Twenty Nine says, for whom he did for no, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his son, that he might be the firstborn among many brothers and moreover whom he did predestinate them. He also called and whom he called them, he also justified and whom he justified them. He also glorified Romans Chapter Eight, Verse Twenty Eight through verse 30. We find here in the next verse we're going to look at. Here is the first that's misused. So much people will say it, no matter what the context is, where they're at. The context here is that there's suffering, there's groaning, there's an expectation to see the curse of sin, and then it begins talking about how when we want to pray and we don't know how the spirit is going to help us according to his will, and then we dive into this passage and they're on your paper.

There's not much to fill in today. All things, all suffering, anything that is happening in our lives, we'll work together for good. What an amazing promise as we love God, as we live a life, pursuing his purpose in our life. All things are gonna work together for good. We tend to apply this verse in a purely materialistic way. You tend to fly in a purely materialistic wade. Now, that's kind of funny because we tend to live in a materialistic society, but it's all about the material things. The way we look at it, the way we like talking about this verse, but that's not at all how he intended. That's not at all how God intended through Paul as he wrote the scripture. This clearly fails to take into account the spiritual realm that is way more important than the material realm ever will be. This does not mean at all that everything will turn out OK in life. Please write that one down and pay attention to it because this one matters. This does not mean they're on your paper. This is not mean that everything will turn out OK and this life, but it's about our ultimate good

and it's about our ultimate good. It does not mean that everything's going to turn out OK in this life. The question is is he says, it's not. Everything's not going to turn OK. It's going to be for our ultimate good. In other words, can I just tell you that it's not OK to have diabetes? It's not OK. I don't think anybody should have to deal with it. Not Fun, not something I enjoy. Brain tumor like who in the world goes, oh, it's awesome. I love brain tumors. Why don't you give me another one? Nobody thinks that way. Nobody wants radiation. Even if you do feel better, I don't think you're looking like, hey, can I sign up for class number two of that? Nobody wants that. It's not OK, but what we have to understand is that things will work together for our ultimate good.

A lot of what makes Chris Gardner, who Chris Gardner is, has been bred into me by diabetes. I've been a diabetic for 31 years, was 13 years old, 14 years old, whatever. So 30 years. I'm not good at counting. Um, it's really bad. I don't know how many days and now I've been a diabetic for a whole long time as I've been at 43 years old. Got It. When I was 13 or 14 to 29 or 30 years with diabetes, having, carrying around an insulin pump for a quarter of a century and my pocket, having an instant pump with me at all times. I'm checking my blood six, seven, eight, 12 times a day. But a lot of the disciplines that I have in life come because diabetes required those. It works together from my ultimate good. But let me just tell you, it's not OK. It's not cool, it's not fun, and if you were to say, Chris, if you sign this dotted line, I can get rid of diabetes for you, show me the line, give me a piece of paper. I'll sign it in blood or anything else you want it signed in. I would love to not have to deal with it anymore, but it's working together for our ultimate ultimate good. These words have our eternal good in mind, not our temporary good.

These words have our eternal good in mind, not our temporary good, OK, and it's easiest to understand this with children. How many kids? How many of you guys have kids that love candy and you have you have kids? Love Candy. Now I didn't ask you whether or not they should love candy. I asked you whether or not they love candy now. Now Tina didn't raise his hand or hand so. So He seems like me. Mom's not original hand, so I'm raising my hand for her. I Love Candy. You know what? If you were to ask a kid, what would be your temporary? Good, what would be cool for you to have? What would be something you would enjoy? Would it be enjoyable for you to get a piece of candy of your choosing every 30 minutes of every day? If you were to ask the kid if that would be cool, what would they say? Absolutely. That would be awesome. If that would have not. Now, simeon didn't take no try there. Say Candy every 30 minutes. That's not what I'm saying. That's not what I'm saying, but. But, but see, he would think that first temporary good. That's what he needs and what we don't understand as Christians is this. You do know what adults are, don't. You were overgrown children.

When do you want that raise at your job yesterday. When do you want it done? Yesterday robby said I had to pull out of a Mcdonald's drive through this morning because I sat there for 10 minutes and didn't get my food.

Do you realize how spoiled we are to want to drive up in the air conditioned to vehicle, talk to a speaker, pull up to a window and have them hand you a bag with food. Like if you were to talk to somebody a hundred years ago and say, I'm going to sit on my tail and air conditioned vehicle, I'm going to have an orchestra playing or a band playing for me while I'm waiting, and then somebody's going to feed me food and give it to me without me ever sending up. They'd be like, wow. Not even kings live that well.


we always want our temporary good oil. You have to understand about Romans eight, 28 is not talking about our temporary good is talking about our eternal good. It's talking about our eternal good. When suffering. Don't assume that you're suffering as a result of God's punishment.

What do expect them? The suffering ends. He will give you greater joy. Don't expect that when suffering here and to do expected when suffering, so give you greater joy. Don't assume the Lord has abandoned you. Do confess your fear and doubt and ask him for strength to carry on. Don't assume you've been rejected or forsaken by God. Do remain faithful to your duties even if you must reduce your load for the time being. Don't assume your prayers are not heard. Do continue praying even when you don't know what to say. Don't assume that you're suffering gives you permission to give up. Do Trust. The Lord will magnify his strength through your weakness. He's pouring us into the mold of Christ's perfect greatness and let me tell you to adapt into the image of God is not easy. It's not the easy road. We will be like him is what the Bible says.

The believer never needs to faint and times of suffering because we can know that God is at work in our lives and in the world, but it doesn't stop there. It says for those that love God and are called according to his purpose and the middle of the storm in the middle of suffering, in the middle of those things we don't understand fully. This passage provides us comfort and healing. This passage provides us comfort and healing. Kind of reminds me of a of an umbrella on muscle. Kind of reminds me of an umbrella. You know, you can walk around with an umbrella and the rain and there's no rain that's going to hit you. It's awesome, you got this umbrella and that's what Romans Eight, 28 is. It gives us comfort. It gives us protection. But. But the sad thing about the way that Christian faith, Romans Eight, 28, the thing that makes this is bad luck, right?

It's bad luck. OK, good. I don't believe in luck, so we're good to go. OK. So, um, so. And if we do, I can't get worse than that guy. So we're good or better than I got it. So you were sitting here and we live this life. We live this lie. Now this is really bad luck in the Terry. Terry was like, is he really doing that? We sit there in the Christian takes Romans [inaudible] this right here. They go. All things work together for good and we go. Isn't that such comfort? Isn't that such comfort? But that is not at all. There's no video going out. Bill Bryant, stop it. A, hey, here's the deal. Romans eight, 28 is not meant just as an umbrella to protect you because it's awesome. But what we tend to do as Christians, you're like, I can take it easy.

I can have an easy life. I don't have to worry about it. I don't need movement. I don't need anything because Romans Eight, 28, it's this great little umbrella that covers me and protects me from all wrong. We tend to feel that way about Romans [inaudible]. Let me just say this. That's totally true. That's totally true. I don't know why I asked bill to borrow this umbrella. Knowing him, it would explode and I opened it. A Romans Eight, 28 is definitely no doubt about it is a place of comfort is a place of care is a place of protection, but. But can I tell you, can I say this? If I were to tell you that your home is there to protect you, what would you say? As long as the tornado didn't hit it? Well, if I were to tell you, oh, I have a home and it's awesome because it protects me from the weather. That's a very poor definition of what a home has been. A home is so much more than that. Sure. It protects me from the storm. Sure. It protects me from the funders, from the thunder, from the lightening. Sure. It protects me from the wind. As long as the wind is not too bad,

it's awesome, but if our leave that as the definition of the word home, you would be laughable for you because you know that that's not all that a home is meant for. If we take Romans Eight, 28 and we use it as the umbrella that provides us comfort, we take and we w, W, W, we make that verse worth so much less than it truly is worth leaving it. The hatch on the most dangerous things. We can do this versus an intended as an umbrella near as much as it's intended. More like a sword and a shield. So you see it's not about just being an umbrella. Now remember that whole video thing that I want. I'm saying to you, bill, somebody, get the camera out. Now here's the deal. If it's not near just the comfort that it provides you, but Romans eight, 28 is an invitation to go out and to conquer and to risk and to do things that could have never been done without the promise of God on your life. Because see, he says all things work together for good. You ought to be concerned about a pastor that has a swirling around around the house in case you're wondering, so Romans Eight, 28, all things work together for good and that's not just about protection.

It's about a being able to live a life that's risky and not even caring that much because you know that all things work together for good. Now, does that mean that you need to go out and get the bigger house, bigger car and the nicer everything? No, that's not what I'm talking about. We should be able to risk things and doing what God has called us to do and not be near as concerned about risking because we know that we have the promise of God that all things work together for good. So it's not just an umbrella. It's a battle cry. I know that, so when God says that we can reach out into our community and it says to love those that are around us, we can reach out in a way that we never could have without that promise. Pure light. Well, Chris, what happens if they don't accept it? I'm trying to help them. It doesn't matter because we know from the scriptures that all things work together for good. We know that all things are. Again, that's not just about cancer guys, it's about our approach to life and I believe that one of the most serious crimes that we commit as Christians as we commit the crime of trying to play it safe,

we commit the crime of trying to play it safe when he has stated beyond a shadow of a doubt. You need to understand as you give to missions, as you go to the mission field, as you go until those in your neighborhood about Christ, as you share his love to others, understand that all things work together for good. He doesn't promise the success. He promises us that all things work together for good and America. We live in the lap of luxury more than you could ever even comprehend. God has blessed this country. You realize how blessed we truly are, but he's not blessed us to sit at home with an umbrella going, thank you God for your protection. He's blessed us so that we can step out in faith and do that which no one else would consider normal because you know who you have believed and you are persuaded that he is able to keep you. Can I just say this? You neuter the verse when you make it about an umbrella to protect your American lifestyle. Understand that this verse is meant for Warriors. This versus meant for people that will attempt crazy things for an awesome God.

They know that all things work together for good. You can't beat me because all things, if I fell in the attempt to do what God has called me to do, it's still a victory because all things work together for good to them that are called according to his purpose, and this verse is an invitation to take risks, to have faith and not live in fear. You do realize that we live a life full of fear when we shouldn't be living a life full of faith.

It'll change the way we love will change the way we care. It will change the way that we invest. It will change everything about us, but we've got to say, forget the fear because you know what a number is great for. An umbrella is great for fear, but don't bring a sort out because man, a sword and a shield, that's horrible, but if you want to know what Romans Eight, 28 is, yes, it's an umbrella, but even more than that, it's a shield it sent for us to live a life trusting God according to Romans Chapter Eight and verse 29. Now going get a little more comfortable for you. Now you're a little bit better. Just take it easy. Now we're done with all that, that nit picking that Chris likes to hang. Romans Chapter Eight, verse 29. The Bible says that he has a plan.

The Bible says those that he foreign, you know that he knew ahead of time would be saved. What does this teach us about? God, what does it teaches about God? Does it teach us that God is in heaven? Rejoicing about those that don't know Christ? Absolutely not. That's not at all what it teaches us. Those that are saved are going to be. Here's what it says, verse Twenty Nine Verse Twenty Nine, read it with me. It says, for whom he did for now, he also did predestinate. He predestinated them to something. What did he predestinate them to predestinate to be conformed to the image of his son, conformed to the image of a sense of that he might be the firstborn among many brothers. Those that are saved are going to be conformed. We're going to be molded into his image. Our life is going to change. We're not going to look the same two years down the road than we do today because we're being conformed into the image of American Christianity, but into the image of God himself were made into his image.

Can the will of God and the will of man be reconciled, and this is a big thing in church. If you the light, steady and depth of the Bible, this is going to be a big thing for you to get a grasp really quick. Can the will of God and the will of man be reconciled or do we always have to go around in circles on this? Obviously there's no pat answer. If there were this problem would not have been divine being Christians for centuries and the illustration might help us see that God and the exercise of his sovereign will does not necessarily deprived man of his free will. You're like, oh, well either God is sovereign or man makes the choice and that's not really what it comes down to. It all because both of them can live together. You don't have to reconcile these two.

These two are friends. There are already friends and here's what we find. Imagine two men playing a game of chess. The one player know the, the, the, the administration might help us to see that. Imagine two men playing chess. Again, my chest, one player is a master at the game, like a chess master. He's one of the best in the world. The other is an amateur at best. He's an amateur at best. The master knows hundreds of moves for opening and closing the game. Whereas the amateur place blindly from one move to the next with very little skill and with limited forethought, both players have free will to make their moves as they wish me a grand master in chess. Does he take the guy and say, no, you cannot make that move. Now, he doesn't do that at all. He allows you to make whatever move you once the master the game without in any way violating his opponents. Freewill uses every move the amateur makes to drive him into a corner and to take him skiing.

Anything you want, the choices we make determine the way we move through life, but above and beyond us and our choices is God and our God is sovereign. When one becomes a Christian, God says, in effect, and now my child, it's my will that you should win in this game of life. I'll tell you which moves to make. If you're white, you're going to bring life to align with my will and the last and the last. God says, in effect to the, to the crashed reject. You would not have my son to be your savior. You choose to deny the Lord a place in your life now honor your choice. Did you choose not to want my forgiveness? Did you choose to believe that I am not God? Then guess what? I'll honor your choice. I'm not going to break your choice, but my sovereign will and your choice.

They're not two entities that are polls suggested that a separate polls your so you shall live forever without him. You're going to spend eternity without God and without Christ, without hope, man has free will and we serve a sovereign God. We serve a sovereign God. This is what he was talking about before we grown. For this to happen. This will be the end of what we're hoping and praying for. Didn't. It says that those that he predestinated, he saved, they were called and justified and glorified. Ultimately, this is all for our good. You're taking notes there. Ultimately, this is all for our good and for his glory and we will be like Christ. We are predestinated as Christians. If you are a Christian, it is predestinated that you be made into the image of his son. If you are saying you are to be made into the image of his son and guess what it takes for Chris Gardner to be made into the image of his son.

He needs to have something as a teenager where he thinks he's good and he can do whatever he wants. He needs to have something so that he can understand that he's still the pins on a good God. He gets diabetes and diabetes just helped to conform me into the image of God and I can bicker and I can complain and whine and I can be bitter about it. Or I can say thank you God for sending me something that will allow me to be conformed into your image. Ultimately is for our good and his glory and we will be like Christ for all those who love God. The beauty of what is found in verse illustrate a verse 28, as illustrated beautifully in the story of Jacob, the story of Jacob illustrates it as well as anybody love life is going really, really bad. Joseph was gone.

Reuben was disgraced. Judah was this honored Simeon and Levi had broken his heart. Dinah was defiled, Simi and even now was in prison. Beloved Rachel was dead. Famine, threatened the family. Needless to say, this is what you call a bad day. Not even. Songs are as bad as what's going on in this guy's life. Then came to demand from Egypt that this young Benjamin must appear there before. It's awesome. Governor, before any further supplies will be given in genesis chapter 42, and here's what Jacob says, Ma and Jacob, their father sent in to them. Me Have you bereaved and my children. Joseph is not. Seeming is not, and you're going to take Benjamin away. All these things are against me. Have you ever felt that way? Have you ever felt that life works that way for you? All these things are against me, but we know that he was wrong.

God was working to his own good even though he didn't see it where it was at. This idea that all things work together for our good is not an invitation to sit back and pretend nothing matters. It's an invitation to be, to live a risky life. It's an invitation to go out and have the attitude of William Carey. William Carey was considered the father of missions. Father no modern day missions. He was best known for this quote. He said, expect great things from God. Attempt great things for God. Go out and attempt great things for God, and if you were to look at the things that William Carey did, it would blow your mind how this man was used, but see, William Kerry didn't look at Romans Eight, 28 as an umbrella. He looked at it as a certainness chilled to go out and do mighty things for God. We can live a life that doesn't live in fear because of this promise. May We be a people that expect great things from him and that attempt great things for him

as a church. We've got to ask ourselves the question, are we as followers of Christ, following him in a way that brings him glory? Are we taking risks? Are we taking risks? Are we too afraid of our, of our reputation to tell other people about Jesus? Are we too afraid of what other people might think? To really step out in faith, how wish we could develop the mentality of a William Carey? You know what? I'm going to expect God to do great things and since I'm expecting God to do great things, I'm going to attempt great things for him. I'm going to go out to battle. I'm going to go out to war because I understand the power of what the scripture saying well, we learned here in this passage is that suffering together with Christ as part of being glorified with him. What we find is this suffering together with Christ is part of being glorified with him are suffering with him as nothing but a part of our being glorified with him.

All of creation longs for the final redemption when everything will be made new. The desire of Paul as he pens the part of this leather isn't that we walk away with theological questions. We love to walk away a theological question. Does your read the Scriptures? That's not as all his intention. Instead, he wants us to walk away with a renewed sense of assurance that the god that began a good work in us is the same God that's going to complete the work that he began. Philippians chapter one and verse six says, being confident of this very thing that he which began a good work in you will perform it to the day of Jesus Christ. What an amazing God we serve and what an amazing promise we have. If you were to truly believe that, no matter what you attempt for God, whatever you do will work together for your good.

How would it change your life?

I'm serious. Think about that. Thinking about that. If you believed that no matter what you did in life would work together for your good,

what would you do?

Can I just tell you that probably the worst culprit in this room about this as your pastor because I sit at home and I calculate and I look at numbers and I'm like, cool, I don't like that. Who? I don't know this. I am a professional worrier. I worry, worry as well as anybody else in this world and anybody else in this room and I know I'm not supposed to worry and I know that I'm not authorized to worry and I know all of those things, but the truth of the matter is I can give it a synonym, but I worry.

Is that not the truth of all of us? I'm not worrying. No, I don't worry. I don't believe in worrying. You know, you can't worry about it, but I know I can't, but I do. I know I can't, but I do. I'm concerned. I'm con. I look at it and I'm like, oh, those numbers don't work. I don't know how those numbers are going to work. Oh Man, what are we going to do? How, how, how am I going to grow the church? How am I going to. And I take on myself things that God never gave a pastor or a congregation to take on themselves. Take one, take some time and find one passage in the scriptures that demands that our church grow. Let's see. Let's. I did a deep study, theological study. I spent 1000 hours on every verse stated that in the Bible, you know why? Because there's exactly zero. Don't worry about things. That's not really us to worry about. What would happen in my life if I were truly to believe mark, is that everything that I do would bring honor and glory to God and would even work together for my good.

Imagine this. What would you do if you knew that every time you stuck a coin in the slot machine that you would win?

Pastors aren't supposed to talk about that and yeah, I know, but hey, we're. We're a different kind of church. Let me just tell you, it's not gambling. If you're sticking the coin in there and you know there's going to go, but just imagine if I were to promise you marcus. Now the pastors promising that he's raised the anyway this bad, but if I were to say, Marcus, I promise you, every time you put something in, I promise you they're going to pull that lever is going and how does the passenger, the one in the world that happens, it puts the coin. You're going to start to fall out and you're going to catch them all. As soon as you finished catching them all, you put another coin and it gets us going to happen only every single time you do it. Marcus, what would marcus, dude, he'd be there every going clean and I'm hoping he's having. That's all I'm saying. Pull that lever. Pull that lever, pull that man this call. Go, man, this is awesome. You do realize that. That's kind of a lame illustration, but that's exactly what God says to us as his children. No matter what you do, it's going to work together

for good.

If you were to believe that, how many coins would you put in the machine? If you were to believe that? How many people that surround you wouldn't know about Christ? If you really believe that, how many people would you share the hope of the Gospel


the problem is not how deeply we understand the scriptures. The problem with us is we don't believe what we already.


Oh Chris, you understand? I've been a Christian for 25 years of man and I fasted and I prayed for 30 days. At the time. You don't understand how big of a Christian I'm and how much I love God. No, you don't understand the scriptures and I don't understand the scriptures because without truly understood what the scripture says, it would change the way that I look at everything in life. Can I beg you to take Romans Eight, 28 as your vocab sheet out of your vocabulary as the umbrella that protects you alone and to take it and say, I'm going to attempt some crazy things for God? Well, Chris, what if it fails? It doesn't matter because it doesn't fail. We had a. We had a big event out here for trunk or treat. That's what there. Trying to remember what it's called. Trunk or treat had all, all that stuff going on that side. It was a great time. Had hundreds of people show up. It was awesome. Do you know how many people showed up the next day for church?


Two weeks down the road. Guess how many showed up? Zero is the weekend for that because how many showed up and people go, oh, that was a failure. No, it was a great success because we are spreading the seed and we're spreading the seed. All we can do is sit back and say, God, you've promised that that is going to work together for our good. That's going to work together for our good. Now I don't live in your shoes and you don't live in mine, but can I tell you that waiting to move into this house, I don't even know if I can say it

because I don't really believe it, but if I didn't believe that, I wouldn't know that God has used that to work together for my good.

All the things in your life that don't seem to make sense as you're pursuing Christ. Can I just tell you, they all work together for good, so let's live a life that attempts crazy things for God, knowing that no matter what we do, I have given a lot of money before and gone, I don't know how in the world I'm going to eat this week. Has that ever invite anybody ever done that before? You're sitting there going, I don't know how I'm going to eat this week. I don't know if I can afford. Thank God for credit cards in visa. I trust you know, it's like, and then God provides and ways that I never dreamed. You know why? Because the God loves saying, last time I checked at what? In your brain that got your paycheck. All things work together for good, Miss. Live a life that reflects that truce. Lord, we come to you.

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