Groaning For Glory

Chris Gardner

March 18, 2018

Let me, Romans chapter eight, verse 17, everyone's to study this next section and we can't really get into Romans chapter eight and verse 18, without first going over the Varsity, they explained to her, we're going to be seeing today. I want you to see Romans chapter eight, verse 17, because Romans eight, 17 finishes saying that we suffer with him. We suffer with him that way we may be also glorified together. Romans eight, 17 says, we suffer with him so that we may be glorified together. Now, how many of us want to sign up for a special intense study or no for an intense session of suffering? How many of you today want to come forward and say, Hey, I'll take another. Yeah, let's do a three week session and we're. I'm just going to suffer for three weeks. Nobody signs up for suffering. OK? But if you're a human, you know what suffering is all about. If you're a human, you know what suffering is all about. Some of you suffered like crazy when you were kids. Some of you are dealing with stuff right now that would boggle the mind and the sad thing is the majority of people that are sitting in this church would never even say anything about their true suffering because so much has gone on in their life and they keep it all to themselves, but the Bible says this, God promises us that we will suffer with him.

Yay. You know, I liked the promises where he says, you can call me on my father like those. Make me want to dance. Now. I promise you I won't do that in public because if I do that in public, everybody's out or I'll be famous on youtube just saying, hey, here's the deal. He promises us that we will not. We might not. Maybe we will. What? Suffer. So welcome to the club. You're going to suffer. I'm going to suffer. We are going to suffer, but that suffering brings forth fruit and the fruit is this. We're going to suffer with him that we may be also glorified with him. So Romans eight, 17 talks about that. Paul and this verse shows us that part of our identification with him is, are suffering with him. Part of our identification with him are suffering with him. OK. I like a football.

OK. Um, I like any sport where you can hit people and it not be football is becoming more like volleyball now. But you know, like, like how like, I like all those things that would be illegal nowadays. You know, it's like, hey, he took an hit one helmet to helmet. I'm like, I love that sound of the crack when it happens. I love a good sport. Like football. I'm a fan of the Georgia bulldogs. OK. I like the Georgia bulldogs. What would it be like if I were to say I'm a fan of the Georgia bulldogs and I go to every game that they play, but I put it on the shirt of the other team. Let me of weird when it

like you're not a fan. That's not a fan of. What we need to understand is if we are to identify with Christ, we have to identify in our suffering. Let me just say we have to identify with him in our suffering. That's part of the duty of the Christian is to identify with him in his suffering and the passengers are going to see today discuss his suffering and pain. Yay. I came this Sunday, great Sunday to choose to come to church. I came to this Sunday. Well, the good news about it is this. If you ever watch our videos on youtube or facebook, you can look and you can see the last first and I preached it and go to the next one and go, OK, I'm missing this Sunday. That's fine. You can do that, but this Sunday we're in for a doozy because he is what he says. You are going to suffer.

You are going to suffer. OK, we're suffering and we're talking about pain and we're going to see three groans that are discussed here in this chapter. Three, three grown sons, three sounds, guttural sounds of saying something has got to change. OK? All of these drones have to do with suffering, but here's the problem. If we're not careful, we think that this passage is about suffering, but it has to do with suffering in the light of glory, the glory of God in the light of glory. Because see, if we suffer with him, we're also going to be, what did it say? Glorified with him. We'd suffer, but we suffer for a purpose. We suffer for a reason. Glory is the overarching theme of this passage. Suffering is something normal that we must go through. Not a minor, not a. maybe we must go through suffering and see.

We have. We have that idea. Even in our church this morning, as we say, pray for Carol's Dad, he's in Florida. This whole catheter deal. It's just kind of a pain and it's kinda frustrating to have to deal with that and when we have pam on Thursday going and she's going to have to start radiation, I don't think anybody in here and be like, Hey, I want to participate in that radiation stuff. That sounds fun. Nobody's like that. I carry this thing in my pocket, the insulin pump and I have. I have this little tube that goes to me and I've got a needle stuck in me 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and I've got to literally check my blood sugar every 20 minutes or so on. Never forget when my blood sugar is. Never forget that it's with me. It's just kind of a pain to have. I have a needle here today. You have today? Yeah. I have a needle here and then I have another needle over here with the little thing sending my glucose to my pump and it's a pain in the neck. I'll wake up at 3:00 in the morning and my sugar is so low that if I don't eat some sugar, I'll literally die.

Man. How horrible is that? It's not really that big of a deal and it's a little bit of suffering, a little bit of suffering. What we have to understand is we suffer for a purpose, for a reason. We suffer. We might be glorified with him and we might be glorified with him. Suffering is something that all of us go through. I've visited quite a few of you guys in the hospital. Nobody enjoys the hospital. What we enjoy the most about the hospital is getting out is that not true? We don't like, but but suffering is just part of who we are in part of the human experience is something we must go through. The important part is that we not feel picked on

because see a lot of times will think, oh, I just go through this because, and you've got 15 reasons why you're the only one going through this situation. Is there any water back there? Could Jake? Could you check? If you have learned to understand and live in the truth of this passage, then it takes away the burden from you that you were never meant to carry because here's the sad thing. Here's what we tend to think. We tend to think that we are the only ones that suffer. Have you? Have you ever noticed that? If you ever talk to someone else about suffering, here's what happens. Hey Man, I had to go to the dentist and pull out that to pull out a molar. It was horrible, and then somebody goes, well, let me tell you my story. I they pulled two motors out of my mouth at the same time.

Then this guy goes, no formal formulators were moved and I didn't even have an anesthesia was in the jungles of Africa and it was crazy. Everybody wants to talk about how their suffering is bigger, better than anybody else's and what they've dealt with. No, battery is not a word, so hey, just deal with it. I just, we all know that. We all know that. We all know we, we all enjoy the stories of our suffering and how difficult our life is, but what we have to understand is this, we're all going to suffer, but there's a reason you can't feel picked on because guess who suffers in this world? Only every single human being with a heart that's working outside. Everybody in this world suffers. The difference in our suffering is we suffer for a purpose.


We suffer for a purpose. We are talking about being glorified with him. If you lent, learn to live and understand the truth of this passage. It takes away from you a burden. You were never meant to carry many people. The church road was the worst for me growing up. I literally had a youth pastor once told me I had diabetes because I had sand and God sent me diabetes. Yeah, thanks. I appreciate it. What kind of percentage you do? I don't know what I'm saying. I did, but evidently I did something really bad. I wasn't really aware of it, but I did something. I got diabetes at 13. Like, Oh, I'm, I'm, uh, I must have some. I must have done something wrong. It's kind of crazy, isn't it? Because we carry these burdens were not meeting to carry. Here's the burden you need to carry the burden that you need to carry as this you are a human being and human beings are going to


human beings. You're going to suffer. Period. End of sentence. If you will. Learn to understand it. That when we take away this burden that you carry, because see people go through bad times and they love asking themselves this question. What did I do to deserve this? Now I can say that there are times when you've done stuff that you deserve it. For example, when your credit card bill comes in the mail,

you deserve the credit card. Bill says, unless you've had identity theft for something like that, if you take and you're hammering a nail into the wall and you'd go, why can you hit your thumb? You kind of deserve that. OK, that like you like you had that coming in. But here's the deal. What we have to understand as human beings is that we all suffer. We all suffer. We all suffer. That's just something we deal with. Also, the truth of this texture moves. The question that we love to ask the most, the love question we love to ask the most is this. We love saying when we sell for one of the two words we say, we say, why me

as if somebody else deserves it more than you do? Why me? Why me? God answers that question and the answer. The reason that is why you is because you are going to be glorified with him by. That only happens when you suffer with him through the suffering. We will see the glory of God. All the pain that we suffer is a labor pain. There's two different kinds of pain. If you're in a hospital and you hear somebody and you hear somebody screaming and you're in the cancer ward, you're like, oh, but if you're in the maternity ward, you're like, she's about to have a baby, and the lady will go through that. You know why the lady goes through that because she knows that there's something bigger and better that is coming, that is bigger than the pain and and here's the deal. If you have a child, you know what it's like.

You went through it once and if you knew what it was like and you went through it again, it's like, how crazy could you be? I'm just not crazy at all because you understand that what comes after the pain of child birth is you have this thing called a child and God gives you the blessing of having children and it's one of the most amazing things ever. What we have to understand is that our suffering is like a woman giving birth. Our suffering is not like a man that is dying. It was like a woman is giving birth and we understand that our suffering is going to be something bringing something back that is much more glorious than the suffering that we go through. My assistant here know exactly what I'm talking about. They put all the pain because there's something that comes later. I think you would find it difficult to find a woman in the world that would be willing and wanting to take on labor pains, but not having baby as a result of it.

Like, Hey, you wanna sign up for labor pains. That sounds cool, doesn't it? Oh yeah, but no baby. When it's done with, that'd be crazy. As Christians, we suffering. We suffer with a different attitude as those that are not Christians because here's the reason, because we know that something bigger is behind our suffering. Something bigger is behind their suffering. No one would volunteer for that and say, Hey, please me. You would understand first and foremost that your pain is going to produce something as well, and this passage is going to show us how and why we cry out. I don't know if pretty emotional Sunday from me as I preached about Abba father. That's a pretty probably one of the more emotional times that I've gotten as I've preached here, River Church talking about God as our father, but, but see, this passage is going to explain to us how we cry out to Abba father and why we cry out Abba, father, and because here, here's what he says, Romans Eight, 15, you have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear, but you received the spirit of adoption whereby we. What's that next word? By the way, he didn't say where, what? Whereby we call your name Abba. Father. He didn't say whereby we speak have a father. He didn't say whereby we scream Abba father. He said, whereby we

crying is something that usually comes from a product of pain. For a matter of fact, the only other time we find the word Abba, father in the Bible is Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane, he saying about takeaway this Cup from me. The only other time there was pain there, there's pain here, and here's what he says. Paul says, you're going to cry out Abba, father. It's not something that just happens. You're going to cry, Abba, father. The next question we must ask ourselves and that Romans [inaudible] [inaudible] answers is this, we are going to suffer, but here's the question. Is it worth it? Is it worth it to suffer? Is it worth it to suffer? Verse 18, here's what the Bible says. Romans chapter eight and verse 18, for I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed


He says, it's not even worthy to compare. Paul answers the question. He says, there's absolutely no comparison. Tina, could I have a dollar? I know people are giving you a dollar bills. Can you give me a dollar this morning? Here's, here's, here's this. The way preachers get rich by the way we w we ask for dollars, OK, so here's a, here's a dollar team has been to see C and I can announce too that we're trying to take up a gift card for um, and for nick and Lexi, if that was smooth, wasn't it did not mean for it to happen. But Hey, it happened here. Here's what he did, nick, Alexi, we're taking up a gift card for them if you want to Tina's doing that and going to send it to them. So feel free to talk. Don't talk with Tina later on and I'll keep this dollars commission for having. Boy, just kidding. He. Here's what, here's what we have to understand. See, this is suffering. So did Jacob suffering thing and what we don't understand is this, this is God's glory. And Paul says, I want to compare here for a second. Jacob, would you, would you mind swapping out a dollar bill for this bill? Would you be OK with that? You sure? Like, who wouldn't be willing to swap out $100 bill for a $1 bill? You would have to be totally insane not to want that and what we have to understand is that suffering.

Yes, we suffer. We suffer for something that's much, much, much bigger. Paul says, verse 18, look at verse 18 says, I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared, would the glory which shall be revealed in us. South Austin is one of our elders here at the church and he's back in the back, so nobody tell him I said anything about him.

That dude goes through more garbage than anybody I've ever met in my life. Probably is like, hey, on his good days, he's missing his knees up because he walked so weird. Why? Like why? People are like, oh, but you're OK. You don't have anything like, no, no, no. What happened? Just my knees are going to be shot. You know where? No, most people that need your shot at 15, maybe my knees are already shot. My doctor told me I need to exchange them, but I can't really do more than one or two niche. Who in the world has to do with that, but you know what the suffering of seth is easy to see and us because we can see what God has done in his life through that suffering and we look at it and go, wow, look at what he has to become and how God has used him because of his suffering, but we, when we deal with suffering, cannot even understand, cannot even explain it, and here's what the Bible is saying here. Paul says, you're suffering is nothing more but a $1 bill. You think it's big. You think it's horrible. You think it's nasty. You think it's bad, but your suffering is nothing

in comparison. Nothing in comparison.

So the glory that will come. Thank you Tina. If I don't get that back to you, but hey, he says, he says it's nothing in comparison. Paul answers the question. What we dealt with and what we deal with in this life is nothing in comparison to what we will receive. Suffering seems like such a big deal and something that we always deal with. What, when you compare it to what's to come, it changes the way we look at everything. Now, here's the funny thing. We as Christians tend to do this. We go put Chris. You don't understand how bad off Sawford I've given dollars. Those $5 hurt me so much to give them in, and then as a pastor I want to ask, so what about the 500 you got back? I'll give a dollar for 100 any day. We tend to complain about the suffering when we don't understand that the suffering is what is building and molding us, making us into who we are today.

When we compare it to what is come, it changes the way we look at everything he says. I reckon that the sufferings of, and I love these next few words, look at your on your paper there and the sufferings of this present time. The good thing about our suffering is this is this present time. It's not forever. It's this present time and life may not be good to you right now, but it's this present time. You know, the, the back in the day when I was about seven years ago, I was doing crazy exercises everyday and I weighed 210 pounds, which is about, um, about four pounds more than that now, something like that, or 40 pounds more than that, 254 pounds. But, uh, when I was doing these exercises and one of the things that the, the guy on the video kept saying is this, you can do anything for 30 seconds.

You can do anything. I'm like, I can't, but hey, that's, that sounds really cool, but I don't know that I can. You can do anything for 30 seconds. See, what you have to understand is this, we as Christians, we can go through all kinds of suffering. You know why? Because we know what's coming after our suffering. We know what was coming after our suffering, the life that this suffering is something that is only in this present time. It is temporary. This attitude is going to change the way we look at life. The Christian does not focus on today suffering there on your paper. The Christian does not focus on today suffering. We don't focus on it. We don't make it the story of our life today. Suffering is a very small part of our life when we don't make it our life, because see, it always looks forward to tomorrow's glory. Today's groaning bondage will be exchanged with tomorrow's liberty. We're going to suffer the present and visible can only be understood in the light of the future and envision what we must weigh in. We must compare the suffering with the glory. The suffering will seem to have no weight at all. When we do. This will seem to be like a small, insignificant thing in our life. When we look at the glory that is to come. Crystal, I'm poor

Jesus. One day that stuffed. It represents how rich people are down here. They use it as asphalt. Where are you going?

All of a sudden being important and seniors bad does it? Oh Chris, you don't understand what I'm saying. Don't worry. I have a father in law that I've never met. When he wasn't in a wheelchair, a carpenter jumped off a four-foot scaffold as feet slipped out from underneath him, his neck hit the scaffolding up there, laid face down on the floor. I've never met him without being in a wheelchair, but one day he's leaving his wheelchair and he's going to be in heaven. He's going to be OK. It's just temporary. Hey, I'm going to wear an insulin pump until the day I die, but it's just temporary because such a small part of my existence is now, but we live as if now was the entirety of our existence.

W, W, w, the Bible says, we're supposed to be pilgrims were supposed to be passing through, and so we look at this life when we go, I don't have enough money. I don't have enough time, I don't have enough. Well, guess what? You're going to have plenty of income. Money. You're going to have plenty of time in eternity. You're going to have plenty of everything. You don't have enough of suffering is temporary. Remembers this present time? Is this present time? And when we look at it that way, we don't look and go to a corner and cry like a baby because of how bad we are hurting. We go and we go. This is just temporary, Pam, on the idea of getting radiation. Man, that's, uh, that, that's rough. But here's the good news is just temporary. Because that body will be perfect. One day.

My body will be perfect one day because I'm a child of God. We must weigh in. We must come pair suffering versus glory. Suffering seems to have no way to do that in first. And Second Corinthians chapter four in verse 17, Paul explains this way. Second Corinthians chapter four in verse 17, here's what Paul says, he says about, by the way, this is not some dude who's gone through a little bit of suffering. OK? Would y'all agree with that? You know your Bible well enough to know that Paul is not some dude that's been through a little tiny things in life. Oh, well, I stubbed my toe one day. My life is so difficult. That's not Paul at all. OK? Paul has been through the stuff. Would you agree with that? Paul has been through the stuff. There's no doubt about it, and here's what Paul says, for our light affliction, really it doesn't seem like. Remember you're going to say something to the guy who gets bit by a snake, stranded on the island, beat, beat, beat on human recognition, left for dead outside of a city, and he says, our light flexing. I want to sit down with Paul for a second. Say Paula, let me tell you how heavy my affliction is.

Paul gas. No, it's our light affliction, which is why is it light? It's not light because it doesn't feel heavy. It's light because of the the next part it says, for our affliction, which is but for a moment is just temporary is, but for a moment, work for us have far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory. It's light lorries and extreme is exceeding and eternal weight of glory when we're going through is temporary. When we look at Paul and many times we think that we must have had a very high pain threshold or a slight, a massive queues, masochistic side to his personality, but that's not the case at all.

Look at his record here in Second Corinthians Chapter Eleven, Verse Twenty One through 29 and look at what it says. He's. I speak as concerning reproach as though we had been weak. How be it? When server is bold, I speak foolishly. I am bolt also or any Hebrews there, so I'm on are the Israelites. Saw Ma are the seed of Abraham. Some are the ministers of Christ. I speak as a fool. I am more in labors, more abundant and strikes more measuring prison, more frequent and deaths often. He goes, here's the deal. Yeah, I've got a lot to brag about what my heritage or whatever, but I mean I've dealt with a lot of problems in life of the Jews five times. I received 40 stripes. Save one. It was illegal to give him 40, so he only got 39, but that only happened to him five times, only five times. This is the same guy talking about his line affliction thrice was I beaten with rods, you know, once they beat me were like with these whips and stuff, the, the time that the rods know, just, just rods and I'm not even gonna tell you how many times I've got to be with rods, but yeah, I got beat three times, but I'm ain't gonna. Tell you how many times they hit me with a rod, but they hit me a lot of times with the rods. Oh, not only that, I was stoned.

I was thrice. I suffered shipwreck this guy, this guy, you know, what do they call it? The did when all the bad stuff comes to, you know, th, this is this. Let me just tell you, Paul is the poster child for that three times you've been shipwreck. I'm a night and the day I had been in the deep and David, like he's in the water at night in the day, just hanging out in the water, holding onto some wood from the ship maybe. Who knows? Just hanging out there for a night and a day. Do we really want to sit down and tell Paul how heavy our afflictions

in journeys, often in perils of waters, in perils of robbers, in perils by my own country meant imperils by heathen in perils, in the city, in perils, in the wilderness, in perils, in the sea, in perils among false brethren, and if you're wondering what Paul's last name was, it was appalling. Perils like that was Paul's name, literally problem after problem after problem and weariness and painfulness and watchings often and hungers in thirst and fasting often in cold and nakedness beside those things that are without that which cometh upon them, the care of the church's. Paul says, let me just tell you, I've been through garbage when I talk about suffering. Might be a guy that you want to listen to you. Seth went and preached at my dad's church a year and a half ago. And, uh, he was talking about how to bring God glory in our sufferings. And one of the things you said is he took the pulpit because when instead takes the pulpit, especially when there's a platform out, it goes more like there's a guys walks up there and takes the pulpit and he goes, you know what gives me this platform is the fact that you laughed at me when I was walking up on this platform.

I'm not old enough. I'm not mature enough. I don't have enough experience behind me. I'm not somebody that knows the Bible inside and out like your pastor does, but what gave me the platform was my pain. And what you need to understand is your suffering brings glory to God if you use it that way.

He says, here's the deal. I've been through all that stuff. And just as a side note, let me let you read the next part that Paul says, besides those things that are without that, which cometh upon me, he talks about these other things that happened to him three times, just five times, three times five times six. But there's one thing that is hard on Paul, but this isn't hard on him. Every month or every week or every year, that's just hard on him. What every. Look at the or the verses that last verse there, Second, Second Corinthians Eleven, verse 28. He says, besides those things are without that which cometh upon me daily, the care of all the churches. I truly wish sometimes that I could just change spots with, um, with the people in the church. Uh, Paul says there's something daily that weighs on me daily

as a pastor, you see me on Sunday morning, but if you only knew what a pastor deals with Monday through Saturday, I wish I could tell you right now how much I'm concerned about her radiation to Thursday. If you've ever had kids, especially as your kids get older and they get to make their own decisions when they're young, it's pretty easy. You're like, stop it. Pretty simple. They get older. You're like, let me pay with you. Let me plead with you. What you're doing is going to hurt you. Let me just tell you, those years are Eh, W, I don't have your experience, but let me just tell you, the years of 15 and 13 and 11, those are way more difficult navigating. Do you know what's even more difficult as being a pastor? Because I can tell you, I can literally walk down each and every island tell you each and every person and guess what? The pastor gets to hear all the time. He gets to hear about 10 percent of all the good stuff going on, but he gets to hear about 95 percent of all the bad stuff. So I hang up the phone and somebody just bawling their eyeballs out and I'm sitting there and I'm going, how in the world as a man supposed to carry all of the pain and all of the difficulties that's going on in our church.

Church it in a Sunday thing. I know you think that it is, but you're like, well Chris, I don't call you all the time. Well thank you because let me just tell you, it's difficult carrying the weight of the Church and here's it's funny. Paul is saying, here's all the difficult stuff that I've been through. I've been beat. Oh, that happened five times, but if you want to talk about the daily thing that happens more than five times a week, that's the difficulty of caring for the church. And let me just say this, I love this church. I'm not the building. You know what the building is? It's a building, but I love this church. I love this church. Christian, I pray for you all. I would say 90 percent of every day I pray for you. I look and I pay attention what's going on and bill, I know bill pretty well and I, I pray for him all the time and, and ran and inbred. I pray for you guys as you, as you all are growing together. And, and I even, I pray for you that you're. Paul. Let me just say this about Paul. Paul says, the daily thing that's difficult is this. There's a care for the churches if you've ever had teenagers. So let me just tell you this. Um, when you're a pastor, you only have a bunch of them because all of us are teenagers,

but you get to hear about all the good, the bad and the ugly in the church. And let me just tell you, it's a way you cannot even understand. I've asked myself many times what it would be like to have a job that I wake up at 9:00 in the morning and not finished or not wake up, but I go to work at nine and I come back home and five. I've thought many times what life would be like, like that, but that's not my life. My phone rings last night. The last phone call I got was 1:00 AM last night. The last phone call I got was 9:00 AM or 1:00 AM.

I don't know when my phone's going to ring. I don't know the problems that are going to happen. I don't know that it's a joyous thing to be a passenger, but let me just tell you the weight of the church. Paul says that's a daily weight. This has this message has to do with suffering, but let me just tell you, can I encourage you to pray for your elders in your church? I get to do all that stuff. Church pays me, so that's what I live off of. You have another elder back there working with kids right now. He used to do it with the same stuff. Praying for your pastors. Your pastors need your prayer. You're sitting there going, well, my pastor has encouraged me in a long time. Welcome to my club. Paul says, here's the deal. I love the churches, but that means I care for the churches. I love to talk to Debbie. Later on, I'd love to talk to Jack later on and they can explain to me how later on it all works out for good, but let me just tell you sometimes when your kids are at that age to where they make their own decisions, you're sitting there going, how do I deal with this? That's the weight that a pastor Phil and Paul says, I have to deal with that every single day, and then he finishes with this and with this verse right here, he says, who's weak?

And I'm not supposed to be weak.

Am I not supposed to be weak? Who's offended and I burned not. The truth is that he speaks of these things. He has taken his sufferings, but he's taking his sufferings is a vital part of the glorification process. He's taking these sufferings, the vital part of the glorification processes because of that truth. It was, and it is worthwhile. In galatians six, 17, he even says this from henceforth, let no man trouble me. Stop giving me a hard time. He says, because I bear in my body the marks of the Lord Jesus. Do you really want to talk about suffering for Jesus? How about this? I'll take my shirt off. You want to see what's back there behind my shirt. It's all the scars from the Times I've got beaten for the name of Christ. You want to talk about suffering for Christ? Even these things, you're not worthy to be compared. All that Paul says, it can't be compared. Chris. How difficult is it managing people, talking with people and loving people? Let me just tell you. Here's the deal. Yeah, it's hard, but there's nothing in comparison to being glorified with God. It's all temporary. He has. He has considered it. He's thought it over. There's no comparison. Now how many of us understand that our sufferings are also really not worthy to be compared. I would encourage you guys to. There's a book that I believe every Christian should read and it's called the Fox's book of martyrs.


don't do it in public because if you read and actually feel what's going on in the book, you'll be balling because what you'll find is people who are offered to keep their life but denied their Christ.

Jesus is much more than that and they would make them suffering the most horrendous ways. And I'm sitting here thinking of stories, but I probably don't need to tell them with all you guys, because I don't know how you guys could even handle some of the stories that are told in the book, the Fox's book of martyrs, what they the these martyrs and you was this, what these monitors new was this the glory that is coming is so much bigger than our current suffering and I wish it was just now did way back in the day. This is a historical fact, but cannot tell you today. There are people all around the world stand before people that say, if you do not deny your Christ, how will cut your head off? And they sit there and they'd go, cut my head off if you must, but I am a believer in Jesus Christ, but with us, we got to flip a coin to see whether it's heads or tails to see whether we stand for Christ today or not. There are people beheaded all the time, beat all the time. We went and watched a movie that Carol invited us to go to, the sold out the, the, the, the movie theater, watching tortured for Christ and how people would be tortured for the cause of Christ,

but in America I got preachers too long. I'm not going back. Oh well you don't understand Chris. Oh my life. So difficult. So I still still still talk like I used to when I wasn't saved. Well, Chris, you understand. I'm just so mad at that person because they took my seat in the church. I, I wish I could tell you how dumb we come across. The sufferings that we deal with today are nothing in comparison to the glory that is to come. So let's live as if we were a believer in Christ and stop giving lip service to something that should be who we truly, truly are. You can, we can compare a thimble of water to the sea and that's a closer comparison than our suffering to the glory that is to come, almost done. And we'll stop at the intro here. So once again, Jack was right. Jack always is right. Jack always knows best. Allen redpath wrote in his book the making of a man of God. Here's what he said, there is no victory without a fight. There is no victory without a fight and there is no battle without wounds.

There is no victory without a fight. I know that nowadays everybody gets a participation trophies, OK, but there really is something I could preach on for a while. Um, here's the deal. There's no victim.

We're not careful while

site of the coming glory. There's absolutely nothing at all in this world that could happen to you, that could even compare to the Gloria to come. Nothing. Go ahead. The absolute I, I seriously want you to imagine the absolute worst thing that could ever happen to you. By the way. I know some of the stories in this room and I hear the stories and I'd go to bed at night and literally bawl my eyes out thinking about how people have suffered in this room. I wish you could understand how it literally at night, I sit and I go, God, I don't know how a person couldn't function after all that. That person has been through.

Still nothing in comparison to the glory that is to come, you know, it doesn't even compare to those things that are about to read these verses again and then we'll close. The Bible says verse 17, and if children then heirs, heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ, if so, be that we suffer with him, that we may be also glorified together. He says, I'm suffering with him and talking to be glorified together. Verse 18, for our and I know I understand that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us. There is no comparison and can I encourage you today to look away from your suffering. I want you to look away from your suffering and look to the glory that is to come and say, God, thank you for the promise that what I've dealt with in my life is only temporary. It's only temporary and God, no matter what happens in my life today, it's only temporary in comparison to your glory.

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