He Is God Alone 2

Chris Gardner

November 4, 2018

ORC - He is God Alone 2

Romans chapter 9 ask you guys to be praying for me this week. I will start visiting I just got I just was given by somebody the new move into the area. We have a hundred new move-ins this month that I plan on visiting going to their house and just saying hey you have a church load to be your church if you're interested in the church.
So be praying about that and then being at seeing how we can serve them as well as we're doing that any other announcement. I'm missing. Any other NASA what I'm missing? Okay Romans chapter 9 rotted month of November is an awesome month now I grew up in in Peru where we didn't do this, but we actually taught the people to do this because we love the idea of giving thanks.
So they don't do Thanksgiving. They've never done Thanksgiving. We actually taught. What Thanksgiving was we actually explain to them. The reason that we do Thanksgiving and the good news is since there were 5,000 miles away from the state's. I didn't have to tell him it was about football. You know what I mean?
Like I didn't have to say Thanksgiving is about football and hanging out and eating like you've never eaten before in your life. Like I could actually say Thanksgiving day is more about. Giving thanks. That's a novel idea. But it was really cool because we got the people together we would talk about giving thanks to where God had placed on Etc.
And in Romans 9 leads us a lot into that to that position to that position as we're looking at Romans chapter 9 and so we're going to talk about that today and hopefully as we like as we as we lead up into we don't need the handouts today Jacob really we don't really need the handouts today. I want to.
Want to take some of it, but that's it. So we're just gonna pretend you don't have a job today. Thank you Romans chapter 9 don't have a job after you drummed and after you help ya but we pretend you don't have anything else to do. So Romans chapter 9, we've been we've been going through the Romans Romans chapter 9 is an amazing passage Romans chapter 9 we find how God chooses.
What people is going to bless how God chooses what people he's going to bless. So we were talking about the nation of Israel and how God had blessed the nation of Israel and the contrast of that was the nation of Egypt and how he chose not to bless the nation of Egypt. And so we're going to talk about being blessed a little bit today and just talk through what the Bible teaches us about that.
I also forgot to say be praying for justice. And his daughter's name is. Ansley I believe and if he's watching right now who correcting about text said before but Justin was planning on visiting with us this morning his daughter Ansley has got like really bad allergies to milk and so because of that she has to get a special formula that is crazy expensive.
And on top of that has to have a nose tube to give her the rest of the nutrients. Is that correct? Okay that did you hear the answer. Is that correct? And he said that works that means if you want to know more asset about it later, but she has like a new tonneaus tube until she gets through with this part of her life.
Just trying to help her out and she last night at messed up and so he had to go to the Children's Healthcare. And so there this morning he said he hopes to be here next week with us, but be praying for them Seth and I are going to go visit him after the service today Romans chapter 9 by the way, this is the other.
Austin and that's what the way I've been putting them on Facebook to the other Justin because you're the OG yellow Yoji. So Romans chapter 9 Romans chapter nine westhead OJ original Justin. I thought you meant the old Justin. Okay. We just want names. We won't answer. We want to add Simpson to the end of it and you cannot buy a white Bronco just saying not allowed so.
So you come to Romans chapter 9 and Romans is been talking about how Jews and Gentiles come together and they worship Jesus together and and this church has struggled so much as they're trying to figure out what this new deal is about serving Jesus this whole deal about serving Jesus. It seems so radical in their minds because they grew up thinking that if they were to keep the law.
Everything would be fine. You know, there's only a gazillion things to keep in as long as you tried your hardest to keep it. Then you're fine and you were born in Israel. And so hey, you're fine. Not a problem in the world. And then Jesus comes and says you guys totally missed the point. Have y'all ever talk to somebody and then afterwards they say something you're like, you totally missed the point of what I was saying has that ever happened to you before like you totally missed it.
But only a hundred and eighty degrees different of what I was trying to say and that's what Paul is saying here. He looks at the Gentiles and he says to the Gentiles those that aren't Jews. He says this. You are saved by faith in Christ alone. No other way to Salvation you're saved by faith in.
Alone, the looks at the Jews and the Jews are like really like we've worked all this time. How are we saved? Because we've been living this other life thinking that that made us be saved and he looks at him and he says no guess what as Jews. Also you are saved by faith. Alone, it's Jesus that saves you and he saves You by faith.
He does not save you by works. And can I just say that many churches you would go to today. If you would listen to the preaching behind the pulpit you would think that you were saved by The Works that they tell you to do. You gotta do this. You gotta do this. You gotta do this. You gotta do this.
But this Jesus says that's not at all what's going on. You are saved by faith. You are saved by faith alone. And so he goes into Romans. Let's look at Romans chapter 9 verse 15 and 16 Romans chapter 9 verse 15 and 16. We've been discussing the book of Romans chapter 9 verse 15 and 16. He says for he said to Moses, by the way, if you like underlining your Bible to take an underline that he says to Moses, you know what he's saying here.
He's in the word of God matters. This thing that jot that Paul is talking about comes from the Old Testament. He says here's the deal the word of God matters knowing the word of God matters. That's the reason as a church what we try and do is we want to wrestle with the word of God like we want to go through every verse in the Bible.
My goal is to go through every verse in the Bible while I'm here. I got a long ways to go still and I'll probably be dead before I ever finish it but our church should be known for a church being a church that wrestles with the word, but we don't just wrestle with the word because wrestling with the word creates these really big glasses and makes you scholarly.
You walk around going you don't know what I know. Have you ever been to places like that? But we don't do that. We wrestle with the word and we wrestle with the word for one intent with one purpose. And that is to engage the world that God has placed Us in and so you go to Romans chapter 9 and here's what you find.
He says the word matters verse 14 the verse 15 the word matters. He said to Moses. I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion what he's saying is this. You need to understand that me as God I decide how I bless people I decide how I bless people if there's anything in life we need to learn to do more of is to thank God for the way he has decided.
To bless us because we live in a day and age where we can all complain can't we like there's nobody in this room that can't complain because here's the funny thing. We are the most blessed one of the most blessed nations in the world where on the Most Blessed nations in the world, but if you were to sit down in a in a spot where nobody could see where you lived and people were to listen to you and me talk.
I think that they would walk away with another idea. Let me tell you how difficult my life is. And there's no conversation. I love joining into more than that. You know what? I mean, man, look at how difficult my life is when we live in a crazy blessed country. We live in a crazy blessed day and age last week.
I'm I'm usually three to four months ahead prepared in my messages that I'm going to preach and last week Bill Bryant calls me at 9 a.m. And says Chris your message isn't in the computer yet and I complained. I was like really I can't believe because it's not bills job to put it in the computer.
It's my job to put it in the computer. I'm sitting here 14 miles away from church hit a button and 80 slides pop into the computer within about three minutes. We live in a crazy cool day and age do we not. But we live in a day and age where complaining is the norm you come here in Roma in Romans chapter 9 and he says here's the deal Moses needs to understand how I have blessed him how I have blessed him them and Moses I said to him and he says I'm going to have mercy on him and immerse him when I have compassion on whom I'm going to have compassion.
So then it is not of him that willeth North him that runneth but of God. That showeth Mercy what he says is this God in heaven decides how he's going to bless us God in heaven decides as a nation how he was going to bless them. And can I just say we live in a day and age where we don't pay attention to that Thanksgiving is a great time.
But sadly most of our thanksgivings have become nothing more than sit down eat more than you should and watch a lot of football. Like like, you know, you have to go into a into a really do go into a diabetic coma. So most of y'all should go into a diabetic coma you just have this pancreas still working for you.
So you're a little bit better off than I am when it comes to it. But he's saying this he says I have blessed Moses and I need you to understand that he says here the scripture says this the scripture matters and what he's saying isn't something new and something that was written all the way back.
In the time of Moses the book that we hold in our hands is an amazing book because see what he's talking about in Romans 9 did not pop up in Romans 9 if you want to know where it popped up it pops up you tend to go all the way back to almost the beginning the second book and there you can find what he's talking about that he actually said.
The word of God is tied together an amazing amazing ways Moses represents Israel. And he says I've blessed this nation and a special way. God is going to bless the is the nation of Israel and work through them and that's what he's talking about here. In this passage the choice of God to use the people of Israel once again is a great illustration of this verse look at the book of Isaiah with me real quick, Isaiah chapter 55 verse 8 and 9.
Here's what he says Isaiah chapter 55 verse 8 and 9 the Bible says we got it or am I going to turn there we go from he says for my thoughts. Are not your thoughts. My thoughts are not your thoughts. Neither. Are your ways my ways saith the Lord. He's I don't think the way you think by the way, do you do we not get that as parents?
Your kids have one way of thinking you have another. I just knew by the way when I was a child that as soon as I got older I would he do nothing but eat candy and watch movies all night long, you know that because Kandi was the currency for me that everybody wanted until you turned about how 43 maybe like like like candy that was like the the thing too but things change and it What God Says is this the same difference have your kids ever done stuff in your looking at him going?
How did that make sense? Has that ever happened to you if it hasn't happened to you yet. Don't worry. It will happen. You're sitting there going how in the world did it make sense for you to do that? Like why in the world would you try and flush three rolls of toilet paper down the toilet at one time just because it looked fun.
Why in the world would you do that? I'm not saying I have any experience with that. I'm just saying that that's that that kind of stuff has to happen. Here's what he says he says. God says you've got to understand that your thoughts are not my thoughts. Can I just say that I'm thankful for that because of his thoughts were my thoughts then he would be complaining all the time.
Is that not a fair statement man? I've got to get up so early my life is so difficult. Oh, you're speaking to the God who doesn't sleep way to go. He goes. My thoughts are not your thoughts your ways are not my ways says the Lord. He says we are different in the way. We approach the next verse, please verse 9 he says for as the heavens are higher than the earth.
So are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts. He says we're not only you know, Justin Trotter and I see things slightly differently. Like he's no higher State fan. I'm not because I'm saved like like like like that's you know, he's in Ohio State Barbara is a Florida State fan and and you know, you have different people we have different thoughts.
We don't look at everything the same way, but God says, we're not different like you and Justin. Are you are you and Barbara are but I am so different than you. It's like the difference between the heavens and the Earth. Is you've got to understand how different we are you know what he's what we have to understand.
We serve a God that has blessed us. And if in November teaches us anything at all to teach us that we are blessed. I'm dealing with a young man right now that is writing me and telling me how difficult his life is. He lives in arequipa Peru and he doesn't live in the the lap of luxury that we live in here in the United States for sure, but he's doing okay for himself and he tells me how depressed he is.
And he says, how can I get out of this slump of thinking that everything's horrible? And I said every day I want you to send me five things that you're thankful for and I want you to think through those every single minute of the day because guess what? It looks like it's really a bad idea to live in Peru South America until you look at Burkina Faso and they look like multimillionaires and comparison.
Justin Trotters dad is in Malawi right now. In Malawi, can I just tell you that Malawi makes Peru look like incredible and comparison and what God says to what Paul says to the churches. This God has chosen who he bless us. And he doesn't bless God has chosen except. So here's my challenge for you today.
Can I ask you can I encourage you can I plead with you to consider today? How blessed you really are. Can I ask you to consider how blessed you really are now? I know I know that you've got bad stuff going on. But can I just encourage you to think how blessed you are? I have back problems and then I look at Seth.
And I go okay, nevermind. I don't have that big of back problems. I have you know, when you look at other people you realize how blessed you are and God says you are blessed and Psalm chapter one is a very good place to go for that. Look at Psalm chapter one with me real quick. The Bible says Psalm chapter 1 blessed is the man.
In chapter 1 and verse 1 and Bill is trying his hardest typing up there really quick. He says. Said is the man can't he says this man is blessed that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly nor standeth in the way of Sinners nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful. He's blessed. We serve a God who has blessed us beyond our wildest imagination.
And can I tell you that your struggles of today? If you were to look back to yesterday, you would realize that the struggles today are so much nicer. Then the struggles that you had before God has been good to us and my devotions right now. I'm reading through the Book of Job. Now if you've never read through the Book of Job and you're looking for it looks like job like Jo be like it looks if you find it you're going to find out that man weird.
We are blessed. It's a time to realize how good God has been to us. God has blessed us. God has been good to us. And I love Jeremiah or you just go to Proverbs. 16:3 Jeremiah 6 are I'm sorry Proverbs 16:3. Let's go there real quick. The Bible says in Proverbs chapter 16 and verse 3. It says commit thy Work.
Into the Lord bill is so he sent Matt. They're going Chris. You've never done this to me before commit. Thy Works unto the Lord and here's what's going to happen. Your thoughts are going to be established all of us have ways to complain and all of us have difficulties to deal with beyond a shadow of a doubt but he gives us a promise in the Book of Proverbs.
It says this commit your Works unto the Lord. Are you not tired of serving that little tiny God that America has taught us to serve? Because he that little tiny God form. He's a little bit bigger than your little tiny God because my little tiny God weighs 240 1.7 pounds, it's me. I look at him in the mirror every morning.
And can I just tell you I understand but he says listen commit your Works unto. Lord commit him to the Lord and if you commit them to the Lord, if you commit them to the Lord the Bible says that he will establish them. He will establish them. He says commit your ways and the Lord and I thoughts will be established.
So as we leave today, can I ask you to ask yourself this question? How focused are you truly on how God has blessed you? How focused are you truly on how God has blessed you sure you've got problems when I was 13 years old. I got diabetes 14 years old something like 13. Here's what I got diabetes, and I still remember thinking my life.
Was over like I really thought my life was over and I got it in Peru and Peru really? They didn't have hardly anybody with diabetes and the only they told me in Peru this it will help you with your diabetes. I said, how's that and they said well, we'll check your blood and then you can come back one week later to find out what the results of your blood test.
In case you're wondering right now, I check my blood every 5 minutes on my insulin pump. And if you were to do what they were saying to do here would have been the end result. I would have been dead. That's what they were telling me that they were going to do in Peru. And I thought my life was over and I still remember my dad sitting there with me and we listen to these songs together about how we should Rejoice Even in our troubles and in our trials in our difficulties in life, and I still remember my dad getting in the car and driving me down the road and pulling up next to the Catholic Church where a dude was sitting in the bed of a tricycle like these big old tricycles that have down there, too.
Used to sell stuff and the guy was sitting there and he had no hands and he had no feet and he was banging on a can begging for money and he goes Chris. Do you prefer diabetes? Thanks for the compassion dad. He took me through the streets of Hunter and there was this dude that walked around. He didn't have his legs didn't work and he walked around with hand with wood wooden shoes that he made for his hands and he would drag him stuff around the most ripped dude you've ever seen in your life.
He had no protein shakes. He had nothing but whenever he went anywhere, it was always pushing himself along and my dad looked at me and he said son, you know, it's easy to think about how bad life is. Patience, but you need to realize how blessed you are. And you say Chris? Why would you go to that extreme to prove the point in here's the reason because we live a very blessed life.
You do realize that you got in a car today to come to church. You do realize you didn't have to walk in the cold to get here. You do realize you walk into the building and I have a microphone so that I don't have to yell too loud. You do realize we live in a crazy blessed day and age and we get to choose how we look at life and you can say well that's just not the way I think or you can say that's not the way a Christian.
Thanks, because when we are complaining about our lives, all we're doing is complaining about how God has provided for us and how God has blessed us. We serve a good God you come to Romans chapter 9 in Romans chapter 9. He says this I chose to bless Moses. And can I encourage you to go home today and say let's talk about the way that God has chosen to bless us.
Let's talk about the way that God has chosen to bless us because can I just tell you we are blessed beyond measure? one of the funnest things of living in Peru South America. Was taking young people who thought that they had a very difficult life because their parents wouldn't buy them the latest Xbox or Playstation.
And taking them on a bus to go through these little tiny villages in these little tiny areas, and these kids are walking around without shoes on. And it was amazing because you'd see these teenagers. And then start crying they show me their cell phones and go look at this is the way I was complaining to my mom today because she wouldn't provide for me these things and how I was such a my life is so difficult because she didn't care for me enough to take care of me.
But can I just tell you that if we focus on the blessings of God, it'll change everything about the way that we see life. my father-in-law. If you you're 25 years ago or so jumped off of a 4-foot scaffold and it's now quadriplegic. He lives in a wheelchair and all of a sudden I look at my back issues and Seth looks at his back issues and he's like, oh, okay.
That's not near as bad because see there's always a way to realize and here's what God says. I bless you and when we're not recognizing how God has blessed us what we have to understand is this. We have a promise from god, let's go to Philippians and then we'll close with this verse right here Philippians chapter 4 and verse 19 what we have to understand is this we have a promise from God.
Here's what he says in Philippians chapter 4 verse 19. He says, but my God will supply all your help me out here with this next word. We're waiting for it to come up there comes up. He says Philippians 4:19, but my God shall supply all your. Help me out. What you going to supply? I don't like that.
Because as you can see I eat much more than I need. Does that make sense? I eat much more than I need. We don't I'm not sitting here going. I need 2,000 calories a day and I can only afford 1,500 calories a day. That's not what's happening with me. But here's what the what the bible promises Us in the book of Philippians and it promises us without any concern that it might be a lie.
He says our God is going to supply all of our. need. I can tell you this he has not provided all my wants.
And as an adult, I look at that and I go why would God not provide my wants and then I look at what my kid's life would look like if I provided all of their wants.
How many vegetables would be eaten at my house if I provided all of their wants, is that a fair statement or not? One what vegetable Andrew I don't even know one vegetable green beans. Okay, but what kind of green beans that have to have what? With bacon and him. Yeah, that doesn't count that's not need.
You see that bacon in them that makes them not be and he says but my God shall supply all of your need. He's not going to supply your want and and and and in our life, we love praying and saying God I want I want I want I want and that's it. Honestly seems like the most egotistical thing we could ever do as you pray to God and we ask for more and I want I want I want to see I want to be debt-free.
I want to not have any debt on my house. I want to make more money. I want to have a nicer car. I want to have a nice trip computer. I want to have a nicer watch I want to it. Can I could we not go on for years about my wants? I want to have a body that doesn't look like this. He doesn't say I'm going to play your wants what he says is this I will supply all of your need you have to understand.
I will supply all of your need and can I encourage you as you go home today to thank God for supplying all of your needs. All of your needs all of your needs. He says I will supply all of your needs. Can you put that back up there Bill? If you don't mind, he's I want to supply all of your need and want to read the rest of the verses soon as it pops up here and Bill I am so sorry.
He says 419 419 so you didn't have your finger on the screen the whole time. That was the problem. You said your finger on the screen Philippians 4:19 should but my God shall supply all your need and then I love this part. He's going to supply all of our needs according to. His riches that's a pretty cool promise in case you're wondering see the fact that you don't have what you want doesn't mean that God can't provide it.
Last time. I checked I would get one thing if Jacob Gardner were to say to me could dad. I want to supply all of your need according to my riches. Like we're not even gonna have a place to live if my son. Jacob says that to me because he can't afford to pay the monthly payment on our house. There's no way to do that.
It's a whole nother deal when Seth Austin says I'm going to supply all of your need according to my riches and Justin Trotter. It would be different all of us are different in our levels. But here's what God says. I need you to understand that. I'm going to provide all of your need according to. my riches.
My checkbooks. So here's what that means. I would really give a right arm to not have diabetes. It's not fun at all. Like on the fun scale of 0 to 10. It's like a negative 3581. I cannot stand having diabetes here. So I have to understand the question is this could God's apply that to me to not have diabetes and the answer.
But evidently that's not my. need. that's not my need. So as we wake up in the morning as we go to bed at night, can I encourage you to thank God for the way that he has blessed us because he has blessed us according to can you put that back up again Bill? I'm testing and I'd you have your finger on the there you go.
He's just well, I got you some flour you need according to his riches and then he goes in case you're wondering where the bank is found that I write my check book from. It's glory. But like it's heaven like Street of gold. Yeah, like all that stuff. Y'all fight to have gold for me. It's asphalt.
That's all it is. Like like all it is as far as nothing. He's I want to supply all your need according to marriages by Christ Jesus. So we can go home today and we can focus on what we don't have or we could go home today and we could say thank you God for what you've done. For us and if you really want to know what Thanksgiving is about it's not about the the American way that we survive the harsh winter of the United States of America.
Thanksgiving should truly be about us teaching our kids, but it's like to give thanks. Sadly, we have three hundred and sixty-four years a day a year days a year where we can come crumbling. I think I gotta flip it. You know, I mean like 364 days of Thanksgiving you have one day of grumbling when they be really cool like like this is National grumbled a but we've already got that don't we Paul looks at the church in Rome and here's what he says to him God's blessed us God's blessed us Beyond Your Wildest.
Dreams. God's blessed us. So can I encourage you to go home with your bills that haven't been paid on time and with your credit card. You've not paid down to the point that you hope to pay it down to and with your spouse that isn't doing what they ought to be doing in your opinion and with your kids that want to bathe it the way that you expected them to obey can I encourage you to sit down and go God.

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