He Is God Alone 3

Chris Gardner

November 11, 2018

In chapter 9 now to give you a little background on Romans chapter 9 Romans chapter 9 is probably the number one dividing Point among Christians. In the world in Romans chapter 9 and so we've talked about What God Says in Romans chapter nine and we've discussed it a little bit and now we're coming to verse 15 and 16 and if you want some background on this chapter, I know a few of the guys in here have been like hey, I've listened to every message out of Romans chapter 9 been listening back to it.
If you want some more info feel free to go on our website. They're on there or on our Facebook page. You can watch them there as well. But Romans chapter 9 is. Amazing passage. Here's what God saying in Romans chapter 9 through Paul as he's writing out this book what he says Tom. Is this the nation of Israel.
The Jewish people you are not going to be saved because you kept this magical law. That's not the reason you're going to be saved. You're not going to be saved because you kept all of these rules the centrality of Jesus for salvation. Matters and that's what he's talking about here in Romans chapter 9 and so we come to Roman's 9 and we hit verse 15 and verse 16.
This is probably one of the most technical parts of the book of Romans. And so I hope I don't lose your while we're in there. But I hope you can walk away with an appreciation of our God because Romans chapter 9 teaches us about who our God is Romans chapter 9 teaches us about who our God. Listen how he operates in history and how he has blessed so their number two on your page because I finished part of it last week or two weeks ago this week.
You see number two as his case his case. And so what's his case verse 15. He says this verse 15. The Bible says for he says to Moses. I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion. So then it's not of him that will. Nor of him that runneth but of God that show us Mercy.
So you sent your Romans chapter 9 he says I'm talking to Moses and he says what you have to understand on your papers. Is this God chooses who He blesses not a lot of people want to run to this verse and say well God in heaven just sits down and chooses who he saves but that's not what he's saying here and he's made all kinds of contrast in the Book of Romans chapter 9.
He said Jacob and Esau and here's this. And now we come not only to Jacob and Esau but now I'm going to make another contrast and that contrast starts with Moses Moses is set as a contrast to Pharaoh as the recipient of God's blessing God chooses to bless Moses and his people there on your paper God chooses to bless Moses and his people Moses is set.
As a contrast and God chooses to bless Moses and his people and so that's what we get to there. And what you find here is this as God chooses to bless him. Here's what you find. This isn't a God that's choosing salvation for some. And Damnation for others. It's not a God in heaven saying here's what I'm doing.
I'm choosing you to be saved and I'm choosing you not to be saved. The whole book of Romans is a Clash of Titans. It's a clash of the Jewish people. And the gentile people coming together to worship God and Paul saying let me explain to you how you merge those two cultures because see a church isn't supposed to be made up of everybody that looks the same.
I don't know if you've been to many churches nowadays, but in most churches you go to one church and it's like hey, I should be wearing skinny jeans. I didn't know that you know, like everybody has to be wearing skinny jeans and you go to the other church and it's like hey, everybody has to be wearing it's funny the way that we all come together in this little group of people.
But God saying in this group of people that are so different. This is exactly what I want to church to be. A group of people that's different group of people some of them that make a lot of money and some of the make a little bit of money a lot of people that are mature in their faith and a lot of people that are not mature in their faith in this is what you find in the Book of Romans the church in Rome.
He's saying as y'all come together, this is the way you're supposed to come together, but God's not choosing for. And the reason we know that is because Moses is already Justified according to the Bible. He's Justified instead. God is speaking of how he's going to use Moses for his plan. And for his purpose God isn't in heaven playing a cosmic game of any Meenie Miney Moe to decide who.
Get saved and who doesn't get saved for a matter of fact the Bible puts the responsibility on us to know Jesus as our savior because he died for the sins of the entire world and we must believe in place our faith in him for salvation. The important thing to remember here. Is that God that God's attitude of Mercy.
Isn't a new attitude at all. And some people have this idea that you know God of the Old Testaments like this really mean God like I actually have when I'm visiting with people a lot of times they'll say stuff like well, we're not part of the god of the Old Testament part of God of the New Testament.
I'm like no. No God is God you don't get to dictate. Which God you want. Like it's not it's not like, you know, wouldn't it be nice if that's the way life was? Well, I choose to have fall all year long no doubt about it. That's what I choose. And and so you don't get to choose that that's not what happens god of the Old Testament was not some mean old bully and then you have a gracious God in the New Testament.
This is not What's Happening Here In this passage and you find that by reading in the Old Testament as well. So look in the Old Testament you see God's heart and all of this. The Book of Ezekiel says this it's Eco chapter 18 and verse 23. He says he asked this rhetorical question. He goes have I any pleasure at all and that the wicked should I let like do you really think that I like get a kick out of people that don't believe dying you really think that's who I am Seth the Lord God and not that he should return from his ways and live.
Do you really think. This is not a mean God in heaven bullying people in the Old Testament and then coming to the New Testament as a gracious. God found in Jesus. This is the god. This is the one and only the way the truth the life and he is in the Old Testament what he is in the New Testament. God takes no pleasure at all and the death of the wicked.
God takes no pleasure at all. And the death of the wicked one of my children is pretty hard-headed and he is actually the only one driving now in case you were wondering so I visited some of you guys yall know the driver was with me there when I visited you guys and so Jake he's our drummer. He's awesome.
I cannot even begin to tell you how awesome my son is but he's pretty hard-headed when he was about. For five years old he had this obsession with the stove. Mike obsession with the stove and so every time he'd go over there and he just wanted to touch it. And the main reason he wanted to touch the hot stove was one reason because I said not to let any of our parents get that at all.
I has that ever happened with any of y'all's kids at all. But my my son at four five, he just wanted to touch the the stove he wanted to touch the stove top what my wife had finished cooking turn the fire off and those things are still very very hot and Jacob I'm time. I could just count on it. As soon as my wife turned the burner off you'd find Jacob.
He's looking around and going up there and he's now we grab his head me go. No, sir, you know did you he'd be crying and he'd be all upset we did this time and time again, and I'm talking about almost a year of battling with the stove. But by the way, that decisiveness and that engagement into deciding to do something is going to serve him.
Well one day he's going to conquer the world because of that, but but but Jacobson there one day and my wife and I looked at each other and we said you know what? I think it's time. I think it's time. What we're going to do is we want to leave the stove on let it cool down just a little bit and let then leave where he can touch the stove.
Let it cool down just a little bit was still hot enough though. We were already sitting there with Neosporin in our hands. We are already sitting there and there comes Jacob I'm talking about you didn't even have to wonder if he's going to be there there comes Jacob. He's sneaking around and all of a sudden you heard and then he busted out crying and it made it sound like No Cry did ever had before.
We took him we loved him. We put some lotion on his hands and we bandaged hand up a little bit and did you know since then? We've never had to deal with Jacob touching the oven again now. God in heaven says as parents we weren't sitting there going this is going to be fun. If we were like we need to not have kids.
You know what I mean? Like like that's not the kind of parents that you need to be. We weren't sitting there going. Oh Andre this gonna be fun high five. He did it. Yeah, that was not what happened at all. We were sitting there we were ready to love on him. We were ready to take care of him, but we knew that he had to understand the consequence for what we were trying to teach him.
He had to understand the consequence for what we were trying to teach him and God and Heaven goes you know what I'm not some Wicked God. I don't sit in heaven going. Hey, the wicked just died. That's not at all what I do that's not the kind of God that I am he has a plan an offering for the wicked the unbeliever a Grace based Solution.
That's all based on the faith and God's promise of salvation. Can I say this? I would have much preferred to be able to tell Jacob the first time Jacob. Don't touch this it's going to burn you. And for that to work, you know, what I found raising children is not very often that one talking to teaches them what needs to be learned.
The good news. Is this I know Jacobs Daddy. And he was just as bad. Okay, he was just as bad God in heaven says I have a solution this solution isn't the solution to a wicked God the solution is to a wicked people. If you want to get down to it, the problem is not a wicked God in heaven. It's a wicked people that love themselves more than they love God and salvation is based upon their faith in Jesus Christ, nothing more and nothing less and the Old Testament was a promise that was yet to be fulfilled.
They were anticipating this future deliver that was known in the Old Testament. Is the Messiah they're waiting on this Messiah. This is not just an Old Testament filling that we find it and hit there in Ezekiel though because it's the same feeling that you feel in the New Testament as well the book of 1st Timothy Chapter 2 Verse 3 and 4 gives us a little bit of this first Timothy Chapter 2 Verse 3 and 4.
Here's what he says for this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our savior. This is good and acceptable in the sight of God our savior. This is good. This is something that God desires. This is something that God wants it's acceptable in the sight of God our savior. Look at the next verse who will have helped me out next two words who will have what?
Okay, say that again who will have what? Oh man to be saved and to come unto the knowledge of the truth. My desire for Jacob was never for him to burn his hand. My desire for Jacob for his was for him to listen and God and Heaven is sitting there going. I want all men. I want everyone to know about my salvation God Is So offering salvation not to one but he offers salvation to all the issue isn't if he has dictated that we should go to heaven or hell.
He has paid the debt and has Mercy for us. The issue is whether or not the individual accept that and put their trust in Jesus Christ as their Saviour not what it really comes down to is this will you place your faith in your savior or not? Can I just say this? If you don't know Jesus today, today's the day to place your faith in him and him alone because you're not good enough to deserve heaven.
I'm not good enough to deserve Heaven you can look around and I can tell you which people in this room are good enough to deserve heaven. And here's how you can find out you go up to them and you put your fingers right here on their neck. And if you hear a Thump Thump Thump thumping you feel that right there on that the right place itself.
Did she. Sure. Okay. Yeah, I love how Seth does that with medical things like sure whatever anybody who has a pulse. You are not good enough to be saved. But Chris. I'm a good dad know he's a good father. No, no, but I'm a good person. No, no, we are not good. We need a savior in the Bible says this.
He's not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance. We need to go back and look at the original statement that Paul is talking about when he speaks of Moses here because when he's talking about Moses, you can't just say a lot of people take the Bible and here's what they love doing.
They're going to Roman's 9 says and that's really cool. But did you know you can't say Romans 9 says without knowing where Romans 9 is quoting from. Does that make sense? Like you can't just say well Romans 9 says you got to go to Roman's 9 says and he got to say where is Romans 9 quoting from so then it can give us the meaning that is found and Romans chapter 9 because if you just read Romans chapter 9 verse 15 and 16.
It looks like gods in heaven going. I have mercy on you and I don't have mercy on you and I have mercy on you and I don't have mercy on you and I. Is that what he's talking about or not yet to look at what Paul is quoting from by the way. If God is the mean bully of the Old Testament then why does Paul quote from him so much if he's a different God, why does Paul even care because Paul is quoting 24 x and three chapters from the Old Testament because.
What are you saying matters? So now we need to go back and look at the original statement that Paul is quoting from and Paul is quoting here. He quotes Exodus chapter 33 and verse 19 Exodus chapter 33 and verse 19. He said he says to Moses. Here's what he says is I want to make all my goodness pass before you I want to proclaim the name of the Lord before you and I will be gracious to whom I am gracious.
Moses says, let me see your glory and he says you know what? I want to let you see my glory because I'll be gracious and I'll Bless the people that I decide to bless and I'm going to show Mercy on whom I will show Mercy. This is the passage that Paul is quoting. So we have to understand what this passage is about.
To really understand Romans 9. I told you was technical brace for impact. This is the technical part where you get down to it because Romans chapter 9 cannot be held in isolation and held captive to what Paul was quoting from. You are not allowed to do that. Because if you do that, the Bible says some of the weirdest stuff ever like in case you're wondering I know preachers aren't supposed to say that but the Bible has some really weird stuff.
It says you're like what in the world is he talking about there? And the most of the weird stuff we find in the Bible, you know where it comes from? You know where it comes from it comes from the fact that we don't understand what's being quoted. He is supposing that we have knowledge of these are Jews that he speaking of speaking to and these Jews that he speaking to know the Old Testament like the back of their hand.
How many of you guys even think about how you get home from work anymore? Like you're like I'm coming home from work. You're like, I don't even think about where I'm going the cars just like autopilot goes there like we don't need unmanned cars because we run brained and the car just going home. It doesn't even take much to think about it because we know how to get there is that not a fair statement the Jews as they hear this they automatically took the Old Testament and placed it there and understood what Paul was saying the problem with us is this.
How many of you guys have memorized from The Book of Genesis to the book of Deuteronomy for real like raise your hand so I can see your hand who and my hands are down anybody in here memorize from The Book of Genesis to the book of Deuteronomy. Anybody done that here? I didn't think so. I didn't think I thought I could wager any amount of money.
I wanted to and I would win that bet the Jews had. They listen to it every week. This is something that they were all about. And so you come here in Exodus and this is what he's saying. He says when I say this you got to understand the context of what's going on. God says to Moses. He says I'm going to make all of my goodness pass before you.
Can you even how many of you have ever been you love Jesus you love God, you're listening to some music. You see a Sunset and I'm not it's almost like it's it's like overwhelming for you to think about how great your God is. That's like nothing in comparison to what Moses just to see. He's I'm going to proclaim the name of the Lord the way I'm going to show you my goodness as I'm going to proclaim the name of the Lord and in our day and age we go.
So what does that mean? Because see, my name is Chris. How much did that help you to know me like zero zilch and none. My name is Chris. So it's he's Chris the mass murderers. He Chris the you know, because there's so many Christians out there. What do you mean by knowing the name of the Lord God saying this I'm going to display my character.
I'm going to show my Essence to Moses to where he can see who I am because see, here's what he says. My name shows who I am. My name is a simple name but when God says who he is, he says if you're wondering who I am. I am the I am. Like I am everything I am the bread of life. I am the so many things that God says about his name, by the way.
This is not just an Old Testament idea about his name one of the most thrilling things you can do as a Christian that loves God is. Study out the names of God. I promise you don't do it around people that don't know Jesus because they're going to think you're the craziest dude ever, but you're going to have cold chills on top of your cold chills as you're sitting there reading about the name of God.
And here's the way Jesus explains it. Okay. Jesus explains it this way. He says it's the same thing that Jesus says when he's praying to God and run in John chapter 17 God praying to God and here's what God says to God. And I declared unto them. Look at John 1776. I had to put into them. What did the clear?
What how many I what did he declare? It's I told him your name. I told him your name and will declare it and that the love were in the has loved me may be in them and I in them that Mercy that God showing it to Moses. This isn't what we must consider to be Mercy unto salvation and exodus he's not saying because you see who I am.
You'll be saved. He said because you see who I am. You are blessed beyond measure. You are blessed beyond measure, but we could go before a date or two weeks ago before daylight savings time as I'm taking my kids to school in the morning. We are School the journey from my house to my school is. My school I'm actually graduated in case you're wondering why the journey from my house to the to the school is beautiful you go over this Ridge and there's these farm lands over there.
And in the morning, there's this this fog that's this over there in the middle of a field and you just see this bright sunlight. Is it sitting there and I look over at my kids not go. You know what? I know the artist that did that I know the artist that did that. Moses says this if you look you're going to see who I am and when you see who I am it changes everything everything changes when you see who I am the mercy that God showing the Moses.
This isn't what most consider to be Mercy to Salvation. It's saying listen, you're blessed. You are blessed Beyond. Measure your blessed and can I just say we live in a day and age to where we are blessed beyond measure as well. He says he's showing Moses who he is. Then he says I will have compassion on whom I have compassion God saying that he made a decision at this point to reveal himself to Moses, but he doesn't have to reveal himself in this way to.
I chose the Blessed Moses. He got to see who I really am.
You say Chris man. I really wish I could see what Moses saw. Do you understand that Moses would have longed to have and His Hands would we leave on the table every day and dust off on Sundays? We have that which shows us who God is in our hands. That's the reason at our church. We wrestle with the scriptures we go line upon line not we don't go.
Thought upon thought to what Chris thinks would be really cool series for everybody to hear about no. No, we go line upon line of the scriptures because that's what teaches us who God is. that's what teaches us who God is we study the word we wrestle with the word and then we engaged the world with the word.
That we've wrestled with he says I have compassion on whom I have compassion God saying he made that decision. He has that right? This is the context of what he means by being gracious in by showing compassion and Romans chapter 9 to truly understand that we have to go back to Exodus 32. Exodus chapter 32 because you can't even really understand Exodus chapter 33 without understanding Exodus chapter 32.
Let's walk through this whole episode just to make sure we're not taking things out of context because see here's your job as a listener. This is not a one-man show. It's not supposed to be a one-man show. It's not supposed to be a 5 man show. It's supposed to be you listening paying attention and saying is what the word of God says.
Really true but what the preacher has to say about it? And if not, please go find somewhere else because we need to preach truth from the scriptures. We are not allowed to take stuff out of context what's going on here in the book of Exodus is a story of the Deliverance of Israel from Egypt and there are now at Mount Sinai most historians think that there's somewhere around 3.5.
Million people hanging out with Moses talked about a leadership challenge extraordinaire. I can't lead six in my home. Well all the time most of the time whatever you want to say. Like if you're a dad you understand you're a mom. You understand. He's sitting there leading 3.5 million people that are camping out in one place for a year.
Anybody know how dangerous it is in your kids get bored. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, just imagine that 3.5 million kids in one location at the beginning God speaks to them from the mountain like God starts talking to the people from the mountain. Can you imagine how crazy freaky that is you're sitting there God starts talking like oh everybody shut up guys talking everybody.
Shut up God's talking so they kind of freak out about that. They're like what? They say Hey, listen, we can't stand the voice of God. It's too much for us. Hey Moses. Why don't you go up and you talk to God and you can go and you can talk to God and then you just come back and tell us what he said because it every time he starts talking.
We're like scared to death don't know what's going on. We don't know what the listen do we how are you just taking care of that for us? You just tell us what he says Moses goes up to talk to God on his own and God gives Moses these famous Tim. Tremendous he goes up and he talks to God while he's up there.
He hears the noise of partying. He's like dude. Somebody's having a blast down there one the world's going on. It sounds like a war or a party. I'm not really sure just told him to Bocce going on down at the bottom of the hill with the people Moses has been up away from the people for 40 days. Like can you not act good for 40 days?
Been away for 40 days and the people have gotten Restless. They're bored. They think something like this. Well Gods The Gods Must Have killed Moses. So that's probably the reason he's not coming back down. He's never coming back. Think about this the leader that communicates the vision of God to the people is gone for 40 days.
You say 40 days in that long until I asked you to do a 40-day fast. All of a sudden that seems or let's just do this. You're like you do you can afford a 40-day fast Chris, but I can't afford that you know, you might think that and I get it, but think about this. How about doing a 40-day Netflix fast?
How about doing a 40-day 40 days is a long time and they're sitting at the bottom of the hill waiting leader that communicates God's truth is gone 40 days ago. Think about how long ago 40 days ago was for you. Like do you even remember what you were doing six weeks ago? Do you really remember that?
You can just imagine what the people are thinking. He's gone. He got lost. Maybe Moses fell down a hole somewhere. Who knows maybe God consumed him. He's probably never coming back because of this they get restless and they say here's what we need. What we need is this we don't need a leader to tell us about God.
What we need is another God. We need another God and so Exodus chapter 32 verse 1. Here's what you find is their solution to the problem of Moses being gone. He said this when the people saw that Moses delayed to come down out of the mountain the people gathered themselves together in the Aaron and said unto him up make us Gods which I'll go before us for as for this Moses the man that brought us up out of the land of Egypt.
We don't have any idea what's become of him. My kids gone to the Loo bye-bye. He's gone. So make us a God that comes before us now. They didn't even understand what they were saying because you understand that you cannot make a God that goes before you. There's only one God that can go before you any Gods you make you've got to carry him with you.
This was not what they wanted. They thought it was because they thought he was just another God, you know Moses has gone. So how about coming down here and making us and you guys, you know, we followed his God for a while. And yeah, he did like some really cool things like he parted the sea and although it got us out of captivity and like her hanging around the campfire now singing Kumbaya and don't know what else to do.
So let's just make us a God then that sound. He got us out of Egypt, but now we need a new God Moses god destroyed him evidently. So now when you need a new God and then he goes to this the second guy in charge under Moses. He goes they go to Aaron and they go Aaron make us an idol like make us something that we can worship.
I thought you would just ask for God not even talk to you. And now you want something to worship Aaron gives in to the pressure and then Exodus 32 2 through 5 tells us what he did. The Bible says in Aaron said unto them break off the Golden Earrings now, I have no idea how a man that knew God could do this because yeah just take off all your earrings which are in the ears of your wives of your sons of your daughters and and bring them to me.
And all the people broke off the Golden Earrings which were in their ears and brought them unto Aaron and he received them at their hand and fashioned it with a graving tool after you've made it into a molten calf and they said these me that God's o Israel which brought thee out of the land of Egypt.
By the way, you ought to if you like underlining or Bible you ought to underline that verse there because what you find here is this this is what you call Historic revisionism. Who brought them out of the land of Egypt? God now they go. We'll make this molten calf here and we're going to say that it brought us out of the land of Egypt by the way.
That happens every day if you watch Fox News or CNN. Historic revisionism like if you watch CNN you're like man, this is so different than what they say on Fox News. You know, why because the today we like doing the same thing. We like revising things according to the way that we like them for a matter of fact you talk to people in there like well, everybody says and you say who's everybody?
Not really sure, but hey everybody said have you ever noticed how that happens is What's Happening Here historical revisionism when Aaron saw it, he built an altar before it and Aaron made the proclamation and said tomorrow is a feast to the Lord in verse 4. We find them trying to change what happened to him Aaron.
He is trying to rewrite history and exodus 32 6 years that we see happens. They have a party. They have a feast that celebrates this great Idol. Do you understand? How dumb this is? They have a feast to celebrate this great Idol that their hands have made. What like do you understand how now the god they had before that.
They were following. Oh, he sent Manna From Heaven. Look like they're sitting out there and they're traveling and they go out every morning. I like hey how cool this is fresh bread. They complained about it. He said I'll send you meet to that. He took and brought water and the middle of the desert for them to drink.
And now they're wanting to celebrate this awesome God that they've made with their own hands. And can I just say that? if there's anything that reminds me of the way we do things nowadays is that. Have you ever noticed how God is made in your image? Have you ever noticed how your God has made and your image an extra?
32 6 we see they have a party. They have a feast in there to celebrate this Idol the Bible says in verse 6 and they rose up early in the morrow and offered burnt offerings and brought peace offerings and the people sat down to eat and drink and Rose up to play What God Says to Moses is go down off the.
Because the people have corrupted themselves look at what God says to Moses first 30 verse 7. The Lord said to Moses go get thee down for that people which thou brought us out of the land of Egypt have corrupted themselves. They just decided to follow another God and here's how they corrupted themselves.
You can write on your paper there. It says this they have rejected. Ruth they have rejected God and they have given themselves over to every lust pattern that their sin nature has asked of them. You know how they decided that what they were going to do they decided what they were going to do because they wanted to do it.
Well, nobody has the right of telling me what I am or what I should do. Well, maybe your creator does. Maybe the one that makes the Sun go up in the morning does maybe the one that makes the sun go down and night does maybe the one that isn't he does have every right. It's just 32 8 we find that they finally replace god with a side of I said they've turned aside quickly out of the way, which I commended them.
Is that not our story as well. They turned away so quickly from what I commended them. They made them a molten calf. They worshipped. They've sacrificed their into and said these be that God's word is your which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt verse 9 in the people said unto Moses. I've seen this people and behold it is a stiff-necked people.
This is a stiff-necked people. Here's the definition of that. These people are so stinking hard-headed. Now, I'm remember Moses only got to do with 3.5 million of them. These are stiff-necked people because they're hardened heart because they're stiff-necked people. God says in the 3210 that he's going to bring judgment on Israel and look at what happens here.
Now therefore let me alone. This is God talking says leave me alone. Let me that my wrath May Wax Hot against them that I may consume them and I will make of thee a great nation. Moses hears this and when he hears this the people he said the people of hardened their hearts. They were resisting God.
They were resisting truth the question arises. What do you think about the statement that God told Moses? Was God really saying this happened to him when he say get out of the way? Let me go ahead and destroy all of them and make a great Israel Nation out of Moses. Is that really what God was saying?
That's what he said. Those are the words but see is God serious about this or is this a test? That's what you have to ask yourself because we know it's a test because if God did that then he would be breaking all of his promises to Abraham. If God was saying I'm going to destroy the people and he really meant he was going to destroy the people then that would make God a liar, hence.
He would no longer be God. Because God doesn't lie the promise you made to Abraham Isaac Jacob and all the prophets he gave to Jacob about the twelve sons of Jacob because of that. We know he's testing Moses. By the way. This is not the first time God test somebody he did the same thing with Abraham and Isaac in the Bible when he says Abraham goes sacrifice your son Isaac and it was never hey shed the his blood.
It was show me that I matter to you more than the thing that you love so much matters to. That brings us full circle back to Romans chapter 9 this read Romans chapter 9 in these two verses and then we'll be done for today Romans chapter 9 and these two verses verse 15 and 16 for he says to Moses. I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy.
And I have compassion and I'm going to have compassion so then it's not of him that willeth North him that runneth but of God. That shows Mercy. God is the one that shows Mercy we serve a good God. We serve a good God. We serve a god of the scriptures. We serve a God we are to know this God we are to love this God.
We are to know him more and more every day and and honestly as we wrestle with the Scriptures, it should change everything when we walk out into the world. Here's what you have to understand God's not willing that any should perish but that all. That all come to know him what would happen if you really believe that.
Would we share Jesus with others or Not? Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life and if he really means that there's the only one way like, well all religions lead to God no no, no. All religions lead to Perdition. The word of God is what leads us to know the god of the word through Jesus and he signed the way the truth and the life.
So we wrestle with this but we have to understand is God is not in heaven going any Meenie Miney Moe. This one goes and this one doesn't that's not what he's doing. What he's saying is this I want everyone to know me. I want everyone to know me I died for all and this should change the way we deal with those that surround us, you know, what in your workplace this week.
It means that your you need to love somebody in a way that only makes sense through the lens of Christ. I'm talking about that person who is a capital J jerk to you and they're like, I don't understand that dude. Like I've given him every reason to hate me. Yeah, you have see I'm a follower of Christ and as a follower of Christ, I love differently than you can even comprehend.
I'm not a cultural Christian. I don't I know Jesus and it makes me love people differently. It makes me forgive people differently and make me be a part of people's lives differently. It makes people matter at a whole different level.

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