He Is God Alone 4

Chris Gardner

November 25, 2018

Romans 9 14. What shall we say then? Is there unrighteousness with God God forbid. So there's these Jews these Gentiles are all together in this church body and they asked they're like, hey, so what God said about the law does that mean that God lied about it is God, unjust and what he said, Of the law and he goes absolutely not God forbid.
We even think that way God forbid and so Romans chapter 9 verse 14 and then we went from his character to his case and what he's talking about here and one of the things we've talked about repeatedly in Romans chapter 9 is we have to be very very very conscientious that you don't just take a passage in the scripture and think that you understand it without understanding the context.
If you don't understand the context, it's going to mess you up big time. And so Romans chapter 9 we come to his case and we look at verse 15 and verse 16. The Bible says in verse 15 and 16 for he says to Moses. I'm going to have mercy on whom I have mercy and when I have compassion on whom I have compassion, so then it's not of him that willeth North him that runneth but of God that show us.
Mercy, and what God saying there is listen. I'm the one that decides who I have mercy on and he speaking through the entire chapter. He's been speaking of Nations. Of using Israel versus using the Gentiles and so he's been speaking of that when he talks about Jacob and Esau and he continues those parallels here in Romans chapter 9 verse 15 and 16.
So we got here and we're talking about the old. It's impossible to study Romans 9 without going to the Old Testament and seeing what the Old Testament says about it because Paul in these chapters is quoting the Old Testament Paul in these chapters is quoting the Old Testament. So you're not allowed to just say this is what Romans 9 says you've got to go to the source of what he quoted to get an idea of what he's saying and so the question arises he tells Moses we've talked about this.
Moses goes up to get the Ten Commandments and he's gone and the people of Israel are sitting there going your God evidently failed us our God evidently felt us. So we need to make another God because see mankind is always looking always looking for something to worship. They're always looking for some to worship and honestly in 2018, the number one thing we find to worship is that thing that we see in the mirror in the morning.
He should know I don't worship myself. I don't know where you may not worship yourself in the sense that you think of worshiping yourself, but we care more about ourselves than we do anything else in the world. We care about our self morning do anything else in the world? And so they start worshipping this calf and God comes ago.
God tells Moses get down off the mountain go talk to these rebellious people these rebellious people down here have decided that they think that a Cath. They've made out of gold is their God and we saw last week how they took and they revised history and they literally said this is the god. This calf is the one that brought us out of all the Affliction in Egypt and God looks at Moses and he says Moses I want to kill them all.
I'm going to kill them all because all of them have looked at me disparaged. What I did for them did not care and Moses says don't do that God. Don't do that God. And so the question is what do you think about the statement when God told Moses just to get out of the way to let him destroy all the people is God saying this as something he's going to do or is he saying this as a test for us to understand who God is we know it's a test because if God did this of destroying the nation of Israel, what would happen is this God would be breaking his promise.
Now can I just say that we parents break our promises all the time? I don't know if anybody's ever said this but we say if you do that again, has anybody ever done that before if you do that again, I promise you. And then it happens again. What do we say? I'm serious. Now if you do that again, well God's not like us when it comes to that.
God does not break his promises because here's the deal if God breaks his promises. He's not God. If God breaks his promises, he's not God he is not perfect. He is not the God that he claims to be. So when he says this he's looking at him and he there's we know that it was a test because he would be breaking all of his promises and we're talking about promises that happened hundreds of years before when he promised.
He promised Jacob he promised Isaac and all of these prophecies that he gave about Jacob and the twelve sons of The Twelve sons of Jacob in Genesis chapter 49 so we know he's testing them because of that. We know that he's testing Moses just like he tested Abraham if you read the Old Testament, you're going to find he tested Abraham as well.
How did he test Abraham he tested Abraham and said sacrifice your child. So do you really think that God was wanting him to sacrifice his child. Do you really think he wanted to take him to the top of the mountain and to take a knife and plunge it into his heart and kill him. The answer is absolutely not what he wanted Abraham to understand was who he had decided to worship.
What do you want to dim to decide was who was God and who was not God because the tendencies that we have is to make anything other than God. God. the tendency is to make anything other than God God we can make anything God. So we love our kids and we ought to love our kids. But if you're not careful, you'll make our family unit your god.
Oh, no, your life is all about your family know your life is all about your God and guess what your God dictates and claims and tells us that family ought to matter. We ought to glorify God and we glorify God through family our family. Is not our God our church is not our God. The Bible is not our God the Bible teaches us about God, but it's about a relationship.
And so we're sitting here and he goes goes all the way back to Romans chapter 9 because here in the passage God's fulfilling his plan and his promise to Abraham. And Abraham's Nation this passage has nothing to do with individual salvation or individual justification. Because a lot of people read that verse and they say you see God's the one that decides who he's going to save because he's going to show Mercy on whoever he shows mercy and that's a really cool thought except for the fact that it leaves mankind with no.
At least man kind of no responsibility. He's literally saying you will be saved and you will not be saved and that's what he's saying here in Romans chapter 9 is what a lot of people take and the reason they take that is they don't understand the context of what's going on. So he comes back here.
This passage has nothing to do with individual salvation or individual justification. Abraham had already proven his obedience to God with Isaac and then Abraham also spoke and bade God. For the fate of Sodom and Gomorrah another time where he says I'm going to destroy and Abraham says no God. What if there are these many just people Abraham shows there on your paper Abraham shows and how he asked God for Mercy for and for Sodom that he truly understands God's grace.
Abraham understands how God is graceful toward us, but you know, it does not come down to a God in heaven that picks and chooses the any many mining mode. That's not the God. We serve the God we serve as one that says I extend the grace to you and you have to accept the grace. Did I give to you you have to accept the grace that I give to you?
He understands God's righteousness and his character because of that. He knows that God is not going to take pleasure in the death of the wicked but into turning back of the wicked. He truly understands God's grace. This is the same kind of thing that's going on in Exodus chapter 32 that we've been looking on God's testing Moses to see if Moses has understood the righteousness of God.
Grace Moses responds in true humility as he stands as an intercessor for his people because of this Moses begins to plead with God as an intercessor does because what you have to understand about God is this. God demands perfection. There's only one way to go to heaven and that is by being perfect.
And since all of us felt that as anybody in here perfect still like you don't have any problems at all and never never have any sin and never have any we're not perfect. We all sin. And here's what he says here in this passage what he says God demands Perfection baptism today that Isaac's going to be doing is saying I realized that I was not perfect.
I realized that I was not perfect. I realized that that that my perfection could never take me to Heaven because I don't know Isaac. It's not like I've spent hundreds of hours with Isaac, but I bet you could sit down with the Ryan or Tina and they would tell you that Isaac is not the perfect child that has never had any issues at all.
We are all sinners. So because of that the perfect the Perfection and the only Perfection we can come to an understanding. Is the Perfection that comes through Christ Jesus? No other way Christ Jesus is our Perfection. I love the song they were singing and then I'll Stand faultless Before the Throne.
Ryan how are you going to stand? Faultless Before the Throne we both know that you're not faultless. How can I stand faultless Before the Throne? I know I'm not faultless. There's nobody in this room. That's faultless. But we stand faultless Before the Throne because of what Jesus has done for us God's testing Moses here to see if it didn't he understood his righteousness.
And there's Grace and Moses begins to plead with him to speak with God to plead with him and Exodus chapter 32 verse 11. Here's what it says. It says in Moses besought the Lord his God and said Lord, why doth thy wrath Wax Hot against thy people which thou Hast brought forth out of the land of Egypt with great power and with a mighty hand.
He says God we know who brought them out of Egypt. We know who has the mighty hand. Here. It is you this calf that they're worshiping has no power at all from matter of fact, if this calf is to go with them. They must bear that calf on their own arms and their own shoulders to carry it because it has no power.
They've been led by God and all of a sudden they bring this calf into the equation notice how he does his first of all he appeals to God's reputation. He appeals to God's reputation. Everyone's going to think God. Did you just end up in heaven flipping coins and deciding what you want to do? Moses says God you are the perfect one and they said 3213.
He appeals to the Covenant he made with Abraham what he says here in verse 13. Look at that real quick. When we verse 13 He says remember Abraham Isaac and Israel. Thy service. God we know the promises you made. And if there's one thing that we know is that you don't break your promises God you are.
True God you are correct. You are righteous. You are right. He says remember Abraham and Isaac and Israel. Thy servants to whom thou swearest by they own self. He said you swore by your own self. And you said unto them. I'm going to multiply your seed as the stars of heaven and all this land that I've spoken of will I give and to your seed and they're going to inherit it forever.
And what Moses says is God. Can you explain to me how they're going to inherit the land forever? Yet at the same time. You're going to kill him. Can you explain God how that's going to happen here of appeals to Moses tells God that if he doesn't do what he's promised, then he's going to violate the Covenant that he made with Abraham verse 14 says in the Lord repented of the evil which he thought to do unto this people.
Not just okay. I changed my mind. I'm not doing that. He was testing Moses. He goes down the mountain and to hear the sound of partying Moses takes the calf and melted in the fire grind it into powder scatters it in the water and makes the children of Israel. Drink Moses threw his through this is showing that sin brings consequences.
Have you ever noticed how we think that sin doesn't bring consequences. Like we really think we can send and nothing is going to happen with that. There will be no consequences. That's kind of the way we live our lives the thin brings consequences and he's going to show them that in Exodus 32 21 and 22 Moses talks to Aaron and asked him how he could lead.
The people in this direction Moses said unto Aaron what did these people do unto thee that thou has brought so great a sin upon them. By the way, if you read the story Aaron didn't really tell them to do anything. They came to Aaron and said we need something and Aaron just LED them in the direction.
They wanted to go. In case you're wondering we understand that as parents because if we were to say to our children, what do you want to eat every day for the rest of your life? That's kind of what Aaron did he goes? Hey, what do y'all want to eat? They go. We want to have this calf and won't let this calf be our God and he goes, okay, cool.
Let's do that. Can you imagine how bad of parents you would be? If you look at your kids and just say hey, can you tell me what you want for breakfast and will serve you that for breakfast now some of y'all probably had perfect kids. I'm sure Ryan Moore growing up was like give me a asparagus in the morning and give me brussels sprouts in the afternoon and cauliflower for supper.
But let me if they would have asked me that as a kid I grew up skin. I would not have been skinny, but I actually took the opposite thing my mom and dad made me eat pretty healthy and then all of a sudden I decided not to so much and so you get to this they go to Aaron and they go you just do whatever you want you what do you want now?
Make sure that it happens. Aaron said let not the anger of my Lord Wax Hot thou knowest the people. The people are set on Mischief. Now these people just decided what they wanted. And so I had to go with it. I had to go with Aaron reminds Moses that these people are bad. You can't really trust these people.
You can't really trust them when he's really trying to get at is that it's really Moses as fault for being gone that long Moses. You're gone for 40 days. Like what did you expect us to do? Like, what did you expect us to do? We just did what anybody in their right mind would do. Aaron is basically telling Moses that the people came and pressured him to do it.
In Exodus, 32 25 and 26. We found that many decided they didn't want to follow God after all and they pay the ultimate price for that. What happens is this they go we know who God is we've watched him part the Red Sea, we've watched him take care of us, but guess what we look at God and we say we want nothing to do with you and God goes that's fine.
By the way, that's a choice that they made nobody told them what they should do. That's a choice that they made these people lost their life because of their Rebellion against God and verse 29 and 30 Moses tells them that they have to dedicate themselves to the Lord while they dedicate themselves to God Moses says that he will go and he's going to intercede for them yet.
Now if they will forgive their sin, and if not blocked me, I pray thee out of thy. Which thou has written? He says listen, I'm interceding for them God I know but here's the deal just just just just just send me to hell if it takes that blot me out of the book so that you don't deal with all of the people the same way Moses just saying, please don't destroy them as a nation, but instead take me and their place.
By the way, you can see Moses humility and that statement in the next verse verse 33 to 38 verses 33 to 35. God sing that part of the punishment is this he says every sin has its consequence and here's the punishment you're going to have to deal with. Here's the punishment. You want to have to deal with and verse 33 and verse 35.
He's going to say I'm not going personally to go with Israel when they go into the land. Now, let me just say this the people of Israel have enjoyed the presence of God and unprecedented ways. They're sitting there and they're being led by God by in a cloud and by fire and God's speaking to them and God's talking to them and it's an amazing relationship.
It's an amazing relationship, you know, a lot of us think if I were to sit down with Jesus, it would change all of my doubts, but guess what these guys were with God every single. Day, and it didn't fix their doubts at all. They said we're going to stay there. And here's what God says and the Lord said to Moses who ever sinned against me him.
I'm going to blot out of the book. Therefore now go lead the people into the place, which I have spoken unto you behold my angel shall go before thee nevertheless in the day when I visit and when I visit their sin upon them and the Lord plagued the people because they made the calf. Which Aaron made.
So what's the point in all this God saying that part of the punishment is that he is not going to personally go with Israel when they go into the land and can you even fathom the life change that happens with these people When God says I'm not going with you you're going to have to go. On your own you don't have to go on your own.
He's going instead. Send his Angel to lead them. But God's not going to be going with them. They're on your paper. He says they're going to miss out on part of the blessing. They could have had in terms of their personal fellowship with God. Can I just say to you that your personal fellowship with God truly matters because of their sin sin has damaged their relationship with God now.
It's important to understand that God's brought down the judgment on Israel. He's removing himself from fellowship with Israel because of their sin. They're going to have to go to plan B where the angel is going to lead them and then God says to Moses in Exodus 33 1 he says this. And the Lord said unto Moses depart go up hence thou in the people which size brought up out of the land of Egypt and the land which I swear into a Abraham to Isaac and to Jacob saying unto thy seed.
I will give it he says remember how you said that Covenant thing and what I'm telling you is I want to keep that Covenant. I want to let him go up into the land. The important thing to notice here is that he still gets the promise. The promise is the law of the land isn't conditioned on their obedience.
By the way, that's a new testament Principle as well. If you know Jesus as your savior thank God your salvation does not depend upon your obedience it can you imagine me telling my kids as long as you obey you'll be my child. Like can you imagine that you'll be my child? As long as you obey? Well, I would only disown, you know, 3/4 of them every day and then you know, they'd come back and I'd okay now the other 3/4 of them and there'd be one child maybe that goes a whole day without disobeying and thank God because let me just tell you my kids are a perfect representation of their day.
They're a perfect representation of their dad. Guess what this dude standing up here talking to you about the Bible and telling you about God's grace is thankful for his grace because I am the chief of all Sinners. My attitudes aren't what they're supposed to be. My mouth does not say what it's supposed to say my feet do not take me where they should take me.
My head does not think the thoughts that it should. He looks at him and he says listen, I'm going to still give you the land. You're going to miss one thing. You're not going to have my presence. You're not going to have my presence as you go there. So I'll send an angel before you want to drive out the Canaanites the Amorite the hittite and the perizzite the hivite and the jebusite.
Does he get the key passage of that's being quoted here in Romans 9 is that because you send the signore this end. You're going to get less of a blessing. You're going to have less fellowship with God. So when you go to Roman's 9, the funny thing is that many people want to say it's about salvation.
But if you study the story of Moses not about salvation at all. I'm not going to travel with you because I'm going to have to consume you because you violated my righteousness so badly when it's people heard that news they mourned and the Bible says no one put on their ornaments. They are sad, they're not going to dress up.
There are wearing the clothes that they wear for funerals. He said that you're stuck with now in Exodus 33 5 through 7 shows us that they had violated God's standards so much that if God came as he had intended because of their sin, he would just consume them all verse 5 through verse 7. He says for the Lord had said unto Moses saying to the children of Israel, you are a stiff-necked people.
You're hard-headed your stiff-necked people. I will come up to into the midst of thee and a moment and consume thee therefore now put off thy ornaments from thee that I may know what you're doing to the in the children of Israel stripped themselves before their ornaments by the Mount Horeb and mount and Moses took that the Tabernacle and pitched it without the camp of far from the camp and called The Tabernacle of the congregation that came to pass that everyone which sought the Lord went out into the Tabernacle of the congregation.
It says it was without the camp here in verse 7 Moses meets with the Lord and all of this background is really needed to understand Romans chapter 9. You can't understand Romans chapter nine without what's going on. But Exodus 33 13 says this now therefore I pray thee I found Grace in thy sight show me now that way that I may Know Thee that I may find Grace in thy sight and consider that this nation is like people.
You can't understand the statement that God says about having Mercy on whom he's been I have mercy unless you understand the context that he's saying it in he's not talking about making them Justified or saved because they are already Justified Moses is Justified. Aaron is already Justified the issue here in no way is getting them to heaven or their Eternal Destiny.
The issue is their personal walk with god. So let's read Romans 9 again before I close. And just look at this and I know this is a technical passage. And I know this is like a crazy part of the Bible where you really have to dig in and study. It's not Philippians 4:13 that you paint underneath your eyes and everybody reads in there.
Like hey, that's a cool verse Romans chapter 9. Here's what it says in verse 15 and 16 14. It says what are we going to say? Is there unrighteousness with God? Absolutely, not. God forbid. We even think that. What shall we say? Then is their nostrils of God God for bid for he says to Moses. I'm going to give I'm going to have mercy on him when I have mercy what he's saying is as a nation.
I'm going to bless whoever I want to bless and I'm going to have compassion on whom I want to have compassion for he set the most for so then it is not of him that willeth North him that runneth, but of God that show us Mercy. Can I close this morning by telling you that you have been shown Mercy Beyond even your wildest imagination.
You live in the United States of America. Do you realize how much Mercy has been shown to you to be born in this country? I've only had the privilege of traveling to 38 countries so far in my life. And can I just tell you that you live in a great country you live in a country with freedom a few weeks back when my best friend's got kicked out of Morocco because he's preaching the gospel and now he's in Tunisian.
He's I don't know how long I'll be here. I'm just going to keep preaching the gospel. This week There's a person that just died as he was trying to share the gospel with a group of an Indian tribe your blast you have mercy God has been good to you. And if there's anything that ought to lead us to Thanksgiving is that and let me just say if you know Jesus as your savior you are blessed beyond all measure.
You are blessed beyond all measure God has been good to you. Because do you realize we can invite people to church and these walk in the door? And we sing together, we raise our hands and in places around the world that's not happening right now. That's been good to you. We thank him for his Mercy.
We thank him for how he has been with us in Romans chapter 9. God is saying I chose to bless the people of Israel. I chose to show them Mercy for my namesake. I chose to show the mercy not because of how good they are. But because of how good I am. I love I care. I am God.

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