He Is God Alone

Chris Gardner

October 28, 2018

Romans chapter 9 and I'm glad everybody else felt hot. I've been trying to lose weight and it makes me feel weird all the time. And so I was like Hey that might just be me and I'll just be drenched this morning. So Romans chapter 9 verse 14 through 18 Romans 9 chapter 14. Through 18 and will read it first and then we're going to talk about what the scripture say here verse 14.
What shall we say then? Is there unrighteousness with God God forbid for he says to Moses. I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion. So then it is not of him that willeth nor of him that runneth but of God that showeth Mercy for the scripture saith unto Pharaoh, even for this same time for the same purpose.
Have I raised the up that I might show my power in thee. My name might be declared throughout all the Earth therefore hath he Mercy on whom he will have mercy and and whom he will he hardeneth. Let's pray dear Lord. We come to you this morning thankful for your word Lord. I ask you that you might help us to.
To fall in love with you more as we dive into the scripture dear Lord, I ask you to you might help us to come and all of your word and I ask you do you might help us to apply it to our lives there, but I want to be a church that wrestles with the word that goes through the the hardest parts of the word that goes through every verse because every verse truly does matter and I ask you Lord that you would help us to be a church that wrestles with the word but not only.
Shows with the word but that is prepared to take that into the world. I asked you to you'd help us you'd be honored and glorified through all this done in Jesus name. I pray amen. So we come to Roman's 9 and would it's Romans 9, of course as we stated as probably the most difficult passage in the scriptures for most people because it's just a very very strong passage and a passage that.
You don't just look at and go. Hey, well, that's what that means. And so we're a few weeks into this portion of the book. And now let's do the last couple of weeks. Let's not forget what we've covered as we dig into these next few Verses first. We saw that the attitude of Paul toward his fellow.
And if you look at Romans chapter 9 verse 1 through 5, you see Paul with a tear in his eyes and with compassion in his heart and he's saying man. I want my people to be saved. I want my people to be saved you feel this burden that he has for his people and he speaks with a tear in his eye and this he says I would literally spend eternity and the hell if I.
For my people that's what I would be willing to do. And so he begs him to turn to God to repent and to stop believing that their birth certificate their pedigree gives them a right to God's blessing. That's what he says. He says Hey Jews just cuz you're a Jew does not mean. Just because you're a Jew does not mean that you have God's blessing on your life.
And so he dives into that he pleads that they placed their faith in God and then God Alone. He says guys your pedigree does not provide your forgiveness of sin. But what I'm begging you to do is place your trust in Christ because your trust in Christ does give you what you've been looking for your trust in God's grace gives you what you been looking for.
He pleads that they Place their faith and God and God alone. And then last week I wrapped it up talking about it what it means when God says that he loves Jacob. And he hated Esau and that's really one of the Lynch pins of this chapter. Is that part where he loves Jacob and he hates Esau and the funny thing is even before these boys were born.
We find how Genesis chapter 25 and verse 23 describes who they are. And what is happening even while Rebecca is pregnant? So the boys aren't even born yet. I mentioned that last week and I had a couple of people say hey, where does the bible say that so on to make sure it was in the message this morning looking real quick at Genesis chapter 25 verse 23, the Genesis chapter 25 and verse 23 and the Lord said unto her.
Help me out. The Lord said unto her to what nations are in your womb. He says I know what I'm doing from the very GetGo to what are in my womb two Nations not just to men not just to not twins. I almost said two twins, but two times two equals four, so that wouldn't be good. So that that she had two children in her womb and these two children that they are two Nations that are in your womb.
This is way before they were even born. Hey, by the way, this is talking about where God says I've chosen to use Jacob over. He saw two nations are in thy womb and two men are of people shall be separated from the bowels and one people. You see what it's doing there repeatedly. It's a nation. It's a people one people shall be stronger than the other people and the Elder Shall Serve the younger by the way, that's the exact thing that Romans chapter 9.
Okay. Somebody's laughing over here that me do I. Okay, every time somebody laughs in the congregation I'm going as my flight not closed. And so I'm just going to make sure that that's because I look over here and Hannah's laughing on yours laughing and I'm sitting there going. Okay. This isn't good and through this Pulpit this small it's not easy to check so, you know back in the old days big old pulpits, they helped a lot so but genesis jay, I'm just being real with you Genesis chapter 25.
Genesis chapter 25 and if you've ever spoken much in public, you'll know that that is a legit thing that you think about Genesis chapter 25. He says these are two what nations not only are they nations of these are two peoples. She's repeating an infra sizing even in Genesis. Not just Romans, so we don't have to twist Romans to make it say this because all the way from before they were born.
He says he's our two Nations. These are two people that are found here in Genesis chapter 25, and he's saying that to Rebecca he when he describes the children. He says that they are there are two Nations and I just noticed I put Nation without us. So anyway all y'all schoolteachers in here. Please forgive me.
There are two Nations that are in her womb not two boys. There are two Nations that are in a room. There are two groups of people that are going to be born. He has declared from Genesis chapter 25 that one nation is going to serve the Other Nation. That's what's going to happen. So we started these next verses following up with what has been a discussion on how God has chosen to use the nation of Israel Over the edomites.
She says, this is what I've done I've chosen to use this nation or the edomites the conversation hasn't changed at all here in these next verses. Okay, so you can't really dive into chapter 9 and verse 14 by forgetting chapter 9 verse 6 through 13. Does that make sense? You can't just forget that you have to continue the conversation that's going on.
We're talking about the nation's one of the biggest mistakes we can make when studying the Bible is to arrive at every passage as if everything that God talks about in the Bible has to do with salvation. One of the worst things you can do when you read the Bible as well as be like hey. It's all about salvation because it's not all the Bible is not about salvation.
This mistake is easy to make especially here in Romans chapter 9. It's a mistake that's easy to be made here in Romans chapter 9. Could you stop smiling at me on Joe because y'all okay. Okay, but to do that, you've got to forget the context of the book. Yeah. Okay, so now everybody's telling everybody what everybody's laughing.
I'm yeah. I'm glad to be a part of this but but to do that you have to forget the context of the book yet to forget the context of what Romans is talking about because Romans is talking about Jews and gentiles. Together in a church body. That's what it's talking about. You had to forget that you had to forget the context of the book the context of these three chapters and even the context of this individual chapter.
This passage is focused on God's. With the Nations and for his plan on how he's going to use them this whole chapters about his purpose with the Nations and how he is going to use them and this really really really matters. There's very little bitty found at all about individual justification or personal salvation in Romans chapter 9 through Romans chapter 11.
What we find here is Paul showing strong showing Believers and Jews about what God's plan for Israel really is he's reassuring them that God hasn't gone back on his word. If you're a member of the question that he answered in those verses was hey as God lying. Can we just not trust God is that what's going on here?
And Paul says emphatically absolutely not that's not what's going on here God's Not Forgotten his promise and that no matter what things may look like for Israel and how chaotic things might be the truth remains that God is true to his word. He is true to his promise. God is true to his word. God is true.
To his promise Paul is going to start these next versus expounding on this truth. That's he's going to do he's going to continue talking about this truth. He's going to do that by asking the same question. He asked six different times in the Book of Romans and only in the Book of Romans. All that Paul's written.
This is the only place you find it. Here's what you're going to say. What shall we say then? He literally looks at people he goes. Hey, here's the truth. What shall we say then? Because here's the truth of scripture is comes down to this. The truth of scriptures is not about knowing the truth and that alone.
It's about something that happens because of. That church. So Paul goes Romans chapter 6 what shall we say? Then? He says you're forgiven. What shall we say? Then? Should we continue in sin that Grace May abound and then he goes God forbid. So he does this time after time six times in the Book of Romans.
He asked what shall we say then and and can I just say as we leave church this morning that I wish that question. Would be Forefront in your mind. What shall we say then to the truth? What shall we say to the truth? Because it's not just about knowing truth. It's about how that truth applies to our individual lives.
He's going to say what shall we say, then after considering all of this what we're going to what are we going to say about these truths so want to start in Romans chapter 9 and verse 14 Romans chapter 9 and verse 14. Here's what he says we find his character his character Romans chapter 9 and verse 14.
Here's what it says again. What shall we say then? So what I'm going to say about this? What shall we say then? Is there unrighteousness with God? Is there unrighteousness with God and then he says God forbid the first part of this section starts with a question that many ensure have been asking us Paul as traveling around preaching and teaching in the synagogue.
Can you not see these Rabbi sitting down after they hear Paul and saying there's no way that what Paul says this true because if what Paul says is true, then that would make God a liar because we're Jews and we know we deserve that promise. And so Paul goes let me just answer that for you. What shall we say?
Then? It says what shall we say then? Is there unrighteousness with God God forbid the first part answers these questions the question again. What about the character of God Paul Begins by asking? What do we say about truth? What do we say about truth? This is an expression Paul uses six times in the Book of Romans and he uses it to introduce something that he's going to immediately refute.
He literally goes hey guys, in case you're not paying attention. Hey pay attention pay attention. That's a Paul saying what shall we say then? So what are you going to say? That's what Paul is doing here in this passage. The big idea. This is the big idea of this section of Romans has God failed to honor his promises to Israel as a nation or not.
Because these people that are steeped in religion and rules and tradition are sitting there going. I cannot believe that God is now throwing out. I cannot believe now that God's throwing out everything that he said and God goes. Oh, no, you've never understood from the very beginning. That's the reason I gave you Abraham in Romans chapter 4 to understand that Abraham was by faith just like every other person in Israel.
He says this is what's going on. He starts by explaining who Israel. Is he explains? How who you were born to and where were you born is not the center of it all. The center of everything in life is not about who you were born to where you were born. That's not the center of the Gospel. The gospel is not about who you are the gospel.
And can I say this in America we struggle with this too because we all want to be good church-going Americans. But that's kind of the you know, as you get more cultured and as you get to your you middle-class Anglo-Saxon Americans, we understand there were all supposed to be going to church and we think that going to church when Paul saying oh wait, this is not about you going to church.
This is not about who you grew up with. This is not about the nation that you were born into. This is about your faith in Christ. That is what matters that is. What matters. Charles Spurgeon said that there were four things that would surprise them in heaven. He says one the people that aren't there that you expected like, where'd they go?
Oh, they're not here. Number two is I think or maybe it was three things that we're never ones the person the people that you wouldn't see and have a number two's the people you would see and have it you're like really. Where are you you made it to heaven and that that and then he said the third thing is.
That you're there. He's those are the three things wrong surprise you when you get to heaven, but but it can I just say this it's all about faith. It's all about faith and see we've tended to make it the same thing here in America have we not it's almost like church-going is like good manners at the table.
You know to me, you know, I'll go to church. What did you do da? That doesn't matter and Paul is stating this this American mentality was only five hundred thousand times more intense and the Jewish Nation. They're sitting there thinking we have a history of God working with us as a nation. And so that means that all of us that are part of that Nation.
Are saved and Paul goes no, you're missing the point. You're putting the emphasis on the wrong syllable. You're messed up here. You can't do that. It's not about that. It's about your faith and trust in Christ. He exploratory and he explains it's not who you were born to it's not where you were born.
That's the center of it. All his character is and always has been that of a faithful and almighty God. That's what you have to know if there is a problem in our understanding with God. It's not a god problem. Would you agree with that? But have you ever noticed how we love twisting the scriptures and twisting the Savior into our image?
Like honestly, if you ask most Americans that with some truth serum in them, they will think that he was a white Anglo-Saxon American that went to church every Sunday. Because we've Twisted him into our image and I said we have by the way not just I'm not saying you have we have we've Twisted the Savior into our image and we think that God's not the problem here.
God's not the problem here. It's us and our understanding of God and Paul says let me explain to you that your understanding of God is problematic here in God was never the issue in God's character is not on the line is God is true. God is faithful. God is Almighty his character has been proclaimed all throughout the scriptures.
This is not some new idea about God being true. It's altered scriptures. And Paul is actually partially quoting here from the book of Deuteronomy chapter 32 and verse 4 Deuteronomy chapter 32 and verse 4. Here it is it says he is the rock his work. What is it his work is what? Perfect. He is the rock his work is perfect for all his ways are judgment a god of Truth and without iniquity just and right is he so when we have struggles with who we think God is it's not God that needs to change.
It's not God then need to change. Hey, can I say that this is seen so much in the way. We approach scriptures. We approach scriptures thinking that the scriptures are about us. Like the hero of the story of scriptures and most preaching and teaching around America. The hero of most scriptures is us we preach about David and Goliath and we preach the and we say well, you know David he went out to fight against Goliath and you know, if you have Giants in your life know that passage is not about you.
That's not passage is not about you. We we treat the scriptures as if we are the center of the scriptures and we want to put ourselves there and that's not something new because see, that's exactly. What the Jews were doing? That's exactly what the nation of Israel was doing as well. We are not the center scriptures.
The Sixers scriptures are not about us. The scriptures are about our God. The scriptures are about our God God is who he says he is and there's no unrighteousness in him. And so Paul ends and he says in that verse he says God forbid that we even think like that. No way. That's not the problem here.
This is what Paul is going to explain. There's no flaw in God's character at all. There's no flowing God's character at all. This is there any unrighteousness in a God that decided which nation he was going to work with. Are you going to call that unrighteous? That's what Paul is saying here? Well, that's a valid question.
We must truly ask ourselves if we're even able to ask that question. See we have to understand first and foremost that what we are and what we are qualified and not qualified to do. Okay, there are certain jobs that I'm not suited to do I would venture to say that you would say the same thing. For example, I don't think that I would make a good jockey.
Just saying I'm not suited to be a jockey. Okay, like and you're like, yeah, you're overweight. No, even if I was skinny, I'm not suited to be a jockey because jockeys are short skinny people. I'm not suited to be a jockey. I have to understand what I am suited to do not by the way not like a DJ but like a jockey rides horses, you know, like I probably not a good DJ either in cash other one.
I don't think that most racehorses would think that it was cool for me to try and get them to run fast with an extra 140 pounds on their back. But I thought that was a fast horse. Well, it was until you landed two hundred and forty two point six pounds on my back and then I'm not near as fast as I thought I would be.
Yes, and it's just not that said they're not used to carrying that by the way. I looked up with the average weight is of a jockey Lord. Help me. They must turn their man card in when they go to become jockeys. They like 92 pounds. Like what in the world a 92 pound man? That's not me at all. Okay, so I got 92 pounds in each leg.
And so here's what I've got to see what I'm suited to do not see God suited all of us for different things. The question we have to ask is are we really suited to question whether God is. Correct or not. No, that's the answer. Absolutely not but we come to the scriptures wanting to judge God and the way that stuff, but we're not allowed to do we can't judge God we can't judge God if you were to ask Bill he would tell you that I wouldn't be really good at bird-watching.
Bill, and I spend a lot of time together and patience is a virtue. It's just not mine. And so Bill makes fun of me all the time because I'll be like, hey man, I'm thinking about and then he's like Chris put your computer down. Let me do some investigation before you do this because I know you you're going to jump into it immediately.
Like I've been like I'm thinking about doing hey, it happened. He did it and it stinks, but he tried it. That's that's the way I tend to do stuff. I wouldn't be good and bird watching. I probably wouldn't make a good brain surgeon either. You don't want a guy in a hurry operating on your brain. You know, you don't want to kind of her ear operate on your brain.
I think I can might be able to do alert emergency room medicine, but I don't think I could ever have the patience to work on someone else's. By the way, that doesn't even change the fact that I don't even have the training for it either but no matter how much I love my wife or any other family member if they need brain surgery.
Can I just tell you I will not be doing the brain surgery where you're like, well you can learn thank you. I'm good. Thank you. Here's the deal. You know, you can learn anything on Google. Well, if you believe that you would get a brain surgery at your house, you know. I can't do the job. I'm not allowed to do the job.
Let me tell you another job. I'm not qualified for if the job of supreme judge of the universe opens up. Here's some of the qualifications you need the right applicant must be a magnificent all powerful omniscient all-knowing. Omnipresent present everywhere and immutable unchanging Eternal above and beyond the bounds of time self-existent needing nothing or no one holy the very definition of good and just absolutely right and all his decisions now after you read that job description.
Do you really want to come up and explain to God how God choosing to use Israel? Makes sense. No absolutely not. We as humans are way and way to unqualified for this position and not only that we have no basis to second-guess. The one that is you have no basis to second-guess. The one that is we have no right to govern that which doesn't belong to us.
They're happy that we have no right to govern that which doesn't. Belong to us. I cannot walk into the home of another man or woman and change the rules of that household. Can you imagine me walking into Ryan invites me over and I'm like hit from here on out. We're not doing that anymore. Ryan's gonna be like, what?
Who do you think you are? There's no way I don't have that right? You don't have that right in my house. We don't have the right to do that. But all of a sudden we look at scripture sometimes and we say, let me judge God. And talk to God about how he did stuff wrong. And can I just say how dare we even think that were allowed to do that?
We have no right to govern that which doesn't belong to us. I cannot walk into the home of another man or woman can't change the rules of the household because I don't own the place in the same way that we do not own this world. We have been given the privilege of living in God's world. But only he has the right to govern his creation.
And here's what Paul is saying here about God God chose. He was going to use his room these two Nations that were born God chose that he was going to use them because of his qualifications. We can trust God's judgment. He had a problem with my car this week and it my had no idea what it was.
There's nothing like leaving school. When you're picking up school kids school or dropping them off at school and nothing like your car breaking down in the middle of the line that everybody's waiting on in case you're wondering the southeast might be the belt buckle of the Bible Belt, but don't tell that to the line to the high school middle school or Elementary School of North Paulding over there.
Don't tell them that so I'm dropping my kids off pull up and I'm in the car drop W Jacquard eyes. Let me tell you what I did to fix it. It's funny. You see y'all laughed at me already. I called David. David goes out of the house and he goes I'm going to find a friend on this one. And so he found a friend on this and we we got the problem but here's the deal.
I don't really have a right. To pretend that I know something about fixing the car. Like if you ever touch my hands and you're like man, you got manly hands I've been carrying stuff. I ain't been working on a car I can guarantee to you that. You say you you most teenagers learn to work on cars because it's so expensive to work on cars.
Well, I grew up in Peru where it costs ten dollars to rebuild a carburetor like literally take the carburetor out every single piece clean every piece put it all back together and then $10 and like so when you're paying $10 to rebuild a carburetor who gives a rip if you know how to change your own oil like, you know what I mean?
Like that's that's just so I grew up in that reality. I don't have a right to be David that nobody's talking about. David brought John over John that nobody's talking about that's just not doesn't make too much sense. Does it? What we have to understand is who we are approaching. We're approaching God and God says I have chosen to work with the nation of Israel because of its qualifications.
We can trust God's judgment Paul's going to illustrate his rule over Creation with the story of Moses as well as his confrontation with the Sovereign ruler of Egypt. Let's watch how this happens as we dive into these next verses and we'll dive into these next week. So we wrestle with the word the word.
We don't we don't just skip over the hard parts. That's not who we are. That's not part of the DNA here. We're going to wrestle through the scriptures. But can I just tell you this my goal is that we can walk it out in the world. Do we walk out in the world and makes a difference in so here's here's the question for you today.
How much trust do you really place in? The one that says he's God. You can see if he truly a sovereign if he truly is Almighty of nip attend if he's truly omniscient if he's truly omnipresent, then it would change the way we look at life wouldn't it? But like we wouldn't see our problems the same way if we really believed this is who God is.
We wouldn't we change the way you look to everything. We look at it. We walk out and we'd go this problems hitting me and we go. Well, that's not a problem because I am told that when I'm afraid to trust in him not to trust in me, but we live in a day and age have you not noticed we live in a day and age where we have where we have placed a major major value on making sure that tomorrow you're taken care of.
We call it retirement. By the way. I have a retirement fund too. You know why cuz I don't really know that I can trust that God's going to take care of me. You said Chris? How dare you say that? No. No, the question is where I'm really putting my trust and if 2007 taught us anything putting your trust in the Investments you have in the stock market what near as good of an idea as you thought it was like went to did hear nothing and then it came back up a little bit.
Hey, have you ever noticed that now the way we are we always want to make sure that we're sure for tomorrow. We're secure for tomorrow. We're taking care of for tomorrow. But can I just tell you that I'm not saying you stop saving what I'm telling you is you stop trusting in the wrong places. You stop trusting in the wrong places because let me just tell you there's no doubt about it.
There's nothing. Shot of a God that loves you and God that will take care of you and a God that will care for you because God in heaven is not surprised by what's going on in our circumstances. So we wrestle with the word but man as we walk out in the world. Can I beg you to make sure that people know what it's like to see a person that truly trust in God.
Did I see a person that truly trust?

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