Mastered By None

Chris Gardner

September 24, 2017

And I and I'm excited to be back with you guys get back into the book of Romans talk this morning about what it means to be mastered by no one mastered by no one. And so we had this idea in America that we all want to be mastered by no one and we'll talk a little bit about that. The Bible says about that.

So a few weeks ago we studied the first 13 14 verses of this chapter and everything started with this question that Paul asked Paul I asked this question he said What shall we say then should we continue in sin the grave should abound. And he goes no way we shouldn't do that. God forbid how shall we that are dead to live any longer.

Their interest started with that question. Should we continue in sin. And if you remember as we discussed in the passage we talked about three words. Anybody have a handout ready to hand out. I have been here so long. The culture has changed so anybody has NOT have a handout just pass them out. Raise your hand I'll give you one for you to have there. There they are Jaker. They just grab it and pass out if you don't mind. So you've got to hand up Jacob's going to come by with a hand out for you. So we talk in Romans chapter 6. That's it.

Yes. No just grab it and read that it's there. I promise. OK. Yeah. Come on.

Be a savage how to do it. There you go. Romans Chapter 6 and so Romans Chapter 6. Raise your hand if you need one. We'll get you one. Romans Chapter 6. When Jacob comes back you could squeeze his leg. He would really appreciate that because you go a little bit sore this morning. In Romans Chapter 6 you're going felt the obstacle of hurry up. I got it. Romans Chapter 6. We talked about what happens with sin. If we're forgiven if we're forgiven from sin. It's horrible that I actually enjoy watching. That's like the Romans which is you talk about what happened to sense of what shall we say.

Should we continue to grow up about the past. Absolutely not. That's not who we are and then we come down here and he talks in those passages about three words that were very important and if you're feeling the if you're filling your work the thing out. These are the three words the first word is the word no. You have to know what the Bible says. You don't know what the Word of God says. The second and second the second is to reckon to pretend as if it's true. To live it if it's true to know that it's true. And then the third one asked to yield to yield ourselves to the truth. Now in this last part of the chapter what we're going to find in Romans 6 10 to 15 is what he means by the word healed. What does he mean by yield. We have to know. We have to reckon.

But then we have to know how many of us are tired of being or living as if we were still slaves to the same thing. We've dealt with for years. It's the body of tired that it's like are you not tired of just dealing with the same thing time and time and time again are you not tired of repenting. Seven thousand times of it and saying God I'll never do this again. Are you not tired of that need I want to talk to you about what it means to truly yield. And this that here in verse 15 verse 14 and 15 and an end for it. So the question that is asked about sinning so that grace may have bound is going to give us way to this how to yield to your Say how to yield to your say and that you will want to see here in this passage so let's go let's start.

Romans Chapter 6 verse 14 and 15 and if you're filling out the paper there we burn Number one we find our faith in our favor. Romans 6 verse 14 and 15. Look at what the Bible says. What a powerful verse we find here.

It's for sin shall not have dominion over you. How many of you have felt like it did have it dominion over you.

How many have you even since you've been saved. Your life is not supposed to have dominion over me but it does have dominion over me. Evidently book of man I don't fall in the exact same way in the exact same place. It's essential I have dominion over you for you are not under the law but under grace. What then shall we sin because we are not under the law but under grace. He asked the same question again in the same question which requires the exact same answer and the answer is this. God forbid. How in the world would we think that we could just keep on sending and not even care about that last section in verse 14 where the Declaration of sin and then because this sin shall not have dominion over you.

Sin shall not have dominion over man. This is a powerful powerful fall.

Then you ask another question here is what should should we since it's not the law anymore. And again all caps all the Moji all kinds of angry faces he says absolutely not.

God forbid that we continue living in sin and then basically what he's saying is this. To even ask a question like that shows that we don't understand how much favor God has with us to even ask that question shows that you truly do not even understand your god to even ask that question shows you do not even understand. Your god doesn't have favor under-handed then how much favor God has with us.

Because here's the deal. Now we are His. We are children of God.

We are His We belong to him. Our future is now secure.

Our presence is so much better than it was before and all of this because of the Cross and the resurrection. All of this happens because of Jesus dying on the cross and resurrecting the fact that we are saved by grace does not give us an excuse to sin but it does give us a reason to obey the fact that we're dead.

CNN does not give us the bad that we're saved by grace does not give us an excuse to sin but it does give us is a reason to obey and even the word obey.

It's a little crazy because you do not want to feel too much like obeying when you understand where you are you're going to sit there you're going to be like Man I get to please the one that gave his life for me I get to live a life in a way that reflects his glory that reflects the Gospel that reflects everything in my life. I've heard many times that someone say something like this. Oh I know it's wrong but I'm a Christian and I know who's going to forgive me anyway because I'm under grace.

Nobody else ever heard that many of you have ever thought it.

I don't forgive me not a big deal. Paul screams at the top of his lungs. God forbid you think that way. How dare you think that way.

Paul's going to speak about the danger of thinking of freedom this way. Bruce said to be to make being under great an excuse for sinning it's a sign that one is not really under grace at all to use Grace as an excuse for sinning. Pretty much shows you you're probably not under grace at all because when you're under grace you don't use Grace as an excuse to sin and you use grace as a reason to obey.

You use grace to reason to obey. Romans Chapter 6 verse 16 through 20 we find our freedom our freedom and we're going to start in verse 16 and read just for 16 to start. The

Bible says no you not that to whom you yield yourselves servants to obey His servants ye are to whom you obey whether of sin and death row of obedience and righteousness.

Now this is a powerful amazing passage you look at what he said.

Don't you know that whoever you decide to obey you become their sherbets because you are obeying them.

That makes sense doesn't it.

You will come there sure because you are obeying on the fact that you started to obey that. That shows that you're their servants and that's where he starts off with here. Paul's going to discuss something here that is going to resonate with the Roman people because in the book of Romans in the city of Rome the he's going to talk about sherbets another word for servants. In this passage is the word slavery. He's going to talk about slavery. OK. When he talks about slavery the mention of slavery got there a tent you can see in Rome. There were so many slaves. It shouldn't if he starts talking about slaves. Right. When did you go in. Oh I'm kind of worried now what are you going to say. This is a big deal. Historians say that the population of Rome in the first century was about 33 percent slaves.

Imagine that.

So 33 people out of every hundred were slaves. The slave population was so great that there was a suggestion in history that slaves be made to wear a certain style of clothing. They're like hey what we need to do is have these ladies wear these clothes to wear. Everybody knows who's a slave and who's not who is the haves and the have nots. OK. That's what we need and we need to make sure that everybody wears these clothing. And then all of a sudden they go. Now that's a bad idea. Now why is that a bad idea. The bad idea was that this they had a fear that this would reveal how strong they were. Imagine

that you're walking down the streets most of the guys in the street aren't the guys in any way that own the slaves your slaves walking on the street doing the jobs you'd have about 50 percent of the people walking down the streets being slaves and they were like no please kill this whole uniform idea because guess what happened. It's going to cause a revolt and these people are going to stand up in the streets talking about these slaves here.

This had the potential to rise up a revolution. And the truth is this obedience is the hallmark is the universal hallmark of slave the way we know what we're a slave to is by that which we have decided to obey the universal hallmark of slavery is O.B. and that's exactly what he starts off with in verse 16 where he says look at it just know not to whom you'll do yourself a service to obey His servants you are to whom you obey whether to send him to death or of obedience to righteousness. You are going to serve one or the other and that's still true today. But today we had this reverential view especially in America of freedom. Don't we like it. We don't have blood running through our veins. We have blood freedom running through our veins. You know like the Fourth of July we all want to talk about like hey man we are free there's nobody like us and we all love freedom and I do too.

We all love freedom. We think that freedom is what every human beings should pursue. We have decided that the ultimate desire of every human alive is to be free for a matter of fact. You want to become an entrepreneur so you can be free.

Oh no balls told me what you owe or give you what I want to win and do how I want to do.

We all want freedom don't we. We want freedom in our country. Freedom in our life. And to win the lottery I'll tell you what I would do. We all have this reverential view of freedom. Now this next illustration is going to show a little bit about my age. OK so a lot of you all are probably not going to get this. When I was a young man this guy was moving every marketing measure you could ever imagine. If you ever study marketing this is a guy you're going to study a lot about. And even today we love the idea of this guy. Can you show me the next slab there.

Brendan he have with that guy and hey I'm not years old but Don what is the Marlboro Man. OK. The one thing we love about the Marlboro Man. Go ahead. Go through them different ones. If you don't mind the Marlboro man the one thing we love about him is that he's carefree. Nobody tells him what to do. He's out of the range on this horse smoking a cigarette getting everybody there together. He's carefree nobody ever going to enslave him. And you know what.

Everybody kind of wants that why don't they.

The only problem is the only thing he's not free from is the cigarette he's got on his lips because anybody that's ever smoked. No

just not that easy to break free from that. So you sit there and he goes here's the deal. Who you decide to obey that you're the slave that you used to be your slave to.

Now this by the way is the first church ever that I've used the Marlboro man as a strange because you're wondering white by far I was like Is it cool to do that.

Yeah we can do that. Not a problem at all. No don't we love that idea. Don't we love the idea of being our own boss. Nobody telling us what to do. We love that idea. We

love the idea of work so hard and so proud about who we are. And we think. No I'm not serving anything. No I'm not serving anybody. We

have that idea in the way we live our lives that is that teaches us this while we may be enamored with the idea of freedom.

The truth is this you're not going to like this but the truth is you're always going to be a slight you're always going to be a like you're always going to be a server.

Is that. I'm not always going to be a servant. No you are. Because here's the deal whatever you choose to obey is who you have chosen to be your master is whoever you've chosen to be your master. If I were to dismiss right now everybody can go like that much is going to be this way.

What he's saying here in the statute that as Christians we've been freed that we die soon. And so now we have the choice before you know Jesus you had no choice.

CNN is your master and when it tells you to jump you jump in mid air you say how high. Yes or whatever you want. But all of a sudden you say that the saved man God has taken he's changed your life and you're no longer like that then. Now you may live like a slave for that sin.

You're not a slave to that sin in you. Here's the deal. We will be slaves. But the question is to who or what to who or what we can be a slave to our sin or we can be a slave to our savior. And honestly the choice is yours. The choice is mine because when I wake up in the morning I decide who I'm going to serve.

We like to romanticize about this idea of freedom but if we sit down with a drug addict he would tell you that he was a slave to that vice. Even though he started even though when he started playing with drugs he screaming that it was all about his freedom.

I'm free ain't nobody will tell me what to do. And

then before long they're tied to that advice and they cannot get rid of him. They

are slaves to that sin.

They can scream freedom all they want. While they're serving as slaves but they are still slaves.

If you were to ask an alcoholic I think you would get the same answer. Slaves.

But the question arises to those of us who have lived with love with do that to those of us. I wish to put this on your paper because this is a really hit home with me when I wrote it down.

The question arises to those of us who have lived with pretty or masters because it used to do. I've never been a slave to alcohol. I've never been a slave to drugs. Can I tell you that I still deal today with being a slave to sin because I choose to be a slave. And while I'm on the outside it might look purtier it ain't purtier at all it's just as nasty as any other sin out there. I may have dealt with a prettier master but whether we realize it or not is the exact same problem. We're a slave to our image. We have to look a certain way.

I'm going to look awesome. Or the opposite of that. I got to look not awesome. So

I look like Jesus. You're a slave to your slave slaves your tymber. This week I've been dealing with that big time.

I know you can't imagine me being kind of an explosive dude. Like I know you can't even imagine that at all. Anybody that really knows me they're like oh yes thank god I don't live in your house.

But but we've become slaves to our anger. We become slaves and we become slaves. We are not slaves. We have chosen to do this and to live that way. Slaves are slaves for our work. Talk about really becoming transparent you can be a slave to your work and you can even be a slave to your work which is called the Ministry.

As a pastor can I tell you that a lot of people think I work on Sundays. But the problem with being a pastor is you never have time. You get a call at midnight and you get to talk call at 7:00 a.m. you're talking to people you're counseling people you're going out with people. It's a lifestyle. But you know what is going to happen with me is I love what I do. I absolutely love being the pastor of this church.

I love the people that come to the church but many times I've taken the news ministry and become a slave to the word of God. And what we find is this we all are slaves. The question is what are we slaves to. We are all servants. What are we servants to some of us are slaves to success slaves for two other are slaves to their bodies and their sensual desire. And here's how you know what you're a slave to your own your paper. We obey the things that slaves. How do we know what we're slaves to obey the things that is slaves. This is truly how we know our master. This is truly how we know what our masters were slave to so many things in life.

And Paul says here just remember that you're a slave to the one that you that word that I started out with when to learn what it means to get old. He's just a slave to the one that you choose to yield your life to.

You're a slave to the one you choose to love. I guess the question that we should ask today is whether we're we were holding our lives to our savior or Torsen right now. Now can I say this it's very difficult here in America to even understand the idea that we would choose who we're going to serve because that served as a four letter word. And for those that don't spell well it's really not. But it's a four letter word in the way you think about it. It's horrible how in the world we serve somebody the what we service them. So the question is what we should say is whether we're using our lives to our savior or whether we're holding our last person because we've created these things in our life and even things that we would deem righteous we'd become slaves to those things and not servants to say we were one of your slave too.

I want you to seriously consider that question and think about what you would have to answer. I would like for you to write down on a piece of paper number one number two. Number three think that you're in a slave to just think about it for a second. What would you like to say when we talk about slavery. We we we don't really understand it. There's an illustration that comes to mind for me it's something that really explains I think the best blushers would be something I have a little bit of experience with I back in the day I used to love training dogs. I'm talking about my dogs where everybody told me if your kids are half as good as your dogs you're going to have perfect kids. But then I learned one thing.

It's a lot easier to train dogs than it is to raise children. OK.

But I know they're not perfect they're close to have it not that number but I love training dogs. And see here's the deal. There's nothing that makes a dog happier than working with his master. You hear people talking about it all the time. Oh man this poor dog is suffering because you are working with years to work so long hours but you don't understand is that for a dollar the number one thing he desires to do is to work with his master. My dogs were compete in this form called xinxin and one of my dogs. About not eight years ago was made second place in the world like in Germany competed in Germany. You would have to be perfect in obedience. Then he would have to be perfect in protection. So his job was to fight the heck out of somebody when they came at him it was awesome to watch and then not only that they had to do to track somebody and they had to stop when there were weapons and mark the weapons you grabbed the weapon and put it to the side of another.

So these dogs are like crazy train. I'm telling you you can have the dog in the house playing with his favorite toy. But if you were to grab the sleeve that you teach the dog to bite with I'm talking about he would go crazy. I'm talking about how ballistic crazy to go with you.

And if you wouldn't take him he would sit at the front door and just be able to run my life would be like if you're going to do anything with a sleep take the dog upstairs put him in his kennel move to sleep then let him out because I'm not dealing with this with this dog.

But what we don't understand is this to be a servant of the King of Kings is like that you look at him we think of the word servant.

We're going to go oh no but I have to serve somebody what you don't understand is how you serve our God. It's the most amazing thing in the world.

It's exhilarating to watch what God only can do.

I really wish I could take you out and you see you watch what a dog does and he's trained you. Over here we were with Seth the other day and there were trained dogs out in the field. We watched them and it was funny because what they do with the dogs when the dog doesn't want to learn to bite the dog up to the fence and have another dog bite and then the dogs didn't want to do it or want to do what I want to do and that's exactly what it's like when you're serving.

You love your masters that you love. You choose to yield to him and what you find is that together you do what you could never do by yourself. You have to choose who are going to yield to whatever you've chosen that you're using to is who you have chosen your man is your master who we serve. It's the story of our lives as well because we were made to glorify our God and that we live under his rule. We are truly happy and doing that. So the question is this Who are you sir. Who you serve that's your choice. You can serve whatever you want to serve it's your choice. Look at this next slide coming up. Who are you going to serve. Are you going to serve God. Which bridges the sanctification and eternal life are you going to serve sin which on a destiny that I mean just say this in the world you live everybody is going to scream that they don't want to be in church because it takes away their freedom but what they don't understand is they've just chosen a poor master they've just progressed from it six 17 18 the Bible says but God be thanked that you were the servants of sin.

I love this but you what I mean. What you what you were worth. That's past tense. We used to be the servants of sin we were the servants of sin but you have obeyed from the heart. That form of doctrine which was delivered to you being then made free from sin. Now

you are a servant of one righteous. Paul begins to speak of those that he believed in Rome and he says too. I'm thankful that you were the servant of sin but there's been a change in your life. You know my life changed really quickly. On July 26 2000 1 2001.

I wasn't a dad.

And then all of that and all of a sudden I'm a dad of two life changed.

I was a married man. Now I'm a married man with kids. Life changed. He just said you were but you're not. You.

You've obeyed from the heart. The doctrine that was delivered to you didn't just learn you didn't just listen. You didn't just nod in it also meant you can come to church on Sundays and just nod and pretend everything's cool and then leave and just pretend like you never heard anything. No that's not what you did. You listen you'll learn you're not but you walk out.

You obeyed from the heart you obeyed from the heart. The doctors see you were made free from sin and because of that you were conservative righteous as well. This is who we were. That's not who we are anymore. We used to be known as we used to be. I love it because I was in Peruvian weeks ago with competition when one of his friends from the old old days came to visit him at church. I'm talking about this one but it was the worst drunk I've ever been around. Involved

in drugs involved in everything and anything I ever imagined and it was amazing. The guy came in and were talking to him at the end because I used to work with him as a pastor trying to lead him to Christ and were sitting there in an hour talking to him. But if you were just there chatting he goes Dude you used to be like wanted to borracho. That's when the drunk dude like everybody knew that you were. That was your idea in a bar you guess it's funny now because everybody in the neighborhood said one at store.

Now you're the pastor. Man things just change your identity change you're not there anymore because you chose to you one and move. What

truth is it. No person can expect victory. He doesn't really want victory. It's a curse. I wish I wasn't a slave to. Well it's pretty simple you can choose. You can choose. The problem in most of our problems come down to the sickness called don't want to. I know what I'm supposed to do. I just don't want to. Also no one can expect victory if he has a soft attitude towards you. You know sometimes we revel in the fact that we love speaking of the fact too soon. Need time to continue in sin because of a life a habit of service. Romans 6 19 20 the Bible says. I got to quit. I'm home. We're finished in this one day yet.

We don't have to do we Romans 6. First night came to me and said speaking of the men are men because of the infirmity of your flesh. For as we have yielded your servants unclean and iniquity into iniquity even so now you and your members servants to righteousness and to holiness. You used to say yes sir.

Any time any kind of sin not at your door. Not now. You're like. What do you need. Yes sir I'm on radio. You read a lot of ráby of course I'm right. I'm the biggest liar in the world. You used to do it. No I'm not. You want to do oh absolutely I'll do this. Knock knock. Don't do it honestly to do that. You used to use that door. Now you've got to stop and go knock knock knock and you go. There the same say. No no I don't want you anymore get out of here. You're not the one that matters to me anymore. I've decided now not to answer the door for you anymore. I don't live that way anymore. I'm not a man of excuses anymore. I don't live that way. Knock on my door all you want. I'm not answering because I've decided not to use my life to you.

I decided to use my life righteousness to holiness that you have decided to yield my life to when you were the servants of sin free and righteous. It does for you to say that I want you to serve righteousness now with the same fervor that you used to serve soup. I really hope you get this. I want you now to serve God and I want never anybody to say Rob you used to serve soon as hardcore you serve up. Like no not going to say that.

What would you do for sin or what I have done. I don't do that anymore.

I now serve God with a much more fervor than I ever served. I'm not living that way anymore. May it never be said of us that we serve sin more passionately than we serve our Savior. We serve sin more passionately when our separate. That never said that about us you and your members of the right to do righteousness given to you and your members and when that happens you're going to your members of the righteous to holding what's going to happen when your members righteousness. Your Holiness comes from yielding to the right. The natural thing that happens and we live to righteousness that holiness comes from that. When you are serving the sin you are free from righteousness. If you know how to be free from the that is about giving your life to serve righteous Yes I used to do that but I'm not. I used to be humble. Sin is usually the result of somebody trying to fill a legitimate God given need in an illegitimate way.

That's exactly what sin is using big words e.g. to distance ourselves from the truth is being taught here. Let me break it down to where it makes you the rubber hits the road. The question I ask ourselves each and every day of our lives is this is what I am doing right now serving sin or serving the Savior.

That is a life that is saturated with the gospel. When that question is tattooed on our brain and cannot be moved is what I'm doing now serving sin or is what I'm doing now serving the Savior. If we can learn to ask ourselves that 500 times a day it won't change the way we live. What am I serving because we're choosing every action we take every move we make that we're serving God or serving.

Say you say it isn't easy. That easy. Yes it really is. Are you serving the savior as you just have to do things be serving or soon. Number three is our fruit. We're wrapping it up now are free. Here's what happens to the fruit. The Bible says verses church 6 verse 21 to mean grave.

Where had he been in those things where you're now.

For the end of those things his death was the end of the things that you do when you're sending the end of it is dead.

It's like hey I have this habit of jumping off of the rooftops. Well guess what it's going to end in death. You don't it too many times you find the right roof it's over with.

Usually he said he said what you're doing you're living your life you're eating your life even to death. But now being made free from sin and become servants to God you have your holiness Everlast. Why. Because the wages of sin. The pay then pay is death. You go work a job you work six hours you get paid$12 an hour and you're expected to get$72 about something and you try to get by. It's good looking back you think you like are you crazy.

Show me the wages of sin. Then when you work for sin don't worry it's going to pay you back. How much did you work this week. I'm ready to pay you money. Here you go. Take

it that you haven't any service in the wages of sin is death but the gift of God. I

love that he says that what the wages the wages what use are it and then I love this.

The wages of sin is death but the gift of God is not wages because we don't get what we deserve.

Because if you get what you deserve get you're always going to get the check book of death is coming on to pay the wages of sin the death of man the gift of God that eternal life.

Jesus Christ. I love how Paul was for sure we tend to look at our sin with rose colored glasses.

Have you ever noticed how it is see if you take my glasses ráby it won't look that bad and I get it my kid the way I follow. But if I take your glasses your sin won't look that bad because we all have to go to look through things. We look at of you go. My is not bad my sin not bad.

The way I do stuff isn't bad. That's not at all what's going on here. What we have to understand is that there there's no rose colored glasses the only glasses to look through are the glasses or the Word of God and guess what Zen is called sin and it's Wickett and it's violent it's wrong because you don't understand the circumstances. No

you don't understand sin could be understood when you want to be talking about circumstances you wouldn't be talking about.

Paul says hey ask you a simple question what kind of fruit did you have in those things that you used to do that you're now ashamed of. What

kind of fruit. Want to talk about that. Because the end of soon death.

That is what they eat. Do you want to hear young people say man I got hammered last night he was such an amazing night. The question What was the fruit of that. I had a crazy hangover. Got to fight with my best friend and I don't even know where I got this black eye.

And men don't walk in my bathroom because it looks nasty from the hangover that I had.

It's amazing. Don't we love to look at the good side of stuff and we forget the bad things happen. I might just sit there listen to that and say I would never do that and you might be right. But if I ask you what was the result of the other things that you did. What

would you say. Of course I've been in church all my life. I'm good don't worry. We're getting to us now you want to talk about the fruit of losing your temper and yelling at your spouse on you if you leave good for a while that you often.

You want to talk about that because I'm a church going to do.

I've never been hammered thank god.

Never know anything about it. I honestly don't even know anything about it.

But I can go home and I can thank the problems that church members bring to my table and I'm worried about and I'm concerned about it when I walk in I can be the most angry noxious jerk on the face of the planet. The

question is this. What's the fruit of that. What's the fruit of that. I chose to use my life because here's the deal.

How many of you can say man my wife and I we really fixed the problem because we yolden each other.

How many of you are gay. Anybody here could get anybody. I've only been married 21 years. Yelling has never fixed anything yet.

Talking and dealing with the past. But snarky snarky remarks. Never. It's amazing like when we put the boxing gloves on in our house we don't because I would have black eyes everywhere but like when we ate we never fix anything that way.

It's amazing to look at and go Well I got hammered. You know that kind of a sin that never know what you don't understand is this with us churchgoing people that with we been Christian for a long time there's your future.

We decide to do what we told our members to do the truth that matters and you never fix the problem in our family by yelling at each other. And honestly in our family we don't really yell at each other. The truth of the matter is I yell and she steams and she's not a yeller but her face yells a lot when I'm yelling. She stews sometimes i never the anything that way. The wages of sin is that the fruit of sin as always it doesn't matter whether you're talking about being addicted to drugs or whether you're talking about being addicted to your pride and being angry because of the wages of sin is sin is always. It's always something we don't want to go. But we will say I told her everything here to me like I told you everything she needs and nobody need to hear it.

Not really. That really didn't help.

I could have taken her out of jail and I suffer and talk with her and things ended a lot better than they did when my wife and I don't sleep separate. We're mad at each other. We sleep in the same bed we just make sure we're as far apart as we can.

I had to say it not what you understand is the truth. Even as disciples of Christ we daily choose who we obey.

Even though we've been made for assume even though we've been made friends. Now you're back. Now you were made for your sin. You've become servants of God and the Bible says you have fruit to the most amazing thing about this truth is that our slavery no longer feels like slavery. Jesus says it this way. And John took her 15 and verse 15 he says. Henceforth I call you not servants for the servant. No it's not what is Lord do. I've called you my friend. It's all things I've heard about father. I made known your servants but I don't even call you a servant anymore. Now you're my you're my friend. A fruit as a Christian is holiness and the end of that is eternal life. Then we come to verse 23 the verses you to show people about their need for Christ.

But it goes further than showing. No sin means that you deserve life separated from God. He are the wages we pay with the gift of God. You work for one of the others again. Can't wait for that next flight up please. What you find here is we find what it means to truly bear fruit when you bear the fruit of sin was going to happen death.

Death. Death death and eternal life eternal life eternal life and we look at that you like what you would choose that one.

Well I can tell you one idiot named Chris Gardner I can tell you another idiot.

His name set off so afraid friend. But is not true that we choose all that death and then we wonder why wages are what we do. And for me and I'm a Christian I'm free from sin.

Yes you're free from sin but you're but you and me we're so dumb. We're free from sin and here's what we do. Could you please lock me up some more because I really like it.

How dumb is that about.

We can question that and go home with this. We decided to serve with our lives. Here's a question for you. What have we decided will be the legacy of our lives. What

did you decide this will be the legacy of your life. Can I beg you to ask yourself this week what your life truly looks like. Not

on paper but on paper.

I want to ask you what does your life look like not on paper. Well it is all of Jesus and I have all the good Christian words you walk in the door and you talk. I'm talking about you don't even talk like normal people talk.

Well brother thou shalt understand that the riches of the glory of Jesus Christ has filled my soul by which I live and your kids are looking at your life. What in the world happened to that person. You don't talk like that when you get mad at me. Nobody interprets your day on paper it's easy to have a good Christian life. The

question is When is your life. Michael pay what it is like on paper. What would your kids and my kids like. How are you living a life.

That's undoubtable serving Christ for yielding yourself today. Let's use the word that Paul used repeatedly in this chapter. Well that's not. Don't let yourself. Don't let these things happen. Let not your life amount to looking just like the lives of those who don't know you do. Because remember here's the deal. Whatever control this article are you controlled by your anger.

Welcome to being a slave. If you still chose to be a slave. Is it your lack of patience. Welcome

to being a slave to a lack of faith. The person who seeks power is controlled by the person seeking his control. We do not control ourselves. We are controlled by the board. Our lives and that is not the Lord necessary. Let's be careful to only give that place to the one who gave us life. Cross of Calvary. Aren't you tired of being a slave to that same same. Guess what you're not. Your problem is you've chosen to do to that thing that you hate with all your being. Can I encourage you this week to ask the action that I'm taking now. They serve Christ my savior or they serve. And if it does change everything about them why do I come to you. Thank you for this passage. At the same time I'm very conflicted by this point. There are so many things in my life that I need that I need to work on.

Do I need to make sure that I'm doing the right thing to help me to have the attitude of Paul of not letting these things become master. I thank you for your word. I should get my help us to go home today. But the change you haven't far from me. And just my friend Matt. The. VOICE. May. Drive. Away from the very. Very same day from. From a. Graded. By a the going to be. The. See. You.

Might have to say see see the voice the said this week you'll also see you will not be your fault or vice versa and ourselves.

Place you find joy in my piece. Yes. All. Right.


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