More than Conquerors 2

Chris Gardner

May 20, 2018

Romans chapter eight and verse 31, and we'll start there in verse 31 where we left off last week. I don't know that I've ever been as brutally honest with our church family is. I'm going to be today. Um, I don't know how many of you guys ever come to church and seeing your love never fails. It never gives up, never runs out on me. And you're sitting there going, I really wish I believed that more. Have as anybody ever felt that or do we just get so used to seeing it? We don't even really care what we're saying, but there are times in your life where you're sitting there going, I don't know how much of this really make sense. And so Romans Chapter Eight, verse 31, we're going to talk a little bit about that today and see what he said. He says, what shall, what shall we say?

The what shall we then say to these things, if God before us, who can be against this? So here's the, here's the question, if God's for you, then who can be against you? What's the big deal? Nobody can be against you because God is for us, and last week or a couple of weeks ago before mother's Day, we talked about the fact that here's the truth, God is for us, but how many of you have ever lived a part of your life where you weren't? You knew that to be true, but you weren't really sure that it was. Can you be honest enough and church to think to say that like you knew that it was true, but you're like, I'm not really sure that I believe that in my everyday life. No Daddy's not saying here that will always feel that that's true and this is what we're going to discuss today.

We don't always feel that truth is truth, but we've got to go back to truth to realize how to live our lives because we're not always going to feel that way. Can I say that? Raising children, you don't always feel like do your absolute best friends in the world as anybody else, or is that just me? Like they your absolute best friends, you know, they'll come up to you in their little tiny babies in. They'll cuddle up with you and say, I love you mommy. I love you daddy. And then they turn into teenagers and you're like, what in the world happened there? Who took sanity and threw it out the window? I don't quite get it in. You have. You can continue if you identify with that. It doesn't just happen at 10 years because it's almost like your children are bipolar. Like one day they're in.

It's amazing. The crystals going, Yup, yeah man. Hey, we understand what this is light, because you don't always fill what you know is true. You don't always feel what you know is true, and so what we had to understand this, we've got to fight the battle with our fillings because our feelings matter. Well, feelings don't matter. Feelings don't matter when it comes to truth, but fillings matter because that's what dictates a lot of our lives is how we feel. What he's saying is we can know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jesus is on our side. God is on our side, and because of that versus like this one make a lot more sense. Psalm chapter 23, verse four, do we have that verse? We didn't get that one. Psalm chapter 23, verse four, here's what the Bible says, yea though I walk to the Valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil.

I walked through the scariest thing in life, but here's the truth of a Christian. I will fear no evil, not because evil isn't scary, but because no fear, no evil for thou art with me, thy Rod and THY staff, they're the ones that comfort me. Should it make sense when you understand, but see, we had to fight this battle all the time, so this is what I feel and here's truth, and I've got to decide which one are truly pursue in my life. Psalm 56, verse 11 says, and God have I put my trust, I'm not going to be afraid of what men can do to me. I'm not going to be afraid of what man can do to me. It only makes sense when Romans 8:31 is true. If God is for us, then who can be against us? Psalm chapter three in verse six, he says, I will not be afraid of 10 thousands of people.

They're going to be 10,000, not 10,000, 10,000, 20,000 people or more. I don't. I'm not even afraid of them. If they've set themselves against me, if they're all around me and they're all against me, I don't even have to fear. Here's the deal. There's no power under heaven or above that it can, that can resist the arm of God, and that's what he's telling us here visited a true that Paul wants to sink into our heads. How can we know that a great god of the Universe is actually on our side? Could see this is a truth that we need to learn to live with. This is a truth that we need to learn to live with. Now, I know in church you're never supposed to admit this, but there's many times in life where I don't feel that what I'm singing isn't necessarily true because my feelings are all whacked up.

Anybody else have feelings on her whacked up? If you don't raise your hand, your husband's gonna go. Yeah, because he knows you well enough to know that your feelings are messed up and your wife is going to do the same, or your brother or your sister or fillings are messed up. We had to choose what we're going to work with, the part that I was going brutally honest with. We'll start right here and this is in no way a way to get you to even feel sorry for me, but I want you to. I told you five or six weeks ago that one of the things that God does is he makes the preacher lift through the passage he's preaching through. Not now. I know you guys think that it's really rough. You've got to sit down and listen to Chris, talk to you for 45 minutes about the same passage, but literally I will probably spend 45 hours in that same passage with hammering me all day long and thinking about it and it's just one of those things that God takes in your life and says, Hey, it's easy to preach that passage.

You know, it's so easy to throw out little versus that give you, you know, you get these little bibles that say when you feel depressed, read these verses and it's so easy to talk like that, but it's another thing to truly live them out. Man, this week has been that for us. Uh, this week has been one of those weeks for us. I started by telling you guys the saga of my house and what's going on with it, but I wish that was the biggest thing going on in our life, but it's not. I was driving home from helping my dad at his place out in about four miles from my house. My brand spanking new. 2,000. You got that right? Brand new, 2000 Nissan Pathfinder wouldn't crank. So, um, and of course it had to happen at a red light. So you're at the red light.

Boom. The car dies. And guess what happens when the light turns green? Everybody's starts honking at me. And guess what? This carnal preacher that is your preacher wanted to get out of the car and take care of business and tell them what they could do with that horn, but I decided not to, so I'm sitting there trying to crank it and trying to crank it and trying to crank it wouldn't crank a after a while of me pushing the car up, a slight incline where the help of another frustrated passenger that was so upset at me. We're finally able to get the car to park right in front of the liquor store across 92. Oh, right across from Racetrac. John Parked right there in front of the liquor store. Outside of. I would walk home, got my computer bag, put dough, my shoulder. I'm singing amazing grace.

How sweet the sound. No, I'm not. I'm some more like Bon Jovi shot through the heart and you're to blame, but like I'm all upset. I put my computer bag on my shoulder, start walking away and as maybe a quarter of a mile and a quarter mile from the car, when all of a sudden it started raining cats and dogs and has anybody else ever had a week like this? You know what I mean? It's like, is it. Is it ever going to restarts? Starts raining cats and dogs, so I went into the Taco Bell. I knew that if I could get. If I was at Taco Bell, there was a very good chance I could get Seth Austin to come pick me up because Seth Austin has this thing about Taco bell that as soon as you say Taco Bell, his enter his immediately. Yes. So we're sitting there. My wife is driving our beautiful pickup truck doing construction work at my house in 90 degree weather with no air conditioner and a truck that has 340,000 miles on it.

I'm sitting there in the middle of the rain. I'm at Taco Bell and you can just imagine how I'm rejoicing in the Lord and all of this and how I'm all of that. Got All this nice attitude going on. I called nasty, said, hey, no problem. I'll be on my way. Thank God for friends like Seth. He was in the middle of cooking supper and he just dropped it all. Got The girls in the van, went and picked me up. I decided to order a drink, went over to the fountain, pushed the button to drink, and the drink went anywhere and everywhere except from the cut

all over me.

I'm just sitting there going to Kennedy guy not to catch a break. Have as anybody else or have felt that way. Now let me tell you, and this nice Christianese language that God is always on your side.

Kick it. It didn't feel like it. It didn't feel like he was on my side at all.

Okay. [inaudible] wants to ever had a. had a. had a feeling kind of like that, so I thank God for Seth. Thank God for Taco Bell. He didn't even make me buy and Taco Bell. He just picked me up in the parking lot. Main reason is he had two girls and it was raining cats and dogs and he didn't want to have to get them out of the car. So anyway, he took me home, got home. If you're ever wondering how you want to say thanks. Said there's a lot of work at this church. He's one of the pastors of the church and he gets paid this whopping salary of zero. And so, um, if you ever want to say thank you to seth, don't buy my a starbucks gift card.

Okay. I promise you, next week you need to come in and go, hey, just want to say thanks for all the work you do behind the scenes. She was a $10 Taco Bell Card and he will think that you're the greatest thing that ever happened to him. And he doesn't know what I'm saying this. So just, just do it next week. Just come in and say, hey, thanks. Because he really does do a lot of work. But Hey, he's the Taco Bell Guy got home and David came to the house, pick me up or can came to get in the car. Drove up men and there he changed the fuel pump in the car and the spark plugs and we still haven't paid him for that. Gave you the money and make sure we do that before he leaves today. And so, uh, uh, so we fixed all that stuff and

car's still not working.

Got It. At a mechanic shop down here on main street. Went to see it yesterday. And he goes, oh, Spanish speaking guys. They looked at me and go, oh, I promise you don't have to speak too much Spanish to understand that I proclaim as their problems with your car. So he's checking out my car two days later and I wish that was the end of the story, but that's not where the socket. And two days later my wife gets into in her buick and turns the key over three times and nothing happens.

Can we not catch a break? Please? I, here's the deal. I'm letting somebody else preached through the rest of this passage. That's what I'm doing. I, I don't even want to see this passage anymore because living through it's not fun at all. She turned it three times now it seems to be acting okay. But man, it scared me to death. What's going to happen? We took it to the Buick dealership and they were like, well, you know, you don't want to pay $100 just for us to tell you it's okay. So if it's working, just drive it for awhile. If it happens again, let us know. Yeah, that helps me sleep at night. Thank you so much. And so, uh, so yesterday my wife goes to get on her computer to get everything ready for music and so she's here to church today and her computer wouldn't work.

Okay. So having a computer from our wife isn't some optional things. She does all the music for the church. He does a lot of work. She's, she's, she's Christian. My computer won't crank. I'm like, is there any way this just happened yesterday while I'm supposed to be preparing for today, making sure that I'm ready to preach for today. So I'm sitting, trying to calculate and I'm sitting there thinking, okay, what's it going to cost to get my Nissan fixture's gonna cost this much. How much gonna cost to get her vehicle fleets going to cost this much? I'm going to get a new computer for her and all what I'm trying to survive, the finances, the finances of getting our hot house finally built and I know my story is different than yours, but you can identify with that can't you? Because either seasons in our life where life goes that way I was able to patch it up and back. It's working and but I don't know how long it's going to work because it's not going to work for long. It's like a seven or eight year old computer. Needless to say, it's not been a good week this week and I know my life looks different, but we can all identify with this and so when we come to Romans, see, here's what happens. A lot of times in churches we disconnect life from the truth of Scriptures,

but let me just say life is not supposed to be disconnected from scriptures in any way, form or fashion. Life is supposed to be all about what the scripture say. And so when you read Romans eight and verse 31 after a week like this week, now think about what he says. He says, what shall we say then to these things, if God is for us, who can be against us?

Really, do you want me to start naming who can be against me, buicks against me, Nissan's against me, apples against me, and my house is against me. My inspector time, 77 is against me, Ma. I, you want me to start giving you a list? Because the question he asked, that's not the entry he's expecting at all. He's saying, here's the deal. Your God is bigger than the problems that come in your life. You're God's bigger than the problems you have. You have come in your life. We have to decide when life is doing that sort of stuff where there were going to follow the facts are we're there. We're going to follow our feelings, our emotions. Which one are we going to follow? And I've told you before that God makes me lifted. The passage that I'm preaching a man this week has been that for sure. I've had to teach myself and still struggling to do that, that I can't follow the way I feel about things. Do you know what happens with people that follow the way they feel? I guess what kind of a husband a husband is that does exactly what he feels he ought to do.

Would you not agree with me that that's a dangerous place to be? What kind of a wife just does what she feels she wants to do? Can you imagine that? Can you imagine that? All I can say is all my kids would not still be breathing air

because sometimes I'm like, okay, get out of here. I'm done. I can't handle you anymore. Please. This is ridiculous. Why is that not true, but we can't follow our fillings? I've had to teach myself and still struggling to do that, that I. I can't follow the way I feel about things. Pause about the share in the next verse of fact, that places all of this in perspective and shows us without a doubt that God's force without a doubt, God's force because he. Here's what most preachers today would do with this verse there would say, well, let me tell you, God loves you, but can I tell you that it doesn't always feel like God loves you. How many of you would agree with that? It doesn't always feel like our lives. Do you really think that while Paul is out in the middle of the ocean, hanging onto a piece of wood trying to grasp for air, you really think he's sitting there thinking, oh, this is such a great experience of how God loves me.

We don't always feel that God loves us. That's just not the way life goes. Paul shared with us that God has for us, and then the question he's about to ask in the following verse we're going to see today is a question that's going to remove all doubt because here's what he says. Number two, if you got your paper there, number two, use find his price, his price. Verse Thirty two, look at what the Bible says. See, it's very easy to preach to you about. The future is very easy to talk to you in counseling about the future, but when we look into the future, we cannot see the love of God the way we can. When we look at what Paul says to look at in verse 32, and I don't know how many have you been to the mall lately to look at the price of things, but a lot of times I get this thing called sticker shock.

Has that ever happened to you all? You get sticker shock. Uh, so devi, my band broke down a few months ago and it was beyond anything that David slyer could do to fix it. So transmission was messing up and uh, David had already put it together with duct tape and bandaids and chicken war and way too many times. And so, uh, there was nothing else we could do with my van, had to get rid of it. And, and, and so I'm like, oh, I won't have to buy a new car. Oh, $5,000 per call. Look as you're running what the cars cost now. It's crazy. I hadn't looked at vehicles in a long time and man, I got sticker shock big time. It blew my mind what people will pay for a car now. Like you do realize that my parents house payment was less than the most people's car payment. Crazy what people are paying for houses nowadays. I think Henry Ford would be astounded at what we pay now days in 19. Oh eight. You could purchase a car for $850. Brand new $850. Henry Ford came along and helped with the assembly line and because of that and 1925 from 19, oh, eight to 1925, you could purchase a brand new car with zero miles on it for

$300. Just think about that. 300 bucks. Brand new car. Needless today, cars should give a sticker shock when we look at them like they should be making us breakfast, lunch, and supper, and cleaning our rooms and making our beds for the amount of money we pay for cars. Now, today, I want you to pay attention to the next verse because in eight, 32, here's an amazing truth. Look what the Bible says in verse 32, he that spared not his own son

when it came to paying the price for you and for me, God didn't get sticker shock, the payment that he paid for you, the payment that he paid for me was the price of his own son, but delivered him up for us all. How shall he not with him also freely give us all things will. Paul says this, I'm not going to talk to you about the future so that you can place your hope in the future of what's going to happen. What I'm telling you is this, you can know that God is for you because God already paid a price for you. That should have given anybody sticker shock. He's already paid that price. Never forget what he did. If you're a Christian today, you know that Jesus Christ died for you, and if you know that Jesus died for you, the price that has been paid screams louder than anything else in this world that our God is for us, even when we don't feel like he's for us, even we don't feel like everything is going well.

Our God is for us. He starts off with this statement. He didn't spare his own son. If Paul was one of our Contemporary Bible teachers, you would have said, God loves you. God is love and that's the reason you can be okay in your problems, but that's not the reason. You can be okay in your problems. You can look back a historical fact and say, Jesus Christ died for me. He didn't get sticker shock for it. I am worth it. God is for me. God is for me, and it changes the way we live our lives. We don't live the same anymore if we really think that God is for us. The problem is that those statements are so easy to doubt. This week, one of my good friends, uh, has been living with his wife. She has pump, pump, pump, pump, pompei disease, and it is a pompei disease is literally a, it's a death warrant.

It's just a matter of time. Her, all of her muscles in the bottom part of our body are stopped stopping to work. She's 30 years old, is that 30, 31 years old to debilitating disease and it kills you, makes your body week. It renders your heart and your lungs useless and, and, and there's nothing they can do about it. There's nothing they can do for it yet. Did you walked in? We at an event that they were having it, their church and they, she's the secretary at the church and walked in and they had literally 30 vials of stuff that she was putting into some kind of a contraption that she has to get to hopefully help her out. It's just a crazy, crazy thing she's dealing with. They've been dealing with this for the last 18 months, maybe two years. And my friend and his wife lived in Peru with me for six months. He's one of my best friends. His wife Kelly, gets weaker and weaker and weaker as the days go by. The disease is a death sentence. They've come to grips with that reality. It's literally a death sentence. It's just a matter of time till my 35 year old friend will

I have a wife that he's putting in the grave crazy thought and then you read a our God is for us

and you're like, I'm not really sure how I can sign on to that idea because it doesn't seem like he's for us

right now. How can you thank God?

Yeah, can you think that God has for you in this diagnosis, comes down the pike. They've learned to understand that and they've learned a glorified God in the middle of it, and one of the sweetest lady you'll ever hear speak about God is this young lady is shall stand before you and she'll say, it's not about me, it's about him and I want to bring him glory through all of it, but it's so easy to read that verse when everything's going good and go, yeah, of course God's forest, but can you imagine living a life like this and having to understand they're an exemplary young couple to one of the assistant pastors at my dad's church and right at 30 years old because this disease is such a bad disease. They've had the chest, their children out to. They've got two beautiful children and this last week I was with them when they found out there were two year old daughter has pompe disease. And uh, with a kid it's even worse. Literally they, the child will die because it suffocates it can't breathe

and they've got to watch that with their kids.

Just the idea to say that God is for us and circumstances scream, oh no, he's not. And that's when you have to decide, that's where the rubber

meets the road,

that's where the rubber, I'm not going to follow my feelings because I don't feel right now, or am I going to follow the truth. And the truth is this, Jesus Christ gave his life for them and he did not get sticker shock. And so because of that, they can know that they're god.

As for them.

You can't look into the future at some sweet idea. You have to look at the past and see what Jesus has done. He knew the cost. He didn't look at the price tag and say, Hey, this is too much. I hear this happens with people that buy clothes. I don't buy clothes so I don't know anything about it. I've closed for me or just something to cover the body. And so, um, and most of y'all are very thankful that I have those things called close the cover of the body. But, but, but, but I, I don't care for clothes. But you know, you'll walk in, you'll look at that sweater, you're like, man, that's an awesome sweater. And you're like, what was awesome, but it ain't that awesome. But God looked at David Schleicher and turns over the price tag and it said, um, the redemption of David's slider's going to cost me my son.

Yeah, I'll pay that price

for David Flyer. If you can't get behind the fact that he's for you at that point, you'll never get behind the fact that is for you.

The Gospel changes the way we live our life. During your paper. He didn't look at the price tag and say, Hey, this is too much. He knew at the moment of creation that a sacrifice and have to be made and that it was going to be the cost of his son, Jesus Christ. Jesus is not some bandaid to fix the human problem. Revelation chapter 13 and verse eight, it says, in all that, dwell upon the Earth shall worship him whose names are written in the book of life of the lamb slain the land slain from the foundation of the world. When God created, when God worked in creation, he worked in redemption. He knew exactly what it was going to cost.

You said, Chris, I don't know if I can sign up for this idea that my God is for me, what you have to. If you understand that Jesus paid the price of your sins and he said it's worth it, and then when he says I'm for you, there's no other way to doubt or go around that idea that he's for you. You do realize that the sticker price for you was the price it was seen on you was the price of his son. What Paul is saying here is this, how in the world could we think that he won't provide other things that we need? Is God really in heaven saying, Oh, I wasn't counting on that. I don't know what I'm going to do for my son Chris. Now,


we have a God in heaven that we've watched work time and time again, and the funny thing is when he works, we rejoice. When he works. We talk about the miracles that happen and how God opened these doors and how God did this for us or did the other for us, and it takes us about 12 seconds to forget everything that he did for us. Takes about 12 seconds to forget everything he did for us, and then we begin to doubt the Bible says he gave freely of all these other things he already gave us the most costly thing that he could have given. There was nothing that could have cost more than the redemption of mankind. There was nothing that could have cost more. There was no higher price to pay than his son on the cross of calvary. How in the world could other themes seem? There were too much. Is it really too much? That's where the verse 32 says, he says, he that spared not his own son, but delivered him up for us all. How should he not with him also freely give us all things? The words show it truly happened when Jesus was given up to die here. The problem is this. Many people think that Judas delivered Jesus,

but Jesus gave himself all the way from the foundation of the world. Judas didn't deliver him. He got in the flesh, was delivered by himself. He gave himself the same way. We wrap up a gift and lovingly give it to someone in the same way. There was a gift that was wrapped up for us. It was wrapped in human flesh that died on the cross for our sins and resurrected from the dead. He delivered him up for us. What an amazing truth. He did that for me. He did that for you. He did that for us. The last part of this verse makes us understand what we do, what we do, when did not need to worry about what God's going to do because we know that he is for us. He's not against us. God gave us his very best on the cross. The truth is that he gave, uh, gave this to us. And here's what the Bible teaches us. He gave it to us not when we were goody two shoes. Good people. The Bible says he gave it to us while we were yet


You know how much I deserved the price that was paid for me.


I did not deserve that at all. I was nothing but a center and I was saved by grace. The grace of our God. We don't have to worry about him giving us anything else that we need. What the Roman had a son that broke his heart and a slave that was good as any son a man could ever have. He decided on his deathbed to disinherit his son and leave everything to his slave Marcellus, so he's on his deathbed and he just this slave marcellus is going to get everything. He drew up the papers and called and his sons to tell it, to sign, to tell him what he had done. The father said, I deeded everything to the slave Marcellus, but as a son I'm going to give you a chance to keep one item and that item from my estate goes to you.

The son says, I'll take marcellus

because Marcellus has given everything and what we don't understand is that is exactly what Jesus is. When you get Jesus, you get everything. Nothing is too much for our God. Well, we must understand this Christ followers, that when we take Christ, we take it all may. We never even considered that. The one that gave his life for us might be a tightwad on those things that we need in our lives. That reminds me a lot of this following illustration. Say the manager of a local jewelry store had a drawing for someone to win, a diamond necklace that was valued at over $70,000 at a drawing for you to win it, and then you get the call one afternoon and and they say you've won the prize. You got to come and pick up your price. They give you. They give you a time in a day to arrive and get your gift, your ride the following morning, a few minutes before your appointment, you find a small crowd gathered around.

After a few comments, the next manager puts a necklace around your neck so you can get a few photographs. Everyone applauds and ends this end. The ceremony ends. You have this amazing gift, but you don't want to wear it home. $70,000. Necklace isn't something you just wear down the street as you go to the house. So because of that, you asked the manager, Hey, can I have a box for this beautiful necklace? Mainly because you want to make sure that nicholas stay safe. No manager on earth would ever respond, nope, we gave you the necklace and that's enough. The boxes, your response. Who would ever do that and what God is saying is this, I paid your price and that was my son. Do you really think that anything else in your life comes anywhere near the value of my son? It's just a box for the necklace. It's not that big of a deal. It's not that big of a deal. Even the thought of him saying that would be appalling because the cost of the box is nothing in comparison to the cost of the necklace. We have everything we need in Christ and the father will withhold nothing to protect his children. One more time. Read verse 32 with me. He that spared not his own son.

He paid the price for his son but delivered him up for us all. He delivered him up for us all. How shall he not with him also freely give us all things. Everything else is nothing more than a small trinket in comparison to the price that's already been paid. Can Not even imagine the thought that after God gave of himself entirely for us, just remember you had a choice to make and God already made it. He deliberately chose the sacrifice of his son for us, and these next verses we're going to assume questions that he answers based on these truths. He's going to say, can anyone indict us for sand? No, we've been justified in that standing before God never changes. Can anyone condemn us? Know Christ died for us and lives as our advocates. Our lawyer at God's right hand can any thing separate us from God's love, and the answer is no. Absolutely not. Satan himself can't separate us. You got to understand the price that was paid for the price of us was the price of his son and everything else pells and comparison. So I want to close and as we close, I just want to read verse 31 and 32 to you and I want you to think through what he's saying again, verse 31, what shall we then say to these things

after everything has been stated, at what in the world can we say? Like what can be said? If God before us

who can be against us?

Can you repeat these words with me? God is for us too, that God is for us. What is he? God is for us. One more time. God is for us. Let's change it up a little bit. God is for me. Just do that again. God is for me. Don't say it sheepishly as if it doesn't matter because what you don't understand is that should be like a cheerleader on the side of a football game. Screaming her head off because if God is for me, it changes everything. Do it with me. God is for me. God is for me, verse 32, he that spared not his own son.

He didn't reach in his pocket and say, that costs too much. He didn't spare his own son, but delivered him up for us all. How shall he not with him? Also see also freely give us all things as your pastor this week, I can tell you that my life has been nothing more than whining and complaining all week about how bad my life is. Instead of going to my God and saying, God, you're for me, and if you're for me asking you for things that are needed in my life should not be that big of a deal because honestly, what's a car in comparison to your son? What's a house in comparison to your son, but I live coward in a corner pretending that he's not for me because I don't live out the truth of what scripture says and now I would venture to say that I'm probably not the only one in this church building that does the exact same thing. Our God is for us. He didn't spare his own son. What an amazing truth from the scriptures we have.

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