More Than Conquerors 3

Chris Gardner

May 27, 2018

I would never be true a Romans chapter eight, and we're going to talk today verse 31 verse 33 and hopefully a little bit farther today. We've already gone over the very first two questions that Paul asked in this passage. Now you know I, I thoroughly believe I am. I am convinced of the fact that God has plenty to say to his church and he doesn't say that through a preacher. He says that through his word and his word is what matters. And so we're diving through Romans chapter eight. We're in chapter eight, verse 31 last week. He says, what shall we say to these things? The first question Paul asked, he goes, what I had been saying to you should be breathtaking. What I am saying to you should change everything, and so he does this long diatribe for eight chapters and then he gets to chapter two, verse 31, and he goes, so what do we want to say to all of this?

And I can just imagine that pregnant. Pause after that. What are we going to say to the truth of the word of God that we found and all of this book so far, so Romans eight, 31, and what do you want to say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us? Here's the deal. If God is for us, who can be against us in last week as we were going over it, we talked about the fact that there are many times where it fills that God's not for you. I know you're not supposed to say that in church, but there are many, many, many, many, many, many times when it feels like God is not for you. When, when, when, when, when you get out of bed in the morning, you're like, I've not had enough time to sleep, and then your son rips his shorts.

You know what I mean? Is like, have you ever had those days, those weeks, those months, and sometimes it seems those years where it doesn't seem to God's for you, and we talked about the fact that we've got to divorce our fillings from the facts and understand the facts are what dictates the truth, not our fillings, because how we filled doesn't really matter. How we fill does not really matter. It matters of course to us, but what matters truly for those who believe in Christ is the truth, and here's the truth. Paul says, what do you want to say to this pregnant pause and then he says this, if God is for us, who can be against us and now Paul is not your normal dude saying, who can be against us now? Now, because here's the deal. If you asked me, Chris, you say, Chris, God's for you.

Who can be against you? Get your paper out, get some pens out, and I can start sharing with you all the people that are against me because he is that not a fair statement for all of us. Really, circumstances are against his life is sometimes against us. Our jobs against us, the, the, the, the weather is against us. I got to finish today because we have a tropical storm coming in tomorrow and the only thing worse than not having an air conditioner is not having an air conditioner with rain and all your stuff getting the wet and the back of the truck. So it's like your circumstances are against us. Paul's not saying is there. Note that nothing against us. What Paul is saying is this, it doesn't really matter who's against you because our God is bigger than the circumstances we deal with, but the truth in that verse right there that's awesome is this, and we've said this three weeks and I want to say it again. God is for us. Okay? How about the repeating that with me? God is for us. They have. I don't know about you guys. When I was growing up, we had this one kid in our youth group that was a baller. I'm talking about this guy could play basketball better than five other guys against him. We had this one guy and I'm talking about, he was like five foot eight and could dunk the ball. The guy was incredible. The guy loved playing basketball. He was recruited to all kinds of colleges. What was funny is this, we used to feel like this. Whoever gets that guy, they're going, when all you gotta do is stand around and grabbed the ball and throw it back to them. It'll go in. Don't worry about it. That's. That's literally our job is not. He don't even bounce the ball. Just get Jim the ball and Jim will take care of business. That was kind of the way we play basketball. If it didn't matter, who else is against me? Jim's on my team and God says this. Here's what I want you to understand. What are you going to say to all of this amazing truth? And he says, pause for a second. That's for us. Now. I grew up in church where I felt that the only way that God was for me was that he was in heaven looking at me with a stick in his hand, ready to whack me upside the head in a some kind of sick, whack, a mole Christian game. If I did something wrong, when God's going to tell me how bad I am and he's gonna hit me upside the head, but that's not at all that the reality of what you find with God will reality, which you find with God. Paul says, what are you going to say about all that?

If God's for you, what does it matter? Who's against you? It doesn't even matter. Verse Thirty Two, he says here, he says he didn't even spare his own son. He did not spare his own son. When he looked at you, when he decided to pay the price of what you cost, the cost of you was the cost of his son, and last week we talked about sticker shock. My wife's computer is in the process of dying, like I've revived it with a CPR machine three different times and it's just. It's literally just a matter of time before it's dead and uh, so I start looking at computers to buy and I'm an apple guy and let me just tell you, when you're an apple guy, you got to like paying the liver or would it to be like, Hey, will you take my liver and give me a computer? Maybe because they're so expensive, but I'm looking at them.

There's sticker shop. I look at it, I go, oh my goodness, how in the world can you afford that? He comes in here and he goes, here's the deal. God looked down at you and when you looked down at you, he said, you're worth the price that I'm going to pay your worth the price of my son to redeem mankind. Jesus, who spared not his own. Somebody delivered him up for us all. How shall he not with him? Also freely give us all things. And last week I shared an illustration that I thought explained that, well, he's given us the most expensive thing that could be given. He gave us his son. Can you imagine going to a jeweler, you one a $50,000 necklace and then you go, I don't want to wear the necklace home. Could you give me a box to put it in?

And the jeweler goes, nope, I gave you the necklace. That's it. That's exactly what God's saying here. Paul says, if he gave you the most expensive thing, well he not give you absolutely everything else that is needed. The idea that he wouldn't is just insane. So today we're gonna. Dive into verse 33. He says, who shall lay anything to the charge of God's elect? It is God that justifies so who in the world is going to point a finger at you and tell you if you are a believer in Christ who's going to do this because it's God that justifies in these next verses are wanting to see some questions that the answers and the answers that are based on this truth. Here's, here's what he's saying. Can anyone indict us for sin? The answer is no. Can anyone indict you for sin? No. There's no way to be indicted for sin and we have been justified and that standing before our God never changes.

I really thought when I was growing up that God was in heaven looking down at me, just thinking I like him today. If any of y'all grow up kind of like that. I like him today. Today. You read his Bible, he memorized averse. He, he, he, he prayed, he fasted, he did. We not grow up in that kind of a reality sometimes where you're sitting there thinking, I, I, if I, if I do write my, God's really going to like me about what you have to understand is this God's force with your devotions or without your devotions. He's for you. He's not in heaven going, well, I just looked and he didn't read his Bible today, so that's one mark against him. Because guess how many marks you have against you? You cannot be indicted. Now let me just say we all, we got to love reading the Bible.

We ought to love spending time in prayer, but he's not in heaven going, oh, Jesus is nothing more than Santa Claus and most of our minds, he's going to check out who's naughty and who's nice. You Better Watch out what you're doing because Santa Claus was watching. He'd come into town, you better watch out. That's not got it all he says here, who in the water's going to indict you for your sin? There was one indictment for your sin and it was placed on Jesus. That was your indictment for. Can you one condemn us? Know Christ died for us and lives as our advocate as our lawyer, and he's at God's right hand. Can anything separate us from God's love and the is this? No, not even the devil himself can separate us against us from his love. Number three there on your papers. We've been through this a couple of weeks. If you look at verse number three, you look there. It's our portion. I want you to think right now what our portion is, what we as Christians, how we get to live. So. So the question Paul asked, is this exactly who thinks that they're big enough to wag a finger at God's children?

No. If you have kids, you'll know what it's like to have to overrule your children who are trying to be parents.

You know, you get, you get your kids. Especially as they grow, they're like, Hey, I want to parent my other brothers and sisters. I want to tell them what to do and believe me and, and I don't know what it's like past 15, but up until 15, it doesn't seem to change. They always like telling you and everybody likes telling everybody what to do. Jacob will tell Hannah what to do and then handle it. So Jacob, what to do and, and Andrew will, and I wish I could just say it goes like that, but it doesn't. Andrew will take, tell Jacob would have do and when he does, Jacob just lets him know that he is not going to listen to Andrew. And then his dad, Jacob tells Andrew and Andrew Goes, I ain't listening to Jacob, you know, but as dad, I have the privilege of overruling. Do what he said, yes sir. God, God says, here's the deal. Who in the world can indict you for your sin? Because I am the one that is forgiven. And guess what? You are overruled. I'm God. You're not. There's no indictment for the child of God is God who justifies there on your paper. It's almost the idea of exactly who would want to pick a fight with God by messing with his child.

Who would want to pick a fight with God by messing with this child. That's literally what he's saying there in verse 33, he says, verse 33, who shall lay anything to the charge of God's elect? These are not some that. It's not the church. These are God's. These are not some friends of yours. These are God's elect. I grew up in a country to where who you knew mattered more than anything else in the world. The rules in Peru are this. You can paint you use for our friends. We figure it out for our enemies. They must obey the law. That's a Peruvian quote that they say all the time, so if you know the people you can get away with anything in for and what God's saying here is this. These are my kids. Do you really want to pick a fight with me? Have Becky's not here today. She's been a teacher in school and you know teachers in school have to deal with the fact that when they tell a parent what the kid's doing wrong, the pack comes out. I'm like, they're the ones doing wrong. That's not at all what's going on here. God says, Hey, here's the deal. I am the highest of the highest of the high. There's nothing bigger than me and there's no indictment. We must come to the reality that is only an accusation and these accusations mean nothing. It's very important for us to learn in our lives, though we sometimes think that God is the accuser in our lives during your paper. Sometimes we think that God is the accuser and our lives, but he isn't. What we find in the scriptures is that God is the justifier. We live our lives and we're sitting there going where we were sitting there going, man, I feel so guilty. My life is so bad and you know it's not God that accuses the believer. God is not the one that points his finger and says, you naughty, naughty, naughty, naughty child. That's not what God's doing at all. And in our, in our American vernacular will even be like, well, you know, God just really beat the tar out of me for me to figure out how to. He's not our accuser. That's not what he does. That's not his job. He's our justifier. He's the one that makes us just, if we do not identify well who is talking to us, then we confuse their jobs because see, here's the deal.

We don't have to have God accuse us because our conscience accuses us. It doesn't not do a pretty good job. There's your conscience ever accused. You like does, does it really accuse you? You're conscious of what you're doing, but when we get them, we get them thinking that we're better or nicer or smarter or more godly than someone else is. We may fool people around us, but we do not fool ourselves and that's the biggest problem because c is so easy to talk the talk of what it means to live life the way it should be lived. There's a whole nother thing to live it. It's so easy to spit words out. It's so hard to live what you say you're going to live. We may fall on, but we do not feel ourselves at all. We know what our thoughts are in the secret moments like can you imagine what it would be like for everybody to know? The worst thoughts you had in your secret moments?

You know when you act like there was no filter when you spoke with your husband or with your wife, you know, you act like there was no filter, but you know there's a filter because if there wasn't a filter, it had been way worse than that. Even that horrible thing you said would have even been worse because you kind of filtered it out. Can you imagine being able to see you? All of our thoughts? Here's the deal. Our conscience itself indicts us the the angers, the lives blasphemous ideas. We keep them inside of ourselves. The Bible also teaches us that Satan accuses us. See, see, the job of God is not the job of an accuser. The job of God is not the job of an accuser remembering our daily walks. He's the one that loves to accuse a Satan loves to accuse us. Revelation chapter 12 in verse 10 says, not heard, allow voice saying in heaven now has come salvation and strength and the Kingdom of our God and the power of his, of his Christ, for the accuser of our brethren is cast down which accused them before our God, day and night. You want to know who an accuser is. An accuser is our enemy.

An accuser is our enemy. How much does it help you when somebody sits down and just spends time accusing you? It's some marital fights go down like that.

Well, let me just tell you what you are. You are a and you are a and you are a and you are B and c and d and you're like, I don't have enough letters in the alphabet for how bad you are, and you're like, I don't know why my husband never fixed it. I told him everything he does wrong. I don't know. My wife doesn't do with it. I told her everything she needs to change. That never helped some marriage in case you're wondering, there's only 100 percent chance it's going to fail and helping your marriage do better and can I just tell you there's not a single perfect man in here. Not a single perfect woman in here, but accusing isn't what's going to help us, gods justified and he's doing the one that justifies, does not accuse, which you have to understand is this. The enemy loves accusing you. The enemy loves these mind games where you live a life being accused. If you're a Christian, the enemy loves accusing you saying, did you see what he just did? There's no way a Christian snagged it's ungodly. It's wrong. How can you claim to be a Christian that way? Satan loves saying, I wouldn't have people like this as my followers tenant whispering to years ago, Jeff, you know what? I wouldn't ever want you following me if you're going to happen like that.

So the life of accusing, that's exactly what the enemy does. How can you accept them? How could your son have died for them? The Bible says he accuses us day and night. It's a never ending ordeal, just keeps on going and going. Accusation after accusation. His accusations are never ending, but it's not really our conscience or Satan that we're worried about the most. The biggest problem we have is how we accuse ourselves. We accuse ourselves in fear of God being our judge and yes, God will judge, but God has already judged and what these judges you as clean because you have placed your faith in Jesus. We must understand that as God that justifies, I've been acquitted through the work of Jesus. If I believe in him, for God to accuse us would mean that his was a failure and he still and we are still in our sins.

Do you understand that for God to accuse us, what are you literally saying this my job of making sure that you are cleaning before me, I really did a bad job at it and since I did a bad job at it, I need to accuse you of how bad you are. That doesn't work because if he accuses you of how bad you are than his salvation never worked anyway. His salvation never worked anyway. When we truly understand the of being justified, it brings peace. Our hearts. When God declares us righteous in Christ, that declaration never changes there in your paper, there are Christian experience changes from day to day. Our Christian experience changes from day to day, but justification never changes. How many of you guys have felt in your Christian life like a human rollercoaster up and down, up and down. One day you're really in love with God and you're really.

I remember as a kid, I grew up. I'm 42 right there, 42 years old. I'm 42 years old. I've been going to church for 43 years because it's. I'm talking about like I've been to since my was in my Mama's belly. I've been in church. I remember going to camp as a kid and I'd be like, okay, I'm never going to not be in love with Jesus like I am now, and it lasted for a whole 12 hours after I got back from camp. The reality of our life goes up and down. That's just the reality of life. It just does that. There's no doubt about it, but what you have to understand is the truth that never changes is this are justified. We are justified, our fillings changed, but what he has done has not and will not change. Our confusion on the voices that speak into our lives tend to come because when the accuser joe does his job, he doesn't even have to lie about the things that he's saying to us.

Do you hear that? The reason the accuser so effective in what he does because he doesn't even have to lie about what he says to us because he always got to do is tell the truth and I don't know your truth and I don't know. I didn't know my truth. I don't know my wife's treat, but I know my truth. I don't know my kids truth. He'll look at you and he'll go, you always do that. You're never going to be any better. You're always going to be that kind of a dad. You're always going to be that kind of a brother. You're always going to be that kind of a husband. You're always going to be that kind of a. He doesn't have to lie because you know what? We all fail. None of us are perfect in our walk. We all fail and the accuser uses that against us.

He loves accusing us, but sadly he's not the only one. Our enemies accused us, and even if we accuse our own selves all the time, there's plenty of ground from telling the truth about us and then not looking good at all. But what we must understand is that before we even respond to the accusations, God takes up our case and rebukes him saying, this is my child. He is justified. So the question is again, asked, who is going to say anything to God's children? Who in the world can wag their fingers at you as God's child? Yes, we're guilty, but the story doesn't stop there. How many of us are guilty this morning? How many of us are guilty of the truth is every single one of us in here are guilty, but then the nice question that comes in is how many of us are forgiven because of her forgiven? It changes everything. Well, we misunderstand that our greatest offense is not against those that sit around us, our greatest offenses against God himself. When, when, when David goes off and and sins with Bathsheba, he says in Psalm chapter 51 verse 40 says against the and the only. How about sand?

Our biggest problem is not that I might've offended justin or that I might've offended Andrew or Jeff. Our biggest problem is that we have sinned not against each other, but we have sinned against God,

but the truth is we are for given. Because of that life changes and for forgiving. There's nothing left to fear. The accuser has the goal of making us feel guilty when we do wrong, and through that guilt he tries to destroy us, makes us feel guilty. Anybody else in here ever had to live with guilt? Anybody else in here ever have to live with guilt? Man, I shouldn't have done that. I shouldn't have said that. I shouldn't have acted that way. The job of the Holy Spirit is just show us what we do when we do wrong, but there's a difference between that because see, here's the deal. When I talked to my kids about what they're doing wrong, I'm not talking to my kids to hurdle. If you're a parent, you understand that you want to come alongside your kid, you want to help them. You want to coach them. You want to help them grow. The Holy Spirit tells us what we did wrong, but it's always to help. Never to accuse.

There's a big difference there.

Whitney was talking to me this week. We're texting back and forth about how that's changed our view in life because there's still things that you changed, but you're not changing them anymore because somebody up in heaven is hitting you upside the head like a whack a mole machine. You're sitting there going, I need to change because the Holy Spirit deals with me and my life has to change the work of the Holy Spirit. It's positive and he helps us and encourages us. His job is never to accuse. His job is never to accuse as we're moving stuff. Now you guys, uh, if you've ever moved, you figure out you have muscles that you didn't even know you had before and you know that you have muscles not because you've been working them out, but because you have soreness in places you didn't even know it was possible to be sore in like I did.

I had a muscle on my toenail. I didn't know that. That's awesome. Like we're sore ever. But one of the things is I'm helping my kids. I'm like, don't carry it. Like this is the way we do it. I'm teaching. I'm not accusing them. I'm trying to. That's the job of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is to teach us, to guide us, to grow us, to help us become what we need to become, and the Holy Spirit's job is never guilt. The Holy Spirit's job is to help us grow, to be more like Jesus. The enemy on the other hand, wants to convict us. He wants to oppress us. He wants to paralyze us. He wants to destroy us with guilt. That's his goal. That's his goal. He does this by accusing us, but it doesn't stop. There was one of the big theologians in the past, Martin Lloyd Jones said, to justify means more than to pardon. It means more than forgive. It means that God makes a declaration, a judicial declaration that states that he is not only forgiven us, but now he regardless as righteous and holy as if we had never sinned at all, as if we had never sinned at all. That's what God has done in and through us. God Not only puts my sin on his son, but he places the righteousness of Jesus himself on me so that when he sees me, he sees nothing but the righteousness of Jesus.

That's what he sees. We Find Comfort in Christ. We long to meet him because we understand that Romans chapter eight and verse one is true. Romans chapter eight and verse one should change everything about your life. The Bible says, because those that are in Christ, there's no condemnation to those that are in Christ Jesus. Your life is different and we don't live in fear that one day God is going to condemn us. We live with the expectation that one day we will meet our savior and it will be the most glorious day ever, and it is a different way of looking at life. We're not frightened. The Bible teaches that the holy spirit as a comforter, he's a comforter. There's even more left to the story that's even more exciting. As you get to the next verse. Let's read verse 34 and we'll read it and stop there for today. Verse Thirty Four, look at what the Bible says. Romans eight, 34, who is he that condemn it is Christ that died, yea rather that is risen again. Who is even at the right hand of God who also makes intercession for us? We're going to talk about Jesus and the difference that he makes in the way that we live our life. Can I beg you today to understand that what you have changes? Everything you don't serve a God in heaven looking to beat you upside the head. You serve a God in heaven that sees you, that loves you, that cares for you, that comfort you, that helps you grow. That's the God that you serve and that's different than the god that a lot of us grew up with and can I just say the God that a lot of us grew up with, God wouldn't know that God because it's not God at all. We grew up thinking that we serve a god. That's Romans. Chapter eight teaches us that nobody can indict us with anything because we serve Jesus and we placed our faith in him. What we do when we accept Christ as our savior, say this, I do understand beyond a shadow of a doubt that I could never be good enough to stand before God.

My savior is so I'm going to let him stand there in my stead and his job is not to accuse. His job is not to accuse. His job is to comfort the Holy Spirit. Convicts he convicts us of sin, but that conviction is not an accusation. That conviction is a helping us grow to be more in his likeness. Dear Lord, we come to your thank you.

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