More than Conquerors

Chris Gardner

April 29, 2018

Okay, let's go to Romans chapter eight. Romans Chapter Eight, excited about this this morning. We're now diving into the last part of Romans Eight, uh, according to some, the most passionate words in the scriptures, uh, that, uh, that Paul wrote is what you find here in Romans chapter eight. We're going to be looking at today, so we're going to be finishing there. We'll finish the whole bit, but the Romans Chapter Eight, we'll start that today. And I don't know of any passage of scripture I've ever preached that has impacted my life as much as Romans eight. And I forgot to ask if anybody doesn't have a handout. If you're raised your hand, Jacob, I'll get you one. And Jacob and Brendan. Jacob, Brent, you've got the wrong one. Brendan. Wrong handout. Yeah, left hand on the right one because that would be bad everybody. Just raise your hand.

Jacob and Brendan are handing them out now. Uh, and you guys can have a handout just to remember kind of what we talked about today. So went to the first verse, first few verses, and we learned that there was no condemnation for us. What a away. There's a hand up here. Uh, what a way to start a chapter out. Romans chapter eight, verse one. There is therefore no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. Man, what an amazing, amazing a passage. This is Romans chapter eight. The idea that we as believers can know that he paid it all and took our condemnation should change the way we look at life. Life doesn't look the same anymore because guess what? There's no condemnation for me. The law, Romans one through seven, placed us under condemnation and showed us who we truly are. The Romans chapter eight and verse one started by telling us how we have no condemnation if we are in Christ Jesus, no condemnation at all of her in Christ Jesus and, and, and the chapter would be great even if it ended there.

You know, if it just ended with Romans eight one, it would be amazing, but it doesn't, it goes even deeper than Romans chapter eight and verse one. And so the next thing we see is that were adopted and we're free. We are children of the king of kings. And the Lord of Lords, just an amazing thought there. The next thing we see were adopted him. Free. The father of heaven has adopted us into his family and this is what makes us free. We're not free because we think we're free. We're not free because we live in the land of the the, the, the, the home of the free. That's not at all. While we're free, we are free because we are a child of God and then it doesn't end there because he speaks then about how our lives are going to be marked by suffering. Yes, you're going to suffer.

Yes, you're going to have problems, but we can know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the suffering that we go through is worth it. Now, we venture into this last portion of this passage and the emphasis is on the security we have as believers this on the security. Now they're in your handout. That's on the security that we have. As believers. We now know that we have a security as believers and this security, we're going to find out doesn't depend on us. Aren't you glad that your security doesn't depend on you? How many of you guys have not been very stable and the way you've lived your life since you were born and you have you here like that? I don't know about you, but man, how many of y'all are going to go all in and do something and then you don't? Okay?

How many of you have decided stuff even you're not follow through with it? How many of you are never going to do this, but you ended up doing it? Thank God our security doesn't depend on us because you know what? We've flipped flopped more than a fish. When you pull them out of the water. We are bad about being up and down and up and down and it's just the rollercoaster of life, but we're gonna. Find out in Romans chapter eight that your security doesn't depend on you, man. What an amazing thought that our security does not depend on us. We'll see that we have no need to fear the past, present, or future because we're secure in the love of Christ. We are secure in the love of Christ and so Paul is going to give us there in your handout different arguments that prove that separation between the believer and Jesus is an impossibility.

It is impossible to separate the believer from Jesus. If you believe in Christ, it's impossible to separate you from him. Before we get into the actual versus we're going to cover today, I want you to think through one thing. Most of us in North America live a pretty tame existence. Would you agree to that? We live in pretty tame existence, especially in comparison to the rest of the world and especially in comparison to Paul in First Century Christians. See we, we, we, we go to their problems, but our problems are almost laughable to those who would not live in America. Our problems are almost laughable, are complaining on facebook and we're their friends about how rough our life is, pales in comparison to the way that the original audience heard these verses. So I want you to think the book of Romans was written to a church of people that weren't a lot like us.

Okay? We are very different than us. This morning I came into the church building and Ms Dot Debbie said, I think it was ms dot. Debbie said it's a little warm in here. So I went over in the back and I did this quick, and guess what? I fixed the warrant issue. Now it's better. You know, we live in a crazy day and age, don't we? We live in a wonderful day and age are hard days that we have, you know, we have two, three, four kids. The house to clean. The Internet's down. Oh Man. Life is so bad because the Internet is down. Is that, is that not the way we deal with our lives now? This is not the reality though, of the people that were first listening to the book of Romans, their life was totally different than ours or our Internet's down. So we had to post up.

We. And here's the funny thing, we go, my Internet's down. So I have to use my cell phone service and it's way slower than my real internet. You know, it's funny, isn't it? And I wish you were just us to act. The AC is messed up or the heat's messed up and you know, in, in our second car, that's what we call a rough life now. And I'll wish I could just say that I wasn't guilty, but I'm just as guilty as anyone would this. But I want you to look at Paul and those original recipients and the letter that has been written to them. By the way, come Mr. complainer extraordinary. This morning was all upset because he left his house. This happened. Just show you a picture of my front door. Isn't that a beautiful front door? I can't wait to move out of my rental home.

I honestly cannot wait and ways you cannot understand when we closed the door and then, oh, the doors is out there. So I'm sitting there, man, my life is so rough. I keep believing this. I hate this complaining. Just like, I know y'all would never do that. But just so you know, I was just complaining about how bad life was and how I hated where I was at. And then I'm sitting there thinking, and I've got to preach about this this morning. Really, God, I didn't want an illustration this morning for what I was going to have to print you out, because that's our tendency, isn't it? We complained about things. It'd be way different than the reality of those people that we're hearing. This letter that Paul wrote for the first time. You see, when they were complaining, they weren't complaining about air conditioning. They weren't complaining that their servant didn't serve them well.

They weren't complaining that they didn't have their microwave didn't work, so they had to eat something a little bit colder than they were used to where they had to heat it up on the stove. That's not what they're complaining about. Their reality was so much different than ours. They sat there and they would read passages like this and totally get them. Second Corinthians Eleven, 24 through 28 gives us a glimpse into the reality of that day and age. Paul, here's what he says. He says, of the Jews five times I received 40 stripes. Save one. I was beaten by the. I was beaten by the by the Jews five times and they gave me 39 stripes because 40 was illegal.

Does anybody want to chime in and talk about how bad their life is? Just after that first verse, all of a sudden my front door and not working well doesn't seem near as bad as it did about an hour and a half, two hours ago. Now I look at it, I'm like, okay, life is different for them, so these people are listening to this. This is the kind of reality that they're living in here. Paul says, thrice was I beaten with rods. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. I was. I was beat five times 30. Nine Times. They whipped me. Oh, but don't. That doesn't count the time. They beat me with rods. Once I was stoned, so I'm sending out there. They're stoning me and thrice. I suffered shipwreck. Now it's out in the middle of a ship and the ship sunk a and then a night and a day. I've been into deep like I was overnight in the deep of the see if we're in a complaining or in a situational competition of who has it worse.

Paul probably wins and Paul is writing to that kind of a group of people, people who knew what it was like to live a life that was nothing like our life nowadays, and journeys often in perils of water, in pills of Robinson, perils by my own countrymen and perils by the heathen, imperiled by the city in perils, by the wilderness in perils. Rather see imperils among false brethren, and every time I read this, I'm like your middle name, Paul must have been Paul peril because there's enough. That's all you have you ever dealt with in weariness and painfulness in watchings, often in hunger and thirst in fastings, often in cold and nakedness. Man, my life has not been easy. Beside those scenes that were without that which cometh upon me daily. The care of all the churches that have been beaten, stoned, shipwrecked, left in the water, thieves is stolen from me.

My own people that I call my people attacked me. People that don't love Jesus attacked me. I have had troubles in the wilderness. Now I've had troubles in the troubles in the sea, even among those who called themselves Christians but weren't. They caused me problems, not been exhausted. I've been in pain. I couldn't go to sleep. I've been really hungry. US Americans, we don't understand that window. Dewey being really hungry like we're like, oh man, life is really, really rough because five guys rang at, ran out of hamburger meat, you know, and that's rough living. He's not been hungry. I've been really, really, really hungry and to make. He didn't think Mcdonald's ice cream machine was down and that was the end of the world. If you've ever been to Mcdonald's, the ice cream machines always down and so and he. I've been thirsty. I've been fasting quite a bit. I've been in cold. I've not even had clothes to put on.

That's the reality of the people in Rome that are listening to this letter that Paul wrote a little bit different and what we do with nowadays and then he wraps it up with this. Here's what I love about this passage. He wraps it up for this and if that's not enough, if you want to understand there's a daily weight I carry with me. There's a daily weight I carry with me. He says, I have a care for the churches. I have a care for the churches. I care for them. By the way, he didn't say, I care about the message on Sunday. Yeah, I care for the church. I know it's easy to come to church and church is about the Sunday morning message and I try and prepare well for that, but if I were to explain to you what is dealt with on Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday and Friday and Saturday, it would blow your mind.

There's a care for the churches. There's a, there's a, there's a, there's a white that he fills for the church. It's not the message to them Sundays, but I care for those people in the body. This burden for the church is something that any good pastor understands. He cares about the people in the church. He cares about where their ad. He cares about their wellbeing. He cares about how they're growing. There's a care for those people. I wish you could tell you the countless hours of thinking about praying for and hoping that the members of this church are doing okay. I wish I could. I wish you could just accompany me with that and it should not just be the pastor. We should care for each other. It's not just me towards you and you towards me. It's us loving each other and caring for each other, praying to grow in Christ, that they'll make decisions and follow through with them in ways that are gonna.

Help them grow into being like him, caring about them and their businesses, their jobs, their families, their hobbies. Paul says this, all these other things. I dealt with once two, three, 30, nine times, 20 times, five times, but let me just tell you what the daily weight is. The daily weight is just as much as all the other thing. It's a daily care. The people, needless to say, his reality, it looks different than ours and even though those that would read the letter might not have dealt with all of them, they had for sure dealt with some of them and they knew and this was their reality of what was going on in their church body. Through all of this, he was confident in God's presence and guidance through each step of the way. We might look at the same things in viewed as a, as a sign of God abandoning us.

Okay. Just let me go back with new for just a second and I want you to tell me that you had been through everything that Paul had been through, would not the next words out of our mouth. Would we not be tempted to say something like, it's almost like gods abandoned me. Would those not be the next words out of your mouth and you may not be brave enough to save them, but wouldn't you fill those? I've been beat. I've been stone. I've added to my life has just been a wreck. People that are my friends, they attacked me. People that were my enemies attacked me, everybody dislikes me. I don't know what we'd be tempted to say, man, it must be the gods abandoned us, but Paul's view was so different. Hey, hey, view it as an abandonment of God, but he saw these things as the result of a fallen creation is waiting for you, redeemed by God.

Some of us as we hear that, we think, okay, but I guess I'll never be that way. How could never be like Paul, you know I have one little problem and I want to stop serving God. I'd get a little bit busy and I don't want to care for my people that are sitting next to me here in the church or my neighbors that live next to me, but there's something I want to challenge you with today. It's natural to be anxious in the face of trials. Difficulties should be alation and opposition, but can I tell you that in the face of those, it shows us what our relationship with Christ is really built on. That's where we get to see what we're really built on. Well, we must, we must learn since we are not the thing like the natural man is this. Here's what we must learn. We must, despite our fear and anxiety there in your handout, despite our fear and our anxiety, we need to rest and what we know.

I would like to tell you, this is just some little thing that we can talk about and forget, but can I tell you that this wrestling that I'm talking about is one of the biggest things that Christians deal with. How many of us know that God loves us? You raised your hand, at least do we know God loves us? How many of us know that we have placed our faith and our trust in God would you? But man, how many of us know they'll never fail, but how many of us feel that way? See, there's this big separation between our feelings and our knowing. No matter what we know, there's a big split in between our fear and in between our what we know and potentially between what we know in between what we feel will see the day through these verses today, exactly what that means, but here's what we're going to understand. The very first verse we're looking at in Romans eight, these words are going to be a very short few words, but I want you to understand there are no bigger words than these in the life of the follower of Christ. God is for us. Okay? How about saying that with me, God is for us. Let's change the word to us, changing to me, God is for me.

Those words, you won't find any bigger ones in the entire scripture. Then the understanding of the fact that God is for me. God is for me. Me and people are looking for an excuse to not believe in God. Love to say that if it were there was really a god, then we wouldn't have any of these problems at all, but let's just bring that reality to our reality just so you can understand how it makes no sense at all. Would it make us good parents if we never let our children hurt, would that make us good? Parents just think to be a good parent. Marcus autumn can never hurt. Well, there's a problem with that. There's a big problem with that because I think for a moment what that would mean. Sorry son, I can't let you learn to walk because he learned to walk.

Nobody ever learned to walk without falling and when people fall, they get hurt. So. So as a good parent, if everybody thinks if God was good and he was in heaven, there, there wouldn't be paying and there wouldn't be suffering. And what that understand is they don't allow that with their kids even because we understand that for our kids to be able to learn to walk. Judson is going to be having nothing before long. He's going to walk in here with bruises on his face and everybody's gonna go, what in the world? It happened to him. Did Justin get mad at Judson and he just like pop them around a little bit. No, we know better than that. What happened to Judson? Justin Judson couldn't figure out how to put foot in front of the other strange, smacked his head up against some that just. That just happens, doesn't it?

Doesn't it? Good. See, it's impossible for you to be a good parent does not mean that your child does not go through pain, does not mean that at all. People even get bruises and stuff, and I've even heard of people breaking bones if they walk. So because of that sign, I think it's best that you're not learning how to walk. Sorry son, I can't learn you to let you learn how to ride a bike because guess what? Having you ride a bike. How many people ever rode a bike and never fell when they were learning how to ride a bike? Yeah, right. And I can't let you drive. You might have a wreck. Protecting from protecting from problems is not what makes you a good prop. Parents at all, it protecting him, protection and provision. We're the only goals of a parent than putting a child in a padded room and serving them food through a little slot would make all the sense in the world, wouldn't it? Let's just put them in a padded room. Open the thing slot in some food in there that'll make you a great period because you're protecting that child from harm.

We have to understand is this, we're going to go through problems and that does not make our God not good. That makes our god God and it makes us not. Of course even the thought of that's crazy. We have a god that is for us and there's going to be times in your life when you actually don't believe those words. As a pastor, are you allowed to say that Chris? Probably not supposed to say that, Chris. I believed that if we don't say that, we violate the meaning of scriptures because here's the deal. There's going to be times in your life when you don't feel like God is forest, but you have to differentiate between what you feel and what you know. You have to differentiate between what you feel and what you know. When you fill that he isn't, then that's when you have to go back and go, I don't feel like God is good.

I don't feel like God is for me, but I can go back and know that he is. This is a battle we deal with all of the time. Every single day. I feel this, but I know this. I feel this, but I know this. Learning to battle this matters a lot in your life there in your handout, we cannot allow the opposition, we might face to make us doubt or forget how committed God is to us because here's what you have to understand, God has for us. God is for us. Let's turn our bibles to Romans, chapter eight, verse 31 and start looking at what God had to say to his church. He's going to share with us an amazing truth and this is the truth. He's going to share with us, we are more than conquerors. We are more than conquerors. Okay? Look at Romans Chapter Eight, verse 31, and we'll find if you're filling out your handout there, his position, his position, his position at this stage in the letter, Paul speaks different than he has up till now.

So far, we sat at the feet of the learner teacher and had been spectators to the amazing truth he's been sharing to us from the book of Romans. We've paid attention to his brilliant, so we've been dazzled by how amazing the truth of God is. We watched how he grasped the truth and how he's presented it to us, so well fought for us to follow his train of thought, but we're going to see now as the preacher's going to take the podium and here he's not looking for anything more than a response from the people you a response. Here's what he says. Romans Chapter Eight, verse 31, read it with me. He says, what shall we say then to these things and you see after the word things, so just a little thing called a question mark.

Paul's like, what in the world wasn't? What can we say to these amazing truths? This is amazing what God has to say. What are we going to say? What's our attitude going to be like a machine gun? He's about to fire questions at us and find ourselves being challenged to face the implications of what we've been taught. He says, what shall we say to these things? If God before us, who can be against us, if God before us, who can be against us? The question that he starts off with is this. What else can be said? We've already talked about what God's done for us, who talked about how there's no condemnation force. We talked about how were adopted and we're free. We talked about how we can call him our Aba father. We've talked about the most amazing relationship ever that we have with God, and then he says, now what are we gonna say about all that? What are you gonna do with all that and can I answer the question before we even get to the answer? Do you know what you say? You just say the same thing a little bit different.

Wind the roller. Krista, we always repeat the same kinds of things in church. You know why? Because we need to repeat the truth. Time and time and time again. He goes, what in the world can we say now like a machine gun? He's about to ask us questions. Paul starts out by asking this questions. What are we going to say about all of this now? Now bear with me for a moment because here's what I believe he's asking. How are we going to respond to the truth there in your handout? How are we going to respond? That's the question. How are we going to respond? Now I'm glad it's family and here today, and I can just talk very bluntly with you, but you know what Paul says? Paul says, the what I write, I don't write it so that you can read it. I don't write it so you can know it.

I don't write it so you can understand it. I write it so that you can respond to it. The word of God is alive and it should change every single part about our being. We should respond to the truth of the word of God. We don't just listen to the truth. We don't say, man, that preacher was good. Oh, that was bad. What we do is we say, here's the truth, and the question is how do we respond to it? How do we respond to it? Because our response truly matters. The truth. He shared with us our truths that not should not transform our minds. They should transform our lives. How would we live if we really believed that there was no condemnation for us? How should we live? If we truly believed that we could call him our Abba father, we should be in a place for living out the truth. We learn as a foregone conclusion, but it isn't and it seems that if it was in Paul's day, it was the exact same truth. Just because we know the truth doesn't mean that we live the truth within you. We agree with that one. Just because we know the truth doesn't mean we live the truth. I can see Paul as he's writing this, this pregnant pause that happens after you asked the question, he said, what are we going to say about this? How are we going to respond?

Just make it a little uncomfortable. Haven't been quiet long enough. Does it make it uncomfortable or how are we going to respond? No like really? That's a real question. How are we going to respond to the truth of the word of God and it feels weird, doesn't it? When I do that, you know why? Because we've gotten used to coming to church and listening, but we've not gotten very used to coming to church and responding and changing and our lives being different. How are we going to respond? How to respond to the Holy Spirit living in us? How do we respond to diagnose and how to respond to the fact that we're no longer under condemnation anymore? How do we respond to the fact that we are his children? How do we respond? Respond to the idea that we are adopted by him. How do we respond to the fact that we have the power of the resurrected Jesus Christ living inside of us?

Something to think about is that when Paul asked this question, it shows one thing on your handout. He expects the word of God to create a response. He expects the word of God to create a response. I know y'all can't imagine this, but I don't prepare the messages that we go through the scriptures thinking, man, this is gonna. Be a great talk on Sunday. The idea is that we go come in on Sunday and we listened, and then we walk out and it changes our Monday and it changed because the word of God is powerful. Not because you're preacher is powerful. I know him. He just a regular dude, but the word that is preached, it has the power. It has the power and should change everything and expects a response in us. And what's funny is this morning as I'm closing the door and my door is falling into pieces, I'm sitting there going, so Chris, how are you going to respond to this? You studied this all week. How you're gonna respond to it, and I'm sitting there going, shut up, Holy Spirit, I don't want to do with you right now, but I, I got on the other shoulder is the one I'm listening to right now because I can tell you I'm in a bad mood. I don't like it as stupid as wrong. I hated how you going to respond because see, here's the deal. The word of God creates not you knowing more. Our goal in here is not for you to learn to speak Christian. Nice.

When you walk in, you talk different than you ever do on the outside. That's not at all the goal. The goal is into you dress a certain way. You'll walk a certain way. You talk a certain way. The did. The goal is that there is a transformation in your life because the word of God is alive and it changes these. How are you going to respond? We're not supposed to gather together and listen to the word of God preached and say, Hey, that was a good stuff. Preacher was really emotional on that one. Hey, had some good ideas in there that would. That's not the idea of preaching. We're supposed to say, that is the word of God, and so now I must respond. If truth from the word of God is put on display as we see it, we've got one of two choices.

We can look at the word of God and say, I must make my life line up with what the scriptures say. Ra must look at it and look at God and say, God, I have nothing to do with you and I don't care what you say. I want to live my life to where I want to live my life. There must be a response, and the sad thing is there is a response. Every single time we go to the word, it's just not usually the response that we'd be happy repeating to our kids that they ought to have.

We respond to the word policy said, what are you gonna say about all that? In the scripture's teaching and preaching is important. It's important. Hey, not because of the man that brings the messages at all. I promise you, if I honestly I, it's not about me, it's not about some preacher that stands up, not because he's a rockstar or even because he knows more than you do the job of the preachers to say, this is what God says in his word. I have no authority outside of this book. I have no authority outside of this book. This is what the word of God says, no job with Richard and say, this is what the word of God says. This is what the word of God, God to God means, and this is the way we apply it. The goal of the preacher should never be too impressed with the illustrations or woods.

Amazing connections he finds in the Bible. His goal should be that other people see the word of God. It's made clear and that creates a response in them to live more like Christ. That's the goal for the preaching. The word. Our goal should be to proclaim the truth of the scriptures, and while we do that, we long to see the truth of the scriptures transform your life like they have transformed ours. When we're studying. Now you got to have to deal with 45 minutes of me talking. I have to deal with 30 hours of studying the same passage where I'm getting hammered at the entire time, how I'm going to transform my life and my goal is at that same hemorrhaging comes to you as I'm preaching and you go, wow, I need to apply that to my life as well. This next verses a verse that you guys will identify with very well and no doubt this.

Look what Paul says about preaching. First Corinthians Chapter One and verse 21, the Bible says, for after that and the wisdom of God, the word of the world by wisdom, you're not God. It pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that belief. Now that's a verse you can line up with the foolishness. The that I know Chris has the foolishness, but my, my and supposed to be not foolish. What else is I'm supposed to preach the word, and God is dictated by the preaching of the word. People accept him as their savior, and here's the funny thing, he said, it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them the belief. He didn't say that he had some other choice, but there was nobody that could do it well, so because that and he said, no, no, what pleases God is doing. God can take a loser that takes the word of God and preaches it as it is, and watch what God alone can do.

It pleases God when lives are transformed in that way, but biblical preaching matters. The church has two mandates. Supposed to fill matthew 22, 37 through 39 and we found a great commandment that says, love the Lord your God, and then it says, love your neighbor as yourself and then we're to love our neighbors ourselves and this has to do with the way we reach out to our community. CanNot tell you the way we reach out to our community matters. As soon as next few months roll by out. We have some plans on how we're going to reach out to the community because as a church, we should be reaching out to the community. We reach out to those around us and we love them. We do more than just tell them about Jesus, telling them about Jesus is the most needful thing, but can I just say that we do more than that.

We tell them about Jesus while showing them Jesus about our love for them, and then the second mandate we have found in Mark Sixteen, 15 where he said, go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. Those are the two things that church ought to be worried about. Preaching the word of God to the entire world and preaching the word of God to our community. We are to go, here's what he says. Go into all the world and what did he say? Go into all the world and and there it is. We've got all the world and preach, and that's what we're supposed to do. Preaching matters. You say, well, Chris, I'm not fond of preaching. Well good. You're not very fond of what God's Fondo. That's fine. You can align yourself away from God. That's your choice, but preaching matters because we preach the word of God.

This is one of the reason that we look for missionaries that are preaching overseas. We have missionaries in here often have people come in here and tell you what they're doing in India. I met with one yesterday that's going to India and him and his wife and we were spending some time with them and this the week before that I was with my brother talking about what we're doing in Peru and I was on the phone this week with a guy that's in India right now and I've talked to a guy that street is in Tunisia and we're talking about the preaching of the Gospel because it matters by the way. That's one of the reasons that we support the through Bible College. You know what we do at the Fruit Bible College. We train up printers and which are not preachers that are going to go into all the world and preach in our church supports the Bible College.

Not because I was there, but because that kind of stuff matters. According to scripture, preaching matters to the point that we have a building so we can gather around to hear the word of God expounded because preaching matters. God says preaching matter, so we gather around because the preaching of the word matters. We gathered not because this is the church, because let me just tell you, this right here is a building and nothing by the building and we could meet out in that park out there except for if you all thought it was warm when you walked in here this morning. I can only expect what, what happened three weeks down the road as we meet out in that baseball field out there, we doesn't matter where we meet. It's just a building. We are the church. We gather not because this is the church is a building we gather as the church to get together around the scriptures and to gather experience what God's saying to us and and to to us in and through his word is very important in the life of a pastor as well.

There's a pattern for this in the Bible. We won't go through all the scriptures, but acts chapter six, verse one through five talks about how there were there were, there were the widows that weren't being fed right, and the leaders of the church come and they go, hey, preachers, the the windows aren't eating right, and they go, here's the deal, not a problem. Find some men that will take care of that because guess what? Those end up being your deacons. Get some deacons out there that'll take care of that racks chapter six because we're not going to neglect the preaching and the word of God and why does teaching matter? Because preaching is supposed to create a response and US supposed to create a response in us. We respond to the word of God, so what are you going to say? How are you going to respond to this?

Paul says, they came to complain about the to the passengers and the response was a little cold. This is, hey, I'm going to stop dedicating time to the word and just to do all that to serve tables. It seems kind of cold, doesn't it go find some amazing men in our congregation that are willing and able to be filled with the holy spirit and wisdom so they can take care of this need, but we were going to give ourselves continually to prayer. The Ministry of the word didn't notice the response, the multitude were pleased and named them in to do that. The teaching and the preaching of the word matters, but not as a performance, not as a performance.

We've got to be careful when we go to churches because the, you know, the pastor wears cooler skinny jeans or because the music has a better show. That's not what church is about. It's not about a performance and matters is a practice of a congregation gathering around the word, but we're supposed to gather around the word. We're supposed to listen to the word and industries to sit around and go. So William, how do we respond to that? Back in the back, we have what Brendan grabbed at first was a discipleship and small group study questions so that people can talk about it. And David, so what? How does that impact your life? Because the word matters in the preaching of the word matters. You want to come to a church and know that the pastor has spent time in the word and I pray that you know that when I'm preaching, I pray that you know that I spent time praying.

I pray that you know that I spent time studying. You don't want a god that just stands up and says with every once about the scriptures, because that makes little of the scriptures and I'm thankful that I can be here doing that. Paul asked Karen this first. What are we going to say to these things? Always should all leave. Leave the church after each service and asked that exact question. So Justin, what are we going to say about those things? The scripture was breached. What are we saying about those things? How are we gonna live? David, what it well, what are you going to say about that truth? Because that truth is true, that it matters how we live. What shall we say to these things? What do we say about these things? But look at the next part of this verse. If God be for us, who can be against now, if you remember the context when we're talking here, we just talked about how the Christians are going to help me out with that word was one of the Christians.

Are they going to deal with suffer? So this question is almost a laughable question, isn't it? If God's forests, who's going to be against this, what do you mean? Who's going to be against this? Do you want me to write down a list of where you can know who's against me? Because I've got a list Paul states, and it's kind of sums up everything you've been saying so far on this question. If God is for us, who can be a cushion against us and what that's basically saying is this with God on our side, how can we lose? He's not saying people aren't going to be against us, but what he's saying is this. If you've got God on your side, do you really think you can lose your? Really do. Do you understand that the bad things that happen in your life, God orchestrates those to bring you to victory?

That's the reason you're more than a conqueror because not only do you win, but you when using those things that everybody thought was going to make you lose your more than a conqueror. We can have people against us and this isn't Paul to claim that we won't have people against is what he's basically saying is that it doesn't really matter what you face because after all, God is on your side. If you're as child, are you a child of God? Then God is for me. Are you a child of God? Then here's the deal. Here's the deal. God is for me and just talk to Terry Dillon with a house situation. She's like, I'm not worried about it. When I got on my side, I'm like, why don't you stand up growing? Preached the message this morning because I wish I had more of that in me. You ain't to worry about it because he says, he says, if God is for us, who can be against us?

Does it really matter to own play pickup basketball game with anybody that Justin wants to bring in? Justin's got some big old time friends so he can bring but follow me. I'm a good buddy of Lebron James and steph curry and all those guys not bring. I just come onto the other, come onto the court and I just sit down and say, hey guys, go out and play. It doesn't matter who justin brings guests who's going to win and what God says is this what God says this? Yes, you're going to go through problems, but remember, I'm for you. I'm for you, and if he has for you, then a will make all these things work together for your good because he's for you. Can I just say that we come times in our life and we sound like Jacob in genesis chapter 42, verse 36 and Jacob Their father said unto them, me, have you breathed a children?

Joseph is not assuming it's not and you're gonna. Take Benjamin away. All these things are against me. That sound like us. How many times would that sound like a facebook post? All these things are against me. My life is not good. All these things are against me and yeah, sometimes it feels that everything is against you and you're not the first person to fill that. You have to go back to genesis to hear him say that for the first time there sometimes it feels everything. Everything's against us. God was for Jesus, but plenty of people were against him, instilling or against him. God is forest people. Yet as people who have been thrown to the lions, they've been used as human torches to eliminate the gardens of Nero. The church has been the object of all kinds of animosity and procure the persecution. The whole world can be against us and it doesn't really matter because if God is for us, then who can be against us?

Sure. Bring whoever you want. I have God on my side. I'll win. No Christie, you don't understand. You might die exactly, but when I die and when no charisma, you might deal with no, it doesn't matter. God is for me. So when John Fifteen, eight, 30 3:19 says, if the world hates you, you know ahead of me before it hated you, you're not the first one to be hated. Verse Nineteen, if you're of the world, the world would love his own, but because you're not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. Therefore the world hates you. Just deal with it. Well, Paul is saying, is that no matter those that are against us against hills, they can't win. Truthfully, we had to say with conviction that no matter what circumstances are against us, our God is for us. Chris, you don't understand that.

I just lost my job. Repeat with me. God is for me. Number. Chris, you understand I'm dealing with this at the house. No, no. You don't understand how many out God is for me. No, no. Chris, you don't understand. I've just dealt with a loved one that you have no idea what they're going through. None. No, no. You don't understand. Help me out. God is for me and if God is for me, you can stack the entire world up against me and know that I will be victorious through it all because God is for me. Life's going to be rough. We're going to deal with bad stuff, but God is for me. God is forming. You wonder sometimes how you are, where you're at. Let me tell you how you're where you're at because God is for you. According to Romans Eight, 28, all things are working together for good and that's an indication that he has for us who's persecuting?

Who's against you. God is for us and there's no better news than that. This autumn make you want to dance. Thinking about the fact that God is for me. God is for me. Do you understand the power of this verse? God is for us. Because of that, no one can charge us, are deemed to be a failure. You know, the only person that could say we're a failure has God and God's already stated on for you, and nobody can say, we're a failure of shame, a sinner, illusion, embarrassment, hopeless, helpless, defeated, Lawson's unusable, unworthy of no value. Nobody can say that because guess what? When they say that, when they don't get is this my God is for me, and that changes everything. Men can say all of these things about us, but our response can and always be should be, but God is for me, but God, well my boss doesn't like me, him, but God's for me.

No, no. I'm having problems with my husband and I know, but God's for me. No, I'm Protestant. Them all. I know that God has for me. He is on our side. Even I can judge and hurt myself and make myself think that I'm any of those things. To which God responds, God responds and says, son, he told us to call him Alba. Please don't forget, there is no condemnation for those that are in Christ Jesus, and the reason there's no condemnation is because of this I the king of kings. The Lord of Lords and for you. So what do we say to this? Let's go back to Jay. Paul's first question and we'll close it up today. So what do you say to that truth? What did you say to that truth? How will it change the way your approach Monday, how will it print changed the way you approached Tuesday?

Our God is for us and that should change everything. When I come to you thanking you that your forest Lord asking you to forgive us for. Forgive me for complaining about small things, closing a door in the morning and it falling to pieces and thinking, Hey man, my life's so bad. When the truth of the matter is your for me and that's totally meaningless, helped me to keep my eyes focused 100 percent on you. Help me to realize that you are for me, helped me to realize and to not only realize, but to live out that truth this week, that we may leave here as soldiers of the cross that stand with our head held high knowing that you are for us and all the bad that happens to us will happen and you will orchestrate even that for our good we ask you, Lord, to help us to get a clear and new glimpse of what you've done for us on the cross of calvary that we might realize what you've done as you stated that you are for us. Help us to respond well and to bring honor and glory to you. In Jesus' name I pray.

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