No Condemnation 2

Chris Gardner

January 21, 2018

Romans Chapter 8 verse 1 he says there is therefore no condemnation. So this morning I looked up the what is the antonym to the word condemnation. And here the antonyms the opposite of the word condemnation to absolve to acquit to approve to clear to discharge to exonerate to Freid apart and to release to set free.

So when everyone looks at you and says Let me show you how condemned you are. You can say the king of kings the Lord of Lords the creator of the universe looked at me and said Son you're approved you're fruit.

Romans ate one with a powerful powerful statement.

The only place that I fear that we have seen more condemnation in church is refined more condemnation in the mirror than we do anywhere else.

Because we condemn ourselves because we don't live up to our own expectations. But what we must understand is this when we understand that there is no condemnation. It does not leave us. They lead us into a life of lethargy and a life of just pretending nothing matters. It leads us to a life of looking and saying I want to live as if what he says about me is true because it is and all that comes down to choosing what voice you're going to listen to.

What voice are you going to listen to.

Who are you going to listen to are you going to listen to the one that says that you are unworthy. Are you going to listen to the one that says you are not down.

And that's a question that each and every one of us have to learn to answer in our own lives. Number two let's go to Romans Chapter 8 verse 2 through for the first part we saw the promise of the spirit and I will be drinking some water because I'm getting sick. So sorry about that Romans Chapter 8. First two three four and I gave jeff a HUG THIS MORNING ON PURPOSE Roman Chapter 8 verse 2 through 4 we're going to see this. There's the power of the law. The power of the law. Romans Chapter 1 through 7 the heaviness that we travel through those passages where than we coater Romans Chapter 8 verse 2 3 4 and we find the power of the law the by.

The Bible says Romans Chapter 8 verse 2 if you go to the verse 2 and just as that you're going to find in these next few verses there are some things that the law cannot do.

It's impossible for the law to do them. There are some things that it is impossible for it to ever accomplish.

So let's start looking at Romans Chapter 8 and Verse 2. Here's what the Bible says and Verse 2.

For the love of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death. The first thing the law cannot do is the law cannot claim you. You are set free from the power of the law. You are set free from the power of the law. Christ made me free from the law of sin and death. That means that the law cannot claim me. I no longer belong to the law. Because now we have life in the spirit. The last sin and death is what Paul just finished describing.

And if you were here two weeks ago Romans Chapter 7 one of the heaviest passages in the book of Romans the Roman Chapter 7 verse 7 325 where he talks about the struggle that he has with himself and not doing what he wishes he would do. And then right after that he opens up Romans Chapter 8. I sometime I love the chapter headings of the Bible. I love those verses the chapters in the verses because. Can you imagine me saying hey go to the book of Romans. It's like three quarters of the way through the entire Bible and you had to find it. And hey we're going to go to that chapter that not that chapter one to go to that paragraph where it talks about. You can imagine how big of a pain that would be. But you know what sometimes those chapter headings don't help at all.

Because when you go Vroman Chapter 7 Verse 25 you pull the weight and then we stop it because OK not Chapter 8 we can stop our reading today but you miss out on the message of Romans Chapter 8 when you do that because Romans Chapter 7 leads to this heaviness of not being able to do what I think I need to do.

And then all of a sudden Romans Chapter 8 opens up and says there is now there for no condemnation.

But it seemed like Paul was condemning himself all of Chapter 7 and then he opens up and Romans Chapter 8 with that amazing statement the law of the Spirit of Life which found in Romans 8. Paul makes it clear that God never intended for the law to address the problem of sin. Paul never thought hey the law is going to fix this problem. That was not the job of the law. God never intended the law to save us from sin and death. This isn't possible. This is in part why I never sinned and it's not possible because of the weakness of our flesh.

Here's what the law does there on your paper the law promotes the knowledge of sin but never offers the solution. The law says you're a sinner. Congratulations. Great. Now

what and then the New Testament explains the now what the solution is found. In Christ the solution is found across. Anybody have a coin. This morning I got a coin. Give me a coin so give me a coin of any.

I know we live in a cashless society but I know we have women and if they're not carrying coins and those purses I don't know why they're carrying those purses because they make no sense at all. But I still think that most of the time they don't make much sense. And I knew I'd be a woman that gave it to me. Thank you Shamala. Did you get that from David. No just kidding. So this Romans Chapter 8. Here's where we find the law of sin and our lives. I want you to picture for a second. I want you to picture a coin falling to the ground under the influence of gravity if I throw this coin up in the air what's going to happen.

How do we know there's no. Is

there any way to make that gravity not work. This is the last scene. The last thing goes and goes how much of a percentage of a chance is there that when I throw this coin it's going to hit the ground. How much percentage do you might want to guess how much of a percent. A hundred percent chance and when I throw it up in the air it's going to hit the ground. That's the power in the law of gravity. And our lives. That's

exactly what's going on because see in and of itself a coin is powerless to overcome the downward pull of the earth it's powerless it cannot overcome. And I could do that same experiment 5000 times and exactly 5000 times it would fall. It is in its very nature to fall by the way this is the nature of mankind.

It's our nature to fall. It's our nature to sin but before it's gone far just imagine this beloved sin the law of gravity says this letter dropped to the ground. When we don't understand is you're totally mistaken when you say that when I throw it in the air there's a 100 percent chance it's going to hit the ground because see there's a law that could be larger and stronger and greater than the law of gravity that can actually take a falling coin and pick that coin up because this law is stronger than the law of gravity.

The polls on this coin the last sin in our lives.

This is who we are by the way this destroy preachers to make a living. If we get enough coins and cash for cash and a second time I pull out of Honda and hey here's what happens. The

law of sin is like the law of gravity. Can the law of gravity be broken. Absolutely but it has to be something stronger than the law of gravity that can break the gravity gravitational pull on an item we're shinners you're center.

What can I do about that. Absolutely nothing.

You can't beat sin. There's no way for you to conquer sin.

You can't do it before it's gone for someone reaches out an arm and holds the coin firmly in his hand lift it higher and higher and defies the laws of gravity. That's exactly what happens in our spiritual life. The law of the spirit of life is that person's arm. It overcomes the law of gravity it overcomes the law of sin in our lives. It doesn't mean the original law has ceased to operate but it does mean that there's a higher law that came into force. We soon by nature because we are victims of the fall and because of it is even because it is this nature of fallen man to sin we say it all the good all the time with kids.

So why are they doing that. Oh they do it because they are a good kind of what kids do.

Why don't you kind of fall in nature that's kind of who we are we seem by nature because we're a victim to the ball and because it's the nature of man to fall. But here's what we have to understand. First to the Bible says for the law of the spirit of life. Help me out. Next words for the law of the spirit of life. Next three words what in Christ Jesus made me free from the law of sin and death. What he's saying is this there is a law that is much stronger than the law of sin and death and that is the law of the spirit in Christ Jesus Christ is a higher law operates the law of the spirit of life and this law sets us free from the lesser law of sin and death. It sets us free from the law.

The lesser law of sin and death just like the coin. But here's what you have to understand the law cannot claim you because guess what I can dictate whether or not the law of gravity claims this coin because my arm is a stronger arm than the law of gravity that pulls upon this that pulls upon this coin in the same way with us. The Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ in Christ Jesus. Thank you. I can give it to now. Now I'm in Christ Jesus in Christ Jesus. The second thing we find about it it can't be that second thing we find is that the law cannot condemn you. In Christ Jesus the law cannot condemn you look at verse 3 with me real quick. Verse 3 The Bible says for the law. For what the law could not do and that it was a weak through the flesh God sending his own son in the likeness of simple flesh and for San condemned soon in the flesh. Here's what the Bible says.

The Bible says God sent His Son God went for the jugular when he sent his son.

He went for the jugular. He dealt with the problem as if it was a big deal. You know why he dealt with it as if it was a big deal because sin was and sin is a big deal. It was and is a big deal. The law put a bandaid on the problem instead of actually fixing it. I don't know if any of you guys ever did this as kids but me and my brothers and sisters we used to always do crazy stuff you know before kids were staring at iPad.

Yeah we would go outside and we would play you know Indians and cowboys and throw arrows at each other and rocks and hit each. It was funny because we'd be sitting there. It's funny now but I can imagine being a parent I'm thankful for my iPad. Now it's a lot better and a lot easier to parent this child than it is the kind of child that I was. So we're sitting there we're sitting there we were throwing rocks and all of a sudden somebody somebody I don't know who somebody would hit somebody with a rock. By the way if you look I've got a little scar that goes right here. We were playing we were playing that and all of a sudden this person threw a rock. I mean you're supposed to throw these little rocks but they don't they weren't from Arkansas and didn't know about Little Rock Arkansas.

This is these guys they threw this thing that dirt across this little river that bounced off against a rock. I was sitting down to grab a rock and this rock just came and hit me straight in the middle of my eyes and blood gushing everywhere and you know what happens after that happens.

Everybody goes Hey I can fix it I can fix it don't worry about it. We're not going to tell Mom we're not going to bend over bend over. Don't get the blood on your shirt. This meant over and over trying to clean it out. I've got this. And by the way I still have.

If you look at this brown or black mark right here where there's some sort of a Peruvian rock stuck in my nose to this day.

That's what the law did. They didn't fix anything. The law didn't fix anything.

I went or four years ago and he goes you know you had a broken nose. At some point I was like I figured now he said it looks like it was right about where that spot.

Like yeah that's about where it was. Here's the deal. The law was never going to fix it.

It was that bandaid. It was those Kit fixes. They were trying to convince everybody I came to. We actually did this on a Sunday afternoon and then we went to church Sunday night. So I walk up to the church building. I've already changed from my tie on because then you had to have a tie if you're going to church. Basically when you turn 9 years old it was a tie ever service. Thank God I'm not doing that anymore I can't stand ties and so so put my time on I had this big old bandaid wrapped up my mom goes what happened.

Oh no I just spell tried my hardest to cover it up. That's exactly what the law is trying to cover it up. Tried to cover it up. It is a law put a bandaid on the problem instead of actually fixing it. Here's what we have to understand.

We must come to the realization of what it cost for you to be sitting in this church building today to understand how big of a deal of this you see Jesus dying on the cross was a big deal at Christmas time. We

love talking about the baby in the manger but it goes way beyond that and if you really want the strength of what's going on if you already want to understand what's going on what you have to understand is this. It goes way before that it goes to Philippians chapter 2 verse 5 10 or 11 it says let this mind be in you which is also in Christ Jesus who being in the form of God thought it not robbery to be equal with God. He was.

He is God but made himself no reputation. I truly wish you could have read these verses with a depth of the meaning that you really find there. He made himself of no reputation. He became the lowest of the low himself no reputation and took upon upon him the form of a servant was made in the likeness of men.

He says here's the deal he made himself of no reputation. What's so funny with us is this we think that we have a lot to protect and who we are and how big we are and how tough we are and how amazing we are because you know the greatest thing to ever happen to mankind is me.

Don't we have that feeling sometimes. Look

at what God says about what. Look at what Paul says through God's inspiration in the book of Philippians he said he made himself of no reputation. How

do you make himself of no reputation just the maintenance of no reputation because he became like you and became like me. That's a crazy thought it because he we think we're the center of the universe don't we.

David. When God said I want to make my self worth I'll make myself of no reputation.

The epitome of no reputation what you became like you and me of no reputation.

Mission no reputation took him the for the form of a servant was made in the likeness of man.

By the way didn't say women there so it's so. Just kidding it's talking about both. It's like the likeness of man and being fat found in fashion as a man. He humbled himself and became obedient unto death. Even to death. Of the cross. He's not only going to die. He's going to die the absolute most humiliating death that a person could die. Wherever God also has highly exalted him and given him a name which is above every name that the name of Jesus every name about things in heaven and things and earth and things under the earth and that every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is lord to the glory of the father and when Jesus came into oppressed you realize what he did.

We like talking of him and how he humble himself in a manger body humbled himself way before and thought through the entire process and became so humble and he made himself of such no ready take that he became like me he became like me we tend to think that anyone that lives in our world is blessed and happy and anyone that doesn't. We

feel sorry for this only because we have a very poor empathetic view of who Christ is and what heaven is.

Did you hear that. We have a pathetic view of who Christ is and what he's done. And we have a pathetic view of heaven.

The attitude of saying yes don't pray for me to heal pray for me to go home. Isn't it amazing that it would change the priorities and our lives it would change everything about who we are because we truly understand what happened.

Never forget the price that was paid. We must remind ourselves to thank him for what he has done. Christ has already suffered the condemnation of the cross. So we do not have to because you do understand right that you should have died on the same cross that Jesus died on that's where you deserve to die. That's why I deserve to die. Christ has already suffered the condemnation so that we don't have to the law could not save you. It could only can do now in your paper. The law cannot save. It can only can down God sent His Son to do it the law never could.

He took our sins on the cross of calvary he.

Here's the deal. He took my dad. He placed it on his back. He went and he paid for my debt. And when he paid for my debt it changed everything. There's no double jeopardy. I'm not going to get convicted for the sins that Christ has already paid for because that would mean that Christ payment was not enough. I do not have to worry about losing my salvation. I did not have to worry about any of that. I have a God in heaven who has saved me who has paid the debt for my salvation. What

an amazing what an amazing church. Third thing and we're finished with this today. Verse 4 the law cannot control you. The law cannot control you. Romans Chapter 8 verse 4 does the righteousness of the law might be fulfilled in those who want not after the flesh but the spirit. He says he did this so that the righteousness of the law can be fulfilled in us that walk as a straight a believer now lives a righteous life not in the power of the law but in the power of the spirit because see here's the weird thing about us human beings.

We love having a list but we're like I don't like going to church as a list of do's and don'ts. But the truth of the matter is we love a list of do's and don'ts in our lives. Because if the Christian life was that simple it would be easy. Oh I broke all number seven hundred thirty three point a so because of that I've got to know that's not the Christian life at all.

The law has never had the power to produce holiness. I can give you a list a mile long. Let me ask you this. For those that have raised children would you say that you telling your kids to never do something that they never would do it.

Exactly. And you say man I can't believe how bad kids are until we put wet paint on the wall. You paint your like. Wonder if this is an old sign. Oh no no no. I've got pain in my hand. Oh you put don't touch on something it's amazing. The inner 10 year old comes out in us soon as it happens and it amazing how that happens.

The last never had the power to produce holiness. There's no list of rules that I can give you to produce holding this because it can only reveal and condemn sin. The job of the law is to reveal what sin is and to condemn that sin. That is the job of the law.

The Holy Spirit enables you to walk in obedience to God's will. To his word. Now. Now I hope you understand the difference between that. See the Holy Spirit enables you makes you able to walk in obedience it's not the law. You

know my my parents used to have to make me brush my teeth every morning like hed make me brush my teeth every morning.

Did you know that my parents have not called me up in 21 years of marriage and said Son brush your teeth because what you do is these laws that I had and life as a kid.

It was such a waste of time. I always debate it with mom and dad like so well how do your teeth get dirty when you eat and stuff. So you're saying to brush my teeth before I eat. That makes no sense at all. Mom and I tried my hardest to get out of my parents. I brushed my teeth.

Every day but there's a difference there. I

don't have a law that makes me are now unable to. And

the Holy Spirit enables us to walk in obedience the legal s tries to obey God in his own string. He tries to obey God in his own strength and he fails to measure up to the righteousness that he thinks that God demands. The spirit led Christian as he yields to the Lord experiences the sanctifying work of the spirit in his life. You know what will happen.

The Holy Spirit will be like hey that's not right.

You're like give me a lift because I don't like this spirit talking to me and telling me what I shouldn't be doing because it's so much easier to have a list but a holy spirit is going to help us grow and become holy and become one and live as if we were who we truly are.

Here's what we have to understand. We have been set free for righteousness. We have been set free for righteousness Vincent prefecture's he showed us in details of Roman Checker's 7.

There's no hope for us and our strength for our salvation. But there's also you. The law is never going to save you but let me give you another one. The law is also never going to make you obey either one.

It flunked both tests for any real change we cannot rely on our own efforts. We must rely on the work and the guiding of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Jesus life wasn't given to us as an example to follow only Jesus's life was not given to us only as an example to follow. It is not his life that saves. It is his death and his resurrection that saves the miracle of Christ dwelling in us through the Holy Spirit. The

life he lived can now be reproduced in US but his life will be reproduced in us not by a set of laws not by going to church every Sunday. None of that. It will be reproduced in us when we see when we understand when we grasp that the Holy Spirit is the only one that can ever reproduce in us what we desire.

In our life to be the only way is not reproduced by us but in us if we want not after the flesh but after the spirit and many of us have grown tired of trying to produce in ourselves something that we're never equipped to reproduce.

It's in us through the Holy Spirit. Can I ask you today let that troops sink in a little bit. Can I ask you today. Let that truth sink in a little bit. Holy Spirit guide me and my life to bring honor and glory to You Holy Spirit. Show me how I can live in a way that brings you honor in a way that brings you glory. Dear Lord I come to you thanking you for your word.

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