No Condemnation 3

Chris Gardner

January 28, 2018

Hey there. Let's open our Bibles or Romans Chapter 8 Romans Chapter 8 and we're going to start in verse 5 today. Hopefully eBay does not have a hand out.

Andrew wants to make sure that I announce that Joshua on Tuesday. Is that what you want me to announce that to us. OK. Like literally I'm looking at the time Josh John Gotti Radosh and so on today he's doing the ribbon cutting. He'll be up there by himself doing the ribbon cutting for Children's Health Care of Atlanta. What's it called the town center. They're actually doing the official opening and he's doing it because he gets them in those frequent flyer cards or frequent cutter cards because they cut him up all the time over there. And so he's he'll be doing the ribbon cutting over there because he's always at Children's Healthcare and so he would be doing that on Tuesday. OK. Let's go to Romans Chapter 8 am I done now. Are you sure. Ok I'm done. OK so Romans Chapter 8 we're on start in verse 5 today Romans Chapter 8 and verse 5. And if you don't have a hand out please raise your hand. We'll get you one. Jacob walking around trying to help them out right now. Romans Chapter 8 and we'll start in verse 5. Now before we get a verse 5 we've got at least one over here. This Dunaj I need you on here.

So we talked about Romans Chapter 8 and Romans Chapter 8 we found the very first thing is the promise of the spirit the promise of the spirit is Romans 8 1. If you been here help me out. What's the promise of the spirit that there is now no condemnation no condemnation. We don't have to worry about condemnation anymore. What an amazing verse that is. The peak is the highest point in the book of Romans that one verse just rocks your world. If you truly understand where that verse is about and then we will show it through the promise of the spirit and that was his promise and then last week we saw the power of the law and we talked about how the law cannot claim you. The law has no power over you anymore and then the law cannot condemn you power. Law cannot condemn you anymore and then the law cannot control you anymore and so we go through those three things about the power of the law.

Now number three we're going to look at today but before we do that let's go to Romans Chapter 8 and Verse 1 Romans Chapter 8 and Verse 1 and so look at this right here and the first thing I'm going to give you some fairly bigger words and that happened with Christianity and the Bible words that I don't believe people like saying well you need to make sure that your conversation is such that when somebody comes to church that they understand every word of what you're saying. The truth of the matter is there are words as Christians that we understand and that we hold precious to us just like everybody else does. And what they do. Ari trains horses. She would say some words that you're like What in the world does that have anything to do with but it would mean something to her because of what she does as a mechanic with Delta I guarantee you they have some vernacular that I don't quite get as a pilot. I guarantee you they have a lot of stuff. No matter what we do. We have vernacular it matters to us. We have words that mean a lot in Romans chapter 8 verse 1. This is a gigantic meaning of a word an amazing word in Romans chapter and verse one we find the word justification.

We are just as if we had never seen. And so it says verse 8 that there is therefore now no condemnation no condemnation means I am now justified there's no condemnation for them that are in Christ Jesus.

So that is justification and if you're taking your Bible you ought to like put a put a circle or an ashik around that verse and just put the word justification. That's what we are. There is no condemnation for those that are in Christ Jesus now. Verse 2 3 and 4 we find a different word and this word is a word that we struggle with justification means just as if I had never sinned.

So when God looks at me he doesn't look at me the way I look at me because see when I look at me I look in the mirror and I know all my failures. Anybody else in here like that. Well you know my failures. I know how not good I am. OK I know how I don't know how many times I've decided to lose weight. OK. Like I know how many times I've decided to lose weight. And it's more than one hundred probably times that I've decided I'm going to lose.

I know I know that I'm not perfect but here's what the Bible says when God sees me he sees me with no condemnation. That is the word justification. Next word that you'll find in verse 2 3 and 4. Less read those verses just for the law of the spirit of the life and Christ Jesus hath made me free of the law sin and death for what the law could not do and that it was weak through the flesh God sinning his own son in the likeness of simple flesh and for sin condemned sin in the flesh that the righteousness of the law might be fulfilled and us who want not after the flesh but after the spirit. So first off he says no condemnation.

But then he talks about the importance of us walking a certain way OK so what in the world if I'm not going down to Watto I have to walk a certain way and we're talking about the law and grace here and you come to verse two and four and here's the big word here that you'll find in the following verses enrolments Chapter 8. The first word is help out with the first word. What is it.

Romans 8 1 is the first word that we're talking about. That's a big word.

First we're Romans day 1 stands for justification it's justification. That's who I am. I am found with no condemnation. After that you find this word sanctification sanctification. Now what does the word sanctification means sanctification has to do with our walk. And it is a constant. Have you ever noticed even in people around you how your life progresses as you get to know Christ.

You're not today who you were three years ago.

If you are following. Absolutely hallelujah. If we are not today who we were five years ago we are not today who we were 7 years ago because in our life we walk in a way that is because sanctified so we are living our life and becoming more like Jesus.

Every day when it comes down to it it comes down to this. We have the position of the believer what the position of the believer.

According to Romans Chapter 8 1 is that we are no longer there and therefore help me out.

No condemnation there is there for me out no condemnation. That is our position before God but sanctification doesn't have to do with our position before God sanctification has to do with our practice before man sanctification has to do with our practice so there is a difference in your position before God. Can I just tell you that sometimes I have. I have amazing kids. I'm thankful for my kids. Their position is they are my children. But sometimes they don't act like my children. They don't always act with the garden or approved rules. Is that a fair did. Is that just my kids or do you have that issue at all.

No issues with that at all. BRENDAN Oh way Brandon goes. Yeah that's right. I'm always good. He got a thumbs up from the back.

So what I'm saying is if his position does not change he's our child but when the principal calls or if you're Brendin poor fellow his mom is the assistant principal and so and when the principal does it call the principal goes Hey Becky let me just tell you so so so when the principal calls he did not like who he really is.

He did not like it. So that's what you find in the Christian life Romans Chapter 8 verse 1 is this justification. I stand before God as if I had never seen OK. After that you find sanctification how we walk with Christ on a daily basis can I say this I beg God that my life not look five years down the road like it looks today.

It's easy to look at some mango. You've probably said you're going lose weight 100 times how many years as a Christian have you promise you're going to read your Bible three O.

This note is easy to see. He started the year off your new year's resolution the most read book and the Bible as Genesis life the most read book in the Bible you'll read Genesis.

Hey how many times. Oh man I'm an expert in the bible let's start with Genesis because I've read that one like 50 times. I've never gotten past numbers. If you get past numbers you are a man and if you get past first and second chronicles you are like incredibly man like you ought to be named Aero Alexander.

If you get past first and second chronicles that you all are sure that is it not. Our practice is different than our position and that's what we find in Romans chapter 8.

First one and the. So we come here to have a Romans Chapter 8 and going a certain Verse 5 today Romans Chapter 8 and on your paper there the part that's not filled out there is on the third page and we're gonna find number three the pursuit of a new.

The pursuit of a new walk. Roman up 8 verse 5 through 11. In this section of scripture we see him speaking of those that mind what we will see is that there is a contrast in the way our lives are lived.

There is a contrast in the way we live our lives by the way many churches and many preachers lead you to believe that your life is supposed to be nothing but success after success after success after success. But the truth of the matter is Sanctification is not a practice in success.

The Sanctification is the practice and sacrifice.

It's not that you're always going to be successful. It is you're going to be you're going to become more and more like Jesus every single day.

You're going to follow him every day so guess what. You look at yourself in the mirror and you go Well I don't look like Jesus at all today. Congratulations that's a great starting point.

And I don't care where you are in that in that trim line. I don't care where you are if you say Chris you don't understand how horrible I am. I don't care how horrible you are because sanctification does not take you does not say this is who you need to be alone. This is this is who you are as you live and as you follow Jesus you become more like Christ.

And we can spout out the vernacular better than anybody about being gospel centered but cannot tell you that if your life is not gospel centered it doesn't really matter what else is.

So we come here in Romans chapter 8 and we're going to find is this Sanctification is about the journey. And some people start over here and sanctification being like Christ is that other wall and you're like Chris you don't understand how bad of a person I am when you say that you don't understand how good of a savior he is. You don't understand how good of a savior you're like Chris. I'm going to not this wall down because this isn't even around it. Like I'm fine. Like I'm at the other end of I'm at the other end of Cartersville away from being wholly. Well guess what. I don't care where you are. You know what I want to see river be I want to see river be a place that is welcoming to anybody no matter where they are at.

Made me want to crawl up and die. When I heard this but a friend of mine said my mom will not come to church because she knows how people at churches treat people with tattoos.

I wanted to die when I heard that because we don't care.

Can I just tell you I hope that our church is full of sinners.

I beg God for a church that is full of drunks and drug addicts and prostitutes and I'd beg God for church. It's full of people that you would be like now don't worry won't those kind of people because guess what. We don't really care where people are at what we find in the book of Romans is when you are justified then starts your journey of being then sanctified sanctification.

This is something that I'm pretty passionate about and I'm not even on my notes right now so here's what I cannot stand about churches in America.

You start here of not being sanctified at all. You accept Christ you are justified and here's what the church expects we will accept you in the door once you are here but not before you reach this spot.

Your vocabulary doesn't sound like it belongs in church.

Awesome. Because we want people that are justified but because of their being justified then they become sanctified. Their life changes and you know what changes don't happen quickly even with a name like Arrow Alexander. He's not using the bathroom on his own yet. Like he's not even sleeping and we think that's natural like I said. So are you getting any sleep and you can tell the difference between a mom and a veteran mom.

OK I said you're getting and you get some sleep with our own. She looks at me. She goes.


Because we've all been there. This is number three and some of us have been there and a little bit farther with foreign if you're crazy you might even have more than that like my sister has nine I can't even imagine having nine children.

But but here's the deal what we need to understand in churches this we don't want a church or people that are holy. We want a people a church full of people that are justified by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And after being justified we watch them in their process of sanctification.

Can I tell you this. Our church has people like that and here I don't know many churches that celebrate the six month chip awesome.

I don't know many churches that have one of the main leaders in the church. One of the guys that really wants to leave the church come to the house and drop the f bomb while playing Risk with a pastor.

I think David Shleifer and he's working back in the back volunteering right now and he would not mind at all me telling that story. He's sitting there and let me just tell you if there's any way to watch Chris Luces Christianity it's true the risk I don't lose at risk is not that I don't believe in losing at risk. And if you ever want to see the bad side of Chris bring him over to my house play riffs. He's at my house. He's saved he'd been saved for a while. He's sitting there. Me and my kids are around the table and at the top of his lungs he drops the bomb

. I want the kind of church where that kind of stuff happens.

Because guess what. I've not heard him do that that much anymore. You say once you learn to act better no because he's being sanctified as he gets more and more like Jesus because what happens is life changes. His life changes. I've rented a U-Haul U-Haul trucks from this.

By the way I'm trying to make sure that David Schleifer watch the message. OK. So when we're done everybody he told stories about you just say that I promise you he'll watch the message that way.

I go to all places and I'll rent you halls.

When we met David he was stocking shelves at a Publix making the minimum wage and now he's one of the lead managers at U-Haul and I walk in and go every single person the man that is such a good young man. Gospel centered man because this is what the gospel does to people in their process of sanctification and their process.

The occasion may we never become the church that we have policed the door looking at people to know whether or not we're letting them and not letting them in the door because everybody lets everybody in the door but we don't look at them different. We love people with the gospel of Jesus Christ and we watch what the gospel can do.

Romans 8 5 now and I'm done. We'll go to the notes and nothing but the notes. But man I'm excited about this passage. Romans Chapter I hate. If you can't tell Romans chapter and verse five we want to see that there is a contrast in the way that our lives are lived.

Our new walk shows that we are looking at a different way now had the privilege of going over and helping David Shiers parents out trying to automate their home and his dad looks at me and he goes I don't know what y'all have done to David is so different now. You know who did it. What is that. AUSTIN It wasn't Chris Gardner It was the process of sanctification. Guess what those of you all that know where David's at today fasten your seat belts because as long as he follows after Christ he's going to be so different ten years from now it's going to blow your mind. The process of sanctification a mistake you didn't use to the most helpful person that I know of in our church body is a dude that was known for fighting with everybody at Publix.

I've got a car broke down. I'll go to your house and I'll work on it for seven hours.

If you'll just pay for the parts and I'll even offer to pay for some of the parts maybe that's he cares about different things now because that's what the gospel does. That's what the gospel does in public.

He was known for finding people but that's the process of sanctification that the process of sanctification.

We decided to pursue something that is much more value what happens is this when we come to know Christ and the gospel we look at things and when we look at them we don't look in a straight line anymore. I'm pursuing my own success. We look at pursuing the glory of God and because of that my success may be a byproduct but I'm not pursuing success I'm pursuing bringing God glory and my life and that changes everything.

Instead of becoming a brawler that loves fighting with everybody. You're the guy that goes Pam. Dave has been out of your house many times just out there fixing your car and though he charges you an arm and a leg and make sure that you go broke while he's doing it. That's not what happened. Why. Because there's a heart change and you haven't just sanctification by the way the only other place that he spent more time working on cars is at my house.

Let me just tell you that David Schleifer is happier that I've got a new car than anybody else in this room including me because he would sit there for hours and hours and hours and work and honestly he didn't even know what he was doing that well.

But he figured it out hey can take an iPod change can take a Nissan Quest apart now with his eyes closed and by blindfold but we pursue different things.

Now here's what's so sad about the illustration of David the illustration of David Esad Jessica because we've got to use somebody that was raw because sanctification does seem to do much in my life doesn't seem to do much and that's life and Bill's life and Becky's life that there's not much to go. But can I just tell you you should be able to look back at the trend line of your life and say I can see the gospel of Jesus Christ is doing not in my life when I got saved but in the daily life that I live that's the process of sanctification we decided to pursue something that is much more value. We decided to go and to give our will our affections and our conscience to something that really matters to something that really matters. How many of you remember when you were 16 years old kind of car you wanted you remember that you wanted this fancy hot rod that.

And then all of a sudden you grow a brain and all of a sudden you're not caring about how because that's what happens. That's what happens with Christ too we have grown we decided and we've given our wills on our affection. We've given our conscience to something that truly matters. We have devoted ourselves to the Gospel.

We've devoted ourselves to the. This passage isn't about two kinds of Christians that we're going to see this passage is about those that know Christ and those that don't know Christ. And he's going to make that make for different contrast in this passage about those Naji's and those who don't know Jesus.

The Bible says Romans 8 phablet start with there and we're probably finishing with there because it's 11 9000 already.

We're going to be on this paper Barbara like like like I'm going to be marrying Autum off to Arrow. And by the time we finish this piece of paper OK. ROMANS chapter 8 and verse 5 I love Romans 8 Romans 8. It's just an amazing passage.

Romans 8 verse 5 they that are after the spirit after the flesh me out. But the next two words do what. Mind the things of the flesh and those that are the flesh do mind the things the flesh but they that are after the spirit things of the spirit.

So those that do not know Jesus you have to question to you. Are you in Christ. Are you in the flesh. If you're in Christ you mind the things that are of the spirit of Christ if you mind if you are not in Christ you are in the flesh. The New Mind does things that are of the flesh.

Why did you react that way wanted you to react to that way. Because that's the way I wanted to react. What did you do that. Well I did that because that's how I want to do just that.

You knew that you should have done that. What's your problem I have is different. I have a disease called bwt don't want to lie that's my disease. I don't want to I simply don't want to do what I'm supposed to do.

That's following the election he says. First five again for they that are in the flesh. What do they do. They mind the thing to the flesh. Can I just tell you that if you truly understand this it will change the way you approach your relationships.

Because you're not going to mind the things in the flesh. It will change the way you effect it and change the way you do with your parents and will change the way you do with your children because after a flash this is what I want to do.

But I know the gospel in the Gospel has changed me so I don't do what I want to do in my flesh. I do what I do and the spirit. We work last Sunday we had a meeting at a prayer meeting on the corner close to my house with the Austins and with us and were sitting there hanging out.

And Jessica said something it was so funny because Jessica says something and then she goes you know my problem is I just need to obey the lesson that I told the kids today.

What she was saying was this my flesh does not want to do the spirit tells me something else I want to do and becoming Christ like.

Is that process of sanctification. Chris I'm not a great parent.

Great great. No no where you're at.

I'm not a great parent. You know what you do. You pray in the morning and you say God helped me to reflect you and this relationship with my children.

Chris I'm not a great employee. Lord help me as an employee. Chris I'm not a great boss Chris. I'm not a great whatever it is. I don't care where you are at because right here does not matter if you are justified if you know Jesus I don't care where you're at because many people many times in church you feel like if you're breme being present because you're not here it doesn't matter where you're at. What matters is that you know Christ and that you are daily being justified not just about your daily being.

Thank you. You're being sanctified every day you're walking closer and closer to him. And as I was studying this passage and looking it over again by the way I wrote this message six months ago as I wrote as I study in this week for this passage you know what I was thinking. The saddest thing to admit is that my life you can't really see the process of sanctification and you know why because I'm a great faker. Now if you want to ask my kids I can probably tell you where the prophets are sanctification is happening in my life but can I encourage you today to be Sancta Pat on. Chris I'm not a good parent. Who cares. Start with where you're at.

Take one step closer in your process or sanctification and being like Chris I'm not a great son. Great.

Take one step in your process of being sanctified. Because here's the deal where you're at. Does it matter. Where you're going does that in the flesh versus in spirit period the unsaved person does not have the spirit. And he lives in the flesh but not only does he live in the flesh he lives for the flesh. He lives for the flesh the unsaved person's mind is centered on things that satisfy the flesh.

We live for things that satisfy the flesh. The Christian has the spirit of God within and lives and an entirely new way because his mind is fixed on the things of the spirit. His mind is focused on the things of God. And when you look at it and you go my anger my temper this you see there and you go well this does not reflect Christ as I become more and more sanctified that part of my life is going to change. And I beg God that I can be married to my wife at the age of 80 years old and she can look back and say I promise you I know a pattern of sanctification because I've watched it and my husband because every day my life ought to be becoming more and more like Christ doesn't mean that the unsaved person never does anything good it doesn't mean that the same person never does anything bad it means that one lives for the flesh.

You know why giving at church matters.

It's not about what you most give ten point two percent if not God's going to send you to the hospital where you can sit in that same amount of money in the hospital that he does in the church also makes efforts not Bible but light like I wish I could preach that but she's not Bible. You know what's great about giving. What's great about getting is this. You know what each and every person in this room have in common.

We like to keep.

We enjoy keeping so no. CHRIS Not me. You really put your checkbook out check into it. Where all your money goes.

Probably not and nor am I volunteering for that exercise. Giving is a great time of saying that what a person that follows the spirit does that's a person who follows the spirit.

My life is focused on something else. It means that one lives with a pledge the other on this for the spirit.

Those that learned to overcome sin are those that had their mind set on what the Spirit desires I'm going to have my mindset on what the Spirit desires I'm going to wake up in the morning and say Holy Spirit lead me. And every step of the way and my life to bring you honor and glory and if you show me what to do I'll do it. The connection between living and thinking is a tight and close but we have our mind set to see what we have our mind sets to shapes our lifestyle and shapes our character. And here's the bad news and the good news. We decide what place our minds on. Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to talk about Jesus but how easy it is to talk about Tom Brady Have you ever noticed that if you don't know who Tom Brady is Congratulations I'm tired of him as well.

And it's like I don't even want to watch the Super Bowl this year. I'm going to do the Super Bowl told the opposite.

I'm going to watch the Super Bowl I'm going fast for the football game and will watch the commercials. That's what I'm going to do this year. I'm sick and tired of Tom Brady winning more rings. It's like overcoming month 6 3 and you know whatever I do know is that so much easier because we've set our mind on this thing.

We even have entertainment based upon where we want to set our minds. Our church gives away a subscription to right now media for people to watch Christian curriculum. They can watch great videos to watch everything else. But I can almost guarantee you that we watch more ESPN than we ever would.

Right now media because you decided to set our minds on things that don't really matter if you're like Hey Chris how do I get a subscription. Thanks for asking. E-mail me. I'll make sure and get you one for free so that you can watch it. It's a great babysitter way better than YouTube and Netflix they can't click on anything that's going to do damage or do them damage. It's awesome for you for your kids at least you can use as a babysitter.

The connection between living and thinking is a type whatever we think. We live our lives for. And to that end what we have our mind set to shapes our lifestyles and character what you find yourself thinking about all the time.

Now as the pastor and as the preacher I can tell you this when you're about to preach a message like this you can honestly stand up and go. I've been thinking all week about how my life doesn't reflect following the spirit the way it needs to. You know why. Because every day I'm reading it going oh my goodness I've got to say this the people when you find yourself thinking about all of them.

If you were to take a piece of paper and write down this is the amount of time I have spent talking about this this week what would that list look like.

You lay in bed and you think about your money you lay in bed at night and you think about your relationships. You lay in bed at night and you think about your stress. How many times do we lay in bed at night and actually think about what the Spirit desires in our life. We've decided to set our mind to for a matter of fact there's a bestselling book called The Secret out there and the secret literally tells you that if you start paying attention and put your mind on rich people and rich things you become rich.

You know how I know that's not true because that's what America always does.

What do we place in our minds. What do you find yourself thinking about all the time. And she says don't be different than honestly for me when this is stupid house ever going to be done with.

OK. And I chose nice words to use there instead of the words that are going through my mind. My flesh filled mind. That's what I'm thinking about.

How am I going to raise my kids you know. Honestly guys what are we thinking on.

What are you intently focused on. What are you preoccupied with what's your attention.

What is it what is your attention and your imagination. What are they captured by. What are they captured by Proverbs Chapter 23 or 7 says this and you're just about done. Proverbs 23 7 says this freshy thinketh in his heart.

Read that out as you think it's in his heart. What when you wake up in the morning and think I'm a bad parent.

Guess what. Congratulations are going to be a bad parent.

When you wake up in the morning you go I'm a bad brother. Guess what. You're going to be a bad brother because as a man. Think of his heart so is he. Eat and drink. Yet he did. But his heart is not with what he's saying is this as a man. Think it is. So you wake up and you know and I know where we stand. You and I know let me just tell you this week I've not wanted to read my Bible one single day have had no desire to read my Bible.

Are pastors supposed to be able to admit to that. Or am I going to get the firing squad after I'm done. I don't know. You know like hey you're fired. Go find another place to go and I'll make sure to delete this video or they can't see that I didn't want to ruin my life.

Here's the deal.

How many of us were in the morning say this is where I think it's tougher and how many of us wake up and go Holy Spirit. I depend on you today to be what you've called me to be because guess what.

You can speak as a parent but you have the promise of the Holy Spirit living inside of you. You may think as a brother you may think as a daddy. You may think it's a friend but you have the holy spirit inside of you.

And he's living inside of you and he's guiding you and he's pushing you and he's helping you in what you need to understand is this that is way better than you standing up saying how bad you are because of the process of sanctification is learning to yield your life to the Holy Spirit on a daily basis to live in a way that reflects his power and you as a man think of that as heart.

So is he what we focus our minds on. Has a direct consequence in how we live. Our lives are the conversations I had with Jacob pan Andrew and Joshua.

I got them in order to stand as a parent. I don't know what happens but as a parent when you have more than I when you have four kids I don't know. What's amazing is this the person you're wanting to talk to is always the last name out of your mouth like it's always like Jim just drew it up man.

That's right.

Yes. Wish that I'm talking to you the day and I said. Let me ask you a question where do you allow yourself to go.

When you get upset sat down. Exactly. I said so when you get mad. Here's what you do.

I said you needed said you're not going to go there because our lives aren't supposed to be dictated by what our flesh wants to go and where our flesh wants to take just be dictated by the leadership of the Holy Spirit guiding us.

And I said you just got to decide you're not going to let yourself to go there anymore. They've done fairly well in the last two weeks. Here's the question for you today. Are you being led by your flesh. Are you being led by your spirit. What are you thinking on Romans 8 verse 5. Or read that again. And then it will be done for the day that are after the flesh do mind. Do mind the things the flesh but they that are after the spirit the things of the spirit Lord. I beg you this week to help me to walk in a way that shows that our mind the spirit or forgive me for.

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