No Condemnation 4

Chris Gardner

February 4, 2018

You guys it's open our Bibles The Book of Romans Chapter 8 The Romans Chapter 8. And man what an amazing chapter this has been at least for me. I don't know if you guys have enjoyed it or not. Just an amazing chapter in the scriptures. Many say that this Roman Chapter 8 is the biggest passage in the scriptures just Romans Chapter 8 is an amazing passage talking about the grace of God and all that he's done with us and so we started the Romans Chapter 8 verse 1 but saying Hey we might not have a hand out Tina's handing him out because Jacob is not here.

And so where's Jacob you pointed.

Oh Jacob is here anyway yeah. So be praying for my eyesight is really bad here lately. Romans Chapter 8. Jacob just didn't do his job this week. Tina took over Fornes. If you get one.

You got a Roman set right. So we've been Roman titrate talking about Chapter 8 verse 1 and talked about that there is now therefore no condemnation and talked about how that is our justification before God. Last week we talked about justification and sanctification in the difference of those two. And so we went through. If you're looking at your paper there. If you're looking at your paper there you'll see you have no condemnation you have the the promise of the spirit the promise of the spirit.

It's in Chapter 8 verse 1 that there is no condemnation. Then the second thing you have is the power of the law. What does the bill all have power do. Well it has. I cannot claim you cannot own you cannot condemn you and it cannot control you. There is nothing that the law can do to you and then last week we talked about the pursuit of a new dog. So our life is different now that we are believers. Our life is different now that we're believers. The pursuit of a new walk.

Romans 8 5 through 8 Sunburst 5 we saw in the flesh burst into spirit. We have two different ways of living our life in the flesh and in spirit. So today we're going to go to verse 6 and we're going to talk about death versus life and peace death versus life and peace. And that's what it says a Roman Chapter 8 verse 6.

The Bible says to be carnally minded is what I mean out there carnally minded is what there are to be carnally minded is dead but to be spiritually minded is life and be. Imagine if somebody were to say to you if you take this direction right here you're going to have death. And if you take this direction right here you're going to have life and peace.

How many people would ever choose to go down the death route.

Nobody would even the thought of that. But the Bible tells us very very clearly in our lives that to be carnally minded is death and verse 5.

If you read Verse 5 It also says Verse 5 says for the things that are after the flesh those they that are after the flesh do mind that things are the flesh but they that are to the spirit the things of the spirit and the sense if you mind the thing to the flesh was the result of that verse. The result is that verse 6 to be carnally minded is death and it amazing how much we struggle with being carnally minded if we were to only understand the result of being carnally minded it was death it might change the way we look at stuff.

Now when we talk about the gospel and when we talk about the gospel and works what we have to understand is this works will never save you. You have to be saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ and in Jesus Christ alone. But can I just say that many times what tends to happen is this. As Christians we go oh no I could never be saved by works. I'm want to put works down and I'm going to get saved by grace and then as soon as we're saved by grace we go. Now let's talk about the works that I've got to do to be right with God. We pick up the same quote from before as if that was the answer and wasn't the point. Here's the deal. It doesn't matter what you do your works are never going to justify you ever. No matter who you are no matter what you've done no matter if you've been Mother Teresa out doing her thing it doesn't matter who you are your works will never justify you because you're justified through one thing and one thing alone.

You're justified by grace and by Jesus Christ that's the only way to justify it. Now that doesn't mean our life doesn't change but it doesn't change because we have a list of to do's and don'ts. The sad thing is is that if we're not careful we'll pick up and become the same Pharisees you find in the Bible that Jesus slammed all the time because all of a sudden we think our works is just going to make God happy with us but we're not justified by works we are not sanctified by a list of to do's and don'ts and so the letter or letter be their death versus life and peace. The Bible says the carnal mind is death the carnal mind is death and a spiritual mind is life and peace. Now wouldn't it be cool if I just said OK let's go home. God does not have a carnal mind and will be peace and life wouldn't be cool if it was that easy.

Oh I didn't know that. Now that I know that I won't have a carnal mind anymore.

What do you mean. I submit that he but I have a carnal mind is death and spurge mind is life. Now please don't Paul is calling attention to it one of the best kept secrets of the human race. Well the best kept secret of the human race. Everybody in this world wants life in peace.

If I were to ask you today which one do you want in this hand a whole life and peace and desire to hold death. There's only a 100 percent chance that everybody in the world would say I want this one right here.

But we currently mind it as death. Why in the world do we deal with it everybody in this world wants life and peace. And they go through a million different avenues to find it. We also call this happiness. Have you ever noticed how we think we know what will make us happy.

How many of you remember when you knew exactly what would make you happy when you wanted to date that girl and you thought if she ever went out on a date with me I'd be happy and then you go on a date with her and then you're like well not only that.

Well maybe she would say yes when I ask her to marry me. Then I would be happy if I were to get married. Then I would be happy if that happens with all of us because we have this crazy idea of what would make us happy and we could do it with money. Don't you remember when you were making twenty five thousand dollars a year when you got your first job and you thought what in the world. How do my parents spend all the money they get. I don't even get it because I'm about twenty five thousand dollars I don't even know what to do with all this money and then all of a sudden you're like oh man I can barely make it twenty five thousand dollars a year and then you make it a 30 and then you make it 40 make it to 15 and guess what. Our happiness there's only one problem with happiness. It's always one or two steps in front of where you're at.

Now we all want life and peace. We all want happiness and we look forward in a million different ways. Can I tell you my wife and I got married on June the 7th of 1996 and M. remember what an amazing day. We're standing there in front of about 300 people ahead close to 80 pastors travel from all over the country to be there at my wedding. It was just an amazing time. Now they're nervous. My wife comes in and we get married was like there is nothing closer to happiness than this and then we're married and we can't have kids and I thought well if we have kids is not the way it always happens.

Happiness is just one little step out of we're out of reach of where you're at now and some of you it's like hey I to get married I'd be happy and you're married for five years and you go if I were not married I'd be happy.

Is that not true. Is there another way the human experience is is the way the human experiences is just instead up more like just kidding she was not doing that at all. But here's here's the deal.

It's another way we are happiness is always just one or two steps out of our out of our reach. One or two steps out of our reach. And so we look for happiness in so many ways.

It's funny because even our Declaration of Independence we talk about it OK in our Declaration of Independence we say we're going to protect. Help me out here y'all.

Historians are going to take life liberty and just wait wait. We're going to protect life and liberty.

OK. We're protecting that you don't get in our way we're going to protect life and liberty and in the vernacular totally changes.

OK we're going to protect life and liberty but they're not protecting happiness what are they protecting the pursuit of it. You're free to pursue it like go after it all you own vernacular. Totally changes.

We're here to protect your life. We're here to protect your liberty and we're here to protect your pursuit of happiness because even the founding fathers understood one thing the human race is known for pursuing happiness not for having it were known for pursuing happiness. We're not known for having it. So we say the life and liberty know what they say will also protect you trying to follow after happiness. Just think about it Paul teaches us that the secret to life and peace is this the secret to life and peace here's the secret the secret to a lot. Chris I want to have a life and I want to have peace. OK. Well Paul's going to tell you exactly how to get that the secret to life and peace is to be spiritually minded. Paul teaches that the secret to life and peace is to be spiritually minded. Again this is a contrast of people because here's what you find those that know Christ have life and peace and those that don't have death.

We have life we have peace our life is different. We live in a different way. Here's the funny thing.

If you don't know Christ this morning pursue happiness with all you've got. Because this is going to be the happiest period of your existence. What I mean is you need to go out and he needed it. You need to go out and you need to have drugs and you need to have fun and you need to do everything that you can because guess what. This is the happiest moment of your existence you're like Christ you don't understand where I am and where I've come from. This is the happiest moment of your life. The Bible says that if you're not justified through Christ when you die you'll spend eternity in hell.

So live it up today.

The sad thing is that now is the way we look at things that are Christians live that way as well as if death were their worst enemy because we do not understand what heaven is like. I said a few weeks back. The saddest thing about our churches is we pray more for Christians to stay out of heaven than we do for sinners to stay out of hell. Hey pray for this sickness pray for this healing. And we need to pray for all those things. But can I just tell you we're looked at as Christians. The worst that you're ever going to live here but we pursue it as if this was the end and everything we did.

We invest our money we invest our time. We invest every part of our being in today because we think that today's the big deal but we don't understand is this we have an eternity waiting for us that will make this pale in comparison. And what we're holding onto as you hold on to life is we're actually holding onto a second tier third tier 55 level tier of something that has no value at all in comparison to heaven life and death of life and death.

The secret to life and peace is a spiritual mind. The secret to death. Not much of a secret. Just follow your mind do whatever you want. Wake up in the morning and go what would make me happy and then go do that. No but I think it would make me happy if I were to. Don't even care. Fill in the line.

Go ahead and go do that because the Bible teaches us that that is full of death the spiritual mind is full of life and peace. Verse 6 and 7 we find you carnally minded is death to be spiritually minded as life and peace. Why. Because the carnal mind is enmity against God the carnal mind is enmity against God for it is not subject to the law of God.

God neither indeed can be war with God verses peace be carnally minded is death to be spiritually mind is life in peace. Look at the last word in verse 6 last written verse 6 is the word peace life and peace then. And then in the next verse it starts explaining how the carnal mind is enmity with God.

Its enmity its the enemy of God.

It says when you choose to have a carnal mind you choose to live with God as your helped me out there as your worst enemy when you choose to have a Carnamah and you're sitting there and you go.

I choose to have a carnal mind about this issue. When you do that what you need to understand is you are literally saying to God God I want to be your enemy and you know my life isn't going so well. Well maybe because you picked a fight with the wrong person he says to live it ends with the word peace and in the next verse starts off and it just life and peace and the next war starts explaining how that carnal mind is the enemy of God.

So when we choose to have a carnal mind we choose to live with God as our enemy. In case you're wondering God is not a good enemy to have. Now we can all choose our enemies. God is not a good one to choose. This is the this is the life of those that don't know Christ.

But sadly for Christians we can also grow into having a carnal mind. We can also grow and having a carnal mind. Do you know how we search for churches with our carnal mind. Well I don't like how but you know how we search for our couple.

Well I don't like literally nothing but a carnal mind and how we want stuff.

We can also grow into becoming KARMALI minded. We as children are never his enemies. But we can sure act as if we were.

If you've been a parent for any time at all you know what it's like to hold a baby in your arm and they're kicking and screaming and they're trying to go to sleep. They can't go to sleep and you're holding on and you're like this baby thinks it's enemy if they only knew I'm the dad.

I'm not his enemy.

I'm trying to help him him but we as his children are never as enemies but we sure can act as if we were as childish as it is for a little baby to just kick and scream and pretend that you're trying to hurt him. The same thing we do with our God we are not we are not he is not our enemy. The last contrast here in this passage is this verse 8 got Paul makes another contrast he says. Here's the deal. The difference between a spiritual man and a carnal mind and then letter D it says pleasing self versus pleasing God. Verse 8 The Bible says so then they that are in the flesh.

Cannot please God that does it in the flesh cannot please God.

It's literally impossible for you to please God in the flesh. It's impossible in the flesh which equals lost or outside of Christ. You cannot please God the unsaved person lives to please himself and rarely if ever thinks of pleasing God. We'll wake up in the morning and will say I wonder if my church would be ok with this. And the truth of the matter is who cares. I wonder if my pastor would be ok with this. Who cares. I wonder if. No no. See it doesn't come down to that at all.

What it comes down to is and my pleasing God or not when our children try and get our children to obey and teach them to obey and you know what it once they learned that pleasing God matters more than pleasing self don't realize that pleasing their parents is so easy because their parents and what they're asking them to do is nothing more than pleasing God but they have to understand that they're pleasing gods you we have to live a life where we decide whether we're pleasing ourselves or whether or pleasing God the unsaved person lives to please himself and rarely if ever thinks about pleasing God.

The lifestyle of the flesh shows from a mind that is oriented to the flesh. You have a mind that is all about your normal lives the lifestyle of the spirit comes from a mind that is oriented to the spirit. You don't ask yourself first what you want to do. You don't say well I won't. Nobody cares what you want to do. I don't care what I want to do. Of a mind that is focused on God does not ask itself first when it wants to do and that's what God wanted to do.

Left to ourselves we are totally unable to live in a way that causes our Creator to prove to approve of us. No doubt we're no longer under condemnation but we might we ask ourselves today if our minds are set where they're supposed to be set. As Christians are our mind set where they're supposed to be set might we consider whether we look more like Christ like if somebody were to see you were late.

Would they say that God looks like Christ or would they say that he looks more like the place they were supposed to be brought out of. So you were not supposed to be like the world we're not supposed to act like the world or not had the conversation of the normal world we're supposed to be different. But the question is this When people look at you what they say he looks more like Christ. He acts more like Christ.

He lives more like Christ or would they say he looks like his zip code has 3 0 1 0 1 and he's exactly like every one of his neighbors except for he doesn't sleep in on Sunday so he goes to church. What would they say about us for the purpose. In the spirit. Verse 9 through 11 burst 9 through 11 and say we might even finish this piece of paper today that Jack thought I was going to be on it for like years and gave us 9 to 11. Ron talk about the purpose and the spirit. The Bible says you but you're not in the flesh but in spirit if you're a Christian you're not in the place you're in the spirit.

If so be to the spirit of God dwelling you if you're if you're saved the spirit of God is living in you. If any man have not the spirit of Christ he's not even if the Holy Spirit is not living inside of you you are not of Christ is that simple. If Christ be in you the body is dead because of sin but the spirit is life because of righteousness but the spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell on you. Man what an amazing verse you need to underline this first in your Bible. The spirit of him that raised that Jesus from the dead. Well I knew he that raised Christ from the dead child. Also quicken your mortal bodies by His Spirit dwelleth in his. But ye are not of the flesh you're of the spirit. We know that because the Holy Spirit is living inside of us the evidence of our salvation is this the holy spirit is living inside of you. You have the Holy Spirit living inside of you. I'll never forget some of the young men in the ministry in Peru they not allowed me to work with.

It was pretty amazing to watch them after they got saved. These were not what I loved about the ministry that we had down there is that these guys in Peru are not your normal good going to church guys. These guys didn't get saved in Sunday school. They didn't get saved in children's church because they didn't even know that there was a such thing as Sunday school for them was It's called hangover school because they were hanging over from the night before. These guys have a bad bad lifestyle but what I loved about them was this one day in church and one day they accept Christ as their savior. One of the young men was sitting there no he had eight people in church and he sitting on the back pew and in the middle of my message eight people in church. By the way is the biggest joke you've ever heard of ever. Eight people in church I'm preaching to them and when he walks in I'm talking I'm starting to slam the gospel as much as I can as hard as I can. Before long you sitting there back in the back and he goes. He raised his hand on light let me see it. Could you just shut up and tell me how to be saved. Kind of raw. Not like they don't know what the procedure for church is. I was like OK the whole church is now dismissed all six of you all go home. You know it's right up front and he goes Hey man I wish I could take. These guys knew nothing about church nothing about doing what was right. One day that would fly. They place their faith in Christ and then they're going to return to me now. I met the ripe old age of 18 back then. It should be illegal to pass the church at 18 but I was pastoring a church at 18. OK pimples on my face I'm skinny back then and I didn't have the beautiful bod that I have now. And so I'm 18 years old I'm out preaching these guys get say they come to me and here's what would happen. It would take about three weeks and they'd say Chris can we talk to you. So yeah. Now these guys aren't the clean cut Christians they don't know what is going on. They come up for a really bad background they look at me.

I'm sick and tired of you. What did I do wrong. Oh what was the big deal here. And I did say that I want to know what the world did to me. What do you mean what I did to you. Because see here's what I said. Is men we used to go out we used to party all night. Love it.

We used to get drunk we used to get how we used to act like idiots all weekend long and we used to think that was a highlight of our week. But what did you do to me because I don't enjoy the same things anymore.

I don't enjoy the same things anymore I asked him to explain in the story repeat itself over and over again. I want to get. I want to go get Slowhand. You know what I felt guilty about something that I used to really enjoy.

And I decided not to do it.

I was like welcome to being a Christian. That's called the Holy Spirit living inside of you. And guess what. The good news is you only have it until you die. From here on out it was funny the way they would deal with it. Now I was going to sleep with somebody that wasn't my wife and it wasn't the same. Like literally these are the kind of things you're saying and to me Pastor what in the world.

How did you do that to me one of the funniest things to explain to them how they were now in a place where the holy spirit lived in Suydam and because of that they were different. They saw things differently than they used to. The funniest thing was this I've heard this repeatedly Chris you have the longest finger in the world I was like why do you say that.

I said because you'll be preachin. And I know you're talking to me. You've been talking to people in my neighborhood.

You know what I've done wrong because it feels like your finger reaches right into them in my face and I sit on the back pew it's crazy I'm like No no that's not my finger that's the Holy Spirit live inside of you that convicts you and you can't live like you used to live first Corinthians teaches us that our life is now different chapter 6 verse 19th or 20. What. No you not. That your body is the Temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you the Holy Spirit lives inside of you.

Not you not understand that which you have of God and your not your own. You don't belong to yourself anymore. You're born with a price. Therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit. What your gods and makes a difference in the Holy Spirit lives in you. Life is different when the Holy Spirit is living inside of you you may look at that and think it's cute and all. I just don't know if it's true. But can I just tell you I don't know that the Holy Spirit could change me.

You might be thinking Chris you don't know who I am and what I've done. But guess what. I don't know the Holy Spirit is able to change my life is what you might think. You understand what I've done. You don't understand my past. You don't understand how bad I was. You understand how perverted my life was. Chris you cannot tell me the Holy Spirit will change me. The Holy Spirit is not able to do that because of how bad I am but I'm sorry you loose because here's what he says in verse 11.

Just to clarify that he can that he wins verses heaven. He says this but at the spirit of him that raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you.

Do you want to know who the one is it's in you thats making you change your life and become more Christ like. Its not some wimpy thing inside of you. Its the same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead.

Hes done one of those inside of you.

His power is the one that is how it is inside of you. You are focused on him he says. He says.

But its a spirit of him that raised Jesus from the dead dwelling that raised Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies by the spirit that dwells in you what he says is this realize how big he is when he's living inside of you. The one that lives in me is the same one that's responsible for raising Jesus from the dead. I think he's powerful enough to help me and my life give him glory. Chris you don't know who I am. Nope. Your problem is you don't know who the Holy Spirit is because he lives inside of us and everything about our life changes. He can do what I could never do on my own. What an amazing God we serve. And at the conclusion there on your paper there we see this. No condom no condemnation in no way means that we will not be disciplined. No condemnation does not mean that we will not be disciplined. It also doesn't mean that we're never going to fail God. How many of us have been following God but have failed him in the last three years. Let's do that now. How about last three minutes. Yeah we all feel God. It's not that we're not going to fail God but one big truth. I've got to live by is that no condemnation for me is never an excuse for me to send people like taking Romans Chapter 8 verse 1 and saying that there there's no condemnation since there's no condemnation now.

Now I'm going to live the life I want to live. That's not at all what Romans 81 is about. You have no condemnation. The law has no power in you the Holy Spirit lives inside of you. A guide you to help you and your growth.

See now my hunger has changed. Now I have a hunger for righteousness. Know what things I never would have wanted before I should have long to live a holy life. Let me ask you today as we close. Where does your mind go most naturally and freely when there's nothing to distract. What does your mind go most naturally and freely when there's nothing to distract it. Here is a slide that shows you what I'm talking about. The question is What is your mindset. What's your mindset. Are you thinking of the things of God are you thinking of your life and the way you want to live your life. Can I tell you that your pursuit of money will also only ever be a pursuit.

Kanté that your pursuit of happiness is always going to be a pursuit as long as we are looking. Happiness is never found in a direct pursuit. Happiness is only found as a result of dwelling in the wholeness of God. What's your mindset today. What are you thinking of when your what are you thinking of. That's what you really live for and that should either excite you or scare you. I really wish I could just take a few minutes for you and ask you to write down the things that you think about when nobody's around telling you what to think about it. You'll remember back in the day when we had quiet times times and there were quiet time at Prickett sometimes Spotify and Apple Music and all that you remember back in the day don't you. Back in the day when you didn't have every album that was ever made on your cell phone. You remember those times of quiet. What were you thinking of in those times of quiet and that'll tell you exactly and that ought to scare you to death or it ought to excite you because it's showing you whether your mind is lending to be a carnal mind or a Spirit filled mind.

Let me go even farther than that. What you think of when nobody else is there what you think of is when nobody else is there. That's actually your religion that is actually your religion. What are you worshipping today your life is shaped by whatever occupies your mind. Your life is shaped by whatever occupies your mind. The overcoming of sins in our lives begins in our mind and victory over sin is only ever the result of having minds that are set on the Spirit of God. So question for you today exactly what is your mind set on. Here's the sad thing if you were to ask your wife she could probably tell you what your mind was set on if you'd ask your kids she could tell you what your mind was said on but the biggest problem we have is that we won't be honest with ourselves. Whatever your mind is set on that is your religion. Sit down to talk some people and all you hear out of their mouth from the very first minute you're there to the minute that you leave has been in this I can tell you what your mind said don't sit down with other people and all I can hear is money.

I tell you what your mines are mines are going to dictate what we do and our life and so we need to set our affection on things above not on things on this earth. And can I just say that that is a discipline that is not natural. Holy Spirit dwelling in me it is a discipline to say I will think on those things that bring him glory. Lamest excuse I ever hear from people is this. Well that's just who I am that's why I've always been. I just can't do any better. You realize what you're saying with that what you're saying with that is this the Holy Spirit has no control over my life and cannot change who I am. So what's on our mind focused on who are we focused on what are we focused on because that is going to dictate the kind of life that we truly live. DEAR LORD we come to you this morning thanking you that we're not condemned.

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