No Condemnation

Chris Gardner

January 14, 2018

You know that they're serving the passengers were they truly believe most of our problems and the crimes of the the service.

They just want to hope this verse to everything. I mean they might change. We want to see ourselves.

Thank you for your work. Thank you. How are you today. You might use the word to minister to the hearts. It might be the there you there this morning. All right. We. Thank you man.

Romans Chapter 8 Romans Chapter 7. Yeah just I hear anybody Jake Jake mistiness tore your jaw from you. He does not have a hand out raise your hand we'll get your hand out. There's one up here and he's going to down Jake mistiness beat you to it. So Romans Chapter 8. Romans 1 through 7 have been some hard plowing through difficult truths. It's

been some crazy crazy time of God saying hey this is who you are. This is Romans 27 is built and was written to show us that there's no way that we are anything outside of God. There's no way that we would we did not find any justification in ourselves. We don't look in the mirror and think how great I am. There's only one place we can look and that is to God and so we come through Romans Chapter 7 and we have plowed hard through that. But I tell you you are about to. If you don't bring a print bible to church go home and underline this verse in your print bible. This verse is amazing. This verse is incredible. This whole passage of Romans Chapter 8 is going to show us what it means to walk and the spirit what it means to do and what that spirit does in and through.

And for us and Romans Chapter 8 I honestly don't know of another passage that I have ever felt so small next to this is the Mount Everest of the Book of Romans that you find in Romans chapter 8. And so hopefully as we dive through it you'll be going Man what an amazing God we serve and what an amazing fact that we have the Bible in our hand. So let's go Roman Chapter 8 verse 1 and so last week we finished Romans 7. Nepal closes that chapter off with a pretty big statement and question if you will remember we talked about this last week in Romans chapter 7 Verse 24 through 25. Here's what he says. Oh wretched man that I am and anybody that's honest with themselves have felt these exact same words Kirshy coursing through your veins because we know that we don't do what we should.

We know that we're not able to do what we want. We know that he goes Oh wretched man that I am a 60 year old man Paul that wrote the most of the New Testament is struggling in the same ways that we do so wretched man that I am who shall deliver me from this body of death. And last week I asked you to do this and if you do it this week that word who underlined that word put a circle and ASRock around there the answer to our problems is not of what. It's not a church. It's not a program. The answer to our issues and the answer to the fact that we're wretched is you and that who is Jesus Christ he is that who. Verse

twenty five cents. Answer the question I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord. He

is the answer to the question of what do I do with the fact that I'm a wretched man. So then with the mind I myself serve the law of God. But with the flesh. The law of sin. The chapter one to see today is the answer to that very heavy question that he asked. Who's going to deliver me from this body of death. So who's going to deliver me from this body of death. How am I going to be delivered from this. The emphasis in the chapter will be on the Holy Spirit. This chapter is about the Holy Spirit. There is quite a contrast between the first seven chapters of Romans where we find the Holy Spirit mentioned in seven chapters.

The Holy Spirit is mentioned four times in the first seven chapters or the Book of Romans.

Then you hit Romans Chapter 8 and when you hit Romans Chapter 8.

He's mentioned in one chapter 19 times in one chapter he's mentioned 19 times in the first eleven verses that we will see today. He's mentioned 11 times. He's mentioned 11 times. We can also see a stark contrast between Romans 7 and 8 because he and Romans 7 Chapter 7. We see a chapter this dominated by these words. The word I me my. That's what we see in this chapter of Romans Chapter 7 it's dominated by I and me and Mayan's all personal pronouns. We finally we basically end the book of Roman Chapter 8. Funny thing is most people don't even go to Romans 8 to study who and what the Holy Spirit is and what he does. But there is no passage in the Bible is saturated with the Holy Spirit as Romans a nun in the entire Bible is saturated with the Holy Spirit. As Romans Chapter 8 The closest competitor to Scripture is first Corinthians 12 and it mentions the Holy Spirit once every three verses their Romans Chapter 8. We're going to find the Holy Spirit mentioned once every two verses.

It's a big deal. He's talking about who the Holy Spirit is.

Romans 8 though isn't about the spirit near as much as it is about what the spirit does it's about what the spirit does his operation his work what he does. We do learn a lot about the spirit by knowing and paying attention to what he does. And this week we're going to learn that victory comes through Jesus Christ and His Spirit.

Now let me say this. The biggest problem that we have is that we all look for victory in our lives.

But we look for all the wrong places what we all look for victory we all look for success. We all look for those things but we look at all the wrong places trying to find victory and what Paul's going to say. Time and time again.

Hey guys if you want victory. Victory doesn't come by your new your resolution. How many of you have already felt or when you knew your resolution and you have you.

I've not failed on my new year's resolution yet because I have resolved the new year that I would make no new year's resolutions. And I have done perfectly well and no new year's resolutions. But is that not true. Our news. How many of you have watched the commercial with the dude that wreaks havoc with everybody and he's being nice. And then he goes he goes OK guys. Oh you haven't kept your resolutions. I've got to say I don't have to either. Two weeks in really is not the story of our lives. We look for victory and all kinds of weird places.

But we look for it in places we'll never find it and so this week when I learned that victory comes to Jesus Christ Jesus won the victory and the Holy Spirit is going to work that victory out in us.

We as Christians are spiritual and we live and we walk in the spirit you would not imagine the amount of people that have written me this week and said this week I prayed every day that the Holy Spirit would guide me through my day. And it's scary the amount of stuff that I did that I would have never done if I wouldn't ask asking the Holy Spirit to guide me through the day.

That's crazy. How did she text messages. Did they'd be personal text messages and you don't need to be looking at personal things going back. But I'm telling you I've had at least five different people from this church write me and go. Let me just tell you that was a game changer for me. Asking

every morning Holy spirit lead and guiding me today to bring God glory. Romans Chapter 8. This whole chapter is a chapter of contrast.

Romans Chapter 8 is the Christians declaration of freedom. This is the declaration of freedom that we find here in. And. And second second Corindi Chapter 3 Verse 17 that notification was on my advice not yours. Thank Crane The three were 17. The Bible says. Now the Lord is that spirit and where the spirit is there is liberty where the spirit is there is liberty.

The chapter is going to give us the answers to the questions that are raised about the law and the flesh because Romans 1 0 7 gives you a lot of questions about the law and what's going on in your life. Romans 8 is being called the inner sanctuary of the Christian faith.

Romans Chapter 8 has been called the inner sanctuary of the Christian faith. Do

you really want to know where the Christian faith is about Romans that Chapter 8 is what you need to read Romans Chapter 8 what you need to read and study and live in this chapter I want to find some of the most amazing blessings that we enjoy as believers. We are free from God's condemnation.

I wish you understood how big of a deal that is. I wish I truly understood how big of a deal that is we're free from God's nature and we have the spirit of God living in us. We are adopted into his family we are destined for resurrection and glory and full of hope because of his love for us and his promise to bring good us in every single circumstance in our life. The previous sex have dealt with all the implications of God's wrath. Romans chapter 107 the number one way to grow a church preach that passage right there. Roman Shechter 137 because time and time again you find the wrath of God the wrath of God the law of God and what it does is being Rowville. But

now he transitions from describing life under judgment to talking about the new life we experience and that now we have with God we now have peace with God next graphic here if you can put that up.

We don't need to be going through each of those slides having a lot proclaimed put it up. There you go. Life in the spirit. Now we have what we have now.

We have peace. We don't have to live on. Before it was about the wrath of God. How many of you guys know what it's like to have a dad that walks in and you're like you decide whether peace is going on or wrath is going on like you walk in and you're like oh I can tell by my dad's face today he's not going to be a peaceful day today is going to be a wrathful day.

What were you all of a sudden Phil led of the spirit to read a book in your bedroom with the door closed.

You're like OK I can tell this is God we're talking about in Rome Roman Chapter 1 through 7 is all about God's wrath. You shouldn't are going oh my goodness this is heavy. This is burdensome.

This is this is difficult and then we come to Romans Chapter 8.

I was reading some prepared for this message or read a comparison by a crucible to the transition between Romans 7 and 8. And I tried my hardest to reword it to make my own and I couldn't. So I'm going to read what he put in it's fairly lengthy there but I thought there's no way I can make it better so listen to how he explained it. He said the drive from West Texas to Colorado is one of extremes especially in the heat of summer. The journey starts in barren dusty flatland that seems to go on forever. Endless hot miles passed beneath you as you travel up the Panhandle and after many monotonous hours you begin to wonder if you're ever going to cross the state line and then eventually you do you pass through this cleverly named town of text line. Texas and New Mexico to join the old Santa Fe Trail that's now Interstate 25.

Much of the most of the terrain is still remains flat dusty and hot. Eventually though you cross the road and pass which rises more than 7000 feet above sea level the air conditioner goes off the windows come down. Green replaces round and you get your first glimpse of snow capped mountains in the distance. You know before long you'll be breathing cooler air during the day and listening to the beautiful rainfall through the night. Sometimes

I'm tempted to think that God must live in the mountains of Colorado. When you hear thunder rolling over the peaks and through the canyons that says if he's clearing his throat Paul's letter has taken us to some difficult terrain. It started in the dusty flats a spiritual wasteland and it's taken as many miles through endless arid prairies and the desert of Romans 7 was particularly disheartening because it looks so much like the place that we were grateful to leave. Fortunately Paul's letters are a lot like life particularly for the Christian justice hopefulness begins to fade. We enter his Raton Pass what the Baso described in his bleak self-portrait as the futility of trying to live the Christian life without the spirit of God is no less futile than trying to earn righteousness apart from faith because see we were helpless to overcome the deadly disease of sin without his unmerited favor and we were equally powerless to please God without his spirit providing grace.

As Paul puts it nothing good dwells in me that isn't my flesh for the willing it's present in me but the doing of the good is not in verse 18 of Chapter 7 and my own Christian journey I've discovered that wretchedness seems to be a necessary waypoint. Like Paul I came to a place of utter hopelessness. I felt trapped in my inability to live in a manner that God would find pleasing a mode of life I genuinely desired I labored under the weight of condemnation which is perhaps the most demoralizing filling a Christian can endure. Nothing will drag you more quickly to a halt and put you towards shit thin then shame. To make matters worse I was guided by the well-meaning people but with bad theology.

Many churches today preach a gospel that goes strangely silent after one believes in Jesus Christ and only promises to speak again after we die. According to this version of the good news Christians are left to wrestle the flesh on their own into judgment day at which time a tape of the miserable pummeling will be played for all to see just as the pearly gates open wide to receive them.

Strange teaching is saved by grace but sanctified by works. And that was never what God taught. Because guess what. That's not God. Good news. And also it's not even the gospel. Romans Chapter 1 3 7 were traveling through this desert land and then all of a sudden we hit Romans chapter and verse one before we read it I want to say this to you if you are a believer in Christ today when you approach your scripture you have to ask yourself this question not do I agree with the passage but do I understand that the passage is true whether or not I believe it because I think most of us do is not that most of us go to God you don't believe that.

I don't really care if you believe in what you're going to find if this verse right here is going to change your life.

But you've got to look at it and you've got to say OK God if you say this then this matters if you say this that matters and not only does it matter but if you say this I know that it is true. Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life they said listen you have to know that this is true and you may not know that it is true in your walk.

But you've got to work and struggle with the fact you don't bring truth to you. It's not like you're sitting there going I to bring truth a little bit closer to me. No no you've got to walk and you've got to go. If this is truth and my journey is a journey of getting closer and understanding and living truth because truth does not move I do.

So before we get to Romans Chapter 8 verse 1 I hope you get that mindset in you because this verse is going to rock your world.

If you understand what it's talking about it will rock your world. I had anticipated getting to this passage more than you will ever imagine. Romans Chapter 8 verse 1 we find a promise the spirit the promise of the spirit.

Now when he promises he does not promise like we do when he promises you can take his promise to the bank when you promise as you know that what he says is true and Romans Chapter 8. I want you to help me out with this verse if you don't mind. Help me out with verse 1. We're going to read the first few words it says Help me out. There is therefore now no condemnation.

Oh ok. Romans chapter one verse Chapter One through Chapter 7 has been a passage that is it is a heavy weight to bear. Jake

give me a hand. You can do this we can do better right. Okay good.

OK so we're sitting here watching here's what he says. Roll the chapters of Chapter 1 because you know what you think you're perfect before God but you're not pervert for God's sake just carry this for me. Jake we're going you know these teenagers are Strongs are all make sure that you from there so Romans Chapter 1 you're a sinner. You think you're doing right.

You know nature itself is tough but you're not you're not as strong as you think you are and so guess what.

Now not only that but it teaches us that it teaches us that if you can carry that onto that appreciated I'm not making it easy on purpose because you probably carry 15 of them and I've got to be careful this will take me forever.

ROMANS you're too when we get the Romans Chapter 2 and you said you Gentiles. You Gentiles are wicked the way you've lived your life is wrong. Don't pick heroes up in the second object. And you said there wrote Romish or did you just you think as a gentile you're fine but you know you are just wicked. Now Jake you ought go for a walk with me.

You're so good right. Should

I roll your sleeve up so I can see your muscle or you or your lack of one or the other. Roman. Romans Chapter 2 and I'm into who you are.

Romans Chapter 3 Jews are sitting there going but we're good we're not like Gentiles and God goes oh no you're not as good as you think they are so no matter how you think you are you're sitting there and you're going.

Here you go Jake you go. Come on. You can do it. Come on Jack. There you go. How are you doing Jack. I wish you could see his face right now. Awesome. That's a subject and chapter one that we're so in chapter 3 or 4 chapters ago. Romans Chapter 4 Chapter 5 or 6 and you feel like this weight is a weight you can never carry. I want you to feel the weight of that in your life as we go through Romans chapter 137. Jamie can you help me get him down. That's what's going on. Yes. There you go. Romans chapter one to run to Chapter 7 keeping them back when they go Jack. Also being the pastor son Romish 1 3 7. This is the way that you feel. You are wicked. You are violent.

It's all about the wrath of God.

You've got all that weight on you. Thank you. You have got all that weight on you.

And when you have all that weight on you. Here's what happens. You arrive at Romans Chapter 8. And it's just crazy. Release valve and all that weight on me. There is therefore next door an actor therefore now no condemnation. That word now is a big word by the way network now it's a very big word. It reminds me of Christmas time.

Mom Dad now mom dad now mom dad there's a present that's come on that is now the and Paul goes up and thrown all this weight on you on the wrath of God and I've been torn all this way don't you about how little how life you're like he finished off Chapter 7.

What a wretched man that I am and then all of a sudden you see tears streaming down the face of Paul as he's pinning these letters as a holy spirit is right. Oh what a wretched man that I am and there's no chapters he's just right now 20 finishes that paragraph. There's no what a rich man I am into here's the Holy Spirit is whispering into his ear Paul continued writing. I can just imagine him as he goes.

There is therefore now no condemnation.

Tears streaming down his face chills on his arms like the size of many just blown away by the fact of what he just wrote.

There is there for now no condemnation. To them that are in Christ Jesus to walk the flesh I have the spirit.

Want not after the flesh but the spirit. By the way that part of who not to the flesh but to the spirit. You're going to learn in in chapter eight is Gina who walks after.

Not at all of flesh but that the spirit is all those that are in Christ. If you're in Christ here's the deal just like that release valve for your kids on the 25th of December when you say now you can open your presents there is therefore now no condemnation.

Now nasty condemnation means different things to us now than it meant in Bible times which talked about no condemnation what it says is this you are innocent and I don't have anything negative to say about you.

That's the gospel that is good news. There is therefore now no condemnation to them that are and Christians who want not after the flesh but after the Spirit Paul's opening statement for this section is the hinge of Roman 725 Roman 725. Thank God Jesus Christ our Lord. So then then with a mind on myself for the law of God but with the flesh the law of sin in this passage is going to be explained to us how to be freed through Jesus Christ and you know what the saddest part of that illustration I gave with Jacob was the way that we carry that if we are in Christ is a weight that we put on ourselves that God never puts on his foot Romans A-one back of there if you don't mind he says Romans Chapter 8 verse 1 it says there is therefore no counted intimation to them which are. Help

me out what's next in Christ. It goes like this. Use these chairs to fill them up have to stop doing this. So he says this is in Christ. The Bible says if you're in Christ there is yeah there's now no condemnation.

So he says if you're in Christ there's no condemnation nothing to worry about. Nothing to be concerned about. You don't have any condemnation in your life. And here's the problem is in America what they are teaching us is this we have no condemnation because nobody is supposed to condemn us because we're the land of the free and the home of the brave. But you're wrong.

There's only one way to have no condemnation and that is being in Christ. And a lot of people. Here's the problem with a lot of people a lot of people think they have no condemnation because you're not allowed to condemn Facebook. Have you ever noticed that the only judgment that you're allowed to make on your own on Facebook is judgment against those that judge. No that's my opinion. Nobody cares about your opinion on this is God Almighty thinking and here's what he says. If

you're in Christ there is no kind of niche. What happens if you're not in Christ then there there's condemnation of course.

I don't like that nor do I but it doesn't matter what I like because God didn't ask me what I liked when he decided what he was going to say in Scripture. But here's what he says. If you are in Christ there is no god and if you don't know Jesus today let me just tell you. Today's the day you know why.

Because then that means that there is no condemnation.

Roman Chapter 8 verse one and this passage will be explained to us how to be free through Jesus Christ. Here's what we've done. If you're a Christian you've picked up those chairs on your own and you've tried to carry it on your own and those chairs look like different things in your life and man if I don't read my Bible through then if I don't do this then if I don't do this then and you and you and you walk away condemning yourself and what you don't understand is this if you are in Christ there is no condemnation there is therefore no condemnation tested in Christ Jesus.

Are there any combination of words more amazing than those are there any combination of words. More amazing than the words we went over this morning. Don't skip the word now there because of the cross of Jesus. Now there is no condemnation. Can

I tell you this. Many preachers have preached to you that there is condemnation and you get saved and you go to heaven and then they even preacher when you get to heaven there's going to be this big screen the scarper by the see everything wrong that you did there's therefore now no condemnation.

Now there's no condemnation. Something happened that makes the moment key for there to be no condemnation that moment happened. Jesus Christ it's all about Jesus and his life. Death burial and resurrection. Has told us that we can be free through Jesus Christ but now in this chapter he's going to explain how that becomes practical in our lives were now free from the penalty and the power of sin. We are now free from the penalty and the power of sin. Here's what the Bible teaches you that the Bible teaches me. The Bible says that for all have sinned.

Not some of us us for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God in the Bible has told us that the payment for that sin is eternity separated from God.

But Christ gave his life so that we can place our faith in the condemnation that he dealt with on the cross for our sins where we are now free from the penalty and the power of sand and Adam we were condemned but in Christ there is no condemnation according to Romans Chapter 5. Who all is an atom. The only people that are in Adam are those that were born.

So if that's one of you you were born guess what you are and Adam and Adam you are damned to separation from Christ but in Christ there is no condemnation writes John Turner fivers 24 says very very say to you that Herath my word in believeth on him that sent me has everlasting life and shall not come into condemnation.

But has passed from death and alive.

Paul has made it very clear in Romans 7 that there is still sin in our lives.

How does this fit with the truth that we have no condemnation because he does plenty of things in my life even since I've been saved that deserve condemnation. Would any of the here in here agree with that. I go. But I'm saved but still send.

And let me just tell you my hand it deserves condemnation folks what I've done my attitudes I've had the words that I've spoken the way that I've dealt with stuff.

It deserves condemnation no doubt about it.

I continue to say and I would think that would make me deserve the condemnation of God if if God were to judge me right now according to my behavior I would be condemned.

But thankfully he doesn't judge me according to my behavior.

He doesn't judge me according to my behavior. But the jury's up on is that I have a savior because of that I am now in Christ Jesus and because of that just because of the fact that I am in Christ Jesus. There is now no condemnation. None of it. It doesn't exist. No

condemnation doesn't mean no mistakes no failures no sins. Faith in Christ has moved me from outside of Christ to inside or in Christ has taken me from the outside of the kingdom to the inside of the kingdom anyone who is in Christ has no condemnation. This world condemnation is a negative form of judgment.

All the term judgment means is to evaluate to render a verdict to examine were all be brought before the judgment seat of Christ is going to evaluate our lives to the degree to which you've been obedient or disobedient.

When I'm brought before the judge I will know that I have passed from that negative judgment. I don't have to worry about negative judgment. I don't have to worry about going to hell I don't have to worry about condemnation.

But my life will be evaluated. That

doesn't really bother me at all because I look forward to the fact that I'm going to be evaluated because I know that God will reward me in a way that I won't be upset with nay even if I see you in heaven with ten times more reward than me. There will be no way that I can be jealous.

We've been taught by preachers in the past where you look at your body there and he got ten more words than you did. You know you're you're leaning on the old and sin nature to that of did it to determine the attitudes that you're going to live with about the judgment before christ how upset will I be that someone has ten times more awards than me when I'm in heaven. I won't because I know those rewards are never mind. Right is they're going to go to him anyway and I'm looking at it going. This is for the king of kings is not for me anyway.

If I see you in heaven with ten times I'm not going to be jealous I'll be so sanctified that I'll be able to delight in your exceedingly great reward knowing that all of our rewards are for him anyway.

My evaluation shouldn't be something I fear. Even though I hope not to receive nothing because of my lack of obedience.

I have no condemnation if I am in Christ so this totally changes the way I look at the day of judgment.

The sad thing about the way preachers have preached about the day of judgment is this. You're supposed to walk around shaking in your boots all day every day because one day the dogs are going to spank you.

No there was one spanking it was given to the son of God himself and it was given for you and because of that you were forgiven. And now there is no condemnation no condemnation at all because you are now in Christ Jesus.

That makes me want to serve in because of his love for me. Not because of my love for him many preachers we push decided that you should love God but we don't serve God because we love him more. We serve God because we know how he loved his changes every day.

The difference between an unbeliever sinning and a Christian sinning is the difference between a man breaking the laws of Georgia and a husband who has done something he should not do in his relationship with his wife. He's not breaking the law. When he does something wrong is there a law against cheating on your wife. Last time I checked there wasn't. Is there a law against breaking the speed limit. Yes there is.

That's the difference of what we're talking about here. See here the differences between an unbeliever sitting in a Christian tinnies the difference of a new member and the laws of Georgia and a husband who is then something he should not do in his relationship with his wife. Which one is more painful which one causes more problems. Can I guarantee you that you getting 180 dollar a ticket for speeding down the road here is not going to hurt near as bad as you doing something stupid that hurts the heart of your wife that's not hurt is bad.

I promise you. You want to go I don't have 180 bucks just that to give to the police station. I promise you 180 bucks is the least of your concerns if you want to compare it to the hurting of a relationship between you and your wife.

There's not even a comparison there. The difference between that is between those two. He's

not breaking the law. He's wounding the heart of his wife.

That's the difference.

Crystal what happens when we sin when we do wrong. You're wounding the heart of the one that put on flesh and came to Earth to dwell among us as if he was one of us that gave his life on the cross of Calvary. For you it's not the fact that you get a 180 dollar ticket. That's what we've made the dot the day of judgment the day of judgment.

Here's your hundred dollar ticket because you did not love someone like you should because you entered that person with Comcast in a way that you shouldn't on the telephone because you hate their tech support. There's all of your tickets you've got to pay there's all those tickets you've got to pay. That's

exactly the way we view the day of judgment. What you need to understand is it's not bad at all.

You've got to look into the eyes of the one that gave his life for you and could not hurt you.

I know that I did not.

He's not breaking the law. He's wounded the heart of his wife and that's a major difference. It's no longer a legal matter it's a matter of personal relationship and love. The man does not cease to be the husband legally in that instance. And is it something much worse than the legal condemnation. I would rather offend against the law of the land objectively outside of me than to ever hurt someone that I love.

And if there's any words with the ability to make you understand the relationship.

It is Rollman Chapter 8 verse 1 There is therefore now Jamie Harrison got a passion for you.

How can your heart not melt. The fact that God looks at you markets and says You're not a perfect husband therefore no condemnation.

How can it not change everything about us. Bret

the fact that there's now there's now no condemnation. Chris you're not the perfect dad. You're

not the perfect husband. You're not a perfect pastor. You're not the perfect anything but thankfully I was never called to be the perfect anything. But one thing I know is the one that is the king of kings and the Lord of Lords the one that is perfect. Beyond Compare whispers into my ear and he says Hey buddy there's no hash.

Because you are in Christ Jesus. It's worse than legal condemnation. You've sinned of course but you've not sinned against the law. You've sinned against love. Does that not make your sin even more sinful in your mind. You sinned against sluff so that you may and you should feel ashamed but you should never feel condemned.

Because when you feel condemned you're standing out of that chair that is in Christ and you're saying I must receive condemnation and when you say that you're saying I now I want to live under the law.

And not under Christ Martin Lloyd Jones who will finish with this and point to next week Martin Lloyd-Jones said most of our troubles are due to our failure to realize the truth of disperse so Chris why.

Why do you spend time in the word of God everyday. Why would you do that. I don't understand. It's just too much. I don't know what you don't understand my church condemns me if I don't.

What if your church continued that you don't the church does not have the right attitude at all about spending time in the word.

Dated my wife while living in Peru SouthAmerican she wrote me a letter every single day you remember letters don't you remember those like white paper rule the lands on our way for e-mails and text messages and all that I'm old I'm old school I've never thought I would say that I always thought I'd be the young guy but my wife used to write me on these pieces of paper little red line here and blue on notice and she'd write me these letters and they'd arrive in Peru. How disrespectful would it be for me to grab those letters. Guess how long it took me to open those letters and start reading them.

All my friends that went with me to the post office because we don't have mailboxes in Peru like you have to go down to the downtown post office. Everybody knew we're going to have a great time talking about the Bible talking about the church talking about growth talking about my life there's going be great on the way there but we all know what's going to happen as soon as Chris has that paper in his hand.

Can you imagine. We've been married 21 years now. Can you imagine my wife are about to move here in the next. Who knows how long and when we move about wash moving boxes and opens up a box and finds 30 of her letters that have never been opened.

She's not going find that by the way. But just imagine what would happen if she did she'd be her relationship. We are not condemned folks. But we don't sin against the law. We sin against love. He loved us.

He gave himself for us we were in Christ we have no condemnation. Let's read Romans Chapter 8 verse 1 and then I'll pray and we'll be done. I want to read it with you to read it slowly and think through let it seep into your life. Romans Chapter 8 verse 1. There is therefore now. Help me out. No

condemnation to them what you're in Christ Jesus who was not after of the flesh but after the spirit. Dear lord we come to you this morning. Honestly blown away by the fact that we are not condemned blown away by the fact of what you've done for us on the cross of calvary Lord forgive me for many times thinking I'm sinning against the law when truthfully sinning against love. Lord I come to you this one in broken. Because I place myself under condemnation that you as the king of kings have never placed me under. And.

Lord that's wrong. That sins against your love for me. I ask you Lord that you would help me to realize that. You would help me to live and to understand the power and the truth of romance. Chapter 8. I thank you for your work. I ask you that all that we do bring honoring glory to You and I my prayer and.

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