Nothing But the Truth

Chris Gardner

March 19, 2017

So hopefully as you dive into the work you let me jump in saying this the last few weeks trying to get a paper Bible get a paper Bible get some pictures mark your bible up make it look like a war zone happened in there because it's pretty awesome when you do that.

So Romans chapter two and we're going to cover the first 16 verses today in the book of Romans and so you know we talk about Romans 1 in Romans 1. It's the judge's glasses.

That's funny. That's how you know you're getting older you're like hey babe take my glasses. So Romans Chapter 2 when we search for one here's what happens. Paul is just telling the Gentiles You are wicked.

OK you've done wrong you've done wrong and so you were using the word when you ask somebody if they sinned it's not really hard to get a yes answer. Are

you a sinner. Of course I am. Everybody does. But almost immediately when they say that their defenses go up and they started telling me I'm a sinner but I'm not near as bad as the next guy. Is that the way we feel. Good thing you think I'm bad. You ought to me that guy. You think I'm bad. What

if you were made to that guy that ever happened to you and your marriage even it's like oh no I'm not even mad at that guy. You could be married to him you could be married to her. That's the question here.

You know we are excusing what we do. Don't we like excuses about. And have you ever noticed how it's so easy to have the answers the other guy why it is so easy to point a finger as if just if you just do this and you'd be OK.

And just the day before Chris I got to list things that you would do you'll be OK. And let me just say David if you do this you'll be OK. The book of Romans chapter one. It's a church that Gentiles that interpret Jews. And Paul goes in there and he says listen you Gentiles your way.

But as he's doing it from here this is I thought who's my closest thing to a Jew in the church this morning. And that would be David Schleifer. I figured slyer might have some Jew do blood in him and so this is basically what's happening with Paul.

OK. Paul is saying it falls on you gentiles. You are winking. You don't and the Jews or anything you like. That's awesome I'm glad you're finally getting what they deserve. You know you don't worship the right god. You don't.

And you just. And he's going to kill me and that's right. His Somnus head. And then you come to Romans chapter two and I see there's a problem with chapter headings in the Bible that you think that everything changes when you see that big number. But it doesn't.

This is one conversation going on and Paul has hammered away the Gentiles and the Jews are almost in there together don't you know one so I'm glad you said that they needed that. Yeah they did it on their vow.

People there are horrible people. And Jesus said He said they're going I'll be talking to my friends about this all my life.

And that was you know what does that mean.

That's right. And so they're sitting there and they're sitting there and they're saying they're sitting there and they're saying the same members Gentiles are wicked and the gentiles know you mean the Gentiles are sitting there and the Jews are sitting there on their head going they're sitting in the congregation going up and trying to tell them all of. This. Believe me he know. I was going to use Capriano on my Jew but this Russian is rushing get so they know that they know when to do that. But it's always the fault of Romans chapter 1 You guys are bad.

And then as the Jews are sitting there nodding their heads right and left like you or me and you tell them what a slight pause and turn around he goes oh. Not a fuck about you. And that's exactly what happens if they say do. He turns around and he says he says OK just off the back and that's right just awful wrong.

They're wicked they're Bible. But you are trying to do when he says OK now sounds all Jews. Nice what. OK so we love you.

We all say yes I'm a sinner but as we have in this country today we're going to see how Paul shows all the standard that we will be judged against. OK. We're what the judge you know what we're going to is what we're going to be judged against for example. Here's the deal.

I'm not scared to be judge and my hair do gets John more because my hair does better than John more because I have hair for a dude.

You know what I mean. Like like like. That makes my hair better than his hair. I'm not worried about being judged. That's the are to be judged and I'm good not just in Trauner it is the standard for me and judge I'm in a whole different ballpark.

See that's what we all.

That and that's funny but the truth of the matter is that's exactly what we do in life because we think that we've got everything now because you really don't believe we're that bad.

And Paul turns around and looks at the Jews that are not not doing that whole chapter when they're reading chapter one in the church. The Jews are put together by the man. I'm glad somebody is telling them the truth of who they are. And then Paul goes so watch out guys because it next paragraphs about it. And when it does that nodding you're going to want to not I'm not down and keep your head down the whole time because I'm going to be finding out not just Gentiles are dealing with sin. Gentiles aren't the only one dealing with chapter headings. It can be deceiving and chapter two is a continuation of the sins in the first chapter focused on the gentiles the sins in the first chapter. Focus on the gentiles and the Roman Church. There was a mixture of these Jews and Gentiles and they're sitting there on their heads everything's going great.

You know Paul the man I'm glad he's saying this because man they need to hear this. If they only knew what we know the Gentiles would be different. We have this special knowledge that they don't have and we wouldn't never do the things that they do and what they're about to find out is this. Paul is an expert at turning the tables on pausing and going oh really you think so often. As for leveling the playing field that's exactly what goes on here. He's going to show that not only Gentiles guilty before God. He's the one to say this. If you look at the Jews years what happened can you put the first slot up there where he said Preach it. Here's what he says.

You Gentiles yaller underwriter's You're wicked you're greedy you're evil you're murderers you're gossipers you're Flandres you're haters of God and the Jews are going to preach it brother a man. That's

why you tell them like it is.

That's what they're doing. Gentile was guilty but he isn't. Here's the problem with the Jew. The Jew thinks the Gentile was like that student in class who has the dunce cap on. You remember the dunce cap back in.

I don't remember it but I read about it saw the movie and so they never. I never wore the night sky. Just because it wasn't an existence anymore. So did the dunce cap if you mean why should they put it on the kids the kids in the corner by the AT of the kid because he has a dunce cap on.

And that's kind of the way the Jews and Gentiles are with their they're so superior they're so much better to know they're the dunce cap while they're sitting there laughing. But

John Paul is about to say oh no you didn't let me just tell you. Ain't no kid in the corner with a dunce cap. And if there is every kid in the corner with the dunce cap there's only one that's not over there and that's the golf is about this chapter in his first verse. But

first verse is going to come like a bucket of cold water to the religious person to the Jew.

This is a masterstroke of Paul as he turns the tables. So number one what you see is the truth of their inconsistency. You see the truth of their inconsistency. Can you imagine the Jews saying that to Paul as you say sister shaking their head in approval with the same attitude that you find in Luke Chapter 18 verse 11 where he says the Pharisees stood and prayed thus himself. God I think that I'm not and the others are other men are there extortioners they're just there adulterers. I think that I'm not even like this publican and that's the attitude that you fancy. Chapter 2 begins with the word therefore in Romans 2 1 which introduces the results of what's done earlier. He goes in verse 1 he said. Therefore thou in its usual he said they are already inscrutable old man whatsoever ever there are judges for what were in the judges and other conditions.

So for the judges do is the same thing here does. Here's the Hendry's going to turn the table to the Jew and they're standing before God. Paul is finished his indictment against the gross and flagrant sins of these openly ungodly people the Gentiles.

Now he turned his attention to the respectable sinners do it to me just say this anywhere in the world where we don't understand respectable senators it's good old US of A and respectable senators.

They say they think they're better than others well dealing with the same thing. I don't ever do this. I'll never do that. I've never done this. I've never stolen from anybody I've never killed nobody. Man I'm a good guy. I'm a respectable senator. Paul

Harvey has a whole body although you are not respectable in any way form or fashion. The hypocrite here fills. Please understand this line here about the feel of the hypocrite here because of the sins of other women are always worse than his own. You

know how you know you're a hypocrite because you know how everybody else needs to fix their life or if you would only read his Bible more. If you don't pray more. Oh we don't try and Jesus we have a list of things that it still do. They will be better off their sins are always worse than our sins. Don't we all have that idea that we have three basic moral categories in my no we have that idea. There's

three more categories. Some are without question. Undeniably bad. For example we have Adolf Hitler. I don't hear anybody here voting but he's a good guy. Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin and Charles Manson and Osama bin Laden and Judas Iscariot and Nero like nobody's in here defending those gods and they're great guys.

They're wicked. They're vile and everybody in this room would be willing to admit that today heavily on the other side we have people like Mother Teresa Billy Graham maybe Abraham Lincoln. They call him Honest Abe. But you know you're just never one who really put in that category. You know the funny thing is it's a lot harder to come up with a good list over Babis like a bad disease than a good like I don't even know where they are but some of them in there are not and only got free to even say stuff like this I do but my daughter said yesterday we're talking about it. She goes well that honestly if you want to go to the good people you might go to the super heroes. It's a lot easier to talk good about Superman than it is people that actually live in their free world.

However if you got these wicked vile people we got these awesomely great people and we even have quotes that go like this.

Well I'm no Mother Teresa but I'm a pretty good person. And

what we're saying is I don't go along maybe the whole yes the whole thing is simple and I don't belong in the dirtiest of the dirtiest people. And in that third middle category.

That third category contains the masses of people that are somewhat good yet sometimes bad people. And honestly that's what we would all consider ourselves to be isn't it. I'm not a Mother Teresa. But I'm not a trophy son. I'm somewhere in between.

He loves comparing himself with the drunker than you loved comparing himself with the drunkard with a hoodlum with a prostitute. He loves comparing himself. He loves comparing himself to them.

He is like a person that owes$500000 in claiming that he's free of debt because he knows somebody owes a million really debts that$500000 is that I don't know that much only 1000 of the dead said but we love looking at it and always realizing that other people own more than us other people worse than us or other people I'm not near as good as we are. Isn't it funny how many excuses we can come up with for arson and it funny how many excuses we can come up with for ourselves. We we love judging the actions of others while judging our intentions don't we.

Well he did this and they got what you did and it didn't mean that though my intention was good. We love judging each other's actions. As long as you judge my intentions you know that comparison again. Isn't it funny how many excuses we can come up with for our sin. Oh we've got to defend this how tired I was depressed. I was provoked. I just had to. I didn't know what else did you not see how we come up with it. It doesn't happen or not. Did you excuse your sins or not. You don't want your head. Yes and we'll go to your wife afterwards and ask.

We'll go to your husband later and answer is that the truth of what we do. We're fast to notice and condemn sin and others without ever considering what burdens others may be carrying.

Like so why do you do that. No we don't ask why would you say you did that and that was wrong.

We never considered the burdens others might be carrying. The center prides himself in his heritage his church membership his morality his reputation and his respectability. Nothing blinds a person more than more than the certainty that only others are guilty of these moral faults.

One did you might not realize is that he is comparing himself against the wrong standard because you love standing there going I'm not like that Gentile over there and you just go away when you got the wrong standard buddy. You're not supposed to judge yourself against the Gentiles to see how good or bad you are. You've got the wrong standard the right standard is me. Now start judging how great you are. When God judges men it's not going to be by the standards that they choose.

It will only be about the standard he chooses which is the truth. They must measure themselves alongside his standard and his Savior Jesus might look like a good dad.

A person to surgey something I can say without offending somebody because if I say anybody but I've got kids.

OK so you don't have to guess that I might consider myself. But he doesn't know you want to compare yourself with his surgey you don't want to compete against Justin or Ryan or Justin or my poor or David or Eric. You

don't want to compare yourself against the oftens up here what you've got to compare yourself against is Jesus and all of a sudden you look at it and you go OK I'm not near as good as I thought I was. See that's the problem of the Jews. But can I say that that's also a problem for churches. Because we love sitting there thinking I've never done this. I've never done that or I've never done any of the lines and filling out the sin of the hypocrite is that of being indignant at other people's shortcomings. You're just so indignant at other people's shortcomings while being indulgent of his own and dated other people shortcomings but indulgent of my own. That's the true mark of a hypocrite. And that's exactly what the Jews were doing here in this passage.

The whole second chapter is a warning to the Jews not to assume that their nationality was enough to change their standing before God. One of the very strong things he says here in this verse is this. He says they are inexcusable. Keep it verse one up there again. Leesville. They are inexcusable he says. Therefore I do it out of my head but I can't hear them. Verse 1 abundances therefore. And that is I believe that Brandon. OK what I did and I'll hold a bill or little bill one or the other. That's OK. But he did. Therefore he said You therefore are.

You have no excuse oh man I'm sure that our judges are human and other judge in your age.

You're excused for wearing our judges and other what you don't understand is when you're judging that other person you can do mean not you're condemning yourself for that.

Judges do the same things you do in the exact same things.

The whole second chapter is a warning to the Jews not just that they're not going to change anything. And here's the deal you are inexcusable.

If you have kids and they're old enough to reason with you they have excuses galore of why they did it so why do you do this or that let me give you the seventeen point reason that I decided this is best I did it.

Let me give you my future at all. And we look at we go all these kids are just so funny all these excuses they throw out.

But if your kids were honest they could look at your day you with that you and me dad on his momma. They could go on for about a few years I can tell you where you excuse yourself Paul says this. You have no excuse. You have no excuse. The whole second term is a warning said hey you are without excuse.

By the way it's the same verse and word that is undermined in Romans 1:20 to the Gentiles. Gentiles said verse 20. I have Chapter One for the invisible things of him from the creation of the world Ecclesiam being understood by the things that are made even his eternal power and Godhead since they are without excuse. Just how you understand here is the burden for you by the way in Romans chapter 1 verse 16 Boston. I have no excuse not to preach the gospel OK and. Romans chapter one verse when you look at the Gentiles and said because of your sins and how you are without excuse and the ghost of the Jew in Romans Chapter 2 and verse 1 and he says guess what you are without excuse.

There's no excuse. Stop. That's one of the big conversations we have about how full time Saudis he saw. There's no excuse.

Paul in Romans 2 2 basically looks over to the Jew and says Hey don't we both agree that the people that do these things that we discuss in Chapter 1 are wrong. Look at first two. But we are sure that the judgment of God is according to truth against them which commit such things are don't we both agree that all this before we talk about Chapter 1 are wicked. Yes sir. Five talked about. They are bad bad evil. He says We Paul and the Jews were this after all the judgment is based on truth and it's impartial. Here's the deal. It's going to be in accordance with the actual facts. Has anybody ever been to court before and know what it's like to not have the facts actually told for your judgment he said. Here

you go and you know what. You don't have to worry about this judge because he is the way the truth and the law. You don't worry about.

Now newcomer's Romans two three times and think about this. Oh man that judges them with do such thing and do it saying that you shall escape the judgment of God. You really think you can walk away from judgment.

So you used to catch Jews. You are guilty of the exact same thing. So for the next lot of their beliefs you don't even remember when he said that like a man brother.

Now he goes on righteous with your greedy evil worth of gossip or slander and haters and you.

Oh did you say we would say. How did you get me in that category.

So this is you nodding your head about how they deserved it but that's condemning you too. Here's what you have to understand. He tells the Gentile and he tells the Jew the same thing. You will not escape judgment. Period end of sentence. You will not escape God's judgment the same excuses you have heard back then are the same ones you hear in our days as well. I'm sure God would never send me to hell. He's done so many good things for me. I

mean I've heard people say that I'm better than others. I don't they won't even say this for what they're saying is I don't really need Jesus. I'm a good person. God

is good to me and he'll never condemn me.

Doesn't remind you of a story in the Old Testament Bible the encounter between David and the prophet Nathan because usually doesn't say a single 10 or 12 or 20 14 rather than go through all the verses David has said as deeply as humanly possible. OK David said as deeply as humanly possible. He has seduced the wife of one of his best friends one of his mighty men. Now what her husband was led wasn't even. His loyalty was unquestionable he seduce his wife. He was on the front line fighting David's war he was fighting for David. He called the man home for the battle to try and cover up his sin. That's exactly what he did. He did he should see what he said. Hey you come home from the battle so maybe you can be with your wife and then you can think that it's your baby not my bed.

How sleazy you have to be for that.

The issue the orders of the commanding general to have you righteous slain in the heat of the battle. You look to your right and he says Hey can you take this to the commanding officer please. And when he didn't know it was his own death sentence.

And he takes it to the commanding officer and the going of the commanding officer opens and he says in your right to the front of the battle and you walk back and let them kill. Because I come from a center just friend David married his widow or his load depends on which one you want to call her.

Everything seems to go well. Man this was a coverup. I'm talking about Fox News maybe fair and balanced but they could not find out everything that David has done behind the scenes. Hence CNN would never get to the bottom of this. I've got about 60 minutes could not figure out how smart David Was. David a hit.

He was the man when he did that. He continued to rant doesn't it. Woke up next morning his friend died and sent him to die soon to his death. The

Waltons. Let me show them on their own brain. Because now we know they came to and later on and told a story about a poor man on nothing but a cherished toy.

One little lamb Nathan says you was wrong. Even that that was the land that he had. His rich neighbor wind stole it from him so that he could have a fit so that he could have a feast for his guests coming to town.

But he stole the land from his poor name.

What should we do with that.

David goes I tell you what you want and do it. Man his face lit up red and he's ready to just explode. There's some wickedly vile which means it could have done better. Steal something from a poor man. There's a I believe this and second Daniel Kurtzer 12 or 5 and 6 and that he mandates some really harsh stuff for this guy.

And David was greatly kindled against the man and he said we don't read the Bible right.

Sometimes he said and I nodded and said Nathan as the Lord live in the mainland come to see the scene he's going to die and he shall restore the lamb for food because he did this thing and because he had no pity. What in the world is this God's problem.

You didn't just say that and then in response and your response goes like this.

Prophet speaking to him he said they are the man is Judge David should think about how much that deserves an thou art the man thus saith the Lord God of Israel anointed the king over Israel at liberty out of the hand of Saul I have been good to you David. And this is the way you have repaid. God Almighty. How dare you. Thou art the man and that's exactly what just happened in Romans chapter 1 and 2 Romans chapter 1 0 0 0 0. No. Thou God's judgments based on truth it's impartial and makes no distinction between the rich the poor the Queen or the Pauper. We tend to hate hypocrites don't we. Don't we hate hypocrites like we hate hypocrite. Isn't it funny that the only ones that are hypocrites are others and never ourselves.

Have you ever noticed that when you probably me by name but I can guarantee to you your name is not on their but I'll bet you've heard of some of the people that know your name might be on the so easy to judge others.

Hypocrites love speaking about themselves they love personal pronouns they abound in the conversations were often as harsh in our judgment of others as we are lenient towards ourselves we were as harsh as we can be with others and really need them ourselves. So what do we do to a guy who can't do anything.

The question is what are we trying to become. According to Romans 2 4 through 5 but he tells it usually they're storing up wrath for themselves.

You know we love storing stuff for ourselves and you lived in Peru. My mom where I grew up in Peru was 13 years old and my mom was known as the store of all stores like it grew.

We got there. There came a time when we got loaf bread and everyone no way. Like we get to have low bred and Americans we can't live without having a loaf of bread you know and so we're seeing that we've lived years of bread and all of a sudden we had bread. Good luck with the loaf of bread that you would use a thief came in your house like you'd hit it in the head with it. Knock him out because it was so hard. It was horrific. And then this came this name of love bred what would happen was this you would have the love bred and it would be in-stock and he would go for weeks without it being a sock.

So my mom would go to the store and literally she would look like the hunchback of Notre Dame carrying in 500 pounds of blood red and could stick it in the freezer so that she could use it later. My mom when nobody else had no bread. You don't have to worry about it. My

mama had love bread. Is he says I don't understand what you're doing when you're doing this to you what you're doing is you are storing up for yourself and a loaf of bread is really going to pull out of the freezer to be able to eat when you want some.

But what you're storing up for yourself is kind of scary. Here's what he said. Crewman's to form five or just spices of the richness of his goodness and forbearance and long suffering not knowing that the goodness of God leads to happiness. But after that hardness and empathy impenitent heart turning up to that self. RATH he says you're trash. You've got a retirement fund and your stash you go waste cover your about retirement fund to get what you're stashing away.

Oh when it comes to Levin but he says every time that you do this is you're looking at these Jews and Gentiles you're storing up for yourself wrath against the day of wrath and revelation of the righteous judgment of God.

Now here's the funny thing about what he's saying here. We're doing this to ourselves.

So is it storing up wrath for Chris. That said as a Jew storing up Bradd percent he's doing it to himself. A

Don't cast into a Upon start to ripple flowing larger and larger circles in the same way sin sets in motion of events which no one has control over.

The purpose of God in His goodness and kindness is not to excuse sin is to stimulate repentance.

That you just have two or seven steps then the ages to come he might show the exceeding riches of His grace in his kindness towards us through Jesus.

So here's the deal.

Our response to really matters our response to sin really matters. And here it is and I was glad to show you what we mean when there's sin. Guess what happens. You choose what happens with that sin.

You can forgiveness conviction repentance and you get kind of forbearance or you got stubbornness and an open heart. So the good news is that not a single separate person in this room this morning right.

Number two you find the truth of his integrity the truth of his integrity Romans 2:6 shows that God's judgment is absolutely fair. God's judgments have been fair. The Bible says versus who will render to every man according to his deeds. Don't worry what you won't give account for is your own needs. Thankfully I don't have to account for Eric's deeds because I got enough of my own.

He will not judge according to what someone else saw. He will not judge according to what someone else said because he can see through all that there will be no impartiality in his judgment. Have you noticed the job of lawyers almost to see how they can twist the truth in a way that seems favorable to their clients. Well guess what. You are our lawyer has a nickname. His

name is the truth and the truth of the matter is most people don't hold that lawyer because I don't really know the Lord even though I'll try to give more Houlton hope the truth alternate mother. I know about it but the truth was with you when you put that little bit on truth I got to say.

That's her lawyer and our judge. He is God Almighty. You're not eating a cross on our judge will not be swayed by our appearances. You

dress up for court don't you. Makes you really good Nahshon you all kids. Man this guy looks like he's got it all together.

He did you he got me swayed by that. He's not going to be swayed by how expensive your shoes are and how expensive your pants are and how expensive your shirt is. He's not going be swayed by that. He's going to judge entirely on the merits of the case.

And there's one problem he has got our judge cannot be bribed or corrupted. He

will deal entirely based on the works of the one being joint because our judges told you are prejudiced the best legal system in the world in my opinion is the legal system of the United States of America. And I've actually had to I would say privilege but it's not the privilege of the time dealing with legal systems around the world. The legal systems around the world are not that great. They want the best legal system in the world. The United States of America and are the only thing they asked for the verdict is what I want you to be found innocent or guilty beyond.

Our judges and judge that way. Because they're zeroed out because he's the truth.

He's omniscient. He knows he's the judge in a court of law. Everyone knows everyone knows in a court of law that the evidence is open to question.

If you don't believe that in the O.J. Simpson trial like the evidence is open to question.

The witnesses are prone to error. The jury jury can be misled. The judge can make a mistake. Oh but our judge is not going to have any misunderstandings our judge will not have any misrepresentation. Our judge will have no miscarriage of justice. Our judge will have no misdemeanor. Our judge will have no mistakes our judge will rule according to the truth and our judge has never had an appeal and is never had a mistrial because our judge is God Almighty.

And here's the sad part about it. The one that judges is also the one that we have.

And I'm mad at you. Don't let me be your judge. Is that a fair statement. I didn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

We must understand who we truly sinned against because we had this idea that we sinned against others and while we do sin against others we ought to take what David said in Psalm 51 for a heart he says against the.

And the only Have I sinned and done this even when I side the only I stand is that you will give a.

Romans 2 7 and 8 show us that doing the law is what we just to them the patient continues and we'll do it for glory and honor and immortality and immortality eternal life. But to them that are contentious then do not obey the truth but obey and righteousness indignation and wrath.

Here is the deal. You're going to be judged for doing the law not by your intention to have done the cannot tell you that I probably know as much as anybody in this room about losing weight.

I've read a lot about schedules don't judge me according to my intentions.

Like when I step on they don't go read that book. He read that book. He watched that video.

He figured this out to me he you give a seminar on how to watch it you want to give him a twenty pound fifty£50 bonus so that he can meet his exact weight that he's supposed to be that's not the way it works the way it works at all.

Your intention to obey the law is going to be just going to be done by your actions.

And we have to understand actions determine the actions determine destiny. What have you done. That's the question that's Paul's asking.

ROMANS Two entertainment designed to should the whole Jewish deception appear. Here's what he says. Tribulation in anguish upon every Soloman to do with the will of the Jew first and also the Gentiles glory honor and peace to every man the work of the good to the Jew first and also to then Gentile whether they seem to forget is that they have greater accountability because they been recipients of the clearest revelation of God.

Here's the deal if Brendan Bryant goes over to my house and he's hanging out with my kids and does something that my kids know it should not be done in my house.

It's not that big of a deal. I've got a pretty good idea. Hey you know in our house we don't do that. In my kids it's a whole different story. You don't want then you bad.

He goes. Do you want to write about everything you need.

But there's a problem with knowing you've got to do something which you know because of that you're going to be the person receiving the judgment as well. That's not at all what they want it and pointed to verse 11 Paul says God doesn't show any respect to a person who says there is no respect of persons with God. Your racial privilege is not going to deter God from blessing those who do good for punishing those who do evil. They blatantly hope that God will show favoritism. They blatantly hope God show favoritism. This verse kill that home. There's no beach fastlane there's no HRB lane. You can't go to six flags in about a fast half read give them the right verse. None of that. There's no favoritism. No amount of money can pay to jump in to the front of the line. God offers something much better than. This is what you have to understand. I hope that you sit there in your new chair and you're thinking man what a horrible message. Man how difficult of a message. We're all sinners. We get it.

Telling us that we're sinners because we know it but there's something much better than favoritism. We have a Kreiss we have the grace of Almighty God. It's so funny how we always think we deserve so much we deserve so much.

And Jonathan Edwards favorite famous famous sermon sinners in the hands of an angry God he reminded the people of this when he said this. I love this quote he said. Oh sinner. Can you give any reason why since you have risen from your bed this morning God is stricken you dead.

How about that. Let's go for. Give me a reason my God on Turkey Day today. And you come up with exactly zero. If it weren't for the grace of all mighty good and loving father that's what we call grace to consider honestly the rebellion that you've practiced since you got out of your bed this morning. Can

you give a rational explanation why God is with help from you. We can't have this feeling that God is just and fair. Don't we all want to love God just me so poorly. My

love for is so unfair and here's the deal he has treated unfairly because fairness would require that want your glaze on their Aren't you glad you have got Grace got to know what each person or what they do. Number three you know we got to fly through this the truth for inevitability verse 12 makes a statement about those who don't have the law.

His first meaning as a season without law shall also perish without the law and his minions have sinned in the law shall we judge by the law. What happens to those of us who didn't have the law is what they say the Jew does that it happened all. So what happened to them. I didn't have to also make God go away scot free. No problem at all. He says no you're going to be judged but you're going to be judged by the law that's written on your heart.

How many of you in here have always obeyed exactly what you know you're supposed to obey in your heart.

You know hundreds of like I've always done exactly what you know is supposed to be done. How many of you can say I've done that perfectly. I'm not raising my arms again this morning. That's what you can judge so guess what you're just as guilty as the Jews. He says no partiality. So look at the slide to give you an idea of what he says.

He says guess what. You had the law. So when are you going to judge someone changed by the law and the law says that your wicked your vow you're wrong it's against what you are guilty as a gentile you come before me. I don't even need a law to prove that you're guilty. I think you can prove your guilt out of your entirely out of your heart.

He knew better but he still did it. How many of you knew you shouldn't have lied. And you did you're guilty. How many of you knew you should have that way. But

how many of you knew that that was not a loving caring way to deal with your spouse.

Guilty no matter who you are.

Guilty that last place there by the Creator Himself the rejection of that was also disobedience in you one in you to in your struggle with keeping promises to themselves. Have you ever said I'll never do that again until next Tuesday. Well Paul saying in Romans 2:13 is that there's a big difference between having something and doing something for 13 for not the use of the largest before God but the doers of the law will be justified. Paul say that those that obey the law are declared righteous. There's a big difference in hearing the truth and living the truth. Well I've heard a lot of messages I've even heard great series that great preachers preach that I can point out things that nobody else even knows in the scriptures. Congratulations. I hope your judgments based on that.

But it's not sounds a lot like the Jude Paul talking to Leviticus 18:5 says that you have to keep Stackridge and his judgments change one 22 and 23 and James one twenty five says the same thing many and then when reading this first of a person can be saved by just obeying the law.

And it's that verse like for you can be oh you can obey the law say absolutely you're going to make the law me say during the day or so later it my fault. Congratulations welcome to being a human he must obey it all the time and never fail.

You think that's impossible it is. That's why we need Christ and Christ alone for our salvation. Romans 2 14 15 shows us the Jew and the Gentile are not in the same boat he said for when the Gentiles had not the law they do by nature the things contained in the law. These having not the law are a law unto themselves which show the work of the law in their hearts. Their consciences also bearing witness in their thoughts. The Meanwhile accusing are also excusing one another. Paul states this god is going to judge him differently. He's going to judge each of them according to what they knew. They knew the law just by the law. The heart.

I'll judge you by your heart. And the same words don't come down. And here's the deal for 16. I mean the day when God shall judge the secrets of Man by Jesus Christ according to my golf God is the judge and he deserves to be the judge because he is Creator. He says that God will judge. You need to fill this one in this one and find it all. He's a judge of the secrets of man oh that's not fun is it. He's got to judge the way I see you. You know those things that you hope nobody ever finds out about. People judge by their their skeletons in Zimmerman's closet in every woman's closet do.

We all have secrets that we seek to preserve and conceal from others. The idea that God is Judge is difficult for some god judgeship was one that was fearful and yet most liberating concept in the Bible. Think of the concept that the one that created this knowingness even better than we know ourselves.

He knows this secret things in my heart.

He knows of things that go through my mind.

He created me loves me your place your trust in Christ and the idea of a church should scare you to death. There's a grace.

He alone can judge the world and justice and truth he alone can judge the secrets of man. So the simple question for you to day is this Do you think you're going to be able to get away from the judgment of God. Is it a new series on TV that everybody's watching about people whom they give them a chance to escape from the wall and they're watching all these closed circuit television cameras I've heard about it and I watched it yeah. That sounds really cool. I mean gosh and they're trying to be criminals and hide and do whatever they can do.

And it just shows how how dare the police start catching them.

The police don't know nothing.

The guy that God created mankind says yes I'll give you breath breathe today. He's your judge you ain't escaping.

He says this verse Romans 2:03 I think is this a man that judges them who would do such things and done the same. You're going to escape the judgment of God. The good news for those that have placed their faith and trust in Christ is that his judgment will be absolutely fair.

The law gives to the Jews no advantage in coming to salvation.

But this is also bad news for those who don't believe in Christ because his judgment is going to be fair and his judgment for me is Krisher a wicked Bi-Lo Center but when I look at you I do not judge you by your actions. I judge you by the actions of the one that gave his life for you. That

is grace depending on who you are who you depend on your own acts to stand in judgment before a Holy God is a frightful thing.

Even more frightful than you think it is the enormity of God's Son being crucified. Let

Paul take a far more pessimistic view of human sin.

Typically Jews do. So as you read this past done we understand we're all in the we are all indeed Gentiles and Jews alike religious and non-religious alike.

We're all in need of what only Jesus can do.

Paul success in arguing for the power of the gospel through the rest of the book is contingent on the recognition that everyone has the exact same need.

Guess what I grew up a preacher's kid. I got say so young. I don't even like telling people how young I was because people are like there's no way you got saved when you're that young. I'm still saved. I got saved when I was that young. Whether you like it or not but I don't even tell people that I get to say it when I was four years old because it feels weird to say.

Feels weird to say. But guess what.

It's the grace of our Almighty God. And when he understands a four year old preacher boy preacher son of a Cartersville Georgia needs the gospel as much as a mass murderer needs the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You think you're religious you think you're good at for what you don't want.

It is everything.

No one is exempt no matter what. There is no way for us on our own to stand up to the truth. It's impossible. We need a Savior.

I love the final word in the book of Romans says that but forgot to conclude them all and I believe you might have mercy upon all.

Chapter 11 and Chapter 15 and verse 9 and that the Gentiles might glorify God for His mercy. As it is written for this cause I will confess to thee among the Gentiles and seen and to them that he is the God of mercy and he wants all to place his faith and trust in Him all. Second Peter 3:9 says this The Lord is not slack concerning his promise as some may account slightness but his long suffering to us are not willing that any should perish. He wants to give you grace.

You are guilty. I don't care who you are. I don't care what your background is. I don't care if the police can find you guilty. A judge can find you guilty. God

Almighty says you're guilty. Not for Christ's you realize your guilt before a Holy God.

Have you ever excepted him in your place because you used to promise he's not willing and should perish. How about today bless you. If you believe him.

When's the last time that you thanked him for taking the death of your sins. Because see here's the sad thing that we Christians do we get saved and we forget to be thankful for what he's done for us.

Were it not for grace I deserve hell. Not on Earth for eternity. When's

the last time that you literally sat down and with tears welling up in your eyes said thank you Jesus for the gift of salvation.

When's the last time you looked back and realized how good your god Esti treated. I know you can go home and complain. No hard knock life you can be thankful for. God bless you. Thank you for your work.

Thank you for Romans Chapter 2. I see that you might be honoring warfighting now as we live out this way but we aren't from church and you just made my free.

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