Patience and Longsuffering 2

Chris Gardner

January 20, 2019

What's the gospel worth is it worth preaching illegally in China or not? Because if it isn't then they're idiots, but if it is. Then it makes all the sense in the world that they're going through this. So they get a phone call from the police station. As soon as they got the phone call. They literally wrapped the church up. They were renting three separate apartment buildings that they put together they as soon as they got the phone call. They went took all the chairs out to the church existed no more within about four hours of the first phone call from the police station. And so so that they couldn't find the church and get people in trouble. They wrapped it up this morning are. It was last night for us. There are meeting in a Chinese restaurant in China go figure but they're they're meeting in that it's just called a restaurant in there. Yeah, but. They met they were they met their as a church, but they have arrested the pastor of the church. His name is Charles and he's been arrested for eight hours now and as soon as they got the phone call, he called Mark Tolson up on the phone. You'll hear a better version of the story next week for sure because Mark will be here to share it with. But he called Mark on the finest as we just got called. He said this is going to be a big deal and Mark says so do you think they're they know there's a church there and you're leading a church and he said yeah, he said so what do we need to do? He says I guess I'm just going to preach the gospel in their estimates. I don't want to do just to know about Jesus the whole time and so can't have a church in China. It's illegal. It's illegal and so mark, but literally this kids now under arrest for doing this illegal activity. And while he's under arrest, he's gonna be like, hey, well, let me just say about Jesus and this is the reason and so just be praying for Charles. They actually if you notice I was on my phone looking quite a bit while we were singing checking that out. They just released him from jail for the he was in there for eight hours. We have two different missionary families that are in China now. Then have decided immediately to take a vacation outside of China because they're asking for them as well. And the problem is this the Chinese government doesn't really do much to foreigners. What they do is they go. Okay, you're kicked out of the country. And you can come back for five years and so our thought process was and his thought process was. Hey, let's get them out of the country for they can't question them and then they're like, uh, okay. Okay question mark close case and then they can come back in without any black marks on their passport. So anyway be praying for. Mark Tolson, he'll be here next week be praying for for Mark's Austin be praying for Ed dolor De Los Reyes. He actually came here to our church and visited with us and then Cannon Bloom is there as well and they're all trying to figure out what to do next and how to do it. The funny thing is different. From I don't know for those of y'all have been in church for a while. Jake taulbee got kicked out of China got a five year Visa ban to not be able to come back in that one of the pastor's that he trained as soon as you heard. This happened left. His City went to the other. To love his fellow Pastor to be a part of it what was going on with him and to help him out and to help the church through this process because what he looked he looks at him he goes. Hey guys, I got scars. I've been to I've done this before and so he still pastoring in this other city, but now he's going up to help them. So be praying for them. It's one thing to say we are willing to suffer for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It's another thing to do it and it almost makes what we're talking about a schedule change in a location change for us and it's all it almost feels weird. To talk about that because there are people around the world that are truly suffering for the cause of Jesus Christ because he's worth it because he's worth it. And so you may be praying for those guys over there and then we'll give you guys an update on where we're at. And what's going on. We've had quite a few questions. The funny thing is nobody ask questions when we met and then I got a bunch of them throughout the week. So just want to make sure we're hitting up a bunch of those. So Seth you want to start entering any of the questions that you've heard or you want me to. You want me to start? There you go. Okay. Well, so first of all first of all the we're changing March the third 5 p.m. At my house. One of the things we've heard is one of the questions we've had from different people. This will 5 p.m. We don't know if that'll work for us or not. If I p.m. That's difficult, especially at little kids you go 5 to 6, and then we get back home 6:30 and that's the time, you know, then do we go through all of those? Well first let me explain to you kind of what's going to happen the beautiful thing about this. Is this the month of March we're meeting at 5:00 p.m. At my house, but we're as flexible as flexible goes because that's what happens. Do you know how hard it is to turn a cruise ship around? I don't but I can imagine how hard it might be to turn the cruise ship around. You know, how easy it is to turn a canoe around. I don't know that either I'm just kidding. I do know that but it's here's the deal. We may decide that 1 a.m. On Sunday mornings is the best time to meet guess what we'll do we'll meet at 1:00 a.m. On Sunday John's like oh no we want now if you go to for that's the time John gets up every morning. So you do a 4:38. What I'm saying is as we meet as a body will not sit there going we are flexible. So we're going to be talking about what that means and and and how to do that. It's Seth had this one. Quote yesterday that really. I really encapsulated a lot of it especially as we talk about the China thing going on. And can you tell me what you said which was you got to make sure way this has to go for any that that was probably one of the best quotes I've ever heard and I told him I was going to steal this and he's like, that's fine. Just let me use the river. So yeah. You know when God asks us to what Jesus said bear bear my cross the correct answer to that is not let me check my Google Calendar first. It's you know, pick up your cross to bear it and if that means suffering as in there what's really going on in China or that just means a minor inconvenience in classifying. As you know, the gospel is worse this my maturity in Christ is worth this. It's worth the spinal my Google Calendar. It's worth the whole counters worth rearrange my life over. So the good news about meeting at 5 o'clock is gonna be doing yard work. Yeah, there you go. No, baby doing yard work at five o'clock. That's a good that's a good point. So anyway, just it will be meeting at 5:00. But but this is extremely flexible. We were literally go for the first month. And then what we need to hear feedback. We need to hear you guys going. Hey, I don't know. You know, I'm willing. Here's the feedback. We need we don't need the feedback of well, if we don't do it like those we're leaving that's not that feedback doesn't help but the feedback that does help us. Hey what y'all think about? Have you thought about what would your opinion be about? You know that kind of stuff and hopefully little by little it'll become more localized. Because hopefully we're going to spread out into more than one house every two to three different houses. So you'll be a lot closer to your place and all that good stuff over time. So anyway, the five o'clock that was one of the things that there were asked. Thank you Seth and the second thing is my goodness. I've never know. I've never seen I've never noticed that I'm starting to do that now, I guess that's her. That's old people. No, I yeah, I probably do that. The funny thing is I'm one step away from. Like the last guy goes You Gotta Have by folks. I'm like no way he goes. Yep. He said the only way to remedy that is not spend more time on the computer I said so how much are my focus because as you know, I spent a lot of time studying and all that and it's all based on the computer. So the the the one good thing is this the Bible speaks of the church as a family and if we're a family we rearranged whatever that means. Whatever that means and so we're going to rearrange we're going to come around each other. We want to love each other. That's the whole idea behind of it. Another thing probably the most valid question. I've heard since we've been here is this this probably the most valid question I've heard. So what we're going to start doing now is more of a sunday-school environment over a church environment and that sounds really cool for extroverts. You know the extroverts you people that like talking. I don't know. You don't know any of those. No, not at all. We saw a video yesterday of Seth at the age of what? At the age of 13 or 14 at Decatur Baptist Church. It's on Facebook and I'll share it today. Just so you guys can but literally he's sitting there with orange hair waving his hair. Here's awesome. And if you watch that video three minutes in you find a it's a wrestling match that used to do at this church and at three minutes in you find a wrestler named El Matador and metal or his name is also known as Bill Bryant and so I actually finally saw what he. Like with a teenager skinny body and so it's a it's a fun video to watch but but that that question I think is very valid because if you're an introvert, you're sitting here going like the last time we talked I was like, well, you know, we would have talked back and forth. That sounds cool to you but there's some other people that are like, oh, I don't want to talk. I don't want to you know what? I mean? That's that's so we're introvert. Yeah Martha's like that's not me. I don't want to do that. And so so so so here's the the answer that question is this. I truly believe that one of the biggest problems with small groups Community groups, whatever you want to call them. Is this there anything but Bible centered? You go to a small group and here's what they do. They go. Psalm 119 says blah blah blah blah and then the next question that the that is tended to be asked in a small group resist. What does that verse mean to you? Okay, I want you to imagine for a second my kids in my house doing this same practice. Dad says take the garbage out. And so Jacob says down and goes I think we need to have a small group study on this exactly. What do you think Dad meant when he said take the garbage out? And Hannah goes well, I think don't he said to take the garbage out. He was talking about our attitudes, you know, because you know, we have bad attitudes and that's what he was talking about. He wouldn't talk about the garbage it was you know, what that's some great insight there on that thing that my dad said about taking the garbage out and then you know that tends to be what happens many many times in a small group setting if that and by the way and that case you would have a reason I've had quite a few people go. I'm afraid to be a part of a small group. I've been part of a. Before and it's scary and what I'm going to tell you is this what we're going to do is this we're going to sit down and we're going to study this book the same way. We've always study this book. This book will not change in the way. We're studying. It will not change. We're going to walk away going. This is what the word of God says. Look at what God Said through his word, but we're not going to have a guy standing up talking. Well them with a microphone and with speakers and all that. It's just gonna be me sitting down talking to you guys spending time Seth sitting down talking to you guys. John Justin just sitting down talking to you guys about what the scriptures have to say because it matters but with that Vibe, it's a lot different if you want to talk about. It is easy to talk about and if you don't totally fine, we're not going to pressure you into that. So does that make sense? So just wanted you to understand kind of the Bible it's going to go on. Was there any other questions that you had that you remember hearing that? I'm missing with us. We'll be right there still a message. Yeah. I probably won't be as loud. I doubt that that's funny. So yesterday I was doing video classes and what Jacob calls my business casual suit, I was doing classes online which I had a shirt like this and then shorts on underneath it, you know, so they can see the short so I had like this and then was wearing flip-flops and shorts on the bottom part of he called it business casual business up top casual on the bottom. And so that that when I talk about the scriptures I get excited. I don't I never want it to be said of Chris Gardner. He gets more excited about the Falcons and he does the scriptures. Or or the Kansas City Chiefs or any you know, it's easy. We need to be excited about the word of God. So that's what we'll be doing is we'll be covering it. They'll be a message, but it will be a little bit different in the vibe. Yeah, it's just the roof. In the format might be different or the technique might be different. Yeah, the word is the word and that's what and on March the 3rd. We're gonna bring finger foods. You may want to bring some finger foods bring them up and hang out. We'll just put them in there. They're around so your kids are like, oh my kids. Yeah, please. Yeah. So so why finger food drive is just some so why some chocolate chip cookies and some stuff like that? And I promise you your kids aren't gonna go to home hungry and they'll probably go home. High on sugar I mean just kidding. But anyway, just just ask you guys to be praying for us as we're doing these steps and they're making these steps because here's the deal. We're just in a place to where $4,500 a month does not make sense at all for our church building. That's where we're at. And so at some point it Mike but it doesn't right now and so that's where we're at right now. So anyway, that's it. Just want to give you guys kind of an update anything else. We need to say that has not been said. Okay, and I'll be using that as I teach out at different places the whole thing of when Jesus said here to carry the cross. He didn't say check your Google calendar with it, you know because our life should be built around him and should be rebuilt around his word and that that's awesome. Let's go to Romans chapter 9. Thanks Seth. You can head back in the back or you can head here whatever you want to go because Hannah's taking your place. So Romans chapter 9 if you don't have a handout raise your hand there and we'll get you a handout. And I thought you were passing those out what happened. It's Andrews new job Romans chapter 9 and we'll go through this and it'll be really really quick today as in. Oh my goodness. It'll be crazy quit today about Romans chapter 9, and so we talked last week about how. What happened with pharaoh and how God dealt with pharaoh and that is what we had to understand was there's this one big word that we had to understand when we're talking about how God dealt with Pharaoh in the book of Exodus. And that big word. Is this the Reason God took so long to deal with them was this. Because he was long-suffering in other words. He was giving them a chance to believe and to place their faith in him. That was a whole vibe of what was going on. God Saves men and according to the Bible. He wants all men to be saved. The Bible says he wants all men to be saved and when he says men, he's not speaking of men as in men versus women. He speaking of he wants everyone to know Christ and can I just tell you that? I believe one of the biggest problems we have in our churches around America as we have people that are familiar with Jesus, but do not know Jesus as their personal savior. It's very very very easy to play the religious game. It's very easy to be a church-going member. It's very easy to have the Christian way of life because here's the deal the problem with the Christian way of life in America and what we've made it is it looks a lot like middle-class Anglo-Saxon American Life. You know if you keep you you make sure and you sit down, you know, which Fork to use, you know, it's plate to use, you know, how to eat with manners. You also know Jesus that's manners and Jesus almost go together. Why do I hold the door open? Because I'm a Christian. No, you hold the door open because you have manners. And what we've done is we've cheap and Christianity to look a lot like us and we've cheapened Christ to look a lot like us it's funny. You know, you see any pictures of Jesus any paintings of Jesus and he looks like he just got off of a Laguna Beach and surfed a nice wave out there. That's who Jesus we've made him look like us. That's not who Jesus is. And Jesus is long-suffering in Romans chapter 9 for one reason he waits and he's patient and he's patient so that you might do the right thing and placing your faith in him. We have to place our faith in him. So if you don't know Jesus and you're a member of a church, you need to place your faith. And Jesus see John. I'm trying to quote these verses we're not going to go to each one of them but John 3:16 through 18. The Bible says for God so loved Jenna and John 3:16 for God so loved help me out. He so loved what the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life for God sent not his son into the world to condemn the world. Jesus did not come to condemn everybody's always all upset because God might condemn someone but Jesus did not come to condemn the world, but that the world through him might be saved. He that believeth on him is not condemned, but he that believeth not is condemned already because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God John chapter. 737 First Timothy 2:4 first John 2 to Isaiah 45:22 all teach us this God desires for us to be saved for us to place our faith and our trust in him. This whole passage has to do with proving that God is just. And God is righteous there on your paper. If God actually created men to be sinful so that he could condemn them to wrath then he would not be righteous and just can you imagine that literally we're saying I created you so that you would disobey me so that I can then punish you for having disobeyed me. Okay, you know what, you would call that if you took that into the parenting level you would call that a really bad parent. In case you're wondering you cannot call God righteous. You cannot call God just if he created you so that you could disobey him so that then he could condemn you for disobeying that which he made you disobey makes no sense at all. God does not fit or prepare men for wrath. Here's what you have to understand men fit or prepare themselves for wrath. Can I just say this? If you don't know Jesus today, you will spend eternity in hell you say Chris. I don't like that. I don't either so, you know what I did because of that I placed my faith and my trust in Christ because he said I am your savior. So I placed my faith and my trust in him men fit themselves for wrath God does not fit them for wrath God punishes the wicked but here's the deal he punishes the wicked for their own sins Romans 923 we see the vessels the Nations that God has prepared for Honor it's God's choice to honor one. And over another it doesn't mean that God despises one nation and loves the other the same way that was seen with Jacob and Esau a few weeks back. Remember the vernacular that was used with Jacob and with Esau studying. I loved Jacob. I hated Esau and what he was saying was hate your parents does not mean hate your parents. It means love me in a way that your identity comes from me. One of the indications that hate isn't what we're speaking of what we think of its. Can you imagine having multiple children and hating one of. Just think about that. That would be horrible. You'd be the worst parent in the world. Then pause closes off these three verses to include not only the believing Jews but also the believing Gentiles. She's one of the cool things about this part of Romans. He says he says and he talks about the Gentiles not just the Jews the merciful god call of God on the Gentiles is no different than the merciful call of God on the Jews. Now, there's two groups of people sitting in church here. Get the Gentiles and you have the Jews and the Jews are like, well, you know what? I've obeyed the law all of my life and that makes that makes me deserve to be saved and God goes there's only one way that you can deserve to be saved and that is obeying the law exactly like what you say except for you're supposed to obey it. perfectly. Now can I just tell you that if I was able to take out I've read I've read biographies of men that I've known and it's funny because you know what they put in the biography. They said that snippet of greatness and they put it next to that snippet of greatness and they take it and put that next to that snippet of greatness and don't talk about any of the in-betweens. You know what? I love about the Bible what I love about the Bible is God doesn't put Snippets of greatness. And he's talking about his men. He put Snippets of greatness and then really messing stuff up and then he looks at the Jews and he says you think that because you will be the law you can be saved and here's the answer you can as long as you've never failed at the law one single time. If I want to write my own biography, I could pick out five minutes here in five minutes there and our here in an hour there and make me look like the hero of the world, but I could never say that I'm perfect all the time. I could never say that I've never disobeyed Ivan. How many of you have ever lied? Don't raise your hand because whoever doesn't raise their hand. Well, no, you're a liar. And so we don't want to embarrass you hear in church. We're all liars. We've all lied. We've all done things that we should not have done and no matter how good you pretend that you are. We all know better because the facade you put on the outside. We all know what it is. It's a facade. And what he says is this salvation only comes one way and it comes one way for the Jews the Jews that have obeyed the law perfectly can be saved. By the way. There was one Jew that obeyed the law perfectly. His name was Jesus. That's it period end of sentence. Nobody else can take that place. You can you can be saved by obeying the law or you can be saved by grace. The problem is this nobody can obey the law and so we have to be saved by grace and that Grace comes to the Jews and the exact same presentation that it comes to the Gentiles. It comes by saying this you can be saved by one thing and one thing only and that's placing your faith in Jesus Christ now. Chris you don't understand. I'm a good person. Oh, I do understand your good person because we can all compare ourselves and be good people because we can all find somebody worse than us to compare ourselves to. yeah, like I'm not the worst dad in the world. You know, there are people that leave their kids on the side of the road. But you can't do that. You're not allowed to do that. You're not allowed to do that. You don't get I'm a good person me and Ted Bundy. I'm a lot better than Ted. You don't get to choose that way what we had we do we get to choose to we get to compare ourselves to one person and one person alone. And that person is Jesus. Guess what you look like when you compare yourself to Jesus, you look like nothing. You look like a vile Wicked perverse sinner. You know why you look like that? Because we are that that's who we are. We are wicked. We are vile we are perverse. There's Chris. I've never cheated on my wife. No, I didn't ask you if you cheat on your wife, but would you really be willing to say that when you're driving down the interstate and that billboard that shows way too much skin on that girl that you don't pay attention to that more than you want to all of a sudden you don't feel nearest clean. Do you you know, why because we all have sinned. There's a difference though those of us that have placed our faith in Jesus. And that's the only difference that there is Gentile. This is the way for your salvation Judy. This is the way for your salvation Abraham Lincoln and your day and age. This was the way to Salvation 2019. This is still the way to Salvation and let me tell you a hundred years down the road. This is the only way to be saved to place your faith and trust in Jesus. Christ and that's what Paul is saying to them in this passage. He was giving them a call to have belief or to place their faith in him believe in him place your faith in Christ today. And if you know Jesus can I say this I'm done told you is going to be quick. Can I just say this to you today? If you have placed your faith in Jesus, it's time that we speak of the fact that we've placed our faith in Jesus. It's so easy to be like, oh, yeah, I pledge my faith my faith in Jesus, but do you realize that that's the most important thing you could talk about? Do you realize that it's the most important thing you could talk about in The Book of Romans. We find Paul saying this Jew you have to be saved by the Messiah Jesus Christ. There is no other way to Salvation Gentile. You must be saved by. The Messiah Jesus Christ, you've got to place your faith in him. So if you place if you're not placed your faith in and today's the day, but if you have it's time now to say, you know what I'm going to start living as if it matters as much as it really.

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