Patience and Longsuffering

Chris Gardner

December 16, 2018

Romans chapter 9 certain 19 through 29 today. I have two more messages in the Book of Romans 9 then after that we'll be going to Romans 10 be the the Romans 9 has been a very long journey through it. And you say why is it a long journey through it because there's no other passage in the Bible that matters more to our beliefs.
Then Romans 9 Romans 9 is a foundational piece that has been debated for ages. And and while we you might think man we've been in Romans 9 too long. I wish I could show you the amount of commentaries that I have that are only on Romans chapter 9 like we're talking about 900-page volumes on Romans chapter 9 from different people because this passage really matters.
So we're gonna go to the Romans 9 hopefully finish it by, you know, the next few weeks. We'll be finishing Romans 9 and then jumping into. 10 and I'm going to try and make Romans 10:1 message the entire chapter which is going to be crazy, but we'll see about that. And so you don't give you an update about the church.
It looks like right now we will be changing if you have much history Where the River there's one thing. We've been very very very good at and that is. That's moving. So this is our fourth building and it looks like we'll be leaving this building in February. And so we don't know the exact date yet on how that's going to go down and don't know where we're going yet.
The don't know where we're going yet. And you say how worried are you about that Chris? I shouldn't be worried at all, but I'm worried and so but just to give you guys an update looks like February will be out. The building has become more expense than our church can handle so we want to try and find a place.
I've got a couple of leads right now of places be praying this week as I'm going to be kneeling down at least one of those this week. So be praying for me as I'm looking for that and you say Chris what happens if we don't find a building. Well, that's where the whole cheap talk that we've always had about the church not being a building.
Comes to fruition there. We see if we really a church or not because see a church is not about four walls. You say worst case scenario what's worse case scenarios where we have three volunteers right now the host Church in the how and a house until we find another building so church house number one happens to be the guy talking to.
House number 2 happens to be Seth Austin in the back and so he's already volunteered that and I promise you he has you know, like I'm not just saying that because he's back there and then it's on record. But Seth has said he'd be more than happy to do that. And then house number three Justin said, hey just bring everybody over to our house.
And so we'll figure out what we're going to do. But here's the deal the church isn't about a building, you know that those are cheap words. Until it comes to the time where you like? Okay, because church is about our relationship with each other. It's about how we love each other. It's about how we strive for the gospel together and so be praying for this week.
Hopefully, I'll be able to find some normal building that will be in and if not, we'll see what happens but just be praying for that be praying for the next steps of the church and what's going to happen and just excited about what's happening now, believe it or not. I'm I'm afraid and excited all at the same time as anybody ever been there before.
I'm afraid and excited all at the same time. So that's what that's that's where we're at. So just be praying for me be praying for the building be praying for the search that will be able to find something that we can meet in. We can gather together in on Sundays. And if not, my house is going to be awesome.
We're going to have a great time at our house will still be streaming as if we were a normal church, and we'll be sitting in a circle probably instead of in. And this setup but it'll be fun. So let's go to Romans chapter 9, right and if you have questions, I'm more than happy to answer any questions you have after the preaching is on Romans chapter 9 and we're going to start there in Romans chapter 9, by the way, if a church is about relationships, it'd be a good idea to form.
Be a good idea to spend time with people. It'd be a good idea to talk to people. That's what our church is all about. That's what we should be about. And so Romans chapter 9 and we're going to start in verse 19 today. Just want to say thanks for being with us this morning and we find ourselves in some of the heaviest scriptures in the Bible.
If you can navigate Romans 9 with our church. I promise you you can navigate anything with our church when it comes to the scriptures because the scriptures matter. But they're not always easy. When it be nice if the Bible was an easy book to navigate and everybody knew it from cover to cover.
That'd be awesome. If everybody when it be even awesomer, I know it's not a word one of the even be more awesome. If everybody agreed on what everything said, you know what I mean? Like hey, there's by bullets. This is what it says, but that's not the case and that's the reason we gather together and we gather around the word.
And so today we're going to look at Romans chapter 9 starting in verse 19. These are passages that many people would not touch with a ten-foot pole. I will say that I don't feel worthy or able to do Romans 9 Justice friend of mine. I asked him when he preached through the book of Romans. I have very few friends who have preached to the Book of Romans.
I asked him I said, so how long were you between Romans chapter 9 and Romans chapter 11, and here's what he said. He said it took me seven years to cover Romans 9. for the Romans 11. So now that'll give you some perspective on what can be done in Romans 9 through 11 and that is not my goal at all is to stay there for seven years, but let's pray this morning as we dive into Romans chapter 9 and I hope that it's a blessing to you guys Lord we come to you.
I'm going to ask you that you would help us today to cast all our care upon you I do know that there are many people in this room that are dealing with crazy circumstances crazy life's things that aren't going the way they expected them to what I ask you that you would help all of us to cast our cares upon you truly to trust in you a hundred percent to understand that you alone are God you are not surprised by what's going on and that you have things under control.
Did I ask you that you would use my life? Ask you that you would help us all to focus on your word today you'd help us to focus on the scriptures that you would bring honor and glory to yourself through that. I thank you for all that you've done and are you going to do Jesus name? I pray amen. So Romans 9 1 through 5.
It starts out by talking about Paul's burden for his people we talked about that already. But Romans 9 1 through 5 Paul goes man. I have this heart that is longing. To help the people of Israel. These are my brethren. I love them and he starts out with that heart in Romans 9 through 5 here. We must understand that.
He didn't share the truths of Romans 9 through five with us for us to understand his. You see it's easy to look at Romans chapter 9 verse 1 through 5 and think oh, look at Paul's heart, but Paul's desire was not that we look at his heart. Here's his desire. His desire was not for us to understand his burden.
He does it in hopes that we don't sit back as spectators. Okay, can I do the danger of church is thinking that there's one player and a bunch of spectators? How should we sit in this area here everybody watches that one performer as he performs the message and you know that does there's one performer there and there's a few up there and yeah, we're glad for performers but we get back and we get to spectate what's going on.
But that's never the view of the church in the scriptures. And Paul is not at all wanting us to sit back and go. Oh. Look at Paul's burden. Look at Paul's problem. Look at how Paul thinks that's not on his mind at all. He's not wanting this at the sit back as Spectators, but instead what he wants is for us to have a.
And then we'll do something as well for those that don't know him. Can I say that it is so easy to look and to think that Seth ought to do stuff for Chris ought to do stuff for Justin not to do stuff for the other Justin ought to do stuff in John not to do stuff and build up to do stuff and David but it's easy to look at church like that.
But what Paul is looking at and he's saying to the church in Rome this. I have a burden but this burden should not be a lonely burden to carry. This should not be a lonely burden that I carry. This should be a burden that we all take on. Can I say that very few people know what it's like to struggle in life and have somebody come alongside them and say let's struggle together.
Let's struggle together. This week was an interesting week for me. We had a there's I'm not a handyman. I'll start with that. Okay, like I'm not a handyman at all in any way form or fashion, but this week my house. There's this pipe that comes out of your house.
The pipe that come not the pipe coming in that carries that good clean nice water that comes in the house, you know, the pipe going out of the house busted so our sewage line busted figured out how much it would call the get somebody to come pick it up and guy told us he goes. Oh, I have a friend that would really give you a great deal, but I can't see it being any less than 650 plus parts.
I guess that means I'm now fixing the sewage line on the outside of my house. So I texted a friend I did you know, this is my this is my phone a friend moment. I texted John Moore and I said John this is what just happened. He said hey, I'll come over and I'll help you out. Can I tell you it helps when somebody comes to help you?
No, he wasn't there for the whole ordeal and then he had another appointment when he left I had another person come in and help here's what Paul is saying here. I want you to understand my burden. I want you to understand my pain. I want you to understand my difficulty in the way that I see the gospel, but more important than that what I want you to understand is this David that should be your burden as well.
You should be able to pray alongside Paul and say Paul. I understand your burden because I also have a burden for those. That don't know Jesus this matters to me a lot. And so he starts in verse 9 verse 1 through 5. He says I say the truth in Christ. I lie not my conscience also bearing witness bearing me witness in the Holy Ghost that I have great heaviness.
There's a heaviness in my heart. I don't look at people as people. I look at people that don't have the gospel and they matter to me and see Paul did not say this. So that Paul could carry the burden alone. He says this so the people of Rome could understand the importance of a burden for those that don't know Jesus.
It's a the way he phrases it is this. I have a great heaviness. By the way, there's a difference between a heaviness and a great heaviness when we say heavy that's already heavy when you say great heavy that's like great. He goes man. This is something that weighs on me every day of my life. It's a great heaviness and then he says and it's a not only is it a great heaviness, but it's a continual sorrow, it breaks my heart all the time.
When I see people that do not know the Gospel of Jesus Christ and what he's saying is this he is not saying please pay attention to my heart what he's saying is the body of Christ should care. For those that do not know Jesus and here's the problem. We as Christians we go. Well, it's really sad, but we're gonna go to Romans 10 and we'll see this in Romans chapter 10, which is what I'm studying right now, but in Romans chapter 10, what you'll find is this everybody wants to live the Christian Life and hope people catch it like you catch the flu.
But that's not the way it happens. It only happens as we tell others about Jesus we quote. Well, I'm really nice. I opened the door for people when they walk into Walmart really? Well, that's great. I'm excited for you. Let's have a ticker-tape parade because you're so nice to people. But you're going to nice you're going to nice people to an eternity separated from Christ.
And Paul says I want you to understand my burden. This is not a burden that I carry. This is a burden that we should carry people need to know. About Jesus because when it comes down to it our love for others is measured by the depth of our sadness for their unbelief. The depth of their sadness for of our sadness for their unbelief and what would be willing to do to tell them about Christ salvation.
If you really want to know what measures the depth of who we are for the gospels sake it's how sad we are that people do not know Jesus now. What side is this you pull off the exit and you see the dude. There's a very creative dude this week. He had two pieces of cardboard standing at the exit and he goes a rock and a hard place and he's put up these two little pieces of cardboard.
There are rock and a hard place and you know what it's very easy to see those people and feel compassion for them. But can I tell you that your compassion for them many times is misplaced because you're compassionate about their plight and the place that they're living but you're not compassionate about the fact that they don't know Jesus and when it comes down to it, that is what matters the most Paul says this so exactly what are you willing to do for the.
This burden I have is not a burden for you to spectate it. This burden that I have is like John coming along and saying let me help you and so we drove around and we laughed and we talked when we were away from the stench of that area that I was working on and we were laughing we were talking we were spending time with each other.
I had a couple other people volunteer Justin was on Amigos a man. I'll come over and I'll help you. It doesn't bother me at all. But then he didn't show up. I'm I told him he didn't need to show up. But but but you do you see what I mean? It's one thing to look at a bird. It's another thing to say.
Hey, I look at this burden. I see it. I want to carry it with you. This is not your burden alone. This is not your problem alone. And Paul as he shares his heart is saying what will you do for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and very simple question for you. Is this when is the last time you've actually spoken to someone about Jesus?
Yeah, well, it's very is it that's a difficult thing to talk about. Yes it is and it's awkward to talk about it. You know, it's easy which funny we can talk about the Georgia Bulldogs and the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Texas Longhorns and Texas A&M team and we can talk about Alabama and we talked about all kinds we can talk about Trump we can talk about Obama we can talk about anything and everything except for there's this one thing.
And Paul says I need you to understand the power of the Gospel one of my favorite comedian. One of my favorite little spills that Jim Gaffigan does as he stands up and he goes, I want everybody to be comfortable tonight. So I'd like to speak to you all about Jesus. And is that not the truth as soon as you talk about Jesus nothing's comfortable anymore.
But Paul says Paul says this he says I have a burden. But this is not my burden alone. Right shouldn't be my burden alone. Sad to say, I believe we are so far divorced from the way that Paul saw the gospel that I don't think we would even recognize it today.
I don't even think would recognize today. Well, I've given money to help this person in money money will not tell people about Jesus. He said I've got a burden I will care about people's salvation. So but it's funny how many times our pride our fear of being rejected keeps us from telling others about him in Romans 9 Paul's explaining what the Old Testament was saying in the Light of Christ.
Here's what we have to understand what Paul is saying is this Jesus changes everything. Jesus changes everything here in Romans 9 Paul's explain what the Old Testament saying in the Light of Christ because see the Old Testament is 100% trustworthy. It's 100% reliable, but we've got to understand that you cannot comprehend the Old Testament and its entirety without the light that Jesus Shines on it because then you look at it in your.
Oh now that makes sense why a sacrifice because the sacrum sacrifices seemed disgusting for us as we think about it until you think about the sacrifice that Jesus made for you and then you're like, oh, well, that one's cool. That one's cool and all of a sudden you realize that Old Testament sacrifices were nothing but a foreshadowing of what Jesus would do for us when you see the Old Testament the Light of Christ, it changes everything because he is the Fulfillment of the Old Testament.
He's the one that makes the entire Old Testament makes sense. He's the one that makes the entire Old Testament makes sense the Old Testament without Jesus is like a car without a motor and while I know that an Alabama they use those as yard decorations. That's not what cars were meant for that's not what cars are meant for and they did In this passage.
We're going to see the attitude that I found in my own many people that don't know Christ and Romans chapter 9 verses 19 through 29. You see the attitude that many people that don't know Christ because he has spoken to people and they said stuff like this. You know, what if I could talk to God there's a few things I would tell God about talking to one person about Jesus this week.
And that's what he told me. He goes. Let me just tell you I would do some things. I want God to know. There's some things I want God to know and he said stuff why why is there so much sorrow and why is there so much suffering and wiser so much tragedy in the world and he was all mad. Why did the innocent suffer and while the rich Go free don't you love that question.
It assumes a couple of things number one. It assumes that only the people that aren't Rich have to deal with it number two. It assumes that the innocent or suffering but there's no such thing as an innocent human being on the planet. There's so many assumptions but it those are the things that he talks about.
He he he says don't you dare tell me there's a God if there's a God and this is these are the words out of this guy's mouth. This message is repaired six months ago, but are four months ago and I actually typed this out and changed my message today or yesterday for today. Here's what he said if there's a God then he's the biggest sinner that ever lived if he let all this stuff happen.
That's Blown Away by it. But I told him I said you do understand that. This is not a new thought because this is the exact same thought we find in the Book of Romans chapter 9 is that attitude that you're going to find to be prevalent In this passage Paul starts by bringing up the questions that he knows that those around him are dealing with he's going to walk us through even more of what God has done as he chooses the nation's and now and how he will use them.
For his glory. That's what he's doing here in this passage. So let's read the first three verses and then we're going to stop there because times up already verse verse 19 through verse 21. Let's read what the Bible says here. The Bible says in verse 19 that will that will say then unto me, why doth he yet find fault.
These are the Jews supposedly asking asking Paul. So, how is God going to find fault in us? How is he going to find fault for who hath resisted his will and what he's saying is this verse verse 20 nay but o man who art thou I love this question who in the world are you to reply against God? Who in the world are you to reply against God and probably one of the my favorite thoughts of this is this have you ever noticed how every person sitting on a Saturday afternoon and football season knows more about coaching than the coaches do.
Have you ever noticed that like I'm talking about? All you got to do is sit and you're listening to people that love football including. Yeah, that's me. I mean, I know more about football then Rick did and I know more about football than smart does in my mind because I'm always saying why in the world.
Would you allow them to make that call? Do you know how many times my phone has rang them asking me to become the defensive coordinator for the Georgia Bulldogs? Let me see if I can I carry the yes zero. That's it. There's zero times I've ever been called to become you know, why here's what Paul says.
Do you really think you want to look at God in the face and say God what in the world is your problem verse 20. What do it who are you to reply against God shall the thing formed say to him that formed it? Why hast Thou made me thus. So would the thing that was made look back and go. Why did you choose to make me this way?
Okay. Let's go back on that for a second. Number one I chose to make you. If I want to chose to make you I wouldn't have to deal with your mouth. Look verse 21 hath not the Potter power over the clay of the same lump to make one vessel unto honour and another unto dishonour. So they're on your paper write out our position and what we're going to find out is this as we walk through life and as we walk through stuff that is going on with us the first thing Paul Dives to ask him this portion.
Is this how can God find a fault in anything we do since he's in charge of everything. Anyway, could God not make us do stuff. Can God not make us do stock if he's not as he not powerful enough to make us do stuff then why in the world would God be upset at anything that I do? Remember that this passage is speaking of the nation of Israel and dealing with the idea of Gentiles.
Now being part of God's promised. The Jews are blown away. But these Gentiles are now part of God's promise and the Jews asking this are really really hurt that how that now a nation that didn't appreciate all that. They did that they did not appreciate it all had the same rights as they had in their minds.
Paul starts this section by saying I know you want to ask this. So let me go ahead and say it for you. How can we even resist what he wants to do here. So is it not God's fault? It's almost like they're asking since he has decided this. I don't guess there's anything we can do. Anyway, we're fatalist.
Well, you know God decided that I couldn't know God didn't decide that you decided that. You can blame everything on God. Well, you know I was planning on but God God God God. I love it when people do that. They usually use when they say God they don't say, it's God that said God, you know, they have this different inflection of their voice and God's will for me was he, you know, stop blaming God for your stupidity.
And what you come into this right here and they go he goes in there and he goes, you know, what stop saying that. God has no right to hold us responsible. Here's the thing what we have to understand about Romans 9 as this God has no right to hold us responsible there on your paper. If he's the one that made us do the things that he hates.
Can you imagine that God you're responsible because you made me do it would literally be you know, when you wrestle with your boys I used to do this with Jacob. Now he's stronger. And so I've just thought I don't want to hurt him. So we don't do this much anymore. Actually. It takes a lot more effort on my part now to be able to beat him.
I can still got him. I've lost 32 pounds and that was my main weapon before so I don't wrestle at all and you more because you know, if you're heavy enough you get on top of somebody there's not much they can do and so but you know you remember as a kid, they'd be fighting with you and I grab my boys hands and I go Jacob stop hitting yourself.
That's God in heaven in the view of many people. It's hey you hit yourself. So because of that you're getting punished. Paul goes no. That's not at all what's going on to believe this we have to ignore the other truth. We found about scriptures and see here's where how we look at the Bible matters.
We could see if you just read Romans chapter 9 you can walk up walk away with some crazy theology. But see what I don't know if y'all have done this or not. But if you go down to the local Christian bookstore, it's impossible to buy a Bible that just has Romans 9 in it. But we interpret Romans 9 as if it was a standalone passage that has nothing to do with the rest of God or the rest of his word.
To believe that we had to ignore the other truth. We found in scripture the but this is never true about truth because truth doesn't need two plus two is four. We agree with that one. If you don't then we get you back in high school. We're going to get you back in elementary school again two plus two is four, but what if two of them are apples and two of them are oranges is 2+2 still.
For yeah, well, what if it's what if it's one Christmas tree in one car and then plus two apples is so far. Yeah, because two plus two is four. There's no way to break down this truth that two plus two is four and there's no way to break down the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. So we have to look elsewhere to make sure that we understand it and look at three verses and then we're done you can I say this God is not even remotely responsible.
For the sinfulness of his creatures. He's not remotely responsible and James 1 verse 13 to 14 tells us this the Bible says in Romans and James 1:13 through 14. Let no man say when he is tempted. I'm tempted of God God's the one that tempted me because God cannot be tempted with evil and he had intended anybody God's not tempted anybody but every man is tempted when he is drawn away of his own lust and enticed.
His own lust and enticed. Habakkuk chapter 1 and verse 13 He says Thou Art the art of purer eyes than to behold evil. And Kent's not look on iniquity. God did not make us sin. We're look is now upon them that deal treacherously and hold us that tongue when the wicked Devour the man that is more righteous than he the Bible teaches us that he'll was not even originally made for mankind Matthew 25 verse 41 says then shall you say also unto them on the left hand depart from me.
You cursed into Everlasting fire. But it was prepared. This was made not for mankind, but it was prepared for the devil and his angels scripture teaches us that God has no pleasure in the death. Even if the Wicked the Bible says for I have no pleasure in the death of him that dieth saith the Lord wherefore turn yourselves and live second Peter 3:9 teaches us that he does not desire that any should perish and see this is where Paul's burden comes from.
Can I say that in the last couple of weeks is I've known that going to have to move out of the church building. my thought process. Has not been what it should be because you know how much time I spend worried about the building. I would like to say that I'm holier than everybody else in here and I'm not worried one single bit.
But it can I tell you it's kept me from sleeping at night. It's kept me from sleeping at night. Hey second Peter 3:9 what we have to understand is this when we put our focus on the things that matters it changes the way that we think because does it really matter this our financial issue. Is that really what we should be focused on for the rest of our lives does are we got to be careful what we focus on in second Peter 3:9 the Bible says the Lord is not slack concerning his promise as some men count slackness.
In other words, you don't have to worry about God. He doesn't break his promise. You don't have to worry about God. God does not break his promise, but he is long-suffering to us-ward not willing that help me out with that. Next word not willing that any should perish but that next word. Oh, Should come to repentance.
The heart of God is the heart that Paul shows us in Romans 9 1 through 5. It is a heart for any and for all he does not want any to perish he wants all to come to repentance. He will not cast out anyone that comes to him according to John 6:37 his all that the father has given me shall come to me and he that comes to me.
I love this. He that comes to me. I will in no wise. Cast out. I just don't know that God will take me. No, no that's impossible. Because if you come to God guess what we have the promise that you will not be cast out. This is so this flies in the face of what many people have thought about Romans chapter 9.
Micah 718 says it he Delights in Mercy. He Delights in Mercy who is a god like unto thee that pardon with iniquity and pacify the transgression of the remnant of his Heritage. He retained with not his anger forever because he delighteth in Mercy. He Delights in Mercy John 3:16 teaches us that he loves.
The entire world for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life and we'll close with this statement. And then I promise you we will open up with this statement next Sunday because this statements a big one I put it in bold.
I put it in a whole different color on my thing and you got it on your paper there the truth is that no one will ever stand before the father. And state that he was unloved by his creator. The fact is the truth is that no one will ever stand before the father and state that he was unloved by his creator.
You will not stand before God and go God I would have accepted you. If you had chosen me. You will have to stand before God and say God you loved me. You pursued me you wanted me. But guess what? I chose not to. There's no no such thing. The truth is that no one will ever stand before the father in state.
They were unloved by their creator. as we go home today, can I ask you to think about.
Whether you have a burden for those that don't. no Christ or not. Because you see we all have burdens. But we think that our burdens to Bear our as a debt load that were carrying. We think our burdens to Bear our the way that my husband and wives we fight with each other and we think the burdens to Bear are the children not doing what they're supposed to do in the children think that their burdens to Bear the parents that they have to live with and the do we not all have burdens?
No matter who you are. I don't know your burden. I know some of y'all's burdens, but let me just tell you every single person in this room has burdens, but can I ask you today to put a burden on like a backpack? And say I want to live as if those that don't know Jesus really matter to him. I want to care about those that don't know Jesus.
Give me Lord a burden for Souls. Give me Lord a burden for those that I call my friends that I've never shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ with give me a burden. For those

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