Paul’s Passionate Plea 2

Chris Gardner

September 2, 2018

Go to Romans chapter nine, Romans chapter nine. We're going to be fun actually diving into Romans chapter nine. We introduced the chapter quite a bit. Been talking about what it's about. Now we're going to go Romans chapter nine. If you don't have a handout, raise your hand. Jacob will get you one, a and h, those handouts there. Jacob's got a handout. If you need a pen, he's got pens too. I just don't know that he's got them with him. You need pants. Probably two. There you go. So if you need a pen, just raise your hand. Let him know. Happy to get that to you. Romans chapter nine, verse one and Twos, or we're going to start today. We've been talking about Romans nine and what it's about. And uh, your view of Romans Nine, how it can change a lot of your view about Christ, a lot of your view about Christianity and so this week we're going to actually dive into the passage and start. Now. Remember Romans nine through 11 are chapters that are quite divisive chapters. You fall on one side of the equation or you fall on the other side of the equations and never the two can meet each other almost because if they do, it's going to break out in a fight. That's not our goal at all. Our goal is to see what scriptures say. What do scriptures say in Romans chapter nine, so Romans chapter nine, we've been going through Romans chapter one through eight. God has been telling, talking through Paul, explaining how the Jews were not coming to cry. The Jews were not going to have a special place in heaven because they were Jews because of where they were born because of any of that, and the gentiles were listening to that going, man, that's great.

Paul goes, hey, you gentiles, you need to understand the same thing. He's bringing together two groups of people and we come to Romans chapter nine. Now Romans chapter nine, we'll divide people because of Romans nine through 11. This is the biggest treaties on the subject matter that we're speaking of and the Bible, and so we're attacking it straight on. Talking straight on about what it's saying. Now, the funny thing is this, Romans nine starts the whole dissertation with a different view from Paul about a passion for his people, and so this look at that and we're going to talk about number one, you find a crazy passion in Paul here in this thing, Paul's passionate plea. Romans nine, chapter one, chapter nine, verse one and verse two there, transition for a woman's eight to nine is quite abrupt, so remember Romans Eight, it ends. This is.

Nothing's going to separate us from God. Isn't that awesome? By the way, funny thing is, most people when they go through these, if you go to small Bible study groups on the book of Romans, it goes like this really intense Romans. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, which just decided now to do a skim over Romans nine, 10, and 11. Now let's go to Romans 12, 13, 14. We're not doing that. We're going to actually dive in and study it. We're going to actually dive in and see what is being said here he goes, from how nothing is going to separate us from God to this. He goes, verse one, I say the truth in Christ, I lie, not my conscience. Also Bang me, witness in the holy ghost that I have great heaviness and continual sorrow in my heart. Talk about a change in a change in attitude.

Romans eight ends by saying nothing's going to separate us from God. Man, this is awesome. Or on the top of the mountain, and then we go to Romans chapter nine, and he goes, have a continuous sorrow in my heart. Something's going on in my heart. So he has this crazy passion. Paul says, I want you to understand my love for you. That's what he's going to tell the Jews as he's talking to them. I want you to understand my love to you. The reason he starts by stating this is stating it this way, is that it seemed as if he has anything but love for the nation of Israel. Because see, as the nature of Israel's listening, Paul was the apostle to the gentiles, the Jews. This book is talking about how gentiles can come to Christ and then they're sitting there going, you used to be a Jew of the Jews.

You used to be like the select man of the Jews and now you are saying that everybody's on the same footing and did user sitting there and they look at. They look at Paul and they're going, if there was a case for treason, Paula did. If there's a case for treason, Paula's it because he evidently doesn't love Jews anymore. All you gotta do is look at what he's saying. Impulse starts, Romans nine with a heavy heart, and he says, I want you to understand that I love you. He has stated that the law that they love isn't the means to salvation. No, this law as something that they love so much that they had this idea that this is the one way to salvation and and Paul goes, oh, guess what? Yeah, the law is not the way and these Jews who have changed their view on the law, look at it and they go, I cannot believe that he would do this. The. He said, the law and that they love isn't a means to salvation and I love this part and he just, just something you need to remember, it is a means to understanding their perdition. What Paul says is this, the whole idea of giving you the law and never was for you to be saved by the law. Aren't you glad that you are not saved by keeping your own rules? How many of in here are glad you're not saved by keeping? I'm not even talking about the Bible. Let's throw the Bible out for a second. Just talk about just you. Aren't you glad that you are not saved because you kept your own rules that you decided you were going to keep, as many of you have ever changed your mind on what you were going to do from here on out, I will never again.

Have you ever said that. If you ever find yourself saying that, stop because we all know what happens. I will never again, and then you do it. Paul sitting here going, you know what? The idea of the law was never for the law to save you. You missed what the law was about. The law was a way that you could know that the law was never enough. You had to have salvation that came from God and from God alone, and so that's what this passage is about. So the Jewish people are sitting, listening to what he said in his letter, I sat in disbelief because it would seem like almost their entire life had been sacrificed on the altar of this new thing. So you're saying, I'm 45 years old and you're saying I'm 43 years old and I have spent 40 years of my life trying my hardest to obey the rules of what the law says, and now you're saying that was useless. Can you imagine how that would tick some people off?

They're sitting there going, oh no, that's not at all what you come to salvation. Paul says this. He says, I want you to understand. Look at verse nine. He says, I say the truth in Christ. He says, I need you to understand this is as true as anything else. Yes, I'm telling you the truth in Christ ally, not repeating time and time again, you need to understand I'm not lying when I say this, not conscience bears witness with me and the Holy Ghost. I'm telling you the truth. I'm not lying. My conscience is telling me the exact same thing for I could wish that he said that I have a great heaviness and continual sorrow in my heart. The Jewish people sitting, listening fat and disbelief because almost their entire life had been sacrificed on the altar of this new thing, of this messiah idea of this Jesus thing in their mind. Paul says, I'm not lying. I need you to understand one thing. I love my people and and it's pretty big deal that he calls him his people because these people think that is anything but that now these people think that he's anything but that now not a sound. That would have been a big statement because these are the same people, but by the way, think of what the Jews have done to Paul.

Think about the Jews are done. Depaul the Jews in the name of their religion. Think of what all they've done to him. Okay. What have they done to Paul? They didn't give him a banquet. They didn't give him a welcome or they gave it to Paul was they gave him. They beat him. They imprisoned him. They cursed him. They left him for dead outside the city. That's the Paul that is saying this is going to seem hard for you to believe, but I love you guys even though in the name of what your religion is, I've gone through major persecutions whenever, wherever he went, they stood up pitch people up against him. Even the Christian Jews additives burden by trying to convince everyone that there were more, there was more to the gospel than just grace. So Paulson new saying it's grace by faith. That alone, there's nothing else, and then Jews. You're saying, how dare you think that and then people would place their faith and their trusting Christ. They go, great, but dot, dot, dot. Let me add 15 other things to the list of things that you have to do. They would say gracious, cool, but you have to obey the laws and the Jews as well. You got to obey the law last year. So Paul states unequivocably unequivocally how he cares for the people of Israel. Can I just say this? His love for the people of Israel as anything but natural. It is not natural at all. For Paul to love these people because let me just tell you, they have put him through just trial after trial after trial. This law is the exact same exact thing you find in the Bible. The love that he has for these people is not natural. The love that he has for these people is the love that comes from the fruit of the spirit. Galatians five, 22 says, but the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, long suffering. He says, the fruit of the spirit is love. Paul has not been dictative. He wasn't upset. He wasn't looking for a way to speak down to them, okay? He had a genuine love that could only come from the Holy Spirit, and he had made this what his life was about. It's the same love today that sends my friends all over the world. Y'All have met many of my friends. I've had a guy from China yesterday call me and he'll be coming to the church sometime in the next four or five months. I had a friend from Thailand. He'll be coming into the church to the next four or five months. I've got friends all over the world. It's the same love that Paul had for the Jews. It's the same love that send friends of mine that I can name by name right now to Bosnia who in the world looks around and goes. I'll tell you what sounds like a great place to retire. Let's trap Bosnia.

Why would somebody do that? Do they not have better aspirations for their life? Do they not understand what they know? She Paul had a love for the Jews. That was not natural at all. It was not natural. If you were to ask, you are supposed to hate these people that have heard of him so much. I've got friends in Bosnia, Dominican Republic, Peru, Ohio. I'm just kidding. I did put that in there, but I got friends in Bosnia, Dominican Republic, Peru, like who would go to Ohio, Afghanistan, Ohio. You know, like, I'm just kidding. I'm just kidding. I've got good football up there. Not good food but good for Dominican Republic, Peru, Ohio, Afghanistan, Chile, Bolivia, Thailand, Egypt, and they've gone to these strange places to dedicate their lives to one thing. I'm going to love people that it makes no sense to love. Nobody wakes up in the house at their house in the morning and goes, you know what? If there's any group of people in the world that I love is the people from Afghanistan, love like that is only brought through the Lens of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and Paul is in that same situation here. Paulson, I need you to understand I love you even though you have hurt me. I love you even though you have. And you might sit there and say, well, I love people, but the question is this, would you dedicate your life to those people? This is a natural love that Paul is filling as an old man writing this book and it's an unnatural love to those who wake up and say, I'm going to do whatever it takes to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. It's the same love that scent patent to the cannibals of the new Hebrides Livingston to blaze a trail through the wilds of African, add an arm to the jungles of Burma. It's that love.

You said, Chris had that come up on a five year life plan. Nope, sure didn't. Where somebody sitting down and going, you know what? In five years, I want to make sure and go to a place where people kill people in Itam. That sounds like a great place to go because that right there, I'll show me how I can be Hashtag blessed by God. That's not it at all. This is the people that say, my life. I don't view life the same way everyone else does. I looked through the Lens of the Gospel and when I looked through the Lens of the Gospel, I have loved. That makes no sense. I May. I have love that. Makes no sense. I had the privilege of meeting through John and John Moore and Bruce need a few years back, nate saint whose dad died at the hands of a of Indians in Ecuador, and the funny thing is the assassins now come to his house and hang out with him

and I know Jesus and their kids call them like granddaddy something or some weird name that they call him because, and you look at that and you're like, how in the world could somebody ever choose that life and you don't choose that life because it makes sense. You choose that life because the fruit of the Holy Spirit has changed your life and so Paul is having to convince them, I love you guys. You're sitting there going to have we not beat you enough. Have we not hit you enough? Have we not stoned you enough? Why in the world would you love me? It's an an natural love. It's a love that spoken of in First Corinthians 13. The love that only makes sense because of the Gospel.

How Big God in our church that will send missionaries out around the entire world to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. That is my dream. That is what I asked God for everyday and I don't know when it will happen. I don't know how it will happen, but I begged God that he might allow us to send young men who have dedicated their lives to the gospel of Jesus Christ because everything has changed. How? Beg God that he'll allow us to start churches around here that will share the gospel of Jesus Christ. That's my goal. That's what I asked God for every day, but this is a love that only makes sense because of the Gospel. It's a love that only makes sense because of the Gospel.

He's the same. Love that God drew Jesus, God's son from heaven to die on the cross. Just think about how much the idea that God would send his son to die for you. Just think about how much that does not make since.

How in the world would God Almighty and Heaven sent Jesus to die, to pay my debt of sin. It makes no sense outside of the love that he has for his creation. Paul knew that if his people were to understand the role of faith, it would not only affect the Jewish understanding of salvation, but it would also change the way the gentile people viewed their own salvation, and this means, here's the deal. When you understand that it's by the grace of God, which you understand is this, there is zero boasting at all in your salvation. You can't brag about anything. There's nothing that you can talk about. There's nothing that you can say about how great you are because guess what? You're a sinner saved by the Almighty grace of God.

You're not a preacher kid like I was. You're not a missionary kid. You're not a drunk or you're not a drug addict. You're not a. you're not a. you're not a just a good American person living out the American dream. You are nothing but a sinner saved by the grace of almighty God. No busting it all about how someone is kept the law for the Jews. It would be a paradigm shift for the Jewish nation. Everything was going to change as someone who been keeping score, it might've seen that Paul has been playing to the gentle side and that all the points for the Gospel and the Gentile column, and Paul speaks to him in love trying to get them to understand that if he's speaking for the gentiles alone, he's still one of them. He is still a Jew. Paul is going to try and show them to.

Everyone is in the same place and has the same problems and we all need salvation in the same way. Guess how an Afghany person needs to get saved the same way that an American person needs to get saved. Guess how it a Peruvian person. I was in Peru a few weeks back preaching and we had over 30 people get saved in the conference while I was down there. Guests how they got saved in Peru. They got saved in Peru. The same way we get saved here. Guess how people in Afghanistan or saved the same way that they're saved here? We all come to the, to the. We all come to the cross in the same position on our knees stating our need for a savior. That's the only way that we can be saved. Paul is going to try and show them that everyone is in the same place and has the same problem and everyone needs salvation in the same way. God's not through with the nation of Israel at all, and you'll also going to show that in verse two. He speaks of the kind of pain

that he feels. He says, I have great heaviness. I have great heaviness. I don't just have heaviness, I have great heaviness, and then he goes even farther. He's just, not only do I have great heaviness, but I also have continual sorrow. It's a heaviness that is great, but it's not just great. It's a heaviness that has also continual heaviness to discontinue. It's a big deal. It's a big deal.

Now, don't miss. Let this thought slip your mind. Paul isn't some week fellow. If you read the Bible, Paul is not some week, dude who's on this emotional roller coaster that drifts up and down in his life and his service to God. That's not who Paul is. Paul was never called the crying profit. Paul was never called. Paul is a staunch strong man that knows exactly what he believes in, why he believes it, but he states that this is very heavy for him to deal with. This is the man that's been beat, left for dead, spoken bad about snake, bitten, shipwrecked, needless to say, and he looks at the people and he goes, I can show on my body. In other words, let me take. I don't have tattoos. My tattoos are placed places where people have ripped parts of my skin to pieces. Let me take my shirt off and show you. This is a mark of Christ. This. This is not some wimpy dude stating this piece says, I have a great verse two. He says that I have great heaviness and I have continual sorrow in my heart. This isn't a complainer. This is a soldier that says, I have this great heaviness and I have this continual sorrow. This is something he says that I live with, and the good news is this, I only will live with it every single day, every single day.

He just moved from the joy of Romans chapter eight into the sorrow and the burden of Romans chapter nine. When Paul looked at the work of Christ, he rejoiced, but when he looked at the lost people of Israel, he wept.

What happened is Romans Chapter Eight, he sitting there looking at how great God is and man, there's rejoicing in that truth, but then that rejoicing changes in Romans chapter nine because he looks out and he sees and he understands, and as he's writing this letter, he's he, he, he can picture these people.

He man my people. They don't know Jesus, my people. They don't know Jesus. That changes everything.

Can I tell you that if we were to look around the world and see the people that do not know Jesus and we truly believed what we say, we believe it would change the way that we give to missions and would change the way that we pray for missions. It would change the way that we do and tell people about Jesus here, where we're at. When Paula to the work of Christ, he rejoiced. When he looked at the lost people of Israel, he wept. This is a marker of a person that has the heart of God. He sees the situation of those who don't know Christ and it changes everything. It changes everything. Can you the eternal fate of those that didn't believe in God and him and this made him hurt with them and for them, I don't know. Built. Were you able to get that picture that I sent you that said it'd be for next week.

I've stood on top of mountains, been on the top of skyscrapers, been an airplane looking down. It's reminded me of how to keep on looking at the lights. That's the city of red keeper that we come from and when I was down there this last time, this is one of the pastures and that's a. that's the city lights and it's probably. That's probably about 15 percent of the lights and when I was 18 years old, my dad used to take all the groups up on top of the mountain to look at the lights and I was 18 and ours rebellious, didn't want anything to do with God and what God wanted to do with my life and honestly had decided that I would live and, and opposition to anything that I felt that he wanted. And my dad stood up there and I had all kinds of friends and that was very popular and everybody knew me and I knew everybody in the city of one point, 5 million hours, pretty much a big deal at that age. And uh, just tell him the top of the mountain there one day. And my dad reached handover on my shoulder and he put his hand on my shoulder and he said, son, what you see right there aren't lights. I'm sitting there bored like that. Can we just finish this already? I know we're up here. Whatever. And he said, these, what you see right here in light, what'd you see right there? Those lights represent people that are dying and going to hell and less than 10 pursuit percent of the people in the city have ever heard the gospel. Jesus Christ in America. We choose churches by the way they're laid out, would use churches by the kind of programs they have to entertain us, which you do. You know how they choose churches there? I can walk to that one and they preached the Bible. I think I'm going to that one. Cells are dying and going to hell, and Paul says, when I see this picture, this picture is not a cool picture about a keeper. When I see this picture, it breaks my heart and I have heaviness and, and, and it's a daily continual sorrow because people don't know
Jesus and I've done this in Thailand and I've done this in Chile and I've done this in every single country I ever go to. We always go to the highest point in the city who look out and look at the city and we talk about the people that don't know Jesus. And it's so easy to look into see in countries where 97 percent of the people claim to not know Christ. And Paul Goes, man, I just really rejoice in Romans eight. Romans eight is awesome. Let's get up and I'm trying. Let's just do a fortnight dance on Romans eight. This is awesome.

And then Romans nine pops up and he goes, but now I have great sorrow. He says, now have verse two. He says, for I have great heaviness and I have continual sorrow in my heart. This isn't something that comes and goes. It's continual. It's continual, it's continual. That's always there with me. He said, I've got this crazy passion. Nothing you impacted my life quite as much as a young man is that one day overlooking the city of how to keep up. But I, I wish I could take you and do. It's a wonderful life plan with you where we take you out and you can actually see your people that surround you, that don't know Jesus. And I wish it would create the same thing in your life.

Because see, in America, we've learned to appear to be Christians.

We've learned to appear to be Christians, you know, we know how to walk the walk and we know how to talk the talk and we know how to pretend well, and you know, everybody goes to church. I was visiting and I went and knocked on all the doors on this neighborhood up here, just inviting people to church. Uh, and as, as I'm knocking on the doors, one day one of the guys goes, um, he goes, well, uh, now I go to church. I said, really? Where do you go to church? He goes, I go to this Mr Church called River Church. I'm like, oh, really? Tell me about it, you know, it's a big church. I was like, oh, okay. Where's that? When I used to always write down here next to this restaurant over here, I was like, oh, that's good to know. I said, a man, I love to have you visited there. I happened to be the pastor there and man, I would love to. I just missed you the last time probably. So I would love to have you come back and visit. I'm trying my hardest. He, it's not like we don't notice when people are visiting us here because we've learned to appear to be stuff that we're not. If there's one thing I begged God for in our church is that we would have the heart of Paul.

We might walk away with great heaviness. I'm not just heaviness, great heaviness.

We might walk away a great heaviness that's not just on Sundays because we sit in our seat, John Sundays and when we hear the word of God preached, it hurts and it hits and it, and it's like a dagger that stabbed and you're sitting there going, oh man, that was good and I don't, man, I need to, but what I'm asking you is this mine. We walk away with nothing. Not a great heaviness, but a great heaven. That's continual. That is day after day after day. We care about those that do not know Jesus as their savior.

We care about them. We tell them about Jesus, we tell them about Jesus. Verse verse three, and we'll read this and just in there, verse three, here's what Paul says.
Paul said, if you want to understand how heavy this burden is that I have to bury, that I have to carry, he just cut out, which means that myself a cursed from Christ for my brothers, my kinsmen, according to the flesh. What he says is this, because I've got such a burden for the people of Israel that if God would allow me to spend eternity in Hell,

God, send me to hell if it takes it, but send my brother's the gospel of Jesus Christ in me. They believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Now, speaking of this passage in this context is kind of funny to me to think

did. Paul would start out this section that supposedly has to do with any money. Manny, Moe, God, and heaven choosing who goes to where. It's hard for me to think that you'd start that with Paul, talking about a burden like that. Paul sit near the burden and he's sitting there with continuous sorrow and he's there with a heavy burden and he's saying, man, our care for you. I love you. I wish I could go to hell if it took it to take the price of your sins, but I can't. No, we won't get into the rest of it and it gets a little bit dicier as we get in and it gets a little bit fun or as we get in, but can I encourage you to walk away from river today? Can I ask you to walk away from river?

Okay. You want to know what will change your life is when you look at people is not just being your friends, but being people that need to hear the gospel. People that need to hear the Gospel, they need to hear what Christ alone has done for them. You know what? I thank you.

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