Paul’s Passionate Plea Pt 3

Chris Gardner

September 23, 2018

This passionate passionate plea. Did he has for the people he's writing to and the Church of Rome and so Romans chapter 9 and we're going to do verses three through five. Hopefully today finish out this little section of Romans chapter 9 Romans chapter 9. We find Paul's passionate plea. So we've talked about and they're in your handout.
It's already filled out the intro part. We did that a couple of weeks ago and then we talked about Craig he had a crazy passion Paul had just as crazy passion that was different than most. Had a crazy passion that was different than most and so number two will start today with his crazy portion and let's look at Romans chapter 9 and we're going to start will read the first two verses just to get the context again.
What matters to us here at the church is that were true to the Bible? The Bible has plenty to say preachers don't problem is preachers have plenty to say but usually it's not that important but the word of God has so much to say to us and I hope as we dive in this morning. It helps us pay attention to that.
He says I say the truth in Christ, I. Why not? My conscience also bearing witness bearing me witness in the Holy Ghost that I have great heaviness and continual sorrow and my heart so Paul sitting here saying my this passion that I've got going on this thing in my heart that I've got going on is not only something that happens every once in awhile could have y'all ever noticed how on January the first every once in a while every January the first we decide we need to lose weight.
Have you noticed that or not ladylike? It's temporary. It's like hey, we're on lose weight. I don't have the best. Body that I've ever had starting this year and then by January the 3rd, you're like eating the leftover turkey from December 25th. Not long ago. So you come to here and Paul goes this is not normal the way I feel he says this he says it's a continual sorrow.
It's a great heaviness. This is something that is always something I'm. Always something that is burdening me always something that I'm thinking about. I have this burden and we're going to talk about what that is today. The number two you find on your paper. There are crazy his crazy portion. I want you to see the way Paul sees the world around him.
Look at verse 3. He said foot up for I could wish that myself were accursed from Christ. You know, what if I were telling you what I wanted, he says I would even choose to be cursed from Christ or I did not have a relationship with Christ to where my eternity was separated from God because he says for my brethren.
My Kinsmen according to the flesh. He says you Jewish people. I love you. You're one of my people. You are my family. You are my people and I have a burden for you. I have a care for you. I have a concern for you. Paul says this I would be willing to pay the ultimate price to see the salvation of my people.
And this is something that he nags him day in and day out. He says I am so concerned about let me give you a four letter word today others. I know you're counting. It don't have four letters, but it's almost like don't we treat it like a four-letter word in the society. We live in yeah oth ERS I get it there six, but we treat it like a four-letter word.
Don't we? Have you ever noticed how crazy our selfie Society is? Have? You ever noticed how crazy it is? One of the weakest things of our generation is we think that the world revolves around so I just read a heart a book by Harvard graduate that talked about the danger of the selfie generation and and his conclusion in the book is this.
The selfie generation if it does well might merge into the Next Generation becoming the uh, see generation instead of the selfie generation, but there's no way to go beyond that because honestly we've learned to say this world is All About Us thinking about others matters it can it can I say this we listen to people say can you pray for me and when they say that we're sitting off in la-la land and not even thinking about it.
Do you know why? Because it's a selfie generation and that doesn't have much to do with me now. I'll pray for me all day long. I'll pray for me all day long. I'll pray that God will send me a good job all day long. I'll pray that God will send me money all day long. I'll say I'll pray that God will give me success all day long.
But you know what the true deal with prayer is prayer says worry about others not about us. We live in a crazy day and age and the way we see life matters. Paul says this. I love others to the degree that I would be willing to pay the ultimate price if I could so that they might know the Salvation that God gifts now that sounds like such a crazy prayer because see it's not like Paul did not understand what the Bible teaches the Bible teaches salvation Heaven not believing in Jesus speaks of an eternity separated from God in hell.
Now this is not some theological nitwit who didn't know any better when he says that he understood exactly what he was saying here. He says I care about others to that degree and Paul's not the only. You see in the Bible Paul is not even the only one who has this heart and honestly, do you want to know the true Mark of a true leader is not found in the kind of car that he drives or in the kind of purpose that he has or in the kind of things where he's going or the kind of income that he has a true leader is found with people that care about others when you care about others it changes.
Everything he says listen, I would be willing to pay the ultimate price. I would be willing to spend eternity in hell if I could do that so that others might know about Christ and it's funny because in the day and age we live in that's not the way that we see life at all. Somebody says could you pray for this and we go sure I'll be praying for that but it'll take you three minutes.
If you're having a good day until you forget to pray for them because you know, their prayer request doesn't really matter that much. Well ours does Paul goes I need you to understand I think of others and their salvation. There's a passion. There's a portion that I think that I have is I want others to know about Christ Paul's not the first one because he you find Moses says basically the exact same thing in the book of Exodus in the book of Exodus chapter 32 verse 32 35.
Here's here's what Moses says and it came to pass on the morrow. That Moses said unto the people you've sinned a great sin and not now I will go up into the Lord peradventure. I shall make an atonement for your sin and Moses returned unto the Lord and said, oh this people have sinned a great sin and have made them gods of gold.
He's the God. I know they're idiots. They may like these gods of gold when they weren't supposed to they're supposed to be worshipping you and the Moses goes yet. Now if don't forgive their. It don't forgives and and if not much as just and if not, just blot me out of the book that you've written.
You just just kill me. Don't don't kill them. Just kill me if it takes that Moses cared for others. He cared about the salvation. Of others in the Lord said to Moses what so whosoever hath sinned against me him. Will I blot out of my book? Therefore now go lead the people into the place of which I have spoken unto thee behold my angel shall go before the nevertheless and the day when I visit I will visit their sin upon them in the Lord plagued the people because they made the calf.
Which Aaron made here's here's what happens Paul says listen, I would be willing to spend eternity separated from God if I could so that my friends so that my family so that my people could know about Jesus because see y'all as Jew as the Jewish people and as the Jewish religion you look and you're not looking at Jesus as your Messiah and he is and I wish I could pay the ultimate price.
I truly wish I could pay the ultimate price and then Moses says the exact same thing. He says God I truly wish I could pay the ultimate price. No, can I tell you what our churches should look like our churches should look like people that walk out that door or so obsessed with others that it'll change the community that we're in.
That's not true of what happens. You do realize back in the old days. They had these things called porches and they didn't have air conditioners. They said that one of the men that changed more about American society was carrier. There's a whole book written on how mr. Carrier changed the entire nation the entire country was changed because of this thing called air conditioning.
Because before back in the old days when it was hot, what would you do you go sit on the porch and you want people but people would walk by and you would kick and it's not the good old days that we're talking about here. It's a concern for others and that's what you find in great men that are used by God is concerned for others and nowadays.
You do realize that we never see any of our neighbors. But like we even it's funny because we have these things to where you walk in you push a button and before the garage door raises enough to where you could see your neighbor you're already in your car hit and reverse walking out of it. You walk into your house.
We live in this Dome and we've created this. We have to understand is this our concern for others? We should walk out that door in our concern people should always ask themselves the question. What's that guy's angle because he seems to care so much but he's never asked for anything. He cares about people and we live in a day and age where we care about programs where we care about money where we could but we don't care about others.
Paul says here's where we're at. And he said I'm not the first one I care about the salvation of my people Moses cared about the salvation of his people. You do realize the danger of the children that were raising today, right? I don't know what it was like to have a camera stuffed in my face every day.
And I was the first kid because you know what happens don't you the first kid gets all the pictures, you know, if you go back and look at the baby book Jacobs got one. It's pretty cool. Hannah's almost got one and we got them at the same time. So we don't have an excuse for that. But Jacqueline Hannah, they got some pretty cool baby pictures, and I'd and you look at Andrews Andrews is uh, so so and Joshua don't even tell him there's a such thing as a baby book because we'll make one at some point maybe but we don't you have a baby book left for him anymore.
Now we have this thing called Facebook to where we don't need baby books anymore. And it's awesome. But have you noticed our kids grow up at a very young age from you know, what Claire and Lily do not even understand that there's the option that the world does not revolve around them because here's what we do.
Let's put that up on Facebook and show everybody. Do you see the natural way that we're teaching our children? Guess what? Guess what? We live in churches that are full of that and here's what's funny go to any megachurch that you want to and here's what you'll find you go in there and people will be raising their hands Praise In Jesus, but don't go out in the parking lot at the same time.
Everybody else's because guess what you'll find. You feel like you're leaving the Braves game with everybody that's drunk and honking it each other and it's not like hey Jesus impacted my life so much. I'll let you go in front of me in the parking lot. I'm not it honestly feels like you know, why because it's a selfie generation.
We've learned to grow up in Paul says that she says here's the deal others matter to me. They matter to me even more than I matter to me. Can I just say this that is not natural. Do you know who the most important person in the room is it's always me that's the natural way that we look at stuff.
There's nobody that matters more in the room than me. And Paul says Whoa in this room where I'm talking. I need you to understand that if I could pay the price and make myself the least important of them all I would so that others would know about Jesus. Is it be his people that decided in Moses Moses days people have decided to worship a golden calf.
They deserve punishment, but look at the heart of Moses. Paul was a man and only a man but he was used by an amazing God. He was used by an amazing God Paul is willing to stay out of heaven for those that are for those that are saved Philippians 1 22 through 24 and here and this verse he was willing to go to hell if it took it for the sake of those that don't know Jesus.
Have you ever noticed how we're always willing to help with our excess?
I got stuff left over. I'll give it to somebody and by the way, I'm not talking about church here. But have you ever noticed how we're willing to help with our excess but very few people are willing to help with what really matters to them. You do know who you give leftovers too. Don't you? Oh, no, not anymore.
It's not even politically correct to give those to your dog anymore.
We live in a day and age where it's all about us. And can I tell you that what I beg God might do it River churches this might raise up a group of people where others matter where others truly matter where we care where we're praying for others where we're caring for others where we're following up with others.
Philippians 1:22 says but if I live in the flesh this is the fruit of my labor yet. What should I choose? I want not for I'm a straight between us two. He says though. There's two things. I want here. I have a desire to depart and be with Christ, but I don't consider what I want and there's much as I consider what is needed.
I don't consider what I want as much as I consider what is needed what an amazing testimony what an incredible heart or give us this heart at River. Give us the heart of serving others not on a special day, but the heart of serving others and it's so easy to sit there and think yes. I hope that others listen to what he's saying, but can I ask you if you have served others help us to understand the importance of helping people grow that are saved and reaching those that don't know his grace.
Help us to understand the importance of helping people grow that are saved and reaching those that don't know his grace because here's the deal others really matter others really matter. Paul says if I could be cursed by Jesus so that they could be blessed. I would do that my typical reaction to that.
Is this God if you'll bless David while you bless me. That'd be awesome God. I'll even take a little bit less blessing like you just so you see how sacrificial I am and it's always voiced like this when people talk to you. You know, what if I were to ever win the lottery, I would buy the church.
It's on building so it wouldn't have to be renting a storefront anymore. And I always want to say well, let me see how sacrificial you are with your giving today because that will dictate what you're going to do when you win the lottery because you know, what you do when you win the lottery more of what you do today.
Here's what he says. He says here's the deal. He's if I could be cursed so that they could be blessed I do that. Can I honestly say to you this morning that I wish that I could say that. About myself, but that never comes naturally. That's just not a natural position to have. The caring for others caring for others how to do that for my brother's those that are kin to me in the flesh.
I love them and they're my family. That's a Paul says Paul calls them his Kindred to show that he still identified with them because he is and that he's loyal to them and he's concerned for them because here's the deal Paul. He might be the Apostle to the if you know much about Paul and Bible Paul is not the Apostle to the Jews.
He the Apostle to the. Gentiles so he's talking to the Jews and says I know I work with the Gentiles but let me tell you even though I'm not working with you. I still consider I'm loyal to you. He might be Apostle to the Gentiles but he remained a Jew Paul is literally saying this I would give up all the benefits of knowing Christ that I've been speaking of in the last eight chapters.
If you might be saved that way if you've been here through our journey of Romans chapter 1 through 8, and especially Romans chapter 8 Romans chapter 8. Wow, what an amazing chapter of the Bible nothing's going to separate us from the love of God. He goes through all of this gigantic explanation about how magnificent our God is and how we're able to call him Abba Father and how he is like, he's our daddy and he cares for us and he's there for us and he goes through all of that in the next 5 verses here's what he says, I would throw all of that away if I could because I love the Jew.
That much I love them that much that I would throw away everything that I just stated about my God, I would throw it away if I could because others matter because others matter, let me ask you a crazy question today. When's the last time you loved somebody in your neighborhood in a way that only makes sense?
Because of Jesus
pregnant pause on purpose. I really want you to think about it. When's the last time you can look around this room right here and say I loved on this person in my church in a way that makes no sense outside of the Gospel. When's the last time you can say that? I care about those that surround me I care about them.
It's attitude seems so foreign to us understand and the selfie age. We live in now Paul's about to start speaking of all of the advantages that this this nation of Israel has but I want you to walk away today saying This others really matter. You know, it's very easy for me to love on Andrea and Jacob and Hannah and Andrew and Joshua and congratulations and rock-bottom.
All right, this time it's natural for me to do that. It's natural for me to care for them. It's natural for me to provide for them. But when is the last time that I really went out on a limb and said my life is going to be different because I know Christ and I'm not even talking about handing them a gospel tract and telling them they're going to hell if they don't know Jesus.
What I'm saying is this when's the last time you've loved on people in a way that only makes sense because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ number three. Look at his crazy respect. Look at verse 4 Romans chapter 9 and verse 4. Who are Israelites to whom pertaineth the adoption and the glory and the covenants and and giving of the law and the service of God and the promises and he the first part of five whose are the fathers and of whom are concerning the flesh Christ came, here's what he says.
I've crazy respect for those Israelites. I have crazy respect for my genealogy. I have crazy respect for where I come from. Here's what he says Paul shows in this list that he knows the scriptures. Because Jews knew the scriptures and prided themselves in knowing the scriptures. He says this the history of the people in the promises that have received then he has a lot of respect for his people.
After all the deal is this according to the scriptures adoption is theirs not ours. God loves them glory is theirs they had the presence of God and His glory in the Tabernacle the Covenant the covenants are there's though Abraham through Abraham Moses and David God gave unchanging covenants to his people the giving of the law was theirs God never dealt with Gentiles in the way that he had dealt with the people of.
Is your heart is voice he received his laws to govern their lives. The service of God was there's the priest serve God in the Tabernacle on that was a privilege the promises were there's so many Old Testament promises have been fulfilled and they're still many more to come. The father's are there's Abraham Isaac Jacob the 12 sons of Jacob formed the foundation of the nation of Israel.
The Messiah was there. This Messiah that they reject it was actually their Messiah. He was a Jew of the tribe of Judah and born according to the law No, Other Nation had these amazing blessings No Other Nation had these amazing blessings, but Israel took the for granted and rejected the righteousness of God Paul understood how someone could reject Christ since he had done the same thing so you can hear his heart In this passage.
Explaining to them with passion the importance of the Messiah number four, you find Christ domain and I love this Romans chapter 9 and verse 5 and we'll wrap up with verse 5 whose are the fathers and of whom as concerning the flesh Christ came concerning the flesh Christ came. Here's what he says, who is who is Christ he is what who is over?
Oh God blessed forever. Hey, man. Can you imagine a Jew sitting in the congregation that day? Is there a reading this letter that Paul had written he goes I need you know who Christ is if you want to know the definition of who Christ is Christ is what he's overall like what nah? I'm not sure. He's Christ is overall.
So he goes in he says Christ overall. Look at that last part in those first Christ came. His overall and he is blessed by God forever when it comes down to it for the people of Israel is still was all about Jesus and still is all about Jesus because can happen. Can I just say this what you do with Jesus dictates everything?
What you do with Jesus dictates everything and can I just say this? It doesn't just dictate your Sunday mornings coming to River Church or going to any other church. That's not what it dictates. It dictates. Everything what you do with Jesus dictate your Mondays in your Tuesday's in your Wednesdays in your Thursdays and Fridays and your Saturdays and we come to church on Sunday.
So somebody can help us refocus or through the word of God and go you know what it's so easy to get distracted about what really matters because see, I think that following my paycheck matters or I think the following my dreams matter and we get together and we gather gather around the world and we go listen All That Matters and man your paycheck matters and but it doesn't matter much because.
Is over all and if we were to go before a judge this week, could we actually prove that Christ matters overall? Can we really say that would it really mean that he reigns over everything in this world? And in the next Paul spoke to the Gentiles about salvation and Grace but remember Christ is over all.
He speaks to the Jews. But remember that Christ is over all there's nothing in this world. That's more important than Christ. And you say Chris. That's a crazy thought. No. No, what's a crazy thought is thinking that we are overall and that Christ is part of who we are. That's the crazy thought.
The crazy thought of thinking that hey me. Well, you know my life really matters and I bring some Jesus into it like some salt and pepper. No, no, Jesus is not the salt and pepper. Jesus is overall. He is everything in our lives and that should be shown in the way that we live our lives. And the question for you today.
Is this would it really be known by those that surround us that Christ is over all that we do he's overall. The statement that crisis overall seems to make all the sense in the world to us when we're at church, doesn't it? Yeah. That sounds good preacher. Yeah, man, you just keep that up. That's right.
Christ is overall. That's the way that's the attitude. That's the idea. Yeah, I like that a lot. But if Christ is truly overall than it has a change our perspective and how we see life. It has to change our perspective and how we see Life of Christ. Overall. They were going to develop the heart that we see after this chapter.
The heart here is not that we see in this chapter and Roman and Romans 9 1 through 5 the heart that we see here is not the heart of Paul because who can say who can say that others matter more than us. If I were to take it, you put your hand on the table and put you cover somebody else's hand and I grabbed a hammer.
Like I'm going to hit it. Guess what you're going to do. You're not going to care about the hand underneath of you moving here. As you know, why because I matter my hand to matters. That's the natural inclination for us to do Paul's attitude here is not Paul's heart. It's Christ heart and that can only be our heart when Christ truly is overall.
Because you know what? There's going to be times when you have no desire to talk to that person that you need to love on you going to be sitting there going are really now. I need some me time. That's a famous thing to say now. There's no I just need some me time. I just need some I just need to focus on myself.
It's going to be so tempting to go. You know what? But can I tell you here's the deal we had to understand is that Paul the heart that Paul has is not the heart of all the heart that Paul has is the heart of Christ and that can only be found in us as Christians when Christ is truly over all in crisis overall.
It's in the heart of a saved is the heart of a saved person that understands the importance of the Gospel.
Can I tell you that it's very very very easy in our life to be sitting there know what we're doing and knowed how to do right and all of a sudden we just get just get distracted a little bit. We all are ADD ADHD all that kind of stuff. Are we not I love Jesus. I was squirrels. I love Jesus Oh job.
I love Jesus and I don't like her the heart of Paul's not the heart of Paul at all. The heart of Paul is the heart of Christ because he is overall and Paul realizes that and that changes everything. Remember to the right of this book is the same guy that did all that he could to seek for his own success and to something happened Paul is sitting there going.
You know, what I want to be the biggest baddest meanest dude out there and I'm going to do whatever it takes to be the best of the best of the best and then one day something happens. It's called Jesus. And when that happens all of a sudden his desires changed, all of a sudden is aspirations changed.
Let me just tell you he did pretty good for himself. Last time I checked when I read the New Testament 17 of the book she wrote them. So I think he did okay for himself even with that but can I just tell you that everything changed because all of a sudden it wasn't any longer about him, you know, the greatest things that kids do for us kids.
One of the greatest things that kids do for us. Is they take away. Everything that we used to hold dear. Have you ever noticed that like, do you remember you remember free time Seth? No. You don't know it's hard to even remember it. Did you remember you know kids are awesome because you know, what kids teach you the world doesn't revolve around you and you know what you're supposed to teach your kids.
Hey, kiddo, the world doesn't revolve around you either because the world does not revolve around you. Either remember that the writer of this he's done everything he could Excel he's what happened to him. Was that Jesus became the one that was overall Paul said when Jesus becomes overall, it changes my overall view of life.
It changed my overall view of my job. It changes my overall view of my money. It changes my overall view of my of my time. It changes my overall view of my friendships. It changes my overall view of the way. I deal with those people that are around me Everything Changes because now Jesus is over.
Oh, Jesus is overall.
There's also the story of each and every one of our Lives we live and we grow and mature and understanding you know, what you find out money's not near as good as you thought it was talk to a lot of people who have made a lot of money and you know, they'll say they thought the man I thought of when I hit this amount of money, I'd be great but the same miserable that I was before.
I'm just miserable now and even more of a proportion than I was before. Jesus is over all relationships are not where it's at time is not where it's at Chris. You can't replace time. You can't replace others either. You can't replace others either because we are commanded to care about others.
Jesus is overall and are maturing process. We begin to see the truth and begin to live a life that reflects it. As parents we end up growing up and going you know, what is it with parents? Our kids are growing up and you're like man, this is awesome. I love having kids but world doesn't revolve around me anymore.
It's Christians. You know what happens you sit there and you go and you're like, you know what I'm pursuing things the same way the guy that sits next to me that knows nothing about Jesus for Susan. I'm doing everything the same way that everybody else does when I'm looking for a different result.
And you just matters more than anything in this life when this happens, we become much less obsessed with ourselves and our desires and all of a sudden we see others through his eyes. We see others through his eyes we care about others that are around us we truly care about people in ways that we would have never even considered carrying before.
Can I just say this we care about jerks. You know that jerk that if you weren't saved you to literally told him to go fly a kite out in some, you know out in the Appalachian Mountain somewhere a long ways away from you. You know that guy you careful now, you know, why not because you like them, but because Jesus is overall you forgive people that don't deserve to be forgiven.
Why not because that guy deserves to be forgiven, but because Jesus. His overall tongue someone this morning. I'd like to show how did you how did you handle that in there? Like I just stayed quiet. You know, what should they were saying? Jesus is over all and even though I wanted to lash back and let them have a little piece of my mind.
Jesus is overall. He changes everything Paul carried a burden for others that sadly tends to be Unthinkable in our day and age. When's the last time by the way you say? I don't know that we live in that day and age. Have you ever tried moving? You know how you know where who your real friends are hey, I'm moving anybody that can come over my house and give me a hand.
Guess what you'll find. You will be there with three very important people me myself and I those are the three people will be helping you move. It's not. You know why cuz it's not fun, but we care for others. Paul says I care for others John 4:35 tells me that the time is now for ripe Harvest field.
He's saying salvation matters and here's what he says in John chapter 4 and verse 35. He says say you're not there for months and then come at the Harvest behold. I say unto you lift up your eyes and look on the fields for they are white already unto Harvest. Do you know why we're not harvesting people for Christ today simply because we don't go out in the fields.
We don't tell others we don't love others. We don't care for others. You don't we're not concerned for others and I hope you heard the word we because it's not natural for me either if I was not a pastor, I'd be a Hermit and I throw myself on away. I like being by myself. I don't like talking on the phone all the time.
You're like. Oh, yeah, you do. Oh, no, you don't have any idea who you're talking to if I was I would like to hang out with my family out in the out and as out in the woods and a cabin where Amazon Prime delivered in two days with good internet like that would be my that would be the perfect place for me, but see I don't get to think about me that much anymore
because Christ. Is over you can hide behind excuses all you want but the truth is that people still need Jesus and your eyes are and you and I are the ones that are be sharing him to others now. Can I just say this Chris? What are we going to do? So that River Church will grow. If you take this one message today and do what I say to do with this one message today and you'll take Paul's heart and you develop that heart today.
I can Bottom Dollar guarantee you put $5,000 on this pulpit and say if it doesn't grow I'll eat those $5,000 cause I'm not giving them to you. I could I could I could put $5 I'd say you has Richards going to grow. You know, how it's going to keep grow when others matter more than I do. That's when River Church is going to grow.
When I care for others when people in our church care for each other, you know what we can give that none of these big churches can give we can love on each other in ways that no Jamie the fact that I know that your mother's name is Theresa, and I'm the pastor's pretty crazy. Pretty crazy because most pastors I know of their way off in la-la land and they descend from the heavenlies and they have this awesome band before them as they descend and they descend In This Cloud of smoke and they talk and they see how great they are and then they ascended back into the heavenlies.
You don't have that. We have the small Church where everybody knows each other and you know, one thing that we can do that beats every other church out there as we can love on others better than anybody else can but some of us live a life that really. Looks Alot Like We got your megachurch.
Because others don't really matter it's going to grow not because you want it to grow but it's going to grow when the gospel is first and foremost in our minds not because we have flash your music or better preachers, but because we understand that those that don't know Christ spend eternity separated.
From him because of that here locally. We tell others about Jesus also because of that we won't be very effective as a church body. It's impossible for our church body to reach Peru with the gospel. So we support missionaries in Peru, you know, why because we know the truth of the gospel and that matter so we send missionaries over in Peru because last time I checked Ryan and flying to Peru and going knocking on doors telling people about Jesus down there.
He's the closest one that might be able to be doing that. So we help missionaries in Morocco and Dominican Republic in Peru in second Corinthians. 5:20 Paul. Give us a little insight into how I ought to see my life here as I live in the Dallas Acworth Kennesaw Douglasville, White Cartersville 2nd Corinthians.
5:20 says this now then we are ambassadors for Christ as though God did beseech You by us. We pray you in Christ's stead. Be ye reconciled with God. He said David when it comes down to it, I want you understand. You're an ambassador for Christ.
The question isn't are you an ambassador or not. The question is how well are you doing as an ambassador? Would you deserve to be fired as an ambassador? Would they be like? No, that guy truly is an ambassador for Christ. I'm here as an ambassador represent the King of Kings them to do all that I can to present him and to go about his business.
And close looking at one other verse that I think sheds light on how you're in my life ought to be shaped. Let's turn the first John chapter 3 and verse 16 and talk about what it says to us first John 3:16 Says, hereby perceive. We the love of God because he laid down his life for us. Man, I could spend a whole Sunday on this one pay attention to this verse with me.
And if you have your Bible underline it hereby perceive. We the love of God, we know the love of God. How do we know the love of God because why do we know the love of God because of what helped me out? Because what he laid down his life for us. That's how we know and you know what preachers say all the time he gave his life for you.
You ought to give your life for him. That's not what the Bible says. Here's what the Bible says he gave his life for you. So you ought to lay down your life for the. David look over there you first lay down your life for those you should accept it too easy to say it's so easy to lay your life down for Christ.
You know why it's easy to lay your life down for Christ because nobody knows if you're doing it, but everybody in the room knows if you're laying down your life for others everybody in the room knows everybody in the room knows whether or not you're serving others. Are you doing well at that he didn't say lay down your life for Christ is a Christ laid down your life for his life for you.
So now you need to lay down your life Ryan. You need to lay down your life for David and Jamie. You need to lay your life down for Jacob and Jacob and you need to lay your life down for re and re you need to lay down your life down for Andrew and Andrew. You need lay your life down for Pam and Pam you need that's what we're doing.
We're not laying down our life for Christ were laying our lives down for each. Other and to live my life is an outpouring of evidence of what God did for me Chris. Wow in the world. Would you love me? That way should be a question that we hear all the time. Well, let me tell you why because Jesus gave his life for me and Jesus Is Over All.
He died for me because of that should live my life in a way that shows I'm willing to follow his example. Let's go home today and ask God to give us a heart of Paul Hartford that don't know Christ. We tend to love to talk about our feelings. Can I beg you to go home today and beg God to help your feelings to go from being inward to being outward?
Oh Chris, but I feel that who cares your feelings are real because you have them I get it. But can I ask you to beg God to help your feelings go from being in word whole look at how much treated I am too going. I wonder who in our church is mistreated so that I can love them. You know, what's really good for a person when they focus on loving somebody else.
They don't worry so much about how they're being loved. You know, why because I'm too busy living on others. That others might know him. What are we willing to do? What are we willing to spend? How far are we willing to go for others? That don't know Jesus when the last time you spent time in prayer for your neighbors for your coworkers.
This is going to be a fensive to you. But when's the last time you prayed for the illegal immigrants of. I
want him out of here cool. I think they need to be saved. So Chris. Are you making a political statement? Not at all? What I'm saying is our hearts should not be worried near as much about a wall as it is about people that don't know Jesus legal illegal immigrants with the Last Time You Prayed for Syria.
Person gospel preaching missionaries in Syria telling them about these ones Last Time You Prayed for Afghanistan or let's bring it even more local. When's the last time you prayed for Muslims? The don't know Jesus. I'm to might like really cared for them. Can I tell you this we have to have a heart change before we can see God change those that are around us.
I don't know why God won't change those around us. Well, maybe it's not a God thing. Maybe it's your heart that needs changing as you see those that don't know Jesus it changes everything .

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