Peace and Access

Chris Gardner

July 2, 2017

Well it's late so we're not going to cover the rest of the come. I promise you I'm trying to do this next. The one that I'm preparing now is for the Romans and it's like half of the material that I've been doing and I was like what's the worst case scenario. Worst case scenario is you like finish in 20 minutes. Everybody's like hey that was awesome. Let's leave and get it. So anyway. Romans Chapter 5. And so let's go quickly over where we were last week. Romans Chapter 1 Paul says this is who I am. Romans Chapter 1 The last part chapter two and three. He goes in. He says everybody is a sinner everybody's a sinner. Chapter Four he brings it in and he says I'm going to take your heroes and I'm going to show you that salvation has never been different.

Salvation has always been the same all the way back from Abraham all the way to David. It had nothing to do with our good works. It had one thing and one thing only and that is faith in Jesus Christ. Faith in God and Jesus Christ is is going to show what they were having faith and we'll talk a little bit about that. Number two last week we covered one verse Romans Chapter 5 verse 1 where it says because of what God's done with us. Now if you got your lesson the hand out there you'll see it's already filled in. Number one we have. How many out there what do we have. We have peace. What an amazing thought.

We have peace with God. We have peace with God.

OK. Number two we're going to come in Romans Chapter 5 and verse 2 today and we're going to talk about another blessing that comes because of justification. Romans Chapter 4 with Romans Chapter Four ended with the word justification or indeed with a word or a justification and in Romans Chapter 5 is showing us what happens because of that justification.

The first thing that happened to us from here on out as believers in Christ we are no longer an enemy of God. We are at peace with God.

Number two we'll talk about today and I think we're only going to cover half of a verse. Today's just you all can laugh Serj you out up to me said Dude I've been reading Romans 5. You gonna be here for a long time. Yep you're probably right. So Romans Chapter 5 verse 2. Here's what he says. You've been justified and since you've been justified you have peace with God. Number two by whom we have.

What's that word say. Access by whom we have access by faith into this grace wherein we stand the vote and rejoice in hope of the glory of God. Says here's the first thing you have that you have peace. The

second thing you have is you have access.

So at the age of 13 my parents became missionaries and I began traveling on an airplane more than you could. More than any 13 year old normally travels on airplanes. So

been on airplanes all the time going back and forth to different places and if there's one thing that shows you access is airplanes because you walk into an airplane as soon as you walk into an airplane to have access for the rich people or Delta pilots or family of Delta pilots so that kind of stuff. Delta

they need to get those people. And then they do this. They have this curtain that says all you all measly people with fleas. Y'all sit back in the back with the cattle. And so they close it off and if you've ever heard. If you've ever heard of Brian Regan he says they close them to get that thing off and he's like close that curtain I'm making money well you know that's that's that's the way it seems almost. I

remember at the age of 13 going man and what would it be like to fly in first class at the age of 18. I started kind of making my own life. I became a missionary at 18 and I decided I'm going to figure out how to get up front and not pay the insane amount of money that people pay to get up front. So I became very good friends with the manager of all of South America Delta.

She happens to work out of Lima Peru. Hey money on what's up. How are you doing. We talk all the time. My wife back then would send lotions from the states to her and said you know we'd just be talking all the time and that one day I remember walking up front and going up front and she says would you care for an upgrade. Chris. Like does anybody does anybody ever say no to that. Why did anybody ever say no to that and so I got my first grade in the first class and I was like close that curtain I need to make money while those people are walking by there you know that's it's just it's it's it's an amazing thing access access.

Have you ever been to a good football game or you're you know in the nosebleeds up front up top you know you take altitude sickness medicine before you get there because you can be so high up and then you look at men. I wonder what it's like to sit way down there with all the good. Good view.

Here's what happens because we're going to find is this in the Bible. No one had access to God. No one had access to God. And then all of a sudden Romans Chapter 5 in verse 2 he says this since are justified. We now have access. We now have access.

And so talk a little bit about that this morning and hopefully you can take it home and just think about what this means for you and for your life.

The Bible says the Bible says by whom we also have access by faith into the Grace wherein we stand before our salvation we stood in Adam and stood in Adam we were condemned. We were condemned. We were born with a sin nature and because of that we were condemned. But now we in Christ we stand in perfection before God. When God looks at us he does not look at our past. He does not look at our future even he looks at us and he sees the perfection of Christ because we are justified and since are justified. We have access and here's what the Bible teaches us. We don't go to Hebrews Chapter 10 real quick Hebrews Chapter 10 what it teaches us is this.

We can now enter into the presence of God. We can now enter into the presence of God. All of a sudden we have access. The

Bible says in the book of Hebrews. Let's look at it real quick. Chapter 10 and verse 19 the Bible says having therefore brethren boldness to enter into the holiest by the blood of Jesus.

Well what he hey. Hey And since you are now a believer having therefore brethren boldness Now you can walk with confidence you can walk in because of the blood of Jesus and we're talking about the Holy of Holies here.

But by a new and living way which would he have consecrated for us through the veil that is to say his flesh. You said you know what he has now given us access through the veil and we're going to talk about what that means and having an high priest over the house of God. Let us draw near where the true heart and full assurance of faith having our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience our bodies washed with pure water. Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering for he is faithful the promise and let us consider one another to provoke and to love and good works not for seeking the assembling of our of ourselves together as the manner of some is but exhorting one another and so much more as you see the day approaching what he starts off and says here and Hebrews Shepperton is this.

Everything changed because now you have access. Everything changed because you have access. In Peru we owned a TV station.

The coolest thing about owning a TV station is I had media tags so I got to meet all the players of every team every team and every sport and when the big old players come in I got to walk in and talk to them because we had a TV station that was down there. I had access that other people didn't have. Man it was it's awesome to have access and godson's here.

Here's what happened to you. You have peace with me but even more than that damn piece of me. You don't have access.

And he says I want you to walk in boldly.

When when when people come over to my house to visit someone will look at me. They

used to say Can I have a date at repr and now they're gone second ice and water because I got to get rid of all that stuff out of my house. Late yesterday I almost had to repent of some sand because I was going to Dunkin Donuts to work. I'm sitting there studying. I go in my yeti fill my water up in the gas station next door turn around and there's a lady with a diet Dr Pepper in her hand and I thought if I could slap somebody right now I would slap you and say I'm going to walk in with you all walking in there and you people walk into my house and they'll be like hey can I have a diet paper or can I have something to drink my kids on. I

say that because it's their house. They walk in boldly. They almost pretend they belong there. Like it's like they pretend they belong there. My kids will kick their shoes off and not even pick them up. My kids will they did that that's just that's just what they'll do. You know. Because I belong here. The

Bible says in Hebrew Shepperton what I need you to understand is this. Now you can enter boldly because of Jesus. You enter boldly the Jew and here's to all and see the Jew was kept from God's presence by the veil in the temple.

So we're want to show you if you're taking it in writing down the notes there he was separated from the presence of God by the veil in the temple. Look at the slide here show you what the veil was like. They were kicked out. Do

we have a lot of a coming up the veil was there in the veil separated the Holy of Holies so nobody but one man would go into the presence of God once a year.

It was that holy of a thing.

And then what we find is Jesus says you don't have a holy of holies anymore. Now you have immediate access to the king of kings.

By the way the Jew was separated by this and he got a lot closer than the Gentiles did because see the Gentile was kept out by a wall.

And this was said to the Gentiles. If you trespass past this part you are going to die. We have the right to kill you for passing this spot if you're a Jew you can go closer but nobody could walk into the presence of God.

And then Romans Chapter 5 in verse 2 says you've been justified and since you've been justified you now have access.

What an amazing thought. You now have access. Here's the Gentile wall if you can put that up there real quick. Brennan do you head to the Gentile wall so that on the outside of that wall that's right there and you have it on your sheets as well on the outside of that wall that the Gentiles court gentiles you can walk around out here. But if you walk past this right here let me just tell you we will kill you because you have no right to be that close to the presence of God. And then Jesus comes and Jesus is sacrificed on the cross of Calvary. Jesus gives his life and he's as he's dying is done with an all of a sudden the veil is torn from the top to the bottom and in the book of Ephesians the Bible says that he tore down the wall that separated us and now we have access.

Now we have access. When Jesus died he tore the veil and Matthew 27. Verse 51 the Bible says and behold the veil of the temple was rent in twain and I love what it says. It

was rent in twain but it was not only written Twain. How was it written. Twain ripped in twain from the top to the bottom.

What literally happens is here's the here's the veil. There was no way you could even get to the top of it. And God Almighty reaches down with his hands and goes you know what no longer is there anything he rips the veil from top to bottom because Jesus has now died and that has now given us access and that's really cool for you because you can never see inside that room unless he was the high priest and all of a sudden we now have access to Gentile was kept up by this wall. Not

only did it do that. Ephesians Chapter 2 in verse 14 years of the Bible says.

For he is our peace who has made both one and he is broken down the middle wall between us. There

is this wall that separates you can only walk up here Gentile and the Jews get to walk over there. They're the V-Amp he's here. He goes on. Not anymore. He tore down the wall. He ripped the veil and all of a sudden we now have.

Help me out. We have access. What an amazing thought. He says since you're justified now have access now believing Jews and Gentiles both had access to God. If these separate two in verse 18 says this fourth through whom we both have access by one Spirit unto the Father. So how does the Jew they got the first class seat. How does he go to the Father. The only way to go to the Father is for the blood of Jesus. And how does a gentile go same exact way. Nothing is different anymore. To understand this we've got to go back to the book of Genesis and read of Adam and Eve and how God drove them out of the garden of Eden. Man was no longer to have immediate access into the presence of God. God promised to be in the midst of the people in the tabernacle.

Even then however it was only the high priest that could enter into God's immediate presence and then only once a year on the Day of Atonement. That's all they could do. He had to go through complex rituals of purification and cleansing before he dared enter the holy of holies. It

was a scary thing to walk into the holy of holies and then in Hebrews he says. Now can you imagine walking into the holy of holies and you've got to say as my sin. Do I have sin on me because I cannot walk into the presence of God with sand. He might kill me.

And in the Hebrew Shepperton He says children now want you to come with that word boldly.

I want you to come with us won't you come with a jump in your step. I want you to come with your head held high because it's not counting on you and your righteousness is counting on the righteousness and a justification that can only be given by Jesus Christ. We

now have access we have access. People could draw near to God but no one was allowed direct access and there's presence except the high priest under very specific circumstances.

A massive kirtan of several folds and layers which has marked far more difficult to destroy than a huge wooden door kept people out of the Holy of Holies.

Some historians say that when the high priest would walk in they would wrap a rope or a chain around his ankle and they would put bells on his ankles so that when he walked you could hear it go clean clean clean clean clean clean and if they heard it stop clinging they could pull him out because nobody could go in to retrieve a body into the holy of holies.

Just think about that. Now he looks at you and he goes hey son now you have access.

There's no veil anymore there's no wall anymore. You now have access. What an amazing truth the veil was a reminder to the people of God that God was there. But he was really an accessible. You had to be through the priest. That

was the one that was able to see and talk and be a part of what God was doing in the holy of holies the veil hung there until that hour of death and to the hour of the death of Christ and that it was torn into as if a giant hand to reach down from heaven and ripped it like it was paper.

Because here's the deal the barrier between God and man has now been removed. The barrier between God and man has now been removed.

The sin of man has now been atoned for has been paid for and those that are justified can now come into His presence. They have access by his grace and by his justification everything has now changed. We are now standing grace and not lolol. The word access means entrance to the king through the favor of another. You have entrance to the king through the favor of another.

So when you go to adopt a child set and Jessica just went to meet with Miss Carroll and what they didn't know or I think I told Seth before but I had called Miss Carroll and talked to for 30 minutes about how great this couple was and how great a parents they were and how good that they would do with an adopted child. And it felt kind of weird because then they went to meet with her. It was basically went like this.

Chris said you're OK write your name and number down I'll call you when do you have your baby.

Like like really. Is that the whole. Was like he's one of the pastor of the church who works with me. One of my absolute best friends in the world I trust the guy you know when I die my kids don't go to him probably like it. That's how much I trust him. And then he goes oh no you know this is what's going on. And the lady was like OK. They walked in and they were like and what did. They

were like 15 minutes later they're walking out.

You see what I could do something for them that nobody else could do. I could give them access in a way nobody else had access because you trust me. And here's what the Bible says now you have entrance to the King of Kings because of the favor of another.

They didn't know Seth.

They didn't know Jessica. She had no idea who they were. But Chris gave them access that they would have never had without it.

That's exactly what happens with us. I don't go to God because I've been so good. I go to God and I go I trust in the blood of the lamb and he looks at it and he goes you have access now you have access because of that I know of no other image that we're just playing it better than this one.

Look at this image here on the screen you have the picture of President John F. Kennedy and you've got it in your paper as well. You've all seen this picture here. Probably at some point. How many of us kids know what it's like to play under your dad's desk. Anybody in here ever done that before.

How many of you had a dad lived in the Oval Office. What kid just to say that he played under the desk in the Oval Office. Did John F. Kennedy's son had access to someone. He didn't even belong.

Because if he belonged to you see who he belonged to he belonged to the president of the United States of America. They there are books that talk about John F. Kennedy Center talking to people having big meetings and his son would just run in the office and hey daddy what other kid would ever be. You've got to get patted down 73 times before you get access to even think about going into the Oval Office. And you better have some good excuse for going there and this little snotty nosed brat just walking through one and like he belong there you know.

He had access that none of us will ever have because of who his dad was. And that's exactly what happens in Romans Chapter 5 and verse to he says now you have access not only are you not the enemy of God anymore you're at peace with God but now you have access you know you would enter in all to being in the Oval Office even today and his son didn't even think twice about walking in there walking in boldly is all about.

And God says in the book of Hebrews for change he says Come boldly the Holy of Holies now belongs to you because you have known you are righteous beyond measure. It is an amazing thing to have acceptance to know that the war is over and the God no longer sees us with this favor or with wrath. That's an amazing thing.

But even more powerful than that is the fact that this we now have access. We now have access to all those who have taken the pierced hand of the king son you know have access because of the favor of another.

You take the hand of that king of kings that died in the cross of Calvary and he reaches his hand down and you walk through where you were never supposed to be before you have access that you do not deserve on your own. You have access through the blood of Jesus Christ and what an amazing God.

What an amazing thought.

We as Christians now have access.

We as Christians now have access. Can I tell you that many of us have lived our lives in fear of that which we should be boldly approaching. We live in fear as if there is what Geoff Hutchison has returned my my theology from a few weeks ago he calls it whack a human. You know where God is in heaven going to whack a human because he stuck his head up did something one supposed to do. God is not doing that you're supposed to access him boldly to the throne of grace.

That's what we are God has been so good. Can I tell you this. You know it's sad. What's sad is we forget where God has placed us. When's the last time that you seriously sat down and said God thank you for giving me access to something that I don't deserve. Thank you for allowing me to be what I could only be to the blood of your son.

Thank you for paying the price so that the Holy of Holies the Villars ripped in half. And thank you for breaking that wall of separation down between the Gentile and the Jews.

Thank you for that. Pretty nice versus when you think about it we're at peace with God. We have access. The question is do we live as if that was really true.

I thank you for your work. Lord help me to live as if I truly have access. Lord help me to live in awe of how great you have been with me. What I ask of you might help me to live a life of thankfulness for what you have done. I ask you that you might help me to live a help. Romans Chapter 5. And to think through it daily in my life realizing how great of a position I am in because of what you've done for me I thank you for all that you've done in Jesus Name I pray the man. Body. The bread. His blood.

Oh pan and poured out all for love. Oh my oh my. So if you have a place to check. Is. A. Jesus.

Name all day. That said we were. Read. Something for say. Research. Or. I. Don't. Know. I. Strike a. Little. Red. And. Old. Get.


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