Pursuing the impossible 2

Chris Gardner

December 3, 2017

Read the passage first read it.

Just go and talk about I don't know any type of scripture that has a stronger daily application for our lives. This passage is a great great passage for us to understand what's going on right now. Dr. Sandy talked about this a little last week Paul when he writes this. He's not something to be Christian and he's not some new Christian he's got a laugh from he's reading this is the most complex theological book he's written the book of Romans is considered the Magna Carta. Paul there's no pope that he wrote that is secret is just amazing. I met him about 60 years. Church planters there wrote much of our Bible up through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit scroll so much of our Bible today. And so we come here to this passage and what an amazing passage is a 60 year old man who still throws some things we don't know don't get is why why why.

Why is it always supposed to go one direction to go from here. First go to the right. We don't get that right. I read that book and that book helps us understand if you do these things will be great. Not not at all. But

if we are true if it were true that we can't tell you about it. Henderson says that's not the way life works. If you wish it off. Would you mind if this mind is more my guess. You'll get places but it's never as straightforward as we thought it was funny. Morgan understands this.

There's a building in Jerusalem not doing what you know you want to do.

It's related but no way by the way that we go from defeat nothing and nothing at all. But a lot of people think we go from the dream of patriotism you don't understand that virtue has a lot of stuff going on between the two major as well. Hoffman walk us through what that passage and give you got special for us want to go into to that verse 32 might assess what it was then that you could make that God forbid that you're seeing nothing Devante which is good by commending my colleagues seem sinful. I don't see it now because of the law. The laws spiritual heart and soul of the scene from the outset do allow for one hour that you may recall that before. How many of you have decided you're never going to do that again and again. You said in your Christian life and honestly the problem is we come to believe that we can never succeed in what God has caused to do. We keep calling him the same thing Paul says for the first meeting for which I do.

I know I don't want to hear what I did he said but I hate it when you say you're missing a verse just saying the person you want you can you not just hire a Jewish woman who now says he's over 16.

I do not have any symptoms of the law that is good. Now now it is no more. I do the same Senator Brown no that in me there's enough flesh dwelleth. No there's nothing good at all and reflash no thing for the present with me. I

really want to you want to do right. Do you really want to do it. You got the news. Now we want to hear from you. No one will is present with me.

But how will a form that is good for the good. I do not believe evil which I would not that I did no I would not. It is more I have a syndrome within me. I find no law when I view Good Evil is present with me for of life.

And while all this sounds crazy he's got to say he can't do anything he's not doing what you're doing. Not today but he says the nice bird she says.

I don't like the law. Got it did you not feel that tension anyhow. First he said no I'm not supposed to. Go overboard. How many of you and I did. How I love them all of them. After that I see another long for longer than mine and bringing it back to the wall. Would you ever.

Oh wretched man.

Oh wretched who shot the liver made from the bottom of this. There are 25 sums it up with this is going to make a transition. This is going to take us into Chapter 8.

I thank God or Jesus Christ Fermoy. So in the Mind I'm also serve the law in order to push the law. So let's press what I'm doing. Thank you for your work.

So many things you wrote this book can give hope and comfort to those that are truly pursuing following you. I ask you my honor glorified everything said far more than I do understand. I have you believe one thing really really well and that just get in the way of what you want to say to your people through your word this morning taught me not to that. I ask you to help your. And you know we might walk away saying we can't worry about it today.

So wrote the chapter 7 got to go there. Does he not have an agenda. You don't have to hand out James Macready help you out with him if your need one. Morgan needs frustration in Iran to me and said well I didn't get this handoff from this week. What have you got to pray for Janae and Josephs mom. She

has she had. How long was diagnosed in kidney cancer. In August your she was diagnosed with kidney cancer. There are 70 percent.

And I'm just looking misprints you got the there were 70 percent kiddish and then this last week she went to school and the place they closed up opened up and started bleeding you're out and so they're doing fine for her surgery to figure out that she really can't do that because she didn't have time off from her job and want to take a piece of the kidney and send it off to see what's going on with it. Things would be great for her name as you heard Mayor Senju information if you don't mind right now. We pray for Jennifer in business. She will be there when God opens the doors for her for her time and with kidney cancer of course has nothing to play with all credit purposes.

Romans Chapter 7 Romans Chapter 7 now we kind of are searching we didn't talk about Chapter 7 Verse 13 and they want to come to what the law cannot do. Okay sure got a page part page though that we did last week and this week the first thing want to see is this. There's three things in the law and the first thing all the law cannot change us. The law cannot change but that was never really the focus of the office for a team. For we know that the law is not here for spiritual healing but I am. Here right because oil and water flow all is spiritual. I know I'm so she says will not change us. It's impossible for the law to change thing. We all know the spiritual. But there's one problem with being spiritual spiritual why am I so carnal so that he just doesn't work to change me.

How many of you got to over and neither one key to the war had Jackie Chan when 53 piecing together each and every one of them. And hope you find the right way. The good news is when you start that process is almost always true that you don't have to feel like you change somewhere. Andrew.

The last virtual but I'm the law can't go into my life and change my life. Can't do that. This spiritual and I'm part of this was screened at the top of this. There's no way to go off and change you. There's only one that can change you and that one is Jesus. No more of you. Only Jesus can help you and will see that as a good father on the wall of your paper cannot transform the image. The law cannot change and transform the old nature. It can only show us how simple that nature really is. It can't go on cannot transform your nature. Not only did it just show us how sinful nature really is. So are you guys are going around the show to show you how dirty your calls are.

It should scare you when they do it but I promise you most like there's a colony of invaders from outer space.

Let me just say your and down for your he says the loss it magnifies and you look at you go. This is why. This is what serious and it magnifies shows you teach you.

This strongly says he's going to show us that the law cannot change the law made me holy the more spiritual. Here's the deal. So how do you make that merge in your lives. The answer is you can't. There's one candidate. We cannot do that. I ended up having the use of sin for a long time. I didn't know influences him for a very long time. I spent many years and says prison. Those two things and the all don't even match since all the violence in war against each other war against each other. Here we are holding posh habitual lifestyle of sin is something we live with as well. So we are holding Christ no doubt about it. Christ made us all but we still live with our habits from yesteryear.

This morning I got my first T-shirt on his head. Turtling is presiding. How are they going. I've been told I'm going to church Central which is what I'm saying my wife is in to church I don't even know what I'm here. I mean we're in space a symbol of torture.

And I say it isn't so easy for so long as you have a shit ton of church.

You have come to tour the great cities are nothing. Well I reading. So I'm sitting there having been there for a long time and I know there's no one to be upset with him back in Georgia. Sure sure.

I'm just feeling great in my mind so long as the policy is this policy.

You have to live when you're sick for so long that you can do right by have you live.

Right now we're holding our from our habitual lifestyle soon as something that we live with just about anyone who's ever experienced physical dependence on anything is going to affirm the craving for what they want it is never forward.

It has never far away. A friend of mine said he used to play baseball and we play baseball in debt and sure you guys should form the weirdest things ever. But he did you pretty good. He did rejoin if he was around someone and can smell it. It still makes a lot of it is a mouthful. The issue is more about your meat industry. Don't ever think you beat something. Addiction is right there. Thank you. Crazy and dangerous. That should create institutions no matter how long we be there we are still very very close and still the desire to see changed much. No matter how long the lifelong sobriety must be portrayed you cannot just treat the habit. You've got to treat your mom. You've got to treat yourself to understand. All of us we must understand is we're all chronically addicted to sin.

We are chronically addicted and you're seeing time so that you are looking at my life and saying Oh Christmas dinner because I'm worried because I. Well these are tough because all of us are chronically addicted to we are all 100 percent our bodies crave that is short term what is gave us long term and we still cry. Good dosta crating percent will always be a part of our lives.

Until you're free from this body and you're free from this body of death. We are a part of the truth that we find in scripture who we are.

We have decided who we are in Christ and his team last week.

Victory is ours. But the crate is still there. He starts with a craving.

So they're already explained it all. Well the office post did not get all was a big focus on external things and a lot of people think a lot about the terrible things not only certainly I that sort of thing. But let's read from Moses had to say and what he wrote about when he wrote about the law and to consider honoring chartered first broke 13 Deuteronomy chapter and verse 12 13 years. The Bible says through the ten first 12 to 13 the Bible says now is your word that the word God requires the whole apartment to fear the water not walking on his way to a wall and a surfboard. Out of all the heart and the key muscle to keep the Canadian Civil War. In fact I ending say that he had 197 it is not and never was all about for me.

I wanted your heart. I wanted your heart. He wanted me to go off your shoes are dangerous interest Karl a major spiritual disease free from the old nature bucks up took off tops. So I enjoyed training dogs with my day off teach them to buy Ibos off to buy and easy each with little toilet tape and you just don't bite your tongue with them in it way like you tried pulling away from her and pulled away from it all gets far away from me. You know most people don't have this teacher to let you say now or you go against the law and you push it into his mouth. There's nothing more.

I wanted to get try and you are pointing that out quickly. You can.

Send us troops sent US citizens are nature's Carneal with the old infrastructure that explains why the old age responds with the law. You

know what we do when somebody says the US you shall not we say but I want to know you can't do this and I'm glad.

No I don't tracking your mother the land of the free the home bred. No good I tell them what I can do what I can do I say. Oh yeah watching I'll show you what I can do. So Obama said after reading his passage Paul must have been a golfer. We send us because he offers exactly what they want you do what you want and you do not. It very often not true. He's not going to do what they do or not what you do not want that the very thing you did. I went golfing once and I because I do not think about hooking the ball.

That's like saying don't take away from all those things going on Paul said I need to understand the law does.

I want to share the lesson tomorrow you serve.

And so because of that it's impossible for the law changes. It's impossible to change something.

Number two is the law not unable to do it right now I want you to take with me think about these verses with me and have you read them. I

want you to say the word I might something comes up or something. I don't know how self-centred. All said yes here is one key to how we finish the race 52 December.

Is it for that which I do not for what that I do what I say.

That is a way out there didn't I. I would not.

To the say that it is good for 70 now and is no more. I mean for me in my place a good thing for a will is present with me. But about a marriage is good time not for nothing but for the good. I

would not the Dehiba which I would not. I did not. I knew that I would not. It is no more. I do have a sense of dread of death. Wow.

Tomek personal pronouns and the English teacher and ask him to write this page all you've got change.

That man stopped talking so much about now and now I do my thing now. I knew that I would not. It is no more of a cynic in me. Personally I find him a lot when I do good.

Evil is present with what we understand the law cannot help me to do good. The law is simple. They can show me how to show me how the intelligence community is not the motivating force for obedience. The law is not a motivating force for me to be here.

They're always trying to explain is the problem with me. What's his problem. The problem with.

There's three problems in this room for each and every one. And you don't need to write history problems down. Here are three problems. Just felt like just me myself and I that. Those problems and the problems problem myself personally person from there we find these few. There are 27 there are 7 means for miles and only 11 persons. If you don't think the teacher will go haywire about this passage went to school. This is just crazy. You are from thirty eight times you use a personal problem and you don't have a problem. It can never be me me it can never be done. I can't take my life. Me and myself have no power over any of this. I hate this. You may think that you found the right formula for me. No power no power at all. Oh well things must be understood in the Bible. The Bible was a pope his intention and even get one way or the other one truth is that truth can teach them otherwise.

So he will take the Bible and go through your worst. It all was about. No it's not. You me right from the beginning. Oh I was about not finding three Berzerker and three magical words. Not the way it works. Okay.

The is hired 66 Boasso got inspired to work given to us and it matters. We teach part of the Bible teach them some time. Your doctrine is always contingent. There's always a tension that Nakorn denies it will not well I'm going to continue to watch you all blessing to be blessed if you not one the key to do that is what you have. I mean all if you want to have more money. Just give me some of it. Let me hope the book is intention and the intention on purpose. It's not what he did know there was the intention of subversive prosperity gospel. This is why God bless us from a for us.


You just read the verses the Bible teaches that God will allow suffering. So it's all about suffering. You don't want you go out and say Jesus and Jesus loves you you will be the richest man in the world. Well intentioned. You find it awful that preaches hate love. I'm human. We need be careful that we all are saying the scriptures in contests they pass matters. In your chapter we found your dad Sam redacts that's there now don't you speak of the power of sin and how we act how we no longer have to obey. What is this. We don't have the power zeroed out over. But what you know with Chapter 7. How did that happen. The singer had no power over us. Usually we deal with the influence of goodwill says we are so you said.

We're about to have to do some crazy changes in diet in my house and I have no idea how difficult this is for me when I'm hungry.

Look at the puppies to see what's it like. Why would you you know what you should have now got the current philosophy in your mouth. You love me. Hard to do that.

I tell you your whole life changes you. It scares me eventually.

I used to go back and read the book but generally my house knew what can I tell you. I think I'm going to try and find a way want to say hello I'm not created in my life.

They're not easy to break through of all this. You have to deal with the nature of cynicism.

You know how hard it is to fix a marriage that's been together for 20 years but in shambles it's a lot harder to fix that forget it has a very very for one year.

You know why say what are you talking about we are putting our marriage in shambles. We've emerged from here.

Within one year but it's you know how you do it. How

do you do things the way I never did.

What happens when you see a person that you may you. Paul discussing this here we have our flash. So and has a desire to be seen. And then we have the spirit in a flash. Our habits are vital to the struggle and the hope that we are all aware of and that to do with every day to see this is what you don't talk about because you come to terms with anything.

Could you pretend that you didn't yell at the TV in a way you shouldn't have when they all were in yours and when the rest of my seeing eye dog or take care of that orange order they was streaming out of the screen and Wade had no Christian screen.

You're not sure we can do this. And I was struggling to push. Or what are we deal with every day when we talk about this passage. A few interesting things prosumer 14 the habit of seeing both in us. And is extremely large to a victim. It's extremely hard to get the scene let us say it comes with changing our habits our lives. The power of the Holy Spirit isn't important as we know the law spiritual but I'm soul in the same room is 17 or 18. There's nothing good in us at all. Our

flesh and Romans on your feet again the sin dwells and we have to understand something has always been useful.

No you're right.

If anything I think that the original Hollande say someone like you from a council issue that needs to be done isn't the way we love approaching each issue in our lives. No

we just love to get to listen to don't listen and we think do this. Everything will be ok from here not only this and I'm not sure that that's not my work and I'm not going to face it knowing what to do because we all know what we don't know. I wish it was as easy as doing what we do and not doing what we did. That's Bertschi. But the trick I guess is not that we really don't know which party was 16 years old these problems and it encourages me because guess what.

When I say I watch Sure I think the only one that doesn't do what he needs and does not do when he knows that we should apply as well is knowing what to do and what not.

He was following through what we did. What we know and don't know it needs to be done but only through his power. Not ours. We do not have the power of our to stop doing we don't have the power of our to do what we're supposed to do. The encouraging thing about the path in the mid road passengers and mature Jesus loving disciple not someone who didn't know what it was like Sir your severe case more than knowing what to do and what not to do. Paul saying that our whole nature still well enough to split us into this matter how we split.

No one is going to say change I. I know that change is the only way to live and the only way we can live in victory is not knowing what to do and what not to do. The only way we can live between the power of the Holy Spirit and enabling us to do what we can never do.

It enables us to do law. Never could. Well what you're seeing is that the believers mine will old and body can't be controlled either by our own nature or are we living our lives by the spirits of flesh.

It's that simple. Every action you take today every thought goes through your mind.

Tomorrow you can whittle it down to one thing. Are you thinking in the flesh and the trouble of flesh or I control of the spirit. Oh god. Oh it seems to us as long as we live in honoring fallen human bodies. Guess what country was at home during your lifetime.

The good news is going up to the and then we just got a chance which is where we are flesh that our survival is so a great person Freebird 117 in me explains that a fine flash and nobody knows how much good I find it desires me to do. You can. I didn't however desire to be desired to be the best dad in the world. Yeah I guess that's the world. How did you decide to become a mom in the world. How did you decide to be the best partner in the world with your husband. What you want. What you desire to really do right. Oh there is. I was hired to do what's right.

It's been doing.

Why should you sir Chris do you want to look like you just dropped out of the front of the GQ magazine. I don't know the little ones that we're so I don't know any more. But you want to try to point out the red. Thank you. Of course Id like to going to church.

That is not true. How could I be 17.

Or something like that.

But I was thinking about what I like. I don't want to live.

My life dictating my intentions are you and your children. If you ever get and you get in between two people got into some sort of heaven and want to talk you know go take the side.

BLOCK Well you mentioned that you said you're really wrong about that and all of sudden you don't want the judges fire teachers hostage.

Why don't you just fire cigarettes would be good for our intentions. I consider it comes down to it. I make decisions based on their scripture. All right.

So that part of your heart don't worry the poster child for your intentions comes up here in a few weeks or New Year's Eve or you write down all great stuff. Do you maintain an outcome in your life if you do what you're going to do.

Your life is going to change you're going to be the richest dude in the city will be one of the fittest dudes from the city you owe me everything you ever did. Don't worry about a New Year's Eve. OK let's not forget that Titian's.

He's pretty good not what I do not evil which I would not do.

I decided not to do that then I'd do it.

Why do you not understand this. We don't make the same decisions.

Oh well staggering See I would think if somebody were to write this parliament of going to so much use her shoes that way.

So that's why I'm so glad there's a man dedicated his entire life to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ that encourages me more than ever imagined. Not only has Granges it all comes down to this you want to get into this and the following weeks are nothing but the Holy Spirit. The

Bible says in a moment. Chapter 8. About the Holy Spirit says we are going to have to decide how we're going to live in the flesh or you will live in the spirit and you can ask yourself this we need the teaching from next week are the message of that you know that the way you acted because of the Spirit of God telling you to do it or whether it's you in your flesh decided to go you know not in your mind.

I don't mind giving that much money.

I wonder if it was you who told you to do that. You. There's nothing to show. We want people we just want to.

You may 30 or 40 you may be making money. And guess what. That's us of course we are here. Are we thinking only maybe 10 of them probably also. You get what you make 300. No no I'm with me. No I don't think it would ever happen with you because you're going me that point. But don't you remember how you you your know once you get to the point where you don't know how that you desire for more. Really. I came I gave you my money to some of it. I went to get some money.

That's not something self-assessed today Polish troops today.

You know what I just.

My told her it was on my wonderful.

That was the spirit of the flesh we know because we do what we do honor and glory because we I don't know that number has enjoyed more in this one.

It gets very close. From Chapter 7 and talk about transition inmates and my first with you. I love this because there's so much frustration so difficult Paula. I love Heidi because he said I sometimes a little verse by the high closes the chapter off he says you don't know the answer to all of this stage. I think you just need me back.

I mean me Kimberly how to do that I never did.

I mean you guys thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Serve them with the mind. So a lot of them I want to know. I thank God through the director. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for giving us hope when we know that we don't give it away. Honestly no. Should I do my best to grow and raise my.

Brother in law might require more.

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