Pursuing the impossible 3

Chris Gardner

December 24, 2017

Place in the calls and she goes sorry sorry your way.

We had an interesting week today show us last hour we lock him up for a while right. Hello. You know. I'm not 30 hours.

Only 41 degrees is not too bad isn't it. Oh wow. They're all suffering hypothermia. That's crazy. I need yours now. How long were you. Six hours. We were out for five hours and it was a bad time.

And we're like perfect for all of that cold. The one thing God knows so much so that Germans don't really know.

21 hours so see if this time of the year is up. I want to congratulate Robbie Ray you've got to see the smoke certificate of completion of phase two of this.

This guy right here is that scene where he's going and what's going on. How long can you get for six months. Oh man. OK sir. No no no.

He's literally went on the six month. Fighting is he. He says everybody applies to an NGO because they can't drugs. It's like. I'm coming from the day when I decided I don't do it anymore. So it's really cool to see that there are just so proud of them and you're awesome and excited about what's going on in your life 7 now not. We've had we've had this outlaw Jack this morning.

This called sleepytime herbal tea and here it gets worse. It's hard not to stay away from your brain anyway.

So we're running out of the espresso in the morning or something else. Oh Romans Chapter 7 7 is a is part of the Bible.

Just a tough part of the Bible. It is not just not a place where you want to go to be encouraged that much except for the fact that when you read it you realize that Paul is 60 years old has struggled with all kinds of stuff and he's still writing this letter saying that we're not the only ones not the Romans Chapter 6 is for one thing Roland Sturgiss says this Yes you are a Congress.

You are you are to see all say and what are we teaching as Romans says is that we went to war.

We went to war. OK. There's no more evidence of this. You might win the war but honestly you're not going to win every battle. No Christian goes from victory a victory to victory to be a victory. And if you don't understand yes you know that's like why they are growing up in Tennessee. What in the world did they take some special pill that day to day that made them the exact opposite of what they were yesterday. They grow out of it. We have a victory in the Romans Chapter 7 says this. Stay on guard because it is a daily battle to deal with this situation. So we were going to win a war but understand and understand clearly we don't win every battle. We don't rebound in our lives. You come here is a lot of boxer 15 rounds for a Bosher throw around maneuvering in a bathroom.

Now he moves around to the back. That doesn't mean you go for nothing exactly what happens here and the wrong minister said. So we were talking we've been talking here the last few weeks about pursuing the impossible. And we we we talked about three things going on cannot do for us the for walking out the first and first meeting the law cannot do. And the war cannot change. Talk about parenting shifting for me because I want to take either my kids or they agree with that if it's just me. Rules don't take your kids away from our rules that make you ok. Don't make me bad rule gives us guidelines on how much we can do so oh cannot change some possible. All right thing you saw the law cannot enable us to beat our since the law cannot enable us to be sense that we're dealing with the very thing today and a blank on your page as the wall has not freed us the wall cannot.

Freedom is impossible to be free by the law. By the way that does not mean at all that the law are quite OK. Is Not at all it was a pretty big exaggeration on the other side. My kids would be like I know the rules are not going to do anything at all to help them go away for a couple that in our house rules that craziness be your house. If that was the rule the House the role of the house is there are no rules. Can you imagine how that would be that would not be a good environment. It doesn't mean the walls are good in Wollongong died but you're saying oh I was there for a specific reason.

And that reason to get into it is this so that we can see that we need Christ. There is literally no way that we can be for trying to be without Christ back this morning will probably going to finish. Point number three and then you have inclusion next week because of a lot of stuff talking about how applied Romney said. Let me say this. I don't know how you got ever been on trips for your work. I used to bike ride and a long time ago I used to buy every weekend as well over 60 70 mile treks on my mind and that is so good I'm fighting in the Andes Mountains. So in case you're wondering the mountains are really beautiful car but these mountains are not fun at all when you're on a bike.

So we went out one day and we took a a two hour car drive and we took us to our car drive by winding up the Andes mountains and there's nothing like reaching the peak and going to one or two or more. And you're on the other side of this gigantic said. It is a head passage and heading up the hill. Oh my goodness. This feels difficult.

Don't worry you're going to start talking to the Romans. Oh my goodness what an amazing day. What I love about Romans is this we've been talking about how seven years on top of us and how how we're dealing with the sins of our lives. ROMANS Hector a first one on the screen with you had your Bible says we're going to start with this.

There is therefore now no condemnation and Kirsty's right after talking all about this Romans.

All of us want to switch gears from say although this is true for you as a follower of Christ. There's no condemnation. And that's an amazing. This goes chapter 7 Verse 21. Why is that. I'm getting a lot of that when I did good. Even as President with the words when I did the good stuff going on in this stuff. The the intentions of my heart are they should be. How many of you all have held the door open for someone walking into a store in the freezing cold day yesterday or at Wal-Mart.

I know it was some sort of like if your time in the world. I don't know you. And you didn't even say thank you. I hope you follow us upside the head you know.

But evil's breath credibility is. Now the grown ups talk like that was first to say while I was doing that I heard the angels of heaven singing next to me with a tree. And I realize I was so upset. I huddled around one. So what is your problem. I'm freezing here. My hand on the wall Paul says I'll find out. Good evening. His private life in the will of God.

I love the word of God. Why don't you just relax and it doesn't matter what.

You do after you get the first thing he says. You don't think whoever put your slides in there needs to be fired. Except that your dad can be a good idea. Why won't candidates for the law.

God I love God no longer I hope your son may I know that I'm your main religion not me.

And then when I know your son did not hear it it excites me. It's amazing. Enjoy it. Nearly all of my members were waiting for my mind in bringing me into captivity the last year. She's on I'm impressed. There's something in my mind. That warns gets all of my mind. I wanted to be the captain last year which was unanimous. I did read his first year with me and since we don't have up you're looking up your mind with the person in front of what he said verse 24 7. And can I just say that please all of us could read this about us as well.

What did you say the more rational men. How many of you have heard of that before. Y'all ain't the rich man. But oh wretched woman thou art.

Just think about it for the second time.

Why all the time. I just got home but I'll have it back.

He says. Oh wait. All right.

Sure you agree or disagree with what you said.

This whole wretched man died two years ago.

You promised yourself that you would never do that again. You

doing any you go no bitterness. If you're poor Paul Holmes overinsured million or 24 and I love this. This is awesome he says. Next work. I wouldn't say to China literally by the way if you undermine the rival paper models is just going under.

Okay. It's hard to undermine these electronic lives undermine and make a lot more worth having inside drivability for reform. 24 he says this he says.

What's funny is that every because usually we don't like the way we deal with business. We go you can ask all the fat people are older in this room that we all know diets are called guides. That's me. And he's rapping what's one of the little me from deal. Oh I'm just not going to I'm not going to come to my bread. I'm not really sure. I'm not going to eat them. I'm really not going to lunch time Sandman's in our lives and we won't answer that question.

Well listen I was going to make me the decision. And the problem with that is that that approach there's a 100 percent chance it's going to fail.

He says. So let me see what helps us commerce.

Not what not how not now when.

What helps us Congress is a good business person who says I thank God Jesus Christ you know what.

It is not about setting up morals the way Congress is not setting up more thing.

No it is not always saying in my view what we have to understand who matters more than what is going to dictate how we cover these things. I want to show their self serve God with flesh the lawsuit. We have to understand the law cannot change the law cannot change it cannot enable us to do the right and realize for the church to want to see a law free us either. It is impossible to be freed by the law. Impossible. There are your papers and believers. Of all nature long to keep us in bondage. We all nature that wants to keep us in bondage even though we've been free and dying to. We've done a sin is not dying to sense. The nature of sin you died too but we've got to be specific since you went on a daily basis. Just keep in mind it just because that decision doesn't mean that Syrians have died us.

Wouldn't it be nice if they hated 13 and 13 except crack.

Say your and then had known was hired Monday so we should have a look at whether that be cool. But guess what happens. I can't say to those who worry about it since he is saying that the city is still pushing this is still in Hyson we are you might die no matter what age you are you still you deal with this and make sure you deal with it since. It's still over you still call you that right in your life that anger in your life those things are so we're we're seeing here is truly a battle between our inner person which is in Christ and our our flesh warnings are like just doing anything we want to see on had no idea that just talking in the middle of a service is amazing. I know now as we go on and off the happiest I've ever seen in my life.

Just think of me. I don't hang around the page the day when she sees me and I'm going out in Iraq. Just because you love me I love her. Good night. I got to be one of my favorite mates yet I couldn't smell Oberhauser here awesome but you know I have no idea what.

Cities were in the library even today. Who in the world. Just go to the microphone yourself. I just always well that you're born into do anything they want or whatever. Sam owns our soul and flesh and when you would ever constituents say.

Now it's like your inner person or persons and you go from there. That person said that there is a struggle inside.

We to do but that doesn't mean we can do right. HORSLEY That age of 16 how do you want to obey the word of God. Outhustled hey God more than anything else in the world. Wake up. As a husband you could be just surviving. I've got my wife my Christ loved the church I your up. Oh that's so sweet. And they don't get on the inside and outside. I love you. Yes I read the books is never gonna be catching anymore. You said housefly saved your house. Your husband watched the Apollo. The government is not strong when we accept Christ and we are no longer a slave to sin. You have no respect for Sam. We become perfect and are standing before God but our habits and our fleshly desires don't go away our habits and our fleshly desires not to be what we are saying is the place where the real battle rages. If you're not safe you're going to find yourself that much you don't want it to be illegal. That's how to get me.

To say. Everything you say. You say when you say when you say changes everything inside of you.

That's where the battle rages. See I can do what every other red blooded American male at the age of 42 does. That's not what you get because the want of not just some battle and it rages. And here's the funny thing We think once we get to say don't apply that much but that's not at all what she's saying. That's where the battle begins. It's like hey you're saying now here's your Trujillo go out and have fun go out and fight the war.

The battle rages. If you know crimes there's a constant battle with the Northwest desires and our spirit desire our desire to live for Christ there's a viable future.

There's one thing when it comes time to get to my church. I just tell you that there's been a right to actually make the most months.

Actually I wanted money so much that it pretty much every month. I don't want to Domingo's Chris you can't let man hell no one will take this money and give it back. No way. GEOFF HUTCHISON In front of me hiding in the church's recycle bin. Give me my back into the system it's kind of funny for them that I do that but my man has no desire at all.

Our an desire to take but only 100 percent as I'm sure there's a struggle that goes on and my life goes on. I want to know Christ is a constant battle between our flesh and our spirit read desire if not careful. We become leaderless prefer scenes that have their outward passions. All

right and activities are still OK.

Wait you were not careful with Republicans and only what we do is we train ourselves on the outside to look a certain way. Find totally different on the fly. This really got to go with them to do that to dos. And. That part of the reason Jesus called them looking at 23 he 27 on Monday 23 or 27 he shook his head and have been trying to get me started talking to them here said we haven't had enough versus Rudd you've got five boys that will try and Pharisees hypocrites because you're lying.

Why suffer curse here on the are world full of dead man's bones over claims that yes you're right and you say the way you letting your mind on the outside you've got it all to get by the way that the church gave most of us know about it. We don't know how our man has become a church and that people only knew what was on his side and his friends were the first he says you know what. Roman tombs to these caves in Iraq that they claim you made the uniform.

I mean you don't open up because you say we've opened it up. The stage is horrid when you open it up everything on the inside screens with everything you have you any computer from outside inside it is nasty and disgusting.

And that's honestly what most of us become because we have all these rules of that we don't always listen to music to those of us does something in our lives.

There's nothing much on the outside. We. We're not our man Romans 7. The lights will go in the lights and the law got. So when you were starting about 7 make me to go on a path that commands from there and why I don't like Psalm 119 facts are in we're Mandali a single god but the pope is old and delights in breaking the law. God

Is that true. Well we got in we don't like holding our man delight in everything a person should not want it to be to.

The man lives in a whole different way all the things I've got because of this when we don't live our lives like them think we should play. I really hope they didn't get what I'm saying here because of this when we don't live our lives like we think we should.

We've become tired and discouraged and then eventually we give up when we only come tired and discredited and individual exert our energy time old man so little can only be lived by a new man and we become exhausted because of a little trade.

I don't think we get discouraged when we get when we get it.

We live in a crisis never call us what you discovered is that the best you can do. It's not good enough. Have your heart the best you can.

This talk of the mystery of everything I've got. I'm sorry even though you are trying to with the outward man was something that old man.

One of your worst enemies for this is just a nation of two cents for you. One of your worst enemies for this is he seems called Polks because you read a book.

And you're oh that's how to get it all together. By the way this comes from a guy that set up a reading program to try and fix a certain amount of books and since September 16 Cuba's Karakaj since September. I love books. OK. I'm crazy about books.

Your hopes are working as we do we get a book know the Senate ties the book really. I'm thinking about my father for all of you reading your book sir. Guess what. There is no answer.

The following high the man is going to be a battle and you will have to understand that only outside the Mormon world war II. My understanding is that is not how much you all know Commander Norman Rockwell here with Norman Rockwell on the road Norman Rockwell we will not.

We will that it will be.

We're trying to retain a perfect existence vehicle to I'm going to try absurd.

It only sounds as absurd as your wife doesn't try and put everything together in your home now.

Can I tell you where he can start putting your life together. You spend your life together in the morning as you did before. Pardon me say not. There's no way at all. I can't survive today.

You're just funny to me be. But one thing that can help us. We don't read our Bibles at home. Most of us take most of us who we take our lives from to hide and then we can come up next Sunday we not the dust off. Oh no never mind. We know you obviously did us on Facebook. There are text messaging calling it's never neglected.

For those that are willing to pay that much the only way to live a successful life is not by your command you're never going to get your stuff together.

You're never with members of sturgeon being say you know what I'm telling you is this enterprise. Home is where we can find our success and you fill the frustration of Hope is not saying this is going to freak me out is the guy here is not a free how many of us figure that out here. I want my projections for us at all.

They can't do anything for us. There's no way we can succeed. And a man in the mirror what Paul says is who in the world is going to free me. That worked for me. You understand he speaks of human freedom.

Your film play before you go Scheifele you go her you go like this is never going to work. You were like your wife just never to any piece together and you said well I don't know why I can't figure out what you said.

You're never going to figure out who's going over your crush let alone just do something.

I don't know what you think you have to intend your play culprit over one day standing in front of you this morning.

What I have to understand is this the one that serves my late understands I can handle let me say that again you know in moments the surveys baby when you go when they look at all are they all white and black. No because I Highsmith's they say because of they get so much of it compared it to the streets the red. Maybe a little bit of data. Even if you're not getting what you need to survive this would be different than what we would said is this Mama Knows Best and she's very black and white remains as she says.

She hates because she loves him and it's easy to understand from Obama's perspective but how many of us feel like his plight of white stuff.

There's no way for anybody or them. I don't hold him.

Please don't put another grain of rice on my plate because I cannot handle it any more.

You need to understand as the one Senator Flake knows what you can handle and when you say you can't know what's going on is what you're saying is you're looking in the face of the God of the universe. You don't know what you're doing. I would know how to be governed in your.

Service more and we can handle.

But because I can't handle. My my my my my my my my kids I can tell my kid what you're saying is you're looking at your father and say Father you do not know what's best for me.

I know what's best for me so why don't you.

Father and the soldier says that's not the way it works on the men and women and it will always be bad about so that's not going to leave our fleshly bodies and death until we reunite.

Paul Wolfowitz has walked through us. What is true is that he and his wife and I geology as well for us and really 724 he says. Oh wretched man. Neither can you get a sinking feeling that Paul was filming and communicating.

Try try try try try. You may find out how and how to try. I felt as a father only about 100 times a day. I'm might get another ten times and I know that I'm going to try. It's not that I don't try trying to understand.

It's not going to come from me. Come on Christ. I'm on on time and says Oh what a wrench. Oh I know that's a word you don't use much today that word you describe himself.

I also looking for a way to explain. Well it's really hard to find a word to replace it. No we're wretched not used much as we get older centered. I think this will help you understand some really Troilus work to share with you by explaining it yourself. More than a boxer. After

15 rounds of getting beat up imagine that boxing ring got beat up for 15 rounds of training hype and dreams of championship glory that went down the drain. Are these rounds of boxing fans exhausted demoralized and barely able to see through the swelling around the eyes he can barely breathe through the cup of a fractured Jurie divide.

To make matters worse yet take place in the middle of the ring here to the freedom announced that he already knew was.

Beat up beat up 11 years ago. You really need to stay in your side. Please just knock me out. I cannot beat up with his party.

Announcer The whole crowd can hear that's the building that we're wretched impulses. Oh wretched medieval village hall drawing an analogy here. Now this is very interesting. As I've said I've read about the way wait until the murderer was dead and are sure that a murderer. You go he said before just judge pronounced guilty general you know whatever happens after that. But in the Roman days they would sometimes.

A man had a hand when the corpse of his victim some of the historians say he never liked them they put them on the back of a man they killed him on like a backpack carrying this dead man around with a knife.

You have to be going out into the heat of the Mediterranean someone walking around with his corpse on his back his way in carrying the cane purifying corpse of his person that can kill you with death into the living man's world and not become will cause the body of that that's exactly going on. She's saying this out we're making.

He's saying he is an all dangerous to us as well. The next person is King Louis XVI. ROMANS almost depressing. It's almost like plages coming over and over again right.

It's depressing but he's asked the question that we have that we are asking as well he says. How delivery from this body.

Courage today as you go home and your time. This must be the most wonderful time of the year to come to Christmas.

It's crazy the amount of money that goes up for kids. Oh my goodness. Can we get gifts without the tea.

You know those gifts so mind you just send pictures of so you know you so much for you. How to deal with that crazy uncle sitting across the table from us making Turkey and the weirdest stuff that you ever heard in your life. The stress that the country is hosting is the kind of person who does.

Not come to you today. And

the question I asked your guests who in the world is coming from this film. Not quite.

There's no set out to get now to be able to have no when you don't there's no money your man is going to make mauvais.

There's no money in that. OK. All right. You know I'm asking you.

You know it's you know you are always preaching that you got this morning but I really do want to look at some of. The last few months of my life. I got down in the dumps. I told the press I thought way that you can understand what I need to understand is this Chris. You cannot fix a problem you've got.

And that who is not you yes.

Who would deliver him not how he would deliver himself. Was he in Rome yesterday. The one who would deliver him is Jesus Christ and the that will help him one day. This is Holy Spirit.

It's very complimentary. And you could see conflict that is found in Rome Chapter 7. They come this next verse. I wish you could understand the way Paul and you sit there and do that part from this whole time until we were 25 or verse or sound based on first.

And he says let from tears streaming down his face it says and he goes oh god she's thank God through Jesus Christ or something when the mind of the Lord God with the flesh.

The law said I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord. So all your problems I go what's happening in between these injuries of real estate between your ears.

OK I don't know what you're dealing with because you're different than I am absolutely no doubt about it.

The answer is still the same. Can you read those words with me of that verse. Is that your is there you know so in your mind for your votes. Twenty I don't read this first verse for a few words. To

me it says thank God is Christ Jesus Christ our Lord. Are you because you don't have to understand God through Jesus Christ our Lord.

That is the answer to the struggle that's going on. One of us to return to his Bible was the problem was that the answer was your family. Why is your biggest problem in this way is my wife. In this way I'll have eyes and back my head. Why do you think your husband is the answer to your problems. Wrong.

We've been asking why our children are not when he has responded and you know I can't find the right age will tell you why you keep on running when you're looking for my sins.

That's why that's why you're not going to answer anywhere else. You don't want your family to their church pastor. They're pretty good a little more money or just maybe a little more time wake up and smell the coffee.

So folks need food. These things are never the answer. There's the women's. For us the only answer for our problems in our lives is Jesus Christ that's home.

Paul sums up his whole intersection with what he's been saying. He's not who I am. I circled on my flesh.

Thank you so certain of the law.

So why didn't you just come up to sing sing that song and cry solo. And I can bet you two when you're singing and just thinking about what you're saying there is what I'm saying is this crisis.

We're not a Christian not John not David not alone. Christ our hope is found in baby you just wanted to ask God that for us from looking for further never ask God to say God bless you always with the same answer in. The same.

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