Pursuing the impossible

Chris Gardner

November 26, 2017

Arabic out of the question for discipleship and small provocateurs. You'll notice this week something changes a little bit on the back of it. We put up the word search puzzle of a word search further with all the verses and the words out there. And that's not the goal here. We don't have not because I can imagine when hey are you know we don't want that to happen here. I believe. I believe the power of the word of God is in the Word of God not in a man of God. I believe the power of the word of God. So we'll do everything we can to have people saturate the world thinking about the world talking about what the word of God has said. And so that's what my goal is when you go back a long time afterwards if you will the Romans Chapter 7 and Jack's not here but I thought maybe for the intro today it's going to be amazing.

And so there were I'm in Chapter 7 and that right there and the center said Chapter 7 Verse 13 is a star and Roman 713 is a bridge that takes us from the idea that sin has used both on the brain death. If you're talking about the very first part of Roman seven though all you said is a ring of death to where we knew we needed Christ.

Now what's going to follow of present tense verbs that describe the constant battle between would agree God's will and the flesh which follow the law of sin.

Let me let me go. She can understand what I'm saying. How did you guys agree that it's not right to live here. Look around if somebody didn't raise a hand. Do

not ever do business with them.

So all of us agree our minds use the word God teaches us the word of God shows us is wrong. And when we look at the golf course that's wrong it's wrong.

But the manager reminded recently that does not mean that your Flash will follow. And that's I'm talking about you that you're growing 13 Michael says I'm just good.

Made me want what is good in this context talking about football and he said so people now make up their lawyers and that is not the law. We talked about this last week. What is the enemy of the Christian. What is the meaning of human nature. It does not go all the enemy is saying that's it's good that he is involved that. He did these words that he uses in Romans. Oh God forbid that it might work in the work that you've seen. What is it you feel that's the problem and seeing what is this what you need to understand this sin for whom extremely simple when you understand not a wall out and that was that you wouldn't understand is the result of this.

Oh god that was used to rouse sin is he break the power of sin is break the power of sin. Here's the deal. Bohle does not have the power to pray. Sam you're on. OK. By

the way I forgot a third. Now I can tell you about that was that when you came in. I'm fine now. When we we we got a home on Tuesday. And I were ready to go over there. So I did all the time. Neither of them were great. I told you all about you look up when you leave the late at night. It looks awesome. So even here he goes. You're going to go home. You use silly notes in it.

But go walk and have a right to belong there. Right.

About break breaking saying there's no rules that make you stop saying now to teach the farmer his rule of life was I said how much property is appropriate and his role was just a little bit more. I'm also now now literally how much of a property he's through all this. So this the smallest of love of all ages 88 percent so small. Was it really was. What size is the problem. You won't believe on a property where the and over the fence is the asphalt that surrounds it will have nobody around me. So you don't have to pass what's going on is this. He said. He said You see it becomes exceedingly simple and it was never a great option.

I have my house you know lobby for a lobbyist to keep an honest lobbyist even on his back because honestly there's no law in the world strong enough to keep everybody out. OK. Why do we really need that putting a lock on this door here with this class window is keeping the person that really wants to get out there we really think that doing an honest to God he says he says we need to understand the law is never going to make everybody obey there's no rules that's going to make people.

Say person a big deal because you know we want to make sure we use all.

And I don't know how well that worked with the how well that worked with me because we all know it.

We still continue to look and say there's no way the law could break the power.

And that is why we need Jesus we're not Jesus. There is no shrinking of the power.

So how many of us felt like we're never able to live in a way we're having with lived here for like her priorities are quite right. Have you ever felt like you're not quite as good a friend as you hope to be. Have you ever felt any of that. Or are you a perfect human being. Because of the reality of all of us. I'm just worried about her husband. I wish I was a better way. I wish. Let's just say that I was jealous about her brother. I was talk about a friend.

You come here and we all feel like we wish that we could just do one more thing. We'd be happy with the way we live.

Visually let's make the medicine they're going to be back and get the pair industries with every fiber in their being wants to stop screaming at their job. Male patient person trying to decide that they will want to live with more patients but the process seems daunting not almost impossible.

Don't we all wish you were first with the holy day of the year. We broke our own promises for ourselves.

We have equal 364 days years also. And although we got the first two years commitment is. And so that you can raise the by the next three months that will begin a few years.

Sure you're not so sure that we are. There's nothing more frustrating. Looking back at all that is broken when we broken the promises to so.

How many of you you've broken promises yourself how we have to say I'm not up to the standard that I myself came that I was going to live on your own mind. And what is encouraging about growing sector something is this Paul is not some young whippersnapper right.

When Paul Ryan is 16 years old nobody had ever been through the amount of stuff that this guy has been through. When he gives his raunchy stuff he suffers.

You're reading it and want to cry just from reading.

He also delivered the same things that we do today.

I don't think you it's all love Jesus. I would hope not. I

don't think any of us ever accused Paul of not being a whole lot Christian. I don't believe any of us would ever say that. But you're going to find and this Paul deals with some serious and complex issues of actually doing what he wants to do.

Paul says here that which is good. The law should with was it showed me that sin was not just Sam. Sam was seemingly said it was exceedingly sin.

What I think was a big deal. I know that now it's a big deal and I know now that it is.

How do you and your Christian walk you've been sitting there thinking you're living great and all of a sudden you start reading from the scriptures and the Holy district starts convicting you of something you're hiding.

And that still small voice is Robbie. You've got to stop doing that. You know I don't do that I don't mind at all. So.

It sure does it in ways that we can not normally question. He shows us that not only what we're doing wrong but what we're doing is it is not just a sin it's an action taken against God.

And all of a sudden changes will soon really mean which you are saying no and are you with words like this.

We love these words we use words like I said it was a mistake.

Was it a mistake to slap them look like oh my god that was a mistake. He said those words don't don't love.

Joseph I have a miscues are words like missteps or weaknesses that were where you know this is one of my weaknesses.

No don't call it something it's not.

But the wall that can emerge and try to show is how a seemingly simple truth. You're not.

Wrong and I've just a mistake. You're not just a witness.

They are and that's a big deal.

Now when you travel around the world and when you've lived overseas and when you learn the culture of evil the Spanish language the language and I will improve for a long time been around the Spanish speaking world and one of the funny things about Spanish is this you know how to say that we have not that class over come. Tell

me about the ways you would say it is that this blast sitting idle and if you were to transfer change like that where did that come the direct translation of the hospital itself can we say OK well guess what gets in the bathroom through it and with it it broke itself. And that's just one of those cultural idioms they apply in Latin America and Americans laughing at it when they're fashionable. So how does one get all that so much so that makes no sense at all. And yet when I go to your room last week when you said this wasn't your fault this was a girl this your ball. Mr. BALL Because when you look the culture you get all kinds of messed up and when you don't now. OK. I see you're just not weird enough to say a word.

But do all of that do we not all that that way. Is that the same thing. We have ways to justify what God calls flat out sin we have ways of justifying the sinfulness.

I'm going Bill how simple it really is how bad you're driving 24 hours only you're Wanchese Malcolm How can I measure twenty five hours since you're getting into schools.

You might as well just go and get your hands right all the time. You don't get to your own breast you want to check. You probably don't get checked in from I am spending time with some friends because the go always does it reveal how simple she is when I was I'm on a mission.

And I lived in Roswell Georgia. She lived in Columbus Georgia. For those of you who don't know closed doors.

Two hours out here she is Georgette and housing Rahill Georgia and North Carolina the wake of Bravo Georgia. It was the day I did 400. Now I am happy. I want to go all the way south of Columbus. You sit at home don't a girlfriend and you get and you go oh I don't you know that would also mean that sometimes I wasn't going to be on time for the appointment. So I was leaving her house one night about 10:00 p.m. and I was like I'm in trouble I'm supposed to be preaching tomorrow morning a chapel for a school 830 in the morning and it's an 11 hour drive.

Back then we didn't have the same way and say you are right that we have any habits and you know what. Rand McNally evidence.

My dad was 18 years old and 14 year olds are 18 year old Hoffman loves roads and I'm going 94 miles an hour in a 55 on the interstate just tumble through the American customs or anything else and all somehow see Bluebox or oh I have trouble now. How about just an hour. I don't know. I'm not in trouble trouble.

Right now our cow which snakes right here is only that sound on a Friday night that I had on drop a couple of drivers. I

think it was all over the contract. Me and I'm barefoot so I reached down to grab and pulling my thoughts on it and all of a sudden a gun pointed at me. Please I'm reaching for something I'm not supposed to reach for a 70 mile per hour zone it would be bad. Being fifty five dollars an hour zone is even worse. The cop comes up cops pointing out a car accident. Yes I guess I would like to know what I said from my friend are you. How are you doing. I'm so sick of this. Please go home. He said it was the regional Chapel tomorrow Christian School in North Carolina. He goes you're doing what. I pulled her car out and said her arms see here.

Oh that's the last. If you go to jail. If you're looking at only going to be able to see that number like twenty two years ago.

But I only got to get by with me before I back to was crazy disappointed. I'm going out now. Would you like me to call the people of for story.

No one's called nobody told me.

So no thank you. I have my apartment up there. Although that's been a good sign dictated how a good deal allows for speed limits on how to know how bad it was.

And here you brought us for the law says to you this I'm going to show you how bad you're sending us by using the law should help that you see the law Ebola the symptoms of it not only are outright actions but here's the part that hurts but also our changed.

If you remember growing Chapter 7 The very first birth of this war Paul says.

He says if you want to get down to the of this one will know energy will not work he said. All this has to teach with the old nature knows no law and the unit your needs know what is going to show us.

The first seven chapters of Romans are rough chapters but as soon as I finish this this this one message here part of taking seven weeks of yes. But what happened is this right here.

What was the most beautiful man is amazing because he talks about. Yes you're back. Let me tell you how he says to me today how great the gospel is. Let me talk to you about how amazing our God through all of nature needs. And then you your people because you survive on the surface. And this life. Our nature so sinful can't change or control. Please understand that it cannot be changed or control possible the struggles that we have are not good for me personally and it's a good thing. Life is so much worse now.

It's so much more difficult to live a good life because looking at a little house on the Prairie think how did you get that many things in the day to be living back in the old age was just as bad as it now was. And is it good is not still just as bad as it is today. I can also say that these are not things that immature Christians do.

It would be nice to think that the only people that are going to deal with this issue are mature Christians or some say three months ago all that stuff must be the over 60 and he's talking about a million things ring true you too if we listen to we go through this past salvation doesn't mean that God changes our whole nature. We've got to understand salvation doesn't mean that God changes our whole nature what it is actually there to nature and the child of God. The Christians don't have the ability to keep all the Christian still has the ability to sin.

But now he has a view and his heart has that changed his desire to now change the spirit of God and make him desire things that he would not have desire for a way for her passion outside her home for home.

Now the candor Dr. Paul speaking about summit this week is something that you would be very hard to find a pastor that committed humility to admit to in the mind before you go listen what preachers preachers fine.

We've seen how great power and how great our a problem that happens because the pastorate never the hero of the story. Indeed a passerby the hero of the story. That story is twisted and up that you know of every story is Jesus not a master.

He wants. All right who are you running with and I'll see you pass through it. Help or save the state from the pulpit. Paul writes this money is the root cause he preaches my own stories. This is not the reality you want to find in the life story.

Paul Hoffman tells the guy I messed up I'm up.

How many of you can say I did Poppy but you say I did not miss out. I don't have everything together. I'm not your schools am. And even though I say Howard now and welcome to the church the way I do all this stuff probably my wife is not like it ought to be all the time I'm not near school to be in charge. No problems left at the door I just started singing praises to Jesus.

That's not really why am on time pulses pulses you say you're not the only woof you're not going to give us his new T-shirt a self portrait of this reality. I don't find it helpful to think about it really because it's not very different. It's not very different.

When we were when I was growing up the age of 13 my dad started to be a missionary and the mission traveled to different churches to seek support. So we did that and let me just say there's nothing in the role that brings out the bad side of the family more than putting a car for six hours of Sunday morning before church. Good luck.

You think you had like my dad had four kids. Yeah. Of us was just perfect all the time I was grieving for her. People would say well natures and family back before the days of seatbelts were around. And let me just say you didn't see her back first you got to put your kids in a car for five hours without seatbelts and you're going to find out the seatbelts are also. You know mom with kids you where are you wind up when you say I'm going off of a heading straight down into their homes. We drove in to go air space station. My daddy she knows how hard that was. So it was supposed to be fine. We had six days and it was like six months old and so was sitting in the back looking backwards with the weirdest things in the world.

You're seeing a man looking out the manager looking at you pointing at you and you say you said no you cannot even imagine having to say you're out of work.

OK. How did you get that number ones.

We're trying to get her out of her early because it's very early in the day and that lets us know how it was going to go to get there and wait what I'm saying to the police coming up why do you really want that. Where the same see her. I have heard she is sending a signal from his son who throws up all over my mom and a church and preacher mom is freaking out. She pointed toward me by many crazy kids shouldn't be in that church door we may have had a slight smell. We had a smile on her face. How are you doing. Praise Jesus. Oh glory. That's the way we ended up being.

And it's easy like the missionary but it's not really home as well we welcome.

Look look we're getting off with a yes we're all messed up. Jesus. There's no answer. You know the biggest problem for us as Christians first person we think oh oh one more thing to do this. Everything's going to be OK and our life will be balanced which is only one hope for you and for me to live the kind of life that your hope and hope and your spouse and your children acting not wait is not hope your hope.

Oh nothing less. And Jesus he's the only one that can help us live in a way that brings you read the words of Christ.

There's nothing further from the truth about nothing further from the truth and explaining the loss of Moshe held out inexpiable. We'll get into that.

You're welcome. Thank. You. We're thankful that Jesus came out in a.

Perfect Life and on Diana also. Laura comes here honestly knowing that what Paul dealt with on a daily basis is something that I deal with as well. I ask you my name to bring honor and glory to the rules and regulations not Ruth was not fit for incest and that you might help me to place my faith and my trust on you. Thank you for all of your precious.

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