Race and Grace Displaced 2

Chris Gardner

October 14, 2018

Romans chapter 9 and today's the day where I get to tell you that it's time to put big boy pants on when it comes to this passage. You know when you are when you are on final this when you are when you're young you eat a certain way and then you grow up, you know what I mean? Like when you young Lucky Charms.
Justin you still eat Lucky Charms all the time. I know you do. I did before he went organic that's funny. But but but so no organic Lucky Charms, huh? Okay, so Morgan's not in here. Where do you have a hidden stash of? Exactly. Okay. Hey for the audio. He said no, he doesn't have an organic style stash of Lucky Charms.
But you know when you grow up you you get to a point where you have to your where you're like, okay now it's time. So as a church, we decide what we believe. Okay, and if we believe the importance of scriptures, that means that we don't go for lucky charm passages all the time. So this you might be like Chris.
This is too deep for me. This is crazy deal. Here's the deal the depth of what we're sharing shares the character of our God and so it matters what we do with that. Now I can stand up believe me. I've preached for many years trying to give you shock and awe every time about how awesome of a Preacher I was like I promised and I was actually really good at it.
But it's like eating Lucky Charms Lucky Charms are good, but they're not really good. For you, would you agree with that? So we'll go to the scripture today? We're going to study the scriptures we want to dive in and it may not you might be well this isn't nearest fun. There's other passages. Well, I can tell you that you're not the first person to think that.
Let's look at second Peter first chapter 3 second Peter chapter 3 and verse 15. Here's what Peter says about passages like this. And if you don't have a handout just raise your hand Jacob, will you pass them out we care about God because of that we care about every verse of the scripture and we're going to go through every verse of the scripture.
But look at what Peter says Peter says chapter 3 verse 15, whichever second the right way and are gone astray following the way. Wait. Is it first Peter? I'm sorry. Okay, I had it on my phone. I just open my bible just a second in that fun. It says an account that the an account of the long-suffering of our Lord and salvation that our beloved brother Paul according to the wisdom given unto him hath written To You Paul he wrote stuff to you.
Okay, and then look at the next verse real quick for me just to understand what even Peter thinks about some of Paul's writings. Here's what he says verse 16 as also in the Epistles speaking in them of these things in which of in which are some things. Hard to be understood. They're not easy to understand.
Okay hard to be understood which they that are unlearned and unstable wrest and as they do also the other scriptures unto their own destruction. So here's what we find Peter says about Paul. Paul says some stuff that's really hard to understand. Like stuff that you really legitimately hard to understand now, let me just tell you that if there's any chapter in the Bible that anybody would think that that verse was talking about.
It's the chapter were diving into now so brace for impact big boy pants on and we're going to study what the Bible says because the verses we start with today is where it all really starts and so let´s go to verse 6 and we'll start there. In Romans chapter 9 and verse 6. Here's what the Bible says verse 6 the Bible says not as though the word of God hath taken none effect for there are not all Israel which are of Israel neither because they are the Seed of Abraham.
Are they all children? But in Isaac shall thy seed be called verse 8 that is they which are of the children of the flesh. These are not the children of God, but the children of the promise are counted for the seed. Okay, before we go here, I forgot stuff Pam is having a hearth heart cath. This Tuesday, the praying for Pam.
Tina had a cousin got saved in or she your cousin it and Illinois. They got saved this week. You'll tell us
about that. awesome.
That's awesome. That's amazing. Yep. So we have that going on. We got people traveling all over the country right now got Kansas and Florida and Alabama and Tennessee at least an South Carolina that I know of people are traveling all over right now. Welcome to fall if y'all noticed. It happened like a light switch boom Falls here.
And also the fall of the Georgia Bulldogs happened as. And so that was awesome and and the rise of the Texas Longhorns. Yeah, and so that Becky was saying we're one of the most split divided churches ever when it comes to teens because we have people that are Tennessee fans, Georgia fans, Texas Longhorn fans, Texas A&M fans.
We even have some. Alabama fans at need to get saved and so like like like we've got it's a crazy church that it comes to amount of amount of teams. We got some Georgia fans. And today we're sad. So anyway, let's open our Bibles to Romans chapter 9 and for those of y'all that say, what do you think about the game yesterday?
I think we deserve to lose. So let's go to verse 6 the scoreboard showed exactly what we were we're not Romans chapter 9 and we're going to start in verse 6. Here's the question that Paul is going to ask the people he's going to say is God a liar now. Now that might seem out of touch with who we are today.
But it's not at all out of touch with who we are today because guess what you'll hear people college students asking right and left is got a liar is the word of God Ally is the word of God a contradiction. You'll hear teachers trying to push that agenda. So it's not a an old out-of-date question.
It's a question that still asked and the Jews are sitting there and they're going and Paul goes. I know this is a question that you want to ask. So let me ask it for you so that then I can answer the question that I asked if you're a parent, you know what it's like to do that you ask the question that they want to ask and then you answer the question that they wanted the answer to but they felt weird asking you about it the same thing Paul's going.
I'm trying to answer this question. And here's the question is God. A liar is God a liar because if he's a liar, we're wasting our time. We're wasting our time. Like let's sleep in on Sundays. My wife gets here at 9:00 every more every Sunday morning with a different singers and we cleaned the church and we get together and gather around the word.
But if we're gathering around a lie. Why would we do it? How do we do it? It's a waste of time. And so there were told in the Old Testament. The Jews were told in the Old Testament that he could not lie flat out. God cannot lie. Okay, but to the Israelites it seem like you actually has according to what part Paul is pinned and Romans because Paul here says Gentiles you can be saved by faith in Jews.
You're not safe. By the law you thought you were working to be saved and what you gotta understand is that's not the way that works. And so as he says that it has to seem like a lion and Numbers Chapter 23 and verse 19. He says God is not a man Numbers Chapter 23 verse 19. God is not a man that he should lie.
He said God's not like us, you know, how you know that you're a man. You know how you know that you're a woman, you know how you know you're a child is we have the propensity always to lie. This is I'm not God is not a man that he should lie. Neither son of man that he should repent has. He said and shall he not do it or had he spoken and shall he not make it.
This is not our God cannot will not lie. You don't have to worry about that is what he's saying here in Romans chapter 9 IR numbers and then he goes to Romans chapter 9 Paul begins in this portion of scriptures by putting out in the open with everybody that was reading the letter or listening to the letter could have been.
By the way, we have this idea when we if we know a little bit about the Bible and we understand that Romans was a letter to the church. We had this idea that people would stand up and they would say here's what Paul writes and they read the letter and they be done that was not at all what happened.
They would gather around the letter and then they would study out what it meant. Now get around and it's study out what he was saying Paul begins this portion putting out with everybody was asking he had been around the synagogues and because of that he knew what the people had to say. And he knew the questions that people were dealing with the children of Israel are basically saying that if what Paul is saying is true then God is a lie because we are Israel.
And now Paul must have either God's lion or Paul's lion. We decide which one and Paul is going to go through hoops, like crazy to explain. God did not lie. And I am not lying this all meshes with the Old Testament because of that Romans 9 through 11 has so much Old Testament poured into it so he can say to them.
This is not what God used to do versus what he's doing now at all a liar's a liar. It's got lying or not. That's the question that these verses are speaking to have God has lied to the nation of Israel. Here's what you have to understand. If God is lied there on your paper to the nation of Israel.
Then he could also lie to the church. If God has lied to the nation of Israel. Then he could also lie to the church that's now receiving this letter because see if a guy lies if God lies then he's a liar so you get to pick and choose it that. Which part of what God says is a lie. And which part of what God says is true you get to choose.
So the big question that demands an answer is this has the word of God Feld has the word of God Feld has his word felled. Is it not what he said? It would be Paul's answers that and he says this. Oh, no God's word has not felt his initial answer restates the same basic message in three different ways in these verses in verse 6.
He says everybody that says they're from Israel. They're not all of Israel. Not it's not the same to say my pedigree says I'm from Israel, but I'm not but that's not what he was talking about was the pedigree and then he says Abraham's descendants descendants is not all of Abraham's descendants because here's the deal God made a promise to Israel and then God made a promise to Abraham.
But even with Abraham, this is the big boy pants part, you really need to understand scripture to get it and the Abraham part god did not bless the children of Abraham. God Bless the Child of Abraham. So Abraham had two children anybody want to guess what their names were help me out. So my give me their names two children Ishmael and Isaac.
So Ishmael was not blessed and what God is saying here is this Ishmael was not blessed Isaac was blessed is me on was not blessed. In verse 7. He says that and then verse 8, he says being all the children of God being children of God is not trying to the flesh. These are children of his promise. So we find that in verse 8, and we're not going to read through it because we need to finish this.
If not, we're going to be in Romans chapter 9 for the rest of Eternity just because people were born in Israel does not make them God's people. And that's what that's what Paul is saying here, even then it was even then in the Old Testament. It was a decision to place their faith and their trust in him.
They had to place their faith in their trust in him. It was not you did not say well, I'm a gardener since I'm a gardener. I'm saved you're like, no he's not talking. No, that's exactly what he's saying. You weren't born into salvation. You had to place your faith in him for salvation. Paula stating that God's word did not fail with the people of Israel.
He wants us to be understood beyond a shadow of a doubt and he says that one of the that the ones that are the true Israel are the sons of Abraham. By the way, we see the story of Abraham that he's already talked about in this letter in Romans chapter 4 verse 1 through 5, which says what shall we say that then that Abraham our father as pertaining to the flesh hath found.
What are we going to say that Abraham and his flesh found something because here's the deal if Abraham was justified by what he did by his Works he hath whereof to Glory of he could sit there and go. Let me tell you what I did to get saved. Have y'all ever sat around a table with someone trying to be have a one-upsmanship over you and what they knew who they'd been with what country they had been to you're sitting there with them and all of a sudden they sit there and they go.
Oh, yeah, but Paul says, do you understand that if Abraham was saved by what he did then it would be this competition of who had done the most. It would be this competition of who done the most it would be this competition of who had done better than the other person. They were if you were justified by works.
He has something to Glory of he has something to brag about. Okay, but not before God. He don't have anything to say to God for what saith the scripture here's what happened to Abraham Abraham. What did he do? He believed God and it was counted to him for righteousness. But Abraham left. His land Abraham traveled a long distance Abraham went through stuff that will never go through but do you know what makes Abraham be saved?
What makes Abraham be saved is that Abraham has believed guess what makes me be saved I have. believed. There's no difference in those two. I believed he's believed and guess what? There's no Bragging now, if you get a lot around a lot of churches and people want to talk about how bad their past was.
It's almost like they're bragging how much they've changed for God and God knows you ain't changed at all. The only thing you did for me was you. Believed and that's what made you be saved. Can I just say if you're here today and you've not believed you have to believe I don't care how good of a person you are.
You have to believe now to him. That worketh is the reward not reckoned of Grace but of debt but to him that worketh not but believeth on him that justifieth the ungodly his faith is counted. For righteousness, he believed he speaking of a people that he has a plan for in stating that he's going to use them.
He's repeating what he's already stated in Romans Chapter 2 and Romans Chapter 2. Here's what he says. He says freeze not a Jew which is one outwardly neither of the circumcision of the flesh, but he's a Jew which is one inwardly and circumcision. Is that of the heart in the spirit and not in the letter whose praise is not of men.
But I've got he's saying here's the deal. You don't become an Israelite and because of that deserve something before God what God saying here. Is this salvation is not a Jewish Birthright salvation is not a Jewish birth right now. Let me go farther for the good old United States of America today.
We call ourselves a Christian Nation. We have this idea that we are a Christian Nation and what we don't understand is there's no such thing as a Christian Nation. Or a Christian people know we're not you can be a Christian but we are not a people that are Christians. Well God saying here is that salvation does not come by Birthright?
I still remember as a young kid listening to a guy preaching. He says, you know, you've you need to be saved. And I'm sitting there going I don't need to be saved. He don't know who I am. You know, I still remember it as if it was just I don't know. You don't know who I am my days a preacher, you know, we pray for every meal do devotions.
We spend time with in the word of God. How many to be saved? I still remember him going. You know what it doesn't matter what you think, you know, and I'm like, okay. Well you just tore that one down, but you don't know who my dad is. Are we coming from a family of people love Jesus and he goes no matter who your dad is.
I'm like, okay, whoever's taken the mind reading class, please stop because this is getting Eerie. I still remember sitting there. He goes doesn't matter who your dad is doesn't matter who your mom is. You have to place your faith in Christ, and I still remember that day conviction of the Holy Spirit coming in and saying You must believe it.
I still remember in Cartersville, Georgia on grass Dale Road believing and placing my faith in Jesus. Here's what he's saying. This is not some Birthright you get for being Jewish the children of Ishmael were the children of the flesh were Abraham and Sarah tried to be the answer to their own prayers Abraham and said, oh we need to have kids.
So to have kids what we're going to do is we're going to you can be with my handmaiden and you can have a child with her and that chop is crazy. The question they're asking here that Paul begins answer is vital because here's the deal if God has gone back on his word Israel. Then there's a Deep Gap that's opened up between the Old Testament and the New Testament.
If God lied, then the good news. The good news can no longer claim that God is its author. The good news can no longer claim that Gods author honestly the whole Plan of Salvation crashes. God slide. I would tell you if you don't believe in if you don't have not placed your faith in Christ. Can I just tell you that I encourage you to see whether or not it's a lie?
Because if it's a lie, you don't need to believe in any of it. But if it's not a lie, you have to give account to God the fact that we can trust God to do what he said he would do it's fundamental to our security as believers. It's fundamental to our security as Believers. This is also fundamental to the Jews and Gentiles that were listening to this letter as it was being read.
The question of God keeping his word has potential to change everything about our view of God now pay attention to how God speaks about his truth and Isaiah 55. It'll be up here on the screen verse 10 11. He says, For as the rain comes down and the snow from heaven and return it not thither but water the Earth and make it the to bring forth and Bud that it may give seed to the sower and bread to the eater.
So shall my word be that goeth out from my mouth. How many of you to expect tomorrow that the sun's going to come up? By the way, I know some of you don't know but it actually comes up gradually, you know, like there is there's this time where it comes up gradually, but but but but here's the here's the deal.
What what I'm saying is this how many of us trust that the sun's gonna come up? What God's saying is this the same way you trust that the sun is coming up. You can trust every single thing that I say. So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth. It shall not return unto me void but it shall accomplish that which you have which I please and it shall prosper in the thing.
Whereto I sent it there some other verses that speak about his word to being something that we can trust and Isaiah chapter 40 and verse 8. He says the grass withereth the flower Fades, but the word of God is going to stand forever. The word of God is true. Can I tell you that this book that you hold in your hand has been attacked more than any other book in the world?
And can I tell you this it still stands? It still stands. There's no other book that has ever been attacked the way that this book has been attacked and it still stands Matthew 5:18 says for verily I say unto you till Heaven and Earth pass one jot or one Tittle shall in no wise pass from the law till all be fulfilled.
You have to know that what God says is true Luke 21:33 says Heaven and Earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away. So Paul looks at the Jews and says I know you're sitting there thinking that this is a lie, or that God lied in the Old Testament, but let me verify verify to you beyond a shadow of a doubt.
God is not lying because we can trust his word and his word has not failed. We can trust his word. And is where it has not failed. Can I tell you today? You can trust his word and his word is not can I tell you that there are times that you're not sure that you can trust his word? Well, I'm not just life sends junk at you right and left in your like I'm not sure what God says is right.
Your circumstances will lead you to not believe but his word is true. No matter what we're going through. Their whole idea was that they brought that they thought that since Abraham was promised something this would mean that they automatically got the same thing that their father was promised.
They were expecting the promise to rub off on them without any action or any belief on their part at all. Like what you promised my daddy that so doesn't that mean I get that we have the same dangers in 2008 because here's the deal too many people are trusting in their godliness air quotes is I say that.
The salvation of their family their salvation of their friends or their church or even their spouse to rub off on them and much the same way. They think well, I'm okay because my wife I'm okay because my husband I'm okay because my dad I'm okay because of my children God doesn't have grandchildren and just living as if you know Christ does not mean that you know him to see some of the people that need to be saved more than anybody else in this world are people that are saved.
Because they've never placed their faith in Christ. They've never believe they go to church though, but they've never believed they've never placed their faith in Christ. Our culture teaches us that in the end. God will accept them. No matter what even if they haven't placed their faith in him.
That's what our culture says. That's not at all what the scripture say. There's nothing further from the truth and the lie that will send you to hell. Matthew chapter 7 verse 21 says this not everyone that saith unto me Lord Lord shall enter into the kingdom of heaven, but he that doeth the will of My Father which is in heaven just because you think you know him does not mean that you know him.
Number two the promise of his word. I'm going to try and finish out the promise of his word verse 9 and verse 10. Look at what he says verse 9 he says for This Is The Word of Promise at this time will not come and Sarah shall have a son. He says if you want to know what I promised Abraham and Sarah verse 9 says this is what I promised him.
He says for This Is The Word of Promise the word that I said the promise that I gave was this at this time I come I'm going to come and Sarah's going to have a son. Okay verse 10 and now. This but when Rebecca also had conceived by one, even our father Isaac, which says this you want to know what I promise because here's C Jews.
Here's what you think you got you think that because Abraham was your dad that you got everything that he had but that's not my promise that all my promise to Abraham was this you're going to have a son. And his name is going to be Isaac and guess what happened? Abraham had a son. And his name was Isaac pretty simple.
That was my promise. You thought that my promise and tilled forever being blessed because of who you are. That's not at all but I'll cut what I promised you the promise of his word. Paul says back here and says, hey, let's go over again what that whole promise was about the promises that I would come to Sarah and that she would have a son.
That was my promise. So don't take my promises out of whack. My my son Andrew turned 12 yesterday. He was one of the favorite things in the world for my family. I hate them but my wife my my family likes more ices Frozen coax, you know, they're really good for you. The bigger ones. You drink the it's awesome there my kids love them.
So they love these Isis and then today in the car. He's negotiating and talking with me, so I didn't get nicely for my birthday. So why is that? She's I wasn't born till 10:30 p.m. And I drink it before 10:30 p.m. So I need another icy today for my birthday. That's kind of what's going on. By the way.
When Abraham they're like whoa. Wait, let me see if I can twist up a little bit. And the funny thing is Jake's going. Yeah, he's right. We all need Isis today because of that. So see you agree with that. So here's what happens with Abraham. What with Abraham here's what happens. Here's Abraham says, he says Abraham.
This is what I promise. You're going to have a son and he's going to call his name Isaac and guess what happened? He had a son and called his name Isaac and the Jews are sitting there going. That was the that was the promise. Well, I thought that it meant that I got it. It scares them to death when he says this also promised Rebecca that she would have a child with Isaac.
There was another promise. I also promised Rebecca. She was gonna have a child of Isaac. He's late basically saying remember how what I said that what I say is true. The words not only this shows that he is taking the previous argument and expanding it even more in this passage. Here are some of the proofs that show that what I say is true is what God say in here.
Both of these promises could have and seem like lies until they actually happen. You read the story of Abraham and Isaac. And if you want to see God sense of humor read it because think about this the angel comes to Abraham and Isaac and hated Abraham and Sarah and here's what he says. You're going to have a child.
What do they do when they hear that? They laugh the New Testament says they were like about dead. Like we're talking about they're sitting there and they go you're going to have a kid and and and and Abraham stoic man that he is he's able to keep his face straight a little bit longer than that. And then then then then then Sarah is but Sarah's back there.
She just busted out capital L. Ah, like I'm time. I like literally rolling on the floor laughing ROFL or time. I like this lady is going she's laughing. And then abrahamson there like, you know trying to keep a straight face. He laughs a little bit and then God sense of humor says, hey guess what?
You're going to have a kid and your name laughter? You know, I don't blame him laughter because yeah, it's kind of funny, isn't it? He you look at it. He says these both both of these promises that God promised. They seem like lies how in the world how in the world would Sarah ever give birth. Had a lady in my church in Peru who was 63 years old and said she needed counseling.
And I didn't know that counseling meant that she was going to ask me what to do at the age of 63 when she finds out she's pregnant.
I understood laughter at that point because she looked at me and she said pastor I want to say something to you. You've never heard before and I'm like you don't know girl. I've been around the block so many times. I've heard so many things there ain't nothing you going to share with me that's going to shock me and then she pulled out a pregnancy test and she started laughing and guess what?
I did. I was like laughing my head off 63 years old and she's. Pregnant she's like I've got grandkids. And I'm pregnant. That's exactly what happened when God says to Abraham and Sarah. You're going to have a child and it seemed like a lie. Can I just say that the promises of God seem like a lie.
There's many times the promises of God are going to seem like a lie, but guess what? You got to know God keeps his word and you can count on his promises more than you can count on the sun coming out in the. You don't have to worry about it. He will fulfill his promises and even though it seems like it might be a lie.
It's not and we must stay faithful to what he's called us to do knowing that he is not a liar. That's exactly what Paul is saying here. He says you're not the first one to hear God's promise and wonder how I wrote that because I think that needs to be on your paper and I think you need to underline it.
You aren't the first one to hear God's promise and wonder. As you're raising children, you read the verses raise up a child in the way. He should go and when he's old, he's not going to depart from it. And sometimes you wonder if that might be true.
You know you you try your hardest but I can guarantee you that these little girls that look so beautiful. These precious Smiles clearing Lily and Berkeley. They look like their Angelic. But if you were to talk to their parents you'd find out that they are Angelic on Sunday mornings because there's this little gap of time.
They've got to be Angelic and their Angelic 23 hours of every other day. But there's that one day where you're sitting there going what in the world got into you to act like that. And you say it's God's promise really true and see his parents. You got to say I know God's word is true. And since his word is true.
I'm going to do what I'm called to do and raising them up to love him. And then guess what God takes care of the rest. His promises are true. You aren't the first one to hear God's promise and wonder Sarah. You're going to have a child and she laughs. The biggest problem is that Israel saw a race issue and not a Grace issue?
The problem was that Israel saw a race issue and not a Grace issue. And can I just say we tend to deal with the same thing the idea of being an American in many people's minds means that were. Being an American is not the same as being a Christian and being a Christian is not being an American. We do not have a corner on the truth.
The American flag in the word of God are not synonymous. The people of Israel did not understand that it wasn't about where they were from but it was about whose they were do you get that? It's not about where you're from. It's about who's you are? Who's you are who they placed their faith and trust in faith and trust in a nation would not lead them where they were expecting to go.
And that's what Paul is saying to him here. It's all about where they had placed their faith and their trust and can I just say to you this morning as we look at Romans chapter 9 verses 6 and on next week, we're going to be diving into some really deep stuff some really controversial stuff. But can I tell you this God is not a liar.
And as I say that you sit in your seats and you think well, of course, she's not a liar Chris, but here's the question that I was challenged with while I Was preparing the message. How am I living as if he was a liar? Because saying that I trust in his promises is one thing. But living as if I trust in his promises or another because here's here's here's what I tend to do.
I know y'all are all like perfect Christians and you'll have never have any doubts or anything else, but see so I believe that this chair can support me but until I sit in it, it doesn't really make much of a difference does it? God I trust you. I know you're not a liar God. There's no doubt about it.
You are not allowing. You're not liar. You're not liar. I know your word is true. I know you were to Street. Well, if we really believe that. Do you not think it might be time to actually rest what he said was true because he I stress out and thinking that some of the things that God says may not be true.
You said Chris how in the world can a preacher say that I'm just telling you in my walk now, I believe in my mind that all of its true but in my walks so many times. I do not believe it and it's time to look at it and say I know that my God is not a liar and if he's not a liar then I need to live as if he's not a liar.
Here's the promise of got the promise of God is at his word will not return void as we study versus that are as difficult as Romans chapter 9 10 and 11. Can I tell you that when I look at it and I go man. This is just some crazy stuff here. Can I just tell you that his word doesn't return void.
These were done return void. I'm reading through my Bible right now and I hit this area of the Bible that I don't know. If you can say you don't there's a part of the Bible you don't really like but I'm not a big fan of dad just say that I'm not a big fan of First Chronicles chapter one through chapter 9 and if you've ever read through your Bible, you know, why?
Look at this this name and listening I said that devotion is to my friends and literally I sent out I sent out first Chronicles chapter one through three lots of names here. That was my devotion that day Seth is on the one that receives my devotion. She brought me back Smiley with a crying face laughing and he goes best devotional ever and then Brett write me another one and goes wow, ain't that the truth or something like that because.
Can I tell you to his word does not return void and if his word does not return void adult to impact the way I live. When he teaches us that bitterness is going to hurt everybody that is around you and you go but you don't understand I have a right to be bitter know you have a right to make everybody around you miserable because you don't believe what he says about bitterness.
No, but I can't forgive. No. No, you don't understand the lack of here's here's what we got to understand. His word is true. And if his word is true then now to change the way that we live our lives. It hard to change the way that we live our lives. Are we to forgive our we just submit one to another are we to love those that are unlovable.
Are we to care for those that we don't even know our we do invest in others.
And the answer is of course and we know that but the question is are we going to live out what we know to be true because what it all comes down to is this you land on one side of this coin or the other? God is a liar. Our God is not a liar. And it's easy to say with your mouth that he's not a liar.
It's a very difficult thing every single day to wake up and say I'm going to live as if my God and what he says is true.

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