Race and Grace Displaced 3

Chris Gardner

October 21, 2018

We were talking in Romans 9 about this how there was a race of people that thought that because of their race because of their pedigree because of who they were born from that they deserved salvation that oh, I'm a Jew so because of that I have salvation and Paul comes in and says wait, there's nothing at all further from the truth.
And so he's going to take and say your race and the idea behind your race is displaced now because it's not race that saves. You it is Grace that saves you you're not saved by a race. You are saved by grace and all that sounds like a bad rap song. That's exactly the truth and our day and age as well.
It's not race that saves us it's his grace that saves us and so he's coming to these Jews and he's talking to them and man. It's hitting them hard as they think about the. They're not saved because of who their dad was. They're not saved because of who their mother was. They're not saved because of what they know.
They're only saved by the grace of almighty God and so he get to this point here and we come to Romans chapter 9 and we're going to get today into Romans chapter 9 verse 11 through 13. We're going to start in verse 6 where this outline actually started and there were want to read it. And then we're going to dive into verse 11 through 13.
The Bible says not as though the word of God hath taken none effect. No, it's not. God didn't lie to us. You gotta understand. God did not lie to us for they are not all Israel, which are of Israel. In other words. This is not that God chosen this nation and everybody from this nation was saved Paul says, this is not a new idea.
God did not save everybody from Israel, even then neither because there are all the Seed of Abraham are they all children because of Isaac and Ishmael but in but then he says but in Isaac. Nice it shall be called. So Isaac is the one that God is going to use as a nation. He's going to use Isaac verse 8 that is they which are the children of the flesh.
These are not the children of God, but the children of the promise. Or counting for seed not everybody. There is something that differentiates those that are children of God and that is not your race. That is not your upbringing. That is the grace of almighty God and then verse 9 for This Is The Word of Promise This is what I promise now that this time will I come and Sarah?
Sure have a son I'm going to come at this time. Sarah's going to have a son. That's the promise that I made and by the way that promise seemed like a lie. There was no way that that promise could be true. But then guess what God is faithful to his promises verse 10 and not only this but when Rebecca also had conceived by one, even our father Isaac another promise that was just outlandish when we think about it if you read the book of.
and then verse 11 our text for today and this is kind of where things get confusing for some if they're not really studying the scripture and man. Can I just say that these verses are not we don't study these verses because of the application that they can give us in our life. Okay, because see it's very easy to say.
Well I only want to study the Bible that applies to me. We don't have that right. We have a desire to know God which means that we go through his scripture through his book what he tells us and as we learn verse by verse we learn more about the beauty of God and man. I love application as much as anybody but Romans chapter 9, you're going to hear about the grace of God and you're going to hear about what God is doing and in verse 11 look at it with me real quick here.
He says for the children being not yet born. Neither having done done any good or evil that the purpose of God according to election might stand not of works but of him that calleth so these kids weren't born yet and even before they were born. Even before they were born because verse 11 verse 12.
It was said unto her the Elder Shall Serve the younger as it is written Jacob have I loved but Esau have I hated now that we've read these verses guess what? I have no choice but to finish the message today because these are some pretty cool verses but at the same time some verses that are easy to misunderstand now remember as we approach the scriptures this we approach the scriptures to know our God.
I can guarantee you that we're talking this week to Breton. REM. Brett doesn't like horses but re does and all of a sudden Brett has become fond of. Horses, it's not because Brett was laying in bed one day going man. I really wish I knew a lot more about horses is with is that a fair statement?
They Brett he wasn't laying in bed when they going man. I really want to know more about horses, but he sitting there and here's what happens as he gets to know someone that he loves. What does he want to do? He wants to know more about what they know and that's what we're doing here as we study the scriptures and we talk about God in Romans chapter 9 and you're getting to know your God more.
You're getting to know your God more sir. In chapter 9 verse 11 through verse 13 the meaning of some of these words is it's going to matter as we dive into these scriptures and this is the reason I believe having a print Bible at churches awesome because you can underline these things and you can put circles and you can put cross-references and that's kind of hard to do and most apps even though I'm probably one of the craziest people about apps in the world, but the Bible I love having a paper Bible.
Us first we need to look at this. What scripture is Paul quoting here. Okay. So remember Paul does not just take and say hey, I feel like talking about this. What scripture is Paul quoting here? And so we're going to go first into the Old Testament and see what he is quoting. He doesn't shift its meaning at all as he quotes these verses but the scripture he's quoting is the book of and you may have enough footnote in your Bible because I see some of you already looking back Malachi chapter 1 verse 2 and 3 Malachi chapter 1 verse 2 and 3 in read that with me real quick talking about Jacob and Esau here's what.
Us I've loved you said the Lord yet. Ye say wherein have you loved us was not Esau Jacob's brother and the Lord's yet. Saith the Lord. I love Jacob and I hated Esau as and laid his mountains and his Heritage waste for the dragons of the Wilderness. Now if you know where he's quoting from then that gives you an idea of what he's.
Talking about does that make sense? You can't just take he's not going to reference Shakespeare and then be talking about Eminem while he's talking about Shakespeare. That's not the way it works. You're not quoting Shakespeare and then actually referring to in my name over here, that's not the way that works.
He's quoting the Old Testament and here's why that matters Malachi chapter 1 or Malachi chapter 1 verse 2 and 3. These verses are without a doubt referring to. And not individual centers now, there's not any commentary that I could find where anyone stated that Malachi was not about nation's. I read a lot study a lot and I was like, there's got to be somebody out there where it says that he's speaking about Jacob and Esau as people and not as Nations.
There has to be one out there. And so I'm looking in first commentary and I even know which commentaries might have that same look commentary one. Okay, that one not no commentary to not that one commentary three not that one. I literally got to over 200 commentaries of people that study the Bible and of every ilk and of every belief, but nobody ever says.
That God's not speaking of Nations here. So when Paul quotes Malachi one the question is what is Paul quoting? If he's quoting Malachi chapter one, which he is no doubt about it. Then he must be speaking of the same thing Malachi spoke of now. Let me say this because here's the deal if God is speaking of individuals.
Here's what God is stating in Romans chapter 9. He says, I love you. I hate you. I love you. I hate you. I just decided who I'm loving who I'm hating and that's not what we find in Romans. Chapter 9 that's not what we find in Romans chapter 9. So he's speaking of Nations. Now when they were promised that Jacob and Esau we're going to be born.
The funny thing is he says in your womb you're going to find that there are two. Nations. Even when he promised in the birth, he goes before they were even born. He said there are two nations in your womb. So we find here he's talking about Nations and not individual centers. There's no doubt on either side of the equation what this debate about Malachi is because nobody really debates it.
Here's what it's speaking of it speaking of the people of Jacob. And the people of Esau and not speaking of them as individuals now you say what would make God say this about Esau? In Malachi, like what in the world would bring him to state that about because that's a big question. What would make God say I hate Esau?
And here's the answer he was he was referring to the edomites in the Bible the edomites our sons of. You buy one guess he saw the edomites our sons of Esau and they refused to come to Israel's Aid when they're in a time of difficulty. So they had just been they had just been pillaged in their whole nation was going down and that the sons of Esau were sitting there watching this happen.
They were just watching this happen the edomites rejoiced over Judas misfortune. And they gloated over the destruction of Jerusalem that they're just sitting there going. Haha. Look at their they got taken there are gloating over and God goes how dare you do that to your own family and to my children.
How dare you do that? There were gloating over it. Not only that. This is how cool they were. They stole everything out of the people's homes. Once they were all killed so they could get rich themselves, but they're just sitting there watching, huh? Okay everybody. Okay, cool. Everybody's dead armies left.
Hey, let's go in there and get what we can get and we'll call it a day like imagine how horrific of a scene this is. So when Paul says he hates Esau what he's talking about is he's he hates the people of the edomites have taken a stand against God and he's saying this is. What I hate they killed fugitives captured survivors and handed them over their enemies.
Paul is speaking about this when he speaks of Esau. Paula's Choice of this statement should be understood as a comment on God's attitude to a people not a person because of the passage. He's quoting. He's quoting from Malachi. This matters context here comes from the original verse that Paul is quoting from as well as the immediate context in the book and in the verses of Romans 9 as well.
Here's what Paul says Paul says. Hey, this is what it was said to her is this is what I said to her before the children are even born before they had done anything good or evil God chose them and it wasn't because of their works. It wasn't because of their works. Okay. So God chose him. It wasn't because it was their worst God chose Jacob, but he didn't choose Esau we've seen repeatedly that he speaking of a people and not a person he chose to work with this person now, can I say that Shania and David have totally rocked the coffee service over here.
They died. Like when you walk in the building you smell coffee. It smells a lot different than it used to smell because Keurigs don't smell near that good and they're doing now. Can I just say that if I were to choose? Shania to do this over Jacob to do this. That doesn't mean that Jacob is my enemy.
But let me just tell you I watch Jacob try and prepare a mocha this morning. Okay, and there's a reason that I chose. I didn't even really choose kind of Shinola said I'm doing this is that cool but let's just pretend for a minute that I chose Shania to do this in case you're wondering that's a pretty Wise Choice.
On my part that does not mean but Shania Le how many times have I ever asked you to play drums? There's a reason because I'm wise and choosing Jacob. That doesn't make sense. That's what God's doing hear God saying I'm choosing these people to do this work. He's speaking of people not a specific person just like he's done through the entire book of Romans.
You cannot divorce that fact from the entire book of Romans. The fate of these historical individuals isn't the point of the passage at all. They're on your paper. The fate of this historical individuals isn't the point at all of the passage. The point is how they represent the historical function of the peoples of the Earth.
How they represent the peoples of the earth God's loving Jacob is the election of a people of Israel to play a certain historical role. To play a certain historical role God chose to work with the people of Israel. And that's what he's talking about here. Most people follow up to here without a problem.
They're like, yeah, I get that Chris. I agree with that Chris but here's where the issue lies the lies. And here's the where everybody goes on didn't know it was possible for God to say these next word the next words that throw everybody off for these words Esau have I. Help me out. He shall have I what?
What can God even say that everybody follows it to the Jacob partner like yeah, cool. I get it. Not a problem. But Esau have I hated what in the world is that about to meet too many people that just screams the fact that God before they were born decided that he would have a tesol. This shows us without a doubt according to many that God Destin some of his creation creation to be loved and others to be hated is what some people would say if that's true.
Then what is essentially being stated is that God creates people to spend eternity separated from him. Like he literally creates people to spend eternity separated from him. There's a difference in saying that God has offered the sacrifice of his son to the entire world. And if you reject him then you spend eternity separated from him.
And then to say dude because you didn't place your faith in and and because of that you spend your your life separated, but there's a whole nother thing that we say when we say, oh no God created you. So that you would spend eternity separated and you have no choice in that fact at all to understand and I don't believe that to understand the word hate.
We need to understand what that word means. We need to understand what that word means. For example, I would bet that Justin Trotter hates, Michigan. But I bet you he'd witness to somebody from MIchigan. That was that was that was the funniest pause before stating that that I've ever seen in my life.
But what I'm saying is this the word hate is not what we think the word hate is and you say where's the Bible for that? Where's the Bible for that? We're going to get to that to understand what hate we need to know what that word means because when we think the word hate. Like you just there's an anger inside in a fire boiling up and we cannot stand that person.
Is that not what we think when we read the word hate. Is there any person here that hates a certain kind of food anybody in here hates a certain kind of food to go to Peru with me. I promise you I can introduce you to food your hate. They have awesome food too, but I could introduce you to some really bad food when I say I hate olives.
That doesn't mean that I stay up at night thinking about them and how much I hate them and how it hate. How would love to do something horrible to them. Would you agree to that? I hate olives and let me just tell you I hate olives. There's nothing in the world worse smelling or tasting than an olive my wife hates coffee.
Like she does not like coffee then you know how people go I don't drink coffee, but I love. She hates the smell too. So she's probably hating this whole Newson Ila coffee gig but but but this whole this whole hate I did we got to understand what the word hate truly means and it's easy to say that as I'm throwing stuff out.
But when I say I hate olives, here's the answer what I'm saying is this I honestly don't prefer olives at all. If you give me olives anything else I can honestly say that I prefer eating dirt over olives, but I don't seek their. I don't see their destruction and now you say but that's that's just you and your vernacular because he let me just say this.
We don't approach the Bible with our logic to him to say this is what God is doing we go to the Bible and see what the Bible says and if the Bible proves what we're saying, and if it doesn't if it doesn't then we're trying to prove something. We should not be trying to prove. The same Greek word that's translated hate here in Romans.
9. 39:13 is the same Greek word that is translated hate and this verse Luke chapter 14 and verse 26. If any man come to me. And help me out there and look up here. If any man come to me and what? Hate not his father and mother and wife and children and Brethren and sisters Jay and his own life.
Also. He cannot be my disciple. Now this doesn't this does not upset Us near as much when you read it like this. But if you do it like this, no man Chris if Chris comes to me and does not hate Austin and Betty and Aundrea and Jacob Hannah Andrew and Joshua and David and Stephanie and joy, yeah and even himself and he can't be my disciple then it feels different.
Doesn't it? It's easy when we say hate and put a little group of people but one of the things that throws us off about Esau as he says he hates. Do you really think that they're he's saying that I need to be lying in bed at night thinking about how I can utterly destroy ondrea.
There's no way he could mean that you know why I know he doesn't mean that because he couldn't have written Ephesians chapter 5 where it talks about loving your wife as Christ loved the church and then say I've got to hate her here God's not contradicting himself. This is not a god contradiction.
This is a Christmas interpretation and misunderstanding. Of the fact does that make sense? Does that make sense? He says you can't be my disciple unless you hate ondrea. What is he saying when he says that all the hate ondrea what he's saying is this I ought to love God to the point. I don't know take preference of God over and.
I don't have preference of God over Jacob. I'll have preference of God over Andrew. I'd have preference of God over Hannah. I don't have pressure baby preference of God. God should be my priority in my life period end of sentence and When God says I hate you saw what he's saying is this I preferred Jacob to use him as a nation.
Way over Esau same Greek word translated here in Luke chapter 14 do users not telling people to hate their parents. He was telling them to love God to the point that it seemed that it's hate for anything or anyone else that you love if you offer me olives or pickles I can guarantee you which one I choose God is saying I loved and I decided to work with Jacob.
Over Esau it's not speaking of condemnation. And anyway, if it is and you've got to bring condemnation into the same verse in Luke that you bring into Romans chapter 9. And nobody would ever do that because it simply does not make sense with the rest of the scriptures. Got out of plane a plan a purpose about who he was going to use as its people it had nothing to do with what they did did and to do with them as a nation being called by God.
But Paul's basically saying here is that if God's plan depended on the stability of man doing what they planned that his word would have fallen to the ground a long time ago God's purpose in history isn't fulfilled by our strength and it isn't fulfilled by our decision God's purpose in history is not fulfilled by our strength God's not sitting there and having gone.
Oh, no, what do I do now because Chris doesn't agree with me. God's looking down he goes. I'm godson. You're not and my purposes. I am not the salvation of this church. I'm not the salvation of the city. I'm not the salvation of Peru. I'm not the salvation of the I am not that God's Secret Sauce that he got lucky enough to get at.
All God is God alone? And there's no way I can hamper what God's plans are for this nation. We have to look here at the initial question that was asked the initial question that was asked in Romans chapter 9 is this can God's word be trusted. That was the initial question. The question is critical in our approach to this section when he asked whether or not God can be trusted.
We presume a standard of what is right. And what's wrong the question is what standard do we apply when we ask whether or not God can be trusted? What standard do we apply when we ask whether or not God can be trusted as soon as we ask that question, we have to ask ourselves what that standard is and the minute we ask that question.
The answer is obvious. We sinful finite human beings can measure God Only by the standards that he himself revealed to us. God is the one that tells us in his word how to deal with this imposing our own standards of right on the God who created us and stand so far above us would be ridiculous at best.
God's chosen the peoples that he's going to work with in history. And that's exactly what he's saying here in the nation of Israel in the nation of Jacob but not the nation that Esau represents God chose Israel in the Old Testament through Jacob not the edomites. Through Esau number for the defining of his word when he talks about hating here's the funny thing.
He defines what that hating is in this same scripture. He defines what that hating means. Okay in verse 12, we're going to go back to that and then we're going to wrap it up and I still have eight minutes. So we're doing awesome today Romans 9 12, here's what he says. It was said unto her the Elder.
What you going to do? He's going to serve the younger. That's the definition of what he talks about when he says I love Jacob and I hated Esau and what does that definition is? That one's going to serve the other and you say well that's not really that big of a deal really then why is that we all want to have our own jobs for nobody tells us what to do.
Really then? Why is it we all want to be one notch higher? And what we're doing why is it all of us are looking for Independence? Because none of us like serving the other and nothing can be seen clear than with that then when you have children because let me just tell your children think that they're all children.
They think that they're all at the same level and don't even tell one that they're going to serve the other because they don't like it. Kind of like their parents. He says this is going to happen when it comes down to the definition of what the loving Jacob and he hating Esau comes down to is this the Elder Esau is going to serve the younger Jacob we get to find all we want all we want what we want the passage to say, but it would be best to let the bible define itself.
It'd be best to let the bible define itself. What was said to her was that the older was going to serve the younger. That's what he's talking about. When he States. This one's going to serve the other one's going to lead and this is the promise that he gave me his word. So this might seem like anything but practical but we got to understand that it's very practical because so here's the deal truth about God must change our perspective and ultimately how we walk and act because of.
As we understand God it changes the way we walk in the way we act because of it. You don't act the same as you come to know God more and more truth about God must change our perspective and then it will change our. What God is trying to teach us in this passage is that his word cannot and will not be broken.
You don't have to worry about it. His word will not be broken period in the sense we can trust his word and we can live our lives based on the word of God. And we can trust his word When God Says something we can trust his work. By the way saying that you can trust this word is one thing but if you don't know this word, you don't know how to trust the word that you supposedly can trust him.
Studying the scriptures matters studying the scriptures matters because the more you know, this word the more, you know how God operates how would that change our week? If we really believe that what God Said is. What do we tell others about his love when we forgive? What do we invest in others in a more significant way his word can be trusted and since it can we should live our lives as if we really believed that we can trust it.
God has always kept his word in the past. He is keeping his word in the present and he will keep his word in the future even when it seems like we can't trust him and he can't trust his word his word never fails. And can I encourage you to leave this week saying God show me in your word and I will live by what your word says you do understand that his word is true.
And I understand that his word is true. But can I tell you that Monday mornings a lot more difficult living out what I preached on Sunday? It's easy to preach that on Sunday. It's a whole nother thing to live it out. So here's the deal. Paul is saying grace and race were displaced. It's not race that makes you a believer in Christ.
It is Grace that makes you a believer in Christ. And I even took you back to Abraham to show you this truth. So let's read the passage one more time and then we'll pray and we'll be done and I hope it sheds new light on that now by the way, do not divorce Romans 9 from the rest of Romans. One of the biggest mistakes.
We can make verse 6 not as though the word of God hath taken none effect. For they are not all Israel, which are of Israel neither because they are the Seed of Abraham. Are they children? But in Isaac shall thy seed be called that is they which are not the children of the flesh. These are not the children of God, but the children of the promise are counted for the seed for This Is The Word of Promise at this time.
Will I come and Sarah shall have a son? And not only this but when Rebecca also had conceived by one even by Our Father Isaac for the children not being born yet. Neither having done any good or evil that the purpose of God according to election might stand not of works.

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