He is God Alone Part 5

Chris Gardner

December 2, 2018

From Romans chapter 9 verse 14 through 18 had a blast talking to him and got back home at what 5:30 or so and only after half of the football games over with and this is when you say thank Jesus we live in the day and age of a DVR and so we had the DVR going and my wife doesn't love Jesus either and or football and so she's sitting there and we're watching the football game and I'm watching from the beginning and the whole time my wife's.
You want me to tell you you want me to tell you your me tell you it's like no shut up and leave me alone. And so but yeah, anyway, I wish I had if she had told me I'd just gone to bed and cried. So it doesn't matter. Anyway Romans chapter 9 and we've been talking about this. Let's start with the Romans chapter 9 verse 14 through 18.
Let's read this and then after that we're going to go and hopefully finish these verses today Romans chapter 9. Verse 14 through 18 and if you remember we're talking about the Jews and the Gentiles coming together and one Church body and one group in one. That's what we're doing. We're talking about that and they're the Paul writes a letter to these this church who's honestly dealing with.
With racism even it's like the Jews are sitting there going the Gentiles could in no way form or fashion be in the same position or at and they were dealing with classism. They're sitting there going, you know what, you know, we're different. We're not the same. We don't eat the same. We don't walk the same.
We don't live the same and so he's bringing this church together and he's talking about how the Jew and the Gentile come together and. Throughout the entire book of Romans all the way through chapter 9, there's no debate about the fact that Paul is talking about merging these two cultures these two realities and following Christ.
And so he's talking about that and he comes to Romans chapter 9 verse 14 through 18 in Romans chapter 9 in Romans chapter 9 is the. Really heated debate and passage in the scriptures. And so you come to Romans chapter 9 and you find here at he starts talking about Cain and Abel and how God loved able but he hated Cain and people are sitting there going.
Well that must mean that God decides who he's loving and decides who he's hating and. That's not at all what's happening. And what we find is he's talking about Nations and these nations and who he decides to work with. You know, what I forgot. I was going to show you. I know that we're Christmas time on thank the ladies for the Christmas decorations.
They did a good job with that some of y'all are prepping your house with. Nativity scenes and stuff and depending on your age group. You might do it differently. So, you know, you know, you could look like like pure one had an accident in your house like my house looks like according to Justin looked at it.
He goes it looks like pure one threw up in your house. And so I'm sitting there going. Oh, that was a great dis. I like and I want you because I like that so she enjoyed that but if you're a different age group, you might do it more like that. That's what you call the millennial nativity scene. You have the 100% organic.
Yeah, there you go. He said they got the selfie and they got the Starbucks and all that. No, 100% organic beef of course and gluten-free feed and so we have that for the things and the Sheep has his sweater on all of them self and he's he's got if you see they've got segues there. You got three Amazon boxes and Ryan and I were discussing what they were delivering and we thought probably an iPhone of some sort and because they love Jesus, you know, just I just saying they love Jesus who would be an iPhone not an Android and so they then and iPhone and then the second one we said was a what was the second one?
What do we say that I remember the third one the Axe Body Spray, of course because all Millennials need an Axe Body Spray and then the third one he's probably going to. Offered Jesus to vape frankincense instead of regular use it like anyway, just it's that's that's anyway, however, you're prepping just remember the center of the holiday is Jesus, it's Jesus.
And so just remember Jesus is what Christmas is all about. I just thought that was funny that came from one of our I did not even notice built way may go back go back. Did you notice the did you know bills though bill is the most spiritual Deacon we have in our church, and he always sends spiritual things to us like.
If you notice the roof has solar panels on it, make sure that we're agreeing on that level as well. So if anybody wants this talk to Bill afterwards, he is the great purveyor of amazing means and so anyway Romans chapter 9, let's dive into this and let's talk about what the Bible teaches us here in Romans chapter 9, so we come here Romans 9 a really big Passage.
Jews and Gentiles figuring out how to come together how to love each other how to care for each other how to be one body because see the church should have a constant struggle to be one body. Okay. Let me repeat that the church should have a constant struggle the church should never feel comfortable.
You always want to walk into the church and be like, you know what I just don't feel like those guys would get along with me guys too. Well, Because it's all about the Holy Spirit changing our lives and it should be this constant struggle of saying we will learn to adapt to each other. We will be part of the same family will be part of each other.
Lives and so that's what you're getting at here in the Book of Romans and it's not a new struggle. By the way. We have people in this church that are so different than each other. Like we have people in this church just in yesterday was like I don't care about football, but Alabama's winning because Alabama is better than every team in the nation, but I don't care that I'm like, how can you.
And then he's pulling out in his car and visited does not know how to drive. He drives like a maniac and so he whenever he leaves the red light his car is has massage chairs in them. Okay, they're not supposed to be massage chairs or what happens is the rumble is so deep like you're massaging the whole time and his car because it's such a powerful car and every time he takes off his tires go a little bit this way and I'm like dude what in the world he goes.
He goes, no. No, it's not that I'm driving like that is that my tires are bald in case you're wondering tires get bald when you drive like that, you know what I mean was so so so we're different people. I don't know. Hey I said you drive like a maniac and he said no I drive like a man yak. And so and that's what we're different Pam raises chickens in the back of her in the back of her yard.
The only kind of chickens you ever have to worry about me having in my backyard or boxes of. Bojangles, like that's the only kind of chicken. I'm ever raising. I don't we're different we're and we're supposed to be different. That's the the beauty of the church is that we are different and so you have an introvert and extrovert and you have just we are so different.
That's the way God made us. That's the way God made this thing this beautiful thing he calls the. And so he comes to Romans and he says you are different but you're supposed to come together. And so Romans chapter 9 we find in verse 14, we find his character. They questioned his character and you look at it there.
He says so what are we going to say? Is there unrighteousness with God as like is God not right and what he does, is there unrighteousness with God and then he goes. Oh, no, God forbid. God forbid. There's no unrighteousness with God. His character is not the character of unrighteousness and then second you find in verse 15 through 16.
He builds this case for you to understand what's going on. So verse 15 and verse 16. He says for he says to Moses. I will have mercy on whom want to have mercy. And I'm going to have compassion on whom I have compassion. So then it's not of him that willeth or nor of him that runneth but of God that show us Mercy.
He says here's let me build the case for you. And so they're talking about and he's quoting the Old Testament. He's quoting the book of Exodus when he's talking about this and how he dealt with Moses and so he's talking about I have the right to choose who I bless. I have the right to choose who our blessing last week.
We talked about about God saying they don't want me then that's fine. I'll not go with them. And so Moses is pleading with God and we're not going to go to these verses now and exodus 32 33 15 through 16. He's pleading with God and he's telling him God. Your presence is important to us your presence matters to us.
By the way, can I just say that his presence should matter to us. His presence should matter to us. His presence in our homes should matter to us his presence in the way. We live our lives should matter to us his presence in our church should matter. Josh so he says your presence really really matters to us.
He's Moses is trying to convince God. He says God just go with the people in verse 18 and verse 19 and and God saying you may think that the way to bless this nation is for me going to go back to plan A, but if I do I need you to understand my Holiness cannot travel with people that don't want anything to do with.
If they don't want anything to do with me, I'm not going to it's funny because the Old Testament Lee at Old Testament actually reinforces the fact that God says I do not force you to have a relationship with me. I don't know if you've been in church long, but if you've been in church a long time and you get around people and some people you're like man that guy must walk with God like you can just tell by the way, he acts the way he talks the way he's in the scriptures the way he talks to other people and then others are like man.
I wish God would speak to me that way. And every time somebody says that to me my answer is this he will the problem is God does not force himself on you. You have to look for that you have to seek that people are like I really wish I've actually had a few emails in the last few weeks. I really wish that I got from the scriptures what you get from the scriptures and the truth of the matter is I don't get more from the scriptures than anybody else does.
You just have to spend time in the scriptures to get stuff in the scriptures. You like Chris. I don't know why I'm not getting skinnier. I have a gym membership. Don't worry. Everybody's going to get one here in four weeks. Everybody's gonna get a gym membership. And if you ever want to be go to the gym don't go and the month of January.
I want to get skinnier. So I want to get a gym membership or the I found a great deal on a treadmill on Facebook Marketplace. But it didn't help me at all because your treadmill looks like a secondary closet now. God says you can't look for a relationship with me my you can't have that relationship with me unless you want that relationship with me.
You can't have a good marriage unless you're willing to invest in the marriage. You cannot have a good relationship with your children. Unless you're willing to invest in the relationship with your children you here's another. Chris I just can't find friends as easily as you do no friendship takes investment, but like it's not it's not like I'm sitting around all the time going.
You know what I want to give up a little bit more of my time so that I can have another friend. But you know what we go. We prioritize what matters and here's what happens. God says you don't want my presence with you. And since you don't want your my presence with you, you don't have to worry about it.
I will never force myself on you. I will never force myself on you and that's what God is telling Moses in the book of Exodus and here in your on your paper. Here here goes the next thing to fill out God Says. I Am The Sovereign God. That understands all the facts. I Am The Sovereign God that understands all the facts.
You know, there are things that we do to our kids that make that could easily make them think that were bad parents. Like what kind of parents will not let their kids drink Coca-Cola for breakfast lunch and supper. That makes two of us. Well, I bet you that makes all of us when nobody would do that.
But you know, every kid in the world would want to do that but diet, dr. Pepper. I will drink Justin Justin I do you got to listen to me. I just said but diet, dr. Pepper. I will drink for breakfast lunch and supper. So don't even I knew where you were going. But but what we're seeing is this what we're seeing what we're saying is this, you know, your kids could easily look at you and be like, you're a bad person.
You're a bad dad. You're a bad mom. But here's what kids don't understand. We have more facts on the table than they do. Like we know number one. We know how much money we'd be spending in Coke every month. Number two. We know what it would do to their bodies if they did this. So we love them and we go no, you can't and what we have to understand is this our God is a sovereign God.
And he knows all the facts so you can't look at God and question what he's doing because after all if God has a gap and doing what he should do. You really think they're going to call you up to take his place. It's easy to think we're armchair quarterbacks. Everybody knows what Georgia should have done to win yesterday.
But the truth of the matter is Kirby Smart doesn't get paid that little salary he gets paid because he knows what I know while sitting there eating Doritos and watching the game. God Sovereign our God is Sovereign no doubt about it. Our God is Sovereign and God understands all the facts since he understands all the facts it changes.
Everything he knows all the details. He's you can trust me to write make the right decisions because I know what I'm doing. I know what I'm doing because I reserved to bless the right to bless you. I bless. I'm the one that decides to bless you. I bless we have conversations often in my home with my children and I say listen you do not understand this right now.
But just trust me and handle this situation this way. And what's funny is many times. They'll come back and they'll be like that. I'm so glad I handled it that way. I didn't like it. I didn't agree with you. I didn't think it was cool. But man now that everything hit the fan. I'm so glad I listened to what you because see a dad has more info.
Then a kid does what we have to understand is we serve a God in heaven that says let there be light and guess what happens when he says let there be light. There's like we serve a God in heaven. That is Sovereign. He's a God that Sovereign he denied the right to have compassion home want to have compassion have the right to do this because I am a sovereign God and I'm the only one that knows all the facts because of that God's going to restrict how he comes into the presence of his people because here's the deal there on your paper because only God knows the overall strategy and the overall goal.
He has the right to determine how he's going to work his plan and his purpose. He's the one that has that right? I don't I don't I don't get to walk into Seth Austin's house and lay down The rules for what they should do in their home. I might try it. But as soon as I do when I walk out, it's just gonna look at Justin go like that dudes crazy.
He really thinks that I'm one. Obey his rules that he put in my house that you know, why because Seth owns that or the bank owns the house, but you know, you get to borrow it there for a while from the bank. And so so so I can't walk into Seth and what you need to understand is this you are not allowed to walk into God's creation and look at God and say you must handle your creation this way and you must handle the circumstances this way.
You must handle the circumstances this way individuals are involved in this episode, but the issue is not about their Eternal salvation. So the conclusion from all of this is found in Romans 9 16 Romans 9 16. Here's the Bible says so then it is not of him that willeth nor of him that runneth. but of God.
He shows Mercy. We serve a good God and see that last song. That was sung. He's a good father. It's something you've got to believe.
This last week in my house has been an upheaval and craziness going on and things that are just happening and I can't really share all the details with you but a lot of stuff going on in my family and in my house, my kids are also my wife saw some has nothing to do on that level but just stuff going on in my house.
And you know what, I struggle every single day with a really believing he's a good father because if God were to ask me I could tell him what he needs to do. To make everything better. Have you ever have you ever felt that way before you might not want to admit it that easily but how many times have you sat there and and said God if only you could do this because I know you can why would you not but say we cannot trust the circumstances of our life, but we can trust.
Is the heart of our God and the way I set it to a few friends of mine was this we cannot always trust God's hand. but we can always trust God's heart and what I mean by that is this there are times that his hand seems to Dill out to us stuff that is impossible to handle but what we have to understand is that hand is moved by a heart of love compassion concern and Desiring the best for his.
That's what we have to come to the conclusion of is he truly a good good father or is he not? Is he truly a good father is he not it's not dependent on Israel Moses our Pharaoh, but on God God overseas there on your paper God overseas history and will bring about the conclusion that he hasn't ended.
Stuff going on with my family right now. Can I just tell you that God's not in heaven wringing his hands and going. Oh, I didn't know that now. What do I do? But now I've said that about 50 times this week. I didn't know what are we gonna do now? Not guess I'm God. You're not I'm loving you. Do not even understand what's going on, but just trust my heart because my heart for you.
Is better than you could ever imagine in Romans 9 17 will see that the second illustration of this now here's the deal. If you're not careful when you study the Bible you rip the Bible out of its context. And when you rip the Bible out of its context what happens is you're saying that it says something that it doesn't really say for example Philippians 4:13 says I can do help me out.
I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me that's that versus a lie. You can't do all things because here's what I would like for you to do. If you could just take without any tools pick that door up and carry it on your shoulder and take it across the. You can't do all things. You can't do all things.
You can't rip it from its context because in its context it's not saying Seth had a dead battery yesterday in this car. It's not saying that Seth could put his fingers on the battery post and go Lord. I can do all things through you it strengthens me and boom there. He jumped the car off with his own fingers.
He's not saying that at all. You have to look at the context. Okay. Now this context matters, you've got to remember what's going on here. God is saying this is how I manage. This is what I do with the nation's. Okay. So let's go to verse 17 and verse 18. Don't rip it out of context. He's talking about the fact that he's the one who chooses how history itself works and he reserves the right to be able to choose how and when and under what circumstances he's going to work out as planned.
I'm not qualified to do his job anybody in here think they're qualified to do God's job. Can you imagine with a church this size? You're not qualified to play God with a church this size for a matter of fact, you're not qualified to play God with a church this size. You're not qualified to play a church with god with a church the size of the sound booth back there.
We're not God he is. I cannot see history in the making and because of that I will allow the one and the only one that can. To do what he alone can do third thing. We see there is his claim and we're on close-up this and I think we got it going to be able to wrap it up today. We see his claim his claim.
His claim in verses 17 through 18. Let's look at those verses 17 through 18 says for the scripture hath done for the scripture. Saith the Pharaoh, even for the same purpose. Have I raised thee up that I might show my power in thee. And that that my name might be declared throughout all the Earth.
I've raised you up so that I can show my power through you therefore he hath Mercy on whom he has mercy and whom he will he hardeneth. Do you realize what he says there if you take these verses out of context what he's saying is this hey, I decide who I make have a hard heart and who I make have a soft heart.
That's not at all what he's saying. He's talking about Nations. He starts with Cain and with Abel and then he goes to who were we talking about before Moses and now Pharaoh look at there. It's almost like the context is dictating that is not just about this one thing and verses 17 through 18 to thought Musa Moses to Pharaoh from the leader to the oppressor.
Here's one beautiful thing. We know about God. It does not matter who thinks that they're hurting you. They're not. Oh God, I'm going through this pain that I could never go through know what you don't understand is there is no oppressor in the world stronger than your God and there is no there's no oppressor and there's no leader.
There's no blessings bigger than your God because see as you lay in bed for eight years begging God for children, and you can't have them. And you question God for eight years how in the world he would design the decide that you as a missionary can't have kids and you lay in bed at night and you cry yourself to sleep and go God why in the world would you do that to me?
And God seems cruel. What like I'm sitting there at that point in life and I'm having to go out with young girls who got pregnant outside of wedlock to help them tell their dad so that their dad won't make them get an abortion of this child that they have conceived in the backseat of a car and at the same time I go home and go God really I want us to raise a child that loves you.
Can you why in the world would you do this to me? And then on July the 26th. God allowed us to adopt Jacob and Hannah and I can tell you years later that I would take 80 years of pain. But it's always easier to see God's hand as you look back. But in your circumstances today, just don't get it. And your circumstances today?
You don't get it. So I adopted Jacob and Hannah and it rocked my world. Jacob was a pain in the neck from the moment. He arrived at my house had more energy than 17 kids. And literally we got to the house and I was playing this sweet moment. He was 19 months old. So I not sit down with him and I go you know, what buddy?
This is now your home and you don't have to worry. I'm your dad. This is your mom. He just looks at us like whatever takes a ball and starts running through the house. I'm talking about like running a full-fledged bouncing off the walls, like people say that kids bounce off the walls. I'm not saying he bounced off the walls, like he literally bounce off the walls.
He did that for over 2 hours straight. The first three weeks of that was a pain in the neck because every night Jacob would wake up. They had they had moved him many many times up until that day. He'd wake up and you look around the room and he starts screaming at the top of his lungs and I remember his mama walking in a rocking chair holding him Embrace him and saying buddy, you're home.
Now. You don't have to worry about this any more. And it was so easy to look at God for 8 years ago God you just don't get it. Do you I know that you should let my wife just get pregnant. And God in heaven says son. You don't understand. I have these two amazing kids. Can I just tell you we wouldn't have drones this morning?
We wouldn't have the background vocalist it have been Seth and Andre and it of in a pretty sad set.
God knows what he's doing God is Sovereign am I in trouble when I get home now kind of maybe I don't have to go home with you. So thank right about it. What I'm saying is this it's so easy to look in your daily circumstances and look back and go. I just wish God would listen to me because if he would listen to me, everything would be okay and gods going.
Oh, no son. Probably the most recent thing that happened with that was Ansley got sick. Angela's Justin and my best baby and they've been looking for a place that would have people invest in their lives and love them and got sick and had to go down to the hospital and get this tube that went in her nose and by law they have to have a nurse sit in the room with them.
Like literally you're paying this nurse good money to sit in a room for a couple hours or the guy and Seth had tried to get out of work that day tried to call and get somebody else to take a shift Seth was not happy as he's driving down to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta going. This is so stupid.
I wish that person would take him my shift. I wish and God in heaven to going to do just shut up. I got you covered. I know what's going on. I'm Sovereign you're not just deal with it. I am a good good father, and I know what I'm doing. Vs. 17 he a teeny moves from Moses to the Pharaoh from the leaders of the oppressor.
And what's got to be understood under the same light as this. The same sunlight that melts the ice hardens the clay. God's love does not change everybody because if a person decides they do not want to know Jesus guess what happens the same sunlight that melts the ice hardens the clay and Farrah sitting here in the Bible says he hardened him in and by the way, the Bible does say that he hardened him for different times.
But here's what we have to understand about his hardening. Here's what we gotta understand about God's hardening. The Bible says he hardened his heart after Pharaoh had already hardened his own heart. Paris like I made my mind up. I made my mind up. This is what I'm going to do. I made my mind up got okay, you made your mind up.
I'm not here to twist your mind and to make you do something if you don't want me, that's fine and people go. Well, I'm not sure that he hardened his heart what part of Exodus have you not read to understand that he hardened his heart. In Exodus chapter 1 he literally says take all the babies as they're born and if they it is a boy just kill it and then throw it in the river.
That sounds like a pretty hard heart and my opinion does it not? God says he hardened his heart now. They're on your paper. We're not allowed to superimpose a theological framework on the text. That isn't actually there you're not allowed to say this is what the scripture says because you read a verse without actually studying what it's about.
In Romans chapter 9 we do not find justification or salvation anywhere in the context at all. It's talking about God's choice of Israel and the descendants of Abraham, Isaac Jacob and Moses for specific purpose in history history on the one hand God showing Moses who is good. Who walks with the Lord who gets his intimate blessing from the Lord, but it doesn't shape God's plan.
Paul's not saying in this portion of the passage of some people suggest that God can do whatever he likes whether it's going to be saving some in condemning others because what we have to understand is this guess how many of us deserve hell all of us guess who's deserves hell all of us all of us deserve.
Hell we are all sinners. We have all turned from God. There's no right unrighteousness with God Moses found it. Did everything according is on a mission. So his own righteousness is on Justice and his own Sovereign Authority this part here the next section starting in Romans 9 917 the focus.
If you decide to not care that I have shown you my power. Then you have no excuse now Pharaoh had even more of a chance because Pharaoh is sitting there with Moses in there babbling about whether or not God is going to let them out of the land first. He says kill the kids and they people they started killing the children and Exodus chapter 1 and then Moses comes he says let my people go and he says, how do I know that's God he takes his staff and he turns it into a serpent picked it back up into the staff again.
He turns the water into blood. He makes locusts come out of the sky. God in heaven is screaming. I'm God, he's flexing saying to you realize how big I am and Pharaoh looks at and goes. I'm not sure I believe in God. He says you're without excuse buddy. You can't excuse the fact that when I heart into UI Harden the heart that was already hard.
I heard in the heart that was already hard fair is clearly seen God's invisible attributes. So he's without excuse. The funny thing is in Romans, 1:21. You could even put his name in there because that when they knew God they glorified him not as God. When Pharaoh says okay. I don't know how to fix these problems that Moses is God has brought on our land.
You know what he did. Hey guys bring Moses here. Okay Moses. I give up your Gods more powerful than I am. So I'm just going to let him y'all to go ahead and be able to go worship your God and so Moses because many goes. Okay, God and God takes away the plague and then after the plague is taken away.
Here's what happens Fair goes. Oh, no, that wasn't God. 10 times. He goes that then you God they glorified him not as God neither. We're thankful but became vain in their imaginations and their foolish heart was darkened. Oh, so it's god making a person's heart dark and know a person's heart is dark and decides to continue in darkness.
That's what's happening in the passage in Romans. 1 22 to 23 says professing themselves to be wise. They became fools. Well, they said man, I'm wise Oh, no, you're not they became fools and they changed the glory of the uncorruptible god into the an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds to four-footed Beast and the creeping things.
He is rejected God. He's worshiping creation instead of the Creator and because of that Romans 1:24. This is what God says. He does wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through their lusts of their own Hearts to dishonour their own bodies among themselves. They decided that's what they go with next verse or next fill in their God allows them to follow the determination.
Of his own heart. God allows them to follow the determination of Their Own Heart. This is what they've decided. He's chosen to reject God to follow the path of idolatry God's not making them reject God. Can we look at the passage in 9 17 and 18? The scripture says the Pharaoh even for the same person purse I raised you up that I might show him my power in thee that my name might be declared through all the Earth and every Exodus 916 says in the very deed for this cause of our raise the up to show in the my power and that my name may be declared throughout all the Earth and this makes this trite and funny, but.
You know what yesterday watching that football game with Georgia versus, Alabama? Georgia put a whooping on them until Alabama decided not to let him do it anymore. And can I just tell you Alabama? It's like the most powerful game. They've had all year the most difficult game. They've had all year and and and Alabama goes don't worry about it.
We're going to show how big we really are. That's exactly what happened to God God in heaven is looking down and he sees these guys and he sees it was going on and he says you're against me like that. You think you're going to be able to counter who I am and what I am. Well, let me just hold your horses buddy because you have no idea who you're messing with.
I'm going to show you who is a capital G God not the little G God because I am God alone. And that's what he does. So he says that in excess 319. He says, I'm not going to let you go by the Egypt's Kings hand I want. You go by the mighty hand of God God's plan for Israel here. I need during your paper God's plan for Israel is determined by God's sovereignty God's plan for Israel.
As a nation is a term by God's sovereignty God use pharaoh and his hardness to make this story be told all around the world. And if you get down to it, this is the essence of Romans 8:28 means and we know that all things work together for good. You know why they work together for good not because they seem good eight years of my life.
It did not seem good at all. Get her out of my friends and they would say little trite statements things like this. They go. Well, I know I'm a man at least I can have kids. And you just listen to it. I'd be like huh - a good job. And on the inside. I'm going if I could rip your head off right now, I would but I'm a preacher.
So I think one do that. God is not good and I don't know what God is good all the time. I just don't understand how good God is because of my current circumstances. We know that all things work together for good to them that love God and are called according to his purpose. Pharaoh decided to resist God and then God reinforce that position.
God gave Pharaoh what Pharaoh chose God gave Pharaoh what Pharaoh chose scripture tells us time. And again that Pharaoh himself hardened his heart. And God said if you want to harden your heart, that's fine. But you need to understand you hardening your heart. You were telling me you do not care what I want in your life.
He hardened his heart and because of that. I was judged and condemned to have a hardened heart the case of Moses and Pharaoh is a study in contrasts. The funny thing is these men began their lives at basically the same time. Both of them were raised in a pagan household of Egyptian royalty. Both of them received an education and the Pagan schools of idolatrous priest both enjoy the standard of living that far exceeded the mud hut the mud pit existence of the slaves bows were heirs to Royal privileges their paths diverged and they diverged when they met God.
Because Moses met God and said absolutely and Pharaoh met God and said absolutely not the Moses was guilty of murder the Lord had him on the other on the other side of nowhere and devoted the next 40 years to transforming his character Fair on the other hand continued his privileged existence and the Palace of Egypt and eventually became the.
Instead here at the moment. The Lord could have batted an eyelash introduced Egypt to have a piece of lint on the map of history. But he didn't he responded with a series of afflictions that gradually increased in severity of God. You do not deserve his salvation. You do not deserve his favor. You do not deserve any of that.
But if anyone has lost what you have to understand is he's lost by his own choice. He has decided that he wants nothing to do. With God so as we go home today, can I encourage you to realize how good of a father you serve? You're like Chris. We don't realize how messed up. My life is no. No, you don't realize how good your God is.
Well Chris, you don't understand what's going on right now. If I were to tell you all the prophets Anna. But that adoption. Can I just tell you something it didn't feel like I was doing anything but wasting while it was going on. So in the middle of your problems yesterday how it talks about how God takes care of us like the hen takes the chicks underneath her wings.
And I sat there and thought what is this little chick think you know what? I think oh man. The storm is so bad. I'm going through so much. It's so difficult and God in heaven is going if you only knew but not breathe another breath and I trust the fact that you are a good .

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