The Fruit of a Godly Father

Chris Gardner

June 18, 2017

It are 127. And if there's any day I'm thankful that you don't have to master a subject to speak about it. It's today. And the reason I say that is this I don't know of any John. John has always said that parenting is doing the best you know how for 20 years and then apologizing for what you did wrong the next 20. And I don't know about the next 20 but the first 13 there's clean new stuff I've not done right.

And I'm thankful as a preacher My job is not to master everything I speak about a lot of people as you sit there you listen to me you're like oh man that guy must have it all together and I can tell you that you have no earthly idea how much I don't have together and I'm thankful we serve a God that uses broken vessels. I'm thankful we serve a God that the people in the preaching community people will say don't let the people see your feet of clay. You would just say you know I don't have feet of clay. I have an entire body of clay and I can tell you this. It's not the preachers job is NOT have it all together. The preachers job is to proclaim what the Word of God says. That's our job. And so even when you don't have it together.

And I in no way form or fashion feel like I'm the perfect dad but I can tell you this God does have stuff in his word that will help us to do what we need to do as father so the fruit of a godly father's. We're looking at today. Don't change don't forget to check in on Facebook. If you don't mind the fruit of a godly father and I really thank you God for choosing to be with us today here at River fathers are a different breed and much of who we are today cause because of our relationship with our father. Bill Bryant is one of the worst people in the world doing this to me. But I'll finish preaching and he goes. Good job Austin. And I'll say what do you mean and he'll go put my glasses down to a rock and look over him who make fun of these expressions that I make.

And I promise you I'm not sitting there thinking Man I wish I could be like Austin Gardner. That's not what I do at all. But guess what. Whether you like it or not your father impacts your life like nothing else does he own your life most likely you have a very strong opinion on what the word Father means. I see some of you have had a great Father's and other of you have had not so great father some of you have been given a lot of pain because of your father some of you been giving a lot of joy and some of them a lot of a combination of all of those together with the word father brings different thoughts to different people.

We tend to go through many phases and our relationships with our fathers and I don't know if you guys remember but you get to the age of about 13 or 14 and you're like man my dad got dumb all of a sudden and then five years later you look back and you're like he was a genius the dumb person there was a dumb person in the room.

But it wasn't me wasn't him.

And so on. So that just got through these many many phases as a father by the way I do pay back Seth all the time and I'd look at him I go. Good job Dennis. I do that literally all the time. We like good job and he goes Woden's I really just want to ask you you're just like Dennis. There you go. Because that's what it is Father's we impact the lives of our children.

But here's the truth. There's no job in the world as difficult as leading a home and raising children. There's no job in the world as difficult as leaving a home and raising children.

You see when you mess stuff up at your job you get to turn around and do another job and it's OK but you get one chance with your kids you get to raise them one time. And guess what. You get to live with your mistakes. There you go. You get them really you get a lot you get to you get to you you get to you you get to live with your mistakes for the next 18 years 20 years of your life because guess what. There's only one perfect father and that's not me. There's only one perfect father and that's not me. Fathers tend to be the target of many many jokes. There's one thing I can't stand on the on the TV as you watch it is it makes most men out to look like buffoons. You know I mean what does the guy do.

Oh nothing. He's just a guy. The woman has everything together. That wasn't the truth in my house and that's not the truth. In most houses that I know of the men are the easy target of many many jokes and many of them make all the sense in the world. I

love this from a Jerry Seinfeld Jerry Seinfeld says you can tell what was the best year of your father's life because they seem to freeze that clothing style and ride it out from there on out. Jerry Seinfeld says So while many jokes may be made. Truthfully

there are few things in life that have more impact on our lives than our fathers. Very few things in our lives that have more of an impact than our fathers. I love this quote back Pam Brown dads are most ordinary men turn it by love into heroes adventurer storytellers and singers of songs and around things off into another quote that I love today. Clarence Budington Kelland said my father didn't tell me how to live. He lived and let me watch him do it. And that's exactly what fatherhood is about. We're going to talk today about the way to live a life that will impact everything about our children and about the generations that will follow. Now here's here's the truth for you to understand today. The good news is this you're going to have a lasting impact.

The bad news is this you're going to have a lasting impact.

And the good stuff you do is going to have a lasting impact. And guess what my grandkids and my great grandkids they're learning how their parents will be fathers that will have a lot to do with how our parents did. My child. It's a big deal. You're like well Chris I'm not a father yet. If you're not a father yet can I tell you that what you are today is what you will be as a father what you are today is what you will be as a father.

You're going to reproduce who you are and honestly that ought to scare you to death because we have so much growing to do all of us do.

We're going to talk about going to impact the generations that follow. You know when my pap always like my pap all passed away five six years ago. He was a lot like my dad. You know what Chris Gardner is like it's a lot like his dad. You know what Jacob Gardner is like a lot like his dad. You know Jacob Gardner is like he's a lot like his pap all that he barely ever even met and our impact is going to continue from here on out.

And that's a really big deal. Today we're going to travel through two different sounds that are connected together about one central idea. We're going to dig into why one central idea and so you look in Psalm direct to 127 in verse 5 and by the way the way they clump the Psalms together when they're putting the canon together is the Psalms have to do with the same kind of things. And

so they clumped them together that way. Someone 27 verse 5 you see the word to me some five it says Happy is the man that has his quiver full of them. And

then in some 1:28 one the word is Blessitt is everyone that for the Lord these both of these words happy and blessed come from the exact same Hebrew word first looking happy and blessed. I

mean so the theme from the last part of 1:27 is the power of children raised well and it's on eight speaks of a blessid man in the context of his wife and children. I know very few things that a good father desires more than to see his wife and his children blessed. I don't know many things that a father desires more than that they want their kids they want their family their want their wife to be blessed. The pastors are going to see this morning are all about being black blessed and how that is achieved. How is that we're blessed. So I'm starting to sound church or 1:27 verse three through five. The Bible says Low children are a heritage of the Lord. If

you underline your Bible please underline that word heritage. Children are a heritage of the Lord. By the way it doesn't ask your opinion on whether they are a heritage or not. It

is a heritage and we will get into what that means. Shouldn't our heritage from the Lord and the fruit of the womb is his coming out with an extra. It is what it says reward are as arrows in the hands of a mighty man so are the children of the youth. Abby is the man that had this quiver full of them. They shall not be ashamed but they shall speak with enemies at the gate. Here in the verse we see that children are a reward that are given by God.

Now can I say this it doesn't always feel like a reward. Like when you're changing the diaper you're not sitting there going thank you for this reward. And

if you are we need to reward you with some common sense because it doesn't feel like it's your reward all the time but what you have to understand is this and can I tell you that as time goes on it's not always going to feel like the best thing that ever happened to you was you had children but God says it only matter what your opinion is or what my opinion is. They are a heritage of the Lord.

They are a reward that are given to you by God. Children are a heritage something that is handed down to us. It's given to us from the Lord and the fruit of the room is what he gives us. Nothing more joyful than watching Marcus's faith as we looked at him and we face his reality marks and we go. Today is your first Father's Day. It's a really cool thing. Your first Father's Day. Man can I tell you that. That is a fruit of God's that's God's reward is that this is not faith in markets this is God's reward is anyone in here that knows that has ever had problems trying to have children. We all know that pregnancy isn't something that happens through our strength at all.

Now some of you are relying on the help and I got a baby. That's what some of you that way some of us my wife and I dealt with eight years of trying to have children and we can have children. And can I tell you I wish you could understand what it's like to have that reward. My family knows all about this show for eight years struggling no matter how me what happened no matter how many tears we cried. No mommy specialist we went to. We wanted children. We desire children. We begged God for children. We read books about children. We tried our hardest to have children we couldn't have children for eight years and I'm never going to forget the beauty of the day that God gave us our children. I think I understand it better than most because of eight years of desiring and all of a sudden you're able to have children and Jacob and Hannah arrived in our lives on July the 26th of 2004.

And can I tell you that my wife went from a crying or eyeballs out at night trying to figure out why in the world we couldn't have kids while going to counsel with young teenagers who had had a kid without wanting to and talking them out of aborting a child that we would have done anything to be able to have.

We went from the crying mother to a woman with a smile on her face and it changed everything. That was God's reward to us. It was amazing the change I'm talking about from day one today to everything changed. That

was God's reward. And

can I tell you it's not felt like a reward every day of our lives. But we still must remember it's a heritage of God and that our children are a reward. Now life changed overnight. Literally we had begged God for for years upon the sleeping under our roof. Watch my wife get up the first couple of nights just to peek in to see if it was real like he had two kids in a room and just look over and look to see if it was real. Well back in the room with a smile from ear to ear everything changed. There is reward. There are a heritage from God. It would take hours to explain to you the miracles that God did to allow us to adopt Jacob and Hannah.

What happened. Can I tell you this it didn't happen because of my brilliance. It did not happen because I knew what to do. It happened because of God's goodness to us. That's the reason that happened.

This verse emphasizes that truth a child is a gift a heritage a reward from our loving Father. It's the reward from our loving Father to extend our name and our blood into the next generation is a part of God's blessing and promise to us. In Genesis chapter one in verse 28 says God bless them and God send to them Be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth and subdue it and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the fowl of the air and over every living thing that moves upon the earth.

Be fruitful and multiply. Now to that first period in the verse there is a slight shift in the focus in the passage that we see in Psalm chapter 1. 27 children are a gift but there not only a gift. The Bible says there are like arrows. Our

children are like arrows not just arrows but arrows. Here's what I love. OK you can give me an arrow and guess how good that arrow is for you. For me if you get close enough I might stab you with it but that's about as far as it's going like. I don't know that I know how to shoot a bow and arrow in a way no matter what he says. No these are not just arrows. When God gives you this gift when God gives you this reward is like giving it to someone that knows exactly what to do with an arrow. That's what they are their gift of God they're like arrows. Not

the word mighty man here speaks of a warrior that speaks of a warrior. And

he said you know what your children are like handing an arrow to a warrior. You know what happens when you hand an arrow to a warrior. You better watch out because he knows how to use that thing and it becomes an instrument of of justice it becomes an instrument of pain. It becomes an instrument of whatever he wants it to be because it's in the hand of a warrior. And do you understand. The Bible says that your children are just like arrows that are given to the hand of a warrior.

That's what your children are a man of war is one that knows how to and who is the one that has these arrows. This is what children are like. They are like exactly that. There are tools that a warrior uses and battle they serve to protect his family. They give him the family a sense of security. I say remember as a young man I was about 12 or 13 years old and we watched this movie called Old Yeller. Have any of you seen it. If you don't raise your hand you need to go home. Need to watch it no matter what it takes. You need to watch that movie at the age of 13. 12:13. I remember watching that movie.

And and everybody when they watched that movie like oh but this is what happens in the end. I don't want to be the spoiler for you but it's what happens in the end and that's so sad. That's

not the that's not the part that stuck out to me. The part that stuck out to me was this I never forget the scene where Paul is leaving home and looks over at his son.

That was about my age at that time and he as Hey now it's your job to take care of your family and I still remember ours that age our saying or thinking hey I could do that and then I thought no I couldn't do that I would do that.

That would be who I am. You know why. Because that's a view with their arrows in the hands of a warrior. Now can I say that in our modern day in our modern way of raising children it goes against that idea because we don't do any forming of our kids we're taught today to let our kids form us anything your kid won't you jump to it and you get it for them but that's not forming of an arrow at home.

That's not at all what he's talking about. What he says is this if you don't like the way your arrow flies. Don't blame the arrow. Look in the mirror at whether you're forming the arrow in a way that is going to fly the way you want it to. It's that simple. And then the day and age we live in is to give them everything they want if they want this they cry loud enough you bomb everything the at the grocery store. And if they think it's funny because the only limits we tend to place in our kids nowadays are the food they. It's funny you can scream and act like a devil but you can eat anything but organic food. I'm glad that there are my organic food but how about organic food and organic discipline as well. Those were great together. It's amazing how well they work together but we don't form them now days and then we wonder why our children don't come out right.

There are arrows in the hand of a warrior. There are arrows in the hand of a warrior. So we see his fortune. Number one I don't even know if I give it to you for the hand. His fortune his fortune is that now he has an arrow that he's able to form the security in knowing that these arrows are used for protection. Our children are a sacred trust. There are a solemn responsibility. We are to wisely and kindly raise our children.

And guess what that means our children are going to be children and we are supposed to be adults and we're supposed to be raising down parents who must understand and take much care in how we deal with our children the way they take care for and invest in their tool their arrows just put. Pretty amazing. Aaron Farley one of the elders at the church here. It's pretty amazing with a bow like if you want to give somebody an arrow in this room. I don't even know how good you are Adam but Aaron obey you like it's crazy. Like I was do my devotion to a squirrel and he sends me a picture of a squirrel with a arrow through the neck. It's like you don't want to mess up the meat. I'm like You're an idiot. How

can you even hit a squirrel period with an arrow even. Give me a shot gun. I

can probably hit it but not an I'm not like the guy is crazy amazing with a bow and arrow. I remember reading on Facebook one day how he makes his own arrows. I'm like You mean you don't go to Wally World and get those like in out where you get your arrows and I that's.

All happened with arrows.

I spoke with him and he gave me some pointers on how important it was to make your own arrows. I asked him I said so if I was talking about arrows where would you go to look at that and we don't have time to look at the video today but do you know that people that are warriors people that today use these arrows how they're prepared really matters to them.

I like I'm talking about in crazy ways. I'm not like you. He sent me a video for me to watch. And you can understand he can actually go to this guy's site and this guy studies hours of material on how to make the perfect arrow. Is that how to make a perfect error in this video. He's explaining to us in the video that we we're going to show don't have to insure right now because you'd probably all be bored and he'd be a snooze fest by the time it was done with him. And does that he has shown us how to watch how to attach the fletching the feathers to the arrow in a way that will make it fly right.

Or are you serious. Well they sell them at Wally World and I promise you they go pretty much in the direction you shoot the man. They're not happy with it. What he's doing this when he's put in the fletching you they have the funny thing is this he's not even the flet keep its own there is from a turkey that he killed how crazy are you to have to think that arrows are that important.

The only thing crazier is to not realize that the raising of our children is so much more important is so much more important. But we live a life where we're taught in our country in our state in our neighborhood we're taught that our children must reign everything in life.

And what you don't understand is this God never told you that the children were the Warriors and you were the arrow. The

Bible says that you're the warrior there the arrow you must form the children you must raise the children you must love the children you must grow the children and you must be the kind of father that understands the fortune that he has in his hands.

They prepare them with much thought and care not like idiots playing with sharp tools. But as a warrior that straightens and polishes the arrows and gives a solid point and puts puts the fletching on it properly.

We've got to teach and educate our children in the fear of the Lord because here's the deal our children matter our children matter and a lot of us have grown up to think that means have got to go to the right schools and I'm telling you go to the right schools is cool and I'm glad they can go to the right schools but your school doesn't matter near as much as what matters what happens at home. They get it to the right church. The right church matters but not near as much as matters what happens at home. Our

children matter not a spoiled brat kind of way but in the fact that we're going to raise our children up to serve our Savior our children matter too much to spoil them. They matter too much to grow up and do whatever they want. We teach our kids if they cry enough will give them exactly what they want. What we don't understand is then when they become whiny adults we don't get it. Two plus two equals four still what you teach you as a kid they're still going to learn it. We formed them. We love them. We care for them. We realize that the decisions that we make and how we raise our children today matter for eternity.

When you decide to not raise your children in a way that matters do you not understand you're impacting the next generation and the next generation how they will raise their children how we raise our children matter.

Our children matter. They tell the story of the father of John Wesley as you received his son unscathed from the window of his home. Everything he owned was burning to the ground and here's what he said. Come neighbors let us know and give thanks to our God we received what matters. See what matters he's given me my children. Let the house go as his house is burning. He says I am rich beyond compare. The sad thing just apparently is this is we don't understand it. Time is not something you can replace tomorrow with your children because of how much our children matter. A man has many children according to the Bible is happy he's blessed. The men will speak with a quiver full behind him and that makes him not be ashamed as he speaks with his enemies when he speaks he speaks for his household and that is a powerful voice as a powerful voice. Because

every single one of his kids are raised in a way to wear their weapons in the hands of a mighty man and when he stands at the gate and says hey you want to have a conversation with me the guy looks behind me and goes Nope I see what you got behind you. I should in a conversation with you about nothing. Because you've raised your children right. You've raised your children right. In this chapter you met back when I was a kid. I know when I say that the sign of getting old I do get that. We would watch TV shows about a man and his son or his sons as they came together to deal with life. One of my favorite ones was a rifle man. It was like Daddy and his boy don't you dare touch them. They don't they go together and if you missed with him you misplays boy you Mrs. boy you mess with him.

I still love that show growing up. My dad and I would watch and there'd be this unspoken sense of pride that we we were like that too. Shows like Bonanza. You know you did when you walked out. There's all of a sudden following behind him and we can laugh at the shows because they're not they may not have been that great shows but they put a sense of pride in us of hey this is what fatherhood should be about. This

doesn't happen naturally with our children and this is something you don't understand and that I don't tend to understand near as much as I should. It doesn't happen necessarily and naturally with our children our children have to be taught our children have to be taught. We still live in that day and age our children need to know and understand that we are a team and that we face life together. Not afraid of life but willing and ready to deal with whatever comes our way.

We've taught our kids you don't have to be afraid of life but you need to be prepared because when stuff happens you've got a family behind you and as a family we stand together and that's who we are.

That's just fortune in these verses we see that we can get.

We can either rely on our vanity or upon God's blessing we can think we control things or we can surrender our false sense of control to the living God. God will build our house he will guard our city. He will provide for our needs and he will reward us with fruit to the next generation. Second

thing you see someone 28 verse 1 you see is favor. The Bible says blessed of everyone that you are the Lord that walketh in his ways.

Now we come into the next chapter the chapter is full of the word blessed blessed blessing. You find all over this chapter if you take in just circle every time you see the word blessed blessed blessing you're going to see a bunch of them in this chapter and here. God shows us what it takes to be blessed. What it takes to be blessed is is that not all we want is father's. Do we not desire for our family to be blessed. Do not desire better things for our wife than our children. Glad to have you glad to have you there. Now I'm here to see what God says on how to be blessed because he hears what we think. When I have more money coming in everything is going to be OK and are going to be blessed if I have a bigger house. I have a better car if I have a better. Everybody will be blessed.

The first thing he speaks of kind of goes against our natural tendency though because he starts by speaking of fearing God. If you want to be blessed the first thing you've got to do for your god.

The idea of fearing God is something that isn't popular today and honestly and never has been popular. It is a healthy standpoint from which we see our God. It's healthy to fear the judge that can put us in prison. In case you're wondering if he can put you in prison is probably a good idea to fear him it's wise to fear the shoulder that can invade our land. Some 1:28 teaches that everyone that fear the Lord has blessed the favor of this man can be seen in two things. Number

one he fears the Lord our fear of God is a secret to a happy fulfilling life as we're going to see here the beautiful thing that's stated here is that everyone that fears the Lord is blessed. We live in a day and age where we're taught to fear what everybody thinks about us. We're live in a day and age all we're taught to fear about anything but free for the Lord. But he says here's the deal. You fear God only everybody is going to be blessed that learns to fear God. The word blessed could be easily interchanged again with the word happy. We have to be careful with this word fear. It isn't speaking of shaking in our boots because the big guy in the sky is sitting there waiting to zap us because we're not obeying. Have

you ever noticed that the background I come from the background think of God in you know God's up in heaven and he has this look on his face it just won't zap you. It just won't end. You've got a baseball bat in his hand going let me go. Who are you. You know you're playing that go forget that mole game they come out and you hit them on the head that's exactly what it is. Whack a Mole. God is in his and his omnipotent whack a mole job of hitting us when we do wrong. That's not our God at all. That's not the kind of fear it's talking about. That's the God I grew up with but the problem is that that God is made up in our own imagination.

That's not who God is. The fear he's speaking of is a sense of all and reverence of his majesty and all and a reverence of his majesty. It's a recognition that he alone is the king of the world. He alone is reigning in heaven. He alone holds all of our issues in his hands. We

have an all in wonder before his glory and we fear before his holiness and justice his mighty works the signs and wonders he performs evoke a sense of all when we understand his power. We stand and all. When you understand his power you stand and all. Isaiah understood this as he sees him in the temple is there 6 five shows his reaction to God's glory when he falls on his face.

Isaiah says Woe is me is the reaction of all those who see God in His glory. John the beloved disciple that used to put his head on Jesus's chest when he sees him in his glory and he sees him in his power. He also falls to his face and all of who God really is and the God you sing too is a lot smaller than the God who really is. No matter how big you think God is he he's a lot bigger than what you think he is and you're singing about him. His love is a hurricane. I am a tree. He is so much bigger than anything. Everything we could ever be.

That's who God is and and all of that in our church today we endure. Recapture what it really means to sense the fear the all and the wonder of our amazing guy. The day we live in does everything it can to overload our senses. I

don't know if you've noticed that or not. Can you imagine a guy that was. Can you imagine a guy that was born in 1910 just showing up today and seeing what's going on. We

live in a day and age where everything overloads our senses. We go to we can go to Emerson and we get pulled by a rope in the sky to pretend that you're being pulled by a boat. Like yeah we got like the ropes in the sky met on a metal pole with a machine to make you think it's only 15 minutes up the road here we go to Six Flags and we go crazy with rollercoasters galore like you get on these roller coasters you're going to build things you've never felt before. We go to escape rooms and they make us feel the urgency of getting out of them we have virtual reality glasses now. I've not worn them yet and i probably a good thing that have not because I'm probably walking around to virtual reality glasses all the time because I enjoy that stuff.

But we've got these glasses and we put them on and we can escape into a virtual world that doesn't even exist. I said day and age we live in. We stand in awe as people watch and they're enveloped by it's reality. I hate commercials but I love the commercials with people putting on virtual reality glasses for the first time I watch it.

They're amazing like wow how incredible we stand and awe as people watched. We as Christians pretend and live as if God in heaven is anything but inspiring.

Do we have to go to church on Sunday. Well isn't that some better we could do with our time.

The Word of God is just like paper and ink. You realize the day and age we live in folks it's day teaches us that there's no all left in anything but ourselves anymore. You do realize that we used to have stores that were four times the size of this room right here. They had videotapes in them and you had to go there to rent videos. You remember those like most of you remember those. My kids can't even fathom that idea. We have Netflix now and we can watch more movies. They were never able to put in any single Blockbuster store and we pay$7 and 99 cents a month for it. And if you don't have an app on that you get Amazon Prime and you get. It's crazy. And we have all of that literally standing in line waiting to do something in our hands. We look at a screen and we are there. We live in an age.

It's all this virtual stuff and all this and all this all inspiring stuff and we watch videos from the greatest people all around the world doing the greatest things that were just in all the time but we lose all of the one thing that truly should bring us all and that is the Hall of our all mighty God in heaven.

That should change everything. We've substituted the all of the omnipotent god for seven ninety nine a month Netflix. How

dare we do that. We've lost all of our God. And that's what he's talking about when he says fear.

We treat God as if he's anything but inspiring anything but breathtaking is anything but something to fear. We treat the temporary as eternal and we treat the eternal as temporary.

That's what we've learned to do here in 2017. We've learned to treat the eternal as temporary and temporary as eternal.

Amazing as it may seem those that fear God.

The Bible says are happy they're happy they're happy they're blessed because they have bowed before the Creator that is even more than they are. He is their Redeemer. They have acknowledged to him to be God. And now they belong to him and they worship him because of this they are blessed in their relationship. He has surrendered to the point. Number one he fears God. But the second thing about him is this.

He walks in his ways. He walks in his ways. They

have surrendered to the point that now that they do not walk in their own ways anymore what would a normal person do with this.

Well guess what I'm not normal. I'm walking in his ways. How would a normal person take this. It doesn't matter. I'm not a normal person. I

walk in his ways hopefully that can be said of us. Now they're known because they walk in his ways as we learn to fear the Lord. Our walk changes. If your walk changes then you're lying when you say that you know. If your walk doesn't change you're like oh God when all was not changed you don't know. Pretty simple. What changes when you know God.

When you fear God our priorities change our perspective changes everything changes everything changes. This

is how we know that they stand and all of human understand what the fear of him really is. He

is God and I am not because of that I will walk in his ways. I will walk in his ways because he is God and I I'm not. I will obey him. It's an amazing blessing to be humbled before God and be lifted up to serve him in this world. And while our red white and blue blood rebels against this idea that we hear all the time that people that served the president and our country that thing as they say I serve at the pleasure of the president but I wonder if we are to give truth serum in this room including me and put you in a room separate you get to that sermon I go.

Can you say I serve at the pleasure of my king. Oh no I'm sorry I forgot you don't serve the president. The one we serve is not near. Because the president is he. Or maybe he is and we need to decide that we will serve at the pleasure of our king. I serve at the pleasure of the pleasant. I do the same thing but I serve at the pleasure of the King of Queens. And can I just say I serve at the pleasure of the King of kings not because I'm a preacher. I serve at the pleasure of the King of Kings. Not because I not because I preach every week I serve the pleasure of the King of Kings. Not because of any of that I serve at the pleasure of the king because i am his child. So guess what. If you are a child you serve at the pleasure of the King. And if there's anybody in this world that would take more pride in serving at the pleasure of a president you do at the pleasure of your king.

Then there's something wrong with your priorities. You say Chris that's offensive. Congratulations. Welcome to the club. Being offended on by T-shirts I was offended at River Church. Here's the deal. We serve at the pleasure of our king and that is because everything I don't serve nobody but bought most of it by my own bootstraps.

I'm the man I'm a good old man. If you're a Christian you serve at the pleasure of the King of Kings. Blessed is the man that fears him. And because of that he walks in his ways because of that he walks in his ways. Number three his family are about to wrap it up his family. The Bible says for thou shalt eat the labor of our hands happy shalt thou be. And it shall be well with thee. Now wife shall be a fruitful vine by the side of a house by children like olive plants round about that table behold. Thus shall the man be blessed that with the Lord what does it mean to be blessed by God.

He says that the fruit of our work will be enjoyed.

I had the privilege of knowing many many many many many many many more time multimillionaires and there is just a more time off.

I'm not talking about like a one in front of those zeros. I'm not like big big numbers in front of him zero's as I've traveled around the country I've met a bunch of them. Can I tell you that the vast majority of people that I know do not know what it's like to enjoy the fruit of their hands. You walk into this most immaculate house that you've ever seen in your life and they've got servants and they've got no man like you pass by back in the day Terry Pendleton's house two doors down one of my friends live but you know what he had no idea what it was like to enjoy the fruit of his hands. The Bible says it's you fear God and you're going to enjoy the fruit of your hands. You'll enjoy it you'll be able to eat from what we work at.

Our finances are blessed. We will plow and we will plant and we will be blessed. This is not stating that God will give us what we want but it's stating that God is going to give us what we need. He's going to give us what we need. He provides exactly as he says he will in Philippians chapter 4 in verse 19. My God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus you will be happy or blessed and things are going to go well with you he blesses our work not our laziness.

You say that one again because you probably didn't get it to be all to write it down. And actually it's a pretty important thought. God blesses our work not our laziness.

We know what God will sells and on going to look a silly thing.

How many hours of work you work in one hour on a whole five.

God bless our work and out of laziness. His provision through our labor is kind of like this it reminds me. Do we have the Norman Rockwell slot up here. Kind of reminds me of this right here when he talks about how there Blessed is three generations gathered around for a Thanksgiving meal. How many of you remember the Norman Rockwell paintings. It has these Norman Rockwell there's three generations gathered around the Thanksgiving table and you see these three generations. The Flint families enjoying the labor of their hands. They're enjoying the labor of their hands. Then he says the wife will be for for the blessing men will have children all around your table. The wife is blessed. The children are blessed. And then of course it closes it up. The man that fears the Lord will be blessed exactly like that. Here's what he says. Moon as you lead your home your children will live a life that is blessed men as you leave your home your wife will lead. Live in a home that is blessed. Number for his future.

He has announced the blessing and now he's described as speaking to people of Israel he speaks a blessing out of Zion. And you want to see the good of Jerusalem a fruitful life comes from God. That's what we don't understand. The Lord is the one that will bless and in verse 6 you're going to see here it is he says Look at verse 6 and here's Lorean Dennis today and Jack and Barbara and John and Angey are six with me real quick he says Psalm 128 verse 6. I don't think I put it in the slides that some 128 verse 6. And Bill is trying to do some magic here. He says in verse verse 6 he says yea they shall see my children's children.

You know what grandparents are weird people. It's crazy how much they get love in their life is just so enveloped with these were their children. He says you're just going to happen. They're going to see their children's children as you see the Lord bless the way we develop an even deeper sense of the fear of God. You know what if you're killed children turn out right. I'm sure you did a lot of good stuff but also you serve a really good God. You really serve a good God because trick of the matter is if they were to only take the bad stuff in your life you'd like fall in line next to Charles Mason or whatever his name was like Manson. There you go Charles Manson stay that people too much evidently Lord. So try to follow in my mind because if they take all the bad stuff that's what they're going to get. But guess what we suffer.

Good God we serve a good God we stand in awe of him and we're blessed by Him a blessing for us as fathers for our children because they're connected to and learning from a man that fears the Lord. You know where your kids are going to learn to fear the Lord and fear the Lord from you. A blessing on the grandchildren as well. Fathers can encourage you to live a life that fears the Lord and that walks in his ways. Can I encourage you to live a life that fears the Lord that walks in his ways. You do realize that the blessing of your life your wife's life and the life of your children grandchildren depend on that.

But that's all not that big of a deal. You

only impact your wife your kids your kids kids. But besides that it's not that big of a deal.

You're not married yet you are married. You don't have kids yet can I just tell you who you are today is going to dictate that. Learn to love him it's time to stand up and live a life that will bring blessing to those around you. We are tempted to believe that a few more hours of work a little bit nicer of a car a few more square feet in our house and a little nicer of a computer will be a blessing.

Aren't we armored by the way I'm building a house. It's quite a large house I'm living in now. I'm not saying that but that not. Isn't that funny the way we see stuff. Oh we only need a few more things to be blessed. No no no. What you need to be blessed is the fear of God.

The truth is that the only thing that will truly bless us in blessings is to live a life that reflects the fear of God and are walking in a way that brings honor to him. We just decide to be that kind of father or not. This can be the day that you can declare blessing over your family as you dedicate your life to him. I don't know if you ever had the privilege of sitting down with the financial planner ever sat down with the financial planner my uncle's one been doing it for quite some time. They'll sit down with and explain to you how much money you need to invest to be able to make sure your wife and children are taken care of.

They're going to speak to you about return on investment or online how you invest for this return on investment. I'm telling you today that the return on investment and the fear of God is backed by God Himself.

You really want to get a return on investment. Guess what. In 2007 all those great numbers that my financial planners told me I need to have none of them worked. 2008 none of them worked. All your stocks will keep growing. No no they're not. They're going if they're if growing is in the opposite direction. They did awesome at that. But the return on investment you don't know about. There's talk about return on investment when God Almighty in heaven says Son if you'll live a life that fears me I'll bless your family.

You can take that one to the bank. You can take that one to the bank. I'm telling you today about a return on investment backed by God Himself. Let's live lives don't make our families be blessed. Live lives that don't make your families be blessed. And

can I tell you that this truth is true no matter who you are no matter what age you are Jacob you'll become more and more what you are today. Please live a life that will make your family be blessed. Surgey live a life today.

No they're not. They don't even have kids yet another don't have to have kids. What I'm telling you is this and grandparents your grandkids are watching you to see if the fear of the Lord still matters to you or not. This is not just talking about you and you're like oh man I wish I had thought of that. No no. How

can today for every single one of us live a life that fears God and our children will be like arrows in the hand of a mighty man. Thank you for your word but I ask you that you might help me as a father to to apply these principles more and more help me to live a life that fears you. That is in all of you. Dear Lord forgive me for being fearful of the mundane. Forgive me for fearing things that don't don't really matter. I asked you today to know that you might help me to be the kind of father that will help seeing things happen in our lives that my family will be blessed because of them. Thank you for all that you've done in Jesus Name I pray.

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