The Fruit of Relationship 2

Chris Gardner

October 8, 2017

Fruit of relationship we talked about the first three verses on Sunday. Since Jack wasn't here we didn't finish the whole thing but Jack here this week or this week or finish it we're. I love it. I love it. He rolls his eyes like yeah right. So Romans Chapter 7 we're going to finish the last three verses of Romans chapter seven and so Romans 7 is talking about the change in our relationship to the law.

The law which is this the law tells us this. And now we come in here and he says you're no longer alive to the law you're now dead to the loss that we're talking about that change in relationship. Paul starts out explaining to us what her relationship with the law looks like. We talked about that last week. Number one it's already filled in is our relationship our relationship he says.

He says here's the deal you're not. You don't have to obey the law anymore. It does not govern you. It does not have power over you. You have now died to the law. You're now married to another one. You're not married to the law you're not married to Christ and that ought to change everything about the way you live your life.

It ought to change everything about the way that you live your life. And so number two if you're taking notes if you're writing down on a piece of paper.

Number two we find our reality our reality our reality and so perfect start. Romans 7 must read one three three and then we'll go to verse forces. No you're not brethren for us beat to them that know the law. You guys are in church y'all all know the law. We know that the law has dominion over a man as long as he lives. We all know that as long as he lives the law has dominion over you because a woman which has the husband is bound by the law to her husband as long as he lives. But if the husband be dead she is loose from the law of her husband verse three. So then while her husband liveth she be married to another man she shall be called an adulterous But if her husband be a baby if her husband be dead she is free from that law so that she is no adulterous though she be married to another man.

Then we start in verse 4 and verse 4 he explains to us that this is not just some concept that the land lying out there. Verse 4 he says. Wherefore my brother you also become Bowick on your Bible. If it's your phone please don't do it. We are sorry unsharpened Sharpton's epeople underlining with that for their foes. If you have your bible with you and you're undermining birched forces where are my brethren. Next two words were for my brother and what you heard me out of him. You got it ye atheist here's the deal. This is what the man and the wise do and he just wherefor never wherefor my brethren. Ye also are become dead to the law by the body of Christ that you should be married to another even to him that is raised from the dead. That we should bring forth fruit unto God.

Verse for which you bring fruit to God. Obviously he says if you are dead the law has no dominion over you. We talked about last week. If you die your boss can't fire you. It's impossible he can't fire you. There's no way if you're dead. The law has zero dominion over you. You know what you do understand that a dead man can't get a ticket right like a dead man can't get a ticket. That's just impossible to do that a dead person. Here's the deal. A dead person doesn't even have to follow the law like you can totally disobeyed the law because he's dead. You said that's crazy you know he's dead. That's kind of what happens in the law over US loses its power when we die. And that's not what Paul is saying would that previous illustration that he uses Antropov of illustration he says.

Also you guys are just like the first three verses you guys are the exact same way then and now let me just say this. This isn't some easy way to explain theology. OK the study of God is in some way where we understand God and its so easy way to explain it. This applies to our everyday life. Can I tell you that many many times we. We think that the Bible is about understanding more and knowing more. But let me just tell you it's supposed to impact our daily life. You're meant to message on Sunday and your devotions on Monday when you spend time with God is not supposed to impact that hour. You're not supposed to walk away going. Man that was a really good message you really did a good job.

I don't mind you saying that but what I would like is on Thursday for you to go. Man that was a message it really impacted not week because the Word of God is not something we learn about. It's something that applies to every single thing that we do everything we do everything we do.

The Word of God tells us about it in the Word of God teaches us. You are the law by the body of Christ. If you are a believer in Jesus you are dead to the law. Now how many of you could have would have to admit that you don't feel that all the time is that not true.

Don't we all feel like we're not dead. LOL It doesn't matter what you feel like we see we're adults we don't live by our feelings.

Oh I'm sorry I'm going Acworth I guess we might live by our feelings because I'm old Facebook enough to know that but we don't live by our feelings anymore.

We don't just we are dead to the law.

Where did all this happen. And this is what the Bible is teaching us in this verse. This happened so that you could be married to another. It happened so that you can be married to another one your life is different now. Now you are married to somebody else you are married to the one I love how you explained it in verse 4.

Look at first for with me verse 4 where we're from my brethren you also become dead the law about the body of Christ that you should be married to another.

OK but this is the exciting part even to him that was raised from the dead. In other words you married a guy you know like like like some of us in this room know all about. But we married up we married the woman who was able to beat death. Death could not hold him. We are now married to him. He was raised from the dead. Pretty cool thought there. Now here's here's where this kind of the rubber meets the road. The problem with us. We love learning Bible. Especially to people who have been saved a long time like we love knowing more than everybody else does. We love the fact that I had to explain theology to some of you. Some people are like the old you of course. We love that idea because we love learning more. We love knowing more. We love diving deeper in the word. But the problem is when we dive deeper it doesn't really mean that we do it. We dive much deeper many many times because it doesn't impact our walk our walk is what supposed to be changed about what we know and I know that I've used this illustration many times before. Get ready for it. Here it comes again.

I know a lot about losing weight kind of funny event like I do understand that if I move my feet more and I do this less what's going to happen is I shrink in size. I do know that like I'm not dumb I know exactly how to lose weight and it's laughable isn't it that I can tell you how much I know about losing weight.

But can I just tell you that in churches our churches are full of people who know how to lose weight I know the Bible.

I have another really big words. Oh man I know where I stand on the comma between the word this and that. That's

not what the Bible. Therefore not sure we need to know the word knowing for one reason because it's going to impact our daily walk. So Chris you don't have to lose weight. The question is why in the world don't you. Honestly because I like it. I enjoy good food and God gave me a wife that can cook circles around anybody else I've ever met in my entire life. That is not on it's her fault not mine. See if I know so much why don't I do it here.

Here's the question I asked a pastor asked you if you know so much why in the world aren't you doing it. Why aren't you doing it. Isn't it funny how it is easy to laugh here and.

But we know a lot don't we fall in love with the knowledge of scriptures and we lose the knowledge of our Savior.

We love knowing stuff about scriptures we love doing stuff about scriptures we love asking other people questions that they're not going to know the answer to so that we can show how much smarter we are than they are don't we.

So what do you think about the book and this chapter. Oh oh you don't know what that means let me explain to you my superior knowledge that I have over everyone else.

Snapper. The reason for knowledge. Knowledge is awesome. I enjoyed reading. I enjoy studying as much as anybody in the room. I love spending time in the Word of God but knowing more is not the issue and can I just tell you that last night as I'm looking over my message I'm like Lord and know so much more than what I'm doing.

What anybody else in here be willing to admit that with me I know way more than what I'm doing. I know so much more than what I'm doing.

He goes here's the deal. We love knowing stuff. I will be but please notice what he says. All this is true. But look at what he said. Look at verse 4 again last part even to him that is right from the door from the dead. That that the reason for it the reason for all of this truth is that verse 4 we should bring forth fruit.

There's a reason all of this is true and that so that we will bring forth fruit and God will bring forth fruit to God. Bible says Notice what he says. All of this is true that we should bring forth fruit because here's the deal. A relationship always produces for a relationship always produces fruit and there is no relationship any closer than the relationship that God is teaching us about through Paul and the Book of Romans Chapter 7.

When he starts off with marriage what other relationship in life is anything closer than marriage. There's absolutely nobody in this world that knows me any better than that lady sitting right over there. Nobody nobody can guess what there's nobody in this role. Her mom and her daddy don't know her name as much as I do.

There's nothing to produces a closer relationship but that relationship is supposed to produce for it's supposed to produce fruit.

You're now dead all your life to Christ but there's a reason for that. The reason isn't so that we can sing in church on Sundays about how great is our God. That's not the reason he saved us. So to keep saying Hubbards our God. That's not the reason. It is not so that we can even talk about how great our lives are. Well

you know what Jesus Everything is awesome Lego movie. Everything that goes on.

That's not why we are saved. The Bible says that we were saved. Our relationship changed so that what we know impacts what we do what we do.

How this is true so that we can bring forth. We are free from the demands of the law and because of that now we're simply able to love Jesus Kothi. When I talk like this here's what it's going to sound like to a lot of you guys. What I'm saying is we need to do more do more do more do more. Can I just tell you forget doing more. But I want you to do they fall in love with Jesus because guess what happens. You

fall in love with Jesus you naturally you don't even know what you're doing because you're in love with the one you.

Rejoice in the truth no doubt about it. But now let's go fall in love with Jesus and live true that our steps to be marked. And I really hope on the plastic next to this quote right here that are steps be marked by the theology that we say leave because somebody doesn't get saved spends eternity in hell separated from God.

Really. So tell me this company you've told about Jesus over years are you saying you don't believe that. No

I'm saying you don't believe it because if you believed it and if I believed it guess what would happen.

We'd say something about our theology is supposed to mark the way we walk our life is supposed to be different. Our conversations are supposed to be saturated with the Gospel of Jesus Christ everything about us is speaking of him.

That's what we believe. Problem is we have the theology part without doing it.

We say we believe and say we believe that our shoeleather be scoffed with attempts to live out what we think we believe in. Are

believers in Christ.

Do you realize how pathetic of a man you are. If you stand outside of your house with your family inside the house and you tell everybody how you believe it's burning oblivious burning Chris great. What does that mean. Well that means the fire overtakes them and the house gets really really hot.

Are you kidding. Stop talking about it get it or do something about it this matters.

Our theology is supposed to bear fruit.

It's supposed to be for Christmas I believe. OK good. I'm glad you believe it. Now the question is do our shoes do the pavement know that we believe it or not it's just paper. You believe it. Well I've got notes from a seminar I went to once.

Seventy two pages on how I know there is a hell day for you.

Was the paper going to do what you're going to change what we say believe would be marked in what way we live our lives. Verse 5 The Bible says we're from several before when when we work in the flesh the motions of sin which are by the law don't work in our members to bring forth fruit and death.

Basically what he's saying is this. Everything that we do this fruit that comes from this fruit comes from it every thing that we do.

Romans 7 5 charges that we have all we have always had fruit. There's been some new idea when we were not saying we were in the flesh and we worked to bring forth fruit that was unto death. But now we're saying life is changed. Things are different. What would you say are the fruits of your relationship right now. Now I really wish sometimes that people could understand the weight of the god had to stand behind the pulpit and tell you what the Bible says. But I'd like to say I would love like I would pay for each and every man in this church to have the weight of doing it for about three months of his life so he can understand the way that happens because I'm sitting there reading that I'm going you know what Chris your theology doesn't match up with how you live either. There's so many things in your life that don't match up either.

But the question is what are the fruits of your relationship right now. And I treat my wife like a jerk.

Anybody married here knows there's going to be fruit that comes from that and the fruit actually might be flying through the air hit me in the head there was going to be fruit from it.

Now when I talk to my kids there's going to be fruit from that. Every relationship bears fruit. And guess what. The problem with the fruit is this it's the fruit that you put in the ground.

I love everybody the like of the food that I'm getting. Why do you plan an apple expect an orange. It doesn't work that way. That's

not the way it works. Our relationship dictates the fact that reality is that what we believe should change everything about the way we live our lives. What are the fruits of your relationship with Jesus now. Would you say the fruit that your life reflects is the fruit of one that is dead and into them all.

If not then it might be time to think about that. It might be time to start planting seeds that are going to give for what you want. It's

amazing to me if people will be sitting around in their 25 years older. One thing I love is I've got friends that have been my friends for 30 years and they're still my best friends and just like I like having long term friendships. And what's funny is this is someone that like Well Chris I don't have a dog to retire on. Well let me ask you a question. Have you ever invested in anything. No but life is not fair. No you're stupid.

That's what I want to say to what I'm saying to you. Is this the fruit of your relationship. What is number three.

Wrap it up. Number three our reaction. I told you get done. Yes. Good to go. Good God. Our reaction. Romans Chapter 7 Number Six their reaction. And this is the very powerful version so please don't let it slip by because the Bible says in Romans chapter seven verses he says. But now we are delivered from the law. That being dead when we were held that we would serve in newness a spirit and not in the openness of the law. OK Chris is the power of a verse but I really don't get where is power. Don't worry we're getting this amazing verse verses he says here's the deal. Verse 6 starts with these two words help me out. What are they. But now you find those those words repeatedly in the book of Romans where Paul says OK I've explained something. Now

I want to say but now so you can actually see exactly the change that has happened even them all through the book of Romans.

But now one more turn these powerful words are used in the book of Rome and he says we are delivered from the law.

We have died to the law. We've died too.

I love this illustration that I read somewhere years ago in one of the first high rise hotels that opened in Galveston Texas. It sat right above the Gulf. It was so close to the water that owners worried that people would want to drop their fishing lines into the water from their rooms from their balconies or other rooms. Nobody ever wanted to do that would they. But like Jack goes you get it.

Jack knows me. If I had a fishing rod I probably would. So it was so close to where they were worried. So the fear was that the high winds the lead sinkers in the first story glass windows were going to be a very bad combination. So because of that management place a sign in each room that it's facing the ocean that said this absolutely no fishing from the balcony.

You know that did that fixed nothing.

OK. Guess what happened. Yes in the first story restaurant were dining and there were Dady there were smacks of lead weight up against the windows like smack in the old world. That's what they were dealing with every single day. Sometimes the glass even cracked and after some time management realized their error and made a wise decision. They said we're just going to remove all the signs from the rooms. Problem


Nobody was fishing for the balconies. No one ever fish from the balconies again. And what Paul said to us in Romans Chapter 7 is that that was the law. What was always to us. How many have you ever seen Wet Paint don't touch.

And if you were taking a picture of your finger later own we didn't know that you didn't obey it is it not true. The human reality is that we like this whole thing for a matter of fact what kids hate more than anything is that parents say thou shalt and then they were fine.

But I want to Thou shalt not Yolen your sister but she deserves it. Thou shalt not is on the truth of parenting. Is that true. Apparently you don't do this and don't you worry as soon as you say don't do it. It's going to keep on going and going and going. You don't have to worry about it. It's just like that's the way it's going to happen because the way the human reality is when we see the law it automatically once makes us want to break it. And the best illustration of that is the fact that you think you can drop five to eight miles an hour over the speed limit and not get a ticket. Does that not go over 35 miles an hour. I'm not I'm going 42. And from what I heard in Georgia they can even give you a ticket for that.

Don't you dare tell me thou shalt not know I'm a unadopt. Nobody going to tell me what I can and can't do that stop sign Thou shalt not go without coming to a complete stop and that means to do a rolling stop. Justin Dutton you're a rolling stop and they pay$180 later. A few years ago think I got one of those tickets and I remember that. Is that not the way we live our lives when we say Thou shalt not. Immediately we go oh really. You don't tell me what I can do. Usually when I can't do.

That's exactly what's happening. Romans Chapter 7 The law was there and he said no and he said hey listen this is different if we're dead to that law now and because that we don't live in harmony with the law because we study every letter of it because truth matters and never could anyway. Now he says things have changed. I don't want you studying the letter of the law to figure out what you're supposed to do when I want you to do.

Now this little bit of verses that we would serve in newness of spirit.

I don't want you serving the letter of the law won't you serving in this spirit. What are you saying is this. I want you to allow the Spirit of God to walk with you to lead you to hide you and to walk you as you're going through your life. That's

what's going to happen now. You don't have to look to Deuteronomy 22:5 to see whether that's a sinner or not. You've got to listen to the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit will guide you according to the Scriptures as you're going and he's going to walk you through. He's going to help you grow. He's going to help you do what only he can do. Once again here goes Paul stepping on our toes. He's like the premier apostle for stepping on your toes. And I read that and I was like Paul don't step on your toes. You get the sledge hammer and play that game at the fair. You know playing like on my toes all the time I'm reading I'm like could you please stop Paul you're really really this is difficult.

He said that we should first six We're going to serve for six. That what it says he says that we should serve in the spirit the words serve as a form of the words of Christ. We like to talk about it. We just don't like doing it much. This is your search. Your life has changed. Kind

of goes against the grain of who we are who we think we are doesn't it. Did you know that I never have my kids volunteering to wash dishes or they might do it once because there's something I haven't found out about yet.

But when I found out about it they're like my daddy I wash dishes.

You know somebody else that doesn't volunteer to wash dishes too often does a lot quicker than I want it to be painful. Next time count to five and then say you maybe with a question mark at the end of it.

You can see here's the deal. We don't we don't we don't really like that service stuff that's serving stuff goes against the grain of who we are but what the Bible teaches us is this we are free and so that we can serve everybody and this church ought to have a deep down desire to be a deacon in a church because you know why the deacons in this church are the people who have decided. I serve my church not because it's convenient but because I'm called to serve. Every single man in his church building ought to be like you know what I want to serve not because it's what I really want but it's because of what I'm called to serve. Humility in the service of our God is something that ought to consume us. You ought to be humble. There ought to be humility in our lives.

Have any of you said I don't need to be doing that. That's

below me.

You said Chris I've never said that. How

many of you thought Ono wanted me to do that.

Humility in the service of our God ought to be the norm would be something that consumed his humility in how we serve others.

Just about as well.

Let me just say that one of the hardest places in the world to find humility.

Is Behind pulpit I want to be humble.

Let me just tell you it's it's when you get to be the guy spreading the word. It's very easy to go to your head. You're more than what you really are. I'm

the pastor Don't you know I deserve a designated parking spot. Put me a sign out there says reserved for the pastor only and make sure that underneath it all others will be told. Let them know who's the man at the church you really want the hardest places to find humility. One

of the hardest place to find humility in America is not the corporate boardrooms. It's in the pulpits of America. Pastors think that they are God's gift to mankind.

And I should be your servant. That's what I should know.

I should be known for being humble. I should be no set should be known. We should be a group of people that are humble. We have humility. We are known for serving each other for serving the body for serving those outside the body because here is the reason that all of this is true.

It is true that we can that four letter word sir. Sir. I hope and pray that my life is marked by servants who are here to serve whom in the newness of spirit not the old myths of the letter. Now

we obey not because some list of rules and regulations are supposed to live after. I don't know if you guys have ever felt this but I used to go to churches and when I walked in the back door I felt like Moses just ten commandments are placed on my back. Thou shalt not come into church without a tie on.

Thou shalt not come to church and not sing in the right way. Thou shalt not come to church like it is literally thou shalt thou shalt not were given a list of you got to do this. You got to not do this.

We walk in with this burden and he says no no you're not doing that anymore now you're serving in the spirit. We're not military looking through the book to see exactly what can and can't be done. You sometimes are like lawyers. You show me where the Bible says it's a sin and I stopped doing it. We like even being haughty and that way you should read the Bible says and I'll stop doing it. That's not the spirit at all. What the Bible teaches we now serve not by the letter but by the Spirit and many of us might think that this means we can live a lawless. We don't have to worry about the law anymore we can live lawless lives now because. But that's not what being said in the slightest. You Galatians or two in verse 19 the Bible says. For

I through the law it is through the law and dead to the law that I might live under God.

I am dead to the law but I'm dead also that now my life can change. Now instead of letting drugs tell me what to do with my life now God is what tells me to do with my life and instead of letting my anger tell me what to do with my life. And now let God do and show me what I'm supposed to do instead of living my life in all of this bitterness that I live with everything that's happened to me in the past. Everything changed now and now I live unto God because guess what.

We are servants to the one that we choose to obey. And you can think you're not a servant to your bitterness but anybody that's around you know you're a servant to your bitterness because you can smell it a mile away and it only takes three seconds for you to open your mouth and everybody hear it.

And guess what. There's a reason for you to be bitter. All kinds of bad stuff happen to you. And I understand that all kinds of bad stuff has happened to me but we can't live with our bitterness that cannot enslave us anymore. Now we live on to God.

Our life has now changed.

We used to live to drugs we used to the alcohol used to live the good times and we were slaves to that.

Now we live and to.

It becomes part of our DNA our union with Christ produces service and it produces the service that the law could never predicts. It produces a service that the law can never produce. We

want to please the one that has done so much for us. So we live with that reality and everything we do our spirit the spirit of service would this be said about us today what would we be known as those that serve whom in the newness of the Spirit. I come from a background we're serving him by the letter of the law was the absolute normal thing today. I'm allowed to do that. Am I allowed to do this you're not allowed to do that. Is a pastor OK with this. Last time I checked the pastor was not the one that really should matter is the Word of God OK.

That's a whole different question. It's patchwork with us.

I grew up being a pastor's kid and then I want to be a missionary kid the only thing worse than being a pastor's kid to be judge has been a missionary kid to be judge the pastor's kid. There's a church it's always looking at you deciding what you should and shouldn't do. I'm thankful that river church isn't like that. I honestly we don't even have those conversations at my house. But man when I grew up that one and all the reality and then I became a missionary can you know what I mean your kid is a missionary. Kids want to have to live up to the expectations of 100 churches not one.

It's a crazy life that we live. Well you have to understand is we live to please.

Can Jesus should we wear this or that is serving by the letter we now serve and not by the letter but with a spirit. This

new we desire to please the one that died for us in our day and age. We book legal systems and expectations. Human nature wants us to go to extremes because wouldn't it be a lot easier if you were to just tell you if you obey these three rules then you'll be the perfect Christian.

That's not the way we live because we just. Your reality is different than mine. The Holy Spirit is dealing with me with stuff that doesn't deal with Jeff in the same way and David you deal with that I don't deal with in Sydney or in the Holy Spirit's leading living inside of us explaining to us teaching us talking to us and all of Rollman ain't going to talk about that.

Human nature makes us want to go to extremes because all humans love lists can do that can do this can't do that can't do this.

Some like list better than others etc.. I'm one of those we say things like we are saved by grace so we can live however we please we have a license to sin. We seek to prove to me that's wrong and we screamy it top our Longton other say we are saved by grace but we have to live under the law to really please God. And here what you have to understand.

Legalism is the belief that I can become holy and please God by obeying laws. Legalism is the idea that I can become holy and please God by obeying rules. With this mentality we think we can measure our spirituality by list of to do's and don'ts. The biggest biggest weakness of legalism is that it sees sins plural but not sin. The root of the problem. We love saying. I know that I'm not mature you know because he is not dealing with the core of the issue. He loves judging the outward not inward. We live in the newness of the Spirit not the deadness of the law. Doing right now is doing right now as written on our hearts content. We live based on a desire on the inside not because of a threat from the outside. My parents would say Chris do this do this will do it because mommy and daddy should too.

And now all of a sudden you become a man and you start doing things that your parents told you to do but you don't do it anymore because somebody looking over your shoulder. My parents told me to make my bed every day. I like my bed made every day still today. It's crazy the way that works is sitting there. This is why Paul states in first second Corinthians 3 6 and 7 that the Spirit gives life is just who also made us to be able able ministers of the New Testament not of a letter but of the Spirit for the letter kill. But the spirit giveth life. The law is the law will not approach correctly will make your judgment. It's going to frustrate you is going to cause you to be bitter and to give up.

It's going to cause you to learn to make excuses for your behavior. And here's the big deal about what the what the law does to you. It will suck the joy out of your Christian life. It will suck the joy out of your Christian life. So the big news is we've died to the law but the question is how does our life bear fruit of that tree. Are we loving our neighbors in ways that bring him glory. Would you Eve would your neighbor even know that you're a follower of Christ. It's a lot easier. Last year I had a Georgia Bulldogs wreath on my front door.

It's a lot easier than a Bulldogs fan than it is.

I'm a follower of Christ when my neighbors even know what my neighbors even care is their fruit from my life. Are we serving him and others that are around us. Many things be said of us today. May we ask ourselves this week how am I going to show this tree how am I going to show you that my child is living like one. When we decide who we are. Only then will we decide what we do. The truth of the Scriptures. We are a child of the king but we find in this passage we looked over today and so I hope and pray you go home with us this we are not drawn to a list of rules we are drawn to a person that paid our debts.

There are certain people that when they need help.

It's like an immediate yes because let me just tell you. What did David slyer called me last week. Hey can you help me. I really don't.

Yes David of course I can.

David has put bandaids on my van for so many years it's not even funny. I don't know how it's still running but it still is. So when David needs help get the job. As soon as he needs help and you know why not because I'm a good person because you know what I can't really look at David and be like well do you understand I could do it. Oh I was busy the day God changed your transmission out.

Thank you very much.

We're drawn to a person what happens as Christians we realize what Jesus did for us and all of a sudden everything seems small but it changed the transmission doesn't look near as nice when you compare to the one that put his wife on the cross of Calvary. You're

not near as big of a deal is it when you look at it that way are we.

We look at it we all want to serve. Because my relationship with him are we known for our love to him and to his children. There ought to be love in this church for people that are nothing like us because of what he's done for us is what happens when you really apply. Romans Chapter 7 verse 1 3 6 4 life. When I come to you this morning asking you might help me as a pastor to lead well to bring you honor to bring you glory and all that I do. I ask you if you might help me to realize the fruit of my relationship with you is totally different than what it was the I ask if you might help me to live a life that brings you honor. Thank you for all that you've done. I mean to walk away today changed by your word Jesus Name I pray.

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