The Fruit of Relationship

Chris Gardner

October 1, 2017

Haven't been diving the Romans going through Chapter Six. Now we're about to hit Chapter 7 and I hope that Chapter 7 is going to mean as much to you as it has to me. Studying for Romans Chapter Seven is an amazing passage and I feel like I say that every week probably only because I say that every week because you realize what an amazing book you hold in your hand you realize in 2016 we still study the Word of God and as we study it still hits home in ways that nothing else can ever do.

We have an amazing privilege of holding the Word of God in our hands and the Word of God is not an end to what we do. That is the Word of God is there for one reason and one reason only the Word of God is there for us so that we can know the God of the world so he can get to know you all. And so that's with the Word of God is force.
Romans Chapter 7
Last week we wrapped up what we know as Romans Chapter 6. Very few things that I'm thankful for that and for these big numbers and small numbers and arrivals because Can you imagine coming to church and me saying hey go to that that letter of Romans that you have it's like 15 pages long it'll probably be on page four more or less. Look for these words and that's how you had to find it. I'm very thankful for the chapters and person in our Bible. OK. It's awesome to be able to say let's go to Romans chapter 7 and verse 1 but a lot of times that really messes us up. And that's kind of the case here in Romans Chapter 7. Romans Chapter 6 you know the idea of the chapter is that these chapters are awesome but we've got to be careful because what tends to happen is for study in the Bible it did these big numbers kind of throw us off.

We're like oh it's it's a whole nother chapter. You know we think in episodes you're like I'm on episode thirty seven thousand two hundred twenty two of this series on Netflix. Hey when do we go when we go to captor's we think of it as the same thing. We're changing episodes. No you're not. This is a book a letter that was written to the church in Rome and so we're coming from Romans Chapter 6 word. Well what we talked about last week and how we are dead to sin. Now we come to Romans chapter 7 in Romans after 6 Paul has been redefining our relationship. Paul

has been redefining our relationship to the law through the death of Christ.

Christ died and since he died since he died since Christ died if you get your paper that's the first thing on the on the handout in Romans 6. Paul in redefining our relationship he's been redefining our relationship to the law through the death of Christ.

Jesus died and since Jesus died everything changed. Now everything has been redefined and now because of that. And this is not some. Let me just say this. It scares me that we listen to preaching and we walk away the same.

Because this book should change our lives. It should not be some book that we know more about it. Should change our lives. And my prayer every morning if I'm standing there ready for singing on Sunday morning is Lord help this printed page to get tattooed into the hearts and minds of our people because it does.

Everything changes everything changes. Romans 6 he's been redefining our relationship to the law through the death of Christ.

It's something vital that we must grasp in our daily lives. And he's going to dive into how we must decide who are or who we are going to serve in our lives.

So we finish last week. Romans Chapter 6 talking about the choice that we have in who we decide to serve.

But get to see when it comes down to it. Romans Chapter 6 teaches us that we are the servants of the one that we decide to obey. We scream freedom all day long but we don't really have freedom when we decide to serve sin.

And that's what Paul talked about in Romans. So today they want to start with Romans what we call Chapter Seven here and I hope we can help you as we go through this passage before we dive in and start in Romans Chapter 7 verse one is pray Lord and I come to you realizing the fact that in our hands we hold your word. Dear Lord I come in amazement and all and what you have to say you're like come in amazement and all.

What it will do in our lives if we actually do more than give it lip service. I ask the Lord today that you might you might just help that I not be a blockage for your word or your word has plenty to say and to help us grow. May I just expose what your word has to say. It may bring honoring Lord and may it be for the good of us as we are growing in your embrace. We thank you for all that you've done. I pray you ma'am.

So number one. Romans Chapter 7 we talk about our relationship our relationship. Romans Chapter 7 verse 1 through 3 and so Paul starts out by explaining to us what a relationship with the law looks like what a relationship with the law looks like. So what is a relationship with all like. The Bible says Romans Chapter 7 in verse 1. No

you're not brother for us speak to them that know the law that the law had dominion over a man as long as he lived.

He says Don't you know. No you not brethren and he just. You're not brethren he's talking to Christians and he said no you're not brethren for I speak to them that know the law.

How does the law have dominion over man as long as you live.

He just has dominion or rules over a person as long as the person lives.

Here's what I need you to understand. Law has dominion and you look at it. See here's what we don't understand about scriptures. Many times we all think that you can dive into a certain camp and decide what you believe about the Bible. You really can't because the Bible is a book that intention has doctrines that say one thing on this side and the other thing on that side and they are not separate and different and they're not to truth for their truth. They come together to bring us the gospel of Jesus Christ is all about. It's not nearly as easy as we think it is. Well I fall into this camp where I bought into that camp because honestly the can't we ought to fall into is the camp of being students of the Bible.

We're going to be students of the bible the second chapter in Chapter 7 in verse 1 Chapter 6 he talks about you choosing and then Chapter 7 he starts by saying the last time and you know so what are you talking about here. As you can see he's continuing the whole conversation of death that he had the previous chapter in the British you're talking about death here are you doing the same thing and he started with the second of they don't you know this. No you're not. Don't you know this. Didn't

know you're not here. I'm speaking of those that know the law because here's the deal. The

Roman Church was made up of Jews and Gentiles but even the Gentiles knew the law. Even the Gentiles knew the law.

The state statement he's going to make a shift to an illustration that helps explain the point that he's making and vision of what he's saying in verse 2 in verse 3 he said. Here is an illustration that explains what I'm talking about. Romans Chapter 7 verse 2 and verse 3 it says for the woman and husband is bound by the law to her husband. So long as he liveth But if the husband be dead she is removed from the law her husband. So then it was her husband Libicki should she be married to another man. She shall be called an adulterous But if her husband be dead she is free from the law so that she is no adulterous though she be married to another man.

And that's really rough words there Chris. What in the world is the Bible talking about there. Let's go through a little bit.

He says the woman that had the husband by law in that day and age Baichwal was bound to him he's bound to him by law. They're bound to each other as long as he lives.

By law they're bound as long as they're living. By the way this was all for the Jews as well as for the Romans. You can look back historically and see that. Here's the deal. You are bound until they're dead. He's referencing this law when he says that he says there's only one way that a person can be freed from her husband.

And that is by death by killing him exactly.

There's only one way to be free from your husband and then kill that dead by the way. You realize that they're going to take that totally out of context and somebody's going to say Chris Gardner said and then I'm going to be on the accomplice list at the police station for that relief. Here's what you just said there's only one way to be free.

And that way is by death that now many people take these paths. They believe the pageant here is to give us guidance on marriage and divorce OK. So this is what God's saying about marriage and divorce. But that's not what he's talking about at all here. Now does the Bible talk about marriage and divorce. Absolutely.

But that's not what he's saying here. What do you saying here is I need you to understand this is an illustration for you to grab a hold of this idea of what I'm talking about with the law. If you read Romans Chapter 6 it's not. This is not so. CHRIS Where do you find the great wisdom of the scriptures about marriage. Not many people I know would say well in the first seven chapters of the book of Romans is where you find that that's not at all what he's saying and what he's saying is this I need to understand he's saying you have you have to understand in the law you could not be free unless there was a death.

And here's what he's saying. I'm trying to illustrate something here. I'm trying to illustrate what happens between the law and what happens between the Gospel of Jesus Christ that the illustration truly matters.

You say Chris what do you believe about marriage and divorce.

It doesn't matter what I believe we're going through Romans Chapter 7 and Romans Chapter 7 is not sitting here saying what these are the 17 laws about what happens between a person that's married or divorced it's not all. That's what's happening as Paul said. We're talking about dead to the law live to Christ and we're saying that in the same way that the law said this.

This is the truth that is trying to bear he's telling us how we have died to the law. What he says is this you have died to the law.

This is an illustration. Guess what the good news is that this is exactly what we've been talking about in this passage as well. Isn't it funny as you read Romans Chapter 6 7 and 8. You look at it you're like yeah that's exactly what that's about. Romans Chapter 7. He's saying this is an illustration to teach a truth unit growth.

A woman can't just marry another man when her husband's life. You know that by law by the law you know that death frees her from that law and those that and through that she becomes free to marry another man she's able to marry another man after the husband is dead. This

was a law that everyone reading this letter knew about. So because of that they understood the point that Paul was making.

And your point Paul's making death frees you from the service of the one that rules you.

If you've got a piece of paper and you're pulling that out he put an asterisk next to that one.

That's a pretty awesome statement end quote there that frees you from the service of the one that rules you.

That frees you from the service of the one that rules you if you die tonight and don't show up at work tomorrow. They're not going to fire.

Just saying you know you come to church for wisdom that you know you do. But if you die today and you don't show up at work tomorrow nobody's going to call and be like you're fired. Why. Because they have no dominion over you anymore. And that's a Paul is saying here he's saying in Romans Chapter Seven that takes away the dominion of the other person look at everything that he says about the law and these verses. The

Bible says in 78 verse one it says the law has dominion and verse 2 it says bound by the law. Then it says in verse 2 to your list from below.

And in verse 7 verse 3 hits and you're free from that all we die to the law that once enslaved us and showed us our lack of ability to free ourselves.

Here's the deal with the law. The law was set up so that you could realize it's impossible to attain the standard of perfection that is required of us. Does anybody in here think that you're close to perfect.

My hands not up here the way I. Not at all. Because if I were to think God's perfect I got to do is go after my wife and she'll tell you he's not perfect. I've got to ask my kids and they'll tell you oh no he's definitely not perfect I'm not perfect you're not perfect. And the law was never sick. And here's the problem the way we view the law that's messed up is this what we think sometimes as we're going to do the law and that's going to please Jesus and what we don't understand is the law doesn't believe Jesus. The law had one purpose.

The law was to draw us to Jesus the law. What did it take us to Jesus.

That was what the law was for. We've dodged the law that once enslaved us and showed us our lack of ability to free ourselves. Now can I just say we don't really like that too much do we. Don't we love saying stuff like. Well I'm the one that brought about this to the point it's out right now. We love doing that. We even have statements for it. I pulled myself up by my own bootstraps.

We don't we don't we love doing that kind of stuff don't we love talking about how strong we are but see the law is for one thing and one thing only so that you can become humble before our God and say there's no way that the law can ever please you. So because of that I kneel at the feet of Jesus.

That's the only thing that I can do. This is the seed of Jesus. All of this happened because of the cross of Jesus Christ. What a crazy awesome metaphor. The Bible teaches us that we are married to Christ to be a Christian. That's what you're going to find in this passage just to fall in love with Jesus and to enter into a legal personal relationship with him. A relationship that's come for a comprehensive marriage. How much of your life does marriage change. Just think about that for a second. How much of your life does marriage change. Only about 113 percent. We

do not live the same as we did before we were married. And by the way I love being married but it's changed who I am is changed who I am. Many single people think man if I were to get married that fix everything. Have

you ever heard. Have you ever heard single people talk about that. I just always need to get married every day. And then married people say well if I just wasn't married to fix everything. In it funny the way it works.

We we're sitting there. Hey that's exactly what's going on here. What they don't understand is people that are married do understand that marriage is putting two centers in the same household. OK. What's worse than putting one sinner in a household putting two centers in a household.

And what's even worse than that is saying y'all aren't living separately you are now living together.

That's just a recipe for disaster. All right. Mary. Forget you see they didn't fix anything.

You don't need to lose your job. It's not a recipe for Christ. If Christ is at the center of their marriage.

Honestly very little hope for finding a cure.

They are going to work.

I can't say what I want to say you know what amazes me that they say it because the natural sort of just in the same household is always going to be the center of everything. It's not going to work. While the other thing about marriage is that when you get married no worries your wife goes on the back of your wife just to say you seem like your wife is the same as it used to be married we may not want to be of it.

Even the Christians are not under the law that every aspect of their changed by Jesus.

And that's what you're doing. And that's because the marriage changes everything. Chris do you enjoy being there. My lunch hour. We will never see the OCD guy. Can you believe this OCD guy. People who really know what you want.

You know when you're driving Chevy Cavalier and you drive a Chevy Cavalier deputation from church to church the church had three rows of books which were set up like a library that I won't get out of reading that time with a book in the back of a car everything that I had read inside the box the always on my list of books I was ready to read my work all the time. I had this closet in the back of my car and all my clothes from a specific certain way I'm kind of OCD about stuff.

I mean I have kids. Guess what. Oh.

That is used to be. You see what we understand.

I would not change marriage for me.

Thank God for my wife marriage changes. Here's your. This in the letter of the law. Now you are thinking of it as a letter of the long island you think of it as being Mary or something like that the other way or the other except for Christians on the wall.

Every aspect of their life changes. But you know their idea of being married to Christ is the final answer to the question this season as you dive into the lives of.

A lot of people say that any way I choose and when they say you don't. Just you don't understand.

You can do what you choose because you can't even think about living the way she is at you that way because you love Jesus is crazy.

I work from my house with my there and I've got me really everywhere Carstensen can you hear your question for the day my.

He just won't be for long. Why do you think you just have the interest of course you can do your work for too long. If a person a person yesterday just turned 30 on Friday and yesterday he took his wife out on a day and a Ohio's. If you want to say just before they got married did you forget to get married and have a date with your wife. You don't know me married everything Jane and that's how this is.

With everything I said for my wife and other be really passing around. You can't give it to me unless.

You know how do you feel about you. I don't worry about. Your whole life.

To live my life differently.

Being married to Christ a Christian wants to know Jesus Christ Jesus the way we do not love you because we are in love with Christ. We do not choose love in marriage we have a significant loss of freedom. Also you can live as you choose.

A single person can make decisions you better marry person.

So I call the great Christian. I can see why. And don't want to be on drugs and a lot like why don't.

They just look at it.

It's nothing new. There's a duty and obligation on the other hand and obviously there's a possibility of acceptance. You can never understand you know the most amazing thing about marriage is 21 years of marriage.

Why does that's the reason you got married. Because she knows me and all my good and bad.

I wish you the bad far outweigh the good.

She just love you. There's no way to understand what marriage is all about. When you see this you change your life is no different. You're no more married because that changes the way of this love. And then just the engines and also the joy over her lost it.

Let me just say that it's like one person and the other 500000 person. Chris are you willing to lose your freedom. Absolutely. Tell

me when and where I would lose my freedom. I can wait. When I married my wife the best day of my life is one of the best days of my life or the day that freedom is all about changes.

And in a good marriage her whole life. And she said So you see to discover the wishes of the one you love and are happy to make changes.

You learn when your spouse likes you just because you get to.

My wife loves what I'm talking about and I feel we need to say why. I mean she's got it down to something to you which racetrack has the best prices because she does not come here.

The head will sort of you a 20 mile radius which is state of Georgia in Georgia. She'll tell you which ones are better than the other ones.

And why you know the coolest thing is I love doing this. All you have to somebody walking on the kitchen.


We're just seeing my wife law student discover the wishes of the one you love and you're happy to make you change your life. As with your choice of Jesus and He alone is love from your own you can see every we love you not because you love your mother because he loved us first.

What can I do. The one that I love and that's what he did.

Because everyone knows that you love going out. Always does us and some of you don't know about it but some of you are going to go on his own I.

Guess. But he all of us off the wall. We all natural.

We should do the law for your children.

Have you ever noticed a natural reaction when you say they say or what are you hearing that you wish you were just getting on with.

No me resisting going down something. But what.

You tell me.

Did you miss this is born out of love and what was supposed to bring you to Christ to make you fall in love with Christ is following Christ.

Guess what happens.

It changes everything. My life has never written down for my life. This is now very.

Prices are way better than the ones they got to drive which is just a couple of miles from my house.

Get really good books.

You love somebody that changes everything. PAUL. Changes you love to read point we'll get to that and it's just. This week. Well you know why forgive from love Think about the way you choose the way the world changes everything about your wife Mary the day of his life you know marriages don't work the marriage Yunji those marriage merge you don't work. Nothing you do. Doesn't work you don't have to work you don't have to want to serve the wants. And when you're trying to serve. As a head with a lot of folks who get along. It's not white you know what it's like for you change the way you make continues for forward. Do you mind your. Nothing more less than. Totally devoted and in love with your love. I think you do.

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