The Gospel For What It’s Worth

Chris Gardner

January 29, 2017

Told. Everybody on Facebook. To bring a bible. That is this. Something really cool about having a Bible. And then. Later to a passion. And looking at. Going. Back. Down. The.

Passage. So we live in today. So much and so many electronic Bible. I've got my iPad. With me. And I. Can even have a phone. You it's. Question. How. Good is. The Bible. Nothing like having. A little paper Bible. And. I would like to buy a book in five years. Like what. Happened inside. You know that's. That's what I want to say. And so. The. Bottom of my Bible I'll go back to. In. The. Underlying years ago and put. References over the. Things that made. Him look. Bad and he might bring. A Bible. Because of that. Not even the Bible. From cover to cover. Without a problem. Can. To. Handle it but. Most people. Didn't. Like to. And. So. That's. We're talking about that differently.

But. The. Romans. Chapter 1. It's. We're excited to be this morning. And the book of Mormon. So. The. Book. Over a dozen other books. In the New Testament. And so. This. Could. Have a hand out. That way for. People to. I. Guess we have to. Have one. But. Why do. People. Never. Support. In. This book to a group of people. Who. Never visited. Never. Never. Never. And. That's a. Big red. Tape. And. So. We're going to come here and. Find that out about the book of. Romans. With. Which I. Started. Talking. About the church. But. I. Don't know anything about. Reputation only the location of. The. Book. One. Looks like. We've got a. Lot coming up with.

Those. Words. Ms. Tippett was considered a capital. Word. With. The capital. Of the world and so. This. Started. This whole. Thing started. To come out like. That. And after that to. Lebanon. To. Go through the whole thing. But. I believe. It's possible for leaven. To talk about. What. It says. The. Question. Is bad. From. That happened to be. The party. That's. Why they go back. And. Start talking about this man. Who is. About To. Happen to talk about. This. Book. But that's. What happened. To. Us. And so all of a sudden. Whatever happened with. That. That. Took reform. Back to what we find ourselves. In the book of Romans people excited about. This. So. Excited about the book and so we're sitting here in this church the church is gone.

But here's the deal. The Jews were. And put a video. To watch. Before. It. Started. When. I. Met with a bunch of Gentiles. That was in a group and the other from the Jews. Come back. And. To. It. Well. That. I. A different kind of cult. They're not using them. And so. People really talk about how to bring the. Jew and the Gentile together. Together. Because. It's. Impossible. To. Even. Think. About that. In this book. Jews had one. In. 20. 20 years. On a mission. Asking for. Opinion. But. On. The other. And that's. Just. Compute. It's like whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa.

Whoa. Whoa. This book. Is the. Most about. Both of us are thinking about moving to. The. Life. Living by the hour. So. In about. We have. Now. Time. Was talking about the. Importance. Of the Gospel and we'll get to that. In just a second. To. Been. To the gospel for 25. To. A mature man. Who is writing this book. The wisdom of the book with the. Truth. In. The book of Mormon. So even the Pope. Passed. Last Will and Testament. That's a different path. Last Will and Testament. Is what we find here in the book of. He basically has three purposes in writing the book. With Buddhism. And I want to dive into the critics. Number one he a missionary position. When you have a mission.

To gain support. From the church. For Missing work. Now we've had the privilege of having. Missionaries. Here because. I got a lot of friends that are missionaries. And. They. Come. In. They can tell you about anything. But the reason I come here. Is they want to. Support them. What. About it. That. They want. Because guess what. They. Would have to. And. So. The purpose. Of. This book was a missionary purpose. And. I want to be a blessing. And I love it. Yes. And. Also. That's. A. Blessing. Back. To. You. The second thing is. Had an apologetic. Apologetic for this. He had the purpose of defending what you believe. And so. He had an apology. A person that. Owns. The thing. That they believe in apology.

Is to develop a defense. Of his understanding of the gospel because it was under attack. And so listen. I'm going in. And I will. I'm going to the back of the glasses. But I'm. Going. To. Let. You know I'm doing. What I believe is. I'm going to fight for what I believe in. What's sad today is that. We'll talk about. It about. You. Know. Doing. That and. That's. The one.

That's out of our way passing the pastor. Listen. I'm standing up for the truth no matter what it cost me. Stand. Up. From a. Pulpit for the pastor. Purpose. Who haven't let go of the divisions in the church. It was natural for there to be divisions in the church. One. Of. The victims in. The. And there were Gentiles and those two did not know. What to do with how the church can. Operate. That way. This. Has a message of. Life turning to. The potential. That if you come with a warning label on. The warning label to take comfort in. The material and. Maybe you have this. To your religion. Tiger you know. That the book of Mormon is going to. Say. Listen. This is something. We need.

To deal with. So. We start with. Three points. Three ideas. Here. And. 1. Or. 7 should. Take about. Look at the screen. If. You. Bother. And. Look at. What we're talking about here. Romans chapter one. Wanting to. Stop for this. Paul. You know in America we write this long letter who have to look at the last day for. Me to go back. To. Read what he had to say. But. You know. I don't mean. A servant of Jesus Christ. To be an apostle separated into the mouth. Of God. A promise to fall by. Prophets. And the whole. Point. Is to. Find. The despiser the despiser. Say. Know what you're talking about. You're absolutely going to be a little bit about. The lesson of the. You.

Know. With. Part of the story the one that. I'm talking about. The. Capital letter. He couldn't know. The name of. Not. The name of Jesus. Having. To. Work. With people who hated him. Man was born with a. When he was born. And. Pedigree. And pedigree and three or. Should. Have confidence in the play. And. What I've done. In the play. Had. One. Of. The. Fundamental. Of. The type of being. Confronted. With a. Boy. Like. A family. That. Was the message. From. Them. Let me. Tell you. When it comes to. The Christian. That was and. For. Me. And. I would. Accept the man in. One picture. And not. One. I was. The. Victim of what's going on.

And far. Reaching out. To. Against. The disciples of the Lord. And. To the high priest just. Like. The that were threatening. The people of God. He was very proud of his knowledge and his belief. And. One. Thing. Even. People. In the world one thing. In the name of. The man I don't know if you have ever done this. Happened. With him. To write a. If. That Ever Happened To. Somebody and I'm done. With it much better you know it's. Like. You know. That. I'm. To. Hear. What. That Pat thought about Christians. I'm talking about. You. In. The. Back of his neck with stand up. And. For. With the despising. This kind of sensitivity that. There was nothing. That included. More than that.

Man. Power. And there was nothing. To back down from his. Power. Would have made a would been American. Bush. Said he had been like. I put my. Boot Strap. But. That's the kind of. Power. Wow. It's. The government's own mind. Over. The. MASK. Everything. Is a joke. And this. Is how we represent. For example. The pastor. Is going. To talk. About. How. To. Do. The. Talking. To. Your pastor. Didn't mean to. Talk to you anymore. Photons. Map. I. To. Do. That with a long time ago. The whole thing. Is. Without me. More. But it did happen. I'm thinking that. I'm coming. To. Alabama. I'm a pastor. I'm here. For you. In different ways. But I love. It. Because I don't. Remember who Paul. If you read the next words Paul. Has to do with I want to. Go. To the.

Next world. All of a sudden in. A. Way same woman. In. The. Word. What happened to the power of fact. That would never back down. Anybody you know like he was. The one black to come. Back down. And.

Look at him. Take a look at the. Power. Of. This proud man as you. Were putting. It. In.

This word. You know. In a way. It's like this Ruth. Formant citizen. Identified himself I think. It. Was. It. Identified. Was. Coming. Up with a woman. Who would come on. But. Is that. What. The woman says. Underminded. Put a stop. To the newspaper.

This is beautiful. A relationship. Of servitude of another His will. Together. With. Another like path. With. Will. Have. To do what God will. That. Would serve further. Here. Because you. Say pedophile. But. Help me with the next part. Of what. The government of. The man. With. The. Come to the Apostleship. The best book that. Pavillon that he has only. When he becomes.

Can I just tell you today that that story has not turned into that. But the truth of the matter is we look for. All kinds of crazy places. To. Find. That because. True freedom comes. With a. The biggest question for us today. And the big question is who we are. A servant. Of Jesus Christ called to be an apostle. And separate them. Into the. So. Pat path. Of.

Jesus. But I love this next part. He places in second. Place of humility. I'm a fervent. God doesn't come a living. With. Death. Does. What he. Does. Now. And. I've. Been. Through. Your. Support. Position of. God. It. Took. About. Up to the woman conference by. Identifying his master his master his master. His master. The servant by identifying. His. Office. Because he was an apostle. By identifying his people who was set. Apart. For the gospel. I do. Not understand about Paul. A lot of stuff about him being separated. Because I. Have. Always lived a life of separation who has lived the life. That were separated into the. Got. Food. For the world. And then all of a sudden. Now he was separated. The two.

So what is it about. The heart of. The gospel that if. You. Read the. Bible is the news with the by day. News. Back in those days. There. Is no. Facebook Twitter. No. No. No. No. No radio. Television. And. That. Kind. Of. Show. The. Dark. News. And. Would. Was. Important. For. The. But. What. About. In. A battle. With the. Members of your family. About. How. You can. Say. The. To come out. We have to. Remember. That. Weve got to. Stand. Up. This way. That. This. Is something. To. Go back. And. That was all about. The. But for the gods. It had to be read by people that its good.

As bad. When. All. Your friends your friends. Know. Facebook. Like. To help me. Now. That's kind of. The.

With the boss. You have to decide whether it's. Worth. Spending. Have. You spoken of the good news of the gospel. Having. The great value. Of.

The dollar. Of course the basket not good advice. About what you get. Is. Good news. But what's already. Been done for you something that. Happened. The. Other religions say this. Other religion. The. Person.

Has Died Booga thank God. Of course. It's. Tradition. To. Do. This. The beauty of what happens with Christianity is different because we don't get good advice. With. Good. Times. To.

Pay the price. The Gospel isn't. About. What what to believe in to get. Something. Done outside of. Work. That's really good news if you think about it. Because guess what. You. Can't match that. Messed up visits have paid the price. Other religions tell you how to get to God. And Jesus says the. Because. I. It's. A question about the gospel which. Is the gospel. About. A lot of. What happened. With. The gospels about us. The gospel. Had separated him and his. Love about that word. And it separated him. Back. But. The. Separated. The gospel. Separated the. Way that. The Gospel looked at the way. We're doing that on purpose giving other Bible to him with what he says. Separated. Come From. Me. I come from a background.

Where. You have. Of. Don't know. What kind of that way. But. You. Know. I'm. Quoting. The gospel. Truth matters my life. Is wrapped up in the Gospel. Of Jesus Christ. Most of us want to brag about we're separated from. But that's not what he does today. What. About. What are you. Waiting to. Do About It. That's what I mean by that is this what. Happened. To Because. You. Know what. Things. Other than your life. Your life is built. Around. Them separate and to. Have a Spanish adventurers of course. For the Mexico. And. Other boat. To be bond on the. Were separated to the point. That we poured out. On a big. Separation speech about the. And life. With. The boring. Life put in turn by the. Wonderful. What I'm. Going to. Do. What I would do with my life. Given. To. The. Guy. Before. I. Passed off. As. The gospel. Of. God in a way.

That with him. This is this is his gospel God's gospel he promised before. By his prophet. The gospel is. More than. Most. People. Believe about that awful. News about. The. Health Report. That's. The. Gospel. Gospel. The Gospel is more. Than. What the Mormons. Want. To true. I love this. Which. Is not something. That. Came up in just. About. About. About. That. We have this idea of passing. Is not something. That. With. A Bible. Or.

A promise. The Bible. Tells us that. With. The. Christian. Bible question. The gospel family. Home. And back in that. Process. It's not something that was true for the man. It's. Because this was God. From the very. I've been around people that talk about Jesus. Was. A. Woman. With a. Bit. Of. The women. In. The. That's not. What it was. Back then. That's. The problem. With. The. Very The Spider man. Who by. The. Mother. Who values his knowledge more than you. Do that you deserve. More than anything. Until. He found Jesus and what he said was the Druzes have more value. Than. That. I. Could. For my life. You find that. The second. Is to deliver. The. And. The. Money. For.

The. River. Valley. It was made in the school of David according to the play from the play to be the Son of God of power. And the Spirit of Holiness. By the resurrection. When he had promised. A promise from one. To one of the three with. The. Boss. Promised the Lord. How passionate. It. Is. But he says. Paul.

You are the bad. You. Come. From. The fruit of David. The son of God. You. Don't have time to go to it. When Paul. Is talking about the to us. As. We read it. See what passes. For spring. Is. True and. True he says. At a time. In. Return for. One day. You'll stop. At that time not to know anything. At all. No. Matter.

The cost. Pay attention to. What you have. To. Do. With the. God. When. Writes. His readers understand exactly what he's saying. Those. Kinds. Of problems in the Bible. Might. Not. Be. Called the Son of God. Got mad. People are angry. People try to kill him because. Of God. And the. Good. That that was. God. Like. Calling him. God. And I was. Like. What is it. My. God. When Paul. Writes. This is. Exactly what I'm saying. John says that he writes the books so they can believe. In John. Twenty. Three one. I've written this book so. That. You can believe. Pay attention to what he believes. Notice.

What he says. God. I. Believe. That. As. Given to them. That. I'm. Signing to sign and said. This declaration. That. He'll. Said. I'm born. To. My wife. Is different. Born of a virgin. People probably couldn't. But as. JOHN. Who is raised from the. Dead. From the dead. What can I do to you that. You will need to work and here's what they said. I loved to run really. Bad. From the. Bad on a bad. Day. And you can have a religion. Paul as a. Witness to. The resurrection is what I.

Thought to said. And if Christ. Be not risen. Then our printer. The. Thing to find. Is. That the. First. Five and Seven.

Minutes of time that's quite interesting. What. Have. You loved. To. Do with him. And your wife. Telling them. What. You're. Have. Been. Said. That. It. And. Have. Happened. Here. So. Much and so interesting. And. So. How. Is it. With the letter which it has with the man. Of. The man. Paul told us in the next letter. For. The. First. Time in 20 want to read the books when. The Bible says what. Your body is the temple of holy books which is in. Separated looking. The next word. Go back. For shell. And to realize that the price that was paid for. With the. Head. Of the. Mighty. God of the universe who died in the crash of. That.

Incident. Why. Is. That. Therefore glorify God in your body which are. God. Given the idea of being a slave to. Everything. And I know. That word is exact opposite of the America. That we love so much.

We love that word. You don't know Jesus you're not willing. To. Pay. For.

A slave or nothing. Bob. Masterson's food. Is my friend. And here's the deal. For me to be grateful. I'm. Passing. I'm not the only one that refuses grace. Look at what it says. In this brochure who says we. Have a free grace. We just. Have a. Saying. How. We should. Have a trip. To the faith. You. Are the God of Jesus Christ. And. The love of God. My father. Mouth. When. Talking to me. Through talking to people. One of the devoted. We. Decided we would follow Christ. In the. Same way. That. My door. Was. In the local church. Here's the deal. It doesn't. Stop at the local church. The Bible teaches us that we are. The. Other. In the world can be blessed. I love Jesus always says come into me. Go into all the which is coming to me. The fourth is going to. The Wall. To. Too. Close. To the pass. Look at. What we are have because. Nobody believes in.

Saleability. I. Don't think. We. Don't. We. Said in. Our part of God. I'm not the only one that's got. On. His life. I know it was. Easy for you to decide what to. Do to be done in my life. Since you said don't call me. Were things the in Romans 1 7. At was chapter 1 in book 7. And. Underline.

One part. Here. Are some answers. To. Word. I'm. Here's the question. I thought. The question for the day. Wouldn't you really Baggott. Have. To buy. More than. We.

Do. We live in a. Good. Mood. Are you really upset with some of us like. Making sure that.

Those around us know that we're. But that takes away from. Too. Many. Places. As the God. Of. Things. To think about. It it's possible you're changing the way you. Talk. So much to what. Is passing. Our view of. Life. Is. To look at. The. Coming. But if. People are writing a letter to women. I think. Who would say. That. In a way. That. You. Are to.

Work for the truth. You are. Rude. To the. Children.

Of God. And. If. You were. Having this. Appalling. And appalling. Appalling to them. And calling to a neighborhood not just rubber. And. Bruton's they have a policy. Of. Common. To. Those that call them. Fat. I had the privilege of visiting. Times. When I was there and. I verified with my Albanian plans. To. Be on in termsĀ£72 And if you know what I'm talking about. You understand why they. Not. Say that. They. Weren't that bad but. After. The fall of communism in Albanian. 2:9. Everyone. Anyone. I know that's ever been in the last 10 years talked about these things in.

Albania. So. Now they're talking. About. Freedom. Now. But. I'm not. Sure which. Country. No matter what. I've done that the first time and I'm looking like. Kind of way. To. Be. Mindful. Of. What. He does. To. The. Muslim man for. One or two people. They. And. With. Split. Wife. To defend. The country. Under communism. The Albanians. Isolated from the west the. You. Know. That. You. Know. The government propaganda told them. That. Worst. Of. A system. In. The family. With. The. Guy. With. The hamburger. It. Was. The bad. With. The. Wounded. Everybody else. Was. The. Other communist government. Those. You that are. Some of my friends talk about how. Hard it was. To be good enough to.

Actually. As you look. Back. To. This great country the. Man that's got to be. Worse. Than. For. The truth is. That we live. Under the freedom. Like. The Christ. Looks at you with pity. Because you do not understand how much. Of an. I'm. Bound. By. More than the value.

Your own life. How. Are you living today. Not. Living. Like a servant of Christ and feel free to defend your poverty all you want. But as you defend your property. You. Would sit back and laugh at. That. One day you might discover the. Concept of cry. And.

Cry. Yourself. On my trip. But. I don't. Think so. But. If. You insist on being your own master. What we do. That's taken the Gottsch place. Good. Bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. When you realize. When you're living your life. Protecting God.

From your taking. And you're saying God I'm a better man and to of me.

Anyway. And I'm. Thinking. That. Mr.. Quiesced and. I. Felt. Like my plans my will. It is. Wrapped up in. Me. How about the time today. That we. Just by you and I live. Next. To. The. Living. Room people for the. People.

Misunderstood. If. They don't have much to back. They're not good enough. Going. To. About. Well. Good. To be.

How. And. You. As. My master. As my server. I call my. You decide. To that. And you like. Because you're 40 years old. You've been following the Almighty. Paycheck for 20 years. That. Thing is horrible. It's like. That goes. Down to the. If. You are. A God. Or your family or your family. Can I ask you to help us more that might help us to about. The. Same. PAD. And place a value on. The. Last. You. Might. Didn't. Have it either. My.

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