The Great Exchange 2

Chris Gardner

March 12, 2017

This right here is the one passage in the Bible where you are sitting there going. Exactly why do I do expository preaching. Exactly why do we go verse by verse. But the Bible is there for us to learn from. And so we're going to go through and we're going to do that today if you if you have your page if you don't have your patron. Three weeks ago I went and filled out the first half for you. So now we're ready to do the second half of the lesson from last week and we're talking about the great exchange and the Book of Romans and Chapter 1. So the great exchange in Romans 1 and then we started off with the revelation of God's wrath. And so we would see that everybody worships something we talked about that when the last time and then we found a reason for God's wrath.

The reason for God's wrath and we found the gift of a truth the limit of a truth and then today we're going to start with number three and hopefully be able to finish this today. So number three if you got that written down there number three is the results of God's wrath. God's wrath is not something we like talking about. You know we love talking and saying God is love but we don't like talking about the fact that God is angry god is mad at sin of mankind and so God's wrath and so in the remaining verses the chapter Paul describes the devastating effects on the the universal human decision to spurn God.

There's two sheets thank you. OK there's two sheets. The one sheet this around here just ignore that one. That one's going to be for small group and study of Bible study small group discipleship. Thanks Jeff. So just take the train here and you put it to the side. The other one that one's got pictures in it. The one that some of you all are what color and all that kinds of. That's the one that did everybody get one of those. Oh David. Jacob when you grab two different policy we did this on purpose we're just trying. We're the ones that are left. You got the ones that are left here. If you don't have this handout raise your hand we'll get it to you. You. See we're just trying to make sure he's paying attention. And so Jeff Hutton made a today.

Some of you made it a day if you're already sleep and you made it f it's like over. So the great exchange So here you go got this this paper. OK weren't there on the third on the third page of the handout the first two pages.

We talked about two weeks ago and today I want to talk about the the. We're going to talk to talk to them about the results of God's wrath.

And we don't like talking about him being angry at all. We like talking about him being a God of love. We love God being our copilot.

You know like a god just in that over seat over there and if I need you I'll tell you OK that's that your job is we have hope. We

love talking about that. But Romans chapter one gives us a totally different picture of God. He says Listen God is angry and so he says in verse 22 he says Professing themselves to be wise.

They became fools.

Thinking of their wives they all of a sudden became foes. If you will know what mankind is when he professes himself to be wise outside of Scripture he is a fool.

That's what he is. Paul says that humans do this and here's what he didn't understand. Here's a human zoo.

Humans make an exchange humans exchange they exchange wisdom for foolishness. That's exactly what they're doing. They're exchanging wisdom for foolishness and that's really really smart.

If you think about it you when my kids were younger I used to tell them all the time Joshua would get$20 for Christmas and I'd say Buddy if you give me that one Bill I'll give you three bills.

And he'd be like yeah let's do that. There were three ones but there were three million ounces. All he cared was that he got a bill for Joshua that was the exchange and never let him. You're looking at me like I'm the biggest criminal in the world. Like I didn't keep the$20 but I try to teach him a lesson with that because see he has this idea that exchanging one bill for three bills are smart and he thought he was the best business man in the world because his daddy was dumb enough to exchange three bills for one bill and the owners now use Joshua's illustrations because the other three kids are in here.

But I did every single one of them said.

And so hey it's it's when you change the great exchange that we do we exchange what we exchange wisdom of God for foolishness we exchange wisdom of God as a great exchange. That's exactly what's going on here in this passage. The results are Paul says humans make an exchange. God responds to that exchange and the way response to that exchange is the Bible says He gives them over. He gives them over. Oh is that what you want. OK you got it. Take it. See how you like that for a little bit. I want Exchange.

So the first thing that's changed in Romans 1 23 24 is here. Let's read it it says.

And they changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into what an image may like to corruptible man they took the incorruptible. Amazing or inspiring. Unimportant. Almighty God.

And they exchanged him for an image.

I asked my wife to do this and as the submissive wife that she is she always says no. And so I said you know what I want you to make my wife does this my wife doesn't go out of modeling choklit she models figurines Sometimes I say I want you to a model of figurine after yourself.

And she's like No it just ain't happening.

I was going to say you you realize how dumb it would be for me to go I have a wife but I want to take that wife and I'm going to exchange her for an image how crazy would a person have to do to have to be to do that.

How can I know Morgan's thinking if I could exchange Justin for modeling for my configuring that might actually be a good idea.

But hey if you got a good marriage maybe you have a good you. There's no way you would ever do that. Here's what he's saying.

You took God Almighty and you made him into an image and his name is like corruptible man. Two birds to four footed beast and creeping things.

For God also gave them up to uncleanliness through the lust of their own heart to dishonor their own bodies between themselves.

You exchanged this great exchange you made your exchange. The beauty of God Almighty.

You made him into an idol.

I wish you could travel the world with me and see these different places around the world and notice how people have given their lives to these idols. I wish you could go to Thailand with me and watch how you can't read a house without a spot for an idol to go. And that's their god. I wish you could go to Peru and watch how everybody has idols in their house. I wish you could go and see all around the world how people are taking God Almighty and they've made him into this whole idol. So

what they did was they exchanged the image of God they exchange the image of God. And people don't get it because they're like well shouldn't we want to run to God.

But see if you look in the Bible people never run to God at all. They never run to God at all.

Peter and the disciples came in front in from a night of fishing in the boats.

Rinty they weren't able to catch anything and Jesus says hey cast your nets on the other side. Peter was annoyed with Jesus thinking they would just go make disciples out to the fish. It be like me telling David Schlyter how to be hit adapter's mechanic work like Chris. You want you keep preaching please leave me alone let me be the mechanic. They're like what in the world just tell us what to do. And the fisherman not you. Jesus Peter came back with so many fish that the boat began to sink. Now mark my reaction would have been to if Jesus would have done that with me. My reaction as an entrepreneur would be hey can we send a 50 50 percent co-ownership here in this business because I love to listen to anything I have to say about fishing but I won't and Peter's reaction.

You know Peter's reaction was hey this isn't what Peter did at all. He looked at them and he said Depart from me. For I am a sinful man and that is the natural human response to the all mighty God and that's the reason they go and they exchange idols and sign and Peter saw it he fell down at Jesus knee saying Depart from Me for I am a sinful man O Lord Peter saying this please leave.

I think out on and to please stay like I got way more fish with him than without you. I'm wrong no nobody.

Mankind doesn't like the holiness of God. We do not like it at all because when you see how holy a person is all of a sudden you realize how unholy you are. You know I used to think I was a pretty tall dude. And then David Schleifer became a member here. Now every time I shake hands David Dreier that hey I was the air up there. You

know what's that I'm not near as tall as I used to be.

I'm not nervous or as I used to be but when we go to the holiness of God what we find is we are unholy. They're saying please leave. You make me uncomfortable. You threaten me you make it to where I can no longer live my normal life so please just leave and that's exactly what mankind does in 2017 as well. This is the natural inclination of man. The natural inclination of man is not to is not to run towards the presence of God is to flee from the presence of God.

You know what happens because of that because of that will make tons of explanations about how God can exist. You know why because we don't want there to be a God mankind does not want there to be a God.

Our Nature says run from God not to God our nature says run from God not to God. They change the glory of God Almighty for something that looked like a man. This is how crazy that would be. I go to bed at night and I have a picture of my wife by my bedside table. You know we used to have pictures. You remember those those. Believe it or not. First time I handed Joshua a picture no joke he grabbed it and does this too and he goes Daddy it doesn't work like he was trying to zoom in on it to see if he doesn't get it. Be real when he's happy to be like this or crawl into bed. My wife's laying there and I turn over and then I turn my back towards her and I start talking about how much I love the picture.

And that's exactly what mankind has done with God. It didn't stop at that because see they had them in the shape of what the Bible says in Romans chapter 1.

They made them in the shape of what of animals. See

here's what we think. We think that when we take and we decide that there is no God we really believe that that makes us superior to God. But do you realize that the one that you worship is always superior to you.

And we work that mankind in the book of Genesis was God's most amazing and most excellent creation. It was not good. It was very good.

And then we take the most base creation that he made. And we bring it above us and we become the least of all of God's creation because we worship these idols.

They had them in the shape of animals birds four legged animals. Man began as God's highest creature he was made in the image of God.

But he ended lower than the beasts themselves and the insects because we worship them as gods.

Think about that. You're exalting the lowest of God's creation and you're making it bigger than yourself. God said that's exactly what mankind is doing what what has to be understood here is this. This is a great exchange. We're known for this great exchange. This is the story of humanity wrapped up in Romans chapter 1. They decided to exchange God for those things. See here's something that people don't understand.

Man doesn't invent religion because he's seeking for God he doesn't invent religion because he's sick and forgot it all. Religion screams that exact opposite. Religion screams you're running from God.

That's what religion screams. It was the same in the old days. How crazy of an exchange is that like.

I've got a$1 bill in my wallet. Does anybody have a 100 day let me change it for me.

You'd be like You're crazy. How in the world would you want to exchange a$1 bill for a hundred dollar bill. That's insanity. This exact same exchange that we've made that mankind has made with their god som church 106 verse 20 the Bible says.

Thus they change their glory into the similitude of an ox.

Edith grass it's just that they may be like an ox that disgress Jeremih Chapter 2 Verse 11 says. Had the nation changed their garage which are yet no gods. These these guys aren't even gods. Will you pretend that they are gods. But my people have changed their glory for that which does not. That's exactly what mankind has done when they did this. God gave them up but the problem was he gave them up to exactly what they wanted. That's the scariest part.

This isn't some this is not some new lie it's never been seen before the very first law you find in the Bible is found in Genesis Chapter 3 in verse 5 and he says God does know that the day that you're going to eat there of your eyes are going be open and you shall be as gods knowing good and evil that's exactly the same lie is being told in Romans and that exact same lie being told in 2017 in 2017 you watch those smart people and they're going to tell you there is no god to believe there is a god is a crazy thing. And he goes you know what. Exact same lie that was told in Genesis Chapter Three in verse 5 it's not a new law. It's not a cool law is no better today than it was back then it was dumb then it was dumb.

Yesterday it was dumb today and it will be done tomorrow. Still there is no god don't worry about it we're bigger than God. We're better than God. We've outgrown God. We've evolved past God. No you haven't. You may think you've evolved past God but one day you'll give account to the God you don't believe in very first law.

I did exactly that. An exact copy the very first law. And guess what the results of this really ugly. Because here's what you have to understand.

People are not saved from sin by idolatry.

People are not saved from sin by idolatry. It's easy to look at this and think I don't have any problems with this but there's something we need to remember. Idolatry is not restricted to worshiping an image of an altar.

See our generation. We don't really worship idols too much do we. Now we're not like that but see what we'll do is worship success. We worship success as if success mattered more than God. We worship property we worship wealth we do mock God.

Elevating our own homespun philosophies ignore God by devoting ourselves to family leisure career and rejecting his claim on our life we say God you have no claim on my life and what you don't understand is it so easy to look at this and look at these people and go what kind of crazy people are idolators like that.

And the question is not that the question is the guy that you're sitting looking at the mirror in the morning when you're brushing your teeth Hi how idolatrous are we.

Because there's so many things that we worship and we have made a great exchange as well. For the God of heaven anything we put in the place of God. Sex Money Power hobbies and God forbid even ministry. Can become an idol. What kind of idols do you have in your life right now.

There's a slide coming up that shows you which are you going to worship because you've got to decide today what are you going to worship or are you going to worship the incorruptible creator. Are you going to go. Are you going to worship corruptible creation that's your decision. What are you going to worship. Who are you going to worship. What are you going to do.

Second thing is you see that he exchanged the truth of God. You could call that indulgence. He exchanged the truth of God. Romans chapter 1 verse 25 to the first part of Verse 26 we exchange the truth of God. Romans said 1 25 or 26 who changed the truth of God. This is another exchange. They change the truth of God into what into a lie. They chose to believe a lie and worship and served the creature more than the Creator who is blessed forever. Amen for this cause. God gave them up to vile affections for even their women did change the natural use to that which is against nature. They

changed the truth of God but they changed it for a lie.

They changed it for ally. The great exchange. Look

at this next slide to give you an idea of what we're talking about there. Or it might even be in your. You got to decide when you going and what are you going to believe.

You've got two choices. You don't have three choices you have ten choices you have 100 percent pure. The truth of God that you can believe that you place your trust in where you have 100 percent pure lies. What are you going to let me say this. You know one of the biggest problems that I have with people that go to the Bible. The biggest questions that people like to ask about Bible study and Bible studies is this. What does that verse mean to you. It doesn't matter what it means to you. Hey Jacob. Go take the garbage out the garbage out. I want you take Miss Hofmann's garbage out. She lives next door to us. We do that every week. Jacob take me Hofmann's garbage. Don't forget our recycling bin in our recycling bin. And then Jacob sits down in a circle and talks to Hannah and Joshua and Andrew and goes what do you think that meant by that.

And I go No no no you don't ask what I meant by that. What you do is you know that I'm memorizing what you said you said take Ms Hofmann's.

But you know what. I can even recite it in Greek because I'm that good. I've memorized it.

I don't know what. I've hung a plaque on the wall that states Thou shalt take out. Ms. Hofmann's garbage and recycling bin along with your own. Every Thursday morning or Wednesday night I even hung a plaque on the wall.

But what does that mean to you.

It doesn't matter what it means to you you see with the big exchanges not just happen outside of church it happens with us because we read a verse we go what does it mean to you. It doesn't really matter what it means to you what God is what he says and the question is not what does it mean here. What did God say. That's

the question we must answer.

They changed the truth of God but they change it for Allah. They change the truth and said it's a lie.

Chapter 14 in verse 1. Tell us about those that exchange the truth for a lie. The

Bible says the Fool said in his heart There is no God.

The fall the sudden start there is no God. They are corrupt they have done abominable works there is none that do with good.

Here's what he says. They worship the created more than the creator himself and the Bible says you know what I did because of that I gave them up to the affections they had third thing we find which they exchanging the nature of God. Exchange in the nature of God.

Romans chapter one in verse 26 through verse 28 the Bible says for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature and likewise also the man leaving the natural use of a woman Burdon burned in their lust one toward another. Men with men working that which is unseemly in unseemly and receiving in themselves the recompense of the error which is meat.

And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge God gave them over to a reprobate mind.

Low are you to do these things which are not convenient Roman church or one verse 26 3:28 says you gave up the nature of man when you decided that a woman could be with a woman and a man could be with a man.

Chris I don't like that. Well guess what. I don't either. I've got good friends of mine who have decided to live that lifestyle. But guess what. God says that that is soon.

You say if I don't like it what does it mean to you it doesn't matter. What does it mean to me. It doesn't matter.

What matters is what he said and he flat out says this lifestyle is wrong from idolatry to immorality is one short step. See here's what we got to understand. If man is his own god then he can do whatever he pleases. And fulfil his desires without fear of judgment. Nobody is going to judge me because I'm my own god. So I've decided that this is wrong and this is not wrong. They dishonored their own bodies with each other. Women who are with women which according to scripture goes against nature itself. Men do the exact same thing and this goes against nature itself.

There is a slide coming up show you just decided to exchange it. We exchanged God for idols. We exchange the truth for a lie and then we did. We

exchange the nature of God Almighty what he said which is no.

Decide what to do with it. And then here's the deal. The Bible says this man did the same thing goes against nature itself. They got the reward that their actions brought upon them. Now let me just say there is a lot of debate around this verse and theological areas and I believe that there's not much debate needed in this area. God gave them over to a reprobate mind because the things that they had done were not convenient and shouldn't be done. What he's saying here is not something specific happened to this group of people.

What he's saying is this. You know what the penalty for your sin is going to be. You're going to be a slave to sin. You know what the punishment for Santa is that you belong to sin.

And that is not a master you want to serve.

Paul isn't calling for a penalty as much as he's thinking of sexual perversion as a penalty in and of itself. And can I tell you in a day and age when pornography runs rampant even behind the pulpit can I tell you that it is something that enslaves people and they can't get out of it. And they don't understand how to get rid of it.

You will become a slave to it. And next line for you to fill in explains what I'm saying being a center is the punishment of sin. Being a sinner is the punishment of sin.

It owns you. And it's horrible.

We've changed the things of God and we've decided in our own mind what really matters. It's time that we say it.

Can I just tell you that I don't agree with the Bible a lot like I don't like a lot of parts about the Bible.

I really wish they weren't in their matter of fact I would live better if it wasn't in their but it is in my opinion. I

have to decide today whether I change my opinion and say My opinion is subject to the word of God and the truth or my opinion is my God and what I follow.

Have a really good illustration for that. We were in Peru in. We did up to Jacob Bohannan.

They were in Peru. We were having a good time. And Jacob is not like this anymore and he used to be really hardheaded like I used to be. He didn't have any. Why are you laughing.

I'm like like Jake. Jake Jacob used to be really really really hard headed. And we had a stove in Peru.

You know the gas burner with the fire coming out and Jacob would try and go over there and touch that stove.

All the time like I'm talking about we had to watch after that stove as if it were you know for me I know you probably tell this now. For me it was cookies if you left cookies out on the countertop. Guess what I was still in some cookies don't you worry about it. I will still miss some cookies. Well he gave me over to whatever. Jacob was totally different Jacob just wanted to touch the stove. He wanted to touch histo wanted to touch stuff. So my wife had finished cooking. She turned the stove off and just a walk over there and we'd stop Jacob we'd stop and we explained to him but we don't you don't want to touch that. That is horrible if you touch it you're going to really get hurt and you go OK. And mom would turn around you're going to try to touch it. We kept him from touching it. We're talking about three months of pain in the neck every single day until one day my wife and I talk and we said Baby.

I honestly think the only way he's going to learn is if we let him touch it.

So we didn't turn it on as hot as normal. It

was near as hot as normal but we turned it off we met turns to sit around our little boys and it was hot and Jacob and Undern are sitting there man. It hurts.

We didn't want to do it. We knew exactly what was going to happen. The one day that he could do it. He was was going to be as hard as it could be and it would have caused permanent damage to him. So we were sitting there my wife and I had discussed this repeatedly and we said I don't know that there's anything else. But my wife has Vaseline in her hand ready for his hand because she knows he's going to be hurt in just a second. And my wife and I just stood there and in the distance watching knew exactly what was going on and sure enough there goes my smart son and he goes around goes. What happened baby and Momma comes over and hugs him because you know mamas are just awesome at that.

And so she goes over she gives him a big hug she puts Vaseline on his hand she takes care of him God says guess what I did to you buddy you decided that you knew better. So I'm a perfect father but I'm in heaven looking down on Santa. There's no other way for you to learn that there's really no other way for you to learn.

So you know what the punishment of being a sinner is going to be you're going to be stuck with your sin. It's going to hurt and man the wages of sin is death and life is not going to be good.

And I don't feel really good about doing this. It's not something that I enjoy. But I know that that's what has to be done and that's what my wife and I did. And that may make us bad parents but honestly we never dealt with Jacob trying to fix the stove again.

My mom was on the stove and he was like that dog that had gotten punished so many times he's standing over to the side watching the stuff from afar like you know to this day he uses the microwave he doesn't want to use this. I'm just kidding. But he here's the deal here's the deal. We let Jacob do it and it can I just tell you that it was not.

We weren't sitting there going high five day he learned it all we were sitting there going man this is horrible. I

honestly don't know that there's another way to teach him there's something wrong with touching the stove and each exchange is the man that is changed and then God hands him over to what he changes.

It's not God and Heaven knows oh let me show you how bad and mean I can be I not know what's happening. Mason I want this and God goes oh I want this. No I want this.

OK go get it.

Next slide you can look at it there. That's the great exchange a bunch of garbage on the right are the Word of God. And it's your choice to is Saturday. Which one of those you'll take as well.

There's a focus in this passage on two things. Idolatry in Romans chapter 1 verse 23 and 25. And sexual perversion and in chapter 1 verse 24 and verse 26 and verse 27 remember that this letter is dealing with Jews and Gentiles in one church and how they're going to operate together. And can I just say one of the saddest things about this about this this chapter the Bible is that most people have no idea what happens after that verse I just read.

Everybody feels uncomfortable we talking about you know the because it's easy to stop that one.

I don't have a problem with that. Can you just I want you to just imagine what's going on here. Everybody going Yeah those wicked people those wicked people waiting to do the same thing with this passage. This

is the pastor that we love to go to to show that that sin is wrong.

And guess what it is it is but can I beg you to be careful about nodding too quickly.

Yes. I'm telling you man that's wrong that's wrong is wrong. That's wrong.

We need to know that's wrong. But it's easy to skip over the next stuff because guess what.

The stuff that follows might be stuff you can identify with that I can identify with that's a sin. Yep

it's a sin.

The fact that God's handing them over is a part of his wrath that you see in this passage. But here's what else he says. They

are full of unrighteousness fornication wickedness covetousness.

Let me let me define covetousness for you. I don't know that we're good. And thank you for asking. I won't give it to you. Greedy always wanting more always wanting to outdo others.

Nobody to be guilty. That would be never maliciousness full of envy. Nobody has ever dealt with that ever full of any definition of that is resentful spirit towards another success. Nobody nobody ever fills that Dewey.

It's easy to stop at those verses and say how wicked and how vile idolatry and changing the truth for a lie and changing God's nature because of this sin.

But don't stop just keep reading because it was going to prove to you in the first three chapters of Romans is this all capital a capital L capital L all have seen and come short of the glory of God.

There is no one that gets away from this full of envy murder.

Oh I'm not that and in that debate contention strife quarreling deceit malignity whispers whispers backbiters haters of God. Despite all this next one you will never do with this. I know. River Church would never do this but Nations this word proud we even love singing about it. I'm proud to be an American where at least no one frigging boasters.

Constantly bragging telling how great we are. That never happens does it.

Don't stop at those versus Don't stop in those verses because what we love to do is you love to stop at those other verses and point fingers and say see see see. But understand that every time you say see see see there's three fingers point back your way.

We've got a lot of stuff to deal with as well because we have all seen inventors of evil things. Next one never had any problems of this in my home disobedient to parents and I never dealt with that.

I was never disobedient my parents at all. Never dealt with next says without understanding unable to reason with scripture. They never learn from their experiences. They continue daily and their problems.

Covenant Breakers people that break their word you've never broke your word have you.

It's easy to point a finger but you're part of that all and you fall short of the glory of God as anybody else in that chapter does without natural affection implacable unmerciful. So wrapping it up here. Romans chapter 1 verse 32. I want you to see what it says Romans chapter one of verse 32. Who knowing the judgment of God that they which commit such things are worthy of.

Not only do the same but they have pleasure in those that don't.

Not only do we love to talk about our freedom. You know while we are free you know or we love talking about our freedom because we think we're free from God's judgment in God's wrath.

But we're not.

We love to scream about how free we are and he says not only do you love to screw but how free you are you love to celebrate the sin with others gratulations man way to go.

Good job.

They know the judgment of God. It does do these things are worthy of death.

They decide to do wrong that they decide to do wrong and to celebrate those that follow suit. It's a conscious decision to do wrong. And then they love celebrating the fact that they do wrong.

So Chris that never happens in our generation. Take 10 minutes on Facebook today you'll only find 10 examples in 10 minutes.

If you or if you read very slowly we love celebrating those wrong reached the epitome of our sinful nature. When we applaud those that give themselves to we reach the epitome of our sinful nature. When we applaud those that give them so soon is that a pedigree of who we've become. As a society we not only do wrong but we celebrate those that do. We celebrate those that do. And those truths leave us in a very awkward position.

It pictures us with a very dark picture of what humanity is. When you read this you walk away. It's

almost like please go wash your hands because you feel dirty as you read through how dirty Paul says that human nature is but understand that's the backdrop on which the bright jewel of the Gospel shines even better.

The gospel that you know the problem we have of the gospel. We think we're pretty good people and God just did us a favor.

But when you realize what you are when you realize how dirty and disgusting we are it's as dark as dark gets There's nothing darker than the nature and the humanity that is us.

And then comes Jesus and man as he shot.

And then Jesus comes and he gives his life on the cross of Calvary and he dies and you resurrect from the dead. And he says I will make you a CO heir with me an heir of God and a co-heir with me.

And you look at it and you go but look at how dirty and nasty I was. And he goes exactly. Now you get the story. Have you ever noticed how they put the jewels in the store. Those diamond rings. They only look about fifty times better in the store than they do on the finger. Have you ever noticed that. Have you ever noticed that like you buy them in a store and it's like hey look at this ring. Yes I would. Here's some sunglasses. Please put those on because you're going to need them when you look at this ring. You look at the ring you're like whoa. And then you said would you marry me. Did they exchange that ring for something else while they're about there.

If you noticed they loved dark backdrops when they pull that ring out to see it because you know what it makes it shine even more.

And that's exactly who we are when we realize who we are and we realize how sinful we are we realize how merciful and graceful our heavenly Father is and all of a sudden man the Gospel looks even better.

Because I don't deserve him. I don't deserve you. We're guilty. We need forgiveness. And here's what you have to understand the problem with the church going people is we think that forgiveness is a cheap gesture. It's like I arrived three minutes late for our appointment. I'm sorry.

Oh Don not a big deal it was only three minutes. That's how we think we came to God. God you know I'm a good kid and everything and I'm coming to you and I'm like hey you know I'm sorry and you know it's not a big deal. No no no. I don't understand is it is a gigantic deal.

Your sin is wicked and vile and totally opposite of anything and everything that would ever be considered only you say Christians that's what to make me feel for a small kind of is supposed to make you feel like exactly who you are and who I am. We are nothing. And we bring nothing to our savior. We bring a sinful dirty rotten disgusting human being and we say I'm a sinner and I've done all this stuff wrong. And he goes yes. But let me explain.

Grace and all of a sudden it's even better. Forgiveness is no cheap gesture. It costs more than you'll ever truly be able to comprehend. Because see the cost for your forgiveness. The Son of God to hang on the cross of Calvary the perfect Son of God Almighty dying for your sins and because of that and because of that alone Romans Chapter 1 is not who I want who I am. It's who I was and that's what I want to find as we go through the book of Romans. Guess what all was said all of sin with idolatry with acts taking a lie with changing the nature of mankind and with so many other things we've said we have done wrong. There is nothing good to be found in us man. We serve an amazing God in heaven. We serve an amazing God in heaven and watch that jewel shine on the backdrop of our wickedness.

I come to you and I thank you for your word I thank you dear Lord that your word is true and every man truly is a liar. I thank you that you can trust your word. I thank you that I can go to your word and understand who I am and who you are.

And what you've done for me. I ask you to you my dear lord to love those that are around me. I'm able to tell them about the beauty of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Thank you for all you've done in Jesus Name I pray.

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