Therefore Being Justified

Chris Gardner

June 25, 2017

The thing is and the purpose of the book and then he dives in and says Hey you Gentile's you all are wicked.

Thank you very much Paul. I appreciate it.

And then the Jews over there nodding their heads going yeah you Gentiles are wicked. That's who you are. I've been telling you for a long time your practices aren't right. You're not serving God right. And then Paul turns around and goes. Not

only the Gentiles were all Jews. Guess what. You're wicked. So literally in chapter three he comes out and he says OK everybody's wicked. Chapter Four He brings out some of the biggest heroes of the Jewish nation and one of the biggest one is the fall. Our Father Abraham. That's what he's called he's called our father Abraham. And so really big guy and he says guess what Abraham also was wicked. Now let me just tell you to say that to a Jew is worse than a momma joke.

You know you remember back in school when they get up they get dates they do a mama joke and you be like OK I'm ready to fight the world. You

don't talk bad about my mama you know that they were talking bad about Abraham and that was like Abraham also wicked. But he was justified and he was justified not because of what he did he was justified because he believed he had faith.

So we did that Romans chapter for Romans Chapter 5 there's going to be this big shift and you're going to see it becomes more doctrinal and it becomes more and it becomes more focused on what Paul is telling us to do. And so telling the church in Rome what it says last the last week wrapped up the life of Abraham and we saw clearly that Abraham was saved by faith and Abraham would say by faith.

Now some people want to tell you the people in the Old Testament or say different than they were in the New Testament. There's only one problem with that. The Bible doesn't agree with them. Besides that it's really cool. You know besides that if the Bible doesn't matter that's cool but he says listen I'm going to take and I'm going to dissect this man that has every right to be able to say that he was saved by his words but he would not say by his words he was saved by faith.

Romans 5 there's a more a change in focus portiere to be seen over the next few weeks as we go through chapters 5 through Chapter 8. He's going to use this chapter. And you need to realize every time we call something a chapter you have to realize that it's not really a chapter it's a part of a letter. We've broken it up into chapters and since we've broken up into chapters we think of it like that but that's not really one really a chapter. It was a it was a letter for them to read. So Paul Shepherd is going to be there and he's going to he's going to explain to us how he closes off Romans chapter four in verse 25. So look at me with me real quick. Don't look at me. Look at with me real quick at Romans chapter 4 and verse 25 Here's how. Chapter 4 closes off. The Bible says. That.

They by the way that's not a verse. I guess you're wondering and I've no idea what that was. Andrea your face matches your dress right now. I so wish that you weren't sitting on the front row because this is hilarious. I don't know that I've seen you blush like that for ever so it should look like a thermometer is a famous already in if face. Romans Chapter 5.

Now Roman take a look at how it closes off. The Bible says who was delivered for our offenses and was raised again. And this last word is what Paul is going to focus on the entirety of chapter five. He was raised again for our. OK. Help me out was right. He was asking for our justification. So here's what he's going to do. Chapter 5 is going to grab a hold of this word justification he was raised again for our justification in Chapter 5 he's going to go through and explain what this word really is all about and what justification truly means. So Paul's going to assure us of the meaning of justification and also show us how we can know that we have it. He's going to assure us of the meaning of justification and also show us how we can know that we have justification by the way.

A word that we use more commonly today for justification is a word that we say that we use called salvation. You are justified. You are saved. In other words you stand before God and you know that you are justified. You know that you're saved not because you came to this church not because you went to the church down the road not because you gave a lot of money not because you did a lot of things but you are saved you are justified before God was going to show us that would show us what we receive because the justification that we now have supposedly show us what we get because we are now justified. We want to see what it's truly like to live like a king that's justified.

And you want to see that here in this chapter because we're justified. Now this is very very important on your own. On your hand out there. I want you to write this in. This is a very important sentence for you to think of. Think on justification. Is God's declaration that the sinner believes the dead the sinner that believes is righteous in Christ.

Ok I hope you get that justification is God's declaration by the way in the day and age we live in and the way that we're brought up. We want to fill stuff but salvation isn't about your feelings. Justification is not about your feelings. Justification is God's declaration. God declares you are justified because you believe that to those that believe that becomes their righteousness in Christ righteousness that is put in our account. We discussed this word in the past few weeks. Righteousness that is imputed to us. In other words I don't own this righteousness. I am not righteous. You can ask my wife you can ask my kids. I am not righteous. I mess up all the time. I am a sinner with a capital S I N N E R like all of it. I'm a capital sinner. I have major problems I had major issues in my life.

I'm a sinner but according to God I am righteous because he has imputed that righteousness to me which he has given it to me imputed has taken a check. So Justin Higginbotham writes me a check every week for$10000 just because he's like he rolls in the dough. You know he he he writes a check and he gives me a check for$10000 and if anybody offers to follow suit I'll split with you later if anybody else wants to follow suit. I think it's a great idea that he's got it. If you were to give me a check for$10000 imputing it to my account saying I'm going to posit that not count and guess what. When I write a check it's not going to bounce because I have had money imputed into my account and I had it placed into my account. So we've been talking about that.

The beautiful thing is that this justification never changes.

Can I say this Romans is going to teach us this time and time again. Are you not thankful that your salvation ever changes. How many of you deserve to lose your salvation this week you buy a fund raiser or just me. I know Justin did. He was trying to move.

If you don't if you don't deserve to lose your salvation when you're movin you've got major problems. And Marcus is one of the losers. They should raise your hand and you try to raise the other hand or mess up and he's like OK. He deservedly like you me let me just tell you we deserved to lose our salvation all the time but our salvation doesn't change because justification is a declaration from God of who we are not how we act not how we feel.

A declaration from God. OK the beautiful thing never changes. Following are the blessings of this justification. So we're going to see in Chapter 5 the blessings of justification the blessings of justification and so the first blessing or want to see is this.

According to Romans chapter 5 in verse 1 we now have peace. We now have peace.

I don't know how many of you guys have ever dealt with this but how many of you this week insist there was a relationship in my life that there wasn't much peace with you know what when you sit down and have a hard conversation. When that conversation is over does it not feel like the burden of the world has been taken off your shoulders. And that's exactly what is going on here. He says let me just tell you something because of the righteousness and justification that you have today. You have peace we have peace. Verse

1 look at it with real quick. The

Bible says Therefore being justified by faith never being justified by faith we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.

We have peace with our Lord with God through our Lord Jesus Christ by the way. We don't have peace with God because of who we are. We have peace through Jesus Christ. You

don't have peace with God without having peace with God through Jesus Christ. Jesus said I am the Way the Truth the live and this is no doubt about it. No man comes into the Father but by me there is no other way.

Usually he says we have peace and how do we have peace. We don't have peace because of what we've done. We don't have peace because of what we feel. We have peace because of the peace that is only through our Lord Jesus Christ. What an amazing promise. Because let me just tell you something you're never going to have peace on your own. I'm never going to have peace on my own. We have peace through Jesus Christ. Peace with God. These words. Man I really wish you could understand the weight of these words. Peace with God. There is more relief in those three words than pretty much any other three words you can think of.

If there's anybody you don't want to not have peace with is the one that when you wake up in the morning he says pray is the one that when you lay your head down to sleep at night and he goes heart keep on beating their.

The Bible teaches us that we were enemies of God. Absolute enemies of God.

And then all of a sudden you go from being an enemy to peace with God.

What an amazing three words peace with God there's more relief in those three words than any other more than the words you're cured to a cancer patient. More than the words you're free to a death row inmate.

There's no other words as powerful as the words you now have peace with God. God is now your friend.

Talk about dropping names. That's a pretty big name to drop.

I'm a friend of God. You've got peace with God.

There was a time when we were enemies. That's what Romans Chapter 5 verse 10 teaches us. But now in Christ we have peace with God. Look at Romans 5 10 with me real quick Romans Chapter 5 and verse 10 and we'll get around to this first and a little farther down the road. The Bible says for if when we were enemies we are reconciled to God by the death of his son much more being reconciled we shall be saved by His life as we were when we were in case you're wondering.

That's not a position I want to be in. Like I don't mind picking fights with some people I don't want to be an enemy of God which is that's exactly who we were. This peace means that our problem with sin has been satisfied by the blood of Jesus. Everything's taken care of. You're at peace because of what Jesus did for you. And when you're at peace you know what happens when you're an enemy.

God is your judge he's your judge.

I don't know about you guys I've not been in a courtroom many times but when I have been we adopted the kids we had to be in a courtroom for that. I was nervous in the courtroom when I was adopting kids because that judge has so much power he could easily be done all this work. The kids have lived with this for close to a year.

We get a phone call from the lawyer and the lawyer goes Chris I've got some bad news for you. I was like OK. He said the judge is going to be seeing us tomorrow. Has Voted anti-Christian on absolutely everything that comes his way.

Do you understand that your adoptions tricky because you're going to adopt these kids and then you're taking him to Peru South America which could seem like you're doing something with these kids that we know you're not.

But I really don't know how this is going to go down. Talk about a night without much sleep.

Like I literally walk outside of my house. I'm walking around and I'm going Lord you want to do something here because I'm going to be a fugitive of the law these are my kids now. And that means I put them in the back of a station wagon and drive to Mexico I'm driving to Mexico. But these kids are my kids we playing this game this is like a Chris response to that. I know I told you I'd lose my salvation all the time if it was based on me. I'm sitting there and I'm like oh lord help me. So we get to the courthouse had 50 people show up for us adopting Jacob and Hannah It was honestly it was known all over the country about Chris Gardner wanting to have children and couldn't have children and then God miraculously gave Jacob and Hannah were sitting in their head about 50 people everybody sitting around just waiting for the judge and the first people they bring in before all of the criminal stuff that they've got to deal with is they bring adoptions and they try and keep that nice because you've ever been in court before you sit down and this guy and you come up you know that's what's going on.

So they're trying to get options first. We're waiting. Supposed to be starting at 9:00.

And I thought it was in America what happened at 9:10 when your school 9:30 10:00 this room is jam packed and like all these kids are running around and I'm fretting in ways you cannot even imagine I can't breathe well I can't think right. People are trying to make small talk with you and I'm like just shut up and leave me alone. You don't understand the stress that I'm under right now at about 11:30 the lady comes out at 11:30.

She goes Gardner family.

Yeah. So I walk over and she goes we are so sorry we don't know what happened.

But the judge was sick last night and was like in the bathroom the entire night. And so we had to go find a replacement judge for this judge. Oh OK I'm going. Yes. Judge walks in. We walk in to deal with the judge and the judge is see then he's talking he says.

So I see on these papers that you're planning on taking the kids to Peru How should depend on that. I was like oh no here goes. We have no idea who this guy is anymore. We don't know who he is don't know how he is and my lawyer jumped up he's like what.

OK. They've already talked about that and it's already been approved. He

said sir I'm not talking to you I'm asking the gardeners what they're planning on doing. I'm like oh great. How am I going to run with my kids under my arms through the door into the station wagon. Like how am I going to pull this off and you know I'm I'm sitting there thinking you know that's criminal mind I have nothing I want to pull it off. And and I said yes or we're missionaries or missionaries for a long time down in Peru about 12 years to that point. So you we're going back to Peru and he said I just want to say something to you. He says you have no idea how thankful I am for men like you.

Last week I just got back from a mission trip from Quito Ecuador. Have you ever been to Quito. Yes sir. Q

Does one of my favorite cities in the entire world and we're like talking back and forth. He goes I'm a deacon in the Baptist church down the road. And then I just want to tell you this is the movie I'm just so thankful.

You could see my lawyer he's like you finally relax a little bit. Afterwards he comes out and he eat. We've got pictures we've got pictures of the judge holding our kids. And and we've got a picture of the judge pointing up and saying this is all about God and He has my kids in his arms and we were scared to death that wasn't going to happen. Can I tell you that when that happened I cried like a little baby. He

didn't even know why but see all of a sudden I went from being an enemy or what I thought or perceived I was going to be an enemy in this courtroom to peace and man. The emotions overflowed me in ways you cannot even understand. And

here's what happened Jerome whichever path he goes you know what happens because you are justified.

Now you have peace with God.

And the problem with having peace with God is this our problem is we do not realize who we truly were before we accepted him. We were enemies enemies. We were sinners. We represented that thing that God hates the most because that's what nailed his son to the cross.

That's who you were. And now you have peace with God. What an amazing thought. You have peace with God.

No other words that are more powerful than this. This

peace means that our problem with sin has been settled by the blood of Christ. Our problem with sin was settled because we were good. Our problem was sin was settled because of the blood of Christ and all of a sudden when you're an enemy of God God is your judge. But now he's no longer your judge. Now we call him Abba Father he's not there to judge me anymore. If there's anybody you can count on being on your side it's daddy. And he says you are an enemy and I hated everything about you because you represented sin if you were sin. That's who you were. Now you have peace with God. And now when you come to me I want you to call me. I want you to call me. Watch these new daddies watch markis and watch.

Ryan not new and it's their first and the baby so it's amazing how careful we are how much we care about these little tiny beings and it's amazing how seven pounds can revolutionize everything about your life in it like it's crazy.

And I said listen you're no longer. Don't look at me as judge anymore. Now you look at me father. What an amazing thought. The opposite of justification is this word the opposite of justification is condemnation. The opposite of justification is condemnation. We were condemned.

You realize how strong of a word that is. Can I ask you to marry that word to you to realize who you were but now you have peace. With God now you have peace with God. Condemnation means that God declares us sinners. This isn't a declaration of who we are but it's a declaration of war against him. Do you understand. That's what this is. It's a declaration of war against a holy God. Because when we are sinners we're saying everything about you I don't care about it's a declaration declaration of war on our part against God. Being justified as God declaring peace that is made possible through Christ and Christ alone. The law can no longer declare war on you if you're justified. He can no longer declare war on you if you're justified. Probably the best word picture in the Scriptures. That explains a justification don't look at it and then we're close I guess after one point today.

PS. for eighty five inversed whom by the way I know you guys think one or two of you do so much paperwork. We don't ever finish it. Just so you know I practice what I'm preaching like I'll read it outloud and know what I'm going to say and I always get to it at home.

In other words you're the problem not me. Tough.

Probably probably the best the best word picture in the scriptures about justification is this right here. I want you to if you have a Bible please look for this verse because see your Bible you need to be underlining the verse. And this is some pretty cool verses here. Look at the book of Psalm Chapter 85 Psalm Chapter 85. In verse 10. PS. Chapter 85 and verses in this verse is amazing showing what justification is all about. The Bible says Roman Santu to fight in verse 10. When the Bible says mercy and truth are met together.

Righteousness and peace have kissed each other OK.

Now we'll talk about it just a little bit. I got in. I'm only stopping there we've got to have a little bit of time to talk about it. Mercy and truth are met together. You do know that a person that a person that is a sinner.

That verse is impossible. So.

We were you know my wife is probably one of the most boring I mean safest drivers in the world. Like if you tell my wife you're like my wife is like she feels like she's really breaking the law when she's 3 miles an hour over it and I'd like that bad for everybody. Everybody that knows my wife. When you say follow me it's like no give me the address. We'll get there 15 minutes later. Give me the address because my wife didn't do the whole in my life. Really slow driver. We were on deputation trying to raise money as missionaries before we had kids and we're pulling out of the hotel. And I just got a call from Peru. Back then we didn't have cell phones. You remember those days you know back before 2000 7 when the iPhone came out.

We didn't have cell phones. I'm on the phone with Peru and I'm talking to him. And the time I to be there 5:30 and it was like 20 minutes away and I left like 5:15. And there's one rule as a missionary. The cardinal rule is you are never late under any circumstances. It's

like if you're late you're going to be carrying your arm in the other arm you know like like I'm sorry I'm late but I here's my arm and I get you got cut off is it OK if I go to the hospital you know like it is you know you're never late or something never happens.

So we run out the door I'm on the phone with Peru and I'm holding the phone you remember those cords that went to the phone I'm at the hotel I'm home. The phone I'm talking to him and my wife passed through my pants and put my pants on and put my shirt on my tie on my suit coat on and like we're sitting there and I'm past and I'm like hold this on to my tie she's holding. I'm trying to finally wrap it up and get on get in the car. And

I said Ondrea listen to me. This is one time where you're going to have to understand you are going to speed.

I was dumb. I should have got in the car for me to drive. But I didn't. And so she sitting there and she goes you know it's like for my wife to roll her window down while she's driving down the road is like no. But that's not going into I don't know if I can do that or not. You know like I just so I'm exaggerating it's not quite that bad because you always have an icy you can drink when there isn't a nurse in the next person there were driving up there and I see you've got to speed. She goes No. I said listen you just speed. If we get a ticket I'm paying for it should just speed. And so I'm like don't go crazy with ten miles over nine miles over and over to stop you from going nine miles over the speed limit. We were in North Carolina driving on the road nine miles over and my wife was like here's we're going back ok believe this you know. And all of a sudden the cops coming this way and we're going that we.

Caught you during the middle of the road. My wife has tears welling up in her eyes and thank God she's not a violent woman. Because if she was by the time the cop got to us I'd have black and blue eyes and she would've been taken to jail for spousal abuse because she was so mad at me. My wife doesn't get tickets hardly ever. And so. So we're sitting there and the cop pulls us over. OK. Now you know that blue light go on. It doesn't even matter if it's for you or not. You could have not been speeding and you still feel like OK but when he pulls you over he's got it. Can you put that verse back up there. And when he pulled you over here's what you got to choose between. Psalm chapter 85 and verse 10. The Bible says Mercy Me Out Your mercy and truth. Do you realize that those two can't meet that cop. Can't

say I want to give you mercy and truth because truth is you were speeding. Here's your ticket mercédès. I'll let you go. There's really no because here's the deal. If

he says well you are going nine miles an hour over I'll give you a ticket for five.

That's still not true.

So you have mercy and you have truth and those two cannot be together there's no way for this two to be together when when justice comes in justification there's no way for Murshid truth to be together it's impossible for there to be mercy. And for that to be truth the cop had to choose. And that day he chose truth.

Thank you Lord. And so in a way it was like OK he chose truth he gave us a ticket. I'd pay the ticket. I did not complain about it had to listen to my wife talk to me about how dumb I was for the next three minutes because she would never carry it out past three minutes long. So that is what we had to pay for don't you think it is$180 would've been good to use anywhere else. You know. We got to live off of 150 yea we did a 180 on the ticket. Great way to go Christine and I.

Were sitting there. Cop has that usually Mersch in truth because those two can't go together. There's no such thing as mercy and truth together. I love this. Because if you look at what's going on. This is righteous what.

That's a weird thing but what you have to understand about this verse is this verse is speaking about the biggest romance story of all times is talking about the romance story that starts in the book of Genesis where mercy and truth are together. Where righteousness and peace had a romantic relationship and then all of a sudden Eve ate of the fruit and when sin came into the world.

Boon that relationships separated. They longed to be together but there's nothing they can do. Righteousness

is this far away from peace. It's eating because let me just tell you when that cop gave me righteousness what peace going on in myself. You don't mean anything but peace was going on. Righteousness is polar opposite of Peter's no way for those two to go together. There's no way for that to be righteousness and peace. Those don't exist they don't co-exist. It's like water and oil except for even more opposite. There's no way for them to exist. Righteousness and peace they had a relationship. There was this romantic relationship going on between righteousness and peace in between mercy and truth and they loved each other and then all of a sudden sin came into the world and sink into the world. Everything

split up and they go OK. And this is a lot like any good Hollywood movie. Righteousness

longs to be with peace and peace longs to be with righteousness. There are Psalms in the Bible that are called Messianic Psalms and messianic sounds are speaking of the Messiah and this is one of the most beautiful messianic Psalms in the Bible.

Because here's what's happening.

Righteousness is over here. Pieces over there and they long to be with each other but they know they can't. And then all of a sudden the Messiah comes down and lives on earth and he dies and on the cross he says Delilah must have done he's just it's finished I'm done.

It's over. Am I finished. And

can you not picture because this is the typical Hollywood movie of the girlfriend running towards the boyfriend in slow motion and all of a sudden there's this cross and that did it to get king of the world the creator of the world is hanging upon this cross and as he's hanging upon this cross and his blood is dripping down the blood that is going to justify us all of a sudden righteousness and peace come together and once again they kiss.

Once again they come together. One of the most beautiful romantic stories of all times.

You know righteousness. That's what he does. Because here's the deal. Mercy says God must forgive you. Truth says that he can't sit for Jesus says I am the Way the Truth and the life. And he says here's the deal my mercy is going to forgive you because of truth in your life and mercy and truth can co-habitate in you righteousness and peace. Can carry on that romantic relationship again. Because guess what.

You are now justified. And because of that as Christians we have helped me out peace with God. Do you realize how powerful that is. As Christians we have peace with God. God's not in heaven trying to knock you upside the head. We have peace with God. He is no longer our judge. He is now our Abba Father. Are you not thankful that you have peace with God or are you not thankful for what he's done for you and that's what he does. He

starts off in Romans Chapter 5 and your Roman church before he ends it with that word righteousness he says who was delivered for our offenses and was raised again for our justification he says justification and he goes therefore because of that being justified you're justified and you're justified by what faith the entire chapter previously talked about faith justified by faith. We

now have peace with God but don't stop it there. There is only one way you have peace with God you have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. The only way you can have peace or mercy and truth have met together righteousness of peace have kissed each other. What a beautiful thought about what God has done for us. We have peace. Lord I come to you thanking you today for being at peace with me Lord. I know that my my life my walk. I know that sin in my life. I know that I deal with stuff every single day and I just thank you that my righteousness is not based upon my actions or my righteousness is based upon your word.

And your declaration. There are thank you for. Having peace with me. I see today that you might help us to walk out of here. Kind of dumbfounded. By how amazing your peace with us truly is. Did I ask you that we may not walk out of here and be the same we might walk out of here being thankful for what you've done for us on the Cross. Thank you for all you've done. Jesus I am I pray you man.

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