Twisting Scripture 2

Chris Gardner

August 5, 2018

When we talked about twisting scripture, we're diving into Romans nine through 11. Now, Romans nine through 11 is literally if you want to know the grounds upon which friendships are split is Romans nine through 11. Romans nine through 11 is a really, really big passage in the scriptures, and so we're doing this whole overview of what it means, and we talked about the danger of twisting scripture. God takes it seriously how we treat this book, how we treat this book truly does matter. This book matters how we deal with it, how we teach it, how we explain it, how we live it. The word of God really does matter, and so we talked about the danger of twisting scripture today weren't talking about suddenly because see, I think all of us could agree that we don't want to twist scripture. Would you agree with that?

You do you agree with that? Like I believe everybody in here be like, of course we don't want to twist scripture because that's where I come from. That's your crazy people come from because they twist scripture, but what we're going to see today is a part that you're not going to like that much and that's this. We talked about the danger of twisting scripture and, and, and by the way, I love this ad. Do you have that cartoon up? That sets sent me. I sent a whole nother file. It may not be in that file. Is it on that file or. No, the Goo. There was a guy. Yeah. Okay, so look at this stuff. Sit next to me. I was explaining to him what I preached about and he said, that's right. There's a. reminds me of how people say the Bible. I'm a researcher with a u instead of a ear and, and, and he says what?

And then he looks in Google and he says what I want to believe. And you click enter and guess what? You're going to find somebody that agrees with it. No matter how Wacko you are, don't you worry about it. Somebody agrees with you no matter what, how Wacko you are. It is so crazy. There's actually, you can actually look on the web and there are people that root for Alabama, like imagine that, like, like I imagined rooting for Alabama, but, but, but people do that, not like they really do that. It says so. So that's the way we tend to approach scripture. Sadly. Sadly. And by the way, can I just say that I'm very encouraged in the Lord in the fact that the news is now talking about football coming up. Hey Man, can I get. Can I get an amen? They're like, I'm so excited.

Football is on its way back bay. Can I see the way we approach scripture? Many times, the way we approach scripture is this. We go, this is what I want to believe. Now show me where the Bible agrees with what I have to say. And we all agreed there's a danger in twisting scripture. Okay? Like nobody wants to twist scripture for a matter of fact. I don't know that you would ever find somebody that says, you know what I do for a living. I'm a master scripture twister. Nobody does that. Everybody believes that they believe is right, and here's the sad thing, when we talk about twisting scripture, the way we always talk about it as this, look at they twist scripture. Look at how they twist scripture and honestly very, very rarely do we look at the way that we trust scripture. Okay, so so, so brace for impact.

You're not going to light this probably too much, but there is a danger in it. Okay? God cares how his word is treated with. The second thing we want to see is this. Today we want to see our propensity to twist scripture, our propensity to Jewish scripture, and we have it here spelled out in case you have a problem spelling that word out. Our propensity to twist scripture. We have a propensity to twist scripture we have, and you look at it and you're going, yes, they do. Well wait, know you missed the point. They don't have a propensity to twist scripture. We have a propensity to twist scripture because guess what? We all have things that we believe, do we not do? We not all have things that we believe and we approach the Bible many times, not saying, what does the word of God say?

So I grew up. I grew up. When I turned 18, I began pastoring a church. I've set stated before that it should be illegal in every country in the world to pastor a church at the age of 18. There's very little wisdom behind an 18 year old, you know, most 18 year olds, but God did some amazing things while I was pastoring. Saw many people come to come to the Lord. So many people whose lives were changed, but during that time I came up with this philosophy on how, when what the Bible says about the right kind of music that pleases God. Okay? Now I translated and wrote 350 pages. Okay? Now I'm not talking about little tiny itsy bitsy pages. I'm talking about full fledged one page, two pages now count to 350 350 pages, or translated 350 pages into Spanish about the kind of music that pleases God.

Okay, and guess what? All of it came from books, but none of it came from the book 350 pages years, hundreds of books read cover to cover on what the biblical myth methodology and what the biblical rhythm was and what music of of a God likes what music God doesn't like, and then one day something happened in my life that totally changed everything. Not about the way I viewed music, but about the way I viewed what my central authority in life was going to be. Okay, so, so back in the day, by the way, anybody who played drums was of the devil just saying, so I have a son of the devil, and next week, next week, this son of the devil is also going to be playing drums to Andrew's starting next week. He's gonna play drums next week. Is that right? You said you can play one song next week.

So we're getting. Andrew started in this whole thing and, and, and, and honestly believed anything with a Bass Guitar. And one of my famous quotes was this, if it touches your hip before it touches your heart, it comes from Satan. Okay. So do you not love that wisdom? You can even tweet these awesome sayings that I came up with about music, but, but see there's something happened in my life to where I literally went back and I said, I'm going to forget every single thing I've ever read about music and what I would like to do is this. I'm going to approach the scriptures and see what the scripture say about music. This going to sound like a crazy idea to you, but it was so ingrained in me. I actually read the Bible through cover to cover seven different times and wrote down every single time the Bible said anything about music and in my question was this, if I had not read a wealth of books with peoples, with opinions, what I land, where I'm landing now

on what I view and music, and the answer was scary because the answer was absolutely not. There's no way I would land where I have landed because I've read all of these books now. Now, now I don't know of many people that love books more than I do, but you do realize that reading through a book and just did the parenting book, phenomenal book in my opinion. I've read a lot of Paul, David Tripp, I've read a lot of parenting books, the best book on parenting I've ever read, but you knew what tends to happen if we're not careful is we use the book as our foundation. Not The book is our foundation. Thankfully he he pours everything from the book. I'm not saying that, but what what I'm saying is it's very easy to take opinions, good, bad, ugly. It doesn't matter. And in twist scriptures according to the UN and I am example number one of how you can pull that off. I'm example number one of how you can pull that off. So what I need you to understand is this, we all have a propensity to twist scripture. Okay? Let's look at that real quick and talk about what we name mean. It seems almost natural for us to consider that everyone except for ourselves, deal with this issue.

The. It seems natural to think that everybody but ourselves does or this issue. Now, can I say this? After I ended up studying through it, the Bible says about music. Guess what happened to me? Yes. What happened to me? I literally go and I say, I wonder what else are messed up about

because if I was that messed up on music, I wonder what else I'm messed up on and I ended up going through and I ended up studying my Bible in a whole different way because of that, but it seems to see it's very easy to look at it and say, well Andrea, she deals with that, but I don't deal with that. Tina. She deals with that, but I don't deal with that. Terri, she deals with, I don't deal with that Jamie heater. That's our natural inclination is to think that everybody but us deals with that. Okay, we can discuss entire denominations and how they have everything wrong. While many of those things are true, can I suggest that it's high time that we stopped looking through a window at those that are mistaken and we start looking into a mirror and asking ourselves what we have because there's only one person and we can change. There's only one person we can change. You can't change. You can look out the window all day long and talk about that other person and I can talk bad about bill all I want, but I can't change bill. Okay? I can talk bad about Joseph all I want, but I can't change Joseph. It's time to stop looking through the window and others and started looking into the mirror and saying, what do I need to change and where's my propensity for twisting scriptures? We don't have everything together to the point that we think we do. If you have an answer to every question,

you probably don't know half of what you think you do because the only one that answers all of our questions is God, not us. As I read and said he church history. It's interesting to notice that in every age there's been error and in every age there have been those that have followed Christ. As you read and study history though, you find that they're attended to be an error or two because of some famous person that was very influential and they started teaching an error and then bad doctrine to follow because of that person.

Okay. There was bad doctrine because of a famous person. This is what this means. By the way, we have this happening in a modern day way is what a modern day as well. We have Peterson and we have Joe Rogan and we have people who have these big old platforms where they start talking and they start saying stuff that is in no way correct, but they're famous enough to where we lend them credibility because of that and that's what we find in church history as well. We now live in a day and age are. There are so many voices in so many different opinions on absolutely everything. You can go to the local Christian bookstore and buy one book where the author hates church now and that kind of ironic, you can go down to lifeway Christian bookstore, just go and you're literally find a book about how p, how you should hate church. Okay, and then right across the aisle you're going to find another one. It thinks you can even barely survive outside of church. It literally in the same bookstore, in the same aisle, one book next to the other. I go on and on about the craziness of the store, but then I imagine things like blogs and youtube.

Now can I just say the bat it back in the old days to have a voice that people will listen to. You had to publish a book

in case you're wondering, publishing a book takes work. It's not just something that just happens. You got to think through things. You know that it's final. Once you put it out there and once you put it out there you can be attacked or you be praised because of it. So you had to study, you had to give it everything you had, and then you finally said, here's this final piece of work that I've put years of my life into. It's a book now read it, and nowadays we have a generation that have read books that now read blogs in the same way. You do know what it takes to have a blog, right? You can go to and get it for free and you can be sitting in your underwear and your Mama's basement at 33, eating lucky charms, right? And about how you know how the world would be fixed if they would do what they said for you to do

their voices out there that are crazy nowadays. Blogs you. We have everything. We're inundated with voices. We live in a day and age of over abundance of crazy, but truly it isn't new to us at all because see, we think it is, but it's the book of Second Peter Chapter two in verse one says this. It says that an every day and age there's been this problem. Second Peter Chapter two and verse one, it says, but there are false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false prophets among you. Don't worry. In second Peter, there were false prophets in 2018. They're also going to be false prophets. There are also among you who probably shall bring in damnable heresies, things that are so far against the scriptures that they prove that they deserve to be damned. You say, Chris, you can't say that in the pulpit. Yes, I can. That's what the scripture says about it.

He said, it's heresy that is damnable in other words, deserves to be damned. They shall bring in damnedable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them and bring upon themselves swift destruction. We can find people to believe everything we think or even we want to believe. We always want to take the path of least resistance and because of that, we're always looking for ways to prove that our way is the right way and that what we believe is the right thing to believe. The funny thing is this, if you sit down and talk to American Christians, they honestly think that Jesus was a middle class white American dude. Like of course they'd never say that. They would never say that, but they really do. If you really get down to it, they think that Jesus is a white middle class. America dude gets what they believe in Peru, that he was a brown middleclass Peruvian dude and he looked like it doesn't matter where you go because see what we've done is we don't. We do not look at Jesus and say, how do we adapt ourselves to his image? We look at Jesus and we say, how do we adapt them to our image? How do we adapt him to our image? And so it's just a sad thing that happens all around the world. Now, let me just say this. If your theology has come from a book and not the book,

then there's a problem and, and, and let me go even farther than that. If you quote me to answer your theological problems, you've got problems. We should quote the

not the men of the scriptures. It should not be well. My pastor says, well, Chris Gardener says, everyone is, every one of us lives alive is based on principles. We all decided the factories that gives the foundation to our lives. Okay? If we get this right, it will change the way we view everything in the future of every that we put everything through. Now. Now I brought this in and what you'll find is this, triangles are awesome shapes, one of the strongest shapes that a person can have, but all triangles are awesome if you stand them upright, but if you try and do this, good luck because it's always going to have the exact same result. Now, here's. Here's a graphic that my awesome graphic designer did for me, his name Seth also, and I don't know if you've ever met him. He's an awesome graphic designer and I'm thankful for them.

So this triangle for me, if you don't mind, and show me what we're talking about here. Here's. Here's what we're talking about. I guess I should have put the. Should've had him put the right colors. Look at it. There's blue right there and we'll call. Yeah, we'll call that black and then we'll call. Yeah, why not? There you go. She had these. You had these, this triangle here of of that. There's going to explain that to you. If you're a real Christian, the way that you live your lives is different than those that aren't Christians. The foundation of everything we believe. If you're a Christian, the foundation of absolutely everything that you believe should be this. Can you put the next one up? Police Foundation of everything we believe is the word of God that shouldn't be true of every single one of us, the foundation of what we believe is the word of God. Now, let me just say this is so far from the truth and most of America that I cannot even explain to you because the foundation of what we believe tends to be the American dream,

the foundation of what we believe to be our church, the foundation of what we believe comes from a book, but it's not the word of God, the foundation of everything. We believe. If you're a Christian should come from this. It's your come from the word of God. Living this way, can I just say this, living this way does not come naturally. Living this way does not come naturally. For example, who in the world wants to give money? I just think about it. Who in the world you're sitting there going, you know what? I am so thankful I made all this money because all are really want to do with it. As given. If you feel that way, congratulations. Thank you for being a member of river church, but most of us don't feel that way. It's not natural to base what you do on the word of God. How many of you automatically feel that you should forgive somebody that was a complete and utter jerk to you? For years,

we don't feel that way. How many of you feel that you need to have grace for those that surround you? Just think about it. If we base our lives on the word of God, it is not natural in any way form or fashion. Can I say in Peru, I was teaching them. I was teaching this and just some of the pastures in Peru and I said, so what are the things are unnatural one, the Peruvian pastor said, well, you know, in Peru, once you turn 50 years old, you had to find a young lover to show that you still have what it takes in America. We get cars, you know, that's our midlife crisis and Peru, every single human male and Peru looks for a young girl that anywhere from 18 to 25 years old, she's still got the young look and all that stuff.

As soon as she turned 50 years old, that's just what they do and, and guess what? For them, that's natural for them, it's natural. It's not natural for the word of God to be our foundation. It's a daily struggle for the word to be our foundation, but we have to live as Christians with the word of God is our foundation. This truly matters. The word of God has got to be our foundation living this way. It doesn't come naturally. It only comes supernaturally. The word of God should dictate everything that I say and do. Why'd you say that, Chris? Because biblically, why'd you do that? Well, because there's a Christian. That's the word of God is our foundation. This is truly the sign of a follower of Christ. You know you can put a fish sticker on the back of your car for five bucks, but this takes a lifetime of saying, I'm going to live with. The word of God is the foundation of everything that I do and you don't have times. You're going to have times when you're sitting there going, man, I just don't know that I can do it with the word of God has got to be the foundation. Sadly, in our day and age, we have more followers of pastures than we do followers of Christ.

We have more followers of pastors than we do followers of Christ, and you say, no, I'm not that way, Chris. I can look through your youtube feed and see that you have three spiritual things you watch and it's always the same guy, followers of pastors, not followers of Christ. Our first question is to always be, what does the word of God say about this? Because here's the deal, this is, this matters because of what's on that second tier and I want you to see what's on that second tier and all of us deal with this next thing. Can you put that next one up there for us? All of us deal with a worldview. How we view the world now. Now can I just say this? Your world view and Justin's world view is different than Williams worldview. They may have the same zip code, but there you have different world views. Preacher's kid grew up in Ohio, has a horrible team, you know, like, like, like we, we, we, we, what, what I, what I'm saying is this. Justin has one worldview that's different than, than, than, than Williams world view. But here's what should happen as a Christian. Our world view is dictated by our view of the word of God.

Does that make sense? Our view of the word of God feeds our worldview. Should we look at people and we go, you know what that person deserves? And we have these judgmental thoughts in these judgmental things about what's going on with us. But as a Christian, we look at it and we go, now I know that my party that I vote for doesn't agree with me, but I don't look at things through the world view. I look at things through the scriptures. The scriptures gives me my worldview.

By the way, a worldview is not just about foreign policy. Worldview is about everything in this world and everything in this world should be dictated by our view of the word of God. The word of God is our foundation. We all have a world view. These are the eyes that we will look through to see the world around us. See, here's the deal. If you're a follower of Christ, telling other people about Jesus as an optional, because the Bible is very, very, very, very clearly tells us that those that don't believe in Jesus spend eternity in hell.

So. So if you have the foundation of the word of God, when you view the world around you, of people that don't know Jesus, you're like, I got to tell him about Jesus because my world view is shaped by my view of the word of God. Shaped by the word of God on every. On the mornings when we're traveling to school, I have one of my kids read a proverb of the day, so there's beautifully the same amount of properties of day, days of the month, and we talk about a few of the verses in there to have wit because what I'm trying to teach is this. Our worldviews should not be dictated by our public school system. Okay? Our worldviews should not be dictated by our church. Even our worldviews should not be dictated by our family. Only our worldviews should be dictated by the word of God. When we look at the word of God, we see our world. It looks way different as a follower of Christ. A disciple has decided that his worldview will be informed by the word of God and not the other way around. Most people, most people do this. My worldview is that you know what? If a person does wrong, he ought to pay the consequences. Then you go, well, let me find where that sat in the Bible.

See, that's the wrong approach. The right approach is we are so saturated in this book that when we look at the world view, this book just seeps into everything, the way that we view the world. We're not looking at the worldview getting the Bible to support us. We're looking at the Bible, the Bible, the word of God supports are worldview. What God's word says, the word says is the filter through which I must have my world view. I understand that even if a person looks good and act good does not mean that they are good because the scripture gives another definition here. Here's, here's what's now. This. Somebody is not going to really, really like this, and congratulations. Welcome to the. I can't stand Chris Club. Um, you can ask somebody for membership papers on that one. So sad, truly sad about it. A person, most of our churches in America try and bring our people to a middle class, Anglo Saxon worldview, but they don't bring them to Christ.

They get together. They, they, they,

they sing songs, they entertain each other. They see everything about us changes because our worldview is dictated by the word of God. We don't look at somebody and go, well, he dresses why? Right? I said dresses white, that when it all meant. But that was funny after what I said before. So, hey, hey, he dresses right. He walks right. He talks right. He must be right. That's not at all the word of God. The word of God says that those that do not know Jesus are going to spend eternity in hell. And we go, you might look right, you might smell right. You might even go to church every week, but uh, my world view is not dictated by the way you look is dictated by the word of God. And that's what truly matters. I understand that even a person that looks good as good does not mean that they are good because the scripture gives us another definition.

All have sinned and come short of the glory of God. We have shaped our worldview through the scriptures. We need to shape our world, view through the scriptures and because of that, this will last one also has its rightful place in. Could you put that last one up there for me? And y'all need to tell seth, he did a good job today. This is our third one. Our first one is the word of God. The word of God dictates my world view and then my, my word of God in my world viewed dictate. Then my personal preference.

All of us have personal preferences. All of us have personal preferences, but they should be dictated by the scriptures, not. But what we just want to believe. Our personal preferences are important and are then because of this law in place, our personal preferences are important and are the number one enemy we fight against. If you have multiple kids, you know what it's like to hear them say the word mine, whoever, whoever taught their kids. Here's what you need to do. Sign. When somebody grabbed your toy, you grab it back and you scream mine. Did anybody ever have that lesson or did it just naturally come to them? You know what? You fight as a parent. What you find as a parent is saying, listen buddy, your personal preferences for no one to invade your privacy and no one to touch your stuff. That's your personal preference and it's easy to see in a two year old, but we miss it and a 43 year old, that's your personal preference or cinder going and then and then we go in there and you say, boys, y'all stop fighting gender responses, but Mama, he is that another way. It goes, there's no word of God in them at all, and so they start with their personal preference which changes their worldview and they live backwards because of that, and that's so easy to see in a two year old, but can I just tell you that I know a 43 year old that struggles with this just as well.

I know a 43 year old that does this same thing. He just doesn't scream mine anymore. He throws temper tantrums in a different way.

He looks at life a little bit different than others do. Our personal preferences are important and there's a number one enemy that we fight against. Number one enemy to fight against our personal preference should also be informed by our world view, but that world view is informed by the word of God. This is the way a Christian lives and when a Christian lives this way, everything changes. God's Word is what pushes my worldview, which then dictates my personal preferences, the natural man to man that isn't saved, views, everything the exact opposite way, the exact opposite way. All you have to do is be on facebook for about three minutes to realize the way that most people view scriptures is the exact opposite of this.

They start off with their personal preference and they go, well, this is my personal preference, and so because of that, it makes me view the world this way, and so what I'm telling you is this is what the word of God says, and they do this right here, and then you don't understand why it can't stand and the reason they can't send this, they started exactly the opposite direction that it should be started and if you've ever tried to get a triangle to standup, sat down and you understand how impossible that is. We tend to wonder what the problem is, but it's exactly how everything in our life goes wrong. You know how everything goes wrong when we don't put the right foundation on our life. Someone says, Hey dee dee dee, do you give to the church? And you say, no, I can't afford it. Have you ever heard that? You know, I would give, but I don't. I just can't afford it, but you will see what we're saying when we say that is this and, and this is not a plea for money at all for the church. Do I believe you should give? Absolutely. Can I give every month what I give honestly, a lot of months I'm sitting there like, what in the world? How are you doing this, Chris? My personal preference would be to not give them that I give to the church every month,

but see, I don't get to live life based on my personal preference on my worldview. I base my life on the word of God and so because of that, it changes my view of giving. Not that it changes my natural inclination to wanting to be a stingy piece of garbage,

but it changes the fact that

I can't look at life through my personal preferences. Has Look at my life through the word of God, had to look through it through the word of God, the shows, your worldview and how your foundations are laid out. Here's another question. Do you tell others about Jesus? Can I tell you that you're going to hate Romans nine in a couple of spots? Like you're really going to walk out of here like steam coming out your ears. You're not going to like what I had to say about Romans nine and a couple of shots because here's the deal. Do you tell people about Jesus

and we say, oh no, no. She religions a personal thing. Have you heard that before? No. No. Religion is a personal thing. You don't talk about two things. You don't talk about religion or what else. Somebody needs to tell somebody that on facebook because it would make it a nicer place to be if I would just have less presidential pushing in my newsfeed. You tell people about Jesus. No, it's a personal thing. Well, politics isn't for you anymore, is it? So how did Jesus become personal? How did you only become a personal thing? See, when we say no, I don't tell others about Jesus. What we're saying is this is my world view. This is the way I view things. Do you forgive those who hurt you? Now, when I say that, see there's one name that comes to your mind. There's a whole nother name that goes to Becky's mind.

There's another name that goes to Andrew's mind. There's another name that goes to Terry's man because all of us have been. All of us have had bad times with people that honestly. How many of you have somebody in your life that doesn't deserve to be forgiven? Can you raise your hand? Is there anybody in your house that doesn't deserve it? Now, see, I can I just tell you that I've got more than one. How many of us do have people that do not deserve to be forgiven in our mind because of how bad, how horrible of a person they were? Do you forgive them and we say, no, no, I, you know I could never do that. You don't understand that. You don't understand. No, no. If we can't forgive people, forgiveness is not forgiveness as you forgiving them, not them asking for forgiveness, but you're like, Chris, you don't understand.

No, no, no. As a Christian, and we don't get to say I don't because our view of life is based upon the word of God that informs our world view and no matter if the psychologist tells you to forgive them or not, our world is based upon the word of God. Our personal preferences are faced upon, placed upon our world view, and this changes the way that we view forgiveness. Mayor worldviews show who you really are in Christ. The Bible teaches us in second timothy 3:16 and just about done is given to us for these purposes. The Bible says, all scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness. What he's saying is this, the word of God is good for every single part of your life. Guys cannot tell you that the word of God is not good for just a few things though. The saddest part is that many of us have treated. The word of God is a get out of jail card. The Bible says you can get out of jail free card. Just pray this prayer and you're going to be okay, and then we literally put it to the side, but that's not at all what it is. The word of God is supposed to change every thing about the way that we see the world. You say, what does this have to do with the Romans chapter nine? Well, don't worry, you'll get around to it.

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